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Project Management 1

Running head: OSU Alumni Photo Projecct

Project Management

Oregon State University Alumni Photo Project

Emporia State University

Gina Blaser and Monique Lloyd
Project Management 2

Project Initiation

Project Name

Oregon State University Alumni Photo Project

Project Overview

The Oregon State University Archives has 10 boxes of alumni

photographs. At some point in the past, student workers had entered information

about this collection in to a Word Perfect file and then stopped.

Purpose and Goal

The project is to research and enter all the image information into an

Excel database, write a finding aid, digitize them, and prepare an online exhibit.

Project Manager

Oregon State University Archivist
Team Members

Two student workers

Library web design team

Oregon State University Archives

Students, researchers, faculty members

Project Planning

Project Objectives
1. Research alumni photographs and describe.

2. Develop finding aids

3. Digitize the photographs

4. Prepare an online exhibit
Project Management 3

The photographs which have already been entered into a Word Perfect file
contain inaccurate and incomplete information and need to be rechecked. The

remaining photographs need to be researched and all the information entered into

an Excel database. Finding aids need to be developed, all the photographs need to

be digitized, and then a webpage designed to allow researchers access.

Costs include the time of the archivist, the student workers, and the library

web design team.

The amount of time this project will take depends upon the other projects

the student workers will be doing. This is not ranked as a high priority project.

Available Resources

Computers, digitizing equipment


Turnover of student workers requiring retraining of substitutes

Work Breakdown Schedule (Tasks)

September 1, 2007

Archivist identifies two student workers for project

Archivist begins wiki on password protected Archives site

to provide information about project, place

for reporting progress, and asking and answering questions
Project Management 4

September 17, 2007

Student workers are provided training by archivist

Archivist updates wiki to include detailed instructions about

project and the responsibilities of each of the student


Incremental deadlines are determined for project completion,

but it is understood that these may change depending

upon addition of higher priority projects.

October 1, 2007

Project begins. It is projected each student can complete half of a

box of photographs in one week. This includes

researching the photographs, entering the information into

Excel, and digitizing the photographs.

Each worker will work on a separate box.

The Archivist will determine finding aids and enter them into the

Excel worksheet

December 10, 2007

The Archivist will begin working with the OSU library web design

team to develop the online exhibit with a deadline of January 1,

Project Management 5

Project Execution

Information Needs

Research tools will need to be identified to help students research

the photographs. One of the most useful tools will be the alumni

publication, “The Stater”.

Student workers will need to be familiar with using Excel


Data Collection

Data will be complied using Excel software.

Controlling Objectives

The number of boxes processed will be tracked using Excel

with information on the project kept on the wiki.

Monitoring the Team

Because student workers and the archivists will not necessarily be

working the same hours, communication will be through a wiki. Student

workers will report on the number of photographs they were able to

complete each shift, with the understanding that there may be higher

priority projects which need to be completed.

Student workers will also take notes about what they have, noting

problems, questions, and answers.

Project Management 6
Dealing with Changes

There is a high turn-over in student workers and additional

personnel may need to be trained during the project.

Communicating with Stakeholders

The project manager will keep the head Archivist informed about the

progress of the project.

Project Closedown

Evaluation of the Project

A usability study of the website will be designed by the Archivist and

volunteer students will serve as subjects.

Dissembling the Team

The student workers will continue with other archive projects.

Project Review with Stakeholders

An announcement of the new alumni website page will be placed on the

university archives webpage.