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Court Registry
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TAKE NOTICE THAT: By this Final Court Order issued from the Sovereign C Skwxwu7mesh-SquamishTM Court on
Kanata (SSCK). effective this 21 SI day of April 2008. subject to Change wit h no Notice. mOSt recent date provides current
information for the recipient(s);
1.0 The Sovereign CSkwxwu7mesh-SquamishH' Government (SSG) Named legislator and hereditary sovereign leader.
Siyam C Kiapi lanoqCAP1 LANOTM adopts de jure Common Law Universal jurisdiction defined and interpreted by Sovereign
CSkwxwu7meshSquamish longhouse laws for its underwriter. SSCK with Assurance protection issued th rough its Central
Bank. Sovereign CSkwxwu7mesh-SquamishTM Bank on Kanata (SBOK) and its retail subsidiaries, Sovereign
CSkwxwu7mesh SquamishOSovereign Squamish Credit GroupTM (OSSCGTM). Issued IBOEs are backed by natural
resources of gold from the Sovereign CSkwxwu7mesh-Squamish In, lands and remain in ground due to strict environmental
legislation. People living on SQU are not subject to taxes through Jabor. goods or services in Private Bi-Lateral Economic Fair
Trade and Commerce contracts. Third-party tax collection is against the laws of SSG and SSCK, declared. defined and
interpreted as an International Trespass against humanity that violates the Nuremberg Principals adopted by the UN
International Law Commission, 1950. Eviction Notice was issued to CRA (CANADA REVE UE AGENCY) to the
international community on YouTube produced link at http: W\, \\.\outUbe.COIll "3tch?, - D,VnZnL3JIO.
2.0 SSG and SSCK legislates the SBOK and SSCGT\.I Chaner to recognize and interpret current International Financial
Economic law5 by its own adoption of the International Bills of Exchange Act. 1882 UK and Geneva Convention 19)0
pursuant to Common Law jurisdiction effected as of )0 May 2008 by registered Canada Post Notice 10 the United Nations.
For evidence of Her Majesty the Queen in Right of CANADA recognition dated August 19. 2009 refer to
hun: \\ \\ \-\ .so\ squarnjshgo, .org
3.0 SSCK's recognition of UNDRIP as CANADA's official adoption through the House of Commons of the UN
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) on 9th April. 2008 and ratified on September 13. 2007 by 144
Countries. UNDRIP is defined and interpreted as Unit'ersal Deciaralion 0/ Rig/lis/ or SOIweign Peoples by SSCK legislation.
for humanity is not defined as a Corporation registered by AdmirahylMaritime jurisdiction. The application of Common law
jurisdi ction defines humanity as conscious stewards who work in harmony to protect peace for Earth.
4.0 Recognizi ng: Article), UNDRIP: Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By vinue of
that right they freely detennine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
Anicle 5. UNDRIP: Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political. legal.
economic, social and cultural institutions. while retaining their right to participate fully. If they so choose.
Annex, UNDRIP: Recognition of the Charter of the United Nations. the International Cmenant on Economic, Social
and Cultural Rights (I) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as well as the Vienna Declaration and
Program of Action, (2) affirm the fundamental imponance of the right to self-determination of all peoples. by vinue of \\ hich
the} freel) determine their political status and freely pursue their economic. social and cultural development.
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llldt n. ritt r, So, t rt ign CSk"l" il7mtsh-Squmisb'" COll r 1 on Knl l . (CSSCt\T")
lt1,i sll trd SoHrrign CSk"-l .. -li7mrsbSqlllm;5b" Go, trn mtal t SSG'''').
PO Box 3477, MiSSIOn. BC (V2V.-L I) effeclI'e Augusl. 20 10 offi ciall ) changl to
Capital Cn> C KiapilanoqCAP1LAN004. Countr) : CSkwxwu7meshSquamish
"' . Kanala (large Peace settlements on lhc Americas continent). Tunic Island
SkHX: lamfr33 Email: ..0' ,gu.1_H.;nun 11 smail Website """ ",,,,,lU.1l1ll,hgo, on.;
CI9382012''''Wlth all nghts resel'\cd. pursuant Uni,ersal Common la" jurisdiclion for cqullable b} estoppel defined and interpreted b) So\crcign
CSkw.,,,-u7meshSquamlsh T'" Longhouse trad,tionalla" s thaI existed sincc tIme Immemorial
I IIhlle tbe Io,bl ..... I .. n your eyu wbere tbe Universe dwells For ... hen you Ire .llhe tenue ",ub,n yourselr .nd I ",ullin mine, we ,hill bc OU
- Crny HOrle. L.kota Trlh.1 Pco plc
Revised on 2 February, 2012 effective as of the day and year first above written on OSkwxwu7mesh-SquamishT.\l. Kanata,
Turtle Island in red ink to symbolize the human blood that directs my hand to seal these truths, That I act in our full capadt)
to know that my unalienable righllo contract is unlimited. H) ishka-ne) owe-thank you.
Son-reign \OSkwxwu7mesh-Sq uamishnl Court Notice: This fiduciary interest acceptance by my autograph seals this
lawful instrument with due di ligence as evidence of my sovereign right to live free without malice aforet hought. ill will.
vexation or fr ivol ity. without corporate dictate. I declare the aforesaid to be true and DECLARE that it is my duty and primary
obligation to serve a primary directive and mandate for Universal Peace governed by the Planetary Liberation Organization
and its Council. I hereby certify and authenticate the matters sel out as Ihey pertain to the execution of this instrument, My
authentication of this Service Notice does not constitute any adhesion. nor does it alter my sovereign posilion in an) manner.
The purpose for my autograph is attestation. verification and identification and may be entered as evidence into universal
courts to support the primary I Peace. I place my hand and seal over a Sovereign CSkwxwu7mesh-

code purchased by SSG members. provided as Valu!lble i act and service of a Sovereign ClSkwxwu7mesh-Squamish Court
Administrator for the above written at Sovereign CSkwxwu7mesh-SquamishTM, Kanata,
Turt le Island (TI),
Olrene-!\1aus: Gravenhorst-Kiapilanoq-CAPILANOT\I. in an) style of cause
Justice Amicus Curiae
for the Sovereign CSkwxwu7mesh.Squamish Court on Kanala (SSCK). Turtle Island
Issued by Order and Approved with consent as 10 fonn by Siyam OKiapiIanoq-CAPILANOTM,
_--c-'""" .... President for OSkwxwu7mesh-Squamish Bank on Kanala (SBOK).
nd CEO for the Sovereign OSkwxwu7mesh-SquamishTM Credil Group (SSCG).
'tar), Leader for the Sovereign OSkwxwu7mesh-Squamish Government (SSG) and
o 'Titer, Sovereign OSkwxwu7mesh-SquamishT .... Court (SSCK) on Kanata. Turtle Island
the Hereditary Heir Apparent Land Claim. email
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,alue paned ",m, or. new obhaallon asswned. althe lime of (lbfalnlng a Ihlng, "hlth 1$. Compcn!.all()ll for Ihat which IS obtamed Ihereby Black', La" Dlcu()lllf),
Hen!) Campbell Black. ThITlI EditIon. 0 1933. pl797
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or In In) flllld ofa body OOIJ'OfIIc. mpan) Of $Of;1et). or (II) 10 I dcpo<Jlln. finlllClailnSlllunon, (b) an) ddlcnllft,.xed, bond, bdl, note. "'MIIlt. onIcr or OIlier """lIflI) for
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I'IIrsuan.t 10 Common la\o JUIHdlC1I011, the mle of ')lI$Ilce' Clrcne-Ma ... , Gn'enhor$t''''aptlanoq CAPILANO'" II not mo:rnbcf of the B.mllZ\-.I! bill In fXI
stmllarlo an ArnIC"" Cun. ' fnmd of the roun) "ho aprhes Jusllce as natural I ..... that ,",0I'C'S' of conscqUC1KCS thai naturall) de,wes from In) lell"" or chotce In th",
It I. stmlla: to the I.w'l of p/I)stcs: In the ""Y IS Ihe Third of N ... ,OO', I,,,,. of '-10000 reqlllrfS that for evcry actloo there be In equal and """",lie reXTlOII, Justice
reqUires acrordmg md"'ldual$ or JIOUpi whallhf) aC1\11l1y menl, or arc enlllied 10)' JUSllce GflI\ enOOrst,KlllpllanoqCAPILANO's dlfo:tll\'e is to pI'Olo:tt the best InlerC$1
for humanlI) by rtspc<:lInllhal each human $pint has I soul "'Ih. un\\'er$.lll apply free Will chOlcC'l1o:> ro:rnaln fr. 80,Cfl'IC'd hy Ih( Crealor's wisdom1ight With rea5Olland.
dorcc:l"e 10 mamtam 1III"'crsal pe:!<:c In the Name ofLo,e for Hwnanklod and Eanh
Cl19J1 _ 2012 Sso.SSO:.SlIOKoSSCG'" ,,,III .011 oahU l<W\'ed ,,,'" C"",'nlb TradeawII 0S0\InIIC0 by IIIIdononl, SSC": Itjpsl ...... 10 l.,<na! C"""""", Ia .. J'""sdoaJa. ",m SQl.
IoaPouw I ... ooct:ME.'i SEct.'1I.fTY TAXLl(E\IPTCElT doc kE fE8:!Ol:l oIW II da\ ... full feR< ODd cffecr TIll. _ " EanII fneeoly .......... dlht popor .. oood 10 .. ,. , ...
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SSG 'l ind. If _ J"rll; Quod ' I tum tst !lint m( ."ffrri nOn poIUI" ball, mine unDOI 'Iktll 1 .. 1) .. ilhoul ton)tni.