The Ebullient Toadstool

By Nat Urwin Draft 1

Nat Urwin BA (Hons) CG Art & Animation UCA Rochester


INT. TITLE SEQUENCE. The animation starts with a blank page. A few blank sheets of paper with faint ripple repeat for a second. Then lines start to squiggle across the page to form the title ‘The Ebullient Toadstool’. Followed by some thicker lines which form the words ‘By NU’. The title is held on screen for five seconds. The words then dissipate back into squiggly lines which then form the character of the TOADSTOOL. INT. CHARACTER INTRODUCTION. The toadstool character is seen to be excited and warming up for something, at this point it is not known what he is preparing for. There is a faint humming / engine noise to this scene. As the toadstool is preparing, a large zip appears in the right side of the image and starts unzipping a doorway. There is the sound of a zip un-zipping for this section. The engine hum sound begins to get louder, now with a heavy wind noise. The toadstool, now in the left section of the screen becomes ecstatic and gets ready to head through the door. The toadstool runs toward the door and jumps out. As he jumps, his shadow disappears from the ground to signify theres nothing below him to cast a shadow on. The camera follows. There is a lot of heavy fast wind sound and the engine sound becomes gradually distant. The camera films from lots of different angles, allowing the illusion of a fellow skydiver maneuvering around as they both fall. INT. PHASE TWO, ENTER THE BIRD. As the toadstool is falling, a spec begins to show in the shot, and gets bigger. This spec then comes into view as a BIRD. In a cartoon style, the bird turns it’s head and squarks with anticipation of collision seconds before they crash. The toadstool and bird tumble in the air for a few seconds. There is the sound of muffled rustling and flapping material along with the wind sound. The bird and toadstool manage to separate, the bird irately flies off, while the toadstool continues to free-fall. The camera goes back to following the toadstool at different angles again. INT. PARACHUTE. The toadstool sucks his body in to brace himself. He then stretches back out and his cap flies off, and puffs up into the opening parachute, here there is the sound of flapping fabric and a large boom as the air is captured in the parachute. The gills from under the cap turn into the parachute’s cables. He goes out of shot as the speed difference between the cameraman and the toadstool change. The toadstool then floats into shot with his open parachute, the sound in this section is less windy, with quite a calm slight flapping material noise coming from the parachute. The camera films as the toadstool maneuvers his chute in a fast spiral to get more of a rush and as he gets closer to the ground. The wind sound picks up slightly with more fabric sounds.


INT. LANDING. The camera shot changes to the toadstool’s point of view, showing him watching his feet as the ground gets closer. As the toadstool touches the ground the camera shot changes to seeing him perform the landing roll. Here there would be the sound of tumbling onto grass. While he is rolling the strings of the chute zip back into the parachute / cap. The noise of a retractable pull cord is inserted with this visual. The cap goes out of shot during his roll. From the roll he bounces out into a standing position. He then looks around to find his cap. The toadstool spots his cap and runs towards it. As he is running the cap comes back into the shot as he gets closer to it. He summersaults, diving his head back into his cap, here would be a cartoonish style pop sound. The cap is reattached and follows his in the exit of his summersault action. The toadstool is the right way up again. He does a little wiggle of re-adjustment, with a soft fluffy sound to accompany the movement, and settles into his standing position. He holds this position for a few seconds. Then the toadstool lets off a sigh as a ‘now bored’ signifier. He looks around. He perks up as if he has seen something to excite him. This is accompanied by a slight noise of an engine starting up. With this, he zooms in a run off camera to his next adventure.

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