#1) Pop the Top: Get Creative with Cake Toppers

Posted on January 26, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!!

If this was the 1950’s, your wedding cake would come with the obligatory bride and groom figurine kissing on top of the cake. But, like many other wedding traditions, this standard fixture has gone the way of the typewriter and you are now free to choose whatever you want to be the centerpiece of your culinary, sugar laden masterpiece. Yippee!! It’s time to go nuts, get creative, and really pop the top off your cake! Quite literally, you can put ANYTHING you desire on top of your wedding cake. There are, of course, the standards: Flowers, figurines, candy/cupcakes, etc…..you can even elect to put absolutely nothing on top if you want. But where’s the fun in that? If you really want to have fun, why not come up with a cake topper that’s as unique as the couple themselves? Case in point: The husband of one of my bridesmaids is an absolutely rabid Star Wars fan. Anything related to Luke Skywalker, R2D2, Darth Vader, or C3PO makes him giddy as a schoolboy. What was their cake topper, you ask? Hans Solo and Princess Leia, of course!

Maybe the bride and groom love the outdoors; throw a couple of wild animals dressed in black tie attire on top of the cake. If they’re music lovers, have the bakery design an IPod or Cd’s to really make the top pop. If they’re travelers, find an airplane model to throw up there. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive; it just has to represent the couple. It’s a fun little addition, the guests will love it, and it’s great for pictures. XoXo MyWedDeal.com

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About Us My Wed Deal is Southern California's newest and fastest growing wedding resource. We connect our community of engaged couples with handpicked local and national wedding vendors, offering them huge savings on all their wedding services; and hopefully, giving them the opportunity to afford everything that they want, for their big day... Having gone through the wedding process ourselves, we know what it’s like to take that once in a lifetime trip of excitement, planning, tears, and the occasional shot of whiskey. So before you cross Grandma off the guest list to make room for the wedding cake, let us help you create the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing any of the details. My Wed Deal wants to help every couple say ‘I do’ without saying ‘we can’t afford that’. We offer major deals on every aspect of the wedding process, from wedding vendors and photographers all the way to specialty gifts and relaxing getaways for two. It’s your wedding. Our deals will help you create it.

#2) A Honeymoon in Paradise is Just Around the Corner
Posted on February 21, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!

“Paradise is always where love dwells.” ~ Jean Paul F. Richter ~ Your heart, your honeymoon, is where your love is. Regardless of what your budget, time, or life allows, every bride and groom deserve time alone, without family or wedding stress, to celebrate the momentous leap they just took together. And if you can snag that dream trip at a fraction of the cost, all the better.

All inclusive resorts are great for couples traveling to destinations like Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, or Costa Rica. For our honeymoon, we found a fantastic deal at a resort in St.Lucia. Our package included a 6 day/5 night stay, 3 meals a day, unlimited access to the beach, 2 pools, a gym, and various recreational activities. Many tropical resorts offer very reasonable packages for two, and if you take your trip during the off-season, many places offer rates affordable for even the tightest of budgets.

When planning your honeymoon, you can save a boatload of money by traveling during the week. Hotel and airfare are significantly lower if you leave on Monday rather than Sat/Sun, and if you’re doing a 5 day trip, stay Mon-Fri to avoid hefty weekend prices. This way you can say goodbye to friends and family that have come for the wedding, give yourself a day to unwind, then pack up and head out. If staying local is more your speed, let hotels and restaurants know that it’s your honeymoon and ask what they can do for you. Little perks like free champagne and/or dessert are always welcome, and you can glow in your newly wedded bliss. If you’re unable to take a trip, you can still create a beautiful honeymoon in the sanctity of your own home. The point of a honeymoon is to carve out alone time, so even if it’s only for 24 hours, unplug from the world and pretend your abode is a luxurious resort. As long as you have each other, you have your heart, your paradise, and therefore, your honeymoon. XoXo MyWedDeal.com

My Wed Deal is Southern California's newest and fastest growing wedding resource. We connect our community of engaged couples with handpicked local and national wedding vendors, offering them huge savings on all their wedding services; and hopefully, giving them the opportunity to afford everything that they want, for their big day... Follow our Daily Blog at: http://blog.myweddeal.com/

#3) Animate Your Engagement Photos with Inspiration from Disney
Posted on March 1, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!

Quick, what’s your favorite Disney movie? Think about a freeze frame shot of that movie and now superimpose a picture of you and your fiancée. That’s exactly what a number of couples have done, turning the standard engagement shot into an inventive, original way to announce that you’re getting hitched! Engagement pictures are the starting point of the whole wedding process. Couples, excited and in love, embarking on the biggest commitment of their life, declare the journey they’re about to take, inviting friends and family to come along for the ride. It’s an extraordinary ride, to be sure, so why not infuse your pictures with imagination, style, and fairytale?

There’s something whimsical and silly about announcing your engagement this way, and I, for one, love it. Instead of Disney, I would have opted for something in line with Dr. Suess (a re-creation of ‘Thing One’ and Thing Two’ causing mischief would have been great fun), because if there’s one photo op that oozes love, joy, and possibility, it’s the moment you say: ‘We’re Getting Married!’ XoXo MyWedDeal.com

#4) Book the Perfect Venue Without Breaking the Budget
Posted on February 14, 2012 by myweddeal


Location. Location. Location. Just like your favorite book, movie, or vacation, location is everything. It sets the tone for the tale that’s to follow, and all the elements have to be just right if the story is going to be flawless. You already have an idea of what your perfect wedding venue looks like, and now that you’re engaged, it’s time to get savvy about locking it down. The main thing to keep in mind when shopping around for a venue is time. You might have a specific day or month in mind for your wedding, but keep an open mind and you’ll be surprised what comes your way. Many places offer significantly reduced rates if you hold your wedding in the off season. April though September are busy, expensive months to book, but if you move the wedding from June to the end of March, you can save thousands of dollars. Likewise, stay flexible with what day of the week you’d like to get married. Tradition dictates wedding vows to take place on Saturday, but moving your nuptials to Friday (or even Thursday) saves up to 20%, helping you lock down the perfect venue while saving serious cash. If you’ve fallen in love with a venue that seems out of your price range, talk with their wedding coordinator and ask what discounts and options they have available for your budget. Wedding venues are a lot like hotels. They want empty spaces filled, so work with them and they’ll work with you. It’s much more exciting to get married at your dream venue on a Friday in March rather than not, so keep searching; the perfect venue is out there waiting for you. XoXo MyWedDeal.com

#5) Add Bling Without Breaking the Bank
Posted on January 31, 2012 by myweddeal


In Indian cultures, it’s customary for the bride, bridesmaids, and close female family to get Henna tattoos on their hands, arms, and feet just before the wedding. In lieu of expensive jewels, they decorate their bodies with symbols of love, commitment, and celebration. They don’t just wear it; they paint it on their bodies. There’s a lot of beauty in the symbolism of that, and a lesson for every bride to take to heart. Getting Henna tattoos is a very intimate, special way to bond with the women in your life before you take a walk down the aisle. Most likely all of the women involved in your wedding have impacted your life deeply, and marking your body, even if it’s only temporary, is a great testament to the time you’ve spent together and how they’ve impacted the woman you’ve become. You don’t have to have gold, silver, or jewels; you just need to have time. And a little ink. Whatever your idea of ‘bling’ is, and no matter what your budget may be, there is always a way to incorporate style and panache into your wedding. Some brides opt for faux jewelry, others take a more stylistic approach with hair and makeup, and some brides use flowers to add flair. It doesn’t matter how simple, intricate, expensive, or economic it is; it’s your time to decorate yourself and your wedding party with whatever it is that makes you shine. XoXo MyWedDeal.com

#6) Get the Groom Involved
Posted on March 6, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!

Weddings are for brides, right? They shop for the dresses, pick out the color scheme, choose the flowers, organize the seating chart, and pretty much plan the whole day, from start to finish right? Wrong. What was once considered female territory is now couple territory, with men getting just as much input and responsibility as women. About time, I say. A wedding is about TWO people, not one, and wedding planning is a one time journey that both of you should share. Brides have helpful resources are all over the place. Magazines, websites, advice columns, and reality shows infiltrate everything, but it’s all geared toward the ladies without much thought given to the men. That’s all changed with the invention of TheGroomslist.com. This site is a fantastic resource for guys that take them through every step of the wedding process, ‘from proposal to honeymoon’. Ladies aren’t the only ones with wedding anxiety or organizational skills. There’s a lot to be done, a lot to consider, and a lot of people to juggle. Why not do it as a team? You’re about to vow to be a team for ‘as long as you both shall live’, right? Well, there’s no better time to start that than now. Think of it as a trial run for your partnership. Planning the wedding can be just as fun as being married itself if you make it a little contest to see who can accomplish what when. Any worthwhile contest also has prizes at the end…..use your imagination and come up with some good ones for your partner. XoXo MyWedDeal.com

#7) Monogram Makeover! Not Just for Towels Anymore
Posted on March 15, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!!

Just because Ozzie and Harriet had monogrammed towels, don’t assume that branding items with your initials is outdated. With a few creative twists, it’s easy to give monograms a makeover and get excited about all the places you can stamp your letters!

Chocolate: Candy tables are a fun way for couples to treat their guests with takehome goodies. Customize your candy by ordering monogrammed M-n-M’s celebrate you special day.

Car: Whether you have a get-away car or a hired limo for your wedding night exit, spruce it up with makeshift monogrammed license plate. Or paint your initials on the windows for everyone to see! Cake: Along with the ribbons and flowers that are sure to decorate your wedding cake, why not throw your initials on there as well? It’s your cake; might as well mark it as so.

Cocktails: This is a double-header. One option is to monogram the cocktail glasses, reminding your guests exactly where they’re gathered together with every sip. The second option is monogrammed cocktail stirrers so your guests can swirl you into every drink! Candles: If you’re opting for a unity candle during your ceremony, adding your initial’s to the candle is a sweet way to visually proclaim your vows…….just in case your guests in the back can’t quite make out who’s standing up front!

XoXo MyWedDeal.com

#8) Love ‘Titanic’? Hop Aboard the Queen Mary!
Posted on February 28, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!!

When Rose promises Jack that she’ll ‘never let go’, hearts the world over swooned at the romance and adventure found aboard the ill-fated Titanic. If that sense of magic is your idea of wedding bliss, hop aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, and let them transform your wedding into a once in a lifetime experience. The Queen Mary is the ultimate, all-inclusive wedding destination. Besides the ceremony and reception sites, this 1830’s ocean liner provides first class staterooms for your guests to lodge in, multiple dining options for rehearsal dinner, and, of course, the bridal suite on your wedding night. The bridal party can indulge in mani/pedi’s, facials, or massage together inside the Queen Mary Spa, and guests can browse museums and shops on board the ship. All you and your guests need to do is arrive, check in, and everything you need is at your fingertips.

With the re-release of Titanic 3-D hitting theaters soon, why not embrace your own sealoving sense of adventure; without the imminent danger, of course. The unique sense of style and elegance found aboard this beautiful vessel is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime, event. Just like your wedding! XoXo MyWedDeal.com

#9) Save Money by Fakin’ the Cake
Posted on February 7, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!!

‘ “You’re wedding is so fake!” is probably not the compliment you’re hoping to hear on the big day. But let’s face it, there’s a lot going on that day that isn’t 100% pure. Fake eyelashes, fake flowers, fake tans, and hair extensions, (just to name a few) are regular tools of the wedding trade, enhancing natural beauty and saving money. It’s not fake (well, OK it is) as much as it’s economic and efficient. Wedding cakes are expensive. There’s no way around that. Whether you have a little or a lot of guests to feed, a significant chunk of your budget goes toward making sure everyone gets their share of the sugar high when the time is right. Ultimate Fake Cakes create authentic looking cakes for a fraction of the cost. Custom ordered fake cakes are perfect for picture taking and cake cutting, since they look like the real deal, and your guests are then served sheet cake while you save a bundle of dough. It’s a win-win for the budget conscience bride.

Even if your wedding is going to be 100% natural, with fresh flowers and natural beauty, faking the cake is a great way to save money without sacrificing any aesthetic beauty. When else in life do you get to have your cake and eat it too?! XoXo MyWedDeal.com

About Us My Wed Deal is Southern California's newest and fastest growing wedding resource. We connect our community of engaged couples with handpicked local and national wedding vendors, offering them huge savings on all their wedding services; and hopefully, giving them the opportunity to afford everything that they want, for their big day...

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#10) Stillness, Staying Present, and Taking It All In
Posted on February 27, 2012 by myweddeal SAVE UP TO 50% ON ALL YOUR WEDDING SERVICES!!

“My love for you is a journey; Starting at forever, And ending at never.” ~ Anonymous ~ Sometimes the only way to express your innermost thoughts and emotions are through the poignant words of someone else. On your wedding day, you will think, feel, and articulate an over-abundance of sentiments, so don’t rush it. The most important gift you can give yourself, and your spouse, is the gift of stillness and memory. Treat your wedding day as one continuous photograph, constantly pausing to capture the precious moments of the day. No matter how fast the day zooms by, (and trust me, it will), always keep in mind that it’s YOUR day, YOUR moments, and YOUR memories, so take all the time you need to let it really sink into your skin. If you don’t consciously remind yourself to pause, and take a mental snapshot, at regular intervals, your wedding day will be over in the beat of a heart and you’ll be left wondering how the day flashed by so quickly. You’ve spent months planning this day. You’ve juggled checklists, family, budgets, and your emotions; now it’s all come together and here you are. This is the time to let it all go and just float in the magic of the day. It’s easy to get caught up in all that’s going on around you, but in the midst of all that wonderful noise, steal a few seconds (or minutes) to embrace your loved one and pretend you’re the only two people around for miles. It helps you stay present, aware, and grateful for this beautiful day that will forever be locked inside your memory. XoXo MyWedDeal.com

BONUS BLOGS: (I know we said this was “Our Top 10”, but we liked
these couple others so much, that we figured we’d throw them in too! )

Creative Cocktail Ideas that Guests Will Love
Posted on March 19, 2012 by myweddeal

Your wedding has a theme. You’ve put time, thought, and energy into the color scheme, decorations, and ambience of your special day, but have you forgotten about the cocktails? If the answer is yes, it’s not too late to add a little extra flair to your drinks with these simple suggestions:

1. Weather: Reflect the season with signature cocktails. Fall wedding = Hot apple cider. Spring = Mint Mojitos. Winter wedding = Peppermint Martinis….you get the gist. 2. Combo: There’s a new trend in sip-and-bite duos, like tequila and mini tacos. Match up finger foods with their alcoholic counterpart and you’re good to go! 3. Color Coded: Incorporate your wedding colors into the cocktails you serve. Liquor comes in every color imaginable, so get creative and treat your guests to a one-of-akind cocktail. 4. Napkins: Personalize cocktail napkins with fun facts or random tidbits about you two….at the very least, it’ll start some pretty fun conversations among your guests. 5. Soda Pop: Don’t forget about your non-drinking guests. Set up a table with a colorful array of soda bottles that look just as fun and festive as other cocktails circulating the room. This is a great way to make sure kids and underage guests feel just as included as the adults. XoXo MyWedDeal.com

Gorgeous Tuscany Destination Wedding
Posted on March 16, 2012 by myweddeal

Molly & Aron were married at Villa Pignano in Tuscany on October 16th, 2010. They met in their NYC building and fell in love. I think this wedding is definitively one of the most beautiful and intimate weddings that I’ve seen. Simply wonderful couple in an unbelievable setting! A big thank you to Tosti Studios for sharing these special moments with My Wed Deal!

Don’t miss next week’s great Wed Deal with talented Tosti Studios;) XoXo MyWedDeal.com

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