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Joe Chillura, Architect and Former County Commissioner

March 18, 2012 Fellow Hillsborough County Voter, The County Commission does more to directly impact our lives than the State or Federal Government, because local government is closest to the people. Citizens ignore this important local office and its candidates. Allow me take a moment a share with you what I believe is the most important political contest in Hillsborough County in November 2012. Its the Hillsborough County Commission, District Six (6) contest - a countywide race that every registered voter in our county can participate. In 2008, incumbent commissioner Kevin Beckner was elected after claiming to be a conservative Democrat, Beckner is no conservative. Hes a hard-left activist whose agenda is out of touch with our community. Up to this point in the campaign, there have been two Republicans vying for the nomination; Steve Cona and Margaret Iuculano. Recently in an unexpected move Cona withdrew from the contest. Steves a good young man from a good family and his values are solid. I look forward to supporting him for public office someday in the future. My candidate in this race is and always has been Margaret Iuculano a committed conservative businesswoman. Margaret has a compelling life story Margarets young life wasnt easy growing up in foster care herself, but she was able to escape what becomes a life sentence of state dependence for far too many children. Margaret went to work right after aging out of the foster care system, literally pulling herself up by her bootstraps, ultimately managing global software projects for Corning, Inc., before starting her own company.

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As a small business owner, Margaret learned first-hand the difficulty of building a business in Hillsborough County and the incredible over-regulatory environment literally discouraging a new business to start or locate here. Margaret has never forgotten where she is from and in 2007 she founded Angels for Foster Kids, a local charity whose sole purpose is to offer hope and help to children in foster care. This November, you the voters of our County will be presented with a clear choice between Margaret, a conservative business-woman, a compassionate community leader, a wife and mother vs. Kevin Beckner who supports virtually every radical liberal position being pushed by Obama, Pelosi and Soros. Margarets a serious candidate, and she can win this race, with our help! She must raise the much needed funds today. Kevin Beckner and his allies are financially committed to accomplishing their liberal schemes and will fight hard to keep their power. Lets show them our county commission isnt merely a stepping stone for another elective office or to promote their social agenda. Hillsborough is a big county and an expensive media market to reach voters; Margarets positive message centering on strong families and a stronger economy, compel us to unify our efforts behind Margaret, now more than ever. Please join me today in making an investment in Margaret Iuculanos passionate desire to serve. Sincerely,

Joe Chillura, Architect, Former City Councilman and County-wide County Commissioner P.S. Can we count on you taking action today will you donate now?
Any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated whether it's $5 or $500.00. If 20,000 people gave $5, the total amount would allow Margaret to run a credible and winnable campaign. (see brochure for mailing address and website)


Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Margaret Iuculano, Republican for Hillsborough County Commission, District 6, Countywide