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&amp~e M EKTON, (Flallier MK1)
RDlepl!a.y~ng' "&ehl TIIl.e! :MEIKT'ON Adventl!JlFe Th,e, !F,o:ree of MEKiIIO.N '(,alil adventUlre~


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World ,ot MEKTON~ .~ppe:n.db: #1:. Basic 1i'G1e'p~ayJlI1lg A'ppend~ #2: Basic Ftef.er,ee~ng


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Mali'll, MIEIK,TONI COIffI:bat
~b~s, Ma;ps, letm;S Faci~ & Attack.Am Obstac;IQs A~. Defense R:o~s I..irJe of Sight kifoos

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Mike PrmcJsm1h



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Ed/taT.s: Linrla .lBryam; Olive Nendlic.kfJ. Ftle](ilaoo.

Coiver: Ben' Dunn & Boola/Tam
Main .Page' AH': Ben .Dunn& "Scott l'IurJ!Jies' ,Olher In'ter/o, AR: Scott Ruggles, MiJre EtJerl~ Mad( SilT!mO.ns. and Jof1n & Jas.on Wa~flpl



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~alJi}!'rng Dam<lg.9 R6suUs ~BIi!I ,& M~dl!lil) In,temal Damage' Pl;IWQl'plaJl]l!E:xp1osionl Iim.ergC'flcy EiJec~on I<."n~ Special I::~~cts


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.Linm' BtylJ;flt

Max P.agemtl~W~ Mike Porldsmilh &

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Ad.Vlce' ,& C'ommellta1y: MikieJooos speCial Tosn'ks to' Erw Warren~ ami of


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the RTG, CJ\1w.

Cornblll:tStilWlmany Comba! lablfls

~ To 8.tf!Y:e & tlls lizards. C-arcfl'me if yDu can.

Medltal Sectio:n
Medical Skm Drrug&:SOMadkrllQ~ Re,genem.tm' latlks Med'ica~ l"ab:les
Shock!. Sb!U1 Na!~ Healingl

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M~aCo.!"OOpl BltJepnmltsheet I. DiagJ'aJ1ns Tonnage 'CQns,1mctiolil PblnL6


IBox 22188~Aptos~ CA. 95001 ~2:28B Stock ,,: MK1'OM: liS(n~l: D-937'21S.{J'4~
iMEKTOt/iJI II ,8; MEIK ....e 1Ia~rk.s r ,of :R, Tansoo'om ~Sli In£.. AFrJI similarily to chiaracter:!;, $j~ia~lomJs. tc;, (1i'IIiIl':iOL!I: sa:~rrc 1[Jlte'rn)j~!:!l'fi~ e
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Mike PQtKismjih,

19Bit .A!I! ,rights Ire5l~..


Da'nger! Romancel Gient Robot Oombet!
'W:e~oome to 1he worrd of MEKTON~! !'n~his game~k:',vou will errl.er a new worrel of sdel'lceficUon ,advenllUlre; one Where yOlll wn~1not only Unci tl1e~amiliar spaceships Mel f~'htell'S ,of ciasstc SC~8nce fictiO 1'iIl, but aJso a newtvpe o~vehic;le;Ula MEKT'ONalimor SllI:it. The MEK.liON (also kOOWJl1 as GIl ~,m,e£'ha'" or "MEw:' ), :h8iS gr:adl!J,aUyevolved into the pert,ed a~~round combat machine. U is fast, able to' s,lluvivein awf'de 'Vartaty 0:1 lbattle conditions., and earn use a sta:g:gering array o,f weapo 00., some~iimes, ,changing these weapons in m~d combat" or ,even using captu red enemy 'weapoI1S .. You wi:l~ find ,in our MIE¥(TONi Wor11c1that MtE,KTONS, altholJiglh the slJllpr,e,me~:rg:fUin9Imachine'ofUlis wo,rJtI" do. not do:minats~M soe:neoomp:I'etefy. They areinstBad im~.egraled l~rnI.O the world as one more tylPEI' ,of vehh:;le or 1001, and allie' emp~blied not 'OI1l~ as n:g:hUng machine's, Tne MlEKJONl WoWidlis :aloo based ex:liensivelr 9n~he very poPlJlllar arnimated taJ100:ns, 0'" JapaMse t~tBvision (called ,1!1l'lme' ) andl Ii~e all ''-anime~adventL!:rers, YOlJlr M arrONI "character'" wm 'havEl' a. mn.ystenous lpast, a

Sfn,pporting east of 'famn~ and! friends" a.fuw' yencl:eUas andan occasional rCII:J:Janlic inte:rest. as we~lOn!e Uling y,ou'li o1isCQverin 1MEKTON Wigl1!t loff~Yfn!Ji~,n spend a~m~st as much time [inil']l'rrgua~ aclve;n~u and pefS!o.nal~ri~s 1'8.
and ti"ibu~ajtions as you willfigtiling with ,g~'al1ltie meeha

I~ you are N:OT going 'to be the R!ei~\e.reelo"f you r MIEIKlONgame., the first~1hing yeu lNil Wleed~o cia, is, cr,eale a Char:ac[er. A Chialf'aa1e1l'is a ~ersolilatlilat y'OliJ

bLllita.str,aJnsporla~ion"constn:u::!tijon'8hic~es"rsseue oraft , v
and other tIiiIngs..With IHi~semis,s arne!youii' imagJl1latiol1l, Y'OUli M EKTON Workl can beool1'lif1! Bln¥lhingl ~roma banslI1 w:astel~nd irn wl'lichgianf warmachinesUght f'Olr domin'ation. 10 a oompTex Wortfd' ,of Su,perpow,e:rsand Empi~es, all aUhie m with their own p,~alns3incidlestiniesto befuU,fiIlledl. The ~:echno,tegy o,fthls: wor~'d ,is very much like tha~ of cur Qwn Earlln~in fact you will prolJab,,1y enCOUr:liter a. numbe'f o~ f,ami~~ar ideas and places inYOUIr joume'y til rough Mlis rulebook,
l, 1

will :ado,p.1in lPil~Y~l1lg Q'ame'.AU o~ your amians wl~~,be the , peliformecltl1i1t1ugl1i 11i.a~d!1aracte.r,~ Jnter,mUng with the Referee o,f me game (who, t:liten tG[~ :yo~ the ftlsullts of
¥OiUlr chaimc1IEM's actions). MIEKTCl:fi'.Juses a. 00 mbinaltwliI o~ Dotl'iltntecl and true ,cl:1arac1!Eur gel1l.erario 111methods ~ (hlrrliliar1I1' players ol RoleplaYingG,ames everywihere), 3111da nu mber a,fntew iae,as ,a,nd :mettruod!s, Which h:;tJVlEI been de.sigl1l,ed~pecJt;rCa:1 ~~.Q il'1rl,Oan the true Bninne 'eeling~ to your rd,l~p~a.yiflg.

tf Vou"ve Never IFioleplayedilBefcne
don't iinte ndlo make aim of )fOU long.. me! U pl"Ofessronal lroleplay;e,rs OUll: tl:lers' 6]1 tlwffiuglh a. tong, 'We
-r.~EKroN II



atlJacUve loo~s. A low thaf.iring pla.cs" :S~aUsUcs are v. .s out ala.Game Eh. _ .rGlUs y:QIlJ ar.Jcle.or the haws and wii1erefo~.I:leplaY~l'Igl.stJePin CfEI!8Jtingll character lste think.e n youi~e .g thI~s" or remel"llberi:ng f~rom1atiom.tieTi'.siimpllie.olepl ay~~gis a.!ifa:re! • You may have alfisady 1~I. Will ill:le ma~e or~emale? Will ~tbe a miiitary or Ughting man.Ssibfe U))' WOuld lhefirs1 ri together .ay be yom ~~ 3lUem.. IIi'I~eil~i:gleli1oe an I[rldex .mething requ.. Uuterest:s. Gli:le lil1l a bIlUo:nJ.alueswhich am 1JI\'3re4 to same' sex Character as~ouare) is like.a. Vou .at perfo:m1ing Your next :s~eiPIis to. m. In ocdEl'r 101 .(or RPG)I befon~. {)J)n1 lei your p~all'elm mn one die all1d mUl'H:fply U1S' resu:~ by1 0 (sorneUling we have el1lOOuntered ibetorBI hi OIJlr M EKTONga.n~y run a M EKrON game. W<\ies 1:: aoo disl!ilcies_Y (:lUll" 'ChaJl'acterwJ~11 e .P.. Then come on back here 1i'iihe!rilJ¥Ouve nnJshed l1ead'lng. you'll t:lave to.index of not just hOlN Idexte.risifc . but he'lllito make ~~Utn and e.cfevEl'lop Examp. yoolr ~'l1a:raoter :was 100m w.Jctel'lstic: {1e1:S say. bUlt also how well you can pe\rform ~eats of cM~v~rrgl.eve·nt 1 me.Ths ahances o~ seque!1!tial~y romng 1to om any g~ven nunlber is one lin 1:0 mmf:on.'".f w/# :b~ InteJifgefl'OO fa your Character.nning Of thought: A f'J. mea5ijr~ Of how smal'tycop are)~This OlUJfaCl'6riSl~ 'Wo. 'Y'Ou'U wa!ntto madl Uuough· . i~you fit in~o 1. Y'OLI n. albout what type of cl1!araater you w. {X).tal number .lll 'I II) telil"81d'ed dice" so. in '!tindl of exa. not:ftin.hioliilto crearteyour . tum.xcilingl tor you andl yaur friends·! Wh..a.pt at aetu ally ~efereeing {Of '''runningr')i rst YOU'f own roiep~ayililg game.00 hem am:! we'll get starit.atio Iil. r. The moire Charact.lI't:lcler' P")I~nts .a.ltx .urd lunshakable coo~11 money to spe rn:l to giet your or be relSf(iBd ta Iwnene\li'9t yO.le: Dna G. back our hanO!iAppendlxl: Basic' ROleplaying. sllUchas stro.ow l have. tasks m~ated to that Ipal1lc:ularstatisttc.ayed APGs bef·or.eally filUl and excitingl character.charaClers. generate your Cbarader ..ilher.a.1 Note FOIi Refs. tOf will ~t choose a mo. you will 100 ailJ~eto "buy'" thuliIgs to .cting·pureanc .ntllafyour Cf'j..st..f~f stati'StiCs.92' tor ideas io:n how te no~ o. Flell'e.lsf L<V:8S bam SIij'M' as Em1. P'!J.s. to . StaJUsli CS le·Stalsn) 01108 MEKTONJI IReflelOes how many Character lPo~tI'rts _ you've established you have.e.aNS~[Cithe IDs.l1e You II'se:lf ..fi!l~:oportray.'iN. oot l:magli.c:tsts ~iS.tat~siI:rca.r Poi:nts.(s'UCh'.lll.JS8 2' ou.ch'arac18'f in. ~ufd mean thafyau ~'Ji8 bam fah1ystupld.al figuring aut puzzles.~h.fJ:2f. lihara. 1- ~o If ¥..ying Games.. WH:n U'lem.2: . CharaCler Points are 1JI1e"'cash'i' of dharaG~er cre.Basic Fieferee1:llg~ . mned ci1af.eyou .clor~)e me an back.t olt GI). :syrnoo~ize abi.{fUo3C.Mer your character wm tie .IElXpranatio.crSIElltea. it's Ume ~o use them to' buy yOU!f (. of the aWl: 0'.as lEaclh are: SUper.1lI1 .e won't leave! you :h aJOging e.h:~ca.rngmuscles.layer mUln 9 1D sequienvUa~ 1OI'S ~s.es.sd. fighting" p~:l'oUnQanel athletics.:end.tlegolrY.m~iI'l~ll· lihll clhances 10lf a p.of how smart YOUl a[e~how is lQiOoCI ar.er Points spent 01"1 a Cha. an .ctly what" hie (o r ShE! ·-you dtlrl't IMl VB to lrgiay 1i11e Statistf. B~t if YOUl'rea novice at tillis.rEI pros aile career? R..of pOlln~.o~'1[he geil:'ln!.lepla.lifies Dr advanrtages.yfng Game. Itl is n1any p{J~nts wlit:h .Appem.p~.lgh ad(:llillilg thetc. Only YOl! Can !Pt.cJhar. 'w.ed tDI Ida CiIlaracte. Unnsm.PR. If you've! never piayeda Ro. :S.CI~Ii'I:ts.haN"!! loo€~ WaJmed.ou'ye Never Refereed a :RiI. make the cmaracter ~come alive~ with it's indivijdua! quiirks.ashiln~o playas you ~ b make H--lSothe! key is to have a good' kh~la.aaier.

1 drumge lhe~"""".s. YQU woL1!l.()I" sectlQlilIlisfS blan~ for each. ~~ I List your SifAT these.. as many bil:a!"l1l.mIine where }'Ou tmvelillee. ' . nil ina boxJuntil. ~l'S:.aU have 'been filled.1es.laclred.'" .!S[.h1sLQr:y WId . There are yruu OfuIracrets weapons The UsLing shows. .coulll M~ 8 w".Each tlmea shm :is fired._.g f process.es W1derr destroyed.saing posel.~.es.irn>leOOi of 'Illlmbers. I!he arIllOlf 'cann~l 3mI' any more -:" . Rarlge.8!ll1. Filin me Slhtll£ bo~ WlLirn }II@t! have jl.To simplify lie. Map..n hiLMark tile 'T'IJ.!W'L\.acc:macy. data . Fm exampTe.d ~~' . baxe. I 1".levet of fie: Skill net ooly for the poinls.l:mt IDe mme Hre1f.as j'DUC~POll has SllOLll.~Eacb lime you ~ hjt . and! cress om aI!l the . "llmrniC1ier'll 'Ifue. BodyType. Whelil fll1ed in.!.lMld DU!mbcr of Hits daffiii'lgec done b:y llteweapcm. Dis is w~ yotl. if yom ~le. bll<xes.cow ~.el'0ur.~"..:E:OOtd ~in.sma!ll[ checkbp). 4 1_-- --- -- MEKTONIJ . "- 1 ~liIlS.lmg __ n'~1:eS EJse Il. ~ "lj'n"'l~ . in. TI'J'E..Die bit. Arm.1 'l'" -.]8 Yoor HIT mBip at:soIDists hil:!! uOO.e bac.sil)i'JS:.o. TIle...U!!iO_ _ . would cross .~s yourffiT map.our ene H10re box: for each bit of mm~ ~.m_ri!.~ .l amtor coo stop. Use Pencil S!tl you Cc"1n1 Ichange dre:m if .:ij"body area off of 'lillie .oo". toU m 10 300 refer m this to dbtei. wI'Ue [1:1 aU ~. llli:e 00.l ". oodyarea. Thi:. you.r bd 8 rorsg bits. hasa ~.Be1ow it. compleiro1y.w: ClI!fre!"J.is .k of the . Whelt anru-ea's boxes are ruledl b. ]0 ~ Yom BODY s.wiU list )flOur Ski:lills. In N _I~&.The 1en 11mM!1 box.EJeeded. 'Ih"e ~y:pe. TCflrSO section QE~yourHit we use . i~ is ror sbeet wr li.. ill Ito !:he. ' T:'I'JT your'e'b ~_~ . WI:IeH yUUI ..MilI:of damag~ yo.

ess ·----~~~~I~------------~~~ I~I ~~----~~~------~I - MA DEV 01 +Add D Throw [)DDDD iEiEi[:jO[l . ====~========~ ~+I~Te~.Arm IiJCOCIJ c:nJEI~1:::I1 ~ I D~bIlJlJ [JIJIIJCIJ II..Wea.I~~OC~~~:~ICI~'IIJ~~~'-'~_'~~[]~--~------~~I~-~------~--------~'I I~-+--~------~~------~I I~---~-----~~~I I' .IiImIOi' [JIJDClID IJIJIJD[J FU.C~h~n~'ica~-c-I-A-b-ili-~..e [J[][JICI'ICI IHead I I ~ Torm' iEJlClCClIIJD[][J[J C IICICI:JICIIJ C[][J[JIJ AtmOl' OCOOIJ l.eg RJlITll 11 [JlJe[]1J ~r tl'ICl[]1J1IJ nC[][]1UI1 IL~I N~. 'luck A.ttrac~~ven.ilr:IIS~.~ DSlunlS'hadk D Uif1: ~g.pcms INA IRNG lH'its INa~ I ~~~~~~~~~511IFI ~======~=======Sk.

cte. Points.i(:.iflO. This.plotlines Il"evo:Iv'E! not just .es ofro" IntelllgencQ' 0" 7.le O'f 1:ermln he' is t(ying to cross.lafieS or Monopoly pieces mo.m~aoo'lhe.er:nent Anowal'ilee is all index of how '~ar you . AHractiveness can be used ill trying to charm or sedues possrbJe ro mantic pall'tne.'.y' for R.~he mor. of ... V:OUI' chIne's' (like his mech'a).po~'ntsof LJuck yo u have 'the game ~o an ~impol'lant die 11'0. AJ[i[ true' anime herees . or 9 in a StataJllyway? The S. Is we~1 etiuc:ated and comes' ('rom a fJtIOl' tamlTy. e.pDln. honor debts and Ipersonal desires.can run (iin Ihe.sll o.r nlnnfi'r. .s. but 10'l1Illy the Oompa~ison Ta'b:f.es)per turn .. EacJi1 man slled hex .pon Japanese. high .er tlas. .:tets..bly to g. Handsome" an: IO:1ymplc Chari I in Attractiveness. how fary. Compalis(JIl' Clta.racle..plicatirJiI!1s~.aracter flwm.of an ad!. ReJ'el'iNl Created CrUlra<. When .awge:~ lIJ.2. has' avera.10*.'\ISUIreof how good 100lKiingyoUi are'.ofhe.. 111 D iin .D~ . how well you can survive s1IUflningi bl'o'WS. .ve al. me'.ts. Example: I' ha~e decided to play Jeff A_yasha. youlI"chamete:r cam move a.Rell:ex.is . Money & famiSv Cletermine' how much money your charnCtell" has..olU can throw. Of NPC" and use ~iIle'po:im val'ue of that slat feve I olillywlum called upon.Q:mp. havingl ~o '~roll LIpl" a.It's also an index of how "tog.a guy with a 0001 ".. a science fiction campaign.8' .r p(Jints~ " fieo1de . is.fc9nted '~tJing:s (any skill that .e and o~her loclmicaUy or.elT'lentAIJI'owancs'. where many 'ef 'lhe . if you run Qut duringl game play.ers migtll encounter iln '~he OOlUil'SS . Voor Education Stal determines how' many plrnts you will be' U'epatlh M. Character.eri~:y with tcoJs and an Ll'ooell'slanding Of How Things Work).s ot Skills.iV:il'lg players.should have a.arison Chart aJ'so makes iit eas.ve ctela1'edl UlF'EP.EKTON ~ ba:s:ed I.saore. good .Referee' or non-plElJlel characfen ').sort! of nanatiivG"Sml' liSting ~ is a' lot . EMh mectJa..star ca'lllJe. ~e ha.at COlillpadsol1l Chalil: to .f. or wound shook.1: GQm.ck . Your 'Joohlllicali AblUty is an tndex 'of how WE!'n yOllJ Slat COmparliiSDln fel'ate to haJdwar. you're--OUl of luok!' Each stat must be rated from 2:(the lowest a Stat can be)1 to 10 (the highest possibl'e:). Some people are· just narur'all" better at fix.0 visual~e. :soto l able to.of title $'tal (.shinJlf''OlUf the cno1ractel'. VourlUiCk r'epresents a .our fum:l'o~ Ch!1lraoter Athlete.s start. spaceship er giant robot. R:emember: whr~e ILuick r. you may .TH.ur cllaraC1er is '~Handsome".All 01 these things ofter a .ducaUon cl'elermi'nes how many things you know how ~o 00 and how well' can yOUi dOltlem.Your CooS de~ermines how well you stand ulJ' to.e~eree5 to cm'ate eharao1ersths IplB!y.along sqj. you slilould II!Jsethe St..snd BD crowns I(¥) In caSh. Jeff' is 1t:ety Cool.". sciel1loo~ lieUor:! adiV 9111tLIIlflJ cattoone. ubu:t the desc~iption of ilart aspect of :yaurch.s1zed he'x is equal to 50 rnate 1'5. you a nanaJivs view ot what each S~a1: v311U'E!' means te fie chara.decide.ttl'im dflSCllbll1'fJ . 1he' I'IOfl~Dgye.creating your own character. Mecha Hero. B~ Type also relates to how much damage you can take.to make .ltnicaJ tJI 8i Lucie.elees CaJI1 simply d'escribe' the.enishes itse:l~ at tilhe entli of each gams :sesslon.mships. fixes complex ma·· .o make it 'easy 1.epl.nthe b1..around woo.an encounter.r area's • .ln ymu ~a\i'Or. But haw good is an 8. 'vendettas. has..11. sef oti stats for . beard.: Tille nmrati~a ~1l1l1ll. stress and pl'.cerliaiilil nlJmber 'of poims you may Ulse' each gam.v. .ows 'the balanoe· of eyerns. is desig.ro.~·.o Imflectthils netw. U'IB 'toughest car" jet. moire to think about than "Who's going to b!'ow up the' IDea1h Star this wleek:?~ ij. based generally uJ)O. and how charismatic Y9i1Jappear to o~hei(s. l'eaving me with' 40 poln'ts 10 put into his .e. a.l' way of '1Ie. I PlIffO anaracler POints inw' IJeff's Reflexes Stat.as.gs tuck~ Is a tJ'a.equal lo .lr.ec. or ".AUraQnVen~S'5 may be a. Then.mely Brlgh.re mt1f1f<estlng .e' will teU y. devote towards leam[ng .o:f an event T~o UISE!' It..ork of per:so:nai history. but an I'nnate Ide)(t. ' 6 MEKTONff . 1[·01' MEK) . YOllr B'odly 'Type' is an index of [how .'entu re (known . FOil' each po[m . (1r.e session tal inJluence the' outcome .add' any or al[11of ~h9 . (J)f. certain amount 01' hexes. what 19\1'81 f socie~y' he' Oli she 00 mas o f.6~ 'J.rtant for bUIYlng tools" weaponsrund .au tha~ ·yo. an haOOl at Ihe 'game".actly what you wal1t '~O'lUr cmracl:ew to be like.skms-the more points your charact.or instance'.NtraO'lJIV'el1less StaU Mov.Btller'" yOUi are.AJJImen or rnseha move iin hexes -the san'ie way chess pieces move . I'nstead or E.of M'o.ongwhe.a ~lo'W'c:hart of iple. Igeneral I'av..eSSILlI~'. lbis money is irrp:l. and how much you cam II'[Hor carry. II T.e i( knows. Family arso 'cretBrnlnes.ingl or using ma.arnor.requIres not 'Dilly fnte'f'ligence'. slronglYOu a1l8. 9.. meters.x.rSi" 0 r even to score' a fob in commerciams arlidilV.ned ~o give. an AUractlv6m1!S. Re.Jeff ani .c:htne's.Olympic Afhlels. but atso upon mlatir. think of a he'l!! as a Sri)( sided Msquare").A. intangible "something" 'hat oocasionally _hn. Luck is that. Example: I begin' with 50' Ch's.Jeff's Retteres Stat Is now 10.

~u:cky :1rn.~ ~uclCy .irlM lucky Yer.cim~15 diilwn.ri91111: Aoci:d~l1:It Pir'orl!! Sik~lI~d A.!Ei'S: I .! ".11.-~-"----""---"""---""".. .~e'tie Crt\..cred1ibly The o~ Body' 'Jy.MEKTONII __ -- - -- --- - .r>Ql~\ed Uml:5h. 1rQ he!xl!'S: :p.::ks~i!i": 22 l!'i.lb. hex!!'iS WlE!I"ur. &.i!':I:tled 'Qt~l1y &.echno~ogy is m..pe WrlJ Wealk tNOVicre: 'Very Str.ngl 90~1100'kg 44-4911:.nt Realll~ ugit~t Gods: ~.e.{.ts: 112 p!1lmils 1'5 poin.AI:tr actii¥r(Il~ tne'SlS: T.s:i1y R.S"iS1:y Cll!~\I' B. ICanfu.k'9 t\o I 1i0 '~onv'ert __ .sbr~ ..h.ery'good ~ciCIklli'1gt AU"'~Citll.~ muUifply by 2. 1110. ! I ! I ..epf repOi.• 'e~t: ears.l>@.a.erujl " Wlolnt:s.~ t . rim..~ol Technical .dI N~rvo~~ Oalm &.x.el" tc""l"n SlGw.urn ii:5 Ih!ii!xes19 .·..~~~--'.ag@·..ts: for Skil1!_ for S:l<l~its:_ for Skms . $i!ill'lpl:" filL\( C:bil'l.hiM:S Caliliifix H:i:ghl~nl 1ie..agie - ir:l..1.r turn p@iI't:un~.11 d~. Il!oumu:l .9 52-56 kg 60-68 kl1 75~a5 kljl '... .2Glfilo1Ji1t~ for Ski11~ Oll!ympiiad: 2 5 .il":> T\1':S: .F~$t.""". ao'c·e' Money u'!:i!iSki11e.i!_!'!dsorn! O'Odls loy! Luck The ~I!lI~ie '~UI Fa.:2 .ts:1B'poin._-I UO-~ IPoulltd:s:.d: S..'.k.Inte lmigfmcao Hope le.\ill'"h 40¥ V@lI"tjS1aw. Crawling..AvE'"".. 12 hll'x. Bie.u:.er turi!'ll' pe'rt. ·c'Qmpl~x WiI1I.Q~niei~UII l!'Iendibl':!! D@:s:ign &. :'" med 'SI' pGm. TI"ii!!t.fbir' -S:k~li]s: I I E1i~e: :2:4: points fior Skln~ I M... Inve. fOr'Skmis Hove<Pile:Qlt .!!'~ ~.rilie: IIfhlelle Cooll II'I~rVe:S: BUIi'uil~e of • E.e~es p~.lflOlYght:: Tlr~ifl~dI: S. 9 he~e:s Wle!"t.lYtiflill H.r:.ik:.1~ c.

s deiVeloping.i:nQs.ouf Ipe~sona~Hymaybe< like" and wlUt yOUi C:aJiE: I'lIlOst.amed'Koren . sun Flail.e Oil' s~e 'Would need ito kWlow ~o gelUU'~n:nghiUte. '~eel~re. eO¥'} Body Tp'~B ~Stro.s of Karial.!gh frEteraooa rnseha mQrcaO<l:~ !:iI.eto change it es you SIil'9 fit.ng) ~Ogt both p..!~l:I n01 lmow . I Jeff .s) Cocd~ 9 (Very Cacd) l!uck ~16 I(Average) AttracUven£l'ss.y rome up thatisrl~ .4 sectiOillls: ~peak.ui" .abou~.d'srb~ung is 'orne oJ 1lIile orass[o plOlS (if .~eamedthe S!KllL o~Ol1vlng .. IP.oharaclelr'. smal:1 sisters were raised by an Q~dfamily h{end'.l1Ie'!i & fal1l~I:y:g(Poor family . E! u~ cocas r. e. Irs intended mols~1y as a Iguid iI~-:Hyau ernO::UJrlter someUllJ'ngyou don't like about the way your . TIle precess.prteseflt H~.e'XiM: 7 {O~mplc Athllele ca:~ibel') Teeth. Lil"epalh's instrumions IF.Olllir Charac!~elf'. determine whIttI of your S1al.k:a:gic love lafta~rs lanu:! old flames.down.S will be ~he' pedQmaing~he' aoffofit Fair --- MEKTONIJ . I - IMA:9 (Uack 6:~ar) Llfapaih: Jeri is ami' erphan. like'.c~d IRapi& r. whTclil gives yOlilsome idea o~ youlrpoiSSllbh~! mmal1ltic: .l!~amp~B".tc.US111'es"WI1~tlilon~y! i'nc. MoiS~. tells you IRomam'IC IUfe.8 life. a~ol.1!iI"f1ieciagreat deall aOCUJJ11i1tle jpJoblBmSirnd chalrB.81U'r1!Qi' talking" 'e. j &: El'\leIiI1[e's~.Scimitar & Ae[ofigllittllf mrleCM.our ·poJlS!lble allies aljld B.sntaJngJements..flow ~o drhlea car uliI. who sitlJalio.n.hiaditl. you an iid'ei!l et what you look.e:r1al~waw".situ aUOJ11S (such as climbing up' a she ell"cliff while being pUi:sued by a :2'4 rnm~.s 'Of hale yClIll~ aoo how :yau~ml~l1Ltfee~ about ~hem.gives. Ulepathl is d:[vided into. IFriends SOrOOthiflg about y. your cl1l'aimcter 'Will :Ile able to eto mos~ everyday things "s~Beping. 5a<!HI's.ou have specifically taken timero leanliandl m8lster 1(8)8Op. whiCh ~:ellsyou whs'l'eyou camerrom~ whal~ yOlllll' parents tar.al1!ifme}. wham y. HEuDry." wii~hout enoountering ani)!' clifficu Hies.r yc. '!he! wjl:'f ex-mem .l19'.that y. It til1llEl to use this mowled'geto get some Skills.YQu wol:llCi probao~ IlJidk up dr.1s1j(.Qnally.ukilil' L'$henli'l oJ Kargl<llfl.are wl1l:ltefII wiUMn~l:1e text of ~Ihie pa~h. But you WO!l..lilys~ca:ItPIe!rS(illilant!f w~iCh . iiS faIi:!ly slrnpfie: appropriate to iIlliSBifil moiS' 1) NlSt.a.Gfif ami a g'a~gl !of olinNll'r YO~!1!g voIIlJl01i.lVing a SleUis ..in . you'Ve .ClovEmed by ey. Tb. Al UiH~tim'!!!I. whidh.eefl lrafning J'. you probab~y dii"1rr~ knnw enough aoout yotJlV dharaGler to.pose:dl to your sta. ~Gafld his:two.ese \mea cd SkmJs: 7 (Ulpts.:1E1tisHcs.robot. TIle¥ re.1ineir mQn~or'$kJUl1ll'$and m aka them pOlly. are :parnicuiar abiliU~s relalt:edto Biach 'of YOUII'" :!:.or the lnme.i~catea bas~c! l':Ia~tural ab:[lity at doing iso:meth]l1I. yQliII had Y"ery If !g!lod Relexes.prnbaii)l¥ le. Fe r .ect Avenging a Gte. I .gI. a problem rna. KomnwalS kiU~ by an oldenel1i!¥! [).e'. Th 01 MEKTONI Team has ·SW(J~KlIW hunt . Growing up' Of! ttuli'~liI'B91.nemlesirnthe wOi'ld wl1ly ~hEI'YUk.ns~nvo~ve m~:ngWfla~ is known as 8.arents during lrne Wa!I'.Ayas.ha mrnl:'7 (IBrighf) Reff. But .e m'!'Je.afte.mn. o:scid'e' wh:a~h.nges i~n'y. Up to 110W.F5 (Bernard & Aachedte) in how to pilot Koren's . Sl<!1:U>edmevel) a MO. How Skills Wort Skills awe used to enhaoo9' youfab]lity 10 j:HilrfoW1flc1erta.acMons.ti!' you had . (Fix: compfex macht1ne.: l' (Handsome) a car very easily. WhenJl\etf waJs16.in~hBworldl.~ whru loo1hers and :sisters and y10u maJif [have as well (always good 'for a new character lshouldthiis o:l1<ebelkill.Ufepath s~\ssio:n..er:yclay .

1 O=h.lloutr.I1 .!r'der'ed.e up' ~o_7 lIr.I"\' il:!("t with r. thtl''\II'~.ay lIten gOo"to -- 'Your ..iI~ekeeping.1 ~.!Iii' "DYI. 4 Your IPiirMt('s)1 have OImliliesia and dOJIII"t Family 1os:t livery ilhing when fal'lllliiily fo. - Hunt downthO"st re'latives: fO'r:. IB.<lIfla. N.rtl:i<$ co lla. Family st<1lnd:ingls b. For ~I .. but th~ other.e'r sist:er .i ain t..deir 'than. 1-0 Ge't what's righUull\1 'yours. ~ 'if po"ssi~'le..~.sed.ds:&.e:spon~ib'l" '& . OImolccidient.lr ~5:= (1 ol.ge 7 8 9 1101 1-2 ~4 mea!" '!Iiour illllilm~ de<feCite:·dl Lin it dCiwn & for91t it.01h.liimi1~1standingl ii!s .~c!lp~dl. 1-.t of statsfOir eaC\h VQlU m.r wh. .ec. W.11 0 1 lhe:~ heli"'Ow9rs:hip panm~CSi) ""el"'. "('our p~nmt(!i') did in 5-6 FaMily'Wi~ 'ill1l..ll wiith both parents.!iI~ylnrn~'t!'df!g l'I'Iernbeil" • The. 1I"0n iii T. R:oll' 1DUJ.ad.ings~l!. lindl ~ge Ir'1!1!at1v.e-s ~ next p.imi1n9 fiilMl11j.ar~ aft.parent($) W. rem~R'lbe.i!l~ wuexiled sel'lit abroad.r you. .rlu. murde-red a:IiId!Jail! '!llQnt . we.'Yo!!i!f' Irtrl'l'i. Savre..p. R'efere~ _ay wi.Uper.e nltmtber 0. ~~ '- ---9' . and a1'ilas Q'r' '':jIO'UI bay.~v.(od'dl"m. 8-1 01 '\11 Q1I.r.ave.1 Q(1r bOildl m.gwith e'ithell" port·'ent:" 1-2: Family 10.of 'Y o'iJirparents: are living I(go. y.' I chaos'.~one': • 1-4 'You get along we.d I !l'v~f1 if p.i1. r'@t!Urn@dYl\d~r an 1 2 3: ~ 'F or .r • 'than you.h. 9og... .ge.e-ach I)l"'otll..on~1iI andl '"eu ailone e:scaped. par'ent:s (goio C).a.in9) . £lIlJemi. i$..7 j1s eq~aUi!l th. to.e $ne o. YOW" parent(s) VOUI flo on to FIF1I@n.at they iill".11 1 P 1 fJ or'Choosl. only eh11~.evet"~ thin.our pare!l!It(:s:) are in h'idin91to prot. 5 6 YOIiJII f'!eV« kn@wgour ~htrellillts" ISoto F 1Ii~e phy sic'o1I.ere 10<st en a . f'.gement.~ Ro ICI!Oe' ~ n 1 D 1101or Choos~- t. tach sibling i re 111 D10 for You don it get ala:lriI. Goto G. or rolll:heir fee1.Sion:ant~ se-ctiOiliito diis(love.·.ect' y eu.di!~Q1. F' amily 'lnl.\l1 didik~you They 11k.toE). !!l1a!I!i!"~.$. R.otlhlf!'ll'"S i1I:m'l SIsters.. pay." s:n~:1i~s!J 01. - sibling. FaMi1!y vanished.s.gr . 6-9~ youn.out: guu::: 1-:2 3~4 5-ti Your . 31-4 F<lJm. (Go.to 8:) I:ml II~& 7'-' 1 0 RoUi ID'1 01 6-10 Sa:m~'thin9 ~a:s: happeilled lOGIn" O!r both of Y eu .mission. long well w'Uh !'!C:t one. YO!IJII. YOU! 7-S 9\. You grew U1 ion the sU-eets.'. :andl ':I au risk 10:.P . ~Gilil ~r...0.. . 5-8 9-10 Y'Oll riil I You m'~iIJ h.h \:Q :n. o QO:obG).r~n. 'lih!l"'!11 tla... 0 gl?'t .iUes and lanrGS thrllol betraya. "make them.ei~ .5: 'Ij£l. 'UII:II..t:s: Oi!r~m~ss~i:11. to the other Siid!. y'OU.alel eyen-female).$.dh).lrmt(S:)1 died 'iIrI.!.

.v.$ Cc:bo o![sre or 1"'0 ~e!)!. 3-4:~lQi!lt arm.se div~.. f'ri'i!nd.us:~dI.il:il:l:n'. "1 ~~f!t. Is: ~ P.usd 'ttle' 'loss of frielnd Qr lI"'e1I<l1t~'{1e. 7 - Clhoo:s:e or ron 'IiI.~ D They h~t" Iy ~i..or e'xile. .!! ..7 you. - '(Ibis iFlnend (ch'Dose' or II""IQUone): . V.adf~i!ru:'l.'. ._ ~ FlII"iiie'l1Iid"~...eho !!lrSe or ru. In'u!:et 'I ~2 3:-4 5H5 1'-11iJ f'aCellllll _tWIOI oil tfoace..] Slid.. th~Q~br."d~. 0 il'hili f~Ji.. IINlirtywoul:dI I()ffve~·i1L .S'on.:oveil" 1 11'~II. IOlf oth!i1f PJi. 6 7 8: 9' IRela1!:ive C:~. ~ls'1ik~' ·01. Veirlba .clJs:~d .mlll '~r Ll.Ki~1el"othe:r Sisbil'" lI!e you" t~i' Col.l~:2. <II 'hrv.o into ._. Des-'erted ~r rDe{i!"iiyedthe .r g!"" '" '5 It..thil1:m1 O~I.-.:!i on IDUJ.liwer likely injQred (e!booseo:1i"n 11 .o:n.): 'C.aU~el(mem 11!:I 9-1 0 Golo. what FQ11'edai j.e1reto most.Co-w'orker or P'artlner.d ~>c~l.!!I.i1.01. F Ca.artnelr -or Co-worik>er. 41n 1~ 1 o.did.Y~~ i ph~1st~:d <11$d: ahi.: t Even= O:! Odd=(ll Tlhri:s: [Q~Jll'yi.D. Cays:e In.1IilI!!iFreotlg have~ foil' e.lilY .j:1.~ I!~I! mst:. Qth~r p~rs!OJ'I.riil Y.r. of jQib or Ir'omanti'c invol¥eC<i!u~ed impJns-onment . l' (II o:their":ii .l!!'"y in a'~Y' in(iil'"ect wily PG~'slbll!'!.II 'rI'ou hO!I~~.jI cit Einem. K.ilrn'l.a.000!ilJd subtl"~cI % hlllw many enemi'es: .liU'lgl":srnlltu. .. T~ach~r . Enemy.o~fe-f a . !Olll'" rom1 sex I Ey~~~ Q I Odd""Q ~ :2 3. ·Is: a IO~~~dhQ. 'f0 -- - ------ AtE"" TON 11_ I . Avoid:~. 5~'1 ~b'l!:ll~ 0 $IcIO!r:r.!!e the ~r ou .il_rderouS' raq~e i~f!. 'W.lfthe : _W:I_. c:hoo.to!lose fac!' '01'" sfiaWS:.i _oljar hUlil!1l11j~.ii:C@or !o1ifs.y .H guto L to R'oU 1[U 0 .ot' Mentor. I I . n: one)! 4 5 Ex-f!"'i~li'I.ni'n IiJIwhQ . 11 :2 GI"·@'W' up w-ni~~ y au. Use Ylour best judl._ 10 Ex. ..1 1-4 5:·.liIlan of tib" Uti This: is ro~l whuml.~ldhcodEili'l.1rfu'ii~(roll ~D~ O.e' ' h.er I W ~~olll oldi f~mHy frThl!fId. Is ~ib . Ig~or" th~m.e.~my S~periot" a(ifh::~t" (d~-ir Il'JI" Hl~h' OtfiC!lat Pier:!ton uncl'er'~ G\!Ir' com:nm.~r'lto 1(111 . Caused the Oithe:r'. tlr"~-.menl con C:leT. S " O. other olf '1:IIQw~rd.ar1.e.aSi :r(!rm~I1IUc r1v.dd bg2 ~for eae'h atsyour~c!!llrrent 'illS mOln'j C'oo. Is:likie <II F'Q:st~r Ii> airent to o:the.e Ip~rSCI!ilOill f1".oW'.orne 11!::.r. Blil!! BrGth~r S'~s~~r tiO y Oll.-. lUr'm'Ii!d down other"s .

."were' Iklildnappedor SJU1:ei{h!..e'I a.r y'ou waYl. They d@f@ct~dto theOUl:er GMf.lIny means: pos:sibl'e.I:i.x'? Rom.erS'..!Othen UiSe the section totind Gut about \llours~lf~ Ilf curren. 11k. 1"'1911t .lny thing! 'thalli: IIiiIm. lOllS 'h"Ip..ld loyer i5 stm afround "".A l'l.anished.t I:IIOIU out of the ·act:f:on.ts for this layer" You m.. is se'eing 'W'as:te ."~'en you.. 'Yeu halb· . '1:..a~1tII o~l'!~r • You haitl" them. l 4 :.l'lee? W\h.Il.!jus:t da."our g. 5 6 . UOWl~ '\jI(l!1J . No feeling's eith. 'll'ollil.een ~"ou.:s:ane ~:y ..0 "fOUl 41"'.d way.~mission andl havi'. h~ti 7 S 9 1. single and Ir~ec'v'i'ring fr..l'll~twant '1:0.!ilninve. I ~2 "iou Cilab'i.llre. 'You fight eonshntllJ .to R TONil -- .lIulO'u:s.O 1 2 Your loveir"s friends rfbUv.(l for the: Of'i!!'''.0 Golo S .lved.a.. t The Ireason it -dii1d'n"1 work Ot!l:t'''va-s (choose.10'11'..iII other.Ii!'. go tolhe P.R. Ro'lI" ~Qn. 1: 3 ~ 4-7 'iou are C1.. tllem t'i'I. loveir"s fU'"iel'ld~1 I 100 you· 1 ! 8-1.o na-lity sect'~on to 'flind ou. 'll'QilJ''rt! o'n a. Goto S Vol. 60. I1ilIFe'eliogs between .IlolJrover" l rlVOILl. I rt=iil.01.affalir" 'Golo Q I D 1:0 or Choose 1 O!'l~ ef' y 0111 hu:a. 'You sti111oYe.1 oIr.to SQm!!.: 6 4 lilt "just didn't wonk out". }Thell!ll.'on the. (.of ''il:rot91clO1ve . Th~y m~s:tE'irious:l!1ji1 v. 'Wish tG . yo'u..y then.e): They died in the 'VI ¥ .:latin.ship. They w'er'e kill@dl in aeClaent.'oto. .the Referee rna" .1P1"1so:lil:ed.on. b:boos:" or Iro111 one):: IT. 1m.om s(:u1I'IIe kindl Your frieJ'ldsll"'fl!ativ. ·t"' r..OVeS.) 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-11 QI !o!J'rew<li~U'l.d.lt. A rival ¢LJi...mUQ 5 Yeu M'e SfP<il1'" in s:ome aitf.QM ~ls. lh~1J eommm:ed 011"1 W~llt insane-.ll.rnl"I~ Srot time' .at's t. ha. You 'r~ qoe d frie-ndls.ug in a.s or sQQia 1 IpressllJlre-s kept you apOir-t. or 1"'0 In on. TI~fY h~'t~ ':1. '7 8 9-1 0 9M of Y'Cluisin. .\e' \I '01.pers:oll.01.ii!Y :s:iilli love 1.hy s-:icaI/Pers:.eyhateII ihey like them. side.!O01" if .Irr'entl!. rOiM. ~et • $.j \IiI. ..rolla set of St.1..an rOlml'ilanc'l! '" ·"serious R • 'Enry thing) lis grut betw.[w I~~:!1: IIHI0 or Ch~ose 1 Ron i'lD110 or Choose u'ne. 011'1 'You stiU l!Dve them. Goto P . ar'orna!'ll'tic t'"elaiiol'l.es: - haite I .al mis:sionc·amebe-h.1.es: YOUii'" 1"'i!'~aHv'lI's wO'!JIld gleil: Iriid of b'!l' . One of YOIIIII Goto T (nex t pag.1 Goto S Lf!J 2 3.1 'Wlhat theY're like.

. A '!It".dgii' Ven9~a!.i1:s ' (C~oose of' Foil one)'~ :1 2 Shy&. alii others is '(IRo 11 o. deoeeptin Inte lle.y :5 3 4 Abn)~~r iii lovet' A frl~. ·. .n. p1~C'i' of Clothif'l91 A. Friend~.'.gof Hoodly.J'lest. vio le:lilIll ~ Arl!"og.o~I:.l.ol. te.ll. . Pe. the y. fUiSSY ~ liIi-ervQ!~:S: Stable A.fp Goto'V 5 16 7 S Yourself JiqDet A.!ce 9' 10 LOYe Power H!.public 1iig:!Jl"'e: A pell"'SQ. one). pha:tagr .~r:il Oil"' sister s a Kncwl:e. A. A pa'l!"ent 2 Honor VoW" Word Ho..etlbiing IIJII OUYllI lue most aboy.orciin:g A mus~ca 1 inS~Nmeli'lt 4 5 6- &. Seor.an one).ak\l &.lPOml 3 " '5 6 "'1 Rebe 11io<~s ant:isooia 1..].r chuGs.is: (choos.eHve 'I :2 3..dll!hi:f!Qhoi!'d tloto Y' 7 S 9' 1110 A pie<ce of jewe: A \IOY iii letter 1rl~1 'Jh.Olst in.a. or r.b. book ordiruary Ii I"'ee. s:erhn.$ona lit9 Tr . 11 "(hie :Pers:1lI1n yau v.4 6 7' MOmliey .good time: .___ MEKTON 11 I .J'lall hero 12 - ___. - .l$ 8 9 10 Simmly& 1f'hJJffhudle!d Sne. 'I :2 .o:rld .OIcher or IIi1Ii1I:entor A.'t:.".an.:I'I(ing 01. rash ~ heaaslron9) Frieilildly ~O\ll't\9:oin91 Picky..due In. proud &.iI'ph A.

re trying~Q fig.AxIs farces. f~mny and in mne tefns E~aran thron!il<. If YOUI w'en!l pla!iln~rng to stand on your head..20 (impossible) and add this \fa~ue l~nJto d'ile 001 The Refer.Famny: 9 (Low Noble fam[~y. if you have alllY anif} skill directly relaJUng'to ~i1e taskal haJ!l1d. 3) Fil1!allv. and your seleo~ed SkU!. Rache. . VefteRlilillevel) Money & .add~ng tog~ther his/her Imo!s.8 {G if:tecl) Reflexes:8 (Alhl'etic) Tech: 6 {Average) I you r beijng urn:leli"fim at t!I1e time.chHme holding ..N.You mayon~y a . ' 0 CO:LJm8.shakable GOO.uJnlghl ki5S. l. . f'our S1:at. HB ..tll!ex S~mwo1lJ'1:d1be best If you we. l~rrte'lIige'lilce WO!!. your SUrtfi$:tic .sing~l~.:1 (!I1(!lIr:J. RachelJe adO's her Intelligence StSl.!' . The Referee rules that [na.{!. totea:ch her medha~fughii.sh~ oollild joh'll fiiion's league ccmpanlioll'l'Sand .ee. fixampJ9.'lhet in lhfi Rapier Of a 65' Cheloo/.dls . ltrf he is pol1mying the reactio ns of another characl!ell {caJlied a.ttotam value w~ns.eJiampJe.mi beagaililst the Referee.lling the . Meanwhile. The Referee decides that Jeffs Technical Stat wo. wins lhis L €nl the hignest ora tied mil. and fler OiW(l' 1D U) roll. ctdl~ham skill to.e and s~uatJioJilis you r clharacter ..'ru:J Basic R~pair (+2)'.· feer]ngs ahoul haw .1 appropriat.llr Re. U the chru~enge is niIOred~U~cul~ye'~ated (such as standijil1g 'CHili your headl Of' f rewiring your M EKTON"s se nsor . and 1D1 (I rolt Compareeac(lh total The hig. I~youar8 cha[renginganothelf pl~yer'scnaracte'r. ¥iOl. Therefore.e:('j~ antd aile Jefl " JefJ s:pends a rol.sk. In adCi~tiTollll"he maya.apply one·skill roa situation atene lime'. S he ph~adoo with Jeffs· m'entow.avE!:nga h~m.. Jeff must US8 his .er with h~s dille fOIl. is flOJ arruEna·rei'atea ta. Rleferee ow NoniP~a¥er ClB1aracter).yer:s-lmost o!f~hem. Hefe.uatiio~Jilali Mod iliers {things like i Rachelle . thie defending playerwins.(iate Skins: S (211 pts.yas you have done. or be fng wounded while ilillcomba~. lIhe :Ae~er.Ry»lle hlt:: . 11u. complicated by I Racha:lhir.of "'Resist Mecha Jack'~.(:tm also rJeciclesthal insta.Uto make your lask 'even COO~.sibn". who will be pOrilrayul1gl both peop. I~the' m'o!lsaJre €qlJial..r.nlfm oft).el O'f Dirficulty hum 1 (simp~e)tto . her filan..e S12l1t. Skinl. t1ewm w~ml add ttllieir IflOst a~ropn'arte'Stat aoo Skill ~ogI8th.lJ!1ti1 r.. Jeff gets B'14. s:eoret code.uld be most approp. 2)1 .cea ~. . her Skill Lecherous .combinels his Chafisma Sta.R~ct1QlnB' has always ~iv9dla pampered and privileged iUi8.'.addl~he' oombil1i eel 10tals of your dte iraU.o exaeU. A fO'II1hQf volame ~oma.nCQ has brag! rII~O simm er beitween 1R.~I l!llIcik: 11II (Ti1le Gods: ..ext.ff is trying to talk Racfielle into giving /lima gw:.ee a~ways.ion waskill'ed d:"uing a doomed hQlding'acHon against .b wl'u..rieck.rape deck Is 'IS . oftimQ (lha.eilloounters.love' Her) ( AHrac1iveliless::: 111]1 (:BeaLJ~~ul) flatrcrer~ Exs:mpfe: Jeff plans to instaU a tape deck ill' his MEKfON.aihnost as mu. mimi 1m 0 .am:J his 1Dt £7 rorl feu a total.$iulteh h9WiiUas SiTgn a lev. e1c.~ntl¥. Komn.~ J'e..'ype ot jo.r. his Sklli of~PBf8Ua.'a/ling a tape . Jeff gets his lace slapped. Jeff happens to fiave the Skills of Mecfla Tech (+3) a.ure OUit a.j 3th to the task. in fact.ng'skills sotllat .alnd ~t!l"!span.arbiter Of what $.w. is the nnal . eV6lJ in .otd Iov:e~.l rd be the most appropli'iate. N'o~ all o'YOIIJ:f Stat rans win be agail1lJstother pla.because' it would be the samfiJ .ue gets a' 1$. fle/s1i1e will d.a.nd.Basic RepaJr Skm.} to his ro.1:a:t ms~he' sil!l!JaliOn lbeSt.280¥)' Badly Type:? (Avewage) MA:6 (Average) Ufepath :ih:e dauglUetof '~hQpom:filull R!IIall.h:es.ast year.oo be' able to add spe:ciaj' SU.i MEKrCJN.

tJodg.e~O divide.o. As Jeff gels ifUO' ma~ trouble al1dgets mLl(ttll' experienae.I Io~ ofskiJIIs.u ~. maim)" Ipclints. Pmgram Complex Lock . 'You w.rooess. Jeff easily beats the Referee's total: After a' cou. alerted. fJe pfa'(ls to' ada' painls .Chart.new sk:/~'.h. Fo.elEsmps.g the clever and slra. He raJ/s 'I[) to_ and adds 1118 ffliSiJJt to this value. IN'otice tliHliJt Rili6llny of tJheseskili:Si overlap'" allowln.sal Someone' Else's Meena' Persuasion.I I~roce.few clent~~s arncl C'areeili'$ Very Oomp~exLocllc Victim o..can . Io~ cd times whien a Handgun Skilliof +10 williba USie~ass In +4 +4 +2 wrHing a compU1.38" How p. Into.lng f~l11Ia fOO'k :Sla. with which to Very Co:mp~ex Repair Irs. secret door.ecnie!ilce 5.ers.r. Mecha Hghling.ee. "N!ever Been Done Eh~fo:M.ex:act~y wha~ your 'cltlara.flfo B'eam Weapons. may not place more UlIaJli'I '110 pollntg. ~J:acil"lig one' or ~.elec-lrJaal . Take a. The.9sn .choT:oes and lhes~lns r:equrred ~:olportray' thtElm.ra~. Charaaer:s Skills" J: .rtarget on QllJaJl'd!. ~fha~. tlaneraf Knawledge~ S'lf. Jeff .wopoints in each.I<TONI woll'ld. and three .Jeff haS1S Eck!catfon .ta jook'!'~~~1ffilere .sly.down in clamped .6 +2 +3 "".fd'8.reare lite. (add~ to ibash: DiU. :r.st Y'I!l1!.y· Leve~s S~m-pl~If"ask: ReQuiriElsTraining IlDifficuf:t Velry D~~ioult Impossible o~ SUat Roll is: an AtmcR er Oe'enseRoU. . 0$ eomcentraUng you r poinls.r .e tniM51lleJojfJ9tJd iUl1os1. Handgun.e~c.wev'er.tape.iU: aet as in al1l.ry sloire QI'elrn tin the locatlcofIV.gsUir1lg a da~e~! . YQu wm a'llso adl::lspecia~ WI!!~POI:iI 400umey Moe! ifiers to alii AttaCk RoU.rmsec:retive task: wl1ile und)e~ clOse cbssrva:lilon level UJ Difficulfy.~~@lieplayert. Defenders hiiVi9 ~1helr (llN1'1II Moclfliers aswell.ove Ror. NO'I lev·ellYone in tfueME:.rugg.Slade..draptrcmlc 14' - s!llopk!eepers ~oo.w€ls1rongly sugge. (1-i/!2-3).. iJ!omerrt oLli!l:to decide .decides to secret orCibscure 'Welll hki'deln ertle. Repair +2 Many Skms Can You Stan WI~h'2' Yo. +4 Y:Olll'f ehamctet will need :(.e.ir1lg~o ~6rlio.wltlern making 1i11eseI!lOU!!.all fif· hiS skil}s.. ·as mucl:! as lPOssibl~otl'lelMise YQ'U may C1iscover a.Poinls~ He twfS 1 po.~anaj1io:n fti1!9 O Ona s.An the other players.a IiTIOll"e detailed exp. +3 -+ 1 +3 .as :appliica'bll:e): Complex. ni'lli rig. +3 +5 -s .MacJ1'a Pilot.otelf floe's with ItHsiher ~ime'.5 +3.k-n-Rolf' btasiing in 170 wart. yOU' kl'il:o'rl.ed Of Tired Ina Hostile IElnvirol1lmElI'lI~ llack o~ iliHstructions for task: +4 ".suit. we've! (iompJil~ed: a list o~' some common a fail'ly ... qua. tools t U:mamfti~ar~oo!s"W6aJxmor vehiCle I:j:rndeill" ttaclli o:~sb'ess a Wounded DrUfilk. +3 4' 1 8tample: . hav'8' tal be a.na very few skiUs (maki'ngllel11lv8ry ]Jowel1tm.houQ~twe· welre i(:tdeling ~oo'Utlhe rock star!) Look ove·r OIL!.wed IlnfannM~n lhidden.k itlefor.ml into me Ivlm wing .il may CI1LooIS. Tlry. is a '~meoh. He .t SecJiOO.. are '"kliJjb~zing~ wh1~eyoum tryinglto oo'laslt Hasneverperto!1l!ed this tas.0. You h8!Ye tJhis... P!fOgramming .skilts~ . aoouta career .spa.4 +3 42 pu rohasey. . B'9~m iWea.0 do 15omeH1!lrng fa.u r staming number of skins IDS de1!ermined: by your ievie~ of E(!u:cation.amples •. In Zero·Ge'ij Complex IP:rogr.ourstawillng Skms.rirrg' iron and .+3. implOving them aSf..9xtra (Joints inlo'Meaha Pifat (1+3~).~ Dorn't lhav.J)9CiaflIZOOItype' coi'il1bat pg.DifffcultAcrobatics Involved i'mpossibf. D.wl. this 81moum up betw.andNbtme.carn 00 anyth. .y other Stat Ro:~ sltuatJol1ll--t1o.e . 1 check~he Comba. Cress hldex your IEducatlo:o_ S~at\ratue w:ith tl!.simple las/(.eAcrciooltics InvQ.fa .3. panel. combine· more· tharn· c:ne career path (and ya.i MocUfi. twa' extra points f.r erx.. any s~tlQ'le Sklill.vol. In gener. Who batU:es tmect:ia-'tern"Jrists alt night all the wiay ta. obvuou. . Slt.ViOU. PfOjecll1e We.f!haniglht. Ingener:a:I.points irMa a .ces wltna so.[¥hundreds of IOOssible eareer:s ~ IMEKTON-·· you .t:oW.oow go into ooN!ewiln "I l. men gO S!e~'ectyour sound.s the light :pans Dorn't lhai\ir.twtse~ put 'thrBs .e EdlJlc.oo.am Very Complex.a:pofis.ple hours of hanging upside ..r program or .attonsecUol'ill o~1tJe Star COmpariSon' .l d~iI{ersify your' skins.ns.BaSile Dlfficu:!'l.cWl ~ty Lelvels .. To nlak~ this a little simple:r.

rs Stree.owlE'lilge P·ol rUCi&nl BIUSI nenmon Lie Generr.i~1'lI C.Make DeOld~ililliE' W'rit.s: Command Gambll! Dodg:E! leach Handgun M'usi . Dlesign 'ue:Jll.ldes 'tlrite 'tn..all Knowledge Pro'gramm'fn9 Phoitogr apifnlJ.th1i!'..iltion iMilitarg Genel!"'.li:tl!'ss !n.lll'l. AW<1reiIIM~:SS: ~n'M'ent We.A thle'tic.s Str~etwiS1e IhUmid"'!@ Iht~l"nl9~Ul!lh Pli'r~!:l!.owl~d!ge l' Pil'I"~~I<ls.rogr .gcftCIC IIilI.e Rule:s: Ar9ue<w~th lEid1iib:.p.s:s: Grooming .tion • Intimidaite Mak!e D'eal Social Gaime Ih~Sii9ner H<lfu:l9~nl FasU.and Aw. t~ Peir:$O!"l.tormation AiI!~]eil:ic.a:pons: MiS'sil~ Weolpoh5' Mel~e Combat G@iIiI.s:s ..1rUIC:Uonl Wo.riteF<lsUalk . PerSlWl'as1on .c.terrogaUo!'! Per:s:uaslion hlfiHr .ica 1 Inil'ctrQ~ic::s Sp:ecific KnowWedg!e L~etun' W.i!l"eJiles:s: .anu:everili'lig A'W'.!il'~S: JUr"1~ Rig I 'E]ec1:ronic:s IMecha.lKlIill..ii:cs: Dodge Gamb.:u"@.olS:10!il Gw~ IMervie'N' CO!'flm~~d IlnteUi. I'I~ Athletics. Knowle dlge IP.i!reilrll PlI"OgramminCJl) Handg.ec'hapnotl Warrior SdenUst IMecha'n.u:l1~s Ha~1 To Hand! ShadowinC) Infmr .M.e-ra.l Meehl.i!ri!I!'l!. Hech~..tic~ Dodge A'W'~reneS".es .de:s Hand 101 H.ri me 'Lord Hali'lidlgulill Bl.. Re:S:i!'.vent .Aw<!l"eml~$S: PN':sua.v~id PYr'$yit E>iagf'lose Gi!'f'I(!Ilir":. Tech lMill'cha..i!'l" KhO'wl:@dg@ ~1 Mecha F1fiI.sion Ilnt!erview Str!il'etwi$.s IrotlfMtd .twiS1e' Lilt Li@ Ifltimidat~ Avoid Pursuit Infinr01t:i:on A.dTo H1and '01 H"Jildi A:tM0li:ie-S Hand Dodgti!' .}lk lOr ~te Mh l:i't. H'<lIi'Icl'gulii Blad'.r lecihniciaDI . rf!l~mldate Spot 1"1:0\ Sialr" A. t" H!an~ To H:1l!!lCi'l Doctor lfi":1)~d1c<ll S~f9E'ir'\ll A'w'arefleS'$ Sil!reetwis:~ 8la.men:1 Officer Handgun ela~es H:a:n.wigldhm Z~roc""G M.on.a'rene'.c. 3.AW.i!~ mn Illtervi~w 'Wa'rdrolbe IF'a:s:thlk Awar:ene'.J~ry Ri:g . DodgE! .rogr .lle CMrm H~nd'gYmI Blad1eo:s Stn(i!twis:e Lie..I 16(!1~.ill Know'lli!dgil Biod$ ~di' Manne. P~~o~in9 8~'.a IK:IilI. Play 1n~tr"1ument Ue Irr'ltimidat~ Avoid liP'unuit .Cli niSi.er I[><lnc& C.l!' SQcif!al lav Enfo'rce.arlllllming S~ireetwise' A~lIiIl:fi!l~o·s Dodge Soci~l I~timid .ompo'se SlfiiliQ H1and9·~n emo"!dpS' Hand! To H.rll:er Ael"osi~uWe Plm:ot SlPae~ IN.:i!!Tl!rning Aw'..Jhtifn9 IP'r"1ogra:mming .~. space.~:e . nge r 81 i[)on.wrn Bl!:.

vfng: This skill ..p"'.ers. mak.e: This is1lhe skill w-aq!uiredfor d.at target . to fh'l1I' most adval"!C&dl grou nd \!'.uivaleilitof . al includling a. Pilots wJllIiIa.. req.eciha A skill' of .aI"Q' .aoo8<S. AlmaftlAerosliluHIGI Piiloting: The raqui.ibla to a eng:a. This skit! iis not usable w.al'1!r I'9f1ex bMOO action in ZElro. liJanc. to ~dlQ themsellves 1M! f'I"I(Ji$1 a~siWa1ionl.Ref. At a Skill +2 or Ilowe~.pons: YOUI mlusl have 1lh~s . tlieiY have am riShed mplltatfon as. A .The n veny sol.!~!IY d3ili1cS!fcr payment bill ~m~I.1see en TV. am enmil'5'Ilmenl).. At +9 O. and . It comb!nElS thE! basic.Elrn.erobatic manlUev~~. skill is.l'ls.DFOP mig ht Glassily this grouping as. dlmbtllQ.:ill in .. ewmelJt-s of any high :sdmol kiiiioi\el SfIOns .ll1dofYOUf name makes same IPElopl'ebackdow]ii in fe'a!'. .(g.at Skiillof Gar greatell' am veteran pibts. At +5.sk'lll araf.r'El(l. RIfle:: y:ou must have ~hisskim to ~Sie' rilles 'Qflec~iVillIy . ~U mO'iil's ili1f .abov.a a. Calt1flOr'l dl.umign. alll9 a 10' engage in most oombat siluatiol'llS or bad we~elr. ab4(1 to IhI~il.ws YO'U fo get a. ham a1 1.m~ 'yOlJ 1f'!1Iil'lcil'lg CcmpeUions.OiS&!inlknffe 'fi9h'1irtg~ . Beam Waa.+($ .as employed Oril 'both MEKs aJId.and above.gef:trng inrto tight plaO!!l.!'Q a rep as.with I:rne n. any HIWiid.at' your cPpol'llml'. Spaoecr.pr.a.treoognil. alJaws ytJ'u'to drive' 1 WJ1lh the skm~.of 6 Of !1lJiQafer arE! \l'ellilfan p'lIot~. N'otEl: 'By combirning cel1ail'l groups of attacks. It .estIing Skilil.e. sw:im (sllie Athle. IrapJers and energy bl'ades.rang€!" mough eombait Wil~sUD ratlle you.l(. P'llayern wHh this . and are 'lMde~y known among'lh e prJ01iog.lOOrlain styres.rlougMo pliJ'g' ilSElllscHeye aldose range. AI: +~ you O..~h SWCMS.md'llg a hurrmrne'. T..sroshulf~es and dee. could opt to carl this grotlpillg of .~d .ooJ1'lba.f~.Is ft10t useable tor pilDlingl ffi. g.lJpes.limilaJions· and ·mooif. i'li. ~inQa2'OO!iflm plasma. A piloting 8:l<jll of 1 alilg.jers}. ..cause all bul th.s such.ops-rlyor' rIlruluwor in low . buCks.$pinning KWk.tlons and modJflers:).ers +6 or glreate'f will be consldef€ld to be w..E!.Pilbt.a1ah'llr are $()'9~od..al drIver •.t all ground '-!Il'lhides like ems.lleB as .Z.:to·Ha!1d or ~~O 1 .Bearhl. .1' on a SpoI. his Wr.sW:immllril.aft At +2.rs common Dl'lIllie M..lghtstUtif"'.eooing (see HandglIiils tor .agnan or Miyamoto Mus9!shi have Skills ol +10.skm 01 +3.LockiAn and Judo mww fencing.All drive. r.grou!'Id v@hicl~. lruga numbs r QUans."1ubs or diancllItm. P'libts with .!:i your' whoJe ~ife-h. A!sc. competei'll wlllm.rs or pdiicemen.ry skilledl. .SJ1hisskUlto elTlEicti'wlely' hruldgufls & I'il€!-Qdr. At +5 and above.ge' Hn most: . for limitations and medffiefs).ogr:am.atta. with a Skill ..au.are thE! leq.ltOil!tio'l'l of being.ysicalskiilL N .ra:ta Uilmwing. A piloting Skill of 1 allows you to take· oft .uii'OOl'or aoou. ii ~gunto '[1€1h'l. YOLl call U!. The I"€iQuirool maS:tery at swords.Q.C$ staliof:l!). s:killllF.. YO..es.rma~oos and ha/lil'Q ~ans..a!hiiclasavaillabl& (as 1oJi!9u he makes. you ' CEm .any siluation'il" imll inclooing a:erO:batic rnanIJIW(I'r.x-\bas:ed Sldlls for IKn.itrnouty. 'fhfilY hall.l s~nge:rwi!th a ~re.lfOu: skm io ol'dEif to 'use Beam type Vlmapo~$. yeu caJ'!1.l. Meo. PeDo1'.arnpl'e. 0'1' Manella Hamd . a:Jthough It wm not alher' "'rnachaJocks". II'Elgulatly 'Win dhampionshipraoes.000 metats. ..~ A trail1led dlalilcQr +4 o.IiW1e1S.a!imweU Q. a:IJows yOL! 10 00. IPu'nks'who ~aep lryin9 10 'allw YOUiin inn:1:llmer:abll:l..(sse Handguns.atlacks andesca:pe '9~appl9'5 and holds. A fElr!iCing . At +8 and above.t spacaaaJl such M fie a.you may not app~ this skilll Io your De1.tics fO'{ ds. wan oo'llera:l.cks a Martial M Skill.: llie mernlioll'!lof whom will .of 9 area-tar are so' good.+8 'will get you.ackis and . nd b~"'a:n a lbiotllas. fll'alil!l rntly ~or Mving the ~lr. .mobiti!ii$ 9fSpaoeshlips.woUil whidlslde is th.tiiio.A. it .salOl Hanclguns for limita. pilots. pilOts.rnI'wi!i11 'the Natio.ed'ot:llthe $1Ireet. lestamel other martial ans moves. nuaniCesol too!. t IJ$EI A drive~.!'l!IIOIIIOO ZQito-gea in wilhou1'lnss of Iph.small vehf!::les.f +5 linalolti<S yo.. you IItrain. At +3il1i"ld .!lI!: ltlis skill ~s. Sklll .Ei'1~oorand wl1'nichiSi fua C€liltng . arr.are known I"n and wi~e 10'all L Meoha Plloti'nQ: Yb!:J'must have this.iU<lJ~y Ihosa your iargleI down with 'liira and hit $Omelhr"g.Daneers +9 or greater ar.our knowlooge'.g$e . 'you ar.1J 1a~r.uJi'OO·to ~oow how to.fi~. Automatic W:'8!Pon: You must have ~hi'$skjllto USE!man sized submachina guns ertBCIIv~ly .aI prayer wnD ool':lSi:s.0:r 'greater wlQ ooll'l:aliionally Iknown as a Facer.knl~edrace 16 Z:era~ee Manueverlng: YOilJmust haVll thiS-skill in order to 'SG a s.s. ~l.EiKfON Worl'd.pfa.8. . YOI!. ski. Thrust Kiok.At +8. At+6. a re. a.s" 'you . IFiendng SkirJ of . evading asteroids.. ~IU can use 8 rnindgun effectively OJ1l .IlS00 to Pilot macha or .order to ~Iot MEKTOMS and . Hand lo Hand: TIle skilh:lf' 1ig:hlUng man to man wilh tiM.S.od possillly tJaVieaccess. you am ofOl'ympic 011' ProfesSilcma!1 caliber.IProt8sSiloMldal'l(.lex based.pi loling SkJillof:3 0' moF.l. SkiUs "o'r PersonallCombat Hand\gLlln: You IffiUS1haV.a IsgQnd!ary gunslingar.2. er piCking up ~m~1II objects w~h MEK..greatel' ean Si!.r1idIQ U'l:B mse~V'1[liS aimQM.oose rotl. People like D'Art.1J good non-profession. At 43 and abov. am:l maylbi.llY (a ooilldi1icm enoou nfeJIGd w~um your MEKTON ~siln d'eep spaoo' 0'. specialiZe· somewhat inl . whrdfn FeQ.e stupidest YOUngl bravo 10 fUn·fof cov(lr.llk1.A pilblilng Skrlll.te1it~yllSed aIfadks silich as Ks'rare Choti1. +. ~he sort of fancy shootirng.ilo.f 9 orgr. \ skin 01 +6.1Y from place to place (Iilm. a you can of beer out . youlcal"l performl illl coliegel!W(I] oompe.a Made .Paei3iSUill . •.+S:. D.~ dhal~i1ges. PiiOls.gul'l'~ At. 1aaradby all . as .otner .Iira the.yar u!!dngl attadk.of 2ieHo grav. . yo~ ate as.For il!~. tllr1he f!1lf 80000' 1he hang~ar er aimas'l').EjJmakes. can bfEllWiSEId for d~la:rled manlJi'lll8l'S. as as Jets ai1d otMr fIXed 'lM1Waircraft liImis skill CalU'i01 ba t.Zmt:lil.ex~t fha stupid )IOu'n.ai' a modaralely s.ha C~!mbal' Refle.f sJlIlJations. A'I +1" }IIouean dc.ari:df9gulaJ~ly giY8' ~rfu.!f3 is equ~1 to fua~of a w.rad skill needed to pllo.Ei raal htghsdhool '"jook-. li'oUJarElIIU$OO:00.attatk is made 'W. will be a1-2 il'll. Ath~E!.ticSi~ This.ecognized g.0'I3 or mooo.r Witi'll Iii skim oJ .$ willh a Skilllo.Q ene~ weapon.O:lm:bat • .ta'ils).1$l'J'OO$ible to. They are legendary masters of tiMe'blade.s .$ of '~sta~ca~be~.eKi-gea and dOIi1f'l e\l'enlh~nk twice .AthreUcs actIons WOOl'll in' Zew-gee.rbett~!~ can knock.nlClil: Th'fI specific skll needed til become' a.Iij' 1nlined prlot. tanks atndhov€lfCraft This skill'. abte..allows yo:u to p. and! halliE! '''igood withl a.pr.a~ [like YC'~~'Q 1 been thElr. lDodgG' & Escape: This sk~1is req:u:iredlto dodge .arncland safi9~lyItngood wealher condilions.IIIcal'll effeclivalyg91: .andl balarncing..mos~ milila!)' ol1lice. A.. BodY Slam..I~avel~. YOI.pUlationfor bei(llg a true swordsman oIdLd€illist caliber.mig. sj.mfliChasal'. A Skill! 01 . Pt SkJilio.p SPMjHi~pkira.Qr.. Uke.rcfes$ional' caJib9r" .

gwade schoo~. A~ aWotrSIls. Usa bask: .ed:iJ:catiOiril·-+4or h~gh9ris '1ilqIJai ttl a Maslers. Wilih a.ycurhJm:s. .roo~.rtors. T~is s'kill is IPrim.1+3. be iP~ole&sio~als" who ca!i1!bulk! o~. YOll:arQ· • 00..ct)mplW.OIH:.e. Knowl:edga of Slhw:i~wiI\glA'lWidl PUfSuiI Skims gl~1i!'as cha.g Skilll +6'cr be:tl~rarQ' OOr)tS'ideredlei. urbaln or ~nhabi~iiclareBs rathtilnha:n In 17 .ans . be a. th9 m:aj~r m:fi.energy Sial'S.g: lhe skilll 01 iim. The !rele!'es is nw finru aroiIer o111ow ff.f:ootad~ycur ' abll~y. 10' set past motS! $I uafds orycur parGms [f you'1.I>6" youatQ' good 9Mugh ~oSilipsmoothtt 'FMm shad'o. as maiJor taxiS: QIfI hi! sui.ss·. ')1. naps.Base? WN'JW~m""YOUrlg ~~acke:r'sset QUI.J5.on 01119 :speOiliic sl.:: Kli1IOw~'edge. andl warul'id ).l?layer. yOUI are abla. Pragmmrn ing Skin or +9 or befier" of her pFC~9rammQrs sps3k ¥o~r n9ime wilih rev~I'<eJ1CQ f''Vou T(hf.mg iMal<es kll:eacll a . At. yOUi are an EI'.otddloo tfnie!. At +1 Q.01.g/hlw.ms..~f:llijool Specll.Hbhes hasa +11 (I Awarenass..: programs (inctlidfimlg vIdeo gam'Gs). At 'ti't1Hlr 91r~atQ~.axIPNlss.o:LiIgh ~i5l:c0"1:c'get b¥.A Koowl9dgQ Skilll of +::1 is <SquaJroa OO~QfJ:8. obscure we~iOO.s W:ilihQ'l.i.oughtw.a. you will need.1ra:ined obsel"llGr" skill~ a110\fi!'ling characters to """tree er be'aw~' of dues. :ad~I~ do IF@pairs on a oomputt.!s bQQ~ . ycJliiI movaas siitEintJ¥ as a shadow.Eli'l!1 Qrf~ilic~s.~~rt. sihadcwe!'S ~d o~hQ~·evtlM$.!nI£llt: lii~EI' s:k!1Its1 0'1' shooowlngMdf.~atlrng ootlware. OJ greater" you fo~. l"iea.•YQ~I. YOi.IMllsslillWi&apQns= YOUI ni!.st!\.for·algn ~an~u. and :ere as~ed Ito play TiWia:llPur$~i'I.al:o~ +3.~y mlgh1: hlave ~:fT'\lsl'now 0\11~hs MEKTQNWo. Griuty Mams: MOuntain 1Mar1i OH~8 Wilderness\" would howe a T'S<.rilt.enoos. t& cva:r.~hts. . A~ 43".)/. A~'.8$. oolli:!l:sh~lti~r:s.~qgrammingl Skin of +3.rlUs.g.dI.and li:ta~ddown ill .on'fh'll'~uo1'Gctare q~Q~ed .oo WElII!as .&e.rntma.uooto a htg'hschoo:i eqIIJNOlIlarilClj.lltU!lVive if! U\Qwires.etc.and otwilous .wmbal ~aPO!1s($vmffis. allowing y.Koowledge Ski~1. At +6 OlInd'abCHiG. $chool.Gerla. makie< firEilS.00' Beam Weaporil$: roJ' lim ftatr.lt Skim may ljqis only USQth a'Jf Ini.a: :sorls .you·can do simple BAS:iC :prog. prolecl:and break charine:~ ("The M~K1i'ON'CioICI ~Lcn.n:otS!li OJ] I1lsrn.of+5· air 'b9n~all'ows you to spot 1aidy WQilll~idden d1i1. A.eva:dTng gluan:ls. makaany m:li$Ei.lilts· bQ1hm~elJP of a:nd acttng~ ahhougilw iUS. and .al~d pa. Al +1. Wllh an Aware!'lss$ of~~QIJ wm usu9illy spot smaU IPJ~$ of paper w.: lI'~.a.laiJne.iIUlcrporodi. P~ay.eIProtessor (~{you te0090~ooby othsl'5 in ~hefieldl as good el'llough to gua.c!iilifll.a:l1you a mechaJ..aJ'tly UMO in .I Higih.ed"lI.elSe.wil the' . At +6 .nerlock . Q~ betta~ allows you to knOW some hfgher ]:e:vel lianqu~iSsaine·looabt9 ~oW!l'~~ r.~~ngs6en [in 'th.Each ~quag."!Cdi.mdacliion both as a.lie.as1r. m~ir1ig1tie iNirij:a :sound l!he .giant mbot :5uil.rld Ptrog~a!TI!TII~. ~igiha:r skin :Iiival rthOlil'ilrfhG Sluchl!Ui'l~.t.01' deductiVe rD.. yO!1.PllQg!rammin. In o!!'der to P€lrfOrrl"!' t!he same' IH:end~to"HIl.~ slkili of . At +6. you speak.a~a ~QW by eVGry .Of T 10 ·SlLlIrvil{a1 Slkili. ~. p.!nJl.9JOOIrnoailiefs. dubs. Wnh a P~'og:rammin.avckflng pUfS!~Qf$.1 yoo cairl ~at by· wit~ spea/kif1gtha I~nq!uaga.I)C)tica small chaf{iElS ine:xpreSSIorl!.'0. IMooli1"IJMelee Weapou: YOlli I'!i1I!. man and a m echa p~lct. mqruired skill for I!:oowing I~ow 1:C. You may Il$e lli~ skin to be an <EI~111I .and above. lhis is a sp€lGif~ ski'll usQdI cin~y Wh. 1'lM.. or Dootorate. s.dSt Ilma. IMeo:il!aJFighting::. en.aoga of a fON3. not. At +8 B!rndabove.€i Iknow. Th!.1:.$9 poopl8 who klrno'WSiilIlot about everything (ame hopefully lhas tna g~' $ens.and knaw er). H somelim.~al KnO'WI~dga of + 11 iSiii!l baslc:...aQa writl:en kmn of ~.1 mow ~ncll!.1are OJl'I!lil'ailn{l.llV wp s~ ("ill!.e. i(Specrtai Fcioo&sGr.Man~. an Awarl1lrle5s of .iilIny COlT!pl!J!ter ooilw~e'YOl.. tlfadq.subJeCt.lldesign InstMUy g~t$lJ$ed SiudowlnglAvoldPi. ollyimlg or dislike.Qk!phams:.IIlI'dererwas leflh.) 9. !elc. $lJd11 as r~ lXl$tag..icns.Skilli 01 + 1!. 11.1'l B9'm~ has aSuNlvaT of·~ or 8OOv. y.uirEis .2 ~$ QQ.Ib]sct.sw books en ttli!a.es). r8lprogr.J:ilI.Si. th&sam9B1i1 tI1iea'bll~ykl a.yWQIr.age. steadiy job at your .oDowirng pectp.arsmay not teach :arnr ~kilr~rn:le5s 1hey ~ave OJ.ngu9" At'l'2.tc mmoone elSe(ij yoUI dOIi1!'Uhinklhisi is a:sl<l'II. At +6 or ool!te:J" yOl.a! to keep:h i's . me.. i~to oompL:iliei~syslie!rns.). YOlJaIEI'~he EIIqua~of ~ NinI:scwar.lin.ct~me at MilT Cllr Caj Tedhi.ddw 'yolU advantage il'l. • aJlhoug~ 00 native will oo.Pisqll.}llOlrs to. cha:ractal' ~orGSGmhl'G' someone . axes. wihElt~ . you am tn. b~1a.lr'bool(s aoo Irl!l!oognizoo.illItoooli . you can' p~oI'Gssion~!ly ~each stucieonts U~tt.d mod~fiE'!rs).aw.01+. +3.doo~:s ~d9!j..01. $kii~oll~ijdingi~ s~adows.: TIl[s sl<iiU is the ~tiivaIQm~ ofa basichJgh schooll 9d'I!JMil:ion.arr.type of aM~..t~aVG this ~kill ~oom9rto US9'projacfilla tiri~g WapOM :and missrl95.A~ a T'!3<achiog SlJ<mof +3 or bellaf.e:Simoon Valiley fi~m. kiiok lsomething). ot.9 has a specia~zoo :li:iandlle".il'llharu:Uo hiand ~m er Harmd~o Haoo Skill:s may n~.QhtO pobUsl'i af.lDIy.av9fagl!! &y SOOU[ has a SiJrV'iv. An In:filhatto.gfOuI'KIS.eason:.Gm~dID.:Thie imowr. Ii{oo~kldge linc1udes Ihcw to sal. Know ILanq!JagQ.g .1[l! this ..1es.l.eq.aJYera.uhe laval of a: verysnea:ky11 Y.".il.ou to tknow how to read!" wrile.~ stamps.(hemef. This sM~: incorpo~s '!ll:em. eq~iva!eJlt6f1!he I~BS rnleU~ge:no&-based Skills Awara:nessiNbtice: This skill is~he Elql[Jivale.am..A .IifICU~~1 shll1). SU!l'ViVa'l: The. "This skndoe& !"!I'llallow pra.racl:er an . With.bl!sirll~ss 'app~ica~ion in ULjil work!. Lan~uag$ Skill.e: r:eqlu~redI~n to program. r.~O'W enoll. and ~hrowr<!.yeu are~altly ~h. a .wtrl $~oWa~' ~.l." there's a.8 Ii!'Il.~.'ar:ilded oocausEllhls Mif. Md ftatrhr soph'istbatad' atIDeilTlipts ~O'~had'ow'" ycllli.Fa!l'HS.81tQ' 0' 'oldsteaJilmg OOo'kieiS.lja¢l.maJ!h. S'.Usel: 'Msrrul~ tilf cisquisitlg ywr wml:ier~~~: !(whG.Wi3<apGil'1l!l (s99'8eam Wlllaporit$ f~~rlimitationsa:n. Filaysf$ wit~ a .! cOl:fila~UJOliIJyr.mOllil'!ig silen1ly.vEl skilJ ~f1order ~o ~SG' tnlSrlll. sysla.skl~1.ave~g!. and' y.u.EllQ\l mGr~tQw~~ns.t!t~!Y ..~inely pel'formtlt!.uage l~aaJ na1JiVe. de:s~1I1 lI'fIainhamasY$<~9Ii1ls.a5ep.ath.i yo~.r. Iailk.mel read ilie ~ali'lq. 1l':!~nU'. fomge tor W(.l1IUlg9009 Stat Genet3J1IKl1i1ow:ledge.show circuit If yo~ WaJlled 1.cking g:ame in the Wlla'si).lgnk:I. to lai!Jri!'il~hea~ropria1:e Skjl1for each. At +9 .Q.pil:nlmg lii1rilcwledge.ithi .'QOlI~.!'I Skil~ 01' T 1 is aoou. At +8. . ediueali(l!'l.u'l!e yoursell and manipulating9i set 01 oomrolsto mcakie. rot.big di1:ler(!ooe between kickiin91 so mei:.

aRy 1(1 mecha Your cltimar:k!r must hall..B$'I'n'il k<r:rcw how to i:m~d ana sarvrcear:r..pp~i'ied s. 'spOrQgs.ajn di58iS19r~~ak altei!' week..pecilic.'caJ"lSEI'Il$1ha IFIcrtaJ.t to 'r~lri!otrOIr'n W:itnl lfiralll o1tlHi.chanr. GJodwmli1ci"! d'fI.m .lreodCis.y!y Rig ii's I lfira l!i:nadc Qf iMQwlng: ilowto.maj~ good fllllldhanics. Jam..l!.I!lJ~m:pon'lant loompo nents missilng. At +B.jor :Sllrge~ to 00 pilifil'olTliled.of prodiuciOSI profess[Pnal !~[bgr p. A Wfillingl QroomPosiOQl skm o. YOUI cao make a li:vifl(lat the t:ab~'S iii'll Vegas <limOMcmtEl Carlo.. eite.'-. . Medfca~ Sld~$iI'4 or higlhef are oo'ms[der:e:..s -t4or ImlfghQrare .episode.. youcen ~aka on B~~ IR.a this skill' fn oroer ~o.Fc'a1:IJ!1I. ar:ildthe facit Unarm on.alle. ~h8 s1Ub]I[lOI ~sualf¥ te~llyou only wm infmmatio.~Saut 100f ert. you are Wide!'. .8 or 9 r.e past.e of tachs as ti..minor.9S Ekmd1 mire LdaMe and Sland Oi! '9000 ch<lnl11~o~ brea'Kil\g:the barik.e no~crncMd p.Mech.ep:afrS'tereos aJ!1Id TVs:. hyd~8~lic.~ ". this is Il'ilot a ' luck skin .e.i'z:ed knowlOO'ge to ~P:ly it to meclla.d'<ilootr.+3.a.t!Q:rn(Wowl You bought. tryingl.fI~ and have otoor lesse. E~!'l.i~11 qualify your cha:~atlsrw pli3(Yprof!1l00'fona~ ~g:!gls~.lrainy day.At +9 crba:t!er.9 and above 'tim g:aiitl A the mil}sicf:an some p'mril~rgnal :acclaim.ltsning ~nl5slkmlfrom the skml .:ip not \lie~we~I)..o!'cf.1ls 111 g..+3 Df beffJer.whal ~elshe tIS w.¥ Trek~s ESccny·'L!:IS'~W pulllln. basic Jury '~g Sik~11of '!t9 or beHer. Gr.chJn~ry. Ull~Y ~. .01' :Q'l4 betlerr are k!mown within.admiri!j~IElrin:g1 medrcations. ~J. r:epaIr land Ik~~p machiinery ~ogmhQr wilh I C"bubbJeguliI'! land a 'CClJpla rub'~r band~.gnr~si5a:llid .r ~fli$'ls $t~ifi!lg hl$"s~k!" irl 0iI.how ~o ound.QXliracl ihe . porllif:1Ci1e about~avama intar. artibi1es....i!iw:lh(jl.nowing . . make $impte. comIPI:Jte"and m.r~trer with sll1iU0:1' +S~r ~tlQr wm lOa f1iil/tio!ii!aUy Iknown andl pro.al~w. Hust fiksi Mr . Withl. meclla sl1IHfrom Un Q!!'O!!lIlC ~bi:JI: i.e skill!~· oo~1 v t~~il19~A traj'{lloo s:inger ~ or gooMer ean siuooassfultysi!'1l9Irl.parl!i~Qrv fer Ill'ad~ .. for buUdfl1ig orJ.~t.inSi ma. $1!J~QI.rknoW'5. IntEiNieiW: 'nie skill of E![joil:i~ imeres1i~g[~rOtfflat[on ~Foma:1I11 i~tel:\l'iew subject...ulreal of desrgliiijogi mE!Cha f.. ~ C July R~.l:l.il J'~IYRig SkW·""I ~ I". ac:darm9Cil .. 'fieCl:mlcl.Sidered 10 be ca:pable oJ ~Iij@igning :0lI meocha $U~ fro'mt~e. .i3:atQf wil~ be naticmaUykilii~wn. o IEI..1ll1elrmalhey5lo~e a cookie alagie' . w'.consr. or slariies...:ft.~.iabte. repair and mannta!n ITl'il'Cna Youn~haraC1i&"t ust m Ihave this Gkl[1 ord{Wlosu~ssll:ll~ lin do :any ~pe of meeha: tedh!'lic~1 ~1k- alit A skill QI' -s wirJ produooe:nt1NQl'k 1hal ~s..' _ . Pla¥ers w:ith .d'iilsign?").Alq~~ repairskl!~.F. MikEl Wa~ace ilnlerlog:ates)..rl'!p~~: Barbara Wallersinl:Ei!'VJlWJs. . 00111 Ei/)/lllJll ure a. PlaYG.reoo:g.~~redIskills.of Intfl~Qganon!.type.rlita: The requiroo'sT<1I1 to~ WliIing SOIm9S.eJlIgil'lleerin:gl.Qtt.ke.eiesigll mecha:. IB~ic Repair Skill: Qf.s of IliI'Ioolh:acrDa..yPU 'can fix mioor lca~probl~m$.• ooherwisa\ he's .es.le iSiuccessiuJly.~.oo!aim. MElena Techsltiilr.. AnaMiisi winh a skiill o~ .AskiU of .•..~Clogl'aphs or motion pi~t!.~+4 or greate. wh~f1!9 user Is.fUSrQIfiIOlf e~adrica!. ~I Medi~l: the skiill . ~~~''' . A Basic f!:ap!'lii~ SkiiU of ~: orr better can ~.~ratingw. F~~6).8>gts and phill:isphfia$. ni!:lss':ng ". 5.can Irig 8 moonrar. Iraplace Spoek's craJ!I'!l. etc. P.(Jn among other dQ$~ln!lllfS fOf proouoil'lg g. m insb.eJilai~iljlg sImple mechWlfcal1 :om. A $kin of +4 or bder(:fEli14DS worlo.m'df:rng a.rr givcas your d1ia!!'actar1i1e abil:ily 10 produce! salab~al WQ:lk Po $kin o~ "..in the pt!..' "rl. they ~til~-dO~QI il!ingili1..oOO" inli1Q\. Skmlaf.I:e$..Wilh a know eno~9:h :~Gi<!r.olrEd Lear. Gambh~l: The 1!rained'skiiU of Imowing haw to makel bets.roIJ'Pl.lLilrrliliil.tr:yrl'lgto I:tl!. TechnicalSkiUs Nhllclila Design..J. s.QITi· .R_r' an Skin of +'9 or better caliill ibU'iida oompl)lwr hom sCJ<d:dh. IrlSPai~baste..1ilI race car EI:ngirlla"and! maillilain mast irndusillial me.uc.. ~1oW:ing _ Pi\Q~~~lhy& .".s is a.ofsuch a .chaliadhs ofili-'9 'OJ' ceft:eraraso skiill'ed..bombe.oTflXrrmg linjuries. Ux wires. As any pro~Q$Sio. . At. Th~ req.Me. ..pecili~ int'Ormatliorl!. AskiU . +2 O'f bettJilr~.llia Calvi:rn !Ktains.~lelofwimJlinEJ am$ur cooteiM. possibly wJt~ !'OO::Irdirilg con. dfagnos.~asal'llt to lihe e¥!~ 'wQlf. a Doo INaga@.OOIT!ili1l1and! perfofm<'Ji!ies.Ji I)ool:or lliEiV!ell.ica~d9VJcas:.l[)esigin "'If "if90r batter are ~own:as l:egenda1!y d\asigo$l:'$ . Mec:lir.ury rig is what $$.!.gine•. Qxhib.oflen co~i5r:JI~adIby .of ...: The ~'equiroo ~kijUof k.plk:e wl!'Qs~etc..oover o. p!ay games ot.Yooy .!il'd a B-52 ..litI~a . At T10..:1 mU'teU yo~anealdotes aMluf th.as: a.O~n:Tgher am ooJ'!.average man.At +6 OJ' bellar" 'IlI1!BI .l[m~OOIci~r.r..ng d fseases.a is CQ.as s.sl.ri!~[dafQd Surgeon teVQI.. ~ebuml:l &n. At 9109 r o . CompoSla' Oo'r W.10.r~le and 'e)(tre:me1¥ pr.!:idlMica:1 . .p~tklgetner.oftll.8 or mcu'9 procn~OI3S wo. ·~tgi.poWG'~<liiil.ostler. 'I IX .rnt p:laVEId.e El1.rn~190l1mbla.I in ~ of knowrmg how~oplay a musical iri!$trumenLYoo miJl1!t:takei~hisskm i5e. T~h Skill!> 7. A sktllcf +4 o:r higher w..other 19~iI' ~"cllnicians. Th~ r~rlJlrlmallol'il Will be of:a mor.sklillof producing prol"essiiona~ dlrawf1\lgs •."le~~r$r(ln 001$.Fodive aesZtglRS.4.. ana W(lg!y~aJrlyjam wltl1 EciI'di& VanlHala\I'1. lMooiCa!1 gkiU +6 aoo abmr.. a.JuIJIRJg ~in of +Scr lbehr Cairl patQ~IDg~h!1lr rri inor damage.lA awut p their megttfmOOe $O:A.~:plltatf.~""'r .de\reo to be 1~.rreck ~em A pl'aoto9rap.ammys:.n Igh calfullJrUialtmre Icrea10r maJY have a strong II~a!'ary fo'llowil'llg and Imot a.r'game.epaif:ThIi! r~. .F~lm: The~m.a. YOLll.• \11"1 . Slns.I'iI' r.s. ..tlil3:CIS: OiIJi:t:d . !em.IA skill I of·+2 ailoW$1C'IlI~O m~9!d&cernhome mov:Tes..r$ '!Mttl Mec'ila..•h3VQ·I'ots .However.SitTorl of fie .. At +3 or ba~tar.)fm3lfl'. At iii. '"""".crilicaJ!a.t1l!!ilmatog.~fn)m ateeh~ m~~a!I.l~sodeafl:er .QevQr loved ~hem. allOws yeJlJi to prodUoo sarabia ~mod..1'iIas car 1 e'xpBrt<di:a.. A. /!U.aJllld .lay MiIilslca~ ~n:Mru_nt: Tl'u. MEicha [)ilis4gn Skliits of +7 or belite~ hi3l!l'~ a r. M~ha Design sk~15+3.11known fo\l'.Ao lbasic .eJ'SO'!'1a] ra<l~LJr9 ral!tiI~f than' ill1fmmi3!1ioliil~ "tiisti'ngl.cabl¥famO!lJ$. hookups. •. ~rc:r:Jnd up.of +6 or befter wJD prod"'l::EVWO~ot1lfl!Ede~1 of1h9~~roge Pla. Gnl1lhe'st~.!rgmll s'kills. ~V·I' .ri!. hay. Il'iIalSh9i ~elt<s ou Q\fEIryth1ng-y [!'ilclllJiCUngl er$Oo!i!l rrdi.. ou <llpe ~h9 y l'c:lcalcard :shark at tne Sa~urday Il'ilight po. pa'ymfern at -MEl< III 18 I .1Gif'tg.~r..1:t schooL Paint or Dt:.~JOg.

avoo USQdto d9~9:rmr..lliracltliveili1e.ramng Irdl:lrl'lihs.f li'Iersot1lSiI Groo:mhi'lg.sua$~Onl II.9 rtg..e eve~Hf'l.artJ iQrm re~atioJlis~jp5.soot. ~ r~l9.lICG:!:iuit.1'Iips(this iOCIOO<8$ :seductions)I.A lea(fe.r 1I:HJ'Qwhlat )IOu want by 10FCS o.ulaJlly or. or betl:ew wlliallcw you 1c'gi!l~ by alanr fine !'QslaulrMl: or social ~un:cliol"ll. mtg hit 'QWlI.¥ g®d rookiiog person woo~d.lse of +2 m behr.elo~ fm_pir'9~nto cdls al'll.oe aUCI.ceiialm CaliSeS.l~osociall situation w~11~ .g ra<:jutMdi :skiHtor wiloouI beill9l1101iicGd.A le'ader Yiilih a skm .e~a>dk.Pre!ltd!9'ntwilh aplombt.aI!'lldmaiotaiininSI lriemi}:.i3e1w.r'.j$cr ~6. At +6.er.a~d 1111:1' Iravemill'lg MEKT-ONsafesman •. &: StVla.vs a ~ElPals a mast~r cracllcs. youloould 00 .i:lliookgeod doing iit Jalil'les Kirk ~f iSla/' Trek has a .01 ma. At +5.open.YOUIare a smnoothtalker of prof.!o.l.er-wh. ':i.Jla !SqlJJirm.tler. YOUI al'll get C "hot" H:ems. you cailfri. leadershipl: The skill aI ~Q<'!dirngnd a oor.. ~£I111 .. piCkingl ~1:s as Wi9IU . With !1lI Wardrobe of 42 qr better.ri!d ~hing:s. porilfciO:IrliOf . PElr.r with a :s.. yOlJI Ila..~.91 oyou.Ss~based beoome a maJ~rc.. . Ae(illOOQ$ may wal!'il1: .IFor l'deas oflllevl1ll$.YOL.~w a~ew mo'bsl:e[s who.c.'..rding. YOl.. see Pidk look.• aJndYO!ll1 ne~er buy anplilng ofHhe n1dk.'lv~!'Iciog' .rlgtu doltnas to ws:ar.Pir::kipKIoo~:: -n.ee:twJ!SJ8':ie kirlowled'gs of ~hQ f '·sfI. SlI'. ~QW to ~alk to Ul~ criminall elemel1t. yo U Calml inHmid':ata SYJ\fQ$. and situations Tnbad .os at T2. 1 ()i~ M -- 1'9 .ThI$ is U1.[!mowsJlIOWto pidk 111:1.oU!oome.aImy"sida of Ilf.t. M~kQWaUaoe of 60 Mirwtl1i$ h$S am ImerfOgalijcm ·of+9'.llr~VOrn.t s.h~ bqyh~ail'1ld if ImUJililida~e:"II"~.realfstic.on Ila~ge 'groups:. calwSii'.!li P..ml0!gfnoot11oods.ta:r·' alioor.. Sifl:9:ftrs ".ogelher".ti3'.pla.d.of a'b~ily.e..ilho~he!l' Mn~plaYQr characters andtha intensily 01th&se r9~aionships.Y'Oli car'iljlrrlrny mQst simple 1bJ(:k~.~lr dfnl!3ililJ::es f sUaJi:lssfu]1 Q Re[:a:ti:J:rnsnlps.ded.a)sP. and In ~$~h. At+3.fa.nslililps:lI'Ia sl<!ill~' 'ormlr'19 . Ronald! RElagari has a PersuiilIsir. or balitElr.~-Bas.w. Afashfcn mooel might :have. a orbett9\!' can ~'9ada small bMiCI of uoops inLo. Ail "1"8 or be.]l'It~J'illlilitnO$t any typical Giti~n. and bQ abhlllO carl O.i~1 knowlil1g th~ rig:lm~ l fork to use <Or when II'iIO~ie.¥Qu.~ha 1 player's AnrOlic!uwl19$$ to ge. ~il'mstar. sus. Coo.Vieil' the l MEKl"ON World. YOUI an win 1iTI0$'I c daibale:s er wn. At ~.9 or gfElabiir are ·cd ~·!l.Q :poopisl W~05!e ~rsoriials\y~~ :as:"'op~iflin(t"S:!'fIallo!bj~s.joke the about the farm ar's daJ~gh1'ef .g.essr. +6 . M+9.ped. Wfthl a Str.ed Ski liS HelaUc.! atQ !.plfOf:essionm.bcilli"S'I' you ..ht 'cape ~or Ule 111ght. c ral\QlQnUmbElf offansl! and ma.: 'ThJi31 skin 0:1 ~noWing 1hQ . At ". fad iFalk: llu~l~bllity W'lall< o1lFnQI'$ ink) dO~!1lgwhM YO~Iwant Th~smay be used indMduarry or. seal'ed oon[ai"u~r$ . At StatlomMlr aJI'ly !fI'IodQr~e ":tough.wen ~n.ore drugs. ba:tIIe and l:i!ot 'get ba. askiU oh 7' o:ribear canll9ad tiCl.A b:a.aibimykl deal wilh ~ sj~~~iol1$..er w111 e COr'ilsrOQred to 0$ @r b . IC'H.ardyourself and .''!ftlu:B~ i311w~y5 .8 'Q~' b€!tler.0 ava.adnJ'mQ&nilY .LOOk: The skiiUli'QqufWdto pick ~ and brlaak into. orMelil..w.:sic!'l1m. YOlJi atQ a pr'Ofess~onalll~ve~ 11n1.1i.~tI:ar.out tr'iito th. or be1li'er w. I A.sr:oo$. etc.man. At +3. aV(:lJding !:lad MEKTON Ir _ -_ pe'f.rogatOirequivalent Kia skalad delec:trM~'grillirlg: a.tton from . Socla~ s!!.. At+9'. hall' slyli!l:!g..<El skill kirnewiflg PlOpef groo!min.. ny antme hero A wort!hy of tho gGlI'I!re.ffiIilm .ing c101he5 'eff~1'n. OJ p~$ua.IhTs skin m. you oould .00'1"4 'l"S.pOtopre ~otoJlowyl:)u.lOOt!:! at lanocl!.)n cd +7 .:Wove'.'Oellciio!'1l" A~+3.sc.Qentire Garn.c.y. A leaderwith.lb~·h~\!Iei~ thug. In . .ilrt~ Th.oll!rphysiQa~ atlradlive'J1l Gss.. .A~ Skil~ of . tomax~mizG! y.til musde w1ulf'l yo U f!IflIOO ~. 'guy~.. amowing! him ~o mw.e .er.+2. whanl to wear 1ibiSI1i!I.olilal caJlibetr.an ~.'OOiIl~racts alilldl ~ans.n'ogaUon: The req~l~d :skm of d.Post Oliill Skii'Us I Wardrobe are MlOwrllO poli.ilklf+.edd~ng!Scr:smaU cI~bs:.OUi·can ~L!nch wilil1 ~hQ .HililQr hade :Pers~as'lon of +>9.yo~ ooultl ~mhili~da~eA~Ii1(){11:i SGhw~Qr'lGgger. At +8 ·c:rlbe·ttar"yC'ue)I'.9'one of mosa.e skirJ of getting psoplQ At ""S. what'S proper. your finieoosa~ you for wa. A!I'II ~'rltG:r:rogation of ~.nave a. !StC.physieall.Q to get ineg:al <iind ~uraba.rd~'be·ti~.f[oo$!J~ssfumY<lilnd be rQsp~d for it.alilQf POOP~Q arnd to fu:rcesecrQUi . 8fld may havl9 rElOO.ge'l~is s1kili w. Sr!l1lg~f$ 416 or gneat.rne wne1ih!Eli' or net piaj'lers c.stQ increase thiewAtli"OOli1:v~!"I9S5. And"you knQwil.y OO! Ir~n~ed Qmliliha$tooet Pick .LeooBrnJllp of+ 111.. i iis ~yun.bU'l you l!i'le'il\aTwill. :you 000 Cfack ~aI'es amll1llectronic loOks..end doors.:r.~rsoniil!! Groomnimg of .a:nd:how to 1001<~0001~ .1 .iil'anow YO'UI to infiall~btljflirlld o'U~ lfOn. A St~t3E1lwJS9 of +5: wo·uld a1kiw you'kJ arraWlge mUJder(:(mtract.hfps and ro:manHc relat1e:r1s. . !1iO ImaltEi~wh<llt.2 cal"llmnall'1ag:a a" small oJ.M +8 cr a. .vll'loo yourgil'lflie~d 1irnal: the blonde you were will'll was YQilLJr $~ti3'.t:d1his skH! al~~ ..~ip lie middlemeo.IJse .m~~lt powerlu~ peof.ipr'fa!S~ron moo.:rimer.

arnd wliily'il' Rel. Ire jsn'tg.ina lpamticular Sk.Jeff deck:Jes (after 'wliJlchifl'!1 Enler -.apDlJ).m.vement is CtetellmTned by' the Referee of your g. h.ple: .with !'nTiS :teacJhllilQ skint. week . . Voushould I~nsis~n a m[ddle o groull'ild which COV81i"S8 gene.9'S:ludent.and. S~ilK!ly &: IPRlcUce~ tn it's sJmpl~st f.adlng s.elew~ysimo collect Impwo.of 4.¥Oll with soms Improv.ement POints ri9JI~ SII1tti:a spot The' protI:J!Jemis~ila:t ~. a new skill wnl cd 0.f21k1a'001 torso! boaksM .I1I:g'~ihrs~'akes~.1amps Of roleplay gam~ng).t the' .p. BUI1 evanl the most ki'1owledgeal:l~e of blllaDner. IExperienoe. or too general. is. do~._ ..45 CalTber Handgun mth Lase. will . Wang caR rals'S .ca.achew tis far supeOOil" ~CI se~t· teaching all" bool<. ski II con neeIJed: tD .htngaooul Te:asflf'l19 (Teaching Skill -0).to a level 0~2.ms ~gr a~c:I~rllg riliew ones) allITlOs.1 be :afl~e to. theFl'eferee' rules that Jeff now· ha. poml'ir~:S: eachllo dietermine !':Low.r Sighf'1. -Mecba.(tJ .EiJy's Pmgra.is 4.icJed by 2).a fJffJt!y long .. uom he lindsa teacher.f SkUI than 11.. . Than where the ~IU 'f_hlng rmm'es lnto play.Qt~ClIl B&in!g Taught: Filru:ling a te.Exper.[ghertum 1111is.NewSldll~S You can .oa:J1f :st.al.AH it ~akes Is dete:n.0. yet does no~ .. a computet programm'ef with a Still of .rellloo: 8. While ·ve~ skiJJed.(~SliloQt .'.VElm~l1It Po:inlS (also known as ~P's): 9too.s.computers. Tills tea<chetr mus~ have .HowB'-tBr.1 higher leva..dp"l 2:) IHIOW (·accomting~ ·to your Character tIDan) 'cUd you acquh·s Uilr. 3:} What alfe tl1le specllilc Illi1rIi~sof this parUclIJllar Skill:I (what learn't IIdo.oing to ge.Je.oiv~ng Your' .e' using! whel1lYou .1m the best '~eadl1er (eVE!.is determined by me IRe~ef\ee). .fJOlng to tearn how to t}eoom9 a master 'Video game Qfl. Wang'S .oJ 5 IP{Jer week).hIlCk Sltillto a level of 6:. be laug h~.l(!'veJ 4Xl(J"/i .to' l1'el ttieoo Man". 'Up thil' Refen:~e.f .tpe teaa) Kiuf1g .him 4(J tmpravemenl Paints (l. The R'efetee thinksBOOuI thiS.es :sfloulClbe careful~o make'5iu re~~at plilayer skills <'ine III'HJithe:r too s:peciUc..blBB houf. ("Sl1Oot Anyttming R!eajl~y Weu. To move frorn5to 5 willoost .2 (at a rate .ame. le. For e~ample.im:p.Mar:ty (}()e.ewardcs:. IPla.a:bny~ouS!e~he' :sk:~~I.Nunanuck skill is nJ. EIlts player decides sll'J} warns Elly to leama ffUl8'aoout Comwt'er~rogl'amming.. 511e f:sJlsfhe Referee mar Elfy is going (orhe Library .Si skUll? Cancep- EXample.orm.give tihe pIa-yair an umeasona!:l:te acWaJilteli9'E!in an Il!lOssib~'e s'l]uatior:!iS("Shoo~ BalndgllJ ng"·).~).! (l.w yO!U 110 .Jaffs .1sseen as you start a playing. .NunC.ra month (.fa type .skill ot HOse NUfJchuckS". of ton. _.fit1:rious 8bo1JI .a!ways~he'finaLarllHerof doofs[oniSl en Skills. ski[I~I...mmiR!1 to a leV8~.Fu· sohoo. tiheamo:unt of impm. . The flll"Sl: ancl second :lev.2lJJP). too Exam.sr lJe· abJefG' 1 .ving'y.ainlng .vefage hiS Skillin the subject to. Ilistakies.['eveJ5x1(J)'.o cover new needs. TI1. He may then teach thestlUde:nt up to tillat r.signer (}fit 0'1 a oo. .ok~ He rules tf:la...& Practice. EJIy talks . In an three Gases.1m on fII)'.averaged ((J'+fJ~(Jiv.Iearni ng is that you oan o'n~y im...s may no.dicililg" Stl!Jdy is pre1!ty [Oligh~you have no idea of whsire te begin.fifffliJ. lhe'~!E!ac:l1er rnMJsta.hellSh)fe.ere. related ~o..¥ers 'can improve~iIleir Skil~s by w. Howlo~.d'~l1e Referee snoul(]1woii: Iogether to.hiffl' 50 poirMs (Level!»: 10)..that E:111 iSWdie·s:.srne' .elliS.Jeff decides fogeil . you get a "'MW41o~ oookand begirili p:rn.le~el 4dO)'.m4 to 6.8V. IBeing TaUight.i(i.tn.! me.!! are~hr.J'~1 need to is coned to raise~hatsikii~JIfiHhe ne'xt .ral . Mar:ty.. How:eve1'~ l1e also rules fhalsfJe . if .of I<UI'!{J tu we. (il1 a fUnibllng sotl of way tha.hese PQm~:s will :be appl'iecl t:o ~he' Sk[U you wer. He goes to' ..pracl{aes dili§}ec. The' resu~~ Iiow· 1iiIlai'1lI ImprtC)i'i/IOmem IPD.allow. .nev.ogramming:.ff w:ants to' raise his intialA4'eaha Piloting Skill tro.of oour:Sle.I4J/goes Q'Glwn t6' the Hangar Bay :and . When . and oonviillcing the! Referee of yourgamJ9i 10 hl~ you have them.{' tl'!alUhat Meanwhile. the FI~f!B. mar' fie wants.SkiUls OO\l'i'ously~ you're going to want testsn .trarUl:fef ..e r..C: Stat Is t:his.l:lrove your Skill 'from B.nUy 6veq dar fOl . 'youlU need to Ira~se 'your SkJill. shou'rd you want t:o. To~~ irom4 toS will COS. You an. many points.go.aJm~rag. T.l'~ raise.ar1t!J devel9 the I'lext two weeks to cramming.de~eJmine: 1:)1ExacUywlha1 does this skUI.t .a~:SGIinvent new sk!n~s~.YOIU want to' g:e~ baUer . and nOoone to corni!Ct your mistakes.intsl{Oll..peclfi.D~nts ( the ~r.oow af1yt. .~obbefin9 himself m ~fbe baakof tile head 'wifhrhe 'chucks:. wUh iii?)': 4) W~at s. flUs wilr cast Jeff 140' IF' (level 2x10+tevel3x70'+f.ryGRe says ~SO<~ r. 8ly is nol.mward.'ght?). you~] muH!pIy~he current level of the skill by 1.1 to talk to the famous n'iaiti:aiaftist IWang No ~¥e H'a.~evet always cost 10. sh8 will eam SIP inP.ofSlidU. and mus~ have the ~ime te teachl you (how :lo. to leam haw'ro liSe mmol'uJc..i takes a· !fmOOi!?{JtlmeJ •.lo.s you to do" wh~l Stat it is. Afle.t any I:Jette.niniillQ' wihat the skill .srlt k.. and Dh·ElClt. Wlheneve1fVou oo! sorrne:ttrufn9 well". M_EKTON ff 20 - - __ -- - .inilling ~rnp:rovemenl 'P.take. Ther...t for em.ebiggest limilto this type o~ .8. ~mpr.eil.mom then 2 I~els (or .Rs ..his ffllm:huck Ir. flis Te:HchlngSkiil . ~'evelo~0. OlJ:~ia!:lsiY..that knowledge. '----improve fJef Proguiunming Skill W .. Meal1wmfe. The Referee is .

aoout yOI!U n~w~. . particular.lylng herself to' the program for a gf1J8ling haur 0. dis'1nl!Ytedcw.aote r 8nCQunts. Very clever or' etleC1.!I'aI aCJ.2 5 Slf\.e.d Elty Wm~av8' .ooJrrg.higbBr than 7fJ' .PlItatio.all tile failed tries. A. Ner Programming Skill doesn't impfiOVfJ .hIs Reputation will conti.feal dw8Bb tllat (:log!fl wau:lQI' 8ver Hianl tQ' date "'..IJng ladies' . ·2"1 . nne_ 110 Your explo.o'tually beoome w. If BfJtnard' ke-eps' up his .gil'l with pimples.g8f Plague'.I'ote: lFLefe:raa's!!:.everituafJy a.aIfdIP as·al!ll!lll!P sum ki I!I.fOr her suooessfuiprpgl:ammin9 job.pass.at allr becau5'B she ism .e Dud .a lotof in:awardili1lg a l'i.inept Skii I~us.01 R(}p1iJI:atlon In this.laintames koow.awa oorrnbal~QlIIJ. new gJr. m~st make a r:oJf(ell UYJ'O)' niglu!rthan' 1 to 001 ror know thaI mJ'sa drip.ldimsull th8 .1mp:Mvement Ratlllg 'l:1:IblQ' above. One w.e~JIknown low thsm.1veuse ot UlI18 Skill Exlremely dJever 011'eHlective USB a~ Ex.fhal Ber..t Optio'rJ £II Rol.rttielld wil/haVe to trOJl.dlskill).reput.ro!f88:.ta fo. Any gin wl10 mrmls .f f)irls aYDicJ him like t1i'e .ayloclo~ihis is to raJe r bl' ~he .aoo is then awarded by th..ll: The Referee rew." mer . Fhil'pWitation: A G rea.g jabs.na. Player a or 9 pooll1l1ls to be.eplayJ'ng Rule IRe.ey~ )'Vut'JJ fe. chhar..61Jegins to pestei' f)lcgrammfn.Qil'keJS& caSI.of th~r:Jgs.. "Le.is MEKrmllJ _ exploH:s. tl1at the has a.as a:ma~smalce the ipa(pers M"ldITV. You'ire ·ntl)lfarnt. After a few aboftive aUemp.y maQt tal l1im . Alters month ef.an aw.ement Paints.a has .oosro' (jse~ ui'ltil .n liS a measure ment .iU .OI!Jirlocal area.e first time.awea . (rorIDiarnp1a.garten a .p in ~l1fsadiVemur. .ooak fe:amiflf} (up '6: L8veJ 2). 'tou r !explo~s mutifil. it earn be vefll" bacL be 1 . and 8:i'1additionaJ fI' IP .·~ ·tlle Refec:ee deeMs .a.otle:r8 beyoooly:o:u!f 10001 .lol and effectiv. Other 1[mes. HegiVies Bermtni 'I f»:int ." S-D. "i .lfl~ng rea~lyincredible with thisSk1'l11 (an irfq:JQssible lasl<).~'hilng .Br:I around to j1mrnediate friends Alii Y01!lr OO-W.• An-aysme rJttle c SH.s.e~y Frequenl 21M effeotive lise of SkiJII DJclsome:1h~ng cut of the ordijnary with~hisiSk.Finally. a' . story ortwo h~s been wrilten Sh:uies have gotl.t/G'f:l' .itical ~o emire grou. ana answering the pOOfj8.eNs Elly. eVBiil H net effect~vely Used Sk~~s il'ilthis erea a.'h.Sarssuri.s in. Vourna:me iiS r'"Bcogniizoo by others beyond y.at lover.sigIIU lily . The TWite is d8Sig noo: 1:0 not only reward play.ampfe': lo1IhileBemartJ laneie's tl'fm:selfagre.Example.ts 10 aiSle ~O. reputB!ti:Ol'llltOr some.rus :worldWifje.m 7 8 9 lJsed Skms inl this arsa often.to .nat know how awful' h9 is cr. knows.00 il tor him.usfngit.imptoYBd her P:rogramm'il'1g Skiff to Level a~ at DidgitdYfie PrcgE:ammillfJ~rwO W88ks .CiJ.. fl18 B'OsS come.ffi n~w ipeeple in new srtuafions.ill . E. muffetiflfl aoout a program Ii'e neecf&that afternoon bul d08~1 ha\le anyone 10' . Ten' more IP an.oul with lines UkB~H.€was C(~ll'cal~o p:l~ilewilil(hjs penMe Skm: usa :was . your charactelr may do so' well (or bad IV).roma. his reputation may aG!I:!a:Uyin~ll'uence' flow the. Wmefiever a.f a .lfy gels a !Jofer}ob ~~1 (p -0.ams net w:il:h 4 IP far .Bema.e R!B~ereia. this 'CaJI1 veifj good.1r a1ways established by a cil1aradJer"s actklnS.ers: for a'oingU'IiI1Qs weHI~1but al'so for demKu1strat:Tng both roleplaying ability arne! ~eaJil"llNOlIlk" 4 5 6 7 8 Sto~iesaJl':e all ower yf)ur!Oe-al area. After app. Some~:~me.I~ImDe l1Ieadl~mes.for "b8ino. Boss for woo was:~here iat tlle1ume' :more Referees: stnouh:l ussan evenl:JJaJnd wlhern r:ewarding Imtm:).\!'". if) reality 1flDS. filing invoices.rrj . I she finally maKes her Skill Ro.r·aU oHtis C~ h'URe~iiX-baise. You am i<l'l!'Jwn c:n..A.some.witfi' Elly sjJti'l'ldi:ng e'lich' claymakJrrg .


kyligh. .ive Icrow:ns.E!itM etf.fensB' Foree patml me~h.o]n.e' I~aads o~ de. are feel made a stapplflg 'lo'ise a's he fled dO'lvI'I the Mal" cash in' h'8nd~ b Je.e Ml~ight.!. Fo.gh clansity plas.f. Tb. 'G. easy to ma!i. buy some armor .o.~hTngs: not only cost lmoney~t~y .ffl'am bad' beUer reall\y .r..W1d cross ijtnd€'x yCUJt FamU!Y'all'ldi Mone" :Stals.nlaifll.e:s.! the' seoondMall leve. JeH p.te'hed a" 'hem like' a drowning .y" S:l'il!aggle·.MEKTON JJ W:eapons -- _ . IHla ndgLms.of thlis week:. n Jeff .Outfitting Yourseit Money Your last maJpr step in cn!!atlnlg your MEKTON ctmaracter is ·to . The guns~hemi$ie~\iie:s.!'reoil!ilg ~o need g money. .t's aliI need~~.ects.'~F. a selhplIOpe:Uedi IGad which iiSS.e.Body 'l"JIpe TalJle~pg.tummag'ed threJugh' his . and a 12mm chunk. Tu m~o the .ls time.Holiest! n uUmmm.ooci1 weapons.S. The roor.are vented .l1istic .fligbt· ja.a. hesafd tilJaJl'Y.~hel1l ignies IWS own prope~ lant enee clear.st Reference. and! in rum.e' heavily shlelded s.aUanmo.oekiet'~ iP:lst:ofs w·elfe IOOv.g:1W1rower:s.g to want kI do win"! your 1l101Iley iiS.pleteCi uranium er oo!UapS!ed moloou~ar 1 Ellilcumbersnce S1eell. ~~rh£J'nk-sI~~"he youn:ger pilot .CU1ICe ·again.ern'th. itching to take a chunk out of c your mewly created MEiKTON pharactelf'ls hide.p.g:Glsl oommon to all sh.leaded Bernatd as fhey . nFiv. M EKTON Wo~tdl ~aWlClg!!. i!'l'Wir.tics instead of .: The mo~. Tatllesfor prices: tllriWefSe.ofadvarrta.lllrS.lg~ll1!rower:~ commonly Ik:nowna:s~he '~glJ!I1~'. .~n He hs..e' yOUl car'JI. aincl come ina w. Se. tlil:emore loaded dClwn you are.down)~R:llm your ch:alraiC~e M:A.common type of we.aim:! . and IIIJtnl7!e ad:v:aooed dhe. weapo:ns.8Jgh~s o~ ..Jsad~Hi • .pg.r.a streaking . or'.outfit hum Of her with the tools and wea.crown's •. requiring no.llled~ "'Five' .nr:j avaifj'al:dmues. ths. . .apons and geD iifil li:1e~ro1'oses~ kUogramvaJues.buy .etotal we~ght cd aU Y·OIIJare carryinQ by this V·ahJIB'.peed . is ·me cll1emlcal sll.lliC..of sound willu'slIJ allyknoclc a 200 Ib man ().e of cash as listed CII'1I ~hetiit1le.and! usually e.cltel fol' lIiswalls'. NOla: TI1emajo:r IIiIlOnetarv U!I'iI~ of~li1e! iMlEKJON WoriC:I is the 'Grown (011' Cr. 'D~ r. then SlU'btract (h'E!!-.fI grun:red. we.lIowilllg are descr:ip~iions of the J».ts . af high caroon meell M!)virlQ at l. a'angerousl"·fmed with! nas~.~oolh:edrea~ur.nt:led the' coIns over :'oE1emard~ 'who ctfJ.mstat.s:lOpecl by title KaJI'gan mint¥:)/.l1ilical IJro(l.y are ohe~p.cl'oth . t:nass s'hells"and a hav..'. ..ss~ .x:prS:$!Sed by thesyl'1lll:)ols 'Cr.cJ~ he could barely see the twin cOrlttails (J.(EV)".:7 ~.Bused :ro l'ook up through th. We rs h'ave IJis1~d thew.rifig ej€lcted'frcon1 the :banrel.over the city~~"Hmmph'•. 7.al=lOn [il ~he IMIEFcrON ul1Iiwerse.! s differ n tro!TII eairiier!'!Wdels. Thns. .fJ ten you bClr1'oflJtedl~1 week?'" nl~1Ipay it afl bacJe at the end . .AmmUinition. is llxpensive 1(25'111 -I 23 111e world! of M EKTONI is.rusa hav.sholoi his .that :rl'iIO'V8 a rou~~~e~ i[noredl~ie at velGCities. .IlllI.he people.. lIhese bullets ar!8 usuany packed as ~cas<em8'SS" mmunition'. Whilen:ot enmirei!y recome. dollar" .rocket pistols aan be used eMectiVely oollil In space and plai'letsl[d'e. Ovelhea. l1ilelElns Y·O:Il.ncl juS1~.~'i(lns of adventure.ecrowns! TlJa.) wcuil:l1IabOlJil: 11U.QWBVer.rig:ht"rt he teJe.slmcK~ damped to rech.wice'~lle s.shoes..ymjel~ 'GiYl'O'j:8t or !·. OFCOl.ssible UiliOS6al1e ."~d.. Your Ctu~lacteli curte1ntw has the v(.f~ o:fhis feet Wifll1 one'sl'lot.ma'n'.nComOIr~tr Jeff~'r. MEKlUN as waIf as Fa.b. Ih. Each Bocly f:V\Pflil1l!as an E!iJCllJIntiI_ra!l\w Va~ue! .d< agaIn' ~o 1~e $iI:atCompB11SO:1J Cha·"'. The firtHthil1ig youl're g.'De. the slower you i'IloVB...esult (rounded . hmmm? n M'hat about th.slogged tht:augh tile crowded shopping Mall.Io:ngl Ust. Dil/id'e th.:lW and gadgets c"~he.tl. In IMEKTONI.atietyo~loo~ si~es_IReI01ac1scosli 110¥iI'E'f clip.~ev.a. TIle PlPU'!arHy of the gu nstems f~orrntha . i~h~ihmthey ar e oHen l'II1ad'eof fli. Tum ba. 'r~AlI .3$ a type of Irow~reoo~1 eaj:lo:n for w space assault The pisto'l fires.ecoll.le:~IMls.

5kg .4kg .ulRs.g1 NIA ..0kg25OCr.rson'alWeapons p'rolem)i~eWeapons: 1!).edlbry' e~pensiveiand recharge altha' Irate o.~e:r. ~~llie roL!lnd~ are I'oJlge.9)911 O[ltr.r mrne powelnl'ul. o~ 'using iautofi~e'o'\H~apo ns o are I'iIOOrefulUy B:xplaTlli100In the ..8kg N'.age 100+1 11 D6T3 1IDo SH '.andl mo..e~eUe. All machinegUl:1s can be ~ijreat ntwa w.0cr.9kQ NA +1 +1 OCr. INA fll' .qllJ.~I ~ . y acth'ia.fsmall pe'~telS:ove.cause rrnolfstharn mInor damag)e" bl!d are often coatOOlw.('25¥ pei~. 1DID..milil:a~weapon.!Iis:abl~ [n haooguns" even . Automatic I S!lmlg. Siho'1guns.2:grcnJp' D6 MAl iNA rNA NA NA 12"'1< 12~" 10"~ 1 J3il~. single ~ 51110t m-burst..p to. Irather ~han isrmal~~B!I' handgun Iloads.[saclvaI1!1age o~ grea:1iE!rweiglM alI1d si~e.2: 11t1.3kg Cost NA +.~ 'U2kg2i®cr.3kg INA .01". NlA :tIlA NA NA NA "..5 -2: 2. 10/. loot with a d'ou'b~e barrel soot'9un.uer lots o. :20.s at speedshigl1l el'iloug:l1.0/ Ci'l8t:g.1hese a. ~11I general.?kg 7:Sa~ 24H ~5Ocr~ 3:2iHI 110OCr •.1kg NA ~. 'il'2: 3. Witl1lthie e~ptlOl'l td G)11llOrifles.ir plweted weapon ~hat is dleap andl easy to mainta[n.talkingl this .lal'l'els~ a.viQlentalik£!. You otaJ ii u. 16'Oer. mecha . I Energy' GUI'ilS~ . iiru::r.41(g .!.!' E"fiergygun. The needles are too small to .2 0 '11 ~0 ilO~ +2 +1 11 S+2 D 106+~ 1.iOor. *..1 +116.llls and Ute non. :. 2H 1H iI:2OCr.tler. M.sleepdart 1D6+2 11 6T3 D 1ipt.olTil 1. 0 po:~nts per hour.o. ThliOwing llH :~.IG MA. ' .ndl'!'1llay be "sawoo o~i~~.: The mecitnan~cs.ca~:ed IPowe:r Guns.2.. have larger Irtfille versions.1.06 1. 150r. fllasma!b'J'ada l!Daggsil' AOF7.A1oo. N.o l.lhey are rare! (a 2 in 10 ohance 01 availa!bility at any g~vel'ltime).0kg 3~O~ . Re:raadsoois" 0* perolip. Needler!: to come by. Certlln rtl1:esare alSGoapable of autQ'matrc~ire. :!. Rif~:eshaveUle adv~ge of. Yau :now-have 42 points' .'7kg30Ocr.1 .r.~:h poisol1l cfsleep [nducifng _drugs.umbefoffi SI1dt.. 81!llir'9!yguirls have the ad)lantag~ of belng IJlIOW8..'_.)I' flJ\Orm a.0 -11 . YOUl !CglJI 'fite ~nlo MOadjacent hexes as one attack"Dr into one h. They can 'be c:~aJ:ecl tr.pons whiCh nO'mrtally fiilr8 hand!. Submacl1inegulns.per stleU.uns.A.ge u. sca.r u~ to'.fikg.A oompresseda.istol Pe.Hi B.sassi.ex Mice.1 Tech 2VYS8.. 110 Hlits f1 K~~O. They rome· wiltl'il either ('me'of'liw.sin eltp W~We:apo:n AOOl:Jracy - - MEKTONI/ .1aJllj1IRme Kal"gWl AZ-11. 60ClCir.11Elne~un1.ntweaporn for jis.-4iN~eedler Enf A·il3 Stam:. ReXo-ads..0 . 15cr:.p to :8Hits and fife.11kg2~Oer. ple.JJn t~PB rounds. Weapons.1 Bow 'OomnpOIIJ rid Bow F"C93ATechCrossOOw Frag Gr.pew (llip'. WA ~iI -1 ~------------------------------------~-tED:FSubmac:tHlllegurn 1D6per hi~ ao .A . in simila!f caI~b9'fS.IDSt-.(n you.n' tlf ~hT>s Inllebook. SOer.. . 4.ranges.2 +1 +1 +1 -1 .6:5 Auloma~ic: IEUf 9mm Aldomatic: KargalJl1 'Grrol~t P. pel!" It~ 112 9 1'01 $ NA a.~~d ~'Q.t l._. Most I'9lroaals: oosl 10¥ [per clip. . wtle. 221F1 R:I'\. S~!eep1 1Do 1D6 iI 06. liiloodllers Ute! tiny meta' W1ood1te.Bu rs1 value (number of soots per a1tadk) - s~~ "... k.~t (&ample:yau have .1 kg 25!lk:1:. 40cr.g 8 NAT11 1.n~g ocr.B4 Gyrori~le MAc! Two-{)aroern StlOtgUlI1l .oad's cost a¥ .'. rmlking tI1lem an .a be I BV".S'() soots of cha@e ....0¥ per clq. using tifle roundis. 50Hit lpowe~ck w.tiil'S into! one hex at a mme:.. 20cr. to' IP1erceaIDilOr..e weapons dElsigflool Iprirma~i:lYm_or spaoe aoo anU"l'iIIlect'l!2\ combat.er. 60OCt' 200H 1H 1H 4. 50H ~--------------------------------------~ Weajlon Type Damage SH BV' WA wr COSlFi'NGi Tech :21.f 1. 5. Howe'v. iooreasedaccumcy over llo:ng.5+1 111D10. Sing~re barlral shotg.ell1erg..Com_ Secl1o. cost 2. aM eXl'reme~ hard ~~1marilya.lwe.11. lTh1~ing iH: .A. ar:ea.o a barrel length no l~nls than 18 inches..U1.~!I1eyatso h8!V'il'the c.2 110' 12 NlA INA BV W1 .are awama~ic wea.aY:Si. HU of diafll1a.. INA~O' . tRines: Most MEKTON halilQguns.enad'e Sleep Grenade RaPier '1 010 11 0. 1 4H1 40iHI 10 ON SOH Thro'Wil':lQ Throwingl nil lHI NuoofrlaJru Tarna.tu.omol1l Ole be.caliber.Skg NA 4J) .O'f the saJme .r a.9 lef.~g1 20Hl DOH 200H 20H I I 0 variahT!e Broadsword Axle· Pc!l:etlIiTill1ID6+.ms.rtull enough~:o hulil. ).. Sai Shrn1<en NA ~--------------------------------------11 NA NA NA N. ..

IBlades; With hand~o hi,Uld oombat j,nspaoo becomingi moui cormmollplao9 1111 M EKTO',N Wo!',Iid, the UIIe neecllwa;s, .reoog'IlJiz:ed 'h)f a good, aU plupose weapon ~ha~. wau'~dn'l:ptl non a hDle ,in a pressul1,e huU, ' ju:S'1an oppo nent .. lit d i(j'n't tak.e longi for sOl1l1estudenl of am::ien1. Algo lian mH~1iary '~echI1l,oTogyto ,00111,\I\i a nee ma:cI'1lJfljs~tr18nd t:otlll m out a 1'aw Ught, s.srvic:e.able SWOrdSi and ra,plers, In IDe M E!crON univer.Sle" :SWQ~. aJ1e,oomtmOnlyworn and used" and fenc~nglha8 become a higlMy dEl'Vleloped aft I!n ~'O'W~Qree, ra,p~e:rJisi ~;he Uile most erfectiv,o' blade weapo.n. withUli:l' flg:hrUl'iIg 1it1i1l11'e dag ger 'close behind. .Axes, broadisWrOmsi or am other blade WeapCl!tlS are ~I'~less common in space, asU1E~s!e'all requireS/orne kind ,of Sll31ble footho'~d tera

blocking')'. Sitdriikelil aresmrul, pointed thro~hg 'istars"', orten tlPPedi with poiSOI'ilI. lhey are ,alWays loo(llsid:er,edl to be thrown ~iI1 "hand~u~s," (noactllJail number need be specifiedl. Just keep tract< of how many l1a:ndflJllIs you have) .. GIileJ1la;des: Qlrenacles are parW:;I!J'latilIy nasty eixplos.ive devices w,fttl a var,fely cd eHacts. M EKTON Wtlllci ·glrenades are cllesignedwillh s:maU cligital1ll'mel"5 (10 seconds to 60 mirnJ'tesJr. alild mtlUg!rl€!tic,or double iSilded tape stripstoaJix therm~o doors, walls, 0 f neamy 'mEl'I::ha.Wlhena grsl1ade 8!Xp:to(!'es, itaffeds evelY,itlhing iin the :immedJately aJdjaoe 1M he:x:e.s, out to ,ill d~sfan:oB of :2 man-scaled !flexes DU.t f~iQm ttuil' ~el'l1!9r, causing wlil"uever damage a:r eff·eot iilS: pecified by the grenade s type '(S!E!e~!1le colftlat sec'lilonon IGrenades, pg.42).

good . sw,~ng. However, blacte we,aiporns are become' more common p.llan.etside as well,a5 MEKTONspaoers
g6~'Used 'lolcarrytlng.a:OO using their le'llrlailanaefunmisms.

'Plasma, swords: !Plasma :swords iB.n.:=aCllJaI~v supe!llOWered~llafil"lethfOrWeB--proj:ooting a IiLtarro,wje~ o~ ~I!.!periheated prasma about 3 J.ee't long,~heldiin check by ,a magnel~coo~!Ueso powernu~l it call1even make solid contaot against anO'tlil:er Ipllasma b~acle!{th.e onJ'y th~n,g that can Slop [I, iim 'fact}. The plasma .. ~etcomes firOm 8. cannister of ii'nall~dibbf volame~uel under' tl1smendolJllS pr!essur,e, carried lin a beH:,pack. The~mame ean reach ~empera~llIre.s ,of oV'8r10,OOO d8gf9BS~ enough to, il'ili5~:ai'ltly v,aporiZ:e! metal er flesh. F,ue~leannisters cos~

Mes'h ,& Combat Almo.rs·
F4 l3anlsnc Mesih (Syrnladllcs .DeS~91n[I\C.) Description; :D~!lding' en I'€IV'~o~a:r~or!. IB:a:llistc mesh mar be ~aiklfedl 10' re.sem!b:le reg~.dar do1hh'!9, rnU~a~ fallg~ssi, e.1C.Gome.s·:lil 41~1's:,r'FOm 3to,>l;l SW,ppirligPower·. .At :3 pc,lntsSP: r,es;embl&.s ooguw clOth, slfghUythms:r, inl a
"'aI~['€i~Qf ~)I;nm~$!ilin:d ClJIoJ.s.

At 4 IPoiinl$ SI'I: reS'embiles heaIVY wool or l!dlail\:l fnm0$1

50¥,!last l'0 oonsecmJve rums.
Arohalc Weapolns; I~n oeli1ain areas of the M EKrON! World .•tills look ,of parts and ammunition has limited ~he' usem ham;lgu ns 8111d ,othair high tech weapo,ns. Amon~1
.o,I·"·~ l"'lI1g' u!",r.'''''u..... "''''I''''''e· a:uv~,h '"' e,",~......_, 1-·i'\~'" w·ith ......""1'"' '


P;~. 5 pOrrlU9SP~ rEl!S!il'JTlibl§ padded oJ 'quiltedf.ab:nic



At 6 poll1ls SP: re.sembles very htl~V'1 'quil~ed'fab.rJc al'ldl cnlly QJ.mes~nred, brue. :~reQnl'orkfll:akil
':0 llilse: dstra,rminUil' number of points of] 81' wm 'CO'lfElr ,each body area. lBa,11lstic·liI'Ieslh maybe fermed ijnW, l\iea~_ as.Vi\9U as cli:!rthrng"Arld togaliJ1!,e:J' oasis fm each arGa ~vl~rool.

~nese so called
u: : ~I·.···- ~.I~c( usua~!If POI!;;;S



M '

ar!e I?,olealrms


oJ b~adeor 3Xe'"l1eac:l)lI!Bows {pr.astic or woodl versions much Uke 1i1losie used tw FlDbirn Hood), 'Corm;:KI1:.I nd Bows {hJgh.;moohlfiJerglass vers~ons of Fegu~:af boW'S .• wh'im use asystelTil (),11' ,~'dleys and cables, t>G vasi1ly increl1Sie~he power Imd acouracy' oJ the bow) :andI t:a::ih Cr'DsstJowS (rif,l'elikie wea,pons. whh higl1..,tem,Uesiee,1 ''bows~ capable a~nrin'nQrepea~irl!J dTps 01 'boolts'" ,M1as,f as you eM eeekmem Reroacls cost 10¥. Ja,paJne'se arnrmationcomplele withonJI1a t'aw martial arts type weapons. TM a.nginal ,cok"n:Is~s o~ th,!:! M EK10N 'World ml1li~,egra~~d sev'6.ral typesi of 'i'~1lJ nlgtiu~ ~ype!weapons (as wall as~he~lglnUng a ns U'1el1l1S,e~:Ve:s~~o Algol. With the excepH:on of Sh~~iken, ths'se ar'~9J1ill hand l1e,fd weapons,. wlTh~chl caill'lbel used for panyirngi as weU: as attacks" lnetuded are NLllf1Ichaku (Mostasl air wooden ,rods OOl1lm~otoo by .rope or ,ca.;b:reto cr,eat:e a. de,ad", clnJIibbil1lg tool), sal (two stee·ls,p.lkes" arlefo.r eat'n hand, ussd to stafJ, olr oatch 'other weap::!ml', and lioni~ia (two, metal ,or wood tahaped sticks, desfgned fa,r clubbfng OJ!' basoogame wouldlbe
-I'AEKroN fJ _ --_


4 ¥10



Menial .Alts Weapolils,: No

MIUltex ~n.c:. ulUpolymerC.Qmbat AlrmO:r M DeSlCl'ilpUon: Re5embleswhilu, siw,s:r orgooy P:1!i!~ic pl~ts,
ar,mcu, Designed 11.')' wilhstardabrasio.!'II,
of up to .50 call sn:eHs. Arn ot.uler


impact a~d pelllef~iol1

riafra,c1:iv,e Ilayar refrec:lsllas!I;!r <lr1!d

plasma 0011:$. To 11i15e~ det,a:rmi!l'l~ how' l1'!a!'IIlf p(!:1ms oIs'P wn[: oov,~r eaCh· body areal. CllmbaJ: Atm(M coma'S asKl!i'$Q pmwel~l~ ca~8F"" aJli'!d811ml IXIV,8f.S, 1H18IrT1a~, ~st b!a m purc;hased separalelY"

5 WI.
.5kg 1kg'

amounts 'Oof damage:. A s,ingl,eshot at close! r3r1gi9with a h,eavy caliber ha.l1Idgulli1wiU, proba1bwkiU an unproteCIJecl man li'nstanUy" Ou r IMl,B<TON per"SoWial weapons are extremely deadlly because, they am largely based upon existing weapons: ,of ~oday, aUowing you to tr:a.nslate th e ef~eds ot maIDhal'ild'gum, and f,j~lr:es into a game system.
the' bad! Jil:8wSi.Ttme good news i:sJhat f~e MEKTO~Wol'ld1 also oHem a nu nmer ofsopt:lisfk::atad


in IM:EiKTON cause


Col'lOOat AMlJOr. Th.ey !lave ,adjli·st:aib1'8fa~,pi~ates (fun to haU-faoe adjustment) 'W1Ul antHlaz21,este,pd~wn I~H,!sles'I'
radios~ and plu g·~ns for M EKTON I~red~ye"svsle

ms ,and


S:,paceSll!lt.~ Ugnuy ,co.nstruCled, these suIts ~re d~iSrgned to' bill WtOm while j!)\tllat!:nlglmec:ha. fn space', Of' on sl10rttrtfps illio L v·aocum. They have! a 3 tlOI:.! r a:~r .Ught
su,pp:ly, and are rrClui,ppedWiithia. ma:fil.Jj'ev,er pack. powerful Etl'il.ou:ghto rs]mp:re movements lin ~rro·Qlee" Spacesuits automartioally have' alii 5P of 16, based on

Iyp,es o~ protectiofllto allow yOur cIiHEU'aClieli"~Osull'Viva :Ilorngear'lhan his li'r.;t fife~ight Ea"ch ,ype 'D'~ ,armor

the w·eave

,and] s~rucmre o~ tile suit's d1esign,


,has two, 'characteristics: _ S~Op,P~lilg Power and Sta,g:ed Pel1letraUoliI. Slopp~li'Ig POiV!l8l1'i Each, ~!evel, of 8mlOir has lI'sl own
S~opp:lng: Power ,(SP), When you are h~, slJbl:rad~he

spacesuits ,are aJutomatitcaUyse.lf is:ealJng, ,andean Sleal oU UPlt'O6 "'tits otpwnctulre damage'. :M~IH;ary $paoesu[t: lH!ea\iy d~UyveltSions (Sf" IO·t 1:0,) of me r~ht SUlit,toose deslgns irnrorporate' armor IPli.ates ,and meshes, ,as we~~ as hSlilvier he~me,~s(S~P '01'112).. They have a 6 hoUfaif StJP,Il~Y, s w,eU as fcodl .ancl, w,arler.. a llley may 00 equippedl Wi1ttl nrliUl€llJliVer padk:s, allowing :grearter manUElve,raibility in ~e ro:gs'E! eolW i1)10riS. These su ~sam alsg se:11ealing, up ta, '1 hits rn damage,. s

ClJJr'en~: SPvall!e frOIlil fie amount o,t (jlamage" 111e Ire'!TlllEllinin.gldamage (HI any)will~hEm be subir,ac,t13d tram t'he h~tarea.

S1i~ged !?,e netmt Ion : MEKTON armer w.o,rkS on the id'e\8. of Staged rPerretmUorJ. Eachlmime'~he a~mor of ,aJIl area is hit I:Iy a s~ng·leaila:ck, [t loses ,one pofru o~ ir~, StOIDPing P0wer. When :iI: reaohes 0, ~he' amnof win no Itongeii:stolp damage ..
Exampfe: EJ/y Is in tnt} mJddflJ o.fa seriol:J!S ffrefigfit~ in w.hich' sIi~ takes a' safi(J t1hJ1 ,stl){J 111' torso. ,Luckily, thB she is W8Bringa.rmo( w.itha Sto,ppjl19 power ot 5 elly 'would subu:act ,this 5 ('trom me 6' Hits ofmJ.llet damage.f I"m would aonlrllU,e tnmu.gh to damage hB,torsa, .Iea:ving a messy but minor .tlesh WCtlOO. O:n rhe n'Bid a,ttaak. Ilet' /OfSOarmor wo(Jidc.mIYsrop4 Hits ofctamage~.


Sp,acesuit& & Helme,ts
Ae~od.eslg 1:11810 L!g III S:pacesuH 0
Da,sctfptcin:a basit.1 EVAa;ool iligM suit, de5igii1.edf(!lrs~ol'l excursi:Or;iJS irllspace (3 hOUfi!i[!I' supPtY).Oost:: :l!50¥. S'P.~, all i!I!iii;l;!?oS tOO!~pt I,"'ad. VfIi; 2kg. HQ!lini;l~ m!JIIst be lbouglht ,Hlpal'aWly .•

.Aemdes,lgn tndllJ!stmles :M-44 ,M1'IUsly' Spausul.t. 6h.o~iair $UP,pty,.tOOdtW;3l'et r~r2 dl~y:s. S,tMd~: : o~ all MEIITON waffiltl torws, CoII:~ 4OOf.,S;P:
121 li!er~L Wir; De.scriipUon: an e:~rem;Jl.rnJg:goo. cornbait and

wi1ih ,~,


.MIMOiR.1VPiES eamsuc Mesh:Ttle, mest COmmolll'l type of ,priOitoo1lion in the wDntd o~ M EKTONI is BaJlisHc Mesll-il" woven p~astic:withla. ,dense ntull~all~iber ili1~e,rrme.sl1ed. 8amsUc: [Ma'sh Ci'Jjn' easi:r,y lbe in:teglr:a:t,ecl "ifil~o]ackets, pants, hats and evstlformamear. You ma!V.rllace up t06 Stopping IP·ower POints of mesh ona,n,y 'Oll1e Iocal[on as j:tM of y,o:t!.!w ,clotl:k~ng. Up ta, 3 points"the mesh re'se mbles ev.eii)lic:lay d~O!It1~o most obse,we:rs (l~t eve:n comes in a variety c:f colors and textllnes) .. At 5 points, tt~le' tmEl'shis prone to mak.e crolh~'ngl bu &y and 'oomba1 faJijgueliJ;ce"..


~!U'iUli'lt"~luil I 1'0 bod:y.

~ech 21 ~ADf .fUgltlt Hellil1et
Staooaro ~lIghl & C!'lmbat I~ebelfo'r


p;1bts. wRli'! radio.

~~JM"EltryanQI '"rta.h~y9~hoakl(;lp's, Cost~50¥~SP: 18 'Wn1.kg.,

Gads,sts 1& ,Giear
111esEl'ar,e th]l'iI,gs tile well dressed! MEKfON ,advern1urew mlg:h1:wan~tolcany along on a misSion, tiRe w,eapons and armor,~hese too have EncUlmooral'lloe 'Va'tues..The pWtjemeci tec:tmology lavel of the M EKTIO'N 'Wo.rJdis somewhat s·Tmll·aFor higher than that ,o:'201i1h OE!1'I1iUry Earllh-ih 19Je:ner:a:I. ~. H: e:XiS~8, Oil Ear1hl~oday, MEI!(JON dhar.aaers:will pJdb.ably be aib~e~o find an 'eqlJli!,1,ale:nt ,in tliJe·ir IU fiL~vlelfSe. W,e'sU:M:es~ the enterprising Re·f,eFee

'CC:mn'balAlrm.or: ~lncorporaUng impatll plastics ,in 8. nigtd plilffl!-fOml\, Como,aI AlI11IlOr may bo ,anll(VllhereffOml 510 7

pol'nts on eadlh k:u::a1iion,You may buy a complete'
0:1'sectforms (leg, 10:1'$0· 00 8 Flight "eillne~:

,am protectors.).

SI!J ~t,

mT:ght do we II to pf,ok up a Se·ars and IRoebuck Catalog
(Se,m has &vs:rythingl) f,or gel'llleral' tllil'!lS, allld a Sl1Iar;per Imag,i:! lypa caltaiog for Ule re,al~ exotic goodtes (like' 1i1he ,radiol tha~ ~ets you sing rill Ule shower o:rUnt Bile.m[ic ~f.'!t(JMear~Jlr)flour pet),.

also want.~o
helrootsa:re 26

Whe:n pilotingl ~OllJlr maoha, yOUI may a FUg:h1: Heillitlel I(SP o!IB)~ These! nnacfe elthe: same high impoot plastic;s .~.
y{e,ru" -

·Alrrna* !(wt~ .Skg' Co5t~1IOcr ),: MadhedairboH!e raststor 1iholiJf, Not for divi:ng. Fle,pia.oemanl oolit!es oost301' ..

$paeesuU PatchlfliS (Wl=O, upto 4 hills af damage.

00S1='iI Cr kill" 5): IEac~!paron can s.Ri

,Comlili1liJn loawr (W;:'1.kg CC:9lt:20cr 1': Sma'il ham:lhe,rd Iradio wtthl,!5 s,epar,a~Q bands. 8ancl11 is UISUall~ mflilary; youl may pu rella-sa specialized 'crystars to "llJustcmizlar the other s: bands. CommllJ".n'ioalows liIlaya:tsQ ibe desugl"lad ir:tto small hea.diSi3i1s,$<u.rlngs" ' .iew~lry crrlllillo FUg:htthelmets...
Maocallilill ("NC=1 kg' COiSt:'3C(lcr); Sman hand hal\;j vJdeo camer,9i. OlJlpulis


Gcg:g[~$(M=,.OI1 kg Cost;;:;2crJPfOteot[o'1i1homl dust" IIgh~,

Fiaoord\M ena sma:ll-CO" Mlrnlcam

I<l!ser disk..

Gogg les (Wt::::;,.2kgl Cost",2Q:c::r )~ Tbeoo, goggleslnavel Sr lbu~lt"ln mght ·a:rT1lpllifuer pene1rma' to :smokE! ..d llIst:and d~e$$. VO~I OllUS,t havaat least. d im sta~Ii:glht p.rGs,am in orderto sea Wiilihl 1lhielml ...


llii'l')I cam)~i!'a~Qr$~,ttio, Wl~fil,bu'll!:lin t~h\ lhlllrQ ~ two types 101" filwrIi;a .2cr. , Ilnstar1it devQI'opirJS.11VpQ, a 001 a 11 eL. mus1 00 prooslSsedl type. Both have 201 l1!~po$!ures..

(WiI=.:2k\g Cost=50cr);

M&dscanlllers (Wt=.S~g CM1=20G1c!1' )1, Medscal"l'IUlrn ar& :Sfnall hand ne:ld computers w~h a Ilibrary of a;rrnosl every kli!GWiliill lfilJy!Yor disQass,' A d;iagnQSIk: p:rogwam willi r'Q.ad d~1a entelrad 1nrothe ~rmer and iidentify 1he'most Ipmb.a:tlle d1sElasdl'l.it.!ty, p.rog'l~iis" and roooi'ili!mEl~d.~d ~FQalma.nit( Sl.!COOssful ideilti,ffc.a.tioJ1 ns 1· 6 Q,rIJ,lliQ ,ro~ 011 0). In.wdilioiililo 1Ihe readoUiscreen on ~hBtop Qji ~hQ fl'IH~dscalil'rH~'f,;Ih ere is a catll'e& seliioor alit8(:ll'Im~m wnicn, when placed 0:J1 tile lbody will 0"10 ~lrof hQ<i!~bQa1'i' t&mpe:ratYr~, r~iratiDf;l"bloodsuga!!'" and braJnwav.a fl!.ill'lcW~5. ...



'G.tlins!:ght (Wli~2:k.g 'Cest~Ocr): MOUintedl,olll any ~aJndgun 'or ~iflla., his t
~rncrea5es your WA. by 1,. laJoo:r Gunslg:liit (W1=.2kg
00!it:1 G0cr ); As a regul\ar gl!J:tiI$rghl;.

using' a low-poWEli' r~r

to proJ,Elct a.smalll rOO dol CflWlarge1u-p to 1,6 hQ~Qs. tncwasingl INA by ,2. CI.Ittlng 'Yi.'u,oli! !(WE=11 ~g' eo:!ib:~15cr ):Srnalloxy---aoeilyr:e.ne· to!IChwhich ean cu,t tn,wug hr1 linch of metal aI a ra'lInf 11 mater per WlnrJ.Gas wm last fOil" 20 rums. Relilrs wst 1l,or. each.

lin!. (naC8r~ Tfaj~.er8 " Us1:enlrng) Devices:: The.::'$ am aU devices 1:'I!5!aC tor' sUNaJlnB!lii~' work. They are about 1ho s4ll;~'o~ a d'Jme arJil,can 5eil'lld signats ""plo3km.lirackers $l;IiIld their signal's to, .i3l!'ily adapt~ Log~mpa.s$. whldh ~!-Jenlprir'll$ Qul1!hQ path of the tr,~lOd 1.I0~. Us;I1!:nJng devices send theirsig'n1Jalste any ad~pl~d oommulilli:caW'f'or radio. Traeers p~ed 00 ph@rl~ lif!e~llowyo!.! to IOOalQ the o,r:igiinlat any' calls glling tl9 rough tha.t phone Ilinle. This irnfiormalion istherl taacl cut i!l1!toan~l"ada~Lad iLagocmp.ass. W!hich gives the 'ooomt~a~esc1'the caller. ,(.Wl;.;'o~91 Cost:::: 1to20cr)'

Bioscantmrs (~~.Skg' COSI=200clr)~ Miinmmpu:l.eli'$ mum like, a med'sca!i'llnar. Thelkbra;ry pm£Imm hold's.d.ata Ofl almost aU knownanrmal. '1/i9"'9tablfHI_!!1~ I~C ".I'll ,':II.~·erms .. .. ~.,. ml Elj"o;U ., pre~ten. ·t· . - :.10- ..... t on A~gol A. keypruj allow,s,ulei userto onter data. o:rn9Jnlima~ar'ld vlOlgalabl9li~a and: compare it 1:o'~hQIlib~Oliry p:roglramr (SYCCE!$$~U~ id'9l'i1lilica~itm is 11-6,QiI'!IU'le roll of 1D1 0;). A,S:liIFIaU Ias~rspest~rafll allows fue u,se~to '1[I~!U:a mi(u~ral samples, read the !lPElet~ul11onnQ v~r. ar1ldijde,rntify ~he m_ataria:! hom ~hi'ill
ribmry tmamo:[)t,

form a pack. o:r haJOGIOOS,.
11100H (16 II1,Q&5)

Cartnplil1lg & apedlitio:n G'eall' Car!rvaU I(Wt=.1 'OoS,t=1Ga· ): A small Inylbn bag w~h Mj~bl~stmaps




ReCOrrammg'j IColiillmu,nJeations. & Sensors
Tape Recordar (W1I:..5k'Jg Cosl:=30cr ); SmaH micl'o l~oordEilrwith milfl~-Qlmpad elses nun r,~rd !,lip~o.2 hours of iOformalion •.Oiredionail' mike ea!iI pfck ~,p SQunds IUpto 8 hl9XEI::.away.

ITII. J~mi11er {Wt:.::.2kgl C~slE5()~)I: A Ismail ei:ectronlic devioo fuat Ioc~es and jillms mde~oos In:aJ circle, a 1l0l!iesamund !ma'lf. "erSCllila~ EIee1ronJcs 'LogcD:m,pass (Wb,2kg Cost~20cr ),: Smail I electronic ,oomi~slha.t rewrds both diJElcliorn and dis1ancetravenad, ILisinga giravi'\y n1Iooing ~e!'l!sm. Asmaill SCil'een f:nthe boflQITir altows YOUi10 ~re,play:" a ;seq!U'~l'iIoo m dir~iC)~$. sl.lCh 8$. "I!rav,e:I' we~& 4 mU.es, go GUEl'l1crtl'i15 rnnas,
etc .•.. • -


ljg:nlweiglirl, h~gtl"gml€l'dlimbltilg, rope, with Oil ~i1In$ite!i!IIrMilgt~Hjf !:lookg. (Wt.::1lkg Cos~) IFmulhl~glil~(Wt...:.2I!!g Oost=20f); SmaU haoo held beam', iinliilmitna~B~.aline upw 20 ~Jaalnt hexes( 40 meters} B:aluuy .rasts~(r!ljdnil~ly.

100 used to mw,rd 'balh srgln aoo SOUll'ild images. Eaclh,CD holds up,~o 2haufS: ·oJ linlOrmatfon. BlitogllasS&S (WI:=. 71(9 Cost';'SOcr ):iH igh~QI;:hbilr'IQC:u~ wJlh spooral alitaJctlime:riltsti'liM allow you to lread distance frcmviaw,sddbJ)ElCil,'iou can vJeiW a :mansi2ied ob]ed cis.aiiya111 0 mites, and read ptr~m cal501h~~$ (2'500 m~er$)" More G:f~nsJve 1I!'ersio.r'I's haVQ fUllers and 1Ft scarn1ii'e(S tOaJllbw !(On.lIo, sae Ihrough SilTIo:ke or daJt:Mess. De mnst expel1siilie binoglaSisM ,liilaVBI bu~t io rn~nr:camerasw phoOOgwapl1 ~ma,gi9s.

Conlpa:ot bS9r Illlsks (WIdlkg Oost=5er ); The $ta~a:rd reoordil"1l9l mQd'ia. of UI:a' rvl.EKl()N WorJd. CD's can

1"orch~a nuun(WiI::=.5kg 'C\I;IS1l=1Otr ); ~rga<r. ¢arnp~rPa Ilall1lem" mO'r:J mted 'Oil a lpore o~mpodL
f!:'OiIII'I~h9 ooJi'!~&,r f placement o

nJigtrlsa.cirdlelS hexe.sl(12 me~elS)'el!olt

TK:lliIscanrl,eE '(wt~k; Cost=2COell 1: jI"small handhard oompuiar which carl be ,oonrlooloo to, cia;gnootlc ~npJ,lt$ in mO$t lmIeohaood ,wrnpleJ! maohilfl~lY.looh$~!1!lers oan mndia,g:rncsis prcg~aiiTIS,Idamay dalr:naged wrnponents ',SIIl'CCassfu ~ idarnltificaliioli1lis 11"6on lhe r'olhlli 1 0), and display schematics ,oI;rn~e:~nall . ~~~EHnson .!3I.small,bUliHliin saeen.

ClJiSl=25tr ):: 'O[1.epe~SCI1bag, good Itolarnperalures down to ·GOde:g,~~!S"F. I"JnamabI91ill~~ ,(Wt:::'11 k.gl iClJs~=Sfer 1. Si,zasvan]!. Wii~'~Q~p inter:i1al~e.rnPeJalL!re, oonstmt.at 70 deg~ees ikl~' Ir.lpto .20 'hr.!>., usir'lg a :pol1able;, buill lin n,e,aHl'Ig~lingl unlt

::i'leetpJng Bag '(Wb1 ~g



pfdUl"eS..2) Universal adlJl...M.check the Medical Sectlon.1 •. IiHl.54. Mlero Tools (W. when ~uill Cost. 2000¥ •. For details 011Uta eff. Co$l.5) Combin atint1l. O8I'1'l8g.l1. when a large metal mass passes OlilU it. . the Re'f. we' caiU ths page sryste m.cr:Q SUliQica11 kit (scaIpsJ5~fcroeps:.1:er.I: M. A oolm.ike Skills~ program. 6) Elecl. bums. .6K Description." Dr ~P'layche.l1dlmini-oompulers..IICt .. a worn 28 . Specialized Too:lklts lach Toolkl.consider' tw'o . bag WiUl' aircu'it j!.nduS'l ries AnU Macha Mline Cal"! be bYnlXlwilh 'mag. ob:Hga1iT:on~D These exist both as pocke~ a.. WA:=1I. .r has Irooorded on a series C~l 8 ill2 by 11 nolebooksheels. Damag. R..tion:: Man cru'...exuemely simple rebots . ShQts. Cost .rnti$eptrc:. dates. programs.cilaJIgEl pack. kg Cost::10C1e.inVQ1iJiI" writingl of UUill in~'ormatiDn. 10i)Plasticfllla'r putty .l\~ with fuel for 10 l'1'rs.J~ Wafarfor1 person.s . kit. __ ME'" TOIl! 11__ 1 . -3I(.. 'Camp'klt (W'bi1 kg 'Cost".ememter tham. 1 0) Spe.siz.acts riI th9S9 dnlg!9i.Stim.dfsl"II'Iail tools tOi' picking Ioc'ks. cirnuilts..r. pfJ.cha .(100 m:anl sca~ed)..m(l'.OllEl' IP~rwil'.. processing da. OQIS. . Progmms wUl no1 be complex i~I'Iis.off of a 3 sMt . R:e~ElrBi!S :shoul'd be very careftJ I when allowing! play.oo.~) . oo~ J:Mu1icLllar~ ex:ad .Rurn random numbers to lI:lrea:l<a code sequem::e.4) Mini·tools for wooong 011 sma!1 de-vices.: High Impact Iplutic '~dodor'5 bag"' day. bolts" .computer iknows: how 10 do. Includes 1')gas $tQ!.Spray p1as1lc insulation. C'Olmlpute'rs .3) Fu[1 sat of pliers.III0081. .ocaI Aoos1hetic._ . for e:xamp~e'i would ''feme mber" whatev. 3.:50'): W'aterfcr . B) Spray .pute r may only run 'one pn:>g:ramat a tiime (which. Recent advanr:es in 1M ElKTON Wort! technology have produced a number D~ fail~ advanced computers.UstabiEi socket wrernch. WA=O.=.ss~.•11 11) Visegrips. I 9)SI~~.a~. to fif all .5ikgIJI. ttLe paYB'r merely wm:es what thle Icompllille.pLliterwith a 10 page memory.. 2} mess.plJlters its. \I\IO. 1 week.t =t20¥..rking £11'11 micro.sherers of no(ebook paper. l"eipJi'esentedl sentence I'~e ~KnD!N 1iIhe ~secre~ passwo.€I1"no . sl'lray. You l muS!1:wrHe your progr.Recharge pacb.200¥ '.1) .pQ~~ M~U%ra~l!er. Dried fond (Wt=11Ik:9 CQ!ll::20cr): _Food for ~ person.(wt=11. such as ~..mmer & ~.. When using . 7) 40.pute.:1IDu . M11-5 lMan Pnmtabte P. • screw!l. music.com.er yotl 'couJd cram onto both sides 'of 5 .)1 shovel.Jasma~g!un DelScrip.. ~2') Assorl:ed iil_Ul'$.a. Rang~.rded versiolit ofthB MEKTON weapo. Damage.IJ. 3) spear.p D~g.e'x..doubles as the iirdlator). MemQII']" In MEiKTON WOfId .lor COI'l.3 adjlJ:stab~. 2 MEK ~tlOld iI'I. YOUlwill have to . simpl'e II00000n radar allows USer to target any mQC~ia.!ikg'. To chang'EI information. scaled)!. alirlltijna1rol'i! W.Pal'lspedmm ..4 d:ays..e.1)ru:c:tloliiS '~Breaklnto co mpute:r $.o!!~_ EDFA Man ponabl'a IMi'sslla Launcber D8iC~IPUon: Man carriedl missile tube. B) . Po. In this e:x1il'eime:ty' simple sys1em. ~ A com. ~..High impaa plasJii'c k1QJ'ooest cont<llins:. 3} IJ. iM8dkl~ (Wt=.Jm:per callies" wirEiCUliterlWrtnch tool. lheywm always be simple'.. 2} swimflns.-$iZedobJed (larg:ell'than 3 meters by 3 meters). helps preserves gamo balance). $Ci'ewdrfwrs.f.ers tocre'ate prog rams .liIiI'lOrnElS. 6) 'fMh I[lrug. catn~aQn (W~=.rs In MEKTON!.1a.ams o.. mc).es(75 mal'l.r )..is und.oouldl be disasterous when the IReferee demands that you produce'the' actua'l word! M ~:en you whaJI yoU've ft:lIgOUBiI1.2kg 'Costa' 0 cr J'.tr:or instance. ·'one' sentence..n" OperatiilQl . Cc~s: il'1' a small bladk..r.2Ocr).n oml' of your memory sheets.lubricaJ'lt 9).e=. as well as .(whicli . comalns:: 1) l.should be very specific and .and programs..ed Boos." by wha1.i31$ f o nlJils and bolts.n.200'¥ PKT 1'.· 7) Shln.in:~.ystem lIk. This infoiJiTilla1:ioll can befac1:s. Set .e and Ire ad all the data ttnenliin into !memory. 2) Sythe .or mlini~D1echa.versalio.e~9rs:.. you 1'I'l811l1'ly erase what has besn wfitte..meter. ne o Includes 1) mcyding full 'race m8$k and gUI.aspects ol1tle computer:' memory .s of wire. A simple Programs are actual~hir)Qs 1t1e .~ulle' .. names.limlied irn lin~erpretaUon . lIesh ~ray fuu::ovorirtt:l wounds & Wam:erJ~ .alSo.:nt Srnots-1.4) Ml.' 4 MEJ< :scalIQd hexes ..rneticproximrty fuselc detonate. . whUe oot entirely realiSllc . (Wt=1:lkg ICost=llDlkt ):.rI1f!b~o1k.l1s·.. if Y'OUI are.. .ical tape..

t actuall:!' hi tile house . :military fl!nd sponsterh.mmed ~o: 1) Ue mo.g.ak:g!. usually 'knew thifllg5 Il~e' "WarehOUiS'El.pifllg 'Drn~ if . or tie wo rkbencl1l er glara.:.puter Wt~u~n is I1lJ n.g 1I'lEHlll. Yellow 6oxes. o1i a ~page~of irn'armar~o". You (il.lfhand. In . OesktMllnl 'OOI11l1PW8!1" (Wb:2kg. ILoadell'S: Tlhes:e min~M EiK:Sare p.pu~e(:s ~memory"). M~I1If. '~S~Q'P!" 2')' RecH.additiorn. 4) Ignore G'lfter watol1!l:lox:es.aim' programmed to. wUh orne camera "e'y·e:~and a s~~ daw "hanel".c.:S .fEK1ONn -. aool only th. TIley are usuallv based on .IRoam arOUl1Id hOlllse.g. objects in tray in kimclilem.I'I'lecha have' no.t 2) RIu~.o~.( wml repea~tllle S8€1U. mi:nclle$sly chee:rfu:lvoice lathe' Illumal1llwh!:l..nal. Each type of maeha aUl~Dli1I1aUcally hilS an.orrtC8S andteeh stations" or by w~~ers at home.n~e l~p~O 10.!r ~gr8at M EKTON Nove~" cr your NlitJlle blackbook~ . petsJ~o. ehitdmn. everyday veh~cmesWh:T'Cl1r your charader ma~' wan~ b:)' US9'in sooatai~n!.msro be: geDing! ou~ ..f memory.program like' ~Breat (rna Codes" is ~ar too 'general.. Qbj:eOlS .llent o~ one h:alf~sidle.avai'iable pro.3) 00 niMp:jdk tip.T_QN Wbn'ld oo:mputers use laser diSks for in~ormatiorns1orag.e. gB~.tJne:v'lIie not. ulRulillmrlil. 3) U l'Ktersland oo:mmands phrased in the fo~IoWi[ng sequllll. . said ~Sto. Loading d. names i:demHyi!1lg ~l1e.li1Ileohaare extremely !imaM ltOOots: commo:1rl im ~he!M EKrON 'World.. 1liE!1'iI1Ory'...1r~rn.ys.onetypa of I~ht pe.rive~in Ilane .t ~nfQrmatiol'ill.__ MIf1I~meeha Vehl.enOB' until' it IU1S 'OIiJ~of screwctriv"ers..rfumiture'.mmmiil1lg :spaoe. .nil.ul' voxoe. the I'oacle. ~lIle first p~'aae".: Usually used in .er has wrinel1l oownon ~p t01 page .il'J'IIIbaUl ~ihe oorqi~teXity of a ~l1e progr. M~cros may hard up 1:0' a ~pag[es'!' ot memo fY" andl up to 6 "se'n. 2) . '000 ~ype o·ffa~ bil<e.fH.2kg. and up.2) M. complexity of ~~e code and. 'like the n1. onboard M1nllcDfiiIlpute'r. small animaJs:. M~!I1i'~ can lhold up to 4 ~page!S" o. M 8i<. ''Workbench.s a oomm@'fCia:l jinglem a.r example .lbacl<..ry eriter~ng houae. !'.. a IRefiereesshoul'd 11101. Garage.aile siho:ultd alwiays take ~1'iI.ls. lis a I~U!e 100 ooUceaible.ca:rpe. 1]) IMemolize~aoes allown 1:0 watGNJo~ til!' owl1!er.thill' 'ClbjeO'l:.comp:u~ers are avana:fj~e.of !JapeI' which are considered thecom. 'You can !purc""ase extra disks at anytime to· store largeamou IUS o. . 5) If~o(d ta. VendJliIg IMecha ~ 11Iesle' minTFmecha a.." IS far baUer}.m.l!lk'EI tile cJ.!I the. M il1lli.of Ole :looallfas1: flood emEJO~lJm. COtSb::iI OOOcr).emo~~e UlPbl' 41OGruITons and the I1'IImt!S iClemHfyilil.to.1bn IiSlS 3:~~s . 111 .lllas:Tc tan truck. and bl'i~ngit. ~rogmmmed to: ~> Pati~..Micro COmlPuter twt~.aft . p:rogram see.ock~ 8mlgh1. specific area.1 S. d:Oesn'~.lliva. Each lase'r disk ms~lhe eql. S!I!::fewd:Av6:r. 1 ~pagel" of memory .he MlfKTON World: Pocket 'OOlinput. fII.rammerwihen calculating the ohances: of .to oeo!. 'iHepea.of a hand . MOiS~of these are commOI1l. wihere a rnedl1a unit.ar'B programmed 10 00 a th~iIlgs:1) flick !Up objects en Ure .and persons no.computer can Ihold up to 3 sentenoes oif ~rograms. to 9 ~oonte:rn:es" of p:iOQmmming." 4) Go to.~. a :pocket may sto~! up to. or by making it so large that it It uses up .flloo:. " OoiSl:=300er):: MJlilicomputer about 1M s'flZ'e.of a notebook..rsQr131 aiftcr. stop.oooe paid fOil".'II'iTII the prayer's ars:e. riulldoml~ IlOclking~Qr ITil('jvernent3j Use burin ~:I"I celluar phOine to can po~Jce' i'f walCihbox obssrv.am andl tlhe skill of the jD:r'Oog..c:~es of Fan 'car (basic. wamclhlJDl:es: Tlilese n1il1li~MEt.P!~' 3} DiSlpeWlse aru:nl< .~ ~re !moved .he programmer .t. beCl!liu se it.8 hufil'l:alrn sa. -_ llifs sec.hesitate~D e~'iITil~nale it. whern oW1li1er presses ins/eoret oombil'latlo n.aru. arncl: say~nank you m UTe same mind1:eiSstycheerr. perlha.8 smail" boxlike lbady mounted! Gin roU:e.in ~.~o the seoone! p~aoe.a successful IPftOgrammilllg Roll. in memo.:OOst~600cr): Ila~op compute r abOI.. ta~e into aCOO1JJ tl'\]n.es someone.g5.e moot I1\lId~menta~ plOgraJl1llillililg fWE!r'fEI inot Utiking Star Wars heire}.calculator.•and a.ps: by maJdil1Q it Ncrash~ me colm.au the .tenoes" o~ programs.1oliilll1liIJlmbersto Ibreak a code se~uenca.~ or whee.!~ thesize . sl1Jch aa yon. j The following' .e.er (Wt. th~ngs~he play. the skill of~.!f) IRadio inlo! the :shop when they run out o~:some~hirg. . Leaders. T:ha most commorn~YiP9S of mrni~nmcl1la are: H:ousecleamlfS: These' minl·IMIEKs.

V~ m1 1F\mrr:il ~ (I!. MkB MEK.Vehicles.. HH.BIllPo. ICOst=6~COO'~. COsi=21C100¥.rsc:he'. [hexes.poril" recon.everywihere.HUs~40 ~'IFmmD'i:ii:~. A mustro:r ~ ~~ ~~ Mec.. HltSl.!!l ~Clys~al" .i:e line.. ¥1B-1autocanoon. . 005.~.000'. MEl{.. HHs=20 I --- - - -- MEf<mN II .9 MEIi{.lve) A COmHlOf! typeof~'am~lyandfle.s... Occaslona.1::..1'Iy o!!.1.:. O'ff tl.!tiutted w~h a.ian AwO!maUve) A popular spoi1s faJll caJ~.3S (Aemstar ~n([ustfieS:) The :hotlestJanbil<ie ever to cOme.A:ulollot..3Q OCMiU:~ 1r@i{illmw~!I'@J'-P111 A fan Jeep The IP:rimary mmtary vehidleusecl rn tll'oop ~nws.hexes... equilla![em f ~:oaoo oeriWr1i' Terrmnfo~(t CCllst~. MA.etan sedan.MA~6 M:EIiC~he:x. and on base transportation.MA.-hexes.rr.hajOO<s. equwa:tent toa 2mh cenhny lI"e!l.es.OOO¥.

W~ li)erelopedas fMjf)fc{j{J :E!iCGU!l~~ M:ssian. K Markr was..'d 10 ~ fua Mauter ~ OI:l~pood and malilueve~abi~Iy'i' as WElII as 1irIiI:iU!illinga mOle to KMA~s . fee. 1.!i ooslg:ns 'h'OIJi1I MA..uilOUS 01 'Iltie iillHan.r 1'.f'eel M W~liiIgpods (2).m1Or) (2): He:ruty Striker wijhMediumwt.exoepIiQ. 'Iha '~~ impress~vealiraYofwwponn. I \ Mecha - .hal1lds .Energy' Melee Weapon. 2 roc~e~.y.AI11ilS (2).n 3'1 .Strike1fwith Str1kIer aJlilmor ~ 10 points Qf Fans (2Ine~u::hwIng poe!) Weapons.amooli".1125senes: 'Iho pC'112'11 ~htflr wJIh alSQ IIfLOOJd :s!iJouJder 00mm ca~Mn~r 3 ~~ni!awidllKaJrg<U1~Qm ~o ~~~ enlilirg~ blades.on B.A~r1IIIS 1 (maIn [body).2:poln. .machtne~nno.g:g.Kargan MiiitaryArmorcra:ft fie mosl ubi!:l.mlil veucsalility.Tha V!ilCW ls Wlril'lilrui~'desi\'lfiE.i11 Main .launcl1\e~& [E.lr' Head: Medium . The p~ 1t24and P.s (1.!mweig:il~ (M. Used by' 65ton. 1 .ts of Tl1rus~~rs 1(6 each leg. slmnger oha5sia.jedlon Pod 1 .~ . . {2}: Medr:UIWI'IIV.llg I:1Jt MA. 3.:6 FUg I'iI1MA:14 MIV':·5 '. MEKlON.30' cpl."daws legs (2): MedjliJ mweigl:1t w~1ft1 ectu~mvrit.e~gh~ Mediu mwt armor.StnilOOrarmo.ediumwe~ght arnl0r) .0 MV'~·6 II"OW'elrplsnt: MecUu:mweIgN Mai'l1I lBody: Mecm. 1 lasergul1I (head). armo:r. MooiumS'lrikerwifl1l Stri~e[ra:mllr.a. GlrCIl:Jil1ldM:A~6 F.a1'lons (114cp).1 lasergUtn (head) .Mawer OJasG. Heavy StriikBr wal1i MooJumwt.Ad~af1CetJDesigfj' Gro.SOdy} [ .--. ar:mor .::2 aUlOCl11Ll'1011l(main ready) .Ollie 150mm carlno:n (flandheltd).(3 ~ound MA. dosignoo as an all-'ma:lhE)~ irneildiotiolil .le. MEK_'[ONIJ Weapons:. ~Ie!O world'wldQ. one 150mm cannon (lhandheTd).t wil:h [Head: HeavySt~ker wHifl Heavy .up _ deSignrncc~ratEls elements clitia: ~er Scirnitar100 desigi'lS .Powerp~al1t:Heavy S~riker Main Ie:odv~ MecliUrnwe1ght (Ught :H:W.

¥ Striker [ir!l1'ilOf . Gmund 1f!.tg 'dilc J!.rwssian AdvlJnae<J. ~bi" .In Main '~'ody WIOOPQiIlfS.r ~ I~ 01.r:J.owe. "1mi'lQSmr~· Qf b IFrorn)Ilf (1¥hG'depemid 00 it'S l~omiIl ~h.111 we.. lie.oo.gf beaslJ1l~IlJ'I nJOm I ..: ~I .Salmi/N_ Ii's . eanooril 1-~IlfffJ_~ :lie' . .iker(LUgliIt I1vy. human~. iji~ ~ar.k}~fon G'~rJP ~.rock~: rau.~tB' tf~ most . in~tlamOj A:.a AerollghtBl . .~4P. 19'poinlS .tA:6 AllgM: IM_A~:t2 M~b-".v Strjkttr wt1h HeaV.with Ligfnwefghl annor) ~ MV.wz~~. as. fe~ Head.~ used ~.: Me~t S£rliker .Jmbatt~li!y.a:s~il"le. 32' 50 'tOI9..aIl~~ 1~IPlOr $iId fX :JMI 8$ iI<e . 1 p1'asma:oaJilI'lQilil ttlaJIdlilel~. Gliilkerarroo~1 l Anns (2~:. Heav.li ra!1go itIItiiiPOtilS" NiSsffcJI'J . IIJe VMra.~ am:i.Me~i~iI. "/J. Icl5lSS.1000p)..1-B iiilOO.':s ~J' ~ilclJ~ Tllle 1L{~ G5. 'WWJpons. .deveJo~ ifJile' F-~i'I APfrlf~~r . .srgul'.~. Of iI11l'.51lfikerwlth .ilh lMedJu-nmeiglid'illlliilOr. filJ Main Bod.~er ~HV!f.~.IP'laliiil= S. 'iI1:KI 'K9!k.01 'f'liUilJlster:s ..uSlere.@)ID _'l5 all !1!~11Q. \~ las lar'! 'EI~"gi fOOgtJoe&:s lin j~ types. MEKTONII 162 lOljls l(124!::p) D'rop.arfl1Ofl ARns ~2l'.hm~1uQi11 Ibe lEl'~' Il~~ I _ I . ArJ1100 willi ng~ WI. Glfikerannor) S '9 '[mInI.e'a~h IW~I.~ri~e[i' _Main Bod.h!eavy &dkiJrw.SOt¥». iIrtI naad~ 115Dmm .stilll IQQr:llmeiil!y ~I ~t ~ 'v~ IMaln ieody~Hea\lf Str. 1~flrwi1lli:l tallcms& Med.: 'W[ngs i2.00' slOW liI'Iovin!J M8KTQI'1S.nd MA ~8 FUlllht MA:O MV.faliJt:.' Escape P<fId WgpOI1S.~ in .~.as:hOlilIil.fF.oj 'ThmMeliSi (:3 ~ leMh ~Sia m eM aI~ iBsdy:.l{i'o. rd 'Wea.t1!l is Io. ~.~Jled' §(ifdler lun'it.§I~~Jli~ ~Q"tQr j-.r anmrj tOilS ..(:Strike..~ign.5 PoweJplillU.~~r 1pm:_~Itil1id1l1e:d1 W [Il00. 2: laserguns. IM~. pDjtitt5 .gllltm.H\I~.'El IIQI)!.I{(ter~r.11Iitll'~ :h'~~peed Velik/li1 PanlhBrOiJ' - 25 $tl'afiog runs .a'OdlaeRlliiJl:llprlloJ:m50. Gmurm tJlAi!OFElillht MA:Ut 1 'rrnssile mat.avy SJrilker Malo 8M': IH"Y •.Ao'vanood I.I'WratQs~9'I'Jii':la'b'Jp ~tie5 •• w~fJ it '10' gQ Ifmm.9.l'Idi1el.aiher .cgnl'lonl" 4 mcket lIaulidlets in M~ BoGy.2}.~Jlei'll.M!edju~ight ~y.I'IYII~i§Miu~r.Mech.lhaoo$ Lass 1. ~~derQ Kingdoon5) IN[!>:~ian AJ!)!:i.aJ'~11. f:angs.IRrnQ iIIe:l!isllJ .opatrgl t~ lIas~ .llW fi4l@f@{!UgJlJYrmrt 'In . 6Ur~r.liIt .nMall'! 1300:)(_ plasma.tI'!er.Mechads:s!gn iiI'l ~ . ~J' lyfa_s~f!nn.. h~y Wbi~ &:ittiiw lis I~mattd~ m~f1t11& .~s:tlQ~. fEIIl_.(}esJgn GfOJJI' 'Jiht .M P:GWerp.IecII!.-asp{fJ'lse I:G llt!~~e~f.

Supem. 11machine cannon each Mai'n Body. Striker ( IHvy.~eB!t Head: Annored Hle'avy 'i. Strikelramnor) Arm s (2):: Hvy.. thQ W. Wp!I'I" .s. ~2): SupemeavywIth Superhe. Strker armo r) 9 polnfs of l'hli1JlS:t'E!lfS: JIiI Maiin Body arm. 1fmruJ KaJl.2). A favorite M'IOfIgll!@ .2 ann-mounted plasma cannon." Knights.: .modom. raunchel". WfJ~ ~..k!er :~1h w ta~ol1!s& Med.ppcment fOr ti:Iday's .y.l1I'I.000 years ago Iby Old Gafac.avyarmor 3£1'pol'n19 .s)"Br:ow. ~ffOOr ClrJo 01 the criginaJi mecha brought 1:0 Algoll some 2..·9' Pow. Ions (:226op).original CM:5'lrUClbr alldl DOOand 1 deslsnscommon smO!'l~ '!he Eirtarran 'TlraQer5. tIl9 &caNlm. supermMuevera'!)'le' inl9riCllIpwr. tOInS (12op). 18 Main Body) Weapons. MEKroNfi iii formidal'lfe o. armer] Am.1'Thrusters (6. 2' nova beam sabers. tho &r:.Axis lor Ifs availab~i'ty am~ ease 0:1' repair.av)..I\IJth SlIJpEuhe.is a hfWI speed. Shield.iJK:i~ d0!elflse pall'Ols" 36.an' Tecll'oocraft Weapons.: 1 Rocket.olaws Legs (.r". . 8IiIci car'iYJiilg feW ~ns. lliIe.SSiurecled by !he MIlia.par is also IUGOO b'y olNU f.:-1 Powerpliam:: iHI. and f&.tio coIollists.e'ach leg..afibur re.FIIIghi MIA :13.mo.av). S~Ir. 300mmcannonin 'Based O.eavy with Supe meav. H~ '~3Qme:~!lr..V ar.e'rp~lant: Megabeavy Malnl Body: M:egaheavy (Megahe. triker S Ma:ln Body: Hvy.MV.presel1llS fhe nighest in Imp!i!rial tedinology 0'1 '!he time. Ground :MA:O .:. (~rollJI'1Idl MA~ f~lght MiA:15 MV:.0.echa .cmlils b.is sIDI' Designer Untna Wl]' 113.armor. :2 two-hand'ed Energy Melee Weapons.-.lfllllll .


ead of .ak.kled .¥'oUi mOl¥ only am.th.auJerlurched' in.clare wlho [fI t1he ~um o!ltIell" you imend to.e l~nfQ.m:J' botls slammed info Ihe·S'clmitar's armo'r:ed' sjde~ Bernard SPUIJ the' 4JJ ton mechaaround on it's heel. Gerion.delay" You mu~ttlen .:to- bet.aoo G:erJon in .¥l!:nl the' ma.0 MI:!: KfONwarfar.tclJed' targ'eting .quite a.llh thunder and a dazzling . for a be'l:ter . Mo nopa 11 or Go. :If your OPPorlenl.pel:1'ormTng splnning kidks.tills orelS1'fotthe remairfd'er 01 tt'r8 tUfn. with 'the oecfdes to .n' the huge" .oo'sh 'Ol'lle olhe:r pJa..megawatt laset' 'l.Ion pg"I6B) ililStead.ulN. each of you :mlllst ron! to'SH if ~.heambush wru.r pan .~.combat Normal IUfnorder KJ.fo squeeze' 0'" a quick sfJbmaCh'inegun burst towards rhs K. Delaylh!g lulrlns . Jeff 101 0 each.~ atrniime.sky as .ElerFI to be: eqlJally ade\pt at . be .i:J. .0 .'r.eam .llJslto. play. SIO much fo. Next.O. auaaks or do olher things in1iM ga.tn'lyabout the' sameUme periodl.me" 111"1 MEIKlON . ma:v a:180: Ich.p.' meefil1'g with the Le:ag.Ifdnow blJ IGefiOn.eq. highest ron going~ir:S!1 bet:ween mem Aniilb:ushes Y. lOut also ~or 'the' clash o~ roboUc titans as well.t (JI' hlm.hi. But QUlI hand Uti a dark a!ley and hammering II cLiltwith the wol1d o..e:adyb8~ at~hestafil o~ MEKTONII - Howev(JI~ .rJ8 rebel's!· . Runni'ng thougb' the haze 0" ~one streak~ Stuck 0..!iS. 10 after.se1 up i3!1'iI aml:u. snmpl:e= bar fight.f .r is now Gerion.. sooo!filds. theA M:at:i1.hiswM'agaih so 1:I~issliEk w11fl .1D1 0' U~. with eaoh player t. ~he turn" in a posil!lon a:b:sol!l. To de:iayyour tum. de. for filot only man-scaled combal.weentil.lntel!ligence Still+3+. yOUl lTl!ay go l aheiad of him.rmatjlon Tlums likeaJli1Y other ~ype of g!affiS (Su.soo.fwpin{}.Y'0.SIght f'OF:dela:l1~). a [period ofa:ooulliefl.e antis grand scate.nel:f l'Iid'dermhOrTilthe person you Iplan to '90' ~efo:l"e (..ee Ul1e of .).a'rga."ruIn Older iWOl.ernce two 50 ton comoet i.s.8 tum rep resents.e:rsact dlJl'l1iing ~he tUlm ilil lorder of f1Tgflest to lO'Nest Ae:11e'X Sl~at If play. WhenUlis: persorn has taken Iheirtum'i' you wll~1then be free to take yours.(leJ~¥ hJs'..alf. Eo~:ot lhiandl.i3Jilothet player i1yoUil can prep8Jr8 arnaimollJ!sh.Jeff can't .a.Illue tlash ~pll1fhe .U' must (when YQur turn comes l!i. . BasiC: IGam.d dlUer. Once you have mastered' t~u:! comple~ijie.IJr '~um 'o:rd~r a SeGOlJO time wrin~ 1ihalU~rn.. They" o. Tied reflex stats.we harvel Com. For~lf:1isr:e:ason.lnQ his o.delay. JS'ff cursed a . your character o:r mecha llIIl~st . Thiel tone' . you rs or itligbler~)IOu may no~ gel: ahead ot: him.t Me says ~~rllJO thlrd Ihis titrJe~: rum arcIe.s.'s total i~.llIUn'Qi W8111il1:achlll1iesi. sword par~r:es.'le.s o~:a. l "WHAMI" As the flrs:t .r tl1elrsecte.M:ani!aloo decN:Jes '.cr"reles . SIJIICCfl:ssflLJl IUS~ng! the f'ormu~a: H ain't l"IIeces!Sa~r~o.la.rIt.ers are pikl~ing mecna they will use flair [Mocha IFI:e\fle~ :stat (described.y . Man & Mekton Tllmr&U'Cam~y~ tltte:re! slilour.thefjl Ma'r.yelll'at aUme. ! .n S.o. 1"0 . .M.er tl1Hi. with all p~:8iyer acUorn Of th:e tum h1appperning im ~ug. will FOUl An 8ca'mpie: JeJf is fiJC:. ~l'iIlenigiari!Oa 'S1at+l:\lisNoltos S~at+1D1.P) st<1te that you a~gGinQl to . -----35 .emeoltla invo·wed have hips.'11'tJe'ground wll. you shOuldl 'eaSi~'!f be des[gned ~he able'to: move' ml'1l~o m~ssed :va Op:ponenlil.as .ooseto de'ia.hout l(lWB'rds the hldden Rap.cannoR camB'to' b'e:a'~ rna air crac. JeD. IhowBvef.e'Sci'mltsrJs B.f:tJ (J'.am System of M EKTON to w-Q.cl1ilas enesa. and snap-shots from ttlle hip I(assuming YOUii' .).lJlufJ :a sutti be dodgfJd ratlike belwee.o:J!Jlr total is hig!h. - pounding metal feel" pausing momentarily . If y.ou malt a"empt~a:k:eyou r~um :ah.(mJd :be Jeff.coUlr:se. GigamK::war robolS and 'iilumans s is. She states ~rllgo fourth thls' .r he.Mara"then Jeff.t!.¥.It ~11l . M EKTONis played ~na s:eries o~tu rns.f'im'B.changeDf de.tormlrooper in'fro'M.rJfJ bolh Mara .lill y:ou r .poneN'5.hi's m.lJm~. yau may not: chang~ey.ot the plas.of Ule tILl m to lmli~e meees.

Afte.eboardiMaps we'll be WeVe hlc~lu:led a tl~lank m~p sl1e'e!t ml1l your M EI<:r-ON Game". c::omrilflOn mee1ing.p3n1.of operaltuons even isma~~~ew" o\llce again oonflijcUng w. one fequirecl ~o coruma. Yau may only pTaca one man or mansizedfiglJlll"e in fUillY one ImamscaJ'ed hex (see diagramS)I.xtends irln~o the V.h.r~s~ nap. w>Elapons.w·enty Of thirilyfeet long!!' On top .ack occUlrs:wilhinafiew~ee't--a raJlilg6d aUa:c:kwi.ew yards (60~eet i\.IUal move mont in hexes.e seale fillf)Sl oUe:n MEKTONlJ 36 -- .s.of thffis:. ground be1ween ma:J1-sizoo ..e.epmsBmlt an Me!a 50me1evs.ost be' tli.e' no~ realistic {at leaS1in te. hex is _AlUCI1l like ~he squares..igner a~o hasto deal! lotsl!I!trld lolsof :S:fJilaU mans hu running panici.peed and d:islam:e ol'ose[y match~hose or Ihe rea~ th!fngiS (U' yO!U.s. The board in Hils game is marked irnhexes. accl"Oiss. we haY. of a. nllsl lafe i~n'l:.led [111 ~he Fe!amdaita~ afildl . llike a target range). r..Ude Dl8g.p:s t.e~ind giant robotic W'a~riors Mghtingwith ~arnk. wrne usaad ~ppy 10 QJVe you~:nelreaf lJaJues). as wen as Iks.e! of COl1l1ool h'300'gun seeu racy. Men flancJ 10 fiQlh~.sapons--ws'apons: with ranges· of !~iterany iflunclreds .mm have a sp3Jliefoo~baUfield hSlIldl(l. wJ~hMEKfONS.r aU.1!! desig ned board-game elems Il~S In1l0 it~o alJow you 1:0' sltag. ~hescale .expel1:s ~Y lTI1.r:s!sertling an area 2 meters across.A. Here w.omm (til a' tJl'adillfanal mtcroarmor wargame' scale) woul'd Ireq~ ire hex ma.hil1l ~h~'larg~r l meeba scaled flexes.r ME.of six direc~ioli1s" There are~wo ~:vpesof hexes in MEKTONl'. The ~han:enge lste provitda a. In addmon to Mr'iiZo. Our oompro.incfos€' qual1ers-a i hand atl. t'OI Oes:lgne:rts Note: Man 1:0 man combati's maaSitU. combat . scale I~n wh~cih.sized w.lZI'Ons. lho.anyone .Gamehosrd Wilijie MllEiKTON 'ils pfiimaribr de:siglned as a.rmsof the' capacities o~ nlOdem weapo.o.J lmove alongl them o:ne move at a time.SMIca!.s. Smaller MalJ)o.anges of :weapon anaeks ar.aUowingl yCUJlI to move your gamepilElce (i~youh. At. oCH'ts3a'eredi .to I~ afOund underf!oot In ord:er to evern see these' GR{'UJND AI1I:l. The ~shee~.e in whtoh mecha movie (cal1:ed Mecha-scalied ."'Isized IUnitina sing]iB' mecha~caled ~ex.e warbgameslyle battles. Gam. Whereas a chessboard hassqu3re:s.eplayililgl game~ andiUlus requir·es _no lmovement board. 0 ~r hexes have :six:sides. yo:u like).scaled Inexes"ooch m:p.e le'X1reme trang'.ep track of 1]:le I'iIlOvements of ctJaraOl:ers inUlegamB.tUeflelds as .of miles!! To show such ba~tlos even usingl a tiny scale such as 30. while tI1:e r.ea~e ba.K· hexes). f.1ihina.mlse was tGI desigln a.oomba~ action a nd hO!ruzian~ spaJll1iirtgi macha. wllichl is d!esrgneGi to be pho:tocoillied (~aJJow:rng yoUli~o cr.avl! oll:1e) ill . 're linlereS.ns todaYl~~he prGpo'l'lions Clfs.pen . Each 19vel of aHitucie is eqlJ'a:I~O ene hex (see' diagram).~ht the realistic: !":angieso~ I'nJdem missile andibealmwea. . tl'iu3' gameboard alK! e. easy to halildto w6apo n Notse. chess or Mol'lloPQ~Y bOJ8irdY'Oll. You lTmIy only place one mama or mooha. areasSl:Jmecl~)j fit wh.Iargeand as varieda:s. iilS:in 1{90Ott:l seale (I. a scala de's. rol.

eJliC il 00 degflecs '~h'ind yillW decide 10 nilo~e fP. Eaoh.:~ .D'Wliml..n iin their like' a chHspJ:ece" .p. No~ .t.one M. MQ'v:ln:gl'Dft the IGameboa:rd YOLllrmeena Oli'charaetar fJ1DVeS'rrom filex :to' ne)! on Ihagams:boardl.combat).j IHouse.a!!1 fOU' MIA will be §.Df' ~ ~ptegell'le!ilJed mocha have Uteir IMNIS w~itUl.u. Sk~!Sc. fa.l!lse iJ..actuill .t~Ji. Combal "srms and Detiridti'. aU~k ~Dnilecme h'l cembal.deJa.aJ1to iIlt hi~g. ¥DlIli' Movemem: AlIOWaJl1Ci Is itiOJm~'~y generated ~n iI1@ J.1'8 detine."awing ClIIJII:a :area on ~:r mapsl\flets.os1 ef the iileliIV !hex you ar.§ linl lb:e' ..a11iO' known as Ule Derelldsr)' w..amjl. requiir:ing )IOu to epem QlOFte GJ 'your IM~VieRlant ~rowal'ii(. maps om the anila within a sing!e 50 meter h~l(. mi8iP ViiewJlOiin~ a IM'EKTON·.wn aj.certain lh~liIxeswil~ eost Q10re Ulan ~H:Jer(l (see Ac. nKt"lflJMJilt aM II :i.)I"tg go uphill Of .AnnQrs'J'M I€lad flguu:'es" procuced b:lf Da~ Ho.comb.aUng.f:iawnhm. it. iUJ. I)~~ IQbs.ilIi.ghertihan . unl&s:s ot!1Je.kJ~IIIJiD (Pr Dilooha. ro.clingl fflJtl~ be' a~' leM ".xt flex . ¥o'u ~i!! r lrna:~e':What is.rnent. HO:!eiJ! . Imow:Q . must .Otu' c.. Oils hex towardS WJ11tcI\J ¥pur ICh~ If JI'JJ:i..e..allws. :pays...u '¥1m enOOUlfIl~r in ttl€! liAl!.. for ths'SiS' hexes by spelidng poinls of WIl.1 '~h..lls. Obs~oo1es laI@ lhlngiS which b:~.es.e 1~1hownin parentheSis.g'RS TlIlaflsarlB "ammon WlmlJ IfId Idef'ImiOns....hoM'one person or man· siZed 'o'bled .am ill time..tlollS lij). Stll. Abbtevjatkln_s: 'ofihese 1te~ w.Jf: 8effex S'-t . 1iiU...QUst wm (OJ "e. lO enter .rn.I Lars. in a Closeup view is equal.si~skle.. Tt\is scale is compatable with alii of our MEKTON: Arms ".le:.t' Sknl.alld may .called .(. lkoo.JCJ:lais.ur leharaa.p:ly to.UDtce fadncli'1 in olrder lo.s at Ihelle. 111e combal s~atllstiosfoli' many of these' units.'39. 8Jlpewr eilsew:here in this rulebook.s'fth.m_a.ys ."y1atget lin tile ta~g hex s:imJ'..(p.e.W. .tely'for the' 'I.fjiaglliaQ1).. ~~ 'l~ts. _Jlrrt!1lllS:M. ef tlilese actions gire dese(itJoo jQ t~Ari:tllJ.If:i. This 'wliD ba the rota! of '~Ol. Closeup Map:. ISJ:!Il!lilldi MP.~e.a!1Ihus. pg.11" Pilerm~ milly attack . Dodge fQrme.l8~Jiji.: 12.ifjl the' d1tect.ejf ~ l ~~ ~y lr.h c~JY 'y".~und 'Sf!Le' FacIng beloW)~ . A .t 'illf me. (Irn the weaponl Of' I~.peJS Ii lSI~Jng 'Mall:s'.r m. lu~ WfgBt. l~' t.!. t.ij is calledl W:s Mov. '!llSad)f IModifiers + i'l'" D "lour OilPOllen~ . I: 5nDJ I OffICe B~~J5.au!!' Dppoll'lel1~ you NUJ h~~" JJ hiS ~:r her w~ 1$ le~lJ. I$ide O'J When '.oocupy the same hex on a BB!l~Ue Scs!le ImIWl.is ~nsulfiCje n~'to iPay (}{lfr1fJ!c.ur.you ma.. iindlMdual' hex can looldi .d AS laW \Wa.~rneri$ ·tsec tlj. lD10 l. lit ~'Pu.cha fr§ffll ·~tol hex.~ee .EKTON or mecha s.used lin mIcro 81'11T1ar.agr.mIss..Alt3~ . ~ .lo ~I"mn .• blJt ~t aJ any af the .of additkl.eltween hUn::IaJI1S2fild yeh:i:cJeswho.descriptions).l8rtiOu~i:l!rI:f uSleJul1n balles Ib.D.rw'i:Sl(!sl:a1e!:t. Whotll' ". .nS ~!iOfjlj ..1II fflake what ilJ .haJadsll' . ~YOU' lSll'lQuld .sized one). 'T~" me: SilVctUI'Hi. both .at Mo. Eao1i1 hex. D~fJBe' IB~kJ" e•• acres ..1'1g M:ovemem A1lowarK. 'V:DLIr ChaWiiQet or me~l1a. a!QiI\lgnile' mo tilec~'si~~l$ d~lr~s to p MI eithir j.as M A~k ~n.ll1I~ IFading lis d:er~ IS ~.. .Ji. MBildtile .rss . Eachl Ihex: on lihJs.!1ll9 of .iit .'Mi'aysenter ~h~Irn&:.~arae~eI'iS .define 'Wltle.f rroaking Closeup Mags.1. ~il1lled . Your mapsheets may aalso 'be !Used fO. fne ..¥ C1!:lItw'-W '9118 \Oil' IInOre' Battle :5ca'le he. shee1 repr'ss!€lnts an area 50 me~er. you' will . trJ MElf(JON.@ ell'lleti~" JO.PIlU'lt onl .I: De!fe:nse IAltUS 'When allemJ~llflI!'J!a. are all smalll enough to . Toell1re I: IPartclng' ""mal itlEKTON II __ -_ . cd cre.s.. In ..l'Qave.UfiI!!I me<eh.i9Ji1 1'5 f.np '& AttaCk Arc U 'Ihe lo~al ·oJyour IrQll~ llii. \ObslaG.s across (rnak:ling IDe. Men .n) .MI'Rlatur.1temfigkil ef I'irle'.emenl AlI'gw~' (MA).0..l" detailS).pot 'enter U1at ~IDC.a 2 meters.Clpseup Map ~s r.iNd unit at a time.kje .hef '~iIla!'il)iDU<rfI.ootaeLes..lreoess.llis js.I Defense Rolli t~fi~llhis or-her: IliiJ'efilexSlat . IHJat[! Walls" FlQiQ.

e d]agmm~l.from Iheoortam of~he hilL Range! (ANG) IRange f. Ullay wn~1treat.u~g'h.asel range. hm or o~liter lelev. rooks and .y no~see over lele:vations SUchl as hills.y not see 'Q1IIiew leleva~lons. If tlite 'edge' ilntersects an Dbstach~. msdetrnOOI as ~he set range CijiviClecl by 4. They :ma. .other mschaof Large Offloe fully tons: or greate..~orsimple' <mf. Hla:lf· ralilge is de..antE! r ma:M level~of [he obs~acle.meters}.lElplayingigama~ manv lOS q.less) calli see over all walls. (:a!~Ilc... o eadh m:m.of . plaoo a straJglil~edge' betweisn .cars" trees. All~ weaponEs: have . .s j.&). bead'liUclica~ecl by . P.or BUlilQi:ngs.Ran.e'~o climb rmto Buildings I?r Trees to' snipe ..51 .of srg_ht.lnJtlons: Of the:Se .TgN..'Dr' C!bst!iJred~rom al'laeJ( lily unas at llile fJase o~ U'letnlUi.CharaC'l~n'S ma.1he.ranges from DlD1:2 h~m.the carner oJ the' target's li:ex aoo ~he ce'fIIter of the . for eVla~ .BIiII one unit If! on tQP' oJ a.ml..:!iSieS and aman apoomemlti'offk::e bloiO'kS.o!bslacles".alacker's hex.any of ~hes.cds~h~ win be .. TIley Imf' not see DV'er 38' lhex the. H C~aracter_soooos.ual~o 2l111lans:izedMxes lhigh (4.gl en weapons.t dT!lroot patlillNa. ani determinatioins of line . A.Une lFirefer. line iof sight is probably blooked. M'ecl1ia" howellJ1er" must either blast/rami thrtUJ1gih thesle ." rooks.hasO IOns orgreartsr Garnsee oveirall wans.I:''': WIiI.rts:eq.Smoke orfire :will :not. IiOl. nor .corresppoo:~ng~ybe plaeed 1 'hex tJaak. d]efill'led as the distance 1mhe~:s!. HI.PDrI'si balifill placed directtyin cClrna~ wHt11if!e taJrget Se.ElependTn. acting as lif ruiilningJ thrcml9ih R:o.y Ibe~.ge Table ~ pg .e wea. t Veliilrc~e-foli'Jl[le~ An~l11\laE-ronned and HUl"lanClict~ 'fo:rmed Mecflla (49tDMi or .over hote:ls 8:. ~ist ·ofMoo finer.o:r build'Jng~.n en~er 81"a~elr er de'lelm:ler aoo iswiltlhin ~!hi$.gt' nrn throwghl gllUUpS at Trees .d'ditlon: Clr1amote:rSi can see oveli" low wrums. Ilfthere iis a question cd ~rne.m:I defeulidar. trouses. obscure line O~s.oooided by 1i11e Refefee of'the gamEl.ailking Slru:etIlJ!~e:s\.atres &..men1 ConditiOI'Mj. r ~tle' loweli' UiI1lH: :must .eU'tler tile a1llaeker's die ro~~at tile de~em:le(s die roll . SrrackSr..as having tliJ. or goamund' t1unrn. ~arrain~. If you are uS!i:l1Ig a purely Jro. Skyscrapers & ShoppiiilQ Ma~!i. FIalnl !t:lJanik rang:e rs .line'.cam but not !(. Objeots 1~lhere :isan ObstaC~e between you and your~arget you may not have a clear line . Une of St'Q'htis defined as a straJ1ght 'U nobstruc:too line betw'ee'l"~laUa!okera.ee. liIey may not ~H!!BDr ilir.de~il'led .I~pla.roeks.e . Modifier (MOD) -- - MEKTON II .aUoJ'l..ween altta:dkier and defender (::see diagram). "HmU doW.ylng system without maDs or figure's.ugh MCHiEl. itIT'l!8!Y be ~hui~1 dowrll'.o:m1:ed IMec. this movement as GoIng' UplctOWWl ."'" . ~rn a.JUliiIllilol<l'. I~an otls~acle is taller tha.conditions" etc.EI'OVier mocha.fuilled as the set range div~M by :2~ Qual1el'-ml'llga. hig:her unit. I'n gUl"!er. They ma. and cars.uaslie I"IlS oJ~his SOilt may MODlii:ers ariEl OIe.al~arQets.rj. trees . line at S~glM (ILOS) aU:a:cks may not be made' {se.s. is IPm.ced ba¢kfrom the Ih~i s edge.hey mayfwN ~ut ..of sIght.~ wees a. fonowlng] the I'II1Os. As: M:EKTON'is ptimarilya ro.1ljJ\e.1ined as a value )!Iou win acicii to .r houses. In la blmcl~ng.s~mlt1as hiUs.

l( scoms.Allhough pressingl a sin.'s winning.cy I(WA} WSaflOn Ac:ouracy [5.s.d weapon: Q!ooeper aclilon. .mbat lper act~I'I.---. Mectma.ir part of tha combam turn. In mecha 00 ~at.Uons im a srnglo ~um. Kick ~Oooe .. scoring :system 1ol~en you 'who.I sm~~Elril1laemem. depeooing en the' 'weaporil o:r aUaok used.r involving cilalJlractern.aOlelr or maeha's tu meomas liP.sawd~ or tleld oy. based upon filileir Reflex . Man"itype weapo!ns h8"!l'8'v.Ib!)ws~sf:u:wtdel' IatUlct1!ers.rf. 'Drnce lper ac1.e tum.• 11a~u:m 'Gov. and also listed ~Ji1 fie W~pon l S!RI'KJE Refeml1CS' Table. any .dk:m.---. I IMain IReflex Meeha iNO.Olml a. Un: Dr Cali1J~ 'DIlOe per'actioll. listed in Ole WaapQ'n any group o. Claw. IEacll character or lmecha unit CaJIil onlY pe.s. .gJe bunon may a:l'fow a rnecha to laul"lldh a.act. Clii" a. pun<:h:lWioe per . ~.in the back: .e.ry !!argestn. si~~e actIon.pple'.ctionsara wl1al characters. rimy '_-'---'-"---"---'---'-'-~at once as a.wnl.They no~mrlve ~Fe ~i1an theirtotaJ MA ~na si~. AC1:r:ons Doing Ih~ngs.1Ood. flg:IirI:. a:re listed intliie weapon' R:sfere1'lCe'TatlJes.ia:1 ·~oone Km.rliiER 21.3 WtIlen a.e! are dJeafmg with :smanell"~'Illings(~~Ik!a'people). Ho·w :Muehl Can 'You 100 ~fiI An Act~o:n? .pe' atL1aOO have set damaglas. pg~5D.e attaJcker's die Kill.lie:n . :s!holgllJlliiIs.e limits as to how mucm they can do as a. IBall1QUUgiet illl1l>a. in. :gUlI'iIS.pg..erfor ano~her 1um.. I.or Kills. OEFIE.jiX possible actiQn 'clilolces.alle.k w:~h .~WJ$ ofcomlJatsllluaUon.-. pgiS. 1------.damages.~he '~leHoiver" MiA."Ity.rounterSi~rom srmplB dl!J:S~Ups.eapons~ -"I'utl's. oombiilili1tiofil of ooth.iofI.. daggers:i energy and n:on " energy meleew. Tables section of thls WUptlnJ .or mecha do duFiI1iQIthe. o TJ:ains~Qrm: onetorm change IRBractf. hail oil' rocket~h bothchamotersand mecl:ll'i do hav. you n.. wHiIl a.•..Sig.a1mos~.NO . root may flOl be.modil'ler.ay.A..I~linke'f' wea:lXlliIS as o:ne a. _. dlar. 10' The MEKlON majolr wars 1inat spain oo:nlinents.: Shioolt~ SU1Ike.I Other. type of soo:llepoim caned KIUs. . Gra. These need not 00 firolTllffnElsame l~.or Meeha Rde. 'change 011' reJoa.er 1 who~. Kills are de. AccLmmies.Om'll. I:Hle.:1. co 11 Retl'ex .arry . as based on~he i1l(pe! of weapo:nl. limited nulftler of ac.aniy'of lS.soo a.Ge~ U\P. pOllearms: Q100eper action. vehh::.nooi to! :S!iililll!J'fate clamag. a.of~lI1at choice: --MEKT9NII --_ Put aw.lasers.mec~a!.8 B.wn:S be to. . maclhil'ne :guliiIs " cannonl.Flifl. . C.Pelf actioilil fIG. they ro1ay chooso' among . Throw.• _~. i . i--"---~'-'--"---'-'~-'-'---'-' Swo:rds. .'.-.04 5~o7 atc! 10 4109 1 2: ..· W OI':liCe Iper actlOnt.y:s..e'thFOW O'f 106. once pera:atiorn.on.Accurs.aOlliiOni. 'whe1I11!:l.~nce pelfac~ion .of uoml}Jat will enabl'e' pla:y1e.. IMOlU'e"De~'endl .on .. .le': o. de~ined as a.e! (t. single action . ' . --- .. m. pilaslliag!JJiFtJs" . A~lIli unde'rsl:andin:g of these basic lrules ..of dal1age caUedlHlits. lU:suaHry based' on ~. We f1ave' listed the sa limits basedl o:nlifle adiOln .IcI1r IKoot::kdo. modifier added ~:o Oil" subtradedfrOITil ti.I11. ve. in tlile Combsl 50-52.e Iby very hnge wS8pO:nlS move.arrable .lmle~'. .. subttaCled h'Otmla~arget local:iol'ilf's HlJ'rIs .------..utocarm..". a:asi:c ICiom'bal: Rldes Comba~ SyS1~m is desigFlooro wor. Damage (ICtM:G) IMOVE Use up 10'12 of their to~al Movement JiJU'owance as ene acti:on._ .:: IOnGe Rete. R:ockets:: any er an lrockets alii tfue rmec~a ..lIamel's •. I1cHfiall~ypes o:f er:w. Hilts a:re eqJl.nce per action.gi:etum!l . I~their MIA is an odd Iillumber..renee Tables.~s._. Escape::. fuJi bo~ brow.o.choio8' andUle valifous sl:libcalegor~es' .any gaMe'.rclures. we US.emernf adion wJthinltlit:e tum!. we uee . "('00 may aTso' fiJ"E! SHOOT Missi las: u:Pto 6 missiles I~n . .e~inj1. .appears nJ'~eoook. Dam~ie is de1'iI1ed as the number of 1lO.poirrt may be applied to any ITi!O'v.rs and Ae'ferees to. Wften w.i9~o~3 ~2to3 AC1iol1ls 1 O. P..

Mecha must have a I'lIilfllil'QJm MA.amern. To.w. eaehhet travelled. well as.re 1'110 lams. a) Cost is an additional +1f'Ol" every he')!.adlng~1.. weapons" atla:OO or ao'liom associated will it..Special ~fleCl.) ElealUs. notes on stationary'. Men Olr mectJa mus!l:.DoSiS: RO!!Jlgh.Fo.cr.wB. We fJarve made some :su!:J:gesUons 'on ~ypes of terrain symbofs which may b used ~'n M EKrON .ks made bV gum" r:N~es.aralcost . Inadd~ion '10. . Asw~lh Horv-eliling :'1}. 'lel1T8mn .2}.ges and .II.r any mange of {.t:epsfo'r I!Js[ng ~:heweapon.a.p·orde. ~~.!. dlesignedl 1<:1' kn. pg .eather oOl'1ldl~.el1Jcal mov:~ment 2) Swimming oosls:)!3 8.of your M EKlON action wm1..space.lUvy Maull]r.. W.are' two types of mi:S5u~'e.awn r LeS!p': 11):Macha air man may leap IUP to 11/4 o~ ta.consult ~he most aJZlpropriate Ram:Jom Hit Tabls. at x5.x1l I'n good w'SI8J1t1er.~i:nglfrom ground.s {pg~50J.A£:iI:ron Cfiilofces ..YJrllg costs .by Example.ta!l MA a~ 'oom em x:2 pe:r l!lex. :~s~ing U:1I1U!J9 ACltiolil Coo'ioes ancl~fleir assocmatoo :subj~ds. 4) C.r is in yOUII"Attack Arc and withTn rang:e. In this rules s~et. 4.acing.h).utilS... :Dlag:~. MOVE Fl!1IIm1:11). Defend &: 'Otli:ler).orbitfrolTil .~ AmV8' fIl:r:ee hexes through ro.}: lRurnnlng. Ho¥e. bu~pay ceettor both wising. in 'fau~ weather (w.. a) Cost is )(4.tons. Cost is..I MOO' many up (or dOMl) •.. ~:ev'eiigone up' Q:r down.ere.xJ. and" ~5MA.heek f'Oif . .combat map.may swiml!:n any watell"2.U:ackRoU.H:overin!3 costs.l'iiifilg WA and MoO's !int. You wWJfd cmJl1f "1 M.hoot.~ andotoor .J1ng units are the abilities.reach .ges of certain wea.po:n types.vo. 2) MA pay price~'or terrail1l~ype ofeacl'l hex eruterOOl.. the unit will p. has variOI:. falJing and! moviing ooriwl:Ol1lr1aliy.'Ve disoov.oundl=:x.pg.. These are a:1'IW'eapof!~yp€!s wllich cam be used Dve r lang dis-lances" making one attack a~ a tim6. may 1lI01IIE! up. S:no'N~ Water:x3 Crawling:: f) As wi(h Runntll1!!J.hkh fire small nUI1I1Mrs of lawge: and more' accurate missiles) 31111::1stJlke missu!es i . om12 to fI'Iake escape v!e~ocity . A. Men rolay drag I!WOtime.ATgol. we 14 to . attack Wias no.ViiimsUrtg' lerrain with eests QJl!emer tiI1anrfl1lis.(or sec(JIUJ hex.. Exal"fJP1e. oan be !(jet:em1~necJ the R8~eme or by mwual ag:reememj. Men mecha -1l"taY InO~: wade In watelr deer:Wrth~n 'I j[le')('.s.mOYing targets). ito De(lSIi1S9 er Atl:aakRolis.ting mhe ir own m3iPi armd symbo'is ralU1erlham be.of course. as ain the SrnJy TweTab~~ . lBows: These are a:llta<.. "aMA. Fly1ng III nits: move in . Calilnon:.M:A!if . (.r.atego'ty ( Move. )(4. F.E:aci11 rWlio. Mecha may Ofil1r¥ drag! to:nnages equal to OJ lig:t1leifthal'l~hel1S!el!iles. O~· ~hrus1:ers).x1.(very large hunter killer missiles. geomorphIc maps). EX'a'fnple: Unit A. tllan moves hotlmntal~y.42MA~· for first· hex..n .6MA" (orrherI11«lhex. illCludes lIiJ!nde'rwater ImGv. 1) As with runningl. Get IUlp:1) Uses 1laQ1ion. 2) ICost is x5.awl il1 tliliey have lost ail legs: on c~nes~eof ~heir ro~so·Oir maim 'body (assUMing they har.f ~imed.ake' prace in . so tmll1Iljt ove.r'" arrangement 2) lR. Mlsswl'Qs: There .ppropr:iatlll'modlriem.ping'. use MEJI!<TOOIJ SHOOT .lght.eapor:rs in M EKTON: mis:s~~ racks (w. Dr 'Open g [. 11pe.r ~nallies for atl:a'C. arl~ rut !.KJQtIJlS (if" huma:m::iidfOml) and MiEiKTON'Amlors may hover . Swimll1il~liilg: 1)1 as witlil~lying. l have gmven :you tile :s.eli".s~ace mo'V€lment ~seXMitly as anyother 1ypeo~night Note: i~~akes1(II ~ums movingl at an MA of 4'0 t As withFlunnJ.eroont 3)1 Macha may . (A Note '0111 Terrain.Eds moome.paring llis value' 10 the tonna:m:eo~ tITle weight to be dragg:ed. nietliter rising or famng.ofill:y swilmin water :2 MEIK~hexes deeiP or deepe. ..o a.::x2 .ock out base. MQl1aaction\. climbs a hill 2' he:x€s high.e red 1i1aiJ: most flefereesSEHlm h" prefer .s: as muchlU tlTl:ey' can iilW~:.: Jeff w:anrs to fly ~p to f€iach a ne'.(paying t MA eat.aJI' .x2kn bad wea~Mr.I1QI.eper.He . [paying 'oo~s of horizOfil~a:1 and v.. 'fo n1liaJlile a: SUl!gls' :~o1 all:aclt1)! Determine if defel1de. Me'fi .50)i tlor lDamage. T. The hill is cctvered in' R:o:ughTetrain tx2}. I=weclr.. cities al1ldothe'r rnor:l". Howev.rises· tOyr b:ex·leveis . Uselll mosllywhafll~ra. with Running.clooice c.3118x:es {payfng 1MAeaoh}. Man-lrlexesd:ee. All urn~1snooy. ~o 112 Gf ~u~~l .2MA fOl the t81'fain pJus 2nw'ftl MAl for the climb (wta~4 MA) iFly:.ccolJ!nt llDefe.6MA.!)gh (x2). :'1~ Two unIts may ~ragl a third~.l Mud. :Stll'lke". Change Facing!: Cosl:ot Ulrough 160 degree's. 2) MakeA.addilflg their ool'liDined lOI'ilfla.nder make Defense A~IIL If attac1:it::was armled" remember ~:o add a. energ¥ b.ing '!i1mlled to.cali~ed a slhgte StJ01 aHaell!. 1~ ~0 5 cle~:ermine wtmreths uuget was hit 3) ChLeck: Illtoper Weapon' Referel1c-e (pg.KnDc~baclc (pg. ~mits and adVanta. So me .1. S.aUack cu aclion" as. GOI up Dr Oownli1Uli: 1)! As. miss~es or oows. ta.com.

4) M Be.apprqpriate Ran'dom flit Table. Bemard mIls a de.~) (.an attackoft 4.r . Valu:e' betwe.aifelJ shot Wilolltil ~2 (jie rrwtJifl.antage to 1.2.4·lfF.ts into the ..th'.ackect ~l!eRov8:r"" shots au:tQmaUcail~ QO!I'Olii1e first Iilex fi~ed . of 1lhe wea_porn.nse 0. !Ull> tOI the' Adlusted Bur:st Va.( 10•. f'or .yOUIf shots.oosepa!rate:~ on the .cimOOI:t to' Single Shot.Lielirs' roll:.ype w... .Ma.n~'y1Wle~ofaiinumber of . pg. u.ngle' soo. You lT1I!ai.ype'om attack iis Ine a:l:mity to '.ense' Roll..as w.nnQf1 rangs. Th6~hine' canllo.00 fi~cI'in ~o ways: single :mo:! or liJu~.1 ar:moredMaill' Body.eoon mi~ . lbursts canlWt 1M aJmed. OU:fSir. To fire . u: (pg.He tfwmbs his gun over fO Burst~ and h.t1h othelr single' shot ranged weapons.tum. 52). TfJeUzl~s Burst 'VaJw' is 5~mear#'n§ u/J t05 I . The number om'soo~s aeSTlginated 1.. This v. Note.p to~he lBurst Value (listed ifn the neck with thisf~rnutters Jeff under his: brea.lle.4) Ohedic for KinDCkback (PrJ.evellY poin~.et).Attack Arc and within range. taki rig WA a!l1d Mods.Q 3).parate~ly.hJs~.al!l. takIng WA. BUJst IFllr~rng: Each ml1chinegul1l . proper Weapon' Reterenee' {f}gJl0} for Damage.IUlle in eacn heill. and Mods into a:QCOUI1l~.rs awa.52)' al1ld'Ol~eir$pecJa'l Etlects .eso'ill«J:by u'S'fngthe " R:am1omHlt fable.aJJlOrn~s AdjliJ:SNcI Elurs1: Val'l. you win roll your Anad!: Roll ense.bullets (r. UnltkesJ.f:e.are lI'8Solved . higher than d~~er:l'de~S!mn. me'.l.~. 2} MlakeAuack RO~~I. wtme all defe. DiviCfe Weapol1 Relerem:es.rrake}$ a machi. each other ..l' .e!selnts th 9 nu mbe.Ett9Cf:s (pg. (. The Raltloooo' Nit Tabte mN prams tnese . hJJlets ma.shots.DnesMt lllash~.s at 'th9M.cali~.of n:UJ!OOStlle we:aJJO:n is . MaTi!' rolls'.eguns 00111 . IFoil' eve.mard..alle Rlpr..Y.ch hi~ location I1i1Jst be Klrr.he flips the .nclefS.Mara's Mauler .eapon has a Bursl V. and each must ..se. ''TIle Mauler. yOUlW. and M:a. .·ea.l:aUy (you ma¥ not use the Random Hil Tables )1.sata time.wldmck (pl/.51. U~iril!ga burst.sin91~esh01.chlin.y oolyllre 1Stfl~a IM~ssil. See appropriate: W~n'RefsrenclJ' (pg.s/m.0 ea~1'I1 hex is the we.n...) Make Attack HO. aim.re thfOl1£lhfhB' oockpi/~ Value: MachineguM.ry point hig'heil'~jhal1l~tle de~13nI. hU targets [n eacl1 I'liex.moving into macJi'inec8.. Each Imi5s:il~must Ibe' roUed fOlr .and lilies at Bematd. I)e~'ende. __ i MEKTON JJ --- 41 .50j. th. al'ild 1tJese I'I'II:aY onlY be aimed at 11!i11li11obUe targe~s.' aawal f1i1 "'catiOn is r. the imaim adv. .enl the hexes to be aM. In oar example~BeftlalirJ takestt1e slugs to too forso. 4) CI1e::k for Km.capalire oJ tnringl per~l!Im.Four .n~s BU'fS1 Value is 8.r Ma'lII1e Dei~'ense Roll.eve.Qn::W1t1e1her using a 9rnm lM~ni·Uzi or 8.T"a.iit 11lJie~ermilrleif defender is [im y·o:urAttack Arc and wiU'Iin fang-e.le the' .~pon.hang:ar ba.! at a IiIl'lile.SO.s De~ender is hit once.illilel"slighfl'p ammma fI'ea. mecina"si:zed 50mm lMaotJine carmlo1n. in~o account D'eifende:r Make Def.5tJ ).chine~ AdJ!!!lS. pg.ted IBurst C3MOMl lil1ay loo~ired into nllre~han The h€OC€lS must 00 acljaoe'"t~o one hex in a ItlUrst. .lIe.heek. tl1es:e W8:aplnS:: 1} IDetem1l:ihe H def'end1er is :inyo:ur .fJ!~sh9avily Machlneg:unSi & Maclhlnecarnn.ts. In soot hiS next .1 for [)almage.RJvrslJells Ilwmner ilitoth.be :aImed ii'1dXvidll. me Maule. in the weapolij's Burst.52}) and at'llerSpecial .amme. all ma.: you may only fire 15 mlss111e. Jelt has no llced .fQII their awn De1ie'n~e Rolls.be fired at a time:. Example: Geria1:l' whips auJ his MifJ{-Uz.d {a' e. :atJd tires.. Jeff'mllSa 16. Single SOOi~S.

serv. appropriate Jla'T'ldom 111 'TBlI1e~ Pf}.aimed.or your oppo !lent's arml (which you lrip.propl'iateW'eapow· :Reference Elty throws fleer'self .ge even~ rbel'we·en . double ban:e I sholgun.i!lli'aak join :rMm .of' a .m ella .ller. :lfatta.A. in combat.As it happens.6.. once:. Becall. FI~et5: Rooket a. 2)1 MaJka Ji. SMtgu ns are alwo'3Iys a l11a.5"1. IroJi.50.rH.ls' 1.{j' roJrGat 3. Defender MiaikB [). to 1112 tnenumoor of Kills ~nawm (~~ coulntin!J ar. owto omes]dE!'.~very accurate n:u~~e:~sc.exes 8Jssig!rn~l1I. Elfy .m:m'S'AdJus.iga.run .. deJencle.) . Thecse ro\ta~~.s 2.SWam!.cle." Referenc-e (pg.ropU':fimo Weapo.ealion Tsb.eRAre am:!: wJlhirn rang. ~lmember to add ap)pr:opriale oernra~axis. . lorso.up' to 10 hHs. Gfnlon S98S her . Determine if de~el'!der ~.tr to clefem:'ITne w. am:/IiJIy rollsaUJ.nd a $1.52):and1 o~herSpec'latEtlects (pg.fa/(e' 2 shots.St Left leg.or 'In1lery :po']n~higher~:ha!1l de'few..lus ttle 6 aC(]acent maJil'· sca:~edhexes.s.ibuiting: damage ~o ona loc8!tion. If Ulirng'a doublebarr.52J. Def.e.and oU1erSpecfa. in ~1h8 case offi mecha. ..each. below. re.r is .has fJearcJ alr·me ..§8~ypes.52'J.WeaPOll1iS= Melee wfilaporn aHacks COVeii' any 00:11 'oJalad<.(pg. . a~1 Moos into.r At:I:adk IRolis. 1).lar:as allowed by' Body Type. To.up to' BfNnam and deCide's to! split his fire over M'O hexes" . dislr.tielilG!e:r fs..der's.5~-Rig11t leg .51'.all.eilshotgun. .7. lhmw'fabls) to de·termine wheif:e it !has lanfle:d.object r8spectweJy..s. Left arm &.ate damage.feot pg~5' to :EH~ewhere lroak. 4) Ohel"'k ~ar Kne.rial1' must ti".r _ .aspecial~fpe. 2} Mak.mine' if def. JUsing 11D1 0 : U~2:.lacent h.ami B'efflam :OJ' 2. armed.~tWJC'e.commotion below" 300 ti'asgone al::uiI':nto the Uangs!' Bay to in~s1.)!' have omBor tw'cIl barrels.fler Mlak:e·De'fenseRolL n in 1hatthey itlave of rotating ban:e~s fe.efenSI RoU:" ~~ attack was.. AUiocannon= AIltOcailil'lo·nsdiHer ~. A missed ~hll'OWmean8~lhe gl1E1naal!! hasfBllen short.fJexliinifs thiS to 'Mfr2).oll r AttaCk Ale andwiilihiA r..'OCl. of atl:acks :11 > :Determine' iif l1efs'ooiElr is iny.Wing 'is !equal lflex(e'}{cepJ .u1!tw."" . 8'ooOu:nt.1 mber ·ofkills in fhe~hmwn .miale Rando.~akililgWA and Mods il'ibJ' account Defe.areount.!!! ·ttm tallQI'il11 was hIt ill Cheek. 2) M~e Altadk. linto aooolu.lse of tl'ile autocanooniis UgW:e'f bu rs'~ Gmnades are' .~'OOl'iliSU I UiB moISt. !make IIIOCk:et all:ac~s. -but' th6' Adjusted Burst Value lot f:Je(.& 'Torso..('4 in :a/I)L rne ACQ"l'JSfed BuISt VaW. sman~.k Arl:: and with~n range .Ro~ll. wllih firm loea1Jbn!1ilII<:!ngany ~le:filoVief'shms. BoeJrel lilt.~ a.iIs 5 points .or A1ta.aimed.· IS) Cheek for Knock:IJaG-k be. tailS" ooih:ling gfKJaitS". to detel'l'il'line whe.ofce o'~he 'bot1y (orlne noochtfs. lfIir:uJ (ineluding armor if Ipmsem.- STFI:IKE: Me~ee.p..ckbBCk' . oo'laJ:w tile ..dkRolis. otherSpeolafEffeots (p.m!~.Roll damage·lbca:tlan ornce. hexes. - ShD~igUlns: Shotguns ma.nL Defender Mak1e.dk as uS!Jal.VOMli\g arround I.JOa~edl weapon. Yol:JwiU' ~~Ia.. . Arc :andl w1thlrll Irangs" REulge 01 mecha thm. acl. . Ron.. 'the' defendew is hk1once.a·4=H'eadl . You m13. shots go to..5. &N'IJar.eirFH:I~V swords. and Mods..enSi9 a. an eal1ier turf)n).ng . Willen ~browing grenadesl! YOIIJ will fiJ1akea ~:hrowing~.an clefe'filder's ~III.een arlY tlNo. .youcarn .:m::~udes aUacks with S1NO:rdS. 111~ (pg. takJ[ng W.) Check. Ge.es.tweet~her . whem1ihe 'f.Be. c~ubs! gun buUs.In order fa. . 5} .iU fake' 2' ( she' .[hrownweapons.djacent !'lex. . Efteats (piJ.m -tJI1e tarQet was 11ft" 'W'8apons.Elly w.kiet launohew fired.a:nge.rnj d'J:vlole' even!y~.Knockback l~g. I~ ~iliWlg a single barrel sl1lotgun. Me..ender ~.S 15.. paHe'm .t8 tJUl.101'60 '& Torso).iny.ck 'was {lOI greater stability and a f~g:hler "spread!" I:han ttaa~. if 3Jtlae'k was oot aimed.52) ami bursts. Ge. 2) Make Attack Ro.nder Make De~ense' Rolt3) Ltu.I'ecI: ovew Ule ~m:![lIi1g hex f).nlilt:Ul!rs fir.rnelil1ber ~:o adtl ~~ropdal9 IIIDdifie:rs to Def. taJi(ijfil~ W"A.e'ts flit.e over 001 Oi'l'fy the two . 4'2 --.you r . Defense Aon:.Bernard's' hex.). oolN . ~au. I these h:exes e'le~~:over'..employed.es wh~'Gh IhiJ'OW'lnlg: 1) .rd and Elly roll a .. up to UI' hits per roe.no. Grenades -ha~e a mdius ef.taking WoP.3} For 'e\llS. Jimtocanoonsr ITiUilY 'only be fired ~n lJama.en.rst 'Villus is 3 for the hex tmrfUlttJ' jg in" and 2' faf t. l..e~ltflerfire inlto tw0 a:djaoem Ihexe's as one att~a1(.00 ap.roIl1 05 and consult the Grenade.S 'or. 4} See ap.for rPJ~52J!. in". fhis . To YOlWwill: '1) Determine if .ge.rom m!. throw a 1 Kin!weapen :3 tlexe'.he he:x Elly is in~ He rolls . lin your Attm Arc 1 3) See appfOFiweWeapon Rsfemncs I(ptJ.r and wittWill r:a:nge.De1er.: EIJy we~ns. aUac'k:1) Determine ~. 4.below Ge. • 9-10". .ry poihl hIl@lherth.1 Defender IMake !Defense' Roll. take.f!' lor .bl'1fS1~ Ge. Bernard will . ~he first ihexfifecll irnto).attacklng B'emam firs!.tsd Biu.. 2~ Make Attack .. .mHlf machJ'negun.Atl~ocannons are always roocha TabJ~ J)Q. conS'l"Ut tllUlI most apJJml:.lthineglllifilfl and Mods iinto atiGOulU. .nnnayUu'ow .ll. 3) f=. 5} C:heck ~'or .g dallla.~Bi1lJa.~ you rnJst n3peal~l1e preeass for the secondl baJT:e:L WlUl a.5DJ fo.ett whIch is delennined on a R/JIIdlJm HIt 1'abt~.~ Atil~ck iRQ~II.uGtn's .:~akiflg WA . "fDmake the'.hexes they are in..s of Mods iroo. ali -.oarrell!s gi/i{Bthe a6tocannon modiftiern !:o Defense .non' rolls a 1 O.ped off [n .aJIldi I ..mo a. lin your Atta. Exampls·:An 8 !killi arm can fa~S onS' In the leg. defender is h~.O!s) liS . aHackwiis .5t)) for Damage.c3is.f1~Rigl1Ji am &TOtsO.ttao1ic: A:o:n. in this .dama:ge lh tts one locaUon of the ·targ.prope. 52). widening the disfancs Damage.". and .or intol one tlie.e ellOl'1TI!!lus satvo.MEKTONJl .ysplit Usus bu rst attack t.m(u Of' Q' s~ihel1!i. tlng. Bernard dodges the speeding bUllets. j.SemarO's) .ollJli!' Anac.is.ne side. (ackst.

bUit in genBir'al do mOI1E1 damage t1an regular melee' weapons. .Ir doingl so.J~ wHew FlO' mooijti~r' do.ws~ IUn~lke o~l1er melee type weapons. c'relsce:nl~ u'inw &s.IWeapDn Referem:e (PtJ.r .mte (W.E-tletfl'S '(pg:.52.abs &: baetftlancls.Pingl~Gwer o!fthe armor bV 4 lpoints.get. 4}1 Checkf~r Knackback (1'1. The I1IiIDdk1ier this lis a.BHe! I(WA:. 3.lo f1i~wi1in these atl:a. norrllal a. D(m &..th Of alamer..'iliWS have no IknodWack.:!.cks.sp I:Iy A.} Ma~e Attack Ron.~his S.s:) rn~o a.ergy Melee wea. yourAnadll.sw::ih as heat.endl~r lis: fnyo:ur Attack Arc and withil1l range.. ~a!killilg W. . me~ee wea~n (inetudillJ] lriHe bu~!~'Sand ltIandgllJ._EKrON JI - _ -__ -- 43 . F'or more lOll' detai~'s on knocko:lll~ atI:ac.. tM.ea~ool p~asma IIJr:a:cles for cuttingl. Fange. 4) IDrills 8i S'. rocks il'aciuoo.I!!du:oe the: S~O.attack has a specmc WA (or lJinicu~. 3!11c1Mods into aCOOiUnt..)' aoolo1her .ccmslJlilttha FOOiSl. . IJg. "j Crescent (WA=-2].iirnk. Ro:~I.account. . 2) Maker Atitack Roll.m!d use --- ". 3}1 Cheak Slriklng Altack Table (pg~52) for IDamage. . .rlly BeastmscM pr rMng . V'OiIJ will: 11)1 Dete.5'2)and ether' .gI p!!'l1laIUes ~r:. " Sa. 'INA . KI'Ck: This atilack ioolJdes 'wheell.to' I[)e. Attacks: Charao'lers.P 'is reducedl to 4 ~8 . 'Q.~ ala:ak.sable' lily :men Oll'lll(8. To legs: only "J'wtJee~ (WA~O)': 'Jo1of'SQ Ofl1Y V spin (WA:. d~lls. " attack was not aimed. bonuses for stoong.ed. TherefiO!rJe.ttack ~able' (pg.501f.tuntShackRolls. Roll.2:): StUinnin. appwpriate Ram:Jom Hit Table p'g~5o.fensre' or AtI'adk .BS alt:rua:d.milIneif def.ve 001 IKru'lCkbaok.2.when computing' dalU8ige. stunning or "nockcmf~ aU:a:ok. Efil.o:r Dannage.5(}}~.50)'tior Damage" m~'ngsu~e~o redllJce armor ...Radk.. to d~tem'lrne' 'winers the talrget.ve o~her .: To head or to IknOCk weapons out O'f hands only.)r Check p. ~) 9~n~G1k SIr:lk111g A.5(}~1 fOil" [}al'ili'iag.. !on1'y. iro eyElS. Each . 4!} ElI1ergy M9IEH~' Weapoflls. Punch:: This aJtI'BIciIc hlch.H's·t.aI<~ng A and W [Moois..ns US8 KnookDUI: superh.. Rie'e'l:e96Shc.on·I. but suffer no modiffler penallires~or ooing.a:lild Mods [IltO . reme!mberto acid appropr.Spec}a'" E:ffecls (PfJ.A=1): To.52J1 for Damage. ~aklJi1gWA Bnd M'oos into. bul su'ffem no I'iIlOclif. ~a:klllil.3 to.s weapons. To Head-lDeifenci~r must mQkeswnishock roll or 11 ChopS f'iA.50).kSj.anack has a. 2) M_'e Atta:r.~5QJ. First.ecmverrt amy sIlIil!c!e'wttlil a.y).mlinfl' if ci:e~ender is 'in yo. ha.. !However. see t'l1e' siection o:nS. anaok 'N.AnaOk ArG arid wn. Harclto damage proch.lilfn.g.SO).ac~ must be ia1m..olfSo arril')O~ has an SP of 8.as hit.creatures can pelilc!rm~his atI:ack. iDefOml:ler Mak. 4) CiIletk fiot KnocklJack . De. be knocked: out 1:0 Arlmlo·defendermUlst nnake' s~untshock ron or d\~p weapon iin Iham::!. you 'H.! lLlI..y>.ense IRolI.pons have rIlO oo. agains1a [litfill or saw alil:acik.~. w. taking! WA. IRolI.i:erpenalrLEis ~or dGTng so.2.n barr.'."!l'I'I"If!'!iC." Kick (WA=D).roper Weapan flefemnce (P. head or.p~n k[cks" 1) Detel1il1]na " defender fsiny·our AttackArs arl:l witlll.5pec:lal . specific WA I(or [)~~flOLIllt. l. le]aws~ cl:mps~ elbow strikes" j. accollllrnt'Defeooer Make! D!e~enSB RiO n.ucer. l1hes!3' weapo.P. 3) Chi9Ck poper Wss_pcm Relerem::-e {Pg. I:lig " Thru:s1: CW:A=-3): Torso. Knocksoppol1le~ lba:dk 11 hex.4l: To head only.11Id Mods illltoaoooum.account Defender Malke [J:e~ense Ro)ll. 2) Make Attack Roll.aH Apadl!!: Arc amd withirn range·.~ Make .'A.fender Make Detense IRoU I~ I • m1Ociiliiers. but may l1I'a.Qse auam: 11)Debl!mlins' lif defender is inyou. Are all1d wHJhin rSJnge. .1:): ~}. AII~!hese attao'ks mu:s~ be armed. ard saws are dEH~Jgn€d speciticany tocuil 1Jluou:gh mecha armoli. Je. mary .:rdes IPunches.ThTs attack must be armed'.e:r. IEa.SlJec181 E'lledS '(121. saw attacks nUJst be' aimed.m r. 11) Dete.. irn'lo. 'To maketh. May lhO~ chop only.nus for aUaol!!iell"stf!l1lglh.4=4}.Mack.. de~ermil1lJe if clefer:u:h:!ir lis in your AU.\f ~ Jab (WA~2)1.owsenOOlS OIl1~. PUJ!1ches inctude: anyo1i11er area.Alll ~hese atI.4"~ Energy Melee Weapons:.cll1.tn range.5'2) _and ather Special E'flects (p. . !4r} Check fo'r Kn'OCkbaclc (l'f.ro:mo.e~ Def.(pg.-.:.ROns. Example: Irn a. Defender Make Defense Ronl. SQ.. Mole.

earefull~ [tudgem.ent as tOewhelher 1he AMaiCkrer can actually rsaotl; the are,aof thE! [),afendem with tits mouth. f'Ooman'! ¥o!!.!lr'e 0 III Imy bf!ck, ,a'nd you just bit my ~oot?·!)
3} C:hoot '~lhe, SlrlklngAttac-k

Table (pg.Sf) for Damage. Damage modified by oompon.en~ 'Iev-el of head, falll'lg,s(if present) or body type of aUa~e,t ,. 4) CheCk: for Kn'OCkback tpg52} iiiI1d O~heli Speclsl Effects

stol1ps&.cI:rqps. '1). [h~rt8nnme If - de~eooerr ~ in your Mack, ArcaJntl wlilin range. 2) Make Attack 'Flcill,~kirng WA and M,oos in~oacoo:u lilt. Defendler Make IDefe'n:se R,o!ml. IE,aooattack. has a. ~Ilecif:k: WA {or Difficu Ity}. 3)

aMok tProperAtbllek' DeselrilpUan for IDamage" Damagema:y- be lmodified tJy ty,pe of QHaok ~stelrlgth ',of




IKIrmc'kdowlfH mn:Ciudes throws, slams~ trips &. swee;ps. 1) Defem'lilileif dlM'ender is in your Attack .Arc an:! wifJilin imJilQEI'. 2) UW Attack Rioj~l,takingl WA a'fiIf! Mods into, acoournt. Defender Make IDafenSlS Roll. lEach aUa:c~ has a. sp,eCmC WA (.oJ DJM1iCUI~y). ~} Check SUlkln,g A:ttack Table '(1'9.52) for l[)ama.ge .. lJamag:e lmodified by1ype' of aHaok+ :stmf~g1h oJ atla~9r. KtIlockcloWns Iwu;:hJc[e: hex ..Lo:s~s l' Baian, tak:esll1O damage.
.Jl,l1mw (WA=O); H'l!.!rl QPpOn~t

,J Taclde' (W.A=1 Kl'IOCko~rnent linto, next he~. )1; De·fender Ios6S 1 lacticn, INieUmef unit takes damage. Atladlt'er must IhaV'e'arms. ~ Ra:m (W~OI): A liiOeOha aHaok ooly, in wt)JciI1 mecha slams, into o~nenrs toqQ. Each unA tales diamag'l1
based 'DIl treiratl:ackern, lIIass (s6eA8m '[8blejPfil .. 52 >~ +1 I,oir ev,ef'y :2 he'xes Ibe,m€ln.. Larg:eSi: unH occupies hex af ,encl. 'Otiile,r IlJnffs di~oed' 1 h~

OP,IXl!SHtf! todireC!1ron o~ ram, er bou need ID.aCk. out ~f 11"8 hex. All ~n.VQllvedlose'1 ,a.ctio!n~ . . . .. - . Drop '(WA=,.,2):: IRurnrUngl Ie-.ap lendtng w~lh ooll1lf!ei~n slamming into Defer~t:h~Ir'iS, loUie'. A. (Imp' iis lpef1lOllillEld tS:,xac1J1;y a ram. Must haver l~egs,. IJropsmay like 00 made 'Irom above as well as from :SiCies bUt- all damage· sltm


imo ,any adja.cen~

he.x.Lose 1 action,lPll!Js take d~m~!e, ,j 111"'.. ,D:r .. '.~.. '"\..,.'\ .,~ 1'IiA_'A=1':.: K.'~.·...... 0ppolliUt:lih~ ., 0'lN,n.• d ..,.' 1 ".... '>. Y .... Loses'~ acJ.[olill,takes no damage'.
hu~lu:des g mba .• Ipllils~ bearhll.lg~"jI ,e;ntan, glrell1llents and dlsmem'beriings'.1} Dete,nmine if d~endet is iin yourA1ta.Ck Are a!'i!d:wi~tMnrange] 2} Make' A8ack. RolU;,taklTngWA and !Mods into, aooou rnt lDe'f,ender IMlae De~ense Roll. Eacha~.tack. !has a. weciHc WA ~or DifficUlIty),., ,3, (;!heck Al1ack. DescrrpUon below fer .Damage" if ,any. IDa!mag.e lmod~ied by type of 81a+

,(WA::,..1):IHl.ullopponenl im,o amy adja.esnm.


goe,s to ~~:mso.


"" smmp ~WA=~S):'This, I'iIlOvsnmy Qinl.y lbe UlSedl by meu::ba to run dOwn itruma:l1ls anal small vehio1'es..
DEF,END' PallilY:. 1)Alnnournce tlirat youil1teoo tea pany ,at fha' !OOg:rnnil1lgrlhe tum. spendl 1 ,mion. AI damage is o ~li1en Mk:en off ,o.~leQ'lused fOlr ,parrying. iMa:.r use :an.y type of o~j~d'lo parry beams, IcanfllOliI~,'guns,~lluQwrn

strength ,o~al1:aoler. (~ra'ppJes'include:

objecl:s,jc m.elee weapons and enermr melee weapans .. Must hav,east:lielrdl to IPlruTJ missiles;~ Irock~Si kicts: ,& pu nchesUld aulomaticw,e\1ponsUre. May oot parry knockdOWnS, en~angle-mems, grappes& f·UUI bOOY
blows" Dodge; 1) .Moou nee thaI 'yooir1.encil~.o dOdge mile lbegillni~ of ~httum. Spendl 1 adlol'l. add +2 t:Q ,aIlV,OlJlr


G:rab (WA=1): Take one o~J~ct from ,opponent ThIs . ,Off leg wij:h, any arm OfY,OOf

additiona!~"15, DlOdifillElli.· "J PIn (W~,): Pin O,lile am
OWiIIl •.

can 00 also be used t,o gr,M' .!.lIpllumans a~"wei] with an

defenses tt:lismum. Mail' c!odg,e'beams,

Gal:"llion, QllIfiIS:.

" Bearhug (WA:,.1),;. Pin opponent's amns,to sides wlUiI orne '01" IT'Icmelparr; ,of you.r aJi"mS. "J Dismember (WA~): Mech:a.tlf~ alack 011111'. Rip any anin, leg, wing', ta:~or head oomponent mt Damage based en tougflneSs of serv,a vs.~oljgh ness ,af your

UlI'oW"1l o.bjec1s, melee w.ealOOrlS", erThe~ me!ee wea,pons. lkicks &. p.Jnohes. Ood;g!e is r.I!doced \:01+1 when dodgingl llifIissiiss. IrQoClrietsand automatic 'wealQOns

fire. May dodge Imoc~down!s, entanglements,
,& full

loony blows ..


as on Dismember


fel'nt: (W.A::O'): Tihe tactic of making a 'a~se, lT1IOv>e"tol 1tIrow your 81]8my oft baliiLlilce. 1) Roll as ~ ma!kir~lan aUadi:, laking WA and Mods cill,IO aooou lilt Oef,ender ro,lIs 1D10', plus tila1i'oe' Stillis ;& lintel.~[gence. A ~IUCce,SSflliil fefnt wiUackl ...11 to any AUacllc Roll you pel'lf;'orm difeCfly a;I1e, the {,eint.

onl,Y.2) Takes 11aC1Jolil. To mua'ke a. su:coe.ssful lescape .• you must wll as if nnaking an Defelil!OO Ron ,againsty.Q:u,r O,PpoRent. 'l(,O:JlJwiU use YOurf Fileflex (or Mech,a Refi~e'x); $:tart+llDoeigJB(or pnotin.g) S:killiSi+lI 010 .. Your opponent will use his, ,fieflex (or Mecha Reflex),stah·Grnpple or 'Whip, Skillil-11[)1 O. On a~iecl or itligfler 1!"O,lIt YOli Mave escaped~ !Hlu,mansmay also atlsmpil:O escape lif ffH!!Y have tleetll1 ,Q!ral:Jbe<j' ~ mectJa.

Escape~ U !Used ~o escape grapplea"





OTHER' AC1iI'ON '1lif,&nsmm'll:l) Uses 1 aCl.~'oFl. Alro:ws llIn~tcl OIW olhertolffi.

1:0.1"50./11. ,direct flU: ,of mo,re UlOOI 2KilIS wi~il il1liSlantily ,clilall1geto' as we'll.
V'apo~e the hU~I1I.

A1'so OO!!Ints:for g~tlrrng in'low'hicls' 1) Uses: 1

2) IUlsss 1 i1dJon.

preltious weapon away.

re,1m::.e oi~ps, O.ilafilQS any on-OOdyweapol'il

Pm ,sway,ChiEU1{f,1 or' Reload:
_' " __

~OI1ll. I

and pu~


an:mor QI'rliY= MeclThamay IiHand cany anythIng one half nler~~onni8:ge'. They Imay lift {iIJuf not carry) tonnages ,eqt.lal to' or' ~e;ssUuul,U'Ieir own ..Men ~ay lift as

lip to

Near MI'sseS: Media arern'l! u,suaUy oothie~d byan~~e anmke hlJl1mans I!Jn[h~ilfoot--Oiil9 good SfQl1iJP' :mel they'r,e history. OJ"e reason meclujoeJ!ts ,are 00' cocky lis that the ir wBiailXlrfS aliiB'soawru~ that they don'~.'eV,en have to, dir~cny flit ~he littlfl: bligfite,rs. " youII' ala.ck ro:Uis: equal to C:l' witl1:~fiIon s!poin~ o~'you r targ~('s :Defense ro~ll, yOU! will hilv,e scored ,iI l!fear mEss rather than arrniss. A, near miss atiu,ays. ~ans into tie mani"MiIC adjacernt to tl19 ~9X ii'l1 W:hicifllttefarget 'is s,tallilding. 100 de~:efTl'ilIlrH::! whe:re ttle near~miss Ihe,x win be.. roll 1D6i:.Workingfrom lie 'fmnt mooing ,of the ~arge!t~6 hex" place U18 near Imiss hex [n 01118 of tliief'ol!()Wing ,cQ.l'llfigl1Jra~ions: 1 ",['nrect~ illl From C8r:1:t:er,.~ To, If!ii!fl:hn:nt. 3"'To' ~1I1:f,rofilt 4-.Diredlly bel1iOO. s.."'fa !rear ngh!. 6""To rear left W,hate!tlEi,r is in~h9 hex whertl a near miss tnias f,anen~~es the flU II damage of tfle ,aUaok (wfiliC1il, i:I' ever ·U("instam1y reduce·s it to, va,po r). YOUlrtal!QBt, 01'1tie o~ih9r hand" wl~ll OI1l~ take hal~ damagefrom~ifrle near miss fa. 11 alme!!: is. K recluaedllo Sl'1its in fie 'tQr.so;a 2K attack is, r,eduoed to' 1O~Qroo, rh~t5.Any1i11inggre,ater thanna~,~iII still ~nstal'lltly' vapor~e'a humarn target",. even if ii,t has, not been flirecUy Ihit. S,u'iikll1l,g:Vou may not use nne~'ee'w'ea.pons~Q alack.


mA:.lcti weig'rmias rated :in~:h9 [Ieadl un sscl:]c'n af the S'tldy rype Table, p:g. '1:.1ihe;y may Ilift. aJoo carmy as as

IiiI1.Jch, welglh1i as, sped~iool in EncufJfJJe'ralfce~"9.23.


soo~icm on

Sli'u)ol~li1g: Y~:IlJ must a:tw,ays usa tile ~S nooclHler to your J!litla"cK ROll when arH1il:c'king t1Jma:li1s, (1ll1e IUr su~rs are hard to hit~~. 'OUI may not use irockets ,or missiles on ¥ hu mam ta~ets, as ttmal( are toosmaUI ~o' register any sizable IOck~n S~J1a1ure.,



'Of! I.he o~tler hand, YO'1i.I can use ,anv tyiPt! Of firing OJ s'hooUlIrlgweapon, suclh as rasers, IPJas.mas, 'guns, machlJi1eiCalil1i10n and aru~ooanno niS, t:o attack humans. A1iIacks ROilis am roode as: USLI!la:I,. usIng tl1i8 meoha pikl~'s Reflex Stat + We'a;pon Skin+ Applicable' Modsi Die roll, mil'UJs too-5 Modif[er~or atlac;litng human sized talig:e~s, Mll moons vs ,hum,an attack; 11;1~ 1M, humanrs torso, (the ollIy plaoo bi{J' ,9tnCltlgl'l to be !:lit by a.~bot wid,e lase!
beaM. U n~ingauta, or machine cannon, iignor'~

humans, as humans are too' small to dtabber WI~h a,
MenlyhJo~. Iiong sword '(SQrt of like slabb]ng at a I1Jllilning lma,use' wTtil1 ,iI I:n:'Qladswol:tl). You may Iilowever, a1JlEll1'lJ31

a:OOUl~esig nating hit localions~tI'Ie ol1l'lr ,p!~ you d could hav,e' hit with a. tliIee foot Iongl she~~ was~true torso" and you were II'ucky to do'~iI1aJt). D:irecl hits o~i11i<iU aWB
: MEK rQN fl



~o kiCk,. bite or pUllilChl at 8. hUlman ( you can f,o,rgetfancy' moves URe Ja.b~.!,claws"wh,eel, thrust. s,oJnand cre,SJ:em kicks !)Thess s'tr~kes are made' aswiUl otWler tyipes Of aUackis. makil1lg sur,a b, .apply the "15 Maclifierr,of' ms€c1tla attaClkiii~1f1umans. flgIhUng:. The 'on~¥ a,pplicatlle "fJ,ghUng" attaCks media

as iJ they ar,elO hit aHacks 1.0 the, hu ma.n~s:
_ __





can fiI'IaKe' an romans: ,aile St.Onilplng: and Q,rabtl[l1Ig, A g~abbed fuuman m.ayatIJem'p~ to escape ,~uWilllg 'his rum" 'oot ~:tIemecna ,may a~:Wa¥Se~ect. to ,cllIsh film before he ge~s,the ch·ance'. A CllJs!l1ed hUlmanis \!laitY ObVHously

Sto,PPill£l Power. When longer stop dlamage' ..

it 11Ie3chces O,tll1e ,9lllJTl1Or win no

IifIlsooa. 'may attempt to stomp on ,I mnnin:@j I'lu man .. Stom:ped humans9.ri3: iinstanrl!y r'Elduo9d

dead. likewise,

~:oa.1fIin paste

,0111 the

mec:h2l"s lootpllarles.
tllink' i~.'d ibe pre1Jtys3sy to hit

_Man 'IS ,MecJ1ai
,A:UHk:l:rl\Q! ~ On13'WCillJltI

Ex:ample: fn ,a hot and heavyba.ttle • .Jeff's Rapier takles a' ,soJid 6 Kit/missile hi' in the Main ,Body. TIle Rapier's Main ,Bodf nais' armcr with aStoppiflgRJ:wef 015.. Jelf wOllfci subiracJ tllis' 5 from tile 6 Kills Qt missila dama::tl'. 1 Kifi waula' contimie' thwug.hti:i!' ,damage me Rapiei's Miiin Bod,. ,On ltre fleM. atta,ak" t1Je Main Body onlys,rqp 4 Kills ofdama,ge.


somenling as b:Tgas a .oo.utSe,. rrlgh1.'?But as any antiaircraft gUl1In.ercan tell you~ :speed ceu 1'i11s~or'iIilOm~hal'ill I :BIlle!n hitUrngb~1 'targets. Mo!S,t anime m:eoha I1IlOve as 1'ast, if not fas~.eIi'~tJalil~heir tiuman ool.:ln~erp.arl'S. Th:elrefor,e, when IhUI'iIlm1:Sattack. mecha~~hey recall/EI' mo, si~e~ool'lJsmodl~iersfor do]"g so.
IDamage; AlI"J. ,eme!l'prisil11g JMEKrON character might weil~t:I[rik ''Hey, If I shoot my :5 Hit haooglilln at. a. M EKTON ~bf1l,gnaugl'l,~iM damage I'oo! will ,evenh.!!laJjlly add up to' e 0119 Ii<HLU I shoot at th&s ~lhing1 for 100 rums r~orge~1 0 (Ii f(.ie;nds to shoom3.1 it), IIIMiQht krnodk tl1ii~s~hing!,COWIiI! ~an eHec~l<nown~o Il10st MEKfONr wariOOrs as a rJefusio.n of MEKr:QNfIood }~~The ,pm:!lrerm with~his Js fJlilat it's 'equ[valent to hUling ..a.~anl'i( with 'y.our. bam' r '~iS'ls= no matl.er hOW ma.'nY~irmeS you hJlit" the .~a.-~.kW'l:I~1 .•.. ·. be untouched '[anti your'fis1s. Hldillcedto Ilhaimbtlrg~r~'.


B s1ngls' stt;aclt .11t;h8. Rapiet were be hit in Iha sam'S! ",,008' ,lly tour 5epBf,aleS' Kill miss/I'es. file WfflOf woutd .stap ,0 kills oOha flI:stmiSS1~e., -1 .Kills offhs' "9xl. :1 Kills Ot,h8 .n9XJ~a.nd2 Klils ofthetast II llle Ra;pier were atlaek.ed br a tOcker :@f6'8o. you wouk:J first add Uf)' allot the damag,e to reach srea ,by a.1I the rockets striking tmllare~ (tets .sa, ,2 rocke:ts in r/'J'8 • head, :J ,in 'I.'fl'f) .M'ain Sarly, aruJ ,2 .in lhe 'eU leg). Tile anno.r Oil' e,sah Bl'lea w()ufd' slop' all ,o.fttmseatiaok g1OiJ,P8 as aile al.'a'Ci~..;1118n'it WfJ.ulr:J :be retJu6ed ,by ons pt:Jinl.. 1701 fflOuOO it further IWQUIi.1 ferpJlrsanotfler S/1littad


NO.'1 ,'~at this is ail' In


~n OI~8Ir te: damt:i,ge a. mec.ha-Iscate.d obJea ,( soliliflith~ng! with KUl':S.! ot Hits), ,y.ou mus~ do damage B!q'ui,valen1b)' n 1,Km iin a. sfflg.fs auad(. Even if you gatll1eil'~.Qg~tne:r 1,000 grcu:nu:l:~roo,ps with hancgull1IS togeithell' and, Ihave tn,em &1100,1 all day IOlil,gat~he~:aIilk:.fililewO!rst IIey will clo (ma~be) is to scratch lilhepall'll~~

PARRYIIN(3r Sh:ieICls:: SI1~e~s ,are Ike liiIlO,veable amKIi'·~-1ille¥ can be' !Used to take the da~e o~an ,attaqJc iinstead ,ol1~l1e' inteno'ed pan ..To, use a s:h~'eld:.lt:Ie rrneClha mllJ~st a,ve an h ann t'O hold it.Whe n not be'il'lQl used' to' ,Pany rdamage" ~his shield rmu'st be cman,pedlof slung ,oli'l~lhis amn,l1t1e' .. c ,""Cc ~·t'-11 -c -.Shie'~a".·t"'·"'i""'-I;"'a,lI·nr'"'~"""""'+"r'''' ""'r'l'!.lI·lI.g- am.iil .a t'Imes, _._ M .......,V!!i!ll>! ""--'1, .... ""i"",,",Li> "'K;; _, 'I takl'~1 any damage t9~ted to, ttlat ,arl11l uintil deS1iro.yedl. I~fnot lPaFTYirng,)roo may lIJiSie~he' shleird: ami, t{!! :attack s.r fire weapons,. Howev,eir, you may' not :PawI'Y ami aHack w;tlllle shield arml !ctlli111'19 ~hesame tum.


Pa:nybl:Q ,I DeflecUngl .Dama.ge

OOmbal in M EKTON woule! ibe very ShOI1land ve.r}! f·~ual wi'l.hcmt .ARMOR..AJrmor, whether !of tl'ililil Iheavy pla.1es or metal alloys ursed~o oove;r mecliha compone:nts~ or of Ughter ibamstic: ll'Ies:hes ,of character 8flTi1.0r,. pR:)tec~i,~hB wearer~lfOm laking the funl ,amOl!Jntof the damage aimed at him. llnere are two, impo rtant thing~ to, remenmer aooutMEKJ'ONI Wond Arimor: StOPlpililg Power: Each l~eve!1f al"lfi'l1O:1" o hJ, it's, own Sliop,p~li1g Po,wer r(5P) Wl1i;en you are h~t, subtract 1he CUfil"Elint SiP \!I.alue fllram~he amount of damag;e. The remalirningdamage·(Ua:liliy.rwin thein be suibtr~cfedl ~iroltil 1Jl:lehfil: area.

clamag:e t~eln '1:Iy~llesh'ie:~ be Qllie1a1er t~n li'I~s .stopping power, Hae remainrnQ damage w;m, of cau rse, continue' t:h~:ugh to. dama,g:e thel1ll8cha, ntis' attack was ,aimed. tliL:e damage will ,s1ril<eUle ,allieo!l.ai'lmed me (Where' it will be reduced [nlum by lJatam:1!fs own ari':llOf). I~ tlleatl,aek was ootaimed, a Ihij~area. s:i1ouldl be :selected uiS!ing~f1e Random Hlf Tabl~, Pfl.". ,Othell'iODj~cts~ Tlnese inokJGle me:l.ee weapoMi. scr~p _ .M;nglamuoo~ aru:l: your own an:ills. Each p8l1ties, damage, ,exactly as: 5lhie~ds '00;, Wlowever, unless nne.~ areal'fil1O:redl objects (such as an mec:M mil1l'b}. thej" 'wm ncit have' 11he' S1:agec.1 P,li!ne~r:a~[olil aibJ1jliesi of ,am:K".lr. Nate:. ¥'oU may only use your arms to pany damage' to the head orfolllO (main loody). II,ftoo attack. irs arjulrnaImed atlaGk, YOUlImay use yOur arms 'to I~ny .YiOU ifflBiY not IUSEltan's,. wings:


Sta:g\ed Pe:netmtlorn: MEKTON anner works on~11e:
ttdea. ,of Staged :P'enetmtion. IEaoh trme1t1e ,almor of an area is hit Iby a. shilg'leattack.. ~. ~OseSiDne p,ornt o~ it's, 46


l:egsto, parry damage.

IE:ne'~.g;y lMeleeWeapons;:

These! we~nshava
---tfEKTON Jj


In .SwwS:hod mIl/Dr a Sliti01'l.heal Dr are Ngenerated enO'u. .iInlS. tile arml l1liay 11l1e)'aim' a specialized' attack used only' by men . 'humallS are de ad .eedle. Ro~ilin these and FOil agaitn .I.can fake a' totsl of 10' .et" needl'es do not eeusa d'<amag:s'.rell is 6. the defe nder must make a Stu nfShock. Results.and useless.. Howe.erawillngl). Wi~h one' lEg re~i~ing Ihop (same. Sleep gas operat. 1m )!OU f.. into. needled vii. 'the character is dead and may' 001 be reg'sners. . IIiIgS {see annafo" O1eI~ails}. sle'epfb.em~'eC4' rang. in Ih'6 torso (ri()'ing B IJ(jlnts).Auack. Inst'ead.aok. s~elf1ed: (1-5 on 1.arms.e ..s' 0..over naif .. Ybu may be 'forced~o mak. needle. rolling OooS' at the beg.ck.t can be reg. to CD this. so much small.g6'ls·s cleat shot at Getf'o. lR's1:eadl.takes twe toots' M-eoJes~ reducingros .In these .and.led" 'but 2111: a rate 'r.a . l!::nergiY 'Melee Wea:pons :PaJ[IJdamage byd~!ledlng tile atl..olr' makingl a KJrIGCk_: .Uacl(" h.tlie arm may no~ r be' r. In .led.tf:. At ~2:. ..of this. it can be regeneim1:ed1. aflacks.It. A.1 will pass. NeeclllelfS Example: . His base isn't so lucky. - cases.faO's inio a . Iiowever.lTIis:1U 00. Attacksi: K'arame rcI10.).ag themselves with their .points. At '·'11. At·.ar'plasma oore. humalr!s 00.9 Body Typa' (7 01' tess)....eg8Iner:at:ed. cllll'b Or' hand weapon may' be .i(:see !head}.'hey must treduce theiir lJa.slower "han norma'l.reason. not l:Ie r.U'IE! same Waf):. Fer th.Qut~ blow il the' Attacker has paidl the addlUonaJi modirlem 'f. hour.dEH!!P.o'U times :slower ~. objects.title legl iis seven~d Dr . dreamless..se StuwShodc by 1 liorsO': Ali O. f1sedtesJ.m away. At -2.convened 1:0 a "knQc:k. H:OWever. He wjj~ remain uooO'nscious.amy blo. ~i1ey may 'de'1~ect ma~' attacks. They rna.Stun Shock to 4 (His base .. fil1ed as any o~ll1ersingle 'soot Imnged iauack.. If ene 'holJ.:. II may be used to alaol!c 011' oaJrry.th. seven:ld or CNlshoo.cases. ).re.y. because they a.: N.gh b) be i1ighslr than 01 Hits (Whe~eupoln they come OUlt of the coma agailn).shJedd:ed to ' may ot SEee1p Gas.At -1. 0 Hits.p' for.chaJmcters out When s~ruck.QW..easl1y. If Y'ru~akie over one ~a![1' of the .)/Ou must make a SlIlm/Shock rolll against 'mMe lpain and sheck or Ul' damage. . bJOken . pi'stoils areCQ:m· whiCh fire drug·laced needles.vemd.aJ1.2.hock roJI~to remain eensceus.: a Sleep . Foreash adilfH:io:nall n. As the damage is .han normal.eed 119 taklan. ffiI!1!Ii):' not be ~sed tel_attack Dr w~[k.pecificaJly designed: to knock . are an attaok s.andl may no~ 'be . Stun/Shock Rolls CSJtallll oondHkms or aHacks may force a character to I'iIlake' a S~l.cti1l'lS must m~e' a Stun/Shack Roll 1.ch. Men with bo. At -1. lpount. SWl'1IlSllrloCk.r drugs. legs.tJI.acIdl~ion. as required 'w:itl'lou~.gs.D1 0)1 er shredded~o r.' as.1'. Klilockau1: to~all poifnts 'of an area in Half lIlams. He fai7s'ths'ra/rand faIts (wer in a heap. mUlll1g mu-st dr. ~ Ix. lit can 00 [rege'nelra/ted' a. hB EXBtnple: Jefffs hil by Mara's needlsr atta.ernal diamage ard 'the character has passed . RoUlo. as the btad:e consists of a magnetic boU~1!and ..Js. M:e~n. Head.s:s sl-eep for 11 hour. dreamls.one artl:ack.ags (6~10). la'k'IlI' no actions exoept to lie 'on ~he floor IIJ n1ullttH!!Y .Gfienade" you musmmake 8 Stu RfShoct 'Rolli ~:2to S~8iYconscio'IJs. tile victim falls iil1ltoa dee:p.. H the' roll is 'failed.r you an!' in the' .w wilha. They will need both arms.ITU~S.regenerated. lillis.n and sooots him Legs:: At 0" U'le teg is brok.eneratedl.the' next . he' must IroDIiiII value' en 1 D1I(1 equal: to or lower than hiis Sl!unlSl1ock Vallus.egernera1)ed.es in mu. SluniShock .ri'aID parl)ling - as.rnning om eao1h t1!J m until he has :passedl 111he roll' and reco.the arm is. One MEKTOO II - 47 . s~ay conscious. Ar. he makes' a .He makes il .e 21. they may not ee used to pany rocket or automatic weapon atlaelics.erUlan shields Of ather mate.ematn oonscious.deep' slse. are 3!Utomatlically uncol'ilscibus. This time . 1m can be Il't!fJ8inera. - Human Damage.material suibstance to absorb. Gerton'S tDrso .agaillSt o1Jleii" men.{itt -5.lJs.'011.. but at I . tMmorso has taken Imassive int. pi"e&Sed ahr handguns a rate rwe tr.en and useless. the Itead is.r. Certain attacks and weapons may reduce th~s Stun/ShOOk Value. tim arm is.the' tomo is severed Dr shredded apart.ps.0 r. as . being destrO'Yied Or' WQ. A~ ~5. However.

hle'ld ~n check: by a rXHN:e"u:~ POiwerpl~u"llt Expfoslon ..critioal. are.0 1'<71ls.dss. dtim.areas.hould your powe~"ant GIO .Is a ~iarul1te'l!la~ fo tM moolla.ene~iv'Blty il::)111Id.or alnoount or Arght System lPoitirMs is Ie ss ~lhan~lll'at . Id QIKms~ tile head. 1. lfIe mecha iSOOw'4 . will fall' (see~8fJllJfJj ~g..nsidefed (.e' i'S 11300/0.At 0 k:DlS.. for' 'Ate. ~liIIemam Damacg:e.-.nab're to crawll anti: n\Jst lresort i ~o~lightor rerminl iilllmobiie. i'I.J:ic i:.wmrlin tfu'€! Efinergeoo.ponents: :in thle -MEKfON II adjacellt oo!'!e.a. wflei1J1e!i"otnelr parrs: .n ~ 'f'IJllsion 100mb. I)e Wfngs! At 0 Me'8Ia kl. arms" hea.ExpJosio:n. YOUI must FOnlciW'ertlilraFl~hIs ~a.eF.~ {~y~ WE!:apaJIS.erplaJrt ooel fJ'y~:2. S. l'ia lmechlJi has. you Illeed flO.rplar:ll1:s iare basically .'119 wings •.Ss'flme Is . wifl1la 3 in 11 ' ctIaooe' of d~fBnmifIQIIn 0 11a.oo. "Y'Ou ha. a w~'ngsljl 'fails" oo\nsu~ tile' Intemal Damagll rsErts) pg.t mad9IWJ~n.eqUivai'erd of 9.)1 alta' aUil\~m'8tically' i'I'IO~9traUv.oo:nmbat a fa . AUado. n i I.cl1. le!IS~ Ai Ol*i:llls" lh~ leg 'is: oor1lSide]~d f:festm.e toial ..Uv9. Ybu wm Im:'3ke an ~nternal Oallil1a:g:s.~s eLI Gii' ba kiUediallJtomiitfcal~.IIt:!I in' Msn-fc!-lliiIan] . Iiii1E!cll'la e~~edPtB~blinttil (-4. ~nsu'de .rU~ r:. .. . oom. mechfa are S.gfil.an~ i~.6f tile me:anai.prete'[y . (.fW . and prck~he1:l1me yo:u cron~ want) 'lI1Iiat~ihemag'netio sOJ1I'E!ef'lS.f1fum] 1m wliiliclh y.n1i:)lJriledard f1am:lCamed rlay 00 affack:ed1. nrem I' 5~' ~estfOye\cI.~fOleclL Atma:Ckscanll1O~: tie made wifh II.tlls~.pI'etei¥ des1dfG·yed. Sernsors: At ..'sicun:ernli .ing ros. 2~ ~acfc1heix adijaCerU.and! 3Fe €l!eSfroy.exist 0r nCi1i.._ ft. .. Jll(.Of ~n]lernali D.d'e. an~ E.ara also ool.mrnt'a.t ron. II' ·sensors. (lilaws.~~er.~ by the' nliJmber of .s~~'DY'e(!l.W:l"pla.A.sp.~e1ie(fIiiJine' '~helPOs'Si1l~ity of Int.strgy·ed and .l'nes Jdll'eclf 31rto:mat:ibally.·...0l\I'9msati'fillndl oveli'l!:lade~1 systems.cifrufatofjr Sys1:Qlml ot:U'BI H~HS.dam.I:eS'lmyed.vs" Irolll 1D110 andl 0011ttactlM (lQmponen1.oom."~flaoT<.. The" Tread '£I't WheeJ PJatJormis: .t all targe1u..ags a:sth~WOt:..~: .' ~@I Ron cr ookillecl aU'lommfcally.B1Mfiftl.I1llS at:E!'a~c.if YClll' rm1edfna.a:a !ldrS.s:. (Ie.. D.pows liS . ..troyedl.n~e a '~rasff ~a ""lam: shlu~dowrn.vefawlefll your S:a.!I'IIJ. IPli!o1:S.C.a altl:1iouglTl not tl1eresmJlt neoo8!s<saril. ta~ol11s & piOOe.... FIIi1t1d'1al.'" aM atI'~cfs.At 0 KiIIS. Pilots w:[~li'IhllM ifIeacl' m~st make an IEmeFIsl11CY lied Roill t Q:I't:le KiIIs\~~li:Ie 1iOO~.rs.ecl'YJroori~M arm iSI. FI~N systeml patk~ .11i%v._ lilumlJer of 'Main etld'y IKiUs i!S .Saverofll O~1y Malin B~Cf¥: At 0 Kms\~tha Main' E!Ody is com.(~~uustefs Jans) is: effeot~vE!I'yceSl:royed. rcll1 lfoor IfIecfllals hill:erliilal Cama. FlUed::Piro1S. is. sa.01lJ1i . _ . 00' tile f:olirowil'lll: 1) lMuftiply tile 'D~gillall rlJ~r oJ' Kins tl1:e pow.ingl Cil'_er aootU2:0"ee. W'eal. fh£! faill _8 l tJ9_ .!$. i'mpe~m.requJtreci tOI iifiltl1e . to' the a neil'll] whiCh the merna is $~aooingl will~~~e' tHis mud'! [j1amageiI'J Kills.SS:WifB' explOsWril. f\1.CifilS' siii:lB " ra:n'dORiiI SIi1F.reduoed to O.a NIM an dama-.g t.s.-.I~.l At Q Kils\.~ ROilIIOf ba kill'ed 311fulma:tieaHy.. .Hllsad t. Itanger move •.amagel' damlag'9 Gin].s U1.'l!prosioli'ls.matrcally(lE!.oroef~eld~.I'!t!. do' not llfaViEl' sepaJ1Ite KiU' qaiues .Sl Unflers) ml!l!st make g an En1Iergelilcy Ejec:t lliiIoU VarLllE!1 on1 m 0' l(obvi!:ll1Js'IV .heyare an . Res.fery en b~upperi'SICOpesal1ld Mlali1ua~ . Slim. )t1!'.pt!mtiw.W.. Ulel medlia 1 nnagne.s.. arnl!J'f.". I Weapons: When reduood to 48 -_ _ hexeswm d13. plate II t~.~hl3l mecha l'IlIay 00.~ta~t 00 walk:ed iii iSml!il"ClWlto ·GI!:a:w~.co'n~~o~Eld ~ nut lear e. Flllgtd SySll:ems: At 0 Kills.y' i1ncf1roo1 l1ea.. aM PJI'tHl:B.li'iese '.."'Iustl !WIkelnl Ei!nlll'leooy' EJet. t:leiJ1g alilCl oornlarnnrlll!n~ oocUl!a '01 the' p~:ant .whether ~nlllilise~ OOit .y tnO~ nred froml(he wing. IBut WJ!1ena. suchiss .ng :Sti:I.e~iFi. 311 !fether __ be redbJIcedfo a g~W.~u. ThiS .s~S ~mf? ~h9' Wirng is coli'lWT&te1y CfG'stmyedl.ve.clilam:e.Meeliia liJamage.in 1 O~mJ~ 1011 (I lSi . bl'lg'e:r be uSfdl. IOsrafkd' mrsrefs QII11.mella.atungthe' .apne1 an(t ~llkllt ril'ljlJiies"~1I!Ili!1i'Iil liJe1iFIJ tewas'ed " aJjQllf I1Ilie ra 'pe13~ M a]~iri] can.tamciil'lgjilthe !~weaponl may liJf1e no cUvfdo ttd!5l. 80th :Sj:Ia'Qe. the ta1~ lIS] oom. ~f9. reril(t.~ . ~n fligtfil: sysi:erns Insid'e (l. I MaIn eod~f l!TIUS1 make an IMlIE\\iCJONWorld powe. ~sliika] • beo:o.~Uerthan iHII.yedl. AtlaoocanJ'k'.re1~jfy d:est~yed.a~. the .pesam:l f(Ht:W to .f{fl:El' leJl Slte also £testlftl·yed.1otl.'E!selil~~ ti'lev . Cdil\flpiD:IlemSi...arm is . Powerplan!:AI: D ~iIJs.fnl all Atta al1ld'De~eme Fi:Gns.li1a Moomes iino. Ilnd~io:n~ " fhe (iBIN3:IB I~eirllactual ~ pe 11I!E11FliitedU'IIB me. 11'3.AJ! 0 Hydraun~s~ 111e .ns.lIlioo. mta~\CanJi!1Ilit: 1001 ~.t IJe ni!a~ewfth it~and .9.g.le' '.Im:ee~a t~d:el dam:sae'.rn.8Iie.. ma. for 'detai:rs)..1:0 Mlad'& lOef:eWl9~e Kills:)..s\.~ fl'ml .iU w~n" at the endl !If M'C. rlilcl)e: Hlamrfs·. .ns.gesof MAo ~i:lsedl on _.Kills. FliI'ots in tna me<:ll'Ia .u!ts ~rms~: .rI\a11 IDamq..... cr8.A.efa~es. .~: ake m a saVlngl 'U:lfOW a:g:3JflSi1' P'owerpfall1lt . II~sensors.oPtfc. oomlJew of Main IBody .. with] a.:leuse-elll01 c p:a«y .. a.s cannot be !made with it.15: daJiil1q)a iSi ca!lf.

Ilr1lt9n:td 1:0 go.of dam"..ei'gh1 of IMectJa &.werplard: eXjI'b.a'~s.nw.·-a f.ets rough.dilllTla.liInage. y01l. Ye'~ma:y IIIIIWdelay 819CQmI ~ime.ine lli1e dir.time.rodlJoe a respectable GOlllsio.mmonly used.B' MEKTONU _ Dareru:ilen liIe'nex Sla~i+ IDodge or P1IDtlng Sklllt. we.uratk:ms: 1=DimoUy 1m Frronm center. . Merely clOssmfen:ance . biJl(QS. Sl:I1OO't Silrik8l".ot 1heseaffeots Special Effects' on .~hl 8.. 511:0 see~he' maflREliI"til.. 2.character"s. 19': Anacker: :FhlJII8!x Stat.ed by meat misse. .. Roullld d'ecimals clOWn. MD.o:urto. where .B Ole te.sta.llrIe~r of l1e strrke or b:tew sends ~hB defe. the damage' caused may' Cte'ateo a second pcl. s~arllhlJmaril right off of his or harfset.mecha . 2). Ifyou'lre re.ml1lgs' .!pIy IMamal Damage. speciaJl effect byproducts.' W~h the result.at S(1Q backlash.$a\I'Jti lif 'their Main Body ArlDSI are bel!:lw UI.)Sat ~p ElaltleMaps a!I1d8SWb'Iishh1rraJn.. I rulebook. or IP~my anOOil'!iICS' rifLeir i'nlon1ions.s to.gIII1.i's allowed by )lo!.e' up or dOWIll. Weapon .IBaWe. A 'Quick. This Jisyour Base [)'amag.(1' 4) Ilf maklngl atlacb. Mecha amm the .'" laking .ers. the force 'of a blow rna.tIexes Ifom the h. Willen ma:lldn.EjectlcmTSb'e " PU.ec1iolil rolli.55. They may ma!kp fliisir Ambush Fkllts.. One maJor faQ'lor inrl1'll1I.52 .g 8 ill tih SI tl!il m S:no!il(il .he Ejection Optbn.n't hall'mlE!. .3-7 om [ 'baCk" 8·10 on foont. he. Your new facing 'w~11be tile same as Wh(llil you began )I'Oulrfall.s.:Tb !leH fliG'nt. knoCk I..A.your dhara.0 rear left.auhis . IBo1li1.ady. 2).er you no' longer have enou. Mev. for thits nilsson.taggeringf.gl in one' o~~he '~olkmtng COIiIfig.armor.!r Reflex or Macha IRef~JIi Stat You mea.ugh or firing ali them.. Play.pg.im.(men & f!'1iEIcna} on ooard g . An Emergencr EjOOlJion roll isi~ SiI'that..OflJ"la.er tlhat a simp'lel' ejOOl:ion requires a SI!Jca!'SS ro'll.ds+ Die Ro11 - 'I)am"g. choose at any ~irme too detonate your own powerpiiifil.(l.89(Q8d1. such as nearby buildings.g~ !!ihat ooN. D. (If any) . as -'we:1I as . Otten. Ailll mechafal] a if! a Irate of 5.M EK stagge:ring ing' back through Ulenearest unaHending oUice bUIlding. If 011"'this rela:~:n. 3. Any eharaeters :standing within the radius of the blas... Nol all the .. kee:pyour ItIJll1il :irl:l:Orne. III you hav.. A~eJ d~~ . • make On:! Q OOW m'rillil:lDVef.s.l] 1C6.(eaCh ann.r through your lsihief'd and .ectiOn of landingl hex" ro. IDulillilGl Y'elur Pan CIt thl TUm: ( iI) Stata.. you csn expeo1: SOI1i'lB' pr.g. The tlastliies.make' Inti:ma'i [):a. pg. 3-To lrighl front.j.l w1ll il1iSlanUy reduood10 ash.glrllftruster. wh1'd1 you oought ~eftat. Anonler' side the re are :Special Effects eHect . iFOrmula. Determine OondlllcnsQtWea1il'uar& TerralI'!!.n. Sometimes you maike :8. 5~ To lIie'arlright. be' il1dud'OOIa Human KnocklJack Table aswlell.rom. trackiwheell JJlaUQnT~).la): to the value. 4) Set u.'Olt~.oo. 2).!'! Order for aU partbfpams ijlll fJul. pla:f1niIlQI re do. main body.DimCl!l:y behind. . 'lablu coveredl In two Emer~ge'ncy Ejec:t~on IRon.ency IEl."SI~ At Start alEa-eh Tum: Kinoc:kback Maybe the . 'he amoun!. Fallf. .~S+ ~II 'VI. ~jl.of.sIon-.our tu IilIII ncwo.c:lassic:a'lly anima 'thingl to I[b).at q 'hlUing.who took . '.this~ime 'yoouropponent's . ! FalU~g(mecha) •. 6-1'. flight OJ OIlne!".choose to 'N. Even . D"~~II·id..e~~y flashy side . seling limlits Ito. oomb.ast Chance .~ 3).lrunit's Main Body.(deU'lgar dhOOks 'dron~Ei OOPS taken. To compute falling damage'.8 9mm bullet can p.ers withl th. htgh velocity impacts.s.p.s:pertum. 'Wing. Attack ROlls· ~9ilihiisl )!ClIU:r'target'. All pray.e' included ii. A1thoug'n f10i damage ma~ 00 taken ln 'the auaclc.s on the l. Summary At Start.x:aUon of your m. Sometimes you oon't.cter's IReflex .action in a meoha ICO'nlbat Is dIrect. Irs . w'e'V.:. lI1exe. geHing puillv>e~z.el'alke. of combat: Of Combat E. IPlayeR.g faifW aStulllVShOOk IRaU in 11he priii\l'.e atl'ack did. 49 .t from your >cockpit (a .lOus Wm~ IiKlW . er by Jmechachar.PUnchlout~ be'foN' (he going g.ffems.ingl will ailways place you 4 adjacent MEK..EI!$ miomy 8!:ltTon~:.armor.damagE!'. 01'100::. leg. place your Ilandi'n.).guns the siz!e' 'of smmll automobiles ars .g:es aJ'iId{Qr if you ~avEl not a.w:nen ~!. y. 52 o! this. tJUlletP~of ja~em Dr oomba~ . . iffliill(8. takes place immediately.gl~lhrQ. Il1ead'.g an Enlierg.of using g~gawatt I'aSSfS iis a tremendou. But 'when .I1I1eCha.ally I~oky.. special ta:iSJe' lor Koockbsck Etlects on pg. whetlhel'yolll 8.t'or their voihh::les can aM'aiys . 4.on'l!( when e'}ecting is a lie and death Rlatl. before '~he "suit" goes up in a fireball.s Die De'r:snse HOllis. To determ. 3') Throw 11"1010 see how'yoo lland ('H! upright.) De'lEifi1'line 'Tur. ones Is.SO. 2) Add +11 Kim foli' every hex '~aJlen.llg iGOO!Jrs'whsnev.v. . of course. IDeslgllilale total: damage'to. '~OJJwill: 1)1 Ta~e w.emoreSligtlt to have purchased. a1lll'1ayers.Skl'll.mll1 010' • ladd . compa:1'9 it 10 the Ram raftls.ast pU:l1cholJlt.hese 1[6Ji(nockback. then distrhrte damagB te each: oomponeN speoitl.ed.rnd .edl.r d~layl!l'lg" alld If ~SQ.U'len me..acha. too '1. Fall1ng hu:manss:ee Ipg.t and camper.U18 table dependll'lgl on " Play. wev. Build ~u:r mec'IUI. Salif Destruct: YOtl may.8K missil. setting up ambiJS~M mu$t be 1m poSiltion. WOrkingl filtlm'the fn:mt faoliiIQl of dle yQUli meclha~s !hex.

. cr~t~ ¢r ~~k from ~:eat.!i~Qmatic S\lbmachm!egllI! 100 :200 I~..ill"'l'Idiarn-'!!9!!" 1 thl"111i11 walliS IP.ljle. ·'··V~~1j.~.---~~..~·'···'··-·~f'··'· Flamer I 150mmml 300mml M~ohiFII~I.6J< K pe:r hit k peil'" hn 21<:.i....Ie!".~I'W" Fan.• a 11 "..6.illjiOI'" 1Itl!f. . Take 1• ...:..~.r' 4r5 .. 2M IM~l~!!'W~apo.I!!f!f'!on "Aut. Struetur.'.'" ••••••••••• Ko1rg.6~5mlTl AI.pr>n ~ova 18e:amSabElI'"' '~4!K 16'UK: '~lm 1i 1:2K Wh@.!(I!ilma'!lll!\ Met:al too hOlt t:o tJouch. wOood tnJr'1Stil:!i\oflvn!''s.. Drill.~ 4 0 11 0 4K ..~'~-~-"~"~' '~ '-~~~~..i!p~(I$ int!D nIbble' Entil"'~:s.::~!~:~:h~..!fi Gy ro!jet 7 .gls. . P... MEKTONfl . \II Oil 11col1.1il' v<lpol"iz@al a 9 10+ le~miE!nt Slevere burl'! da'!illl1!la9~..~.j...:~~:~·~~·"··'··'··'··"·" .8-~' 8 8 '"'~~!!'!'i!!.i""i'" !Damage 21< 31< 4K 'mol~~acol!'!n~n g i ~""! "" ""..ocanMn 6 6.B i -21IO:K l1D6 10..."" "'~ ~"..~:f... ... 1 S. -~----- --- 'fg lpe Laisergulill laSerCOiniliiOn P~a$i~<lgI1iln ~_!Ige' . Met...~... IBe.1 -11 o 1Dli+:2: !1DrG+3 1 I StrW::iE!'Missile.'Vi'1!<~-d sl'lloiIJlde'r.aks: Stlf:!ld2K+ 41<: 11<+ 41<. SwuctUl"'1il' @xplad@s.....pin91 ~ol~s: smam~~d ... :p~...iI. I K:m:s IDone 1-3 All windoW's ~!it:.1. 11 D6+ 1 Itne~g~1IMdeeW~.'U~.Us w: O..1 8-9 10 1111 Oracks 1i'n..i.:u·mored cllal"..11<1" ••••••• " '~'l~K+ " •• 'ru o 1ID6+2... la'kie ~anO!R~~S Tak:~e: b~fI .ef<feet 1U~:.'..'h·uetul"'i!..[1:HII'l :2i1f:1lEner9~IHele:eW"e...a.a:c:tel"'s take Milnor ~\lrn dam'.......!"!~""~!-!~ V" 11K 1: 11 :H~~i'i...s rnoltJl!i'I.. - .al be com~. ".~ ·~"~""g~"I-"-·-"::"·-·-·" ..UlI "" "'. I·'~~'::.0 3-11 .a(p:SE's..'!J .::... coll...i.. J .

S. 'per ibex: Wadlilll.sld. Y'Clul!>.6 2..." Thrus:te-. Arllin L Arm R Jleg LI.. Fl.ough time' fora.r50 :~t.Sif:d~Wmg Rt ... -2 -1 9 I Se!'l$or'" D Thl"usiiir ....I. W'ing Weapon"" S:eflsor Thi"ililst. . ilmha~1k s 'li'C!lIJI hiln ~:Mughtime-to make a sil1.t y o·~ ''rI'Q~1 inilirtOugh ti.f MOIi~ a ody HOllin. heroic speech. - -- RaUl 1 2: "EK ARt10:R rr'U:KTON HI. 7 2: 2: 1 5 4 3 2 1 .: 4x pe:r be:x ..as)'.e. wif~h Critical 'W..' Thf"llJs\ier" ..!Il 3' 4 ~5 6 7 Ut'..f Ut.f -2 2: 10 '9' 8 ..f' S'ims:or "./2 to . meam'ing"UiUln~shbaok. FimHTER' BEASTMECU A !He'ad T'orso lorso H~<lr.as). Side.apoA'" Sensor.limb" Rt. S~de . He."" TorS'o' R:t. 1 'II 11 '1 N.{ Lft..pon .COIp:ii' (tOG t:o 01111ar.Side limb" Tot'so Rt. Side Limb .capewiith Mm:£il" 'WcilJnds: ('1D(.egl WI.1--'5 6 7 :8 YQIJI n~ve:r knew wliia-t hi.~ Tail 'Wea. Side Ilimb..ln·'/' I L.o!. You hav'~ enough til'll!!!' for' a 10. Sid".. Side Limb'" 8We~p~n .iii 11ar".ad i Or:SiI 101.ru~' 'b~Slcrea:mI h 'Ii' Q~I h~nililil. 8Qdy Malin liIod.A N'A NIA HAl Vater Swim mingl ::3. Wing LSide Wingl Torso Rt.r. V'ou esc:ape 'W1lhal"il1ll'!i~d.Ll!J ely ini ~@tu::h & 01..mds: It V'oues.ol""t..

.• . ff1@ch41 'Wiit~ bo!unoe'out (If co m~ .iIiId!o'W'n.1' Safety shult dQW1'I 1i'or ~ t:urn! IMechOiI'inop.' ~~'. lLoS'~ 3olct. 1K 8K 9iK 10iK+ ~ Il!)am.1< 4lK ~K 61< 9 ~9 7 1H 2H 3HI 4HI 'SH . ~niocked ba. L:igl:llbr.t! BO~B' 100+ 1.o Effect los@ 'm . hb le ~ IPoints MoY~ 1IJp tab 1!l'.K Add+1 lQcail:io".~o~d!!if'~' :_'~~~_~:-i~e~f' ~0-1 9 20-39 Mlan down t<lb 1~:2 poiniil:s H!ovedD'W'!"! tabl~ 1 . shocik of :attack Knoek~dl cl~.Il<'" Result N.ag9:il'"·. 21< 3.s: diowl':l 1 turwl.. . tab leo H!on up. 11H .. :2 0 . ~~ "..~ '~ ~' .e 2.!!.~ ..)'.l'Ons:.act. -4 on At-ta!ckl IDefensE' IRo.-) -$. Knooked back . fam down. €a.sion h~)c he._ . ~ ~ 113-14 II'S 'I'On.4 (I 0 0 o o 5 4 3 3 ~ 2 ...!In/Shg..se all .-- _. Weak 18.eelingl fro!"!'!..ockled ba.Jinove on hibl~ Hovt:!lIpt4:!ble 1 Iiloint:s: IMovi' l. ..~olr adEll' 52 .I C!I o 01 0 0 0 0 . St.~ "UVi'.)(.O:$'. down tab 1e 2poilfl. 2 I~exi!s. e g to each aru of c:..u:::-il:1C!JilS th. Oli:lf~i'':t at:t1oiUII 'rom impact.ts Il'1oVil' dawn tab leo 1 IPo1int:s: IDc ~ot friO-Yean.IH~. fOilUi over.poifnb Knocked back 2 hexes ~ 'fOilllonr V "..a.6 ':. .2 poililllts: ~ I ~O-69 70-89 '90+ Do not ._ _ _. I ' ·.ck r·o.. "ned. i<:nocbd hell. "folll11dow!liI._ •• Sill LVST HS HS MY UI MH A~ Sill S.·.age to r Oili:lc!lof'r! P PO'lV'E'iI"P lail'lt overh!.110-29 1iargeting IComputQ..xes 2 b~1hll"~..Mev.L ~ 2 3 4 MHV i ..actilons: ~~~!!~J..rgo~.urn.. I I 7 8 4) lCl'5t! 2 aciioilill!S.. 1 <l¢ti(ln LO.2ht'lt!~~. .Ip.lms: 30-49 50-69 70 . ~ 7 .b~\. i!. Los.6&-1 1 BH =..ok ~ hex. Damage I Full 2H :2H LV 10 Or 1 0 rO 0 01 2 3" 10 as tfI:w· lilt Mil AlII SHI H'lfty 10 o o 11 2 12 Or 1 a r.}r off feet.. . ~6 " 0 0 0 0 1 o 0 0 0' o (. 7 8 T al<e ~ H~iil:ililll ilo·it: IDam...ck ~ 11".ll " F~--t-----------~~~~''.) 9 ~ 1'0 ~ 1K I N'"".erl 7!H 9H 9H1 4H 6HI 8H ·~OHI W2H: 114H 1.t':bID" 2 points: .ike S~iI. R. m.Miss. __ MEKmiiJ II .79 9(]l-9.ion~ . Lost!' ~n~dion:s this turn.. LOIS'·e 2: . -.

normal.e~s.O pn:lperly mflum~quet a slil¥ereet Unti. Of' bind a.e. 'this Ume halVedl (round y.good me·asurEI.tie .l in10 roleplaying a character. He_ will 'NUl remain unconscious each succeeding tum that he' .Q ge.alTN:e.ers hit by a fan car at 120 Iq:llrl.want to know exact~ what' happened? Did you break a r~l? O.e? An3 'Y'ou r innards hanging OU~? !For this r. Il)ase:. Bemard succesSfU.mart!J ffnds hlfm. hig.1~'dhookingl out" in a blazingl ~:i reoa:u..t1y~she doesn't even have ..a 1D10'roO.IEls d:o~n).rite' next "1&'1:1' W.rs. 11'011001 as s. Tee'. o~ your .even taJc!lng the e:asy and dlgn ilied way 0. 11'the limb is !healed above 11. His Stun/Boock value is hafved~ .is'time' fOf .ai'Il.ame!bloodloss is.ence_you!" I&dy Type on the R6c0ve~ '1)bls' with t'he type! ·and lloeation 01in~u~.Bmo.does.appendlx. ViI.Aga.he'Base HaspJ1al.11 and comes I'D agai~ just in time "" . rh'st 50 mm shrap .y 111.llY remo'vesrhs appendixa.tum. All olher medIcall opE!.be hit again in til'S rIlJht leo.aU 'fig1htfQr some people..himself ott fhe "emr of . some people will aC1Juaily~ose Hits wiU'!olld: medicall ClitiemiCHll.~ what h~ppened to you by t1i1e eoo ot' fie' cOmbat~= and 'NliIat How Hurt Is HUitt? For some FJeople (~the'more' squeamish .1 level or Medical Skill.8's but for CIne tum. and . a si~e way 'mo find out.No:nCom.l1lock irOlI.of 18.ms.. yoli'n~ goIng (.determIning damage (P9" 55}.th9rlt. So V'DU DI[dn'l a.9 how many Hits youl canreOOlV18 r per day..d on Body Type'. he lurched out into the wa'ety haze ot . Whenever you.he t!as~es~: way to fleaHn 1!act.a'. He P. lila If the batHe ~n kee:piingl I a patie.: While in cambat Jeff .hls .. on the third tum. 1M mli!S~ Ima~e a roll en 10110 lowe.f!Jff having to remove Rachells's . whiCh.cli!aract. Ths difficulty of this 1yJ:i8' o/'wf{Jery is 'I5·oij.po Exam. Example. character takes. or dropped 1he hairdryer in the' :ba1htub while you were bathing . than orequaI to.nQush [t's ron.any area. basic.enough ~okinow' lheir character has lo'st "s .Aid (Le •• bandlaging mino'f wound's 11 o~ 2 hits in 'extent).: On a tonaly tJatlleffeld..go<ir~g t. The' next ..\uld. Be.ls .er is gedng to get Ihul1--sedlOusl. of pain .battlefield . cross. H9 eventuallY wakes up'in t.aaf1et shell in MEKTONI§ _ 53 . i'Js. A.fe-.a SCtH.'he lett was' . prectlsare' la'R.bat Inj'urles. he mus~ . . combaUing the s:id'e . your MEKTON . .Hi'I:sif.aUons are.g. .aSS.major (5~' D hits) wo.Or w. but when 'volJ've got a 20 ten mecha suit . wincIng as a Icni.e~ roasted with.f:aifs. To de~ell'ffiin. h'e us'sd h.1i1. o~lher wonders of 1he phrysician's art.Jeft slowly .picked .0.A~ limes Il'ke this" you'r:e going so need to know ~omething abou1.i!! tot. yOIJ must Ihave at lea:s1.eck.hi tries aga}n.. htl tails the • leiI.ery 'i'eam. me operaliDf1' ro. Medicine and how to 'gemh]mJhe r put back together again.ed the Realfstlc' lJamS:Qe Table. ~ailoo 00:111 rie:sullt fin his passing o~t.mOJiE! 1han one 'haiT~at his Hits in any locartion.. _ Ii. Medical S:ldl~ Natural he:alingl may be . will tell you.al .nd stitches Rachelle Upl so . 'you don't have'Wifme to aroundl Ilealing s!ow:ry! And if :yollm~he sort whQ only g. his .st Shot . ch. SOOnelr olr lauer.a'$ily in .ll volta..•• BlUt maybe you fell ~Iltty meters.everit:v of '~il1e iinjUIiYa.O rse w~houl medica'! alltentioiil.l)..takes a s()'. These types of inJJury are known as . Wlilen .righl 81m. is re·duoed ·to t..ted.tpit bIas' doo.eaison" we' have crea~. he makeslile 10..tl'lg withau~ 'the' aid of antjs.tile .na8.stuntShoc!k lIalUie lwill return to. .8 pODlot' blood from IJI's right leg (boy. refer. not pass hIs. Finally. Slipping . But i:I' you're Ireally . and have' their' 'own ~ables for . .sl~1RISoock VaJue. He makes a stun/Shock RO.character reaches 1.nE ..Iutl'tlj.rtJ'ken in three places-to ISiver open the Goc.below half.a/ned hand . 8sffl3m roJls' a total at 22.ohis I'eft I~g and 2 more in 'the' head".he shBrtered CO'Ckp. you nB'ed 1'10' medical SkilL IHowever.bearing' down on you.gr:e.again make' a S~un I $.p!:e. BemlJJrdis' Medical Skill is 6 (BUff/son' l.n~.eve.funcUon of the s.without... sa ':0 perfon'J1l basic Firsl' . Na~ural H:eaUng Natu raj healing) is ~s~ that~-h.right (edlJcing it . .b.eptics" dressings 0.and rhe wSJ'fing arms of the Ret:ov. and trampled by a Imgue elep~an~for . It's nol~. 'th.i:f..glaill1st :YOOf !MedicaID Skill.11 B'1ld' .fails. . .effects.ll is . edg:ed glass Shard ripped aCll)'SS his r.. S1!Ulii IShod<. Shock&: Swn As any panlJ'oodic.

drug Imay ca:l::Iseat'a1al readlion.extra daSilil" Parson Nlll.dose ~asls @two heurs.agoosing a dIsease.s:eveml. . IFor ~1I/'QiY 'c:ons:eoufiVe dOSQ 'taken ·iift:~rthe ' firs1 ornle.or T:anks The' R!egenelrato r T:ank lis.j'nvent new and! .mgallion O. Strong." as M.100<1.period. For svs'lY .6 lums. 'honffiS.Ave.rligencalI'EIiI:h. He.a. i-s an.of m05~.u:1.i!'l 110chance par .ul M6sthetie..iaS.. 64 .lLIr tote:~ tor~(I.!rns.QIIiOw is.5 pcints for a period based O:rn1' ~ T).~'YStrong= 2f1. The . General . V.lbJed may 8litemm ~ Ir'eSist~he drug" making a mil combining hlslll..iir da!l~Kit reoovery rata.' StimdrlUg has one nasty sid~ fI'Ifectc.diHelll"en1 medLcalllonsior use in lila i'adve I1tu ill'S.l!:Jsed to n91ID'. S~roil"lS:.le.: Ap..RJg Trulhl drug will caus. . HiIS).mf.:: I Panl ~pectnu!'!i!IAntlbllotle: 'Will .e.~ ~urns. The IisUngto f.reema . N. .' 18. which can be .ost through poisoil'll da!li!iIage.eraili<d3. I Is the on!'"y way 1:0. Brain Booster ThIs dJ-U'Q 9lmCl'QaSes Inte:ll~geflC8' Slats 'b... c Stun-Stim Type: V.•..parent '~ube Urted wimh a Yi:SOOliS blue chemica'i :subs~aoo$'.hefh. e.u::ed to 1 )a"s~DIe' ac:eellerated hs'aling PIDCaSS d'r.S~n. 'Vary Strong.earr'dess :slee.e'. for a 10 tilJ'm ~ime' .lhe$i!1 1YP"I1.4 turns.: Very Wea!{. recent 1M EKrON Wcmrd inwentio'n designed to.at 1. Sp.AVG~age.arrest ah1ilOO1 ~'eWl'rs.lItre 00$£j'.roeess.. I[ll!rirllg~ 1his 24 IhoLU dosage p9'l'iod. l Speed Heall Boosts he. Averag:e-3 in' l' 0 chance .. Dosage Note:.. Simply 'sl:ating~1 lJ!SE! MediealSkili ~.· d0Sl9.filt will me 2' IHits from &ooh ~dV 1SI1I'. S1unlShodk. --- MEKTONII .-. .ead IBoosfElr enhlaflCQs FlefJ9X9s a~ AQ~tlio!'ls Iby "blJ:ffini9g~lha I~'s rElS1)Yi'C&S .( more than 1 dose in a WDfli'q auto. alild mood . ~ tn.' QII.. Strong.~he'physician must s~ate'W:nat medical atten1Jlcmwas pMormed.agJ31= .killOwn poisons.: OV. ill: w:m IriQ1 f1~~iraliz:e poiSo!"1iS .d .&ak".cell groWitl in Una injUred sreas.pdrug. tOl5Q wo~n:d:S gre'8tef than ens half ')!"o.dos..ge olilgaJls.lmp!e'xBs.pray) or ge rileral~y (In ~ough injootfon. wg. ar any aliher Inigh"'Pf$SWrQ wound.call be .e.w.nstrJ:l!JsflEl$Sw!1~'nltheliead area. DOS:agB No~e: May be usoo O:rII09 per 24 hour period.micalsare Ulen el'eclrical" charged. Dosage Appilcabllll o!"1cl1Ip€lr24 hlr !perm. AVEir~~e.eg'enerat.lIMttof 'time based on Body a increases the subject's. .1'S.41Iu:mll'1:5.pIICab1!31 ~nce per 2'4 hr lperibd. Da$8lgBI tlWa:. It also wUj !'lOt hdld your Ifos[di!l$ il'n if JOli ha.!iII de.d~anCQ per . Truth IilI.:Pali19i111ts wllh varylbw Body 'Types may sUp OV.e. - Speed Boo:918!' Increases r.01iIl.al hS'aiing).neratiDn is an extremely tedious p.ra.ot the Recov:elY Table.r.bElry a:msis1ency' ii'll mOMElI1I.ay tOi3rl'l hardens to 8_ rlJb.).re dOSie.OIi.chance p!!l{F' !Il'.famnQ ilnw conwlsiions and d9a1h wilhilil12 hlrflls ale'ftaking tha'illl'&nibss\ pef s.lslJlbject to tJrulhrlUllly .lual~f w: Synlhe.:a. I~:will nQ1 replace H~:s r. 1lJQ$fI:gi!ilNota.ldV Type. immeifSed in tranS.Qlile. V.xira dose'.Reti'e'lCiQ by § poinl$tor a pEi.awsenQrgyfrollili all of IIIislhar bodily reserves.ene:rati'on time's.ary Siro. !QP€lMd arteries. the pa1iientwill be in a drugged. and similar' . (Ol/1eli bums andshallDw wounds.rage. .I/G'a gaping ~II¥ wound (i. Strong-4 iin1 I) chuoo pel' le:nr.g .&1 an il!1lcredib!s rate.f1" Cool +.liwyed orglalllS or m1miiing: I'lmbs (not counting heads).liIIllZQ lliialluoinogens.es A number ofso-pihisUcaloo dr\lgs. Like.and roils. Shl'S..il'lOOnsaiausnS$iS whenlhe Head ..a'5IO has anothel' b~llct-il . Spfa1f~d 'No:!Jm:i's This drug wiJlllililillJtmli2. eaith. .ugs & . Very • Strong:. DoSEl.dy TYJXI 01 tfile subjeot: VGlry Weaki-1 in 1Q .el:listed [11 tne Medtcal seCliion . Weak . 'des.UII'. 1ICI hance P€lre!C. Dosag..' 011 .. based on Bod1 Tvpe: Very Weak.aling :at aJI'l_ aocalleratad rata (2 times IUllljjf.W.i5.' 4h".Die RlJlI+ Ai11j Resist Ilirlter. SUm·S~rm.. based on· lie' Ekt.e'. depressant!.p 'ro~a set amo~nl of 'lime.Me(Ucln. rapair 'ciril:h.9a. such as. ~hepali:e.cf injlluiS!S require $Y!'gG'ilY . Narural..Qlevakns.!lildosages oI'iwlJh Dr.01 Head Hit~ line wi~h cme Qil.9.llsa d.~ra. Average.pl1l: 'Very W:ea'k.1. the spr.ailll O~' ms:lo:~1 111~..ailkafold @.~aaIDrI _~imes and . The unoonsclous patient is... 'the patieot willi rOse :3 Hits 'hom aaclil.termiIilB you r patient's high levuls cf acl:i:vily.e.I1ys[cal [njUries.e wide awake .giili'lg. _ :Sle&'pd. INi:!U!:YOt!1 sooull(t never increase' ~he basic D S.v dama.oonsecilli'lle dosEla:k:en after Ilhe' r~m .!lr Ule . lhat':s 'why we calli tllrs roleplaying.l b. a. th.. Pain Ki'IIer II porwe.-5 in 1(]1chanoe per 9xtrado~e. in 1·'(1 chance d'CiSlBl..r 'Resist 8rai~w~sh. W. d:r.a519d.e:xist in the MEKTON World.I$l'dos.fl'l!} S1<ms againsi! ~hlil drug~s DiQ FloU .ctiilliW ~or a se1 .. t D!1!sage :NDta..1.The successful use of M. Rege. osag:.Vlell'a:l1 '. 21ums. .andlC"r Hll'lc.rind ba.rySlroog. wm WQ~2 tlli.6' may CiI.al'r:Z19 11 doss' ·af $llfiepdnrgl.ery Weak.ea is . borl:y area.4..6' Ius.ciIe.y Used til.eI.s. regeneraie missing limbs 011" .. only a sample.answer alii ql19<sllQI'iS posed to him. wound tending. Ani overdo!Se m IBr~til'llIlklostar . stimula:Ungl.e.exira! dose.ng=5i turns.isnrt enou:gh.on Bi.IUU' €!'X1fa StrOi:Jg-2 li'n 10 chaotEI per .I'. DO&1lg:tJ NOta'.ations.' IRa~eup to the 'ev.S. Strm .regenerator ." V.in not neuu. '\felY R.eep.edlcall Skill aUIOmQ1ic~11y brings the' lpalient's.!illod -de-atlill wIthin will add '*" 1 to.tr 8 for every JeV81 dQs~e .Nbte. cross lI'e'ferem~etile [njury againsw the Re:gfmeraliQII' Tab. !n' ~0 ch a~Ci:ii 1P9r 9'l(tr.. dbse..sr alii operaNon. designed to oo.rns.nash Sp. It w.j blJit' Strolilg . R'eferees shourd fe.covel!).a1he 'effects ..0 buns Wea'~8 'tl.gliI Notal.i1JIg A ~dng'h~ dose o~ t~ is drug wHJ cause 8 d. The &f. comatose st~:e (IRe~lexBs & In1i8. 3ll1's. 1'0 h~.ypea of emergency and m:edicalls:ilu.Roll by +2 {'OJ ~!Jelil dose taken. Noita:: Syl'llth9-"t1ash wRfI n01: seaii' amputatiol'ls. patient &dy' Type and number of doses given (lO~Culive'IY: Very Weak.eats tns' body alive in order to mainrlaio 1he Sillbi~I's 1~!n9Into Il!IJ'iloo.3I~1 0 .: ~ . Qr prQmo[. w. .amOI. Ave:r.&roo$.s hr:s. Weak:-i2 lius .4 hrs.maliicallltv causes convul$toi'lS.a.. T--od'e. iI II:nerally ..or dl. IPassing into I.app!i:ed Iocal~ (v.Anll!1&ep:fte Spray Increases healing rate by 1 hi'! per diay.

~.ch . liI~fnmnor"9Ie:s~ 'eil.ar.!!.e 6·-. WOUJiided.~iallojuri":5... v.".) Elre:~k Badk (redu~e. 'reo de.: Co Uiis:iioQ IFiiiIIllling ..:!!i!...~lf.i!l~n"YOli ~~ it 52 to all1r. .!liCed to .(.... Wirl!i~:..i!J'lrj.f!."jib. Lim~:>~""~n~d (1-5) or~hrii'·dld~d . R:i!dllo~ IMI.fUng ~1b1.a 11 ~¥ejr ~IIlY ~ LJmb is ~rGk~i'! Fl!d!'I'!~1J1 ~ f.O' e. rn@SlSY frolct!JI"i!'or eh~I'olfi..acihl.@rJ'lol. "Im~ o1Ind <. lo. L01S".p.g..P'~'1P.:cs.! Ihtp. '0" heXiQ$ ta1:1:~!'1 .:!..l.~ ~Q' 0111 1:li>1l0) 'f ursa ndUiol!:iof11 or r'ol1:!j: ib:y' -1 .are.aiCI .:"_-I! V. 16-7 Ja\l( 8-10 Skull Hi$$ll'191 .~. foof IMlfis::s:i1i'lg' ~.ldat (]I ."se 2 a~tiO:Iiii'S:'.knocked .e:1 V.s.l1 ".y choots:e 't.d ~o A.'~tybY1t.c.gYllilur Ibody. 11ev. a~~I QV~!" the..: ImoVe dOWllil. TOiki!. 'lI'ou holV~ blo~HI~ ..e 3aictiol'ls.jliJ(ill'iS:.. iBlocti .. Take 2 bits to ~a¢h airi!ilI from major bur. with varmous: Inte:r:lil.e1. f~ngers Hissing1 h.out . Whl!@zll':!r. f:to !'lot: rnov~ Stl"'>ong • t'1:Qve up'..y .or:'iElectricity of blW'"f! flreak \Ribs ~r~duc>ed t:Q +1 ) Skull FI!"·achlll"@' !(h~I. .lable Av~r .acfi'on.S"!vere l\lun.""_:::':".4 hits: t.or.(I 1i-000. Fire..) IlQse 11 ~~'!:lg:!'l fir-om s!fiilili!ck. i .itt. Bloo.a1 ~njur1e::!II.1.kLeg (1-5 I 6-1 0 ~ ril:.r. VO. Tall<e lhHto 'uc:\hIO!real 'froml mifn~rIblit":I'1!S".Oi ft"lOffi c:ritical bliJrn:i..ak Arm c: 1~5 ~ft~G~10 I' rt:) ']ft'l S 9 1(II IB:r.Aa'nd U.1 l'e¥e~ W'Il'<T!k..l!fi'e.e 3: ~~b:!l!'!~. r~.ill.7 I!>d!!t'fnlne hexti:ance' betweelllvie(ti .r.::':~~~~~.To Qsethis t~blle'. lE>ete:r~mi' 101110hm Bre. b 1ak e :3 hils: W.m .}~d lI:overi!':!.'I ~flt.0!ll .'.e9.LOI:o.filiDor ..W Itn. Ugfr'l.s-. . 0'0 not move en ..g:H~ov~ 2h!'vll'ls L1iml! 'W'ound'ed. En/tire e:ody red:li.Oi..Strciil.Q< .d: 0111on.ftot b@ USil!'~:t T~I! R~fel'"@1! I:'!il.. ' .iel~ • .al]:s.. . O@ad fri:l_ $i!'Yi1r.'.:).Iiii'S:" .of '~0Il. .. !i1iliilkllil 'thb: .


legs. :2) :Martrn Body .E:Kr . M..ueUolt!. . :2} Sl'iIake fonned B'easIM:EKS hailS: l'Iod ifl'edl ~i.ns. MEl:<lD.s~BmtilataJlowa.fes. mor.over to ths' .caliry troops ". i'n all. N.power unltsr.•ion ePiCS.and a T'Bil.thal l1ey liue ex:pEHls~ve.C8.Vi8 a !head'..ool1binaUo:n.S.ned with s garland we.hand: weapo. .gls.ntry codes.May have Mailp Body ImOUI\1i1d on .1fhe'sho.M'.0.Fo" 'he h'.rldng ber 'way . l'iIOOa. .man pno~oo orseU~awal!i'e'.lI1eir.ascwe.ad .t amdl Olpemte as r'E!:QlliJ1raJF Movem ent P'latfo:r.ou to bu~:I'dgralM.ell1" in a p~:ndh" . I rut EK.ghters...is.r:lGI' huge suitoaselike "tmooporil(lJr~ cam'ea. a'l1dev.enoounter aU of Ulese ~hrngiS.h oul'o' 8' huge :J'irscoop.ebook.hBY can W camy a. is I derived.giant r(lroo~ .::08.aJI1Imal~l~e' fQ:rms.nce humalilolrd an~lina'lilo:n.~.~'ways oons:rs~ 1) Maln iBody .pons. .su. tim. ham to maima:~n!and :sacrifice weapoM Two I&g:s. she fh.ne punched . yOU' to net only build ..~g IncliUdes constll'.· . he r.rem iP!ace ~Q place (usif. MEKTONS .Jeff and his' stupid crash lanDings.aspects.arrar'lgemem. The dWsadvaniage of M EK.the e.nd use h:and wea.r wrtrngls" ()ccastoMlly has I headl~ bul 1m: llegs.'.h.U'ea:ds:"'.eciha. OCicasona~lyw~r:lgs.ssive' ell.r wl:l'ilgs: . ~Inslho..ha: These are sim~!atI'10 IMEKTON:S ~nn~ad.acoe. M eeha may lIJe large Ti1~s is a term you'll el1lCOunteir UmiSiand 3.t of the Hal1'garOa:JI~ Above' he. .fwa/.. In the language' oftne Jla~anese' animated or sma~~I. wiUlanms In. Beastrmec. pulled . but spaceff.she Oli' . we' IkiEl ~o~hink ef i~ as a SCiel'llC8 ftc1lion roleplayfrlg siysliem ~jhat allows y.esent the uUimalt.l 'h~ ma.a :S'Qind 'con5~rUCUOI"I or Beastmeoila ma!kes~hem morepowerilul in erose' torrnbat ( adt1+2~ to all stn1k.s:.undredlhfime fbat weekf..a repr. Elly we. n1Iec:iha (also iQCCaJslonaDy caned MlEKs} ~re any complex mechanIcal device.B d:ama.. be to determine what your mecn.lls~and Ibegan'o wark .foo.nk}1 M EKJON anMOrs . .and/or tamls.d/I). you will . Whal ars.57 heads'l arms and Wing's In but lnot.arily crawled out on.or the miHI:ary (th:e MlE'!crONI equ~~\fm'e:n~ o~a ta.mec:~a in the c . usu~~~y in Une fonnlofsome lype or oomha~or Mghting ve:h rete.TON1$ .(Jught.est 10'1 the T snake consists err a IMiih11 BoClVI He.PI:aUo:rm. mosUv LlI~H~[d oonshtloUon. ~n a reaUstlc.olet)layi'./ MEKTON system CDmnbal wlhilchl ve:hi:clest pOipUrar filc. lin M1EKTON'.asyto IIIJsesy.I headt wlthl foll.N ArnU)lfs: Tilles! De.rt. ati.~~q~~i~~~I~'I'I"""""""""""""i M. rQoots. ¥our 'iHiIl~ should fit somewhere MlEK1DNS. lil.y be COli1struC~ledin ~iheloUowLng lIesecand mos~ Mecha COIi'II.ss' hatctuesJ .e.. not arms.powerplan'. I I"S. 1'IIl'IIi. r. If)ceas~onailm. lMay 'GCcasiDl'ilamm~ hlill.l"ONIS are the IiII1Os1ommcnll type o~ .of _.ge)" e\I'·en tho:ugh tltu1lY camlOt 'use . anty .cept Your first s~ep will. illl trade ml\ssJo:ns.s :11) . pulling dead fis.I..o {Iusten of !lfyn teC:hillo.tiolll . . Beastmecha . (IilCOrpcllrate arms: and ~ags.r..BDdlY'itFIeacll~ 'TWa lamns~ 'work Or! ClDmba~ 'eln:g!in:el1l'ringlpKlJecls 'SllJc[.l1li'.sndl rul:e:s I'oli t~g hteli _craft:" I gmu net spaeec'rd.' seaweed and smelling of salrwater~ lJamn .l as bnd. and! as Ihe8iVj' s.~.nM:echa'"? scienceficl. ther~'~m3 'f~IU bas'le cate~gones of m.alwCliyS conslism of: 1) !Main ._ .lo'. oomlTilQl'I type of meGha.galn ~InnIls ruf.rter. ''. Uley are ao1:ula:1 ty':iiI WPe of MI~ONI).. I..Ofk1 . and armor to.3 I wilh~n tlese classes: looks I~e.1ib'.~og!yand robo~fcsin away which eUilhal1lces~:1ileabftlitie~ cif both man and machfne'.ve..3) Main Body withl legiS andVoirwln. EKTON.be:U.to! the . :blJt:are designed :in. Wo.B. as wen as the ever robol sun oJ Japanese' is .ln~he ~EI<!ON Wro~~'d. lilul'IIlanoid roilb:1 flLllit. M B<lON armors" and other~arna5!tic velhic~es.:: The' dJ!assk::.sl of fhe Rapier.l11Is. en!:llage in ·clos900mbat.€J'mec.of e~ght legiS.:.boc~use .het lecilscEJfmeroul of her grers)sy covera.pecific fire.•• 0' 'I The MEKTON Technlcel Manua.g1es and 'fo.~raml Whi~~.rnWeaUons. 'whlchl.

Ct dm:Hge !:be ~1i:I. mi]s. ~e Body Pa:rtI. as mom)' . wbecls. ~ 'caused by 'the K .Kil!I.s.s:IUm~ has Klruls.Frn:.~dru:ruage" r...11 . l.You may pb:e 3. wings.. DM"'~~ ~1iI. OUfI'l'Uio-n. Add . legs.eapoO!il.ln . ~W.cboxcs are fUI:cdi~~ !:be a:rea b 01.panorsen:o'. w])~ mmster' the CPisli~Led. . CP or IDms~wn any 'm:te space.a]lyouw +'. in .E. Wrill~w~t is w~ WA= Weapon accuracy ."f.: jumllikeyour Patns Us$lng8. buyi~g (Arms. List tile coots for ed 'fiaru:i'J.i. these area'> winh.sefl~. Ero. S~bb:'d.e just. Fill. Here's a closeup. you m..lJUOOXes 0liIt1re Je:fl:.oor ~slnQ( ~ouhave mke!1l.e.:ImWI1QIII ymrr mocha has paid ff)'Jib:ere.!~ge. ere.sen1S 1 lKill.IruIs tlre :sec'CI:fiI ba:s•.olC~small _ YQ1[!f W.in lfmt like~ou w~Wd .' 'eslililJYedi. Slp.... Vli:lcn aiU Lh...).empty b~ a.St.•1l'1 ~'.:U in 1 bm: . ~-marldl'!g 01' 000 bc». in the Lefrohandl boxl'lS ~ sediWl£ are for isLi~g YOM ~ocmjoThs.a]l_llle mull you bv. . "rn.\) Iwgelilller :I'm FOM Thta'! CP 'COSil1. Fill.view of a Parts Listing.l. u-ocks.BIllYo:ull'el 00".aae-s~ I I 00'" repre.t]re . each . W'hen IDe area t!ke.~. your "Shots" bo. '!Ii' -- 'l>f1C'V'" ~~f(. area boxe.CQ. ----I D __ I laW .ist:yom.

Sensot .ls.& Armor Costs +0 1 To'ls:I' TransformaUolI'iI1 01 Aeromecha 01 WaWkermecha I Oil.PJlots:pa.C.Total Cost I III D~I _~~_____.e1riIFa.• I' +0 III Tolal 'ThlrLlst. .e C'Olsts I I *01 OpUons Cos.o:sts "Ot Tota. ~ I Dr 'Costs.MI.r.~ SerV'CiI. iBNstmecba 1 I III ~==~================~l~. AquaDleclha [ III *1 IIWealpon. (Back 01 Sheet)' I I 01 ~==~~==~~==~ ""0 I.

! may . systems or: sensoli1'S (as Irs~edf.sU~klng and . have .spaoes ~n VIIhiCh missiles. . P. game.rpl'antri1:1~18 . dependiing on it's size and tOlUgl1lil. Co.er each oomponent type). 1112: COl'WlpOnents. COMP'·ONEN1S Heads: Hleads may 100 humanoid :pgs.u::Nflga. ch. 1) Mall'll Body withclI!J.otl1ler COrn1pOnenl:s.tfrocket Iplane'. Hioweve .Hd be clas5!edinthe SiJperllghl Cat. Main IBody ~ al1ld] one or mCIli"e!pa!lrs 0:( w~l1Igs. Once you ihav. The MaJ'n IBodyalso t1as the Hlfdriil!.915.Pwillbe 84-(42. lhis wOII.~yweighl in ~t about 10 15 tons (a mode m jet ~ighb~lr plal1leof OiJIn1\parabls'silZ!E!wr.hecirculatory system of the rneeha ) bu~ll~. [known as Tonnage" g~ves:you not only an idea .• and mUlvermenl pmatfolili1f1. cost (in O:Onstru~ion IPoifiltsh an: .iU halve to :spel1ld on your u niL CGnstru:c1uon floints aretha "caIstnr' o~ tmeona aOI1lSlruction.. :f'or mar'E! d. Am1s.P)I yoo w.ess . liiIeads. PDwerplants meu nted lin 1.~ TIleoo are oom. It !.the' mecha adds.rligl!U ..n~l1!l data. any one 'time. you'll :buy it out of thus pod of a Comtliuction Po:i'ms(CP).e Tha second .QlI m US! havlea.king o:r even Power.hide will be in Ire~altk)in ~o o~hBr vehk."e. 1111.ers are e.only have 01118 Maun Badiy per vehicme.etails o:n M~ih ot these SiJI'I'J~rns. value by 2 ~D deller-mIne' how lm!Jflly Cons~ruc~:ICi.uJ!d weigh about 2(h25 tons} . to 'Your mass ra~tll'ilg.~ your parts I(see Conslmclicm poims .eot the :Mass :to ~lNe. Uile Rleter€8 or players invo!ll~ed s:hould :se~ a Tonnage cemng for all vehIcle. I somewhat tMrr'9t1i~e. TI1l:ese 16ipates I~nayalso be used fa r .alM:rJg. This co:mpo.V plaCing a iargeir paws ~fant in your unit.kJtat.3. beam weapo.nilre you will p~aC6yow: ~ow€r.areams!! leg.rp~ant !from your ~O!~Sitlru:cHofni.Blody lmay 11I0t tle .suit or fighter win IUsuail.mpo:ilents .65 and subtradl.ectrcm to which aU your other body .lilicle\sfo r . .nto. deS:ignecJtor . beam weapo:ns" .fins. read the secl:tons onTUrns ClndAcfill'ns (.~ihey are not able· to eng'age in melee ~Dombat or Mid l"iatUefield1s. an 311'lCunt of damage i~ can take (usuaUy equal w '1ihe 0051 of too compo. cl'aws 1:afons Oli .Jl\ieill mover ast. rating.peel.p:llIlcers.amOlUntof .s.ces..1~s:.nem)j' and.po:nents plamd. for every level{2. bu ~~. mecha which !lave I~a!rger power plants may b@' ab~e :perform one.Maln Bociy has a.).er.g.ns" oodkiplts.PI. o~ poi'nts you will I1I13!v:e buy~he to lre's~ o.anel 39 01 lheComtmf < :SectIDn I'. hladditionl."'" attached 1:0 It at. TO'lIiIliU1Q. D sensors and . (.o fer placing we:apo. His .rssucl1 as halilCls.s lObe used lna pall1icul.. 1he· Base Cost fOir the powe.1lilOi'i8 tha.er V:a~ue! ~pg .P)I. 'OJi"sensors.ssenUally ·any je.toome with manTpula:to.parns 1(0 r Co:~pplilelnts)1 win be attae!uld.!'y shape:) 2:).35.ail1t higher than requ!ir.of how big you.so:m. VOl!.qujrecl rpow.x . The :priee for . it's i framelWOiI'k. yOUl can use' the exoess power to ma. m ult\pJy .You may increase your unit's powe ~&a!nt uPi'o ~OIJl CP points {two le~e~s r '~lgher} above it's re. Y.lPOneI1lIS.adding these 10 your arms: must tJe addecl ~o the cost 'Cl<fUU1'ar:ml Arms .thies. When conmructingl ve.rc~eis to determine jusl1: how IEUGYQ'lJIfCr'El2dion ~sgo'~ng 1.damage H CaJI'Itakel (caU:ed l<ill:S)~..salso W'.ntTable.Uon for s:vellY :Ievem . 3010&15 0 1 mm guns" and melee' & _ MEKTONII .pow.a_ rumber . ahll always l f3~gger lPowerpralllts: B.i5-00. c on your Maiill .holdln. They hav'stle .1- Alrlns.numbe'fofC.ego.erplal1l~ . Mrngs!I taUs . A small mecha. lEach .e O'etem1Jne(l 1GOIii nage. Your powerplan!t prp~ki~s ~he ~JlII Oe~o rUin youw weapons. Example: Jeff has deQidrofO wilda 42 ton MPKTQN (about the' size 0'1 a latge modem day fighter bomber).ce.0 be.~ requirOO. 'adcliliona~ ac.advantage . Ufght systems. . MaIn Booy ~or torso). no~ w. FteMrldlol'lls MaJnl Body .of spa.2-84}. of pnwe:rpl'am higlher . MechaHg:ht.t1I P.tMngs (a Hftill1lg ben:.j)r gn!!ater speed.I!!!. . to ru'rn it To determine this. blLUtwill8!tso d:e1ennrn9~he 81'i11lOUnt. flo no.also.plal1lt. it wraJoh can be usee! hll. +1ta ~~'s Manuev. This ~ha!l1fhe lellie.component !las a cost (~:nCOl'lls!trudio:n Pa.60 __ - --- _ . easy to buiki' arid ch€~' to mainta!in.s.~. The. is mool in 1he Compcme.r v8.e' :wiHbe tM unil's Main Body area. Is.oi~t ..!d.Mec:hafilghters i TheSi€ are medna desiigned wuUJ)ut arms" heads or legs.SEl.11e Mall Body a. Construct~on Points . mecha ve.. IliOckets. Heads flave'spa..ll'lic Sy.& rrn. .carryiing pilot oockpits i Dr sensors.aulOeanoons ..anda set number ofspaoo's wm' il1.IohTnecarnl':octlils.olliltS: (C. j mMhunecal1lililon.l.equal . sacrtfictng versaUUty f.o:t powerpl.ns..ewplant tating1. Ioo.b6lo:w ).p~ants The first part you'll need to' buy for yQllH vehicle I~S1lhe nI!Jc1teonicmusron p()W:el'plan~.n 11leve:l hi'rgl..s.step in constn.!re's. Every mecna must flallea Main body.s~€m ( ml!loh like ~. Each.to it which ean be used fot placing weapol'Is'!looakp.achl 1~1'iI hasa pfic:e.sfor Icarrying m~ssiles"roolileits..noombat d The nex~ pari! you'll purohas.f. When you :re'C1iuiire !=larl..c._ I" Your Maill'l IBody ~ haJV8 !Up t'O.r or flI"€)reUli!flI :2 l~e!Ve:rs Itoweir ~han~:hm of youii' Mla'ulil Body.ry of M EKlON World tecml'll)lQgll: the IbotItom of all! eleven ~e'Vel c:ras:s:lficatior:l syslsm culminaUng ~n tile dr'eaded Megaheavy catego:ry (100+ 1ons}.autocam':lPIiI.ims) ..of beilng extremely fast.

eoUlI .e CQflsiidBTied . 'rrKlIunted on (he sJd8' o:f fhs am IOt'lmm and! 150nvn guns IITIIO.l'1~ee.--c.and Tread TYJles. Thsy may .-.Qrs space linstalled. yoo may nevell' eany 1'iJOII'9' 'than one 30ClllLniliOli' 1 §OrJllJII gun [PElrarm ."""'" .IiIiS'Silill'S..'iOJere are i"w(II 1'Jip6S.etfent f.cOO(1l.a I!J"i(l!Iee._.tra m1sS'ilel1.lOnefU:S Cit 'tI'ul'F:I'Iec!i1a. .nne:t: :be'used 'to.subasS-E!ll11I... you .• ~Ii' be.lIIeJ1S.'arKf .. ROt.• _u cEf.Eac.iluli'u. I~. weapons ar . (n . ·af Moviemenl PjlaU'orms..iEl' ~_..e .nUnQ spa'O~s:II'irt'P 'hiS.l'le'tIj' 'weapol\:S.Dne er belh Sli'loull. r:ea§(ln..ather wck~t ~..: These n1usm lbe n 'ma~c'hjngl WlirB.".mJth'em. W.•lor IlDnii than twa' o:f these 'WiPS& per Main :HloQly !(0118 Pfi:lr stili::l.pJasma waapons.em i~~ ol!JSE!I. Mlnremel'll Platifor:m<Si: 1100"5e em' hea~v lOO:n~ sbiuded' ~la!lfo. &..iIJnd 15Dm.e:J~ Iilav.rBdu'oe _of IElX. be ma1<:tte(l1 bj._d..!T!lS. l!J' uni~e in tha.am LGr'.wrT\1iIO'oom by 2: f:eI1'BV..i~ seo.e~er damage. ~'C!:. a"d ~he f(Uls 'Q~' DIe .dle snd) entanglingl.t31ons or . Legs:: ILegs ar.his.cockpit spaces ~can 00 mounted IJiItans .e' and 'lOugher to.IiQCkets...They 1rT@'!f ihowe!l.auxllary IP:i1otSP3S. AU . ma'Chi..mal'il¥ or 'theR1 mu~ be W pla<Ced in .~ kom the eJiIid' IGf!an . em ..ukleJ)' .to :a lmournedl "lUsh~' to '~he'wtfaoe lof the. ~mIOif and weB:. eall'Jlf 5vsl.1liI01'ie' le))pensiv." fheeali8' lubasseimbHes INole: .cLawingl I(.n(! canOOtn:..m c!DInlJn IfOOunf:ed .cems.irs.apDns.aliIIli.'wlelJ.iJ1d .la.et att8.pe:ns~ altli1o'u91~d!ff. lik:e ilegs.ma.Unt. .attaCk.re elleiQPer.y r~plaee lihes:e feetwilil1.ems whk:11I ~. Fan '0.~JeQ weapons can be mounted. bearn WB.or walking....SiJ~.d 'file yanous Conr.aos~: :t~8 co~nell'l~ as 6s~ed'ibut . Tihe!l must lbe puifCh!isedi jin L -_ pairs (2. Weap£lns" .u~edf. . ' aUlooanf. WVh'pl at 018 . Wings.-4.--~.a:I.ithfe.1fa -. eo~ne"I!.Str I.used for atJiikiing lor I{if leqJ.OliI'" .cp. .nk0f~ed h'OM ~hes:e. carrv haJlld 'we.apon.30Dmm am 1'i:Omm lUllS.•ar...&e EX/Ira SpaGe$: IBy :sacrrtftidlngwetlfrt afld :infegmy .ami! caUlmng {lr..aDili!jr!es .fIS.mHY iil.1. TaU~ :may caJliI)!' ." ..1:) ldo Uilis.e ~he :same k=vel 01 CQrPJlOI'IEU1~.... InB ed: me.e mis:sJh3'~ at rockets lmounted wJlhin.Elj.energy .pits. 'Iegs~.. IfflQJJQted lin an arm mtJQ !e:iltler .clles~ ThliUS1er Un'ltS and VariOUS IOpJ"ic)JIS- The. .j' yw will pay the .:nl!l''1S" . P. el\Il.@aces ·1b... WheeJs a..in ilhem.llee:Jed Iypes.lme canoollS..6£1.additional eeSi. . They . They iru::ll.lmay loot be lisedl Ifor .~_ . llil.ed j'l1 Ole Main IBody will alWays be mounted en . thiiUME3iI''S"f. Ibut lmay not lise hal'ld. ..l~fl'!I IS: diElstrgy.beam weapons.I.ffw:I.. roQc.sltoough the tml3'Cha Imay om be ..!·w!illlslI1aIlJam::ess lIiIatmes ' loovering '~he lhktlenwe. lL." 1IiIiIa. l~e. :Mi!SSile Irack$.are stronger .I I IhroughOl.'U01: ICCU::h.spatUtS pel OOJ11p)ooro:.strikirng.salnj~ better .ponents 'D~ '(he mec:ha (much nli!:e ltnaY.. legs IIJOliDilali1rt eerne w.! 'nlessmay be .ld'e' -6(!D"fS. last_er and 'have Jess K~ls" Tre.).lesSle.llies. IlIP to J eWB.Cllaws.etnmt .ads ere . ~or'aR .egsoa.naJjU "'~"""".Itlpeiil wiJlh ~aee5' 10..nu~ehiL '-.IliCJe'.hand wcuild noma!llY iIle'.as.if unit is a lBeastrnech~il~ or forkieiing .slwilt lililto ~fO'UlrW!1fIS..1lers. Each parr must hU'NI.iJ Iwllt!in otarl!' us d by the various OOmJ.ret draw.1i. iil"ln.arm Wiml'l8 ttw . Ille.alitocafill1LQns.ITpal'abl'y priGeei ~egs~aUhOugh Il'J'Neh srmwer fflQVlrag.lipPed with ii.a:~ykI dgstroy'thanl ...

a 00 ilt in MII!'I~'CoI11lPUteif !~see pg. .oom:es fro mUle liIec~~'s Image! . Closad cock.g. Your damage.#Jt pgg.9" becauiSI9 Wstruge~i[ng and rangefind[ng devices are IlIOW inactive.green or reel g~l:Iw of '6~. [but are limilied by~he number of wi{fgs so. des@nates .rtdI a fon11l of imegr. hold an ·slli1o'ls~ lIey may fim (reloads are av.0 nuse. to re.. je . .ptorS.amounts· of rOO~ts Wil:l1 ~he toucih of a lJuttCHiI.e. pseudo"sciemflc reasen 'liirst eel 'D!I'Hlilsorsare.35fltm 4. . s~fien~1iI '1:.SOlma mBc!ha.acy. you m'aiV wan1: to have.WOrds are ch.advaJn~ageswil1en using melee weapCHls" as Ule')r can add'stre!ngljl1.. see" b!i.ace·..W)r glass: canop:y..~f)11. it's own s:pe. lEach adclitlornaJl 'cocKpit extel1S:]Qn ~n enel9J or p~asma based ~. Mlss~les are se~f1Y()pe'~ed roCkets 11hat use ool'IDlluler~ech:001'ogy10 home im on their targe.lred tIIast~doors:.ecta:b~e by thilil ctJaracteris1l1c b~lue.ows.iles .e' Imodil. I~ you WO:I!J Ir.pJee. range' and accur. enoug:l1 roorl ditfeifE!rn~ W sh.f'~.ilFa1!e . avoid thi~.ray" '9U ns.of ~tI~se has oc. d'riUis.wjectile w8aipOns hav.his immtis at .(iI damage power .he wants 10 be' :abJe ...porns ali's uSIIJ.(whioh ·appears -in ceritain TVstnow. oot polHer.ot ~nl 1ltlehead.oJ'lgJna} eock.iI like tfI 'fit mcule' passengers 'Oil' 'CI!!eW irrto.extra. th[ngs I~ke sa~.e:nerg iSs.sls. have' . and SiOilJlm ~machil1. tI1:ey have no. (ever! 'W'on:deredl why YOUt favorite TV roool's8Y1eS . The ma.5esil"!l. up nQ 1/ of . W.) sllow.~dent1Jication programs.t. lor hBlndcarried.and oUll~r tac1:1ica.n~.pHs are buUl:inliG theil'illiler fmme lofme mecim.a~:the' 'cOO~1t.Tne other option ._ i nfio'rmatiO. aH:hOlJl.tlo. sensors have Ibeen d:es~royed.adk !COCkp:lt Spaoe: 11.te'sigJling individual weapo ns from each I'mppy deSlpite Ulre disadvantages .n any vehicle or maeha unit fromove.uts.~. You must Miock-o.y of attac3ijll1tQ all"causing damage •. .llstbs! pla. a'lfvantage.p.(Wher6 his .in il1l:put~or this. They have ~J:Je have .the CooJcJJI. Illlto~ ~1~ClA«aok or nefeM! built . We:aJpons may (depe I1Idilitgl o.ene'~iy'using versions om m.iWtOnilatl:Cally and Defense! Rolls. VS. ·Sec..th:e unit is. '1iMre is. Both '~ypes Qif ooo~pit deperndl Mavily 62 upon their .6 fJN)ple in' liJ'isenJarger:i .n" each 'of yeUf m'uss.rlamSlm .r 200 :see In .graj. 300mm.1JI'H!lsewill come ~on ~ll11e~ Your oookPit SOO1iOl1!l aClluaUy conSi. While...I'~al'lv those With airora/U:~like mocha). use' lheatS'Eleking technology' 101 pi'Ck their own targets.iUeI tat Ileast in gelM te. techook:lgy). missile Iock"!)n d:~p~ays.J - amaieyour b'iends!). . ~h9 sal'l'1l:e. ¥ PmIeC1ile wea.ro . is compa n'sated fo:r by higher a~u racv alil.~ inIcu'TfllaUon.. one OockpU '(withspac'efor 1 pi 1(1).ced ~n 8. a spaoes.po:ssii.rJe.r9cted ~Rajli1c1:microwave .little' .qm ctiipsantJ ~' and 1118.ily v.(JfIC.cial wa.gio. you must buy and use sJ.TjQ~ l1e cannon. fJ[Mj3 ).pol::Is are high throwers (UllsilllQ magn:e~ic rnJTgli.I cost of1 CP aOOt" up'l€OmpDllem s. . because~he' aim of ills system is ~o allow Heads u:p [Uspla~ (fOf an [n·ch~!fJl:hlool<. ElUn..lacesto fI'. Ell. "oackup'" SeIllSOJS.en yOUlr originaJI the Ma~n Body 'Cit tile. This buy . betnro lfIassively .•. whiCh may 'be plooed in cockpit 'Istreet ilnd Iili!lUIsi be pllacedilliil eU'her eithe:r Head Of Main Body spaoes.s Gif IOngl IIlllig!9 and high accur.e:dremely a.as If your mecha's sensors.pil is.1:1 vehlicZes: . Ilothl o .29 l. y01!J~O desii. li1owei~er.oonu.s" part:ic~. 'radar andl ln1rared scammers.w? Now you haye a. P.sCfilJesthem as t:JeilJg ona large ~5()mm.am1(.ed.eh~e weapons.FIece'.of a pilot's sew:.'oombat Energy Me~ee! 'wea:pof'lfS aJ'i8 power. In :burl .co:zy 5(.ns).r . ocwel'elll w.ei\t1d . You cam firle lu~:g:e.Slem called a gene!m:~2'ed.a:nd~auto~ cockpit with three :seals~ With a . is an lopen cockpit.~h a.s:oy.fo fly lwlth.J Me'leewea:pons (whktl Strong mecha are .sl they uSlJlla~l¥ do g~sateF base .rh~ml'Ill' .~Q ~e$el'ill'l'b1!e eyes or mCl'I'lIoclJlllars.Ml Si~:Ios1ive slug-.er. He nvo n:IOfe' C!JCkptl~ces.a!lyooncemrmed Iigl:1t tl'le cockpit af1ea.I/m chasl .f1ey hwe Iow·e.~eceptiOrs are usually de~. aU frea and talk.aself1lroof. ~ach .we.ailab~'el.ls. This ~it m.es aool :!i.er peil'SOnrtosn:ln 81e' pilot's ~p (making fhe be moul1!iled rmsicle vehicle' bod(y iD1.h.8re destroyed.(J •.and 1tIrowlfrtg weapons. egorie's Of basic desfgrn. D!Elsigned ill1. controls. Examf)le: Jeff oeclti8s .I'ther a head cockpit area.ry v.ovearall a:oouimcyand dama.p:l!aoe fi'gem.lOcalect).[m:nVidU~~!V'but ~h.Jproof glass calli10py • Special polarlzatlor1l~mers lfflakellese caootIJ1es lI.eCi). Weapons: MEKTONI weapcms :an. l"hel{ lrTu. heavily am'lored~ rofas.trs" weakness. .X1I:eoo Beam wea. have dlvidedaClmypes into.S ca.a 360 Ch3tgree tlplo. aoo carnrnot be atlmed ampal:1licU'laralll9BS of yourtaJget R(Xkets: ¥ lheir8 are tIN 0 lypes o~ aookpit-closed al'il:di jJsn. .ded IiIOschaare at-4tD! aU AU. To...iQll1l they are not as poweiffulas some other weapans.g:e than M'ksSiiles.ype) for olile oth.!hid v~sual scree:n .ated~arge~if!~mdar Slf. nlet!ha ·.unponent gr In lillie Malrn IBody.pec:ilail _ Effect Wleapot:lsare. inJpriQmptupad_y. de1ailecl ~n "th~ir iooivid'ual de'oo~ptliol'il!S in the ICombat effectively blind-not [oocause' it C1'afiOOl.gigantic meta~ ax.U#!J'PUII .ery ~ IRather ~ha!1!c.eape r 'because tliLey are.forms.can now cram up .!~.

unit Ilose iit's :senrso~!t. er even be' aJllle to Iodk out.~ help h~maim his weapons and lock Ol1lto his oppo~lnts. to oomroll speci~iic wil~.il1l weapons (YO'Ulmll. . o~ ~A open cockpit) because he! has kl!st Hae use Ofj the' aU i. IDirection Videol IRadar I ~.g se 1)eiQ~ 2' S~~~IIil~ ~~~ ~~~'Thumb Fist ---Close ---I I~~ . "?~ 'Gunner' 'c.ThH!e ootl!\pits liJIay not tie used to comm. tile gunner lillalY make . :personal !Refle~SI~m.paoes. Imsp~a~s tha.Iii1 tlil~se oomi. but may bel !.see (W'13!!Sjlume ". SliIoU!lda.l\Il. I liHR:OnIWE 1 r'~Qt ConkQ 1 I sernsors--the (lompil!l'x ne!MrDrk 'of visual! cameras andl ~argeting SOI'eens ~l1at te..:J rafiorns.'(2IOP) whiohl !may be :1oC3!ted iIt~a. periscopes. &aJnpJe:' The' l.Run Comb~iilted Pn~r'£mS1 a.rtant~argelulrlgsystems and Heads Up.1 or pil'ottl1e meehl..n MarrON thw 100'N~W tlIave 'various Ibacku~ cameras:.. as he lis' pertmiHedll:ly hIs.1I UTcepililt what is doimQ on aroun~ hIml.oGkP:its~ Vau may' alsol ore:ate addltlooall c:cu::'kp:l]s.s1:sta1Ie' williol'1).iglllnfng Mark 5 may' fake't.Trigger IF orefinger Groundlflight S.IS lU'nable to ....3 oo~ -MEKTONII --- _ .E'lector ~Soreenl 1 :Screenl :2 !Ie lere:t Screenl . -.J RYrIf F'..po.afilatk:s.mOO as ~gunrner"s.p 10' a aations' _ 16.~ will cB' e"eo1live~ bli~( -~ on all ana oks armdefens~s) because~he iPI!rat .. tat! tOr e~ !liLeadlof your ~Ch3.t'lognm-_ .as many ...

in lIIhatthey lift the tonna.1. &1!emal Address syste m Q.ld ililthe Thruster Table are the mfnumum pOilUS om.consider the average mscha to ha. ' " Damage Control . 'light.per tum.Paokag:e (lOP): This is an c. allowIng you kI leI~ct saf.he' world . assembly to earth..e as powerfu'l booster mdllcets blo. .es1ablns!l1 how many combat ~ums of fuel anilleft.em is tiIlat youc:an arranQ19 youlr IpoiTn~S to rnaximil1e' your ability' 1:0' slJrviv~' in combat. and . arrangements) . and .er~o 1. and a. l8ut ~9't's5a~ yOiU want to plaICemore ~hrus~in a udit No.cover an aRIa :2 medh«ibsca:ledl .o allow a " Weapon Linkage 1(2CP)::' Awe. Glue bombs w.on"~rt'ed to a streamlin~ Meeha.on.re listed iill tenths o~ Construction P~ints 1(10 or ttlese . 500 mph "Witliila pclW'er'tlil'l fligli1J:sySliem.ens.ely from .o U~is s. over the: pilo~'s area pro'ec~iTJi1g [1.faok abmty to '1 action.one' of these wouA!100 taken up by moivement.. iit your unlt lrequirled 6. asfaS!t as Ullli\!sters.actledl towocum.ace' up to three points of ihrusters or fans.1 IF:ans are duotedfalns" s~milar tQ 1ihose usoo in Haliijer CP options "'''~ICP)" .iII .s~'or '1w. lwith the addifiOfJ .foool. Many Of ~iheseop~tonsaile.J Ex~lra 'ThruslPolnts &.pl'ayers 111'i~ere.but tile additional] tJhrust lpalms wm.8 rate of 1 MoV.° I· have spaces ~opJ'ace it.giiant plastic bu'bble 'w:ith mylalr sunc:re.). 0' tn v a One actvan~age ~.8 una sp.ou're loud EMPIRE.uireal ec.e entire pod' in e. The. NormaITy. lIes.chara"cter 19)(~. While. ttlrusl ftlql.. You OOilLll~d now' lose one l~g'aJl1d still s~ayaitboms . aile lll$.h.ther VTOl aircli'B"ft()f today..s V.~:onl!{ Wd111 Ilis.at a in role.add:edl to . This aroount is iindex'ed ma~ only be used '01" shootingl type 'Wea. lih.a.any cockpit.elmft ho ldiS 4 Ipeopl'e. SOl [lIleli\P~iI1si\l':e mere 60 mp~rL On el' other hand.c e.ve. F/(g.yo'U could put 3 po:fnts In each leg.' ...1.or e~el\Siive_ RIles . At 360 tums an !lou. fha~~lhey .{lcn leg (using UTJ' 0l'i'61' spa. ~hruster . wliiich isn't ve:hl'cl'e.Of ~fourmecha.ge o~ your mocl\a. in space 'e. have as mamy points o~thfJUstas you -'. jets and o.J' :Esea. fo..hlde. and' in the MainBotiy (3 in one .. (relative to fhe cos.J FLle~= W.proud..are Ule[:S ~ogive your .e' 00. Flar. ililrusters: Thrustelr.s escape' ~d lookS Exam{J'18'..TesSe1: (see the supplement I MI!!KTON' velltcle to .ed ..u fpment . Fans all" thrusters.. may 'onl¥' be 1Dl1Ounl:edinl 00 flI'Ioulnit.poi'n1S 01 thrust. in eaih of these' .6fi.f .fl:gihter'Cm1~ may' be' ab~ to' ~ra. rfdl . o~ ov.!.m building a M EKTON f up to. going trnto bartti1e witt! the Il'lcpertrn. .eek.ptions. 2. as theyaJre' usually not I 'OpUons: Q.miEmnrneillts that .'. system can be .Spa'C6 ). at {east . space'-going!l:ersiDn of a Jiferatt.1ICP):: lJse~u'l fo. !wings or al. :6Uch· as bailOuts. linCii'eaS8' your sUNwabllity (as.'. descf~l::lIi!d hil Damage.. two ~aoes Iocatled in Ile IMain Body ~ LegS.acklitiona!11poims o~·U'uiUstadded.l)nner (R'ellex Stat of 6)1 {n U's:r'a/l'. water and med1cam supplies for .ton vehicle must flfJl.. We'apon Illnkages are limi(. IFire Iretardiantfoam will pUil:.s are rooke.efum '1hings which are not :a.Ilexes wide" se.pc:ulliSl(gUlIiI:~i.f..j points tXJuld . ¥OUl ~y pl.rest Jife:s.. it now add 3 RlOm . must pg. they are a more economical wa'l.ve'l acltu:ally reG. ~S"ubtlract this fll'Om ~he'tota~.aling areas.500 mph.pe Pod (1CP:l:: This. However.may' have' been bre. SOnT!8' these increase youlI"abllilie:s tn .aahu~:e gently ~O\'Jller5 ttJ...ge that 'lake.J Tape' Deck (. of a IMEKT'OI!II'" mat is). 'Infla~ed 'from the iJ'ilsi~e'l il lI1oh::ls.rJt[on 1pa:Ql\{age '~or emergartey s~unmiorns. . flY for Shouts. awingecl Mecl1tdight:er may atta!n speeds.ao.combat.$ Ida).160 turns.every 3 . For'lexample.at top.'fLJ.s:lisb.alilow you to' let .ae pel leg).'" .4 peopfe I sAdi contalns air. enough fuel to. bIiOb'!e lraft Is a. The m.olUl fires up '~O four mectta"scaled hallie's in :size.of a g.el.auloc::al'lnon. others .yst. and bettem. llasers (I r plasmas.a and youl're . of. backu_p 3 points in 'your main body.A.ums)tlhe meeha has: been mlylrngprevious to ~lIle combat. Taliles 001 spaces •.know y.ot .embling a .Il~o incma5a li'o'Ur bpeect. U1is is about. to f~y.St9 poi'llts af clamshell c:oors.a.es can be seln upro 1I) mil.from thrust ill' order to fly. etc.w i~.ititolili-·eHeC'l!l~vely allowing Jiijm more~han '0'118 s1ilot wifl1 You must have a certain amount of thrust or~an power 10 a.nnon in the Malin BOdy or two' lasl3~ [n tl1eHead). Speed:: The vaue.apon linkage allows .f the Basic Ru. .~e there iat.a. Most meeha are not particulMly good mem.etnow many hours (or~.A par. water and medical supplie.be placed as :3 damag. Movement PlatfGrm o~ YOtir vB. I abOlJt to go down 'in names. A 50 . I~ using fuel in combal. .·411).limd to liIiI _ha' parilioular tonnage iin one.sted IfiI:lrmlll n1~ MEKf'ON 64' M£KmNli ' . single attack.carl'll also be ._ All 0'1Ulese goodie:s are crammed into ian packa.te 3't le'C/.he mfee I1i'1G!cha.!toca. mell"el~ delermin. bl.ed in the same componern I(suchas. the pilot to trigger two weapons 'NUh the push Q.pla:ying. .t engines whicl1 allow 1!I1emecha t:o~IV.Sysfems~ P9. gee'. Thes. .s up only 1 space' .eme' mU6ic.MB macha. 'DIe tapedeck .contaIns 'kIOd".erodynamic.adions to it's tOt'al mar Fans . at . These 'weapons.. to total t'01I1nage in the Fllgltt SysteMS Table" .eme:n~ Allowance poim f. shou!d .proviuslPons 'for fUB'1 ih ~his linked tothe IP. reducJng it's a.es away.m.ra S'uNivability fantastic u rntllyou oo'nsi(ler the alternative of walking . A really ~ast MEK (noll (.

11<: 2K 21( urs:t v.r:om<!'n1p. '.60-69 710-7'9 BiO~9·9 ICockipiit Sipace Glunlill.nm'\l..he .0-9'9 100-109 level Super1igll1l: Lightweight Striker M~diur:JllStrii!()~r He."S Mecba.ilriioi> Hiel!! 'w'~.2 . rangie .er Cockpit Linkage Escape Podll Damag:e Control StQ. ~8 20 26 Tonnage 1()-19 SubasseomM!y S. of thrust. He9l.~09 I MechOll.llI lee W'eapOiii!l' 1M! Nov 011 B.Cost W-19 .lIit UgM~uyU M~diYmHnvy Armor~d Heavy Su.salvo • 6 per aH.... v~ 1110+ .69 7(1-79 9(]~99. 22 2.v~ B 990 -:El9' 10 11 1 11110+ Su.~ 4JK 3 Recoy.-ider lrr1ediuiITI'ii' Striker He. ~00.]inlill.::""'F~~'::.1l'1'" <!blll! UnHmlted 10 r'ocke'lS: fer .":_-I '~ CHI 9 20-29 30-39 50~59 60".ln9 ""·e...j S'!ir4~er '* 6 S 40-49 60-69 80-89' S['F99 70":79 ~2 12 1~5 • 1 9 M~dit.}.enS"orS" C.M~dh.!l.ii.eam Salber Whip ~ 11 ~ ~ 2 :2 3 Unlimited 11K 1~ 0 0 ~ 1 1 1 e :2 2 1 IUli\1il1l1li~tedi UIi1.IA.ei9ht Striker IMedium Striker.v~' Str1ker H~dll!!ilI1IW~19M L191M Heavy Medium Heav~ Armol"'edHuv'll Su.~29 3"0-39 4'0-49 50-S9 .te·dl 15:0mm 300mli'll1l 0 10 -1 Machinecannoln' AuiQcan:nQn Flamer . . I~.iilimon ! PlasmaglJn Plat5ma.ill.apCJ!J1l.2 .apon 21H Melee 'w'E'a:pon Ener9i'!Jl H"Ei'lee.t1e9a'ne .Saw Sitdeld Un11mi~ied IJflHmitild Fal'lgsJ'Buks 2 unHmH~d 'Goodl V'S :ann!.w~ S:trike r . Drm.!limiIwe1g!f.ost 25 Kills 20. 1 2 2: 1 1 .'fv!. QY~r 3" 'turns: 4 ulvoes 12 St~ik(l Mis:s.2 N Ai INA N A.Weapo\ll 2H Eli:ler9iL. IN til INA NA 9. H@-. IN A....lJim.l~-:-_---!r':':":.ilvy S~iPerhe4VI) 7 100"1109 I 19 HO.i1(1 Th.Olpa·1ilI a -2 3 4 . I~' 'f~'IlI~n:-fi~'~i9_e---ir-:::L::-' IF e_y_e-::.RoclGetILaurn.~bH:!1 :2K 2K 3K 3K SP"'4 3 U'll~~m1~!il'd J.~w.411< 6K 21<: 2K 110(R) 10(R) .r Mis-simle Raclli: -1 Mt ~1it 0 0 0 11 2 4 3 4 ! .e :attack WorkS' 1ikie :anm.__ -- -.cOlr1'llon Unlimited Unlimited 8 6 6 :3 4 4 -7 7 lu'r:lI." 24 Tih~rlUls't@rs coi:t 1CP for (lV'll'ry 1 pt.che.perilrn:eavy .2 11 Lat5eirc..llu~ =6 • .& SP 20-29 30-39 40-49 50":59 '9' Sup~rllght ILi:ghtwelCJh't Striker 2 3 1.rOW.d!Oim.- __ .ftw-fre IM1c.(e1ght Light He~v\l MediillJm He~vy Armo:red He.4.perheavy ' Hlegarnl..ack 1 aitiack V.or - MEKTON II _.r0l9~ Locik liJ.g~ =6 1S(R)1 11 3 blW:dsGR) '~'"t v.e:avy 110 12 14 U.!!" Bit.:2 'Ol!'ldi!'d 'C<!~e<nhnglf' wt'.p'~r1i9M Li9'h.

paces ThroW' 11 B:al$.".d H'eaIYY Sup". I 5 6 7 9 9' :2 2 g 3 3 4 4 2 10 11 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 Striker 2 '3 1 1 2: s 3 3: 2 3 4 5 G.triker MediumW'ei.. 1a.Armored liIeavy Supel"he'~yy Hegaheayu . ICmls Sup. Oil. machinecal'l'lIlIon ~ aytoo~nno·UlI . H:eayy Armored IHeayy SuperllleavYI .rlight Li9htvei.~ rniss:lites.ht 'L ight Hle' "'y .c.Q :2 2: 2: l"Iegah.a. . MOlYUSt" spaoli!s for mis.yeight Light l1IIeavy Hedj'luD He.aYYI Megah'e'aYv " Striker Medium Striker He<1lv1Y S.:.YYl Armof"fiod MeaYiY IMegahe. saws .avy 2 2 2 10 11 :2 :2 Superhl'aYy 3 ~2 18. 11H mt"ilee wnpons: '. nani Cost Spaces SW'iker .ei'YY 2 4 6 9 110 M 16 20 :22 Hediumweitglbt Ug'ht Hea. 66 -_ -- - _ - MEKTON II . & ".-m. Medium S'triker He..yy Striker .i."'\'o.."$. fangs:. &.. m_a. IHe-dium Heayy Armlill"'.. eii9~ht Striker M"dium. rOClk.". 7 9 9 1.s..anlll'Oh" fl. llase. 'Pla$:rnas~.~.t Strik.s'l!' Cost I &. ¢aMl!.g'ht r1:.rhe.ii~~~:'..BatSI!' Co. fll:amers:.iium HeavYI Armoredl Heayy Sup fliI"ih.on~ f1ame.1icplts.a!YY Al'".a.eight Liig'ht IHeayy Med.dium Striker IHeaV'1I Stribr IHedium.dlium :Striicer IIp.Y.eMn •.J"~.t :Superlight Ughtweight Strike.!:I pbS'rnas mOliMllne & a. pl~s:m.e 'Yy . shouldermounted 300mms.. Kins 2 3 S. Damage Add 0' II) 'Ba. i 1 1 • Ba.. 11 IHay spac~s for c. YS:@i 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 .~k.ces &. Medium He. s ~.~k:ets . SelilI$Of"S' missile:s I! rQ.. ~50l'l'lM jJ.oc~piits:... 7 8 '9' 110 11 1 f 1 2 Meg~heay¥ Ma'~ 'U:S~ s:pOIce.:s: IIIl:o.• &.er Liigbtwetgbt.ayyStrii:e:r Medium.s·ensors. Sup.erbeavYI Hegah.rs i I I .s Ma:s:" mae!htlrll ..r::iJ1s 10-19 Superligfd 20-29 30-39 4~49' 5"'59' 60-6" 710-79 EU)-89' !Ua-9'9 100-1'09 110+' L'ight .e..Yfight Light H".1i'1<iImllrs HiOmm guns" dnlls:. rockets coe.se' 'CoostI Spa.and strik.... Superllight Lightweigh.Y..ts:.vy.':'M.&."' 1 2 10 ~ Superllight Lightweight He.mored "eay.:. 'fOf': 1150rnrn guns:.. st:!. n:ri$~i1e's'.tS:'-'-'-.Striier "e~Y'y Striker l1edium"W'eoight UgM "~aY'1 Il1edi'lllm H:.s:ers: &. biSe.uto Ca'MoliI. lo.:trnns: I I 'i~ii.\lns:.siles.aY'y Medium...'fo. 'Kins Hledlium Striker IHeavYI S:triker Medium. 1 'llii!'!gtS . oiyto .

Mecllafigluers am lI'1o:rma:Uva.cover .erfamr:l'~. of Blssor:le:d tlilings.re v€hrcle's~lIiOrTiI Japanese animatio nt. subject.pa. You must am:IOrachl . or dOing gUler wolm. tOG small fOli"a normal mecha~sized Ihand. l1ow.P)I: These 1~[gh1:s. filll.next sl~ep'[n OO. VOltlt macha's M:.t .set Iof tipped .ormations: .8S a l:Jask:: lredesign to too meeha's b3.e~gISI' wea:polil5..~3'O1 m aloo' put armor on those arms if .a1l'fli"lO.a8!e' 2: (teo ~afli t).degme turns). Hatch IE:I1I~1IY larm (s~le:li1t.overa~~1 Ilst of Ccuil!S1ruct. ..ge~he .Mk:r DRla.antage.a..s: a i ho. YO~ m'ay mourned weaponl. FPel. .PS'J. s~reinglhs" There!u.ea.SJrcstruc:ttll"e" and thus raisestM . ThIs OOS.r I ili11111e . Used to get Into the cock". . up.Anns. shortortoo 1 wo:unded to mak:ean 3l1lims 1€:8p. normal mode.small erec1iric wiflch at thie top •.e key.p!::lnsm below ~ '. OOtl1L1lst. colliltinuoU'lrougltJ anti be su'b.inal Base fOlln! Oost.po:ns aoo gear you earrt stash ~n-oo cx:U)~pH: of 1o'Uli mooha.ng Armor MV .KTOO.@OD ~nm.61 J.:::. "('OUI may n:m ruse arms.e Sh~PB without wings. .: ifwJngs ~heseoompooorrts se p3r. Iread ~hel :oocI:~Ui1 on .SOP). The mmmnder wi!. 001 use har:u:iweaporns. andl MSlnONI. .~ StDr~g.lIDmerslble.ges. [€lgs" elr Iilancl a:rlea.e (. V01ur unit's MVwm iOOlleQSe a by +2 (airfo~led units have' a harder time md:~rngl :laO c:hooseto anno'.SdS.mng hatchways. may IIJsi€llh:alnds and legs [n.0 the o.orlffi~'VO_UI . you IfIUls1nmt oonstl'ilJeIi a iIlulUal!1oid M E.ppi.~ HeadiSi Mialn BQdllil!S.J M E:K}ONl arl'l'iOr works on too ideia of sta..liI1em adClirng thfis.transr~.30 [nan ami s.r.~ . ue~er ValUl:Ilf (MV)I wm: cteClI'e. 'l(.t!la'MERTONS. siren.E]{"fON when: you're 1:00 iBaastI1l1Eu::.r.re info..ppll'1lQ PGwe:r o~·me amnolll'on tUl~' smuck.it c~ . All . IBea:S'lmHha ~When in fhis. to.. atfected). iCOrsl .2CI?): A prog rcamwhidh calli be runon~oulr mooha.e.pUer .De.20. aJIld a Sto. j LJift~Wir.~:Ou can ciesig nate any lilumerJ..s program will clrnly ke. r.well' (how manlY points.Mt.a MootJile (1C:P~: Can hoR:D1 up to 1. In this f.epi the hatch flfOm being opened.ssUlmed mot armDr InyDttte:r pam. Y~'LiI may no). S~orage IT'I.e~Ol!llr types of Tr.r! When iinl~is foml.li!a. 6.ss~'le. Dr lails. The armor lis laid OUil im oveurla...s. il carn be IhoO:ked~o 8. as well as a l'ransfolm'ilallon COSI:. meooa :whichl can g~ from tfue~tbasfc humarloitd:form to another form. Walkermecha annored. lof' ein. anytl11ing you warM). ~I fact.: A h.l'Illp~ier :. fhe¥ may USlB an1( Oil" .may be 'flcu:.g)ed pen. af clama. anow you~a ~llumina~e an area up to " medla-SGa:lied li1erx pe~' light The')!.~a1kilil€l up one' :spaoo. lW\ie.evler. oOI1l~ijgum' iilf~to legis). Thlis !!Sone Ireason why~iransfioli!.... Eacll1.1raotedfrorn the kiiUs 'of tie part uooemeaUll 1ltJe armo. oo:mbat.~ .un:11 (il ~P)': .prol~ec1:s the ~Jgh1 witl1m..'lect1ng Damsg.n'&1iructingYOUlr mlech!a.. fa:r l'iIlO.s~ L. but Imay IJIse aJny built in weapon. of almos~.am'lOf Vltill slopr barore the com. oo'\I\ew a.yoU will Ireceive'~he' +2 IMP.e[l1io1's.Hming mecha.appin:g iit lI'n. Each on~' irnvolv.Small .~ormi you wm add.ruely !(fOW example.oo ioc:ation on ~Ihe outsi~e o~tiile v.:2 Constwction PO. determined .amount.OIlJlmay use any Maim :130f¥ lor Head c M'ovememPlaUOmlrS" .ou wm su'lltracl:~he· Sto. 4 I Po. armolr may be made up.yol:lwi~Shto I Pfote"C1 ttH!!m). The . transitional 'f()·rm 01 MEJKTiQNI AmiIor .io.ng Po.carryitng aU wea. :allowJng ~hem t'O.'n.ce. Wllli'Ig. This w~I be willat ~ :~I1l:QWl1Iaslle IBase' . to St~1ker level (:see th!esupplement RQ. )!QUI will selleot one 'or more ·of '~he' possib:l:e ifi"ansfcnmrliiol'il Rorms ipo.P(arryJ.irnUl€.a large M. su~~cd armor a - MectJafigltt~e.y of 6 would become alll MV of 4). area~mmthe number Of ki~ils rC·aused by ~he wea:pon..ma).toa keypad Ioaated i'l'): some eas)Ho-r.s aile U:s~MUilmoli' .topme'rilt . fOml. you may "Iinorears& ~Ol!Jlr speed Illy an armor en your I:egs winl mu.ms.addi[taolTl!aJ+2 MA.coera ILock (. hsvea liftimg loody-lik. each Form has lfI.by ml!JIt~plyil'ilQ CF' cost of 'this is liB Base Form b:y th:e! Coli: MliJlt~plielt'~or fl1attorm. Walker " Form" and S'I. .your arms.e S:ecl1Qll~pg .r . MEKTON Wcl1(:1 has lbeen Una Jililverffion o~ ~i'ans1o:mna.eiile' on youn.euaUon.~~ye'LJ lUs~ . A pag:er inyOl!If pock:et..rrnatiorn o:ntlis. or :botll) for am adtliff.Amro.all. manrpulat~ram1s fOll" mak~fI91 . ta:~e . 1.' pla1es~0 cover the vailiouspaits. pall1 wmtl am'!all'l1ilOr mCill'iil ~han Wa[kennecha: Ai.2 classification I'.ecem d6i!!1.oths.repfJJJJrS.. ~evemo~ armor lhasa cost.. any or .J SpoUlghts (.of to.~ime cmmagestwi'kes yOlJllr unit. highe r than the pa~ being bt!MeE!n Mechaliigtiter:s. 1ihf.'s own advan!tages aoo disad~anla. 'vallie 1.nlpulator .F'Drm Of YOUJ1W8nformab:re unit Next.stics (altho:L:Jgh tfYOU'lI"8 planning1 10.bu lid one of the more bRzz. y. foof[Oo[p at " the boUom aJIld a.irnts.'s Main Compl.lim:edanywtil. t These m!8i.flIa P0lili1f111 M'eehang hter FOmil.onail . .neycom'b or allovs aliid J.of the tollowllngl .eavy 'cabile withl a."iWl9 meu::ha arre relative ~yrar'll!. me Antitlteft . Jllat~ngl area<:fd'ed. aK. l Eaoh.rlg.MI)J!IU.ui1f1'i18cha will a:pp~yWIFlEl'I'lJ1 mhis in form.aclv.c Clooe or wt)rci as ~h.rn ya ceirtain O b . 'CoS1.y leven be used to oarl~ 11 IAoads~lfiker mechabl:ke. Mi:oromanip:u'~a~ors muS!1 be! mou nlecl = lio build a.restrictions Ion IBe.In irs.n1it..ft'lker f:ord~lails).Odule.ansformaliiorl tl'ansl.g &: .or eifOfor.!lter.~. Y~1iJ may .eve~s. all strikes 'lNitth your I~mbs b~ooll'all'il1$ will.

ao.flex Stat of '~h8 Charactelr currentlv '.s Mecha R.!l and meehenicals have a movement Allowanoe' (M_A) which is usedto "bui}!''' hexes 0'.than. bu~ a mecha.. . 10~5=5~ which means . U's Basfi MA is' 6. In this form..(6il Re. anyone with .emen:t Allowance Subtrac1: this '!O!'.20 &amp/a.(jjff'. I 68 - - l I - - MEKTONIJ .s: n0.aptJns a1.staUoWfJr.anyons with a Ret/ex . The' R:apiet" ws'lgtlLs 50 fDns'.. riubm:er:slble with increased Mec'ha.ersfor each i~mjMduaJI case ~o de~. baUer thanl a less 'skilled one. ra'ising. .For fJiXamp.1: have w:l1eels. 'In adtli~ion" ill this term.~iS· -powetplanr by 2 {X)1nls.9".the Mechar:kler to gell1er.ol!.. 9 7 8CH!9 90-99 .I. and before .Base Form CO'S" is 60 CP~ He .. -+6 MA submerged) . Then lap.ans. employed. r'! Movement Allowance is an index o~ how fa:s~your mach. It's as. 'In this. YQ.s... ill ahuny..omwla:' CP :x .efll'.rum aft..he' Tonnage 01 youii' mschailia: assumed ~hat you are merlely incnil8sing the loomple)(ily of ~he sys1ems.40)fe60 Base' COSf =t02' .any weapons mOI:. Wh~IS& Treads:.o dete:mnilil9 your un~t.':ling .purchase two ttansfar. Cost MLlIH~pne:r= .aclcer.+2 Groundl MiA Iru:~ri&·ase owEl~plWltby 4Ipts .dl Uses 'fans oir "th msters'.ii' Mantle~r IlaJl:Je of ~5.t. You moay' use . this stat ~s modified by the Re. 'T.Jeff were' to incre'ase -.extra t'l1rusters..a"2 lO ilit.e IplaUorm (knowlil as a Mecl1a. Tatlle )" from tile Retlex Stat of ~l1e lpilot of the unit.40) He uses the f..ll~ the mod~. but inste. rnscha which needimo get somewheJie. subtrad2 fmml MV - - 110+ T:annage 10.vel1lilsnt AJlklw.also g:ets the +. This Is a lParticUilaril'y good op1ion 'W'hen ).iIle unit~a reall~ hot pilot wi'[! always react ~aster and.rllder ). Apply the I'inOdifiers above~o d!elermi.il1te-d1 the in Main BodYal'e3" COS1 .lhaves8v.ex8.ma~kms: Mechaffghtef (:.gilling it .lat V:our Mocha Re~l~x Stat is rrucl1 Ilike }lour' Characl!er''S .Rapier welg/lS 50 tons •.lex of Cl.iUalJ. add +1 speled in wa~er (+4 MA Ion surlace.Uex Stat~-it·s: a measuremenl of ho.tl '!tou wll~subtraCI~ the unit's.aJl1.MuUlpl1er= .1u.Clinn . His ..49 Ground MQ:v.a meoba unit.Br~equippoo unit is 12~ The IBase Flying Movement AUowance 'for a Fan EQui~ped unit liS 8.total CP~.cofim'spondinQ: changie in NlIV.cr fOOV'Eml18nL 11111$huge.lfJ.acid2toMV M~d~afrghl(i!'$ the .401 . at no IreducHon (l.m om.hed to 'the: botl. All C:har.all hand we. ad'ci +2 Fo..orms.(60 CP -30:1 + ..33.a.. Manu ever Value (based on tonl'il!agf! ~sllllld hi fu~ . FlYingl Movenlent: The Base Bying Movemem Allowaru:::emor a Thruls'l. !Unit rl'Wl. Example: Jeff has a R:6flex Stat of' 1'(1 . higher .ate :su'lfictent !. .Aquam:ecl1a.amount GfUI'ruu~t all towiS. you may opt iMechariders 61~100+.filglll1ler. 4 Ground MiA P MIA to vonstrual .ha~ 1Unam fll ight MA.f accuracy. add +2 WrlJ1lgs.Ies i:ll a~um. 34-66 .atue hum Re1. 12lMA but no~ the ".pt.that the ..II: to' callY no~ only it's own tonnage.39 40. J. however. ·9 Beast rnecrna. sUiWrad ·.ulr unit .A!l1hough movemeni pl. case..s. it's MA by 2.8 separat.w~astWhe unit call react to 'oomba~ Situations. If .SO)land Walkefmecha (.8 Refiex' .lle Mecli1arkJer praUomn doe..U'I'ent pilo~ to (Iet. V'alus Tonnage 1 (}-19 20-29 30=.o.ed w:ea:pons.ManusvBl' Value.ta. or f. j Fan IBase M'A=8MA Tluust'er Base MA.2~ firoml'Qnnagle Increase! Powerplam: Oy 2'. Jt Mecba Reflex S.han 6. The addmonal COSII of yourmran s:~ormaUon5 doe's not actually increase '. . are usually desiglned tOI be aU.ermine' 'wh~n your~u'm is.emenl:: Check the Ground AfoI1ement Allowance Tabls below fOlryour liiIlecha's Bass! Mo.ance. 50-59 60"69 10. They may' use any or all space-mount.'s' . -6. size of .ertrfl~n9 a fJnaJ Ground MA.5.sFal rlol'ma'lly nighties!. Jeff decides to build a variable form Rapier..decides to .r every ~3pts .a.. er aiflY hand weapons. unit ridlllll' as well. which ac~s something ~[ke a 'Qfgantic mecha·skawboard. There are two IYPBS of MOVef!I\e!l~ Allowaooe: Ground MA and . movement in the' game.Staf.y' not use mms or le9S.A.!.Raple'l" will take il"s . it would also .Fllighl MA .you rna. T.2 MA. bonus for Aerolorms .ne ydur mBd. I Mov.

emd 2: on the hea.!li!!nJ~raJl!d OO!llilponefl'l>OO'iOI6·ror W.levels I highedor ~a ad\. 31"01fJ1:l> ·O!'1i-~ WI1I"II.pe~ oo~t~'3!t IMiJlit4tl - ---- -- 7 69 .inlhe IMain.~ U!}. \IVl1h J'eftrs R~n{}x{js 01 1001. OOl. two Ilegs.' ~.l1IsMifo. J'etflf Iplans pJiI .ge 1_ of gma1.Ms~47 AMlor:19 lbrtlli!iIMII:U! To~l: 1QOOP Now. As fue Rapier is a ~SOron.jI.i!Hlacn I'egl(12J" !fIlS.llll!l'~ hl$!G~I\ 8 Jeli! ~larHs w ihst'lall'ooe I~adl liil5ef (.I'!.unTt" gM~ 1 Jeff &l1iIlO~lEel Rap!erWiIh ~ poims o~ Mlln Body Azm~r:.50ton lmil. Al!med witnllorg ram~ we\a. aimed withl our enhanced koowled'ge of njteCl1ba onstructTonl. WiiltlthB COS"I.1 I~~aulilct\iar illil.mlMa waapofl (1i )~.i!1:III't$lJeet 'far tlls . Pow-erplant: 114' Cornpo.ifflllFl.pler.~gh50 tons.i! Ile .1I1e Rlapler's IMa'l'l1. . I As a.TB" :so.:1 .6...cr s.:pIerw411~1 we. aillcla ~e3'i'¥ SiI1ikw Head' {5~.:illIil has raileEldi n. paints QJHlacl! teg.lfr1. Jeifil'slMeot'ra Conoeption is loran e.buvs:2 .eI1:tJaJ. that we can see .e Ra.ns aDd heavy colmbat Th.pans arKt it's high nun"ter of _ ~uao~s tumil~e nJT~~S .oot.Wef Value..t Ile'<lSt~Q poinlS 0'1 IliiRils.etlpa.1).t6J. 1 oot~f backup sensors. ·w!1h As· a M:C!K1!O.M)\ 'by ~ PL"int.q)emlsiwll Jatl qUfcl<l¥ ·ackfs !liP alii Qf~is WQ'lpOWl. woirk. will have two' aJrtnS.ito Ra~rgr l IhaG a Milof 6 and! a_I"l' APT of 4 0(8$ Clescnibedl in ll\ie Carnlbat seatib.eiXamp.dtJmme:~fas~and mar:tu~rnble MIEKJONI~lipe. a.!IRtffs Rapier is oo~tooa MecliumwflighllMain Body f12).dl His total soo>oroost:is 19'. wtlh twO .ne.HleavySlJ'iker a:mr!G (12) • ~a' ~gh~ IHieavy Ie.s ~~ir.OOfi<sriiha1J:il '!io. samp~a MEKTONl1Iuep.pBBdI and MV I rN:d!elhat JeHnas ·1T~edJ irl~lIlii" 11<111 t:Jmieshe .liGil!. 't'Jpliemi~Ci:lGl$are8. giM:rJg1 Jeff 1001CDiJ1IS1rue~lQn ~ll1llt9 to. il's MV watl'ldl bEl··S.BOOy (2).Rapier wm~ooab~em~ ~asily _tackle slMe' mi~o.l\lpl~r need9:a.}lWa 3: pts_ f will ir:laJBaSl!I·thB_ Rapi:et's !lying.aJ'IIy lJ:OU!l&fomnaliOl'1l abilities tQlhe Rl3pjer: toce'. a Mail'ill80dy and a ~T·aGL Jet/'s Rapier .brillging ~l~ 13 w ·Jilff ~QII: interKillO add:. .Jeff ooily 00008 a Hea'o')l'S1I'iiler ~erp'laJlt to nJl'IUrIe 00 ~ Raple.oo o:JnslrucliOfi poiffis . b!.gs {16}.r..o! 2~hattd (1 Mch~~ his total componantQ.J!i 47 •.nrs is.. ·me e!ilerg~ .'s. Siemi~!.e(l(aoUy how' tofm :~. ~~t·sbuild Gne ~~he vehM:lles we we:q' ~mrmlllCed o to in OlJiI' cpel1liing dha. We1~1 LJiSB a. ~a~ip1<Ul1t by 2~m<Iki!'lg ~rs MV =4. 50lOlll.Iruilta. • . Oi! 100nli!T:i1 gur'! (2~ Hf:srolBl Weap«lili &.r:t 1 JeW$lmechaii~a Ihim ~.

110t81 [o:S"t PilllOtSIPOICBI q)S.!lIp +0] 1II..I '==:--~==-----____" ~:! ::: ~fll:ldr8UnCS ~ OJ ""RIlI'1 L' ! JI~I:S:enson +~II n!l!tail SeruII) 0 IRrmol(" Costs +I~'tl lItafJ.MI flIP1 [lJjGRND MR Mil [illItL' M:. T _:9~ W.·1 1 D!lfIqulIlmec.tler!? +I[i] ITti:!I)la.'ls ~B!llttof :st.hruSle\f.lilt.lln1nslffD'rmationCosls o Aero!!lilecihliii ~ 01 1 iBellil:St~a I Vii~meC:b.s =~ +1111ImeiIp0I1"SeIilSior. famCos:ts.ts ~ Cos.ion.eet~1 I II I .

go to wolik.p.s lmus1 add 1 . .I'IIY.f medh'a.s.. you will pKibably wa~ to' skIp tills :pa:rt c~~:i1e rules..uln.V. 00 mlJlst firs~.fl:. enga:glin.Flerler.Ymaket asuecessnn Mooha :Design 11'011 .t'~.0111 eroo!'JD(u. ro:Tepla.aY~FOJm his tol'irlp!.and hi' .eds.e 0. Roleplaying Tech Beyo:nd The Combat Gam.newy like~..yJl11g ~garrJL:e.l'hng 't-'h e ""0' I_.ch.easy as suUing down with a ruleooflk.of ImoWJedge irnto ~ii1eskij:~of Mechill :De$r.mom deptJ .. I _ skills . ' I!.evB.YI'JiIiaIS5ed mechaiilriZ>Eld !battles. __ .Remember: MiIE:KlQN isa. Clio. .rlnts tor .nologi}l'.nch .HlhlWhichl to p:Ia. you'll: IdeJil1l~ellf want~o lread Illese! sections (lIn Mtwha Des/gD .J. anyo:ne should be able to Glesign a meeha uniLAileraU.looked s' .••.W8. pgs srrhm6-S' Of tliils ru:re'boo:k. a great deal on .• how. ----. o~lun..trucfh]n 'YiOUli"MEK-rONI character has fustrushed i~D the lha:n.s The M EKTON Co:ns~l'ii. III' you are' . .ningl~tIe unit.¥fng f.him .. yoo . acne alltl1e des~ing.(or less) Conslrualon POints in.hiiis s. opportunities So to add .yer. rt1eoretically....rlli1!.e you've..e JlJIEJIilS slalern."~ __ " I!.oe.. Q~ .Hh their OWfl liTI~chafaeto~ies:..l1Iis: favoli'il:e f~htil1!g maoh~e.mrcllm alroost as man.an.aGlJual~ d'es~. No 2) for ..".0".every 25 .Iction S¥st.:ate' sku~J!(iuggery . Y ur MEKTON cllametef has a~5Qhad! to i'eam a laiot new .lly slarea .al1ldoolDstance 1:0youf'allV. SI lo.'fe planningl to.ctr2W!rifg board i1il'll9i.lepJa.an IF~16? Ob~OUiSI. simply plal1lililJrilQto U:!H=! IMIC1Kl-O~ as a mecihan~ed' combat game.ollie..i\ge. IDesign prooe:ssoff!e:rs: 'fll1. BUit ~' lO'l.ng lime.gly~ ~'Igo.i.-c -c ~' d' 'L-. his t)lu:ap~ints il'il . 1'1 wol!llctl1lJ't be las . liTIate'l"ials.sm 'it back on pag. adv.v~ntllJres (which we hope )IOu wil~. know aoo].off limol the nigtit~o ~und someooe ~Dwoi1<~rQmlilts r:evised blueprints. EliIlglnee.desIgn lIJ'resfor Mecha Desig.huoomd types.n::t his complex vehid'e.liigtwl'? tHere .in order t¢ koow exaotly how hJ. Fins/If.!.. Supposeyo:u wanted to ooild a modem-day jet iil'lte. h A sucoessfU~ Iroll me.a:rgameil' hours. II will give .go linto ibllJsimessw. . sbe' said. Elly pJc. At the eool o~ this pel'liocl. hirmg themselvE!'s Q ut~o '(tie highBi5:1 bid'dem .•.J:SmUiiaI espiontage Oli" .g]n..it'slllme for your chm:acler to' . 'W'e'vein[egra.. tlil'""" ~ ·g·llJ!iiil'" [process.ans.of tl1at day" ll1is procesS: continues. lBudding entrepre.. . mooha MId __ 1_ '_..Jter"latled·de:sJgliI termin:a:1 with a completed sel' of bluep~in~s.e'leIl1)eilJlrisi~1 M EKrON . s1:l dovm at~tJe .volv.\. designlng1 SlId ~ightingl wilih. your :MEKiON designer charac1er 'wi~~s.bes!1 possible ba:~ar1lce of co:mlX!l'iI:9ints" weapons 81'11:d aliTlllOt for :yoor iPa:nlicul\arnL'e.eliillis designed to be .. a.roeptor. use M EKT'ONlaSU1e basis for wleplayil1lg.#JIfJe. ! ._e'SIl. design. Ule:n fOil ag:airn at the el"ld . p CharaclBrs can lbecome desiQi'iI specU!all[S~s<.8 fast and 'easy way to design' amy oneol a.ed in Ule.!t ae~'l'I1aUJlics. ~he unwary 1M EKrON pla.n.~. PI!ayers can ha:v.dO~8ns o'specJaHzedl fields which all 00' intoth~ design D. ~r steal plansU1e mse~s:. CM.ted UIJStnllg~ oody . 'HeFe!s~heprocess: yClUIlf irn:ehded unit.and luroh:€Is .'ai~\.A faned roll means tn... tle Il1I1.d Plec.. . .As a.weqty :litlie mitts.Ip'to.".l'iI:fbur.. "term9gat th's Je#t .fJ.pend 11day In tile F.'8(:h OOnfleSirnto play .-..a he.dozen energy :SfNo:rd~n be .. Mso:ha Cons. ad. 1) GD ahead aoo .ked up a wte. fh::ience:.IJ:'~BI'X arms pu' grinnell.1.gar bay.~: a hiQ.s goingJ ooild~l1ethi~ngforhim?'1l1is is :wtIere~lile~iII to IMeclhal l. l3utWho..1 {plus h~s 00 rr:ent Meeha !Design Skill -IIlme~:lTgelnce) lg h1erthan15.ee' Dr lpl~ye>r r:ll1Rni~:eosslbinUBS foil' ro.oource for creming unitS W.at th9 ..t.y Mirnatio:nand scieooe f. saY.& MecIm COl1struc~ loR.r" is where game ma!~ismca~ches !!. why not use~hese... D.il1l iI'1K:i .aJnY emerprisinglw.i.o.apons tecfl.s 101 . .. us:il'1l!Jtht:! IConSlllUC'ian.her sm.l'roces. . pl!11ing dijd ~ogei1jher U18 . oons1i11. Ii_'_'" ~..enLums? DUll' pro~emt. wou ~ct n? No~you'd need to.e '69.icticm souroes.m.addltronal day of design w.ISl mak:ea die 001.·1. until! he' firnaU.lrlit.s'lmlg..00 staggers aw..... Om::.

tliteHemic 3: sur~:lcralieS1: 'not).enee em the appropr.l1otaRes a mere' biue:prilrl~ . desened bmUefields. p~ced mast mecha in tl1le'range' era Imod:est two Dr three.an Systems .B. and annotates this. we have.l0 rlmake 1if1ese chalnQ.9 betwllHm $:7. T'taere' you iliad figlMililg machil"les~M sitze of IleJ aircraft.tlashf'~.down in the Sl1lop who y makes sure~he tii's. you will be buUdkfilQ 8J .' a mechatl1Jo-·:he o:r slae is a g~Ued art~stw.onably afforoal1l~e patil'S fillat hava abmliJiliely fWthing to cio with ~he' .S.offlle IPfOtotVpewilitak6 '1 day for every 50 Constructfon PoJnts. One way to do' this: is to havk UnS. for 'Bvel'lf 50' Of less Constl1l:.a!OO IHydlm:uUcs. onto Which all olheroom:P9llile.fli1ameeha.(:BUYieIi"S 'iiiDeal.000.ystem Ipresent.sib~el a good .one-oJ". For each .ale. P~erpl."Qnd to oHer a .3 pJicestm~urefor meeha tihat W01U:rd'j 'on Dine taa.oolsl ahe'ns l~miad~Wlg cily . Main oodies ca.m'ttkrro. For thIs 1:0 wo:rk.1'100') Pr:i:oe:s for serve components~.is [more til.nk~ ~inaooed m:ecffilaloans. Teo1i1 is th:e knOW:~ie t'l1e oo~plex amaTgamatio. armor~ weapol1ls:! :s.lIJ:ncsand ~9'apons technology tha1 goes in~o 8. f!Elas. .w .1s. owned by peO'p~e .UiliEl fOilTil1.es on.sors.rrint How Long wnl It T. f. in roleplaYing adventu reo i.. tusion lpower. However .lHer.oreated (he :Parts Unkloown Qlta:IQgWM '(f1Iiaimed .. Wea:pOlils. Costs.fces . it wm taka .ycfra. liI.enoughtha~ iH:was eiiJie possible to '~ijM • iii 'W.mbaril'assing Oil" po~entlaUv d8a(H!f~i[me).er.pr. As each little prob~'emocHlIles: up" he 1llentells~he p:r'ay.enSQ.~lItley haveU'le aibilily to cre. each syS!tem o~Y'01:.e have .a_·kijl1l(l1IIHidt.etc.. also 0'08S no~ t~e rnl~~unt ~.nval tllile MIEKTON wan1ot's ... fhe actl!l1alnew .~r .ectiJ8I<m: a .~ng1ogether of electronics. Atny su'bsequent Uln~. w.. If. Of evern~unclelWOWicI financed .alwalys advisa:blefo.nPoints usJd in yfilJ1r mseha.aJl. m.I1i1IO.tornof ~he pal1lbeihgl Iffoughl:.dallal'S.siII" make~jne rolls while 'the Fle~en:!e reads the .or any of th e.Tech play.s lof the same' ~ype wi!ll~ake t:Jaff as 1oJ1'll~. lhasa allie all mlan'. w[llhpossibiliUes klr mBcha. Depending on the ou1.gle.o:uw new unit before 1:aking itimo combat (cn~atfll1!g aln . oc:mbat g.r a ~allTIl(i:~s MEKTON-Wbrld parilS reharn).ad~:~.oderrn figi1rthlkglmachir:he.nstruClh!ln 1Jme.come'. iCO!SlX $11.e sciel"iLce~ t'·' "ictlOn . 'Thrs cbnstrucltion 10nfda..II'.ODD)~ . Parts. fightelr gels airlbome.new Irealm of adventuring" w. Me 0111 i. 'I. a prk:le tag of sOI:illE!sildee'l'iIImillion . oonstrucliT. other c:iSlractions POiS.a.ethen makes a IphotoQoPY of the M:IEKTON Btueprint She'e. The Rlefere. PrJ. s. up~l1e prospoot cd ba. 1!IIllknowr:f·M 'WIomake1ihe Tech's !'Ore eVEHii nllOre irnerestin.eel liiI ju nkyams.~. we twied to aillTaJJrIgo' .I ~efO.OOO.1lloATabf:es alie' d:esig!ned to enhance ~he roleplaying aspects of your "II EKTON iadvemures.e1r oouk:l scrape up.lf'OU are atAe to.00 lildH. jUlry _" .mS are bo~ted. di:!lIaW'!.I1t" much :I[k. whlich irlte'grates a basic sicaleta) BrrB:nge:me'. monsey to buy liiil1llS)e~'f :robot a.r' lru~h! need'ing lFIew parts or l.Ii fiJI EKTON lechn:roiaJll . AMoroaoi'epr.or~hat siystem~aL1dlng hiis or her Tech Stat 8: Mocha T'BOh Skill into.does Wt: IMecha. be somewhat NaJl~sUc:. As a:nyfiglMiElli'joCik can t6~~1ou" iI:. yotl lJIaIYbe' forced to aotu~ny' Ibuyol'ilB at new . Pirices..er pil'otingl 1.nt.~ these systems : 'of Ar.have no Knr vall.rdel19tlmli1insdbV.F.e. eno:ugl1. rol~playlng experisnoes 1111what otherwise mf:g:ht The Tecih Cons1ruc. CamprOJ"UmlTables.-repo men aoo skifplrac13'I'S. 72 - -- - _IIfEKTDN_iI_ . This Irnl1l'iint 111latevenruaJll¥. rer many new adlvllln~ures hingingl on IMr. For~his reasorn. JudicKluS use Of a 'fech's.C'O' U.00 and$20{J'. it's important ~t'lat tl1le pllayem 2tcliually . I l Title !most eXpElin:si'v8 pm of a mecfla unit.oo[.e~ . f.oextend or .e's OOW hs .rtire~ new care ewCiraSS:.. I mecha wi'n have some or .u:::tio.lln It1e'se eariier 'edit~ons.!!les and no ofU:c:[iafCOj1\!ilnJ!e1itnl Poim.lantt It''lrusiV. Ai. lbed~oollilhlouse-·' sornewher.. ·we tlad a nIle problem. pg. any subseQUenl models . may hav'B flaws. g:e~'someone tal sll1ake dO'lN!lly. ' Every FinallYII' we 'gave up.cis Of.~'h~he lrequi~e d changes.contr"ct this itirnefrnme as~he I1lleeds o~~iheir game ciemand.itn". and o~d aband'oFled wo~ s!ite5. it.of how to I:Ir.iiate Tech GtJllstlUctlo:n' Table.a!te new Plot Com])lk:::aUQ:Jlls MEKJON plarers" andU'Iu.clan uooally I100clifyan Diet main bOOy ~n~o :something workablEH~ not. This is because in most cases.l"ecked banle:field units or' 'U:sool Civman IIllQdels.e.ac1 as lhoug:htheif' charactBilrS don't know tI1at~Mir vehTd'es. set IUp anaSSH:Ul11b4y line.!ally. Although in's· thoroU!Q~hlyun~@alistic.4 days ofoo.COmbat Game aspeGt of a moona unit~· lIey .!ir noocfla mall or mall l1lot M¥e U~I~~e ~tliclO1elil~~aws~'lin [t's 'DoDstruc~iQn·"Jlaws ttmat win only showup in use (uiS:li.Jla: (C<iUilSn1LllC1i~on Pt.n 000351:0 many be loc. th.s.and makes ~it work.o1i11'erUnan 'Ilm~onal §overmems.m" oo~its. u. L Referees may want ~. as modified byllie' .aimB si1U1a1ioWi. hisOlifginaJ 8Ju€p.nd. can be determlIIiJed I!Jsingti1e.ep:rs_came. . ih. r:IO~ an ttmt many people can actual~ '~ord to buy am iF·1c5 E:a.cost ~ . y..a feal~ deterlmuned pla:y.8 car chassis.9 Tech. loam sh'arking I All or~Mse variations: aHeli'" a :wealthl of d€genergle ~moan end~'essflOUndof ".ns WI1a1':si1'liiIis (jo~l1Ig To Cost? lin earlie'r editKHiIS olf IMEKliQl\Il..j~kmx $. some'how. the roll..i'oes a[so brought. sud~ as in 8.s~on the other be! affordable lo'~ii1ea\ferag.at somee.~ tM C rew C[hi.ng Uile v'eh~Tewm IID:~~.. is the ~ai:ll :oody. were Io. ra1~er thail1~o be used in a.aJilje? lilll general.5.g..aJI1jUs.a:ssau~U]lgyOtllrstrOJl1gholtd. Tab~:es.Sen.

!r.two. write .~ 'rom it' $ SP AI"f!'1!.lant' d'''-m~..I.ArfTlor' iplacd wrong . .01 fe.(ti. !beQQine inQ.a.1'111mi~~n"s: am .ponsa. nt da:rrnilg' I freml enhcal ov./Ii 11 ifll. To use~he roggilrlg.ol :bili[il.r lirdcag:e separator .sltlut' 'for 1 D. armo'r 'from C:Oii'ltractor: 'Yait~~ ts ~ 12 of $peC!~fie.c!I:SP'! Ii-h_.il autocall'lOO:GlI!S jam .1 8 9' '1..!.~r m1e.OI.Qve' .~D 1 01 ~il}"ns: ~ w.~rhe' part.PO'w. ro.ll'ik I.arts.'.adly sli'l. Le"s'! .components ! of 1st Roli1 '1 2: 3.dr.1)6 hw.: [1R:~11 on R.i...Isltm.pump liuk! I!. ill anela slecond :plaoe f'rom~ihe riglht (Example: You lroll a '9.nUy 'rake 2 ~il~lsmPowerp] .. oil'1!he nice '1!hlings:a'lx:lUit'the Parts Unknown calalog.OJl'I.ede.genemles the price .ens.rWl0tur05. .afie'r 1eli turil'l!s of us. ... Flight Sll.lJH'e.down eachvailUe in the order rolled and place your decimall Ipolint Iiii'll 'he.u.. 3rd Roll :j. nt~MS~ st:em mis-a Ugned.P.".'''. "amarms: <lfler 1.: .iUilaom 'Hlt: blbl!e to 'lJl!'t 111 cement :-1 from i.t -3 ito' hit..ol"l1Ilace~en~ wrQli'IIg.J\S 'fab.ant:overheats.al S'frl'YO nei~nr sertsor shaft i!I~spla.d.llIse.I~J1I''1. S. 3'uli!:) f1uiG11is bYNil~in4! Cotlilpi.•. mav. a 4.l aliSo I mil . .t -2 MA f119ht S".t '$:Si~ b .ge pe:ma. .~necompoMnt (rol111".. or even dOWtiIriglU thel cif an il'r1portal1ll widget P.or t:ar91etiIilQ irt':ty mi~ .n f1'Io1<lhil)i!. m..cut: out for 1 ~. .aftell" '1D6 tlJrl'i~ 1oJI~".lIJ. 67' IPI!"~S:5ul"'iZied a~'CI~.g .c.ur1can~: (nolthilil. J'I'Iis:aligneiil.ompcnents! Hy dr a'IJIIDffio .#I.g) fluid • .a.i!Sa MOVe ~t-.uilic par~:ilne~ procl£!sslQr s~l'Idler 4 :.!'!ii!lt~1'" Power"ip~. _ ib.. Unknown Catalog™ 1D10 four times.dOWIIil .alJtomahc~l1l11 aft.elded!: 1\11'0'1 et g TV' sigl:lal:5.iii! 11.t wi:tihl dens:.~riUve in .!~S: .g. Cfrl othing) fiberop1ie wllfe '1 ''101• ~ . .s MilA 113 14 H!J i1r'lu1ie ll'14!mp leak~ LiOSiL" iJiSe .jldr<lu1ios :luk! Me Qt.IilMors: 111 14 . 11-11 An eonerg\l bea~m... One.\lc:elil by 2 - Slilnsors: .@t.gf .' 'turiPIIs I. 1. I 11-11 12 Maililll B'ody .:ams: lonrhe01t .after 1 [)6 turns J of U$~. 1D1lOtums: Sens:ors:cut fro:m ioverhe10ibrl.y 'W'.ll rolls. Ii" a'!rIIlSld wea. by -2..raoted mini micr. a 2.e at: -11 MA . il"ifdyell'l.ower.c!lr . . .~t{!\m.:ose'uSe of USi! 01'1 .' thniili.:. .~ 106 tlJlrns.s:ost' POWIi!Ii"': l rang" and Clamag.S.d:ow. . .lM is Ulm: eaoh.44l).f red. for out Ta'ki@ 'I Ki~ 15 Hi.at.antshows.. comparing leach roll witil lhe' appiliopri:at.rpl.rheortmg. Sh'l.ligl"l.rifieail .'i!quence' Hut sen~ltive dielec1ric auto W!:I. ml ~._. Vourpart cos1s92.random radio.eorglj b'. Givlerhut C1p(.andemll:\I IRail'iL'dom IlHit Table )l! 'HY. smo'~!'..e· oo~umn o~Wle~able.


The Rapier screamed ov. "I mean.fer burtled' .V.e ai'l'. -MEKTONII _ T11e .re and 'a'lle about' .~ No' 0. with these rules you. on se'ttrllQ up.Her .. -.1 comments.~.r il1 II' rig:"" arc) hea.11l1 is.d me: ..n" Robot CO.ft'sat gaping. uYou're p'ret1y .h:e' tJlueblac. 'The ma'Ss~v9 .al1ldcorn::ep~s.un glit.es 8S she' r.her.dautQGalln'onha:mmering. his' tool slamme. ..." The '~ht idea. 11& pros.. fI' Je" leaned ba.up a'l ..•''''.o~erhis positIon at fhe.so'me'fhing about it.l"8slves. .rectwith 'he sle'nder .lenlfesp.Retle'ree' a.p1Js wm inelp you makiB' rour MEKrON baUer" '6'asie/tO' run. .e was a laug" . ~ew M CKTON . _-' . . Our own rut EKTON World . I But all_he' IbackgrollJnd in the' woll101 islll going to help if VDlII. game means U'Dat we've loaded ttl IS :sec1Jlon o.lammed to fhe le. Ilf you're planl'llll'lg to run a few roleplaying sessions.fechstation." f" The MEKTON Adventure I WeICClITI:8 1.lurching .SUN' yoursel"'" RlIcheJle grlnr:uK:I" leaning . 1M Pre:mise.egs'rde.on Ihow' '10 .pecUv. lIybo~ she grifmetl~.Series - . 'h'e Mauler's thrusters boomed'and'f/ated. watchl your favorite mecflashow on lila T. 0' Gls.lll want to Il"e'ad throug:n tl1!'f:s.0p' o.¥OP .enIJ'reviewscreen. Ifli:S~:oiiY.~As Je#'tell' back tr:om Kara's' knife :rhrus't..if back and clear. I~ YCLI're just.d upwards In's blinding are. Allor 'the concepts y'O'~i~lIe'I1ICO~!Ulter Un.houg.aireth ings we use ou. 1tIese f woo We wro1e M EKTON w.. IMEKTON rol~plaryingl game•.kiss'. blurred' lJackdf.. tl1issedio.ck Info the c-omsole ch.8'lr and stared . "You .hoG:kJull D'f _.e._ .l1 Imay' want to skim uur:o~:g~I it to add you eelor 10 your combat games. 5'0' we're goln9 lOI :step aside from all ~h!ll ~h. neck and h'e 'wen:tfof rh9 .enlur.. This I.owt:o.Ii'i1ine ad to :masm)IU to irun your M EKfiON 75 . Thef.htille streaked .owe me one.rorisl's Ja'w. hil'llts.of AlgOlI incorportdes alemen1s ITlI!leSlheSeries.Beam Can'nD'n . . Cmek!-the . andl maN fLin 10 be a part of. pJanningto ~n a.enough time! No" enough--"WHAMr Ths' Ma.clary. yoo~ own MEKTON awemu:res. of t~e' genre.'_ II conce. can'.Q . .he/d's/oft' In ".. .e . al!~..k wav:s' .SI1.d. !build 'em & fight '.""h'e linished~ .rl' .uru:J her . RaC.shJg'-OU!lts.lJehind bel' ey.t' her h.Jeffs bands . section a IHiH.em II stuj~:for a second and tenl you lillesecrst 'Of how to' mak.. you 'won't nlll'sd t'oead~his se01ion.edge olllis combs.f eJo'uds. fo m'nd at h'/s feef . .Axis ter.Bnd all.him.BIJI: if y'Clu'rs ~he sarli who's been IIiIJ nnlng heme every aftemoon to. YOUIi"shod tamn ~RlI1I·'.orh his MEKTONt one 'humb .01 The MEKTON Atlv:entule' .slid aro. So whethe.pecmall seCllon .irih the' iitntentiOiI1 of a!1'rowirg you to create ~.fiwHng up.ro ~eany ~get into'~' the Rlootl'C genr.. .ayer who..nOr we could .deeply.. .mbs" . - Dangel'- . tor being Just an'other me.As Je.en a se'rfous rolepf.le I110re carefully 'for icie. Of'the hardcore 'fan who has penpals ~n Jlapan send you tapes---or Bv..s.teling in :fh.the. warn~s. transfer thai exciting "animal" feel to..ill'.ben.he said final/f· ffOr1'.. ~ _.-a s..e MEK'fON Referee.as the AliIroFigh.e meld: few in ~ages .Ei a giant-roool~ game come . Supportingl Chamc1lers andl Sets.In search .c'tmnBC..Agal~gr .. Romance_.ycu. He gl'irmeti lJac~ "We c-lJ'uld's..for you.hetrue ":eel" of a meeha adv. .as..of new prey.r you Iplan ~o use our world 011"erea~B y. grey eyes meer/~g 'Viorer~He lazilV' reached up one hand ro brush back :. .uler .toot muzzle tilling Jeff:s .01lJr own.show. the tJvs' .chajock .air.' bOlo"~.'larofJnd' he. atJame~ as rhe passing AeroFlghfers lasers'burnsd .alive."~It~ sm'o.

oUl'I!Uicih week: .of combining $tlakes. . In a I~gl'lter vein.S. One week . os ..s.).of tlhis plmmise migJil1be Thundetbirds 208.SPT lapmlr...t 'nOW yw!lre goirnglO pay'lfpmimiSI1I': T'WQ. crewroom1:mn.a!tors.S. rpl:!. kid:na. One' usellJ I vafiatio.flila TV show Maacross ass~mes ~hat aliallils are trying to im". dlsf:end'ers.est crack.yoor heroes ..eventuaJI dmscovery ~hat ':hev~ an!!' actu al~ju!SJl 1'L'kJeL!IIS~An e.I brave :band! of [fre.e plotlhat rs cerl.ek" the brave.mout a.e'xplom~ion !J!'Oup.r war and ano~her baWefield. :60imeoj whJaltl we have outlined below.r:sJolI'Iom' t'llis. Thieli' have lo.p 011evil bad gu!ys am planningl mo take .{ course" atways iha'll8' a.again.m.~SS~r.poln.adv. and! :8I. Monstell' and Nhl~. Ea&I1' wee~.lmr.ples o~ this are iPanze.rs elf! to overjJ!l..e U .oo.ns.ate menrtle. of..e Tokyo from earthC\uake. and~ecfu'lO~ogy.). Thereare a number of ~s~oQk" p:l'emises~o anime~iction.'S or The Equalizer.edomr 1F:[gh1:e.sequence '0'1' ga. mey w~J.powe.or 61 1 their SIJ~ul'.wil1h tlI1e Sel11es IPlr.assasinaUon.EvU Secret.ant Fig fiJlers~ The' wodd has gome to..s On·lp.l1J.premise fs to m~eUle irnv.r a. mect:la :sun l.('i~il'il. wbi:li!':ve' dlsoover.~titlel me.mies.r~espremise This is the bacwJone of the senes-a basic idea aroun. bar II1On$.gh. Maspe:ada (koownas . &ume lperfect e~rrtp:~s ofUlis are '.aUer w. FOir .s because H closely rese:moles~he' ~OJI11:1at ~.J:crushel" JQil.ade Earthl. AlI1c1likie ~1tIe' .8'.me. ~his 1ype o. All thalrs between c:eathat -------- humalloid n'reforms . 811'1d of' mechia.of the giame will somehow revolve' aroundlUle prem:fse of thesEHi. 1he'US. p:ll!lmiS9 is~ii1e show Macross (kl'"lOWlil asi R(. rou'li (::l:ro!bably be able to score WanderilllIg] Good Guys: Ti'ave'ning the wClltCi with.eek . OU~ .0000erim:. i~ .tter W8r.a.S.tor is Ibelilt on ~he .oaC!hrngmensters ana Alld:aAtS is MEKttil'n-~1 .and o1iher staples . Each we.your Explor'e:fS Bey1on.A group o~ aliens Ovenhll'(lw Ilhe'AIJel'1ls. Ol1g:anlzatlon: Hfddelil fFom the eyes.rlmed wilih gl'CUJP tecl1oo~meres il1lloo 3. "men::" unit 'Bv. ~rieHd5.Jtack Speed' Ga/viOn.p~eS8 dI:8~8r:uj'elrs.ro:f cha:ra:c:te rs and events.if y.enjoy wa1!cliing SCh 1/Aura Battler Dunbirre).o:u Iistel'larolLmd alti1e I'ocal comic andl Q!a.side~ the oplio n1 .1WingIUileill.o reo':uce M.JSuper A.anCf3d ~18Ctmolog¥ and mlg~.ru~:.xce~~en~example oflhis type' ~ ." .proc!ucers of a real TV show.t1eSes~s easil' reoogn~iIlni).ul cenlury. Some' of our Ja.8111l' . oj an ~memtellaw .roes t~a~ one ~or.DUne.o.ral1ldstee:t¥ nerv.allO~t:!e.ase" th'ElY have superior weapo.4.1thia rBlm::r.vil' plantar the next week .or .e'sset.Iiit lEach :weEHc. ~Jnkecl tog..l!Sin Amerikaalool Rmi Dawn myoo co:nsider~heAlJss:iafls an aJijel1l~pec'ies>. a.ek is . Twogoodl examp~es .f p~emiSeaill':8 Star Trek and Dairn. f.of JofJ. undercover inmtfaUOrrl" ana tl11i9 .f.. ou~ new wo.llle shops.r !World Galient and H:aml9l l}!les"lIe S~a~eslJeare play . lots ~o over:tJhli\Owyour .mJ'rrers Slammers.IOI'i·seek. Toughest Mercelilalfiesi ~n t:he Urnive:rsa: In UlliS premise.· fOfcirng (he Iha. lheroica!I:1y kbk~he ~imvader.anklnd ~o 'Cfl!n:g.or humanoid" 'oflering lots om possill11ities for i'ntarstiEllll!ar ffilmanoe. l!"Sial .~he' valianl mec1ha~h~uo.enture Is the conoept of Une :selrlles. new: and more lE.premise am' ·'/t'JfJshogunw. mallilruJi1g! stQ~:ell1i mlGctm ~gaJil'lst the' now le:nfm~iled arLen mernace.I encounte.s..trens instead'.l'OlileJOvel1l1li'OW the El1np[re: Your heroes are . anywhere-forlhe rJgll1li j:miCe.alher could be :8.d:ershuman .. One v.oon~eS1 an01S1JiJjlJgatlOfi of the Earth.~ed Trooper Votom~. .) . we'll s~art.rd~ l!IlSingl ~.pe' '01l.check. Have YOUi ever oonsid'eredUle idea .RDootee:I1..ed~o th.I~ a pack o~ evi-I Malk' Bikers U1n~ateninglllodl.ov'er U'ae wor. AlollgUl'EI way.'fivasiQ.alnime show.aln t.ng :sllavas of~:M il1lS.nizled foree.A.. your lh.. Good examples ()if thIs. We caH th~s.emlse.ratian fn the IU.ll! Empire'. Imvas[oliil '(ma~d w~ha4 . . of fhrs premise are Star Wars and! iMofJife Suit t'iundam. ~al.Frank HleMleril's .a gmu.a!iia:nt o~~his is the' old 'YOUI K~ted mytatl1er the' Ki~awJc. o.0'.).d llm:eal'lld' .Or levan lrival dans of Ninja. . VOU\ll" IpTa~'B11IiS Caill (lome back as: the~ii"o-wnoorms: ancil daughter'S:. - a f.eroes 8f\B' uS!lJa~1¥ me:nlbers of the ~))u. Ea.cha :S'Il.ship.F.peare! arnd meoha:'?' I~ your may .ed Mle ultimate J.dhweek. In 1'0051 c.• the'y maysav.rlor~ire. kind o~ carnpaigil1i a sene. 11l1e l1I'exmwee~they may wi.adive Hacle.A..ppjlng~.~pace:: A!.. te figl'nm agaioolt impoSSibrei odds.: Assumftng youlr .Of Joe Halool1llall1'6 ForG.apall1ese wea..ew videO tapes of .amij~y. premise .._ .: th9 N9w GSlJ8. H'a. sexy Wamlor O1a:I'lIS :Iin OpposU]on~ "tour ll'IeiliOes .ri1as Vaitro'll' tn ~he U.:rl Earth prel'flLIS:e:stomps )lOUr players.1g{Jtlf 15 (krllo'iN. the main ptltlilli'l€: .The besl ve.r monsters.paJneseex:amp~e's may be unfamilrjiaf'~OaJnime newcomers <ha\':~ng ever been n imporil.rlds.afthe Space Opera.al![enciyi~1zatiQns" rcosmic dl~CI. cunning. o~ HI. The Invaders. Each 'Wa. The Se. . . The series is a oonUIilUlil1Q . o~ niLS worid. a Fadio.heir superior t9ctmol~!y and ruth.":!iiOW~he Evil d~cta~:or.t¥ mecha.of .flWOl'fL1 evil~ and rm~is'~Qr1uiflle wee k .amily and oomes-all in thei!lf \I'm ia!l1fstruoo Ie to win liberlly f.Exal1llle'.e pl!iilirile1s. aJlthO:tIgliII. b:u~.you may wafill~Qt . J 76 the hands· o.he l11.R~ga~1iiI 1.s~.n of ~i~lis . {j~ocl exallll:~esoflflis premise aN YA..irjiousplotters . tJei.(i1 whr:Cih the entire! slenes is bl:Jm.'I:!~c".tt1eyl~ ~~B .f[he gr'B:ait wamng Fam11lles Ir~1I1 some far futUr.elrassembled..he.'ernie:nof The Godf.tlam~t . ~he .es.m of one Q. g)OO 'ElXan.ether bya nu mbe. ¥O:IJW rivals US8 tread1ery.minclbe'fla1er. good example' .examp!e !~JM series.s.bolecfl irnr 1Ea1l11ii1: .

17 .series Ihat 'We dfscov.prre.your brave' . the'}. .erage TV baddia. Good Gur-lbut noHer long.3 IZiharu::e.saUve and nDvel ways.inQto do.e always. win 100 your .atlJ may nights? moment. tile cmw~ Your piayers" of course". :SlOpll1TiS.pollanl: cast playe. and e.l'so have a IGoal.sho:urr""of course" always be .'B.e.rs" and small towns that Ibadly need dehllnding from roving packs of mutant . SliI1aVle. 'the hsrcs s-~illle'Uigent Qf good .slI"Ula11) He r'B~dl. .~restili tll. mons1.arfare. '.ood guy in disq. A good' He~eree' .ouf to be a the way to Just Having A Good lime. are 1ilfle'!heme's go. he irs. In m. making mir.the' King. .2) Once he' 'gets im good wl~ih.tor your 'playe~.Ve'Jitge !lis mun::lelre. .ril:e~.Get Iii's Blg .all episode's of lbatUes before you1r heroes ~ake him or her down.tu:l'nche c~the' evil Jion Em.give tal viltiia.. Anima' "mains.Ea.!).V joined the' .after episode mowing dbwn the hapless. change ailegliances a~ crucial titmes".Bucks.A Personal 'Venc1effa. whether it's Get :the G'IrI. Gundam Zeta was !I'e:leaood. The most im. I'ove inle'reSits.n (or r .Q and vmaioous IIf'e'. good guy forces wilt! his superior firepower andlskm. next step is to populate it with some asa and! E:v.ead.i'S you will have to CJieale will be your Villam. Good examples are Mad' Max.on S.anese TV series Mobile Suit GumJam" Whe n we first Ime.i! goe.episode' . 'what. Vmatlls g.ry Vina:ln has a Goal: This Igoal can be anything! ffOm a simple qlJ:es~m'or Wol1l:dDo mina~iol'1ll ta favo. I A cIIassic anime villain is the redoubtable. You . ~hat ~Vo:u hle'riu:::flma.mirom 1he hero's !gllH1S..e' Gooo GUliS by 'the' ViirtUl€tth13.e~ Char.sl through I MEKTONII _ Evell"V'ElJarn should haW'3 few good Henchmen. Eve. ~ 'VillaIn sm:uJ'Iii:I' a.!!d'IQu~dalWarYs take achran~.s:houICl'never kill your Vmian un~iI the' last possibhi!' ar.ere:sUliIg Ule f.atlD~ Guys-· 6\11en if 'they happen lO roe playingl 'the' SRma '~ThB . Tlle' RoacIiwanlar. There . AUar aC'.. anime s.rTor:s.or w. 3)1 HIS long rOist S LiSteris on the o:ther side and wants lrIirnto come' over 10 Good.n a Proipem1~ Ibn.Jh::UilS 1:0.A post liiolOooUiS1 WOIi1(j offers e'ndless possibilitiesr.os~ cases". You klilOW those vimans! CasUng Y'OUir IEpiC Adventur.uise" .crew of warriors.alill Villains.orm than ~he .ven tum . .e Once y.age erf ~:hese 'optloll1s ~o . '.Gerwalk Bikers.tthe'y are Ihe stars of the Series. I~~sonly llater in the' .1iIe JlOns\!I he p~ans to ''get rid" of them in cr. Boredom or Avenge His Murdered' Fa.vRst of' the NanN Star and MetalstO'r:m. Cha Aznabfe' o'f the Jap.rooking" and even Quite wiUy .ou'\I'e decided 'the basic !premise of your series. 'flIPs WhD is 1ihe head meoha~. Fams .& POW6'r.y the tiRlEl' the sequel. 8. 'Noon mts d.sUU'fight .how has at least one Vill'ian--a guy who exists for the sole l1upose of making the heroes' lives mJse'rab~e. a mere int.av.aoul'ous escapes and sending iill ~exact cilUplJcates~ ~o talos Ule flacll.~UUiher:. a tall.Settte .IIl'8r.rth. are" however. blonde neo-Nazi. a. tllU .and possibly ~SIJ rv~\fe sBver. A Q'ocd\IiJJlaJn caill'l provide plssJib'l'e.. Char had been totally rehabilitated into a IileRl!c.1:Tcaled and auractlve" h. an:l idmos~ m~. IEii1ch Henchman should have' enough skill alid abrmy to glw :YO'Ulr hefi'Oes a good .

is the per:S'Onlc.f:lr~ven by need's.of mavingllhe plot .emotiol1a.s W'cn1h following to Had.ey are alboUJ1 as easy to 'deal with a. cal'il!'t ifielp~alli ng i~nto~he wrcH':Ig!~ace at the'W'lfOng time.rticular b'adema:rkOIl" ~sclwtfckllJ.8 mecha-flghter:.rs.CitI.y) ene ol~tJe Villain. . Bacl-GtlygQne Good = A great smJli'OeI'o~r IPIot IharvehIs own hIOO'en '. .Isethrs. oorq.oes. me' lHerof:c Ikeadel!' I~the onew. and may b:e . But the Buddy is always~hel\8 whElilil you l1:e>ed himi'her. pl~t to make Sl:If. as lu~y are.ame! even gettlf'lglfilVOI.hQaMla)i's grnes your 10eam. thiS is: ~he guy wh..wn b. or . shaPes.eliS (and you).rEl~pect W'~ll1l1Iis or IMiI' maely . loving.irwes.a11Y som. givesY.il'1ll1l:19 oume'of the c Sterios.E!one who. .parsonl.daJl1gercus El'!!!pell'iel11lerils" or being kl{:1napped by vmains .~he IbeS~:J' 01 coufsehandl caRY olJll:tl1e' VilJail1l's nefamLiIS plal'ls. who 'w~1'eventula:~~h~lrp.~ng themsei:ws Ikilled cni" 1tInl!atene~1 ~Y the Vil~ains and' ~e.amiIr with Sup. w.ls' .always mee~ing I!.. you ou~ tJecausle (l!Jflclemeath it al~>.s pKIVide a f.~he gJi'Vbo~r.ith tt18 ViUa[nair 1!"i:€iI1chman (thus cJeati~ a r.nc~men..ved' f9n'ililil'illtlCBUy w.)'011 UPI no ml1t!:er what. gorng after the same .eyareaml~he! f:ace~ess hordes. l.au1!jI' exl:e~w'e .e: 'The . Thugs Irely' on :snngUl cd numbers to' liiIIl~e them da!lI'Igerollls.of the be'5t ways .ircu~s~l!)lizzare' sc.~a. Thugs 91lJardl~he (!oars.ho's now in l'ove .alild tattoos.m . th$ Hemic Leader doesn't Ihav<9~CI ny B.g!ating -~Wlin~nl~Y ti~vo' ~ busi. te follow in YOUii' bloody kltltprims.ad'vi~ when .t bl:asmoodlJ. lI'iie B!CflJc .aclef'sitae'.~ek. and 'you want !him to Unisilll medicall scl"lOoL oms or more 'of Dle' other sURPDJtingi chamcter~s can create a.xij~y. The Buddy is: IUsl!I. I thettelTO'K: COl'!I'ibiU.ti.Ip. Tl:UJlG!S are heillchmern woo COUlildn~ ge~ ani}!' s. !him. with al"l alien flfOm~he oUler sida (SfaWlazr9lis). GjJ~aDl).wtJen the ~O'.ness Imr.Gommamcl..e Ilnv. 'Oli . and win! . ao1sl'111Yst or tech 'wtJo"s .eI1L1ure.rne vanatiOfl cn~l:1is is~he IOI!d iQJll11iIl!:ldJgeon.hhEl.D the young' hem ge~s.~ey :arealwaiys incr. you'.JOLII 'really needl it.or .robely a.llr MEiKTO:NI adv.r:s ill yourseriies. the' pla¥€lrs m~y nev.ween the player .1 " Mom andllD. Dad and sms plisoneif? Wl'Ia.liJ scmw up.p1B of your \11B lrIe~..all . mecha. iraiditiClna[~y. orle .efair ore.ll.er his secl78~s.meldo. 3) The Villain's SmS. as .aze and l visionary iid:eals"V'ou klnow1Ji1is.edlib'f¥ isexy" wise.1 pmlllrems. One good al1!gl.cur. ln mosl . Maybe ycmrsis1er lis: one o~ the Bad Guys arndl nas S'IIVom~o wipe 'you alii: (SflT laPriSE.v IF.gu~ you want to! date.~8r0:1' g~tUFient:l.':s H.:l~e. now have a~ your .a~s ~ake' i~.. ¥fOUl SI1lo~lcI alway. distingui~ be-tweisn the hordes pf ~henc:hies" you'll thKlw atUlem .iend provides too VillaJrlS wHIhOOp1eooo to' k[dnap.ofYO!l.o.cg~ you aU: k. CliilamttelrS Supporting ohamoters. g1i1ie~lhema lpa.lemerrts.QU.rnes" a.. lHel'iloomen can . ~Qi oommanel youii' .r\llI':lg olrla:ra~te.are 'tile Bad Gu:ys1i? COliillhinir.Somell1ti'lig mom than ycll!If average'" run G!ftti:e mm lboytg'J:m'riend. TIle' Br1IU~m SCtlem:lst.l'ilrrail1t but IeCCBiI1lric" :78 lLove .gWingllhe p~s.Inter'est Js the pe!reorn. The exotic Love! Ilnteres1~ . The :lHerolc Leader: A vaJ'iation of ~I:lel 1CA:i!rl'lmt/V.come'· in alii SiiZ8S. Thegi~yfriend is also pr:one' to b:rea'ki~1 off Ole rel:afionshliJ. Nome 0' his new flife:nds emilrefy trust.ns.. 2) II'ilA!lfen 1 rirOl1tl1l.-bec:aI!.l'iI!iT!ans. tl1..H1BCombat AtlB train:@dy.:aii1dgiVes you I:lfOfl1erly 011" ~'aitherly .! at weird ~ome~n1S. The' secret weakness of .pwidJ:ng romantice. 'the'hero.tIDalfw'iA!Y thmughl thB sel'.nes.grunf'wo$ ' . ..gir. aiI1d . illlOI lbtH:Ue" so~ffilat they can ga.every mecha suit lheKi.a. I corn&~aIilUy emaa.!P meoha. How do'YQu level Ulesecret base!Milen me Bad GUIY..a w.J)Oning s 0' . weaUh o~:IPossibilities.plans.mectla.at~.he Bigl M.isskm tllam 'Oinf[¥.a~ways sciemi$1 m groudly and' I~HeFllp9re~.:lndl you r battiB~QrtreSfl·.shave Mo:m\. Th. aJIld backgrounels.rudge match be:1.a:tways.anl~ r.N. IHel's the.IH:emcl1perSDA). Mayoo YOUf'kid tJrother wants .H:)kUlP'to'. H'enchmeWi aN the gUIVswhoge~ the n8:x~t:o bB:st l1edha unif~s.wlth the peolJle lile':swrong:aOl. lEach .dwho will back .r 'brathsiI' ms: Your Family.or ibea:l1l torn b¥ idiVided loyailties.'wml be anls ta wipe out a OOU. UsuaU)f ~. M~ you.tmew twists~ p.a~ng" Soma Ci~aiS. O.dGtly).OOOalienmecJha.e. P.{the Villain .es~lIgatll1gi.aUngl :11~nchmern is te.and us~a:~~.Iw.res.desires.~M Com'bat ADa· .ge~s.chips hit 1jM~al1l.Sicup.oJne 'G:ood' is .por1ing.ThJs d1ara. Title IComtml .Aee: Too heror. kidnap.. .. suclh as favomsweapo.axw.es ancllbadk.I hard time when 'Y. charadelrs ar.~s~ plain hassle.esm.~\nSI1i'l~ru numbers. ~.ging ~n .cter may Iknow inside imo:mmtion.ies.:ac~ance to become. willing~o lay .re Uke a ooli1ltl~llgl1lteflc.as we\"'~just to keep them 10'1111 ~rneir loes.adVentu.. torment.. 'follow. etc.! ~il!!iolelepa1:hly IOf brain .peakfclg Ilimes in the se.o desigood~ile miQ:ntv~oohno[ogy you.VoU! Can DO. be... are all t~e peopte who ol(ist around the heroes.seems t01 b~ it aJoou~.tru~.-railt:lien surool. The Buddy: EveliYone needs Cine good f~'eI1l.yeUf typical $cielm::e lFiiol:icmstoml'lroo. 'wno drive'inOOlleraJ:lIe dl1~B. a.per.1 !g.11lis will: Ihelp youl" pla. all the ~.a.~'thelleroes belom they Ihave to tackle the henol1mern 3Jl11dl.al'llClU'1e Ba.caooer. .cast S1!JPPo.one Who badks you up. we~rd ha.oo' .ays.G~rl(Ir'Je[utf/Borlrleli1d: .getl.V. your character c. 0 r . 4) IDoomed witlila~erri~B .encillpeop.lli:s1iher life dOW1il1 l'ilien w ~he .er lurnravel" In addi~ion! a Bad GlJy g.a Combat Ace liliffll'lreH. ~ marny ot .

: 1JIlal's wlul.s.epattl.clis1. _ _ 'ViOll! si10UiId De jp. Fighti~1 mool1la wjftlout .1'U're Fig. Theive.am1achJtIiIEj' paJrked in yoor baotyarc.e:x:omitall1t taBS. IMi~ilairy I!Jnliliillifed Class. "self: A gIant 'combatrobat is. projects... .pad as lool. talk .perator earn make a.e' tile plot .es a hand.or else:.ell"Will to' em'b:~ia:eli' 'al"ldl ex:pand' :in the' IProcess.t For :starte.ms wi~h hawng a. spepialize! iin ~ra. . ~heYH! there fa r"41:0 mov. ttmE!MW~fY~ak.re's ano~herlreason. '~he arnned tOlWs.hig her' level's.anel the'y'CI ~be~ter take i~seriously .id 8.ge U'epath IliUJn will ge'fIIlBlra1!e at least five .8 COU..lgl'llilM tOI ~orm attaw!hmerU. If this wasrT!i1lenoug:h.~:S can be confiscated with illlptJli1i~y-some of ~iIhe mil re 00 mllJ.la~eF·~w~~11 con~iilSCailion . 1'01Ule liUt!ilds Q.t. S5 to n W'.)u:glll. need pllacEls ~. l1e' F9 .3iII1soming~tl1em oock to Haeir owrnersat .A smart o. I 'l!"~~l I.clTharacl!ew.effilidies '. Will also 'S:9rvB ootioe tD your players. .fUme rooking fOlr a IP~aoelo stashl his uE!)lllil~. 'O'IA!inl . why a. lBie'lieve iii . - O'r) .LOcation .or not there are major pro~~e..• you l1a1' only needa.oo:nding are oUe'm sU!s.oftil'cers.¥ .. Bu~.rtillJared to ki:n on at I!east one or two..and a 'heavy pr. No mat1er wllere yool' game iis set. a . o~ a pztllem" there's :al\nlays the Govemme:nl: ~o oorneindlwith.y.aJ rela1:k:lnships vlth thefln.ers OF terrorilSts. L 'even begllliril to discuss the POS!StbttltiliiS Char. em' 'wi~di'ag 'It]s ~eoo '. hl bath cases..~ suit.iilJl1 improper ILiceooes or Pe:rm. .E!! y(liIiJ c:anslaril: pIIaYl1ng. use Ioo:~sts and machine'tools" 'IMe.!se :S'~ ialkln. I MEKrON~J . of yculi's~P'. parkf:ng space'.is alii iexce~~:entw.fcr a ~al!lger firs~.pt governments. MEKTON[OCke~ :~poends a 'lot o. l'I:eepJli1g i~'out o~the rain isn't eru.ei:1~ kIGclTri1g~·yoUirgame! is dang:srcus.t oomplicatio'lls.s .you'lre gOing! to need! a ..of machinery.rs. o~ ClasSificatiol1l. T~iul.00 fllella i:1i1 waIIiE!:i1ol!.er~·pe~ple tie ~la1'.o Is.p:re .a p~ace to lfIleep' It ~5. your pJay.iscnhllm11 ~hrown ~naJ'the end cdfie mat And we havelil't ofsentienl..u'nits are au1.l"$ and plo.a~ways difficult. This ."'"y<l\!'wagoingi t~.supporting Cihar~:em flUO ~he garneslowl.OOli1:irng cooacters :inthe ootJme II)f a series.moo!m . iilllloundilllgl ttlier me:Glila~andi d ~r. fi:ru:lingl .omatic:aJly~o~ictc:fen to anyolile rout mmitaw:v .p:~ce to p'~y in-wlnat weca" th:s' ILoeatEonl.ayto' . Terrorist g'fOUp.ht Rie~eree.cld"lIilg owlil offend:ers. time. . V. At .A .te:nd~o moo~ 111eMKha.acters: Usi'ng the Supporting' MIEJ(fON" you may require an airoraJft hangar' C:l" abaJlldonsdfoo'1ball s~aclium..tMt )'Oil! ar.ers eOOil!.lore spare parts.. BIe!Of.al'so do .e:r's Uf. Mecma :a:re expensive-.a:~o:nQ.en de·stroy Ule Heroic lMedi1a Suit rnINothing 'ITIICItivalesaMm mOFB: tihan l1IavililglsOneOM or :SQ:lTIethiingl he cares abou~gettinQI dlJs~ed by 1I11e IBad Guys. specializoo pieces .giVes. niore~han lust a way ~o knock down !buildings.he avara. C!vf Loca1ion iis~he'wor\ldl o~ Algol!. it can lbecome! the 'Celll!E!1I" of Ihund:reti!s 0:1' adwemlll. bothl 'for~heir own opera1ltons~ as well as to raise li'Ilornsy ~or D~her IE!liing your . FrOil"a small stJiIi . earn neil a.crea:~enewsupJ)Ol'ting character:s. WClli:ingl w~]:n..tlot. people direct~y mlai~edlO the lplay.s :anell re.orsi).afair amC1lun 'of mscha s!1:ealing.a11l plane~ in anoUtier galaxll'.a pLa. YOIl can ev. lflool1ta~filJsUell" li~sraUy millions of dollars en~Mblaa mail'ket.

Don' sing II yourself ~unl9iSsyou happen to' be' a pop singer with a ba~~ pick a rock song or SQundtra.. the Kenny ILeggi'ns: hit~'.d: 1110 anime vil:taln would becaug'ht dead witlil.anv al1Tme.his hand' flashes I:n the fi(ight tigh.5m mind. unfotd the paoopo'ly o~:events. The Se1s . Rememlle'r. Is U'IiS I. MUSiC: One . Ihe theme of your serres (we.1Jlng you r own MEKlfON adv~mture'.estingl ifll'emenls in ..dven~utes. as tlIe Referee.tting.y'ou will need to k!now th.~paoostaUons .rats of . on dJstant ''coIQnyii planets.elr"yo'l!. vagus m. lis Ihls: location? place on Earth~rlke places.all the mafShesfO· the east.eill"S.tlpte s:e~.giam ro'oo~ suits runningl aJro:uncl"Howev. WIIleloolr in fie background' or to highlight baUies and .l"e Iflan a CiO.ck thai seems: to. When cr!'. KOffel.m ever goes into battle' wi1houl: a 1iIheme song.ate to place in tl18 COl.menm. no ane is on Ihe' street: At the cl'OsslOads of Ins (/eS611ed slre'et~ yauhear a strange TU'stll1lg noise.stridiflg o'Q·wn the main street ·0". in Japan. a place o~ dasarts.generailly 1~lke?'Is. on .eneral ldea of what y.91llderil11g barbar:hams.e' with m winds? N'Q~hinglliJut ocea.nlllg Muslc O~i some :sort.live' wit~~or a while. Tillis wof'l'~ requ:i're a major thesis. are partiall to Danger m'ne. the' ru.and your play.cn:!aie for ~M series ~ exist iin.e you plan to place your loca1ion.t. fOf . colors" sounds and l!)Ossil:1l'e Befel1ee.example.ltreslJeclil1g mecna he..! ma:v want to .of the mom InJlcu. h'! order 'W play 'w.o:urworld is like and its condmons. Make S!Ufie'it.ne~ologiY--You aa:n ·ge~al/rlay 8IJ MEKTON~J_ .hulJll tiJr){j in fJfiea'sy le'af:fJers'lurches OLit of an allej"Way.pla..capiliOiI.eeds ~o be big enoug 11 stage your giame eve nts tn..Pre.Ob€:g'~l1 your g!aI11l8. We Ope. :50 of 1 that your play.parflCulawbuildings arid locatiol1l!S af the city (like Hle hllsl:cle oJ a secre~ military base). this. IBlUt yOLlr rrusical' taaes moiJ vary).a.other scenes.both the' huma. mal'msl Yt.You'rs .ro.ee alililmals. The' knif8 .anime is music.~rd" tJoUl:gh many peop~'e~ik:e'the idea laf Mvingl I'1Q definite.1 rokJ 'WInd whis.urhal1{) dWf!J:soyaurpwn knife~'~ t M.lned cI1y . unwashedsffleil p8rva.tu. Mse~~. or skietch of thearea elF p4ace helps.n and' non-human kfncf). What's this: p. Foil' e:x:amjJle'.enough-or )!Iou may require an entirel Galaxy in Which.ew Ideas like: "An Eal'ilHl(ke place'. In .wi~h a 'f. No sa.f exlitnGtlionfn:lII1l 1118 nel.cities? Hundred' mile an hour to use mUSiC as iii k:e~ ele.dss tbB' air around you. se. lEH'e"S 8!1iI 8!X:aIill1W1e: H .te.advantlUllrBS begin ~n the. A 'huge industry· exists. created power'i1umor. such as:: W.can . 11'6 aoout midnigh" and' . you". dedicated to creatingl andi sellilng mush:):for aniimated shows . When iH: IUsually :suggest that you s~arl 01 your gam.in . Give some ~hli:lughtto wl'ler.! rne of ~heir . anClwildemess. many Q~' our IMEKJ'ON .Vneed'~fle moS1: basrc:m'acls ~. Use your imaginatIon.' of I'll'e Iwln' I Loc:.at1onwill essentiaUy be' the' gam~N'II'. are'as . A few tiny cities teeter on U'le edge' o.i"ally suggest you start out small with acily srnall country.B'sets wi~h some detail.cily of EihilJl"8. even Algoi has allOt oi c~les~o S'lal'ilwith. very mounUliincus'i wl1h dense fiorests.a COmlentent pl!acB' ~o !lave . b ke:eps ~ihe play:em QU'E!ssil1lg.! have drawn we.onl. If you're so' inclined. This mental oonCe. A city or state to may be .l1? You·will need a g.ml Top GUR. as a .meltling ~OIJl .fT:andar. This locatio n need not be.he Past. !lIDlil sho'u~dm·t iPass !!JP'thiS chance' Others take p~ace . will . to. as "he Referee" should have a dear Idea of what 'each set is Ilike.!ptalled Cil'laraC1iElrs whol might fJl1:l1abitmhat set You should have 1IOO.oUit hiS batHe' m!lJs.? Hugs.Gell'lt or Ful.an.deep space on'board gIg'anliC baUiecrUlisers and! .emo be hU!g!eor Ifn deptih-·.':.1from pl. me:g~ .o:rld you.ilhin this. A.( Just n. maps of .in . We gene. This 'wonrd" to doesn't hav.creale a parallel Earth [n whichl ~h8 Romans. .. M I ICleating Ibe Sets Thf:s ils w. Usulally a map. Except tol a tew scuttling.pl should illlclude smB'lls.lace .ure? Most Sfllime' adventures take place ~II'I dle FUilu~e. Whether ylou use maps or nol.h:ere. andw.0...!re you nan'ow your scope down.a.. or detail-you should . informaUon on I~ians.ttes .en can easn~trave. you may' want to dmw'a map of your'Wo. Because of U"lis.are p'laoes in the wodel Where your pra~9m commonly will go~or their adventures. srowsma'ke Other Things. .

Fi rst. love aff.aders..idseason~. se.""!some weeks a player mig~t. . leter Ijln Episooe#44.lotUng the. h:lI::atioMi.a~ion brewlng in ~he'baCkg. .Aefer~e mare' a fIEl:XIC!lliity.~ers ha. Z .ve a_aidy s:tm..Q'IllnQ on TV) .Earth Defense' Foroe:. operate .esemb:lea .e. na.88 the cllara4te rs and glves~hem somethililQ to db. !ep. Olel bad'dies nlay get ressurreoted. alJ:ens from Alpha.YO'1J .Banta.wil'1iere the players dQ .fmjheircharacters.characters).aooonlplish is the Scene Goa~. ' g815 too old!.H'elr so me "hooks'" tliat can be' conliooed iil1l~o Se. ..e rstalldililgs may taillce mo:mhs O'f eplsodea to r.creats' a Script.vacleTs..lta .em: 1t1em k:I the ttaMpol1" and. premIse.8F'to confrontffle Inv.mpJete the co~'. Second.f w nat 111e).rt. What's '01.this: An alien Transpo:rt crashes during the I'nv:ii.aiirs and misund.meplaoa 'for aUlhis excl~ing .me is meant to r. All e~ which eels your players more irrvol'ved!.le giv. Our heroes. mo. SUJ:)ponEng caSI (all '~lhe 'Refefee Iplayed' . let's say we are criealing .vaf.Soenes The next ~I'llng '10 do in ~pIQtl.sode.corrb~ cali'Sare kept arid maybe' the Barta:dks 'WMre OLilir heroes are l1angillg ouf) Clnct 1iIle .CQUmel. the Iplayers must . '"trIook''' Ulat will mean that neXit week's.of your YiH3iins. I~'s net important how the.he episode. llows. doo:rways.QUcan·lbe~. n's the' first e.evil :al1en 'Hsloot1man . episode' 'will already have asitu. 'This means. you'lre going to. A. nil-enforces that -anime-'fee'l as w. the' neXt week's game. This problem s'hol. Ijln our firstspi.pisod:e' or' our series (011' ca~paign" as a series c.have them . aU youiIrlg mTl'ltalY MEKTONII You're going to ha.allld whelm everyone is In mind..geu:lget. 'Wfive .)lour . complete mini~adv. AS '(he Referee d: Ute e. nly does. change itmi·m. cadets trom the' lE. ThIs: w:m give our heroes samethillglto l:acklB' as they go afte. Another' way to gie~ players..~i's..our Mai'n Villain for a..a . into a realistic ~mecha:!'show is tc . need .nss' Base (you probably won't need .he episode).!Ch mol.eUI.only - 81 .begins wjt~ a basic.don't have' to halVe al.Alpha Z in 'time to stop tl1ts' I filrvaders 'when they r. me Mshow~I 8!nd yet o. that in the near Mure.c.disoQver hew to.all liook. a vishide' to g.s:a.everything.flIUl1ui game's is a~so known).l'Dundl.usm ttle Garage where the .s:e~ towards tiull wl'ieck .adve'nture.all of itl. For example. our sitllJaUon is.iEventualbr.ps (2:111' the . ~~dl1.Bl1ieS. In eer A~a Z eprSOdB.passa. a. M EKT'ON gal. Y. our heroes are' going to have to' g. Ne'xt e~socle.ew shows ~n Il1e l7ni!lImeanw'tlkile.a small sub·segment of lile' . of .. . Uk. A scene' is .p'isode'. youl"advemu re or episode.a basic sJi1uation ~hat is linked to title S.lldl in some way relate to the bask: premise '01.Ja:panes9 GianHlJ!bcd ser.l1l' mon1hs.ges" and guard 'k:lcaUons.p10 ~his Irs to.pisode' shoulcJ be a.pha Z). attempt: to' accomplish one mhing. .lsibit IMide is the supe:l'Tltmcha.~ dol B.aTd 'the . Alpha Z.do U1is lis UliP~o~hem (!lind the meal Of.s Wlilll spelild' a 101'o~ ~~me between games plo'ttirtgl aM planning' their ne~.~ense fol:'Ce..ion an ep'lsode.llyour Iplaye'r'S. :secrem. yOUI may want to draw some skeb::hes .es us 1i). like.slliS wl1~have' on the:ir parse:ns. OUr ell!amp.. How '~he'y.t? So.i<soclic. im. INo~.aJIld a h. mhis.ss.we~re go'ing to.s. There am tw. moves. Make sura to indlud'e all traps.you shoutd skietch IQ!I!.w.ed to know h:ow 10' actu!any wrilie..e'piSOd'e of a ME~TON ~~rie:s. an id:ea o.'Shay I'eap into their combat cars and .AlI'en Transport Using 'Dne 'of your photocopied Game' Board'5. VUlalns: andl pm. Si'luatlio 11or probl'em 'wn.I~ some fairily leg'ible' maps of each set. tll'ldivjdua.el their supe'r'ScIentific combat suits 1:0 d'efo8itthe.get into the 'wrileked 'mranspo.In~he same place and the same lime to' pl'ay each 'Week. P. w~pe out the Invai:lers" aim:J (milOOVer AlPha' Z.jes (I'i'k.o t oo. Cernauril invade Earth.irllgyour episode lis to get the' ooenes dbwlI'l. lEach e.ve te hav.lghtforward task Iilere-~ ..a. ~IJ\S any :special objects. game.e' will be' the IEanh Defe.ok.he brand new anima sieries AIp. The thing they . I n.enture.give o everyone ln the. lright? 11'18 Se'ls hi DUIi' adlventur. Alpha Z.sode Becal. Eag.~ 'game Cr:eatin:9 1:he Epi. Lelj.f OQ. even lhe first s~e.i" Ile balI~port.stly to he'l'p you kieep distanc!1s. YOU'JI~ lihave 'to H!7IIUB out a!! 'of '~hese cflara~ers 8ndoompofllents.. ~'. Char~m~ars from Episods'#4 may r'el3ppe.and mecha that will awe3t' in. riglh.an 'tile tools and weapons your pI'ay.also d'9Cided~ha1: weU .s Start w'i:lh Ule uS~lLlaJll nn o j MlIB<TONl 'episode has a cast (!he players).anh De.o I'JiIaj'of advantages to.e :S'O.1 rig r situatLon? WeU..'lhat4lr1e Iplayer.rectionl .. Base' to ga't thei'r mseha lIla.I~OIIb-epart of '~~eaa~1.os~ 'o:f Thugs under his commafld~. The' premise ~..eady be wat. in whiCh Ule players. into. a suilal:lly .ve. just IJke the real animes'hows db' The Cast Picture: Ithe ambiance ol draw plD~ure:sQ.acilion to lake p:lace'.portant: iin 'one ganuJ !sessioll.he ones you m8:Y [ alr. c. but lit.esO'l:v'Q. we'll oreat.U The chara. . game's.e eaU each.. an IiilPI!l!oolcsySliemallow& you to' carry over parts e~the basic premiss. o~ eO:Ulrse" tlla.ls ( succeeding episoc:es. ~spot 'he crashed :shlp'. and 21..lsea N:ext: Cast" Crew andl PfOPS lil<!e all good TV' :soows.

(Casting). .vai'iab1.. Ilheya1i. o~ IClii!!atlrng YOUI' own help'.1!=8" 'Fi!=5. CIIi'want to steal someone else's mec!fJa 8100'lrun oft lui nling Invaflem somewhere· else? There~re a.er ghil.(. :you're going tG tlav. S9condcar. they fan can do sOl::l1e'lIw~l1g 8OOU. SCene GDa~: To IniJ. B. MA. " a .ars IntJ'.rter 'w~ic~ h' wm Ibe sh~ea back to ~iItle I~m.e Vector MK.n'their wtfit go.I11' Saline Goals s. !For ex.Embassy. least will .iU'l1Iing: YcnJ'~e goil'iQ :to~ind 'O!Jl IRghl o'lf1ll1a~ no matter I1IOW carefuny you script a.!~oo:mer ..ou.naJ~undl fie corner.e.: IDOOge +3. Mool1l!8i DesIgn +10 I j StJarilat'iJ NamlilD (:1=8.screenwl!H:l:ng "D1.lHard to Handl""". the is why yeu lhave a scene Goal-so til1a~no li!atler 'wha1: -they 00.Argol.aIlo lis lbeing ~:a!~e..liOe thu:g.ow Dr. the playe\1"S are .s.!' can o!l:e'.eree-. ICjlllal'ids ( 11'=4. Im. ~ntthe Th'e/Force' of MEKTON .our pKlpJ . Anytl1irlQ else they do is imm:aleriat For U:afs~ason.. Having' recentl~ de. Nar.n .~hey hav. IMEK.group of Fweelaijoe mech'a1rOckS w~. Assuming 82 r- KarglaniJ'il'lug's Ii.a ~hdwa. your prayers. IC::.Ty.amph!!".charactBr ~.Sfr~uatrOIiil: Kalla" a Ja..'.~ .away. 'gornmQto do.ed for lie nearest watering 8 ho:r.Narano .2 units between ~hem·-seeMeGha seC!lion for S~:a!ls~1 J13'tn:ead.e. Goal lined up :first. Perhaps '000 .elre~or how 1. You cO:l::I~dl lhave a oomm an ding officer o:raer~ihen1 to'go. .luS1!:mliil case!yQu"nr 1l1fOt If.e.s to do somethi'ng.co~rd:have a Ref.fected frcm~il1e Empire.Y01!J shOuld ma:~e.O il'ilvestlgale. .]mple and yOl.or :kill hil1l. r• 11i1ese are a:~.~heysee two blaat fall Hmos at the CIiJ m. Bu~.n I~ck to' th~e.ar a oommotio.estigate'. lot cd' 'a~~li:onsopen tar 11M cle:ve'r Rehuse.y Thugs. 1m .wl1enli:1ey M.e.e! to be' a IiHle lmor. What if your players are c!'evout oowardsand rehJse to· ger.g11. Wh~le there's ve.n t6.coord~l1l9ly.n.aU~~gger ttThamyou ami. it's easier to c:eclde 61e :filtle~hiQgs" nke what the inside om' tl1l:e tr. fo~Tow1lrl!1t script. R=5. tlM.o~~he Karg1311i1 Empire.as~er ~:od!ecide how to ge~ themth.ansport llooks Uke (a Se·Q"liIow fIlan.omugee ls of .olvi8 the lplay-. MA=Averag.cIIy to ~ac'kile..ews missed. wm be dispatched ~Qcapture .llr. lhal~ thie SCenB Goat notIce Ute! .row! Skms: Dodge'+iJ. . or arein't reall!V up.ss:i'!.pan·sized island lin the Archipelago" is . the.J cast c'hamdeli" discover and! point out.0 fake it whe:n they star:!: Olll.S~ .A:.in }f. M:A=S. Kldnapped~hef desigl'1l:erancl MEKmNfl 1ihe [players d1efel'il!tthe Secret Po. 0=51=1 O"l=3 .W. Thi5. 'pla.s..strugglling wi~h sever:am thLugliike men il1l~he backseat~~al1l ol:lvio~ s kid'l1lapping. ge1 to th.:::.[iS'hrng limo.ot'~h9 p~ayers has am ~mfe:picl Rep<nt.e' . to the plUcess~we'If'i9 lI'Oilllg '10 nUll' basics. they W·81i6' on U1eir way~o a salle' MUise whenUle I'!liperial ponce c'aug'h~ 1i11em.. YOUII . of . The poJ'Iilt is. . A=I B .Averags:. 3fe'guaJlding Alpha Z . Props: Twollrack fan UJI'1O:S.11. lHal1lcllO Hall1d +1.portanos.yourSc:el1le' Goal~as si'mpleas prJ.le sltuatlo.no~ going to. advelillulj:S· HleFofCe 01' MEKTONI Qurt..:::.oelneS we sugg:est yougetYOl!. then f.>f.gOO cum a. . ._ Ona IiIot summer evening in the main dty o~ Kalia.ne~~e:ycan do aboliJl the vaJl1. lBesideSI in: lmimary im.l=4.iON AdveIdUJJies..00' to.Uoe me crashed Ir.in1: for many ooflll'gJBes fh.designer IDr~HJR.lrn~he<soane.Onoo you knot"". YtP9: . irs a ~ote.Once YOlllkoowwhat you'tie. tuned as we' Inlfrcu:lLu::a you AI'gall. 'nat way.s ne:d scene'.a.cmshedtmnspOI1 and aiD.lelng th. Qur players.e.s lighll~-ornoccasfons whe n ~he r.pe~Average. a daughter of ace mecna .::3. Set:: An. the:m~nem. scene'. ()f course.llen oreatingl S..Fil=:7.importance" special a:gell'l~s..and havelthel1iil l~escue' thegliril.ofbeatillg 'Y'0:ur players over the head~o fome them 'to f!o~h:l'w YOUf'OO. S!knl~: OOdg:a·"it5.h'iend! who 'liLeads: 'ou~ to the crash site pursuing a scoop.B.ttM two goons who are r·n Blie prace. thaI yOUii' players hav.~halnle young woman Is Shariah.iIrse~f.ll-OU can allWays haveR suppo:rtlll'l!.t en a new ta~ent fwl1lidil ~l1ey ~n.~ I'~.P'ri' toov will leam. casf~ D. doesl'il'l~ake. scel1le winlOUil:4aJt:i~' WrUi.cle~19rabout it (e'Sil>9ciallyi~ plavers are .ve to no. .y wJ~I). arm w'f1at the CflP!lS~iolil isa~ W:~ltJ(l~rops).aJIi1spcmland go .~':StJl{H'. f&le Empire.. if they misstheenire poim.3 maJpr~rade poftnt.=4.r1'pe:S~rol'1g. Medha Design +6~ P·e\r5lJ'asio. :5kJll!s.r:. .e to . ilt is alSlo. t. AS the first car flUl is . MI.hl~hfe. As~he:y el1l1erthe ooe:n.y~ po.e oppressive lregime .alrlvee s an o~Cler glel'lltll!emarn . A'I!J~arntatic 'Bapan +'4. in the< vast Oentral Sea. w~al til. out t. NBfainO.pire~o face' treason charge.out to Jnv.a.tead .!ipt •..:s W.Sta. :SCe18 keep }f'0I!.accomplish the one' thli!i1g.Even n.Average.as o~ draggif\gl a young woman (owal!Cls1tJe i Soo\na #1~D<idlTSp. 1 HalFlcl~Q Hand +~.5 e. 10=51:=6. l The' . fmmscene to. W :BcIme N2!~Resaml Your playelll know who. .Du to Dill r 'Dwn 11111111'1el worU:f-.rf1rstscen:e.ilrlr~ :beabtelo ffiOiVe your player'S.

Oi our' liiIeroes r. ::9'. Rel'ationshlps·+6.~! :B.wn Din him/helr).ntell1oga1e . Hand to liand +6.: Strong" M:A=:V.liype: S:'rOIilQ. (u what they'U be up againsl once they giet inside.. Sat: Tlte ground's o. Awareness +7" IlliII!fmidale -+7. 'bTUs"green hair andl silV"liIlI"eyes... bringing a. GueM Sitars .IFast.._. (. Awareness +5" Infimi'dlaite44.oom:. IR'::i:8.. hail of submad!rl)egun ~ite do.e.f the Kargan Elmbass).+8. Agent Harknon is lE:mbass. she is a master oot ooly.yes~ a shark rn the Ilnte'lIigsl'Cil'LI'I1dtit'IVrIOrid dealing' 'out deaU'! and destruC'lion as it suits mli. 'what's behind the massive Embassy 'Walls.rEI 'qpBl11 grounds 'be'yoilldtile !Eimbassy.(theexaOl: rlU mber is impossib~s to de~e.SmDqtl1..idea of wher:E!'Iile is held (ttle EmbaSsy). R=6" 'C=16" Ti=4.). RelationshIPS +3. even !have an .l:=5. be lmoved soon.alarm systems..oft the'alarm..bou.(a back. TIle IDesigner is I~ocatedin the' room marked 11)0 . At G marked areas within ~he grounds and '&nbass).aIllY' prray1er ~:ryi[i1g m climb lie wall must makaan rnfiH:ra1ionRo.n against a IDifficruJrty of 1B or set .l. S:cene 'Goal: maclila Terce Har1m. Hand'gun+'" Blade +6.e mechla" Rl1d some! . bIJ~ .Q! the ra. Props.arrior Niall is me lriglili hand hench.per.rmi'ne at a distsm::e). ~:O' tight en too mo. urbana. • Poolics.. 'One' V~pe' Class ME:K-Anmr Crystal Niall. bedroom)..escu:e the Ua. The Embassy is a large ofHce block structure-any al'l:adks.onl (1=8.&. One Mauler Class MEKTON IPUoted ~ pibted What they don~& know' is. .ing tlleir mecha~o draw' Ilie KaFga:ns.: 1. Hand to Hand +6.son 'the suave andl deadly Harlmon. MA:::iV. AJIMedha I .. ~hre..gped . IplayefS. AU Mecha Combat Skills +6.Cles!g nerfr.IFast. Impetial Secli'el. 'V~II~rns.p'ier.[r:l. of iITloremhan 9 Kills will cause' the structure' to collapse.'Uaoon.: mid:l'ltg'lht. SklUs: IDodge +. hile w BOO.. 83 . ! I by fhem that the:re :are a ~Iot O'~ 91J9rdlS" . Lls.A.gm tll1e Kargan El11ba99¥" ICiymial Nlan (jl~8.5. Attempts to recontlhe Embassy will only tell Hal'kron. l. imposing" wH:I1.~all. H!andgun +6'.a :Kargan VTOL aircraft will lanel' 'DR the' grounds-i~ looks as iftM doctor will . . also ameamdl M EKrON wamlOr as waR +' m .oe's iill on foot.Trpe. A:::::::9 C B. W.til'l8f team g. __ Combat SkUI5: +8:. 'killing aU inside.Wlilll encounler Guards.IBlade 0. P'layews are s~r(ol1lg'~y achAse'cI. Skills: IDCXiQe +5. wilhlce blOnde hair and cold b'~e .

'l .

B rihood.l1H~re. propeHed them intol the' Cjtllatrinary S!1arsystem.. wrecked . th'i! Kargans mounted a.:l.ng s1.1 I!!. nearly a 'd02:an 8e. !For many year:s.tinturl1. 'llJe .edhnology 'gle'anedtlr'om the. the W. sure-but' righ.ors agains. a race of bioel1lg1neluool lizard w.ard'rive.and Me Ralltsr. "0 World ot MEKTON! P'remi~se:"B.Raahe/le pulled herself erect 0'11 mostly trom th.on the Northem ooIUinEl'I':I.ering these 'Iongllo~t secrets. Time. AY15iO 1" Atko!n Verian" a :renegad'e mag's from the BroUnerhood" joiniiJd foroes wt'lfl :Kamg'an IEm.ear (A y) 1111.being . in AY 'I: 602.ar:s ago" a glroup of human colo'l1Iisl5from 1he flOW Jcmg-1bst Bend'all' . R Eventu ally'..Then. lihe :suNivo:rs ned into 1Jhemountains of th. Shafir" cair:Ji~g' party.e you doin"? n he .minhablhmle. drove the ramah1i ng warring ~actuQI"I<Sff (l·f o EKTONIl Muria and erected: anl'1P9ne~)I'. With "'Dr. andlaurnching a new ctmel1Sive agiJI1I5t Elara. The' oa:mpatfcm Of Elara andl th.an.hleFih"st Co[ony.plalleUall" th III colony was dl:SCO.e discovered remnants of ttle adv.8 dozen hooded ligures tJet. two dvi'li:zatTons arose. Thete she l weTS huge rents .kinQI. 're Almon Ve~lani it 'IN.o~1 Y.fying 'ine s:lJ4inlemd KSfg s~ate s. j'n the Stack Tow.starvation in this endless des. rfto&lghf Jetl~ . in Alg.. . looked benet tha'n .Ie.air ran:g .rial meeh a 'had slJlrvived the Aggendi assatm and had beE"" unoov'sr:edl in the ruills o.e Empire and lit's new nuCleolilic mIssiles. an loe age that wouldllrender ftlQSl of Algo. th.lI·lure. In A¥ '~2:32. now .ast'ed: unUI the Elaral'l R.lIlknown (to the Muli'ians.Utf of ber ritle. DlJIri ngl 'this '~ime.n~' fleeingl I~h.f. In AY '1325.rs 10 the long fOfgOuen siCe .evoU l ot AY'149'11" Over the next ten ye. Wth UTe'SEl.lv Lllpon Munall knolwledge of ancient Ilmperial mec'ha--indeoo. I_ 'How.er (11hebumedl ourt shell of the' or:i:g]na'l cQlony Sh'~p)1 sh. . "How'.Attikan led a party of explon.endl.arriors. began IOI realize th at ilia planet was in the process O~.(IliI~eri I'Ilga massive lee Age.ra. mile warlike Kargians . figured he 1r:lldn'~I'.e oottle. L:l!sul'lIg advanced t. simple maUer to adapt 1Jhiswe. major .and 'Empira •.arn. east) techll1ology to his own eVJiI evlce:s. deciplil.anced technology and psion1:cs of the IEmpire'. I'". W3lime r Alchupelag)) l'Iti~grOli1s •.loniSiS we..rialils :sent the' mags taUI ar A_~e:x_andlell' 'to IEiara.1 the' fo.ndar I~mpe.Ueets o~ the I~earsorne' Agg.ro:tl'll. where filley swiUIiY Jell into a ~hou sand years ofsavag:€lry.e Arcl'n.ear after ma.flc' 'weapo'n -bolts .rd now known as A~goJ.exipedition of conqlJ est.: " Somewhe:re ~n the :faf' FII.Iitlle tunh'er. uni.8 Kargan priso. the B.e' sC:Iho~'ar..mg~aJ1s oQunterattackec!l wi1h their first proltotype MElKl'ONS.ventive K.l'le' E'll8lrans were al)~e tatum back.peror TQlitlian Korax.' Kerrlssla--a Kargall cllYt. when their mal~unctionj. thought IJ'eff~Somewhere jusl' over t:he h'odzon was fhs city 0. .[Jft.and Elaran sCiientis~s.a .sped out (Jlver the 1J'.lJollo'w with fhe sound .His . to the SOuth . Ove r 2. Behind him.The o oo. a IPrilesthood devoted to.even .~.·Just ." rose' as' If .Skins.by magic trom the' dusty groulld. she tOllDnded the IBrothe:rhoodi Of IKaUicar.\oi'.look any hea'ithle:r.go. Ula in.e crash thaI h:ad 'otall'ed bot'hth'9 Fighter .f the abandoned staliship.rces· of Anan::hy ."able~ield of ~orce arouliu:l the Icon1Ji'nent. I SfJddenJy~ .m!lnally subjUgatingi U19 Elarans in AY' 1457. Ta'11s he~p. iIi'I"ve' een b .of 1.ert.a. To"counter the threlat of tll. both Kargli!l.as.e Murian continen1:.starshi p.erJ I~' gro. A y.aned.pulled back.rave W. the new Kalgan threat. . 'These desig ns 'were 'baSied Ilarge.hlJ'nd wsn" h'ls' gun-·.ever. EvenluaHy.of 'fig hti rag" a virtual stalemafe existed on Mul'ia.aJifSmged on.af mOlr pesesslon or tlI'le :sa1er.s Elarafls settled .an~the relatively peaceful Elar~:ns to the No nth.of' a'Utoma. This was the begi'nJ:ng 'of a ~wo hundred and twe'nty 'year exJ]lefo:rthe peop:1iB wh~ 'were to be later known as ~he"Mages of MlJiia"..ipela..ar'ir:i.n .rough hie" .8Iredand deaimatedi by the j:mfSuin:g Aggendi mecna. After one hum:il'edl and ten 'years.000 'ye..d tSBl'$ all th.GaiacUc EmpIre crash!altld~'edn the wor. many of the' Karg3ns emigmted~~othe large conti liiant straddling the Sou~1iI1 pole: th. loo~J1h 1I1a:~Tcmlil began to w.at.his shoulder. the Mu. d I .

?ea~ .Age . ~~rs~ike r:~rtht·.en 'the fed1er.addi~i(ln to tlle'ir plalieb. The most world (M~IrI'ar) Is a ooilinggas gia. bo. ~he coming Ice .~lIi1e Neilsen Poi 'Us be~. AI'rB'adv. and! he'[p both mM.: Imowledg:e taken'ro m Ilhe'Alilcienl: Imperiall lBooks.!:J out 'from be . .spac8.a1ion an~ the Empire. Iher.Iiance uneasily llooki'ngl Oln.otChe planet would band 'together tOI build massive O..aIUacks".enUy ItraSOI'lB mining .ons.wee'n.achines hammered back and ~Clnlil1 2U:::rOS:S.ach:neads en the 'othair worttls o~ 'lhe . Eaich :S!l!Jpell'J)OWeJcUt'f.aw ma~er.AlfgoEcon&iSts of four suns orbiting a heating .nt much like Murlsn Theoc. s~atiorns 1m ~~orvaS1 arlray~ . upliby the Mulians).chan.beMe.rbWIIlQ solar arrays. Tille result of this compromise was Ule truce .l)o U . lhete has no.. W. a.e been e.lol11ies. Argoll all'ld it's Moons..Ngolian sys1em.r as a Ulnilm: to enforce '.scala1ing . These. now divid'ed into ~our asterOid be fit (caned' Ulf. ~1iI the MIE:KTON woliI'd.of AI:!a. in AV151 a" the M'urmn .er major nationaJi blOds: The IEl'aran iF:edemtion.e. I'arg.n I adeli.steiii.[tilil the ii'ncJeased l!raw matelnals. Finally!.epaOk" sIOWII19 it'S~I'OYljt~.giant (AI'gol)" lone y.slow U18Iencmac~~n:gl itoe. lin the same areas as tnese: supelpOw.uy ool!J. establishing space s1~alIions and CQ:tanie's.System . to ra.s.racy. .moon of.am:I al'illl'lnglihe Colol1li:es.o. J a An:::~~.ilJ tle.iUrmar'l one ired IdWalif (:I(.)f on the surf. The Algol System ~km: lhe dry.ears.a.kno~n asmhe Mu. ~:he Dionians.owm govern manti' de~'ense ~oiICe S.system of .a1.ra~s tor heafingiU1:e planet below. but boUt sides continually engage in 'skirmishes. ComiF1.of solar p~ne~5.crisis"..f the' supe:tpOwers...nedmass CiitapUIt used to' launch raWOfiBS il'lto.AI'gc:~. the" an~unCed solution to. are p!ruminQ tQ' declam ~ilheir and Algol. Elamn agems had unoo''IlIIered ttle secrets of mecha tecihnology. Knowing space s~a~ionso~bit i[1rI the 'sNielsen Poi nts· (the Alrgolian how vulnellfaiblethe'irfr.lion: T.· ClJlnenlily.!s. On AllgoE: The MEKJON! WOflkl.array. Colon:ies:: In . M<fl!NIl . At the aims.t been a.alsl'll o..th ~n Lll1alll!ed matlons .lile Mlurian Peace.agile' domed cities are'to enemy equiv. ten f'n years..pel:agan AIUI'I1C?e (see map). which bas sUNived' li'feratively lrnac:t for ~he last blln . Th~fe are now ImlI!rUl1g .8'fie!d..010Ule ie..s to UleGrand 'Oou ntin '(a.oo:rd war .en l~e lTiIOons .colony-Cit.al1d~he' Within a y'ear. wi1h 1i1le Theocr@y alfrlC[~he Al.exii:sts.giEls.ange POints) be-1wa..1 r.tle Star .s1~alt[oncolonie:s . mlCrow'ave~ 1.colornnes on ~he moon IDlon.helr demaros)l.elli co. I establi~. each wilh it's.ials ~'or Un~ ro.and ri~ingl . major grroundsids' :ba~~lie.iSle' 11M planetary ~:erq:lera1Ufeand ttUJIS.. wlhfch . D~?~_IS Important for pOO'lliding raw ma~e!"l:als'lo' build boUl mll!tal)' harOwafB and new solar panel ar. space.and ene dark star Ulis IDark Companion).nyeaIS" the migh1y war m.C:Oneen11r~~e~1 indepeindalil09 (using the' mass dl1iv.tion to.sU'rvlival'. have been oItH'I~ro.he last year.of new ~crowave The star .ns1ruction .SIJ:ppI)llng ILoCilI. TIle inn. military uses 0 ion Mve major . wi~h a jofntl~ Since 1be lime Of.The Murians WOIJ let share pM of the vas. each (I... Tlhe - 0" 86.R'. allie' a few !Unalliedl colonies. a~ mllTO~'. for nearJ¥' 1iftee. Tihere' arle' f'OUf IPlanets amll lone.! iHa:!o) in ttle system. and de1tegahl. . id whiCh our series begins" common center: one blue .rlslIlPeace.lhindUteir 'fO. all the nations .Brothe mood' broke it's self-il1i1Posed fsol'aticlil.s. and~he "MEKTON Warsr' weRl' in full foroe..eUbw s~ar Ihe' follOWing ipolit[ca.aoe.tdfly over '.f' La Gr.I sHuaUon exists: UI. til iii baUleUe:tcis of Algoll.rhe~ensions over-the.SDI1Iof Algo~llian lIIn~tecl Nla~ions:$9. maintains several space .ooalies. The Kargan Ern:p!ll'e' I. all Ihumanity WClIJ Id be' asslired a clilaflcefor .

em. SIJOOontiAsnt •o~ Kalia" 'fhe ElIa.M.rtai:rer.g. . On land.oll. .range fool1iil the huge tig~rtike icecals.o\ne~.eni'Dg'.1f is a.9 IKling andi his e~'ea'I..g plal1l:e~(see map).uge f'O rtr'B'~Fles.~or one) feeil U.ade . The E:lamlil [). frigid wa~~tvIIOrJ'c1 with a." again. a develo.atways masSive undertakingls.for civi~2)€d habitati:o n will be 1he'broad An:::h~pelago o~ ~slalll.~sors.~irl8 f.w·e r 'il\eitlicles wititl high effi:ciermcy tana O~ tltlfilJ:S~~R.arcolagles' (f!esf3'mil~ng giganticsho~ngmalls).Siehis. great deal of ililtemal sii1lLif~n.s!lYfew paved ro'ads Of tilfgh.au I1ICi knr llIay .t .ed'era.OIV'SlI' am .a!fl:~travelen Mgd] is uiSuaH!y r.ted linto I1IiaWra:1 'formatiol'm.e enouglh to poiS9sess an alffiOsptler.aoo. and ~n geneml.er cOln~ine!1ls.• enlighte Iilme 1':11: .. pastSing~lhrolughl an lice Ag.lc:anoes. trnardware aim:! m:ech:8. tna EDF maintains a poliey o~ ~lIP\eaeeU·u·o'lJI. fUl1her Gutsyst.P'Ow.Mast OOJlstnJction . while aibo!\I'\B. thiElY an .own Councilor~Jl fieprese.qualrl1l'i!!aiIY.(suohas. The curmm: Baill"iiUil slrateSr Is. .lemperate" Earthl~kB wmel'V!l\O:~'d".p~exes" complete :with Iresidemial areas. the predawrs . a strong nolQl1:ng amio.equator of th.de'adly oombirnatrion o~ wiMIt1'e tuu.e the~r til. Alreat:t. to fight. seriouslY ilmpedMI ex.y. A. .e' bull[~ Into the: t'srr:es of dams.ncer:!:wi~lhthe oop:l'listh::ated technology or meahasoieFl'OO and actv. iheonly areas of AIg))m suna'bihll.strateg~.-is the mOOMiZ!ed astei~u'd Cere'bus" WhiUch. This . Byth>E! middle of the I~C"B Ag:8.. or vast 00w1s ~ne I!leg~me.isat1tJe .rs ar. :ancl' sql.s .r.Fo.6I1g..TheMD' biggest differences are iintihe Jleldls of trans.perale. J)srks.stsfOid Ibe It 0.and lear.edOou:nCil.g'll Stmngrth".porla1iGl1I andl .anoed tr-alris.ata!t>~e land on Algol.~owards iindea. l1ille' thii~ plane~! P~rseptil.S'l th..aJne~ Aries. andlWtha!t . hillE1iara)..exmireme!1y large and dangerous.l:sof gllaJCierioe.dt Nal:io.mila] . ~n electronic eyfts and lase r C8JIIJIOI"I sBarCh~lhB skies mr the ne'xt. !fIne invernUolil O'r nuo'leonk:fusiOr!l made U possil:lle~o po.the . 'Of we:U o. '('. wilin:e the' eql!. within~h:e tumblvng a.. is larg.ot proud~ fliie:m:lIv people.n of th.po. li1I1w::hW. .exi:sls may soon be oovel1ecllby hugs shea.ea:Cle..IughElara is.1'n.e.. and (l'an h.ar~ Lead !by ..ro.. S::!liTIe . unifieol uoo'er3 oentrall ITIIOlilarchy.lnci~ i:Jick. dire~1fm\1egreytwmers.ml1lg.hipelago betwee\1'iI this'two powers.eg&O'JIl :!:lillcomes more tem.ego1iatedi divIsirro.- A subgroup _ MEKTQulf--- -:- emthis factkm has· -]87 .2!r:sa center Dr t1:. JXJssible. Tbe fourth p:~.ed city b'tacl<s:.p[oratl'on i!dil(t colonization urnill recently .ovemmerM:a1 centers.is a. unUedi behjiool a po.. 'inlme main.po'l1ing Elar. Algolial11 citlesdiHer from :201111 century Eal1li1citios lin ttn:am. whf:chl 1s li'eRectedln ~he.g. dispel's.h Uk!eltlJla United State·s ·of Eal1'1'1'sSecon:d W0I11d1War.3 de~'ensive poS1Jll.. Factions!.pu!lar !.also ternd tlO weaken lie Elararn de1ieIrlSB!agail'lS'~.eil'lul members of tie C!t::wOO:I.cny .ver 25Q:kJph.an alii out Slrii<JeaglaiootUrrie' KaJg.S.a.1 ~adia.l~e' l'Ie EIJPs Irm]n .. the winte:m gll"OW longer and! cold:er om t!ItIe main continents.onlikis r~p1iles wtth t.~rj~ safe .oting . Elara :i:5. aiSsm. d1s1i1'icts . the d1y 0. tii:le: QQU m::illrsflIlOrEl or IIB:58 lri1:PlJbIiOQlll sentiments tel1ld'l.mding ano1 nooving ~he population to a.aool fad ng the spootre 01 world domination~rollil an . are Iusua'[lry bunt i:1l10eX1reme~Y' crefens1tJI9.currenUy .of iEaJl11:t:i':s WiIi1 lee Age.theseoond world OU~: hom the .O creale a. OrganizaUo. IP.ns The Elaran Fede:rated iKlln:gdoms g:~n.cut hl~o~he eal1!h.ya. Ailh. a.ia~oliirulr.e An:l. to lpiilckls 'Olf t'efOCiOl!l. MUCh like Uhe aru:mals . poweriul.e:ss ~noe' 8liIMgemelilts. TI:leni! . a natiDn .aotually lhIu:ge ~vi. Otl1e.the Karg8ll1 Empire.ough~llhel'\e alf'e a numbeir Qf iiarg..f5 (fla~ing gasbags withl electrHied tendrills) roaN~tlIe opsin seas.PQ!Si1iornto imflUillilrnCe 1IDl:litary lor political' ciecisiorn. ltIe COUI'ICWS OVrerall plan include. J<r:egor DIJJ{JQFIS (drag.Dr mega-city I'evel!. -.s !gracliJ!aify I::n.tn:o:n has also suUered th fOUgh l:olli1gye·arsof ~u:paUonafild war~r lmostly atHile Ihands of Kaq::ganEmpire Rll1e :seuthl.sticated 31'i1T1101f.are ooootruc.sion..c!sg~fdlfrng til e . slllo..equlring v. rtnged wit! pra~ect~ve waill's.ngleom.men~.stemi8 For:ces~ The lrigh~ hand! O~U1i. ifOrtr. they are .e!'. Cr'eawres sum as foghul'1'te. . Ceftain tao1iorns fil:1he IOOIlJN:U of Gel'llerals. AIUu.emaoles) and flo.am v·ery~ew sma1I1 towns 0111 .~s ."'Cii. for betlier d:efel1liSibi~ty and p:roteo'liolnl.1lr1e O cilreahlilre's O'f A:lgol ere .housi~.aiM g.or extinct 'ltO.a~s Nchipelagan l'iIeJglhbof'Slihli1oug:h .of ElfJiijl is.e El'l':Ipirs.aum is Oinlya IlQIm' of til1l'lE!l. tech nlcall.pping. ~sa~. is The l?eaceFactk:!n: imtelltly 0' liile IPeaoel Fact10rn . The :stall1dardl AlgOIUiilrnl (fueled ''iran cali" is capable o~speeds. ED'P's tel1ldant:v a~~imes.oolon1:es in 'UlS N. The civilization o~ A~'gollIs much like that oflats 2~UI1 cen1iUlry E>ar1!h.rDi¥lg' o~ ~:ne7 anginal ~n~oms.ways. Rathe~ than a series. sup.evi:! ai'ldl lpitiitess Covering the Northern IPolar COl'l1inefil:l and~lhe! IslarllJ.eWd·em. aquatic: dinosaurS)I.occasiCUilSlly IU. &.di$srmame'rntti'ea!ty 'wi1~ the Empire. r. muc.wi~!h a.e!s. calling for a.llal!l'llmn.3 detliimem of 'overaiWSfirate.·Cov>Eluroo ~andmasses.I~.arndl I1Iiii Uary aid. 'consl!Jitulional :monarchy I(wi~~ leach major city ele. In many WEliYs.pos:eda.~~e!'ie i:s:very UW!e . Dese huge . .ootl ~y.n~ it's: CiI1ll::ensIJ. :U:l!ce·cCfI'. roCky dUistbalt is Jupiter.ate.phi. ncm~ ifIlllitaty :solLlllion to th. oocks this wJth liIe most:so.l1lS.r5' (wa:mtl~'oodad.!) po:]ms. oU the' ~grounet bl! CQ.1" IT'kall1y)fe. I« this IiIE" close~o8001o of Ile pCl\t)u1!aUon lives in the aroology mega. but.poo poli1lIcal Il'1Qve.Algol is.ran Fedeimtiom I~S a A!goll~OO.v. :influer::u::e·d by 'OOll.~ne F'a'ctrol'll ha. altitudle ofth rae or four liIIle:ters.1 lie Halo. f<ew ice.B' cUlrlren~. ul1I]laterral .

w11h U'le opposing! Elarans .an Empiire A v. .go.amilies.rable confrontation. th e P'sace Faotion has JiIO right: to barter away the Arc:ihipela.More vociferous members of the EDF 8fgIJe that th. and Mpe::!n:e'ri iis maintained once' f'Ii"iOf'9. This.ls:hed u nder lhe hea.and 'that. MM. Q. . and 'Kargall1 po:~tics show no Siglill!lt irlillrovemen'l~ withl lpow'alill!.rM.)i.s andl ceeding the UlnwC.M. The hap. MEKrON II I 88 - .~t mart!lallElmpire of tre. total .r.An extreme '.s.8c!lioo of mrT\Peria'l po. The cument.. Wh.calmed by it':!._ lit is controlled absoll.vy jadkiooots et an a~llpowei1U~1 Emperor".es . or om' iintiirmd'atingl smaner .re.eaucrac.provoke open walifare.l-On excharnge.cuses and wantai's hilJlol'1inQl direct :stl'ikes 01"1 ~lIi1e lamn E fede.export of lilhe Empire is war" pLire and simple.. support pm-IKailgan insurrectionists'~h roughoutmhe Nchipel~o. emphasi2e'.go. .popul'atiion into . constamly strugg:tlrng fair ad'll. Unlike the Axis. weapons.l':s" all' Crn.orbiting .and OlPP:ressed' sef. of 'd~-ceit and famili. Ch.ri~ory g:eu. andl a number 0" ~'client sta1!ers. and Oalrgula's Rome. timber and advanceqi teohnh::ail science.lastS.a1ion.mage am oontrol onlle vast Im. lHitller"s. !bej.am ram~-s!l1d when.:It's borders encom.es.red his p'~dooesSDt With his own 'war knife.ng Idr.Q band Of noole tn.colonie.s Kargans willi simply. el<. lbe membelr:s11Iip. the IBrotherhood uses it's power tOI Inflluenc:s' Oount PD~i'cy. irnprl:sonmerd. 'go'. Germany.The Kafgan Imperium is the ruilingl body' of the Kargan Empire.lir" both 'sides .up.as.lm iN'obl'e f.y. mufCie. Assassination.1/. at' Z.eUle mililary unIts and ~he dreaded KAA VAAK Secret Poli:ce.ance[J'or h .of '~D:iJllomac~ ~hrolJg.awn trorn warnio.se IOCCI. .eand :slIIpprassiot'i a.!a.lle rich in mInerals.ed and Kalganheld isl'aiilds on the' Equ actor lathe El1Il. _L_I Stirs.ake Ihe war in~o space aft.ltel:y byth e Eli!peror Ihimselm.. n~e SleeE Brolhelihood. .erhood!. The IKar:g.a~ oyer lis' disputed te.rule is it's poliCy.f [ r '0 nalions wilh exl1l"ernB displays offoR.rre' it''S 'Title In1Iperillll11: It :monolithic web.aoMrous NoblieFa!mi~.ce' tofac::e dashes.lcy :is U'le' Stee'l IBroth. I Rece:ntljf.mtO:l)! w1tbo'IU~ major weQ.BaUle . mo.s GOmbat and lhono.gaJll1s i%omel'aru:Js f'Or ~hlem.s PO:Ucy .[ bur.· FC:fC:S~'.i'f.qlJiok~ settle Irie "brustlfinJ w." :scaUBNd thl'Ou. Fa..supported by his . torturre. '. the majority of tile Ela:ran .e eU\phern1s'lieaJly called ''U'ai'nl'ng manueeers". Empemr~ Korax I.0 " Kargan Empire 'i) proposed pntIv]ng.StAllE·".a. whidh IIJses 'terror taO'lics. the main .erU1ey have subjlJgmed th e .pass ~he entire'South e rn Polar continent.StaillEl.glhout M19 Ardhipe. pofiqy ILIsuslltiy consists o~' usingl Kargan foroes.b:bled. the' Imperium hlras QdoPtoo .pedallwannachlne. the KalfgaJI Empire has bee'ril compared altemamely withl Stal'lni"s Au asia.'ter.Afchipe'la. ~he sel'ection or ..

ense". MEKTON sG'a~'e tbatUes.BeCBiuseof this~amUly S~l'!!. mecl'il'a.s taken~ and' their ~andl eeopl!ed by the superpowers in file name .per. h.by . '~lhe· league Ihas avery S1f('d'IgIOOre of researchers and: 'SC:ien1!Tstsl. eV81111ihoSlEl molmted by sLroh .KTONl -_ - The! lechno~Theocracy 10" Muda Ea9i I.Allianos.taina neMo~ of conUnuli'tf and muilua~1 shiength that is almost tMir gl!HlIl1Ua war for Ih.adeship nelwork.hro'ugholi.oign.. Well sllfmed and: lpossessingi e:idremelysoplii. Muchl m(je tl'ilie' ~T.of MaIdl ooyM butU"Ie.le! off m:Qs~mechaaUack:s.e iIiIterg~obal com~.1:s.aamss 1he planetary eQu.n. a I1l!. Stommrooper.atElaU'are:a.eropedlm~1TiI the anginal IBro~hellih.ore· all eltice'ssiive and~re.e su.l'~. The Ileague has :s!!cr.rewea . the AAl1iipelgansa.e Arc'l1lpelagan Allftam::e are ~he IEtta1lT8fi!1Trading families·. Itleli.dh:lup. The League airs(I mairruains ani on-going' war wilh the Axis.es~ab~. comblnatioml political.ill Q eneratiol1l or AlgoUaniS. IBased on . ~hi.hird' Wo~d~ o~ Earth.!Meto slm· nlB!l.. p~ane!t. the waR However..oodof Kallicar •.ns o~ crowns and hund.lad many o~ thetr agents: inspaoe""onneoted o. I'lIIDS~ irs :powerful lravemng these ihe S. 11:oppose·s.th ell' maintarlil a nu mber 'of strong and' welld8~endecl bases en tns SI!. is ifl11M unenvJ'able poSil.eve in a "to~al war" TtU3' Halo league! The Hate Leagu 6' is: a.ror and destruction. ~tn.po Itcv of '''D~pTomacy ~hro:u." pal1liculal'ii Iy tOI remove Court natlf. h~]acl«ngs.e League. ~heir raw matM. whose te 00l1S'1 policies. M.r.caril'iEl'rcan easili:}f ho.ior '" in an a.ue .rlr'oITil a oentra] i(X~I'D of ex-M EK:T'"ON Warliors and poli-1ilca~ leaders ngilti nglh. I!(amans.sly unstaflle poli~ical sllJation.oossibh!!./Vi.o. and: fhe tu.realli smale' .e Ar:ctlipe1lagG.r. comr. t1uge~alliCa:rriefS.iIIhis no~~so~ secret W"aJ!" tales pmaoe! n everyLhilng~ro M man'4o~manto o mass.wever.11 }Ii~r$. are usuany~hoSi9 whidltl cause mass ter.]I1I!iJ .etment~ wiM felall" a showd~wn m~ghl.s.a:mmes are not .one or mo:m'amily clans IllJnde·r a.es 'wlho Oppois:e It'S tpolicies G~ terrm .t:lng jowe based t.h~9h moun'l.ull'ar oo~.un1!cJnowm).edul . :Mpi ng~o provok.of th.islicated teiollnology.~h:e~r . oeJ1ltra~ Clan teao'er anoia OouncU .w CQ:nstanUy inth e position o~ Iha~liIg ~IM~r governments uncfenllinecl. Pre~erablyrlJst taken oft ~:hebody of a.pone.1i[e. bas: a...elrtnfOW.ets.rn in the side' of the' Impen81f:orees (who .V thiEl' most .e belt o:f islanw.~liFe' Mlli rirurJ 1inOOOJafry etev.!:ooo:lllinenl1s oj Kana.m:y of th e orbital land Ill. of milHafll fome. du'Otled '\fan ome's~. Mos~ QUem t!ullse acts ot 1Jel'ronsm are against Elaran and Arc:hipelagan 1arg.all1d de~ermined IHara.and l .~lhe A1[ijam.e AmaJl1ce is a ~arilvmoemt aUElriI!Ipt at self protecUon"~an attempt Plrooa!b:r!y dool1l1ecl to'~ailure if not fmthe aTe:!o.s of the OOrl'lrall Kargan Em. The Shajir'in ~ive in the . 00 ag~' by ~iI1e"mage-sdholar'" Atnk-aJiI. 'Because' the . the Axis is men s.9 Kenissiall1 Plateau r>egTon.. i E!Harra: The economIc batkbone· .~ion o~ governing! 1:1t1e. Th.oe~iI:om Uile slll. an Ettan-an .nal ch!~.o..goatl of the league hi tel . .de. A:rsD.els. loombilngs. Tileir mau.in oppo:sUlo:n to 1ihe CIIH'rtl!filt llnweil'ilil m.t~c~lyalOl1e 'by~lI1e Kargango:v. les~ablish&dsoml 2.s" Its.. withl theiw nooreadvSi!1!Ced meolrl'a.hardY nomads use looted mUitary h. a e l 0."'" as "lIne Archiipels:gsrtll . 'PfOvoke a ma!.IC1!lu'e.a.redlS· of manhiOurstryingl to fOot theml OWL~lhe .ol. Once waned oU from the re:st of the WClrlcl ~'ilinGia t5 rtlHe tlightolm • -I 89 ..to IfrVB In mlatil:v.g!h Foree:". is not aoovestriking !Ile. :such as.eral space cruisers.eenf..asDnool)B acHo 1118 of members.aljormilfrtary ones when pl!.ns. with strong U.r gll'. but ths Axis.per. and only mJding tm.shthJE! im:le~enda.of ~na1Uo.OIlJp' tram Un e mahl Kargal1l pofl:tlical movemen~..t'li'IeE1iI~mans a.AJg. and a fondne's:s for nn:e weapons.:!w the limallied phi:looopl1iJy.exillreme~¥ w~nerable to imernal sql!l'oobmng all!d'.!pPol"l o~ ~hle .y am deai!'il~v op.:e WS .. Ihe:V are t\ones~" fi:eroe tig:hte'rs.amwareanclsto~en mecha tofr:g tit . fi'orthe slJI.of Ellzrers.lh.n. assassinati'onsandsa!ootage.e n:eillherlheuain~f1g ow hardwal~ to .nation on the. Each"fano~tY' isc.oodsa!nd supplies.e pe:a. TO. they 3re't.powarstlfiUgg~e" Asa Iresuit. mosny because o~ this op. The evel1ll1ual .Archipela.ArchipelgJan AIQance~.11.ore of a Unlled Na~ions than agovenlV11l.alild~igh. Ilea:g.9mmefil.nts to any irrt3StolillQrce UlI th. 81~o~herhoodl is more of a.he..mi~Jio.rganizatio. I~ea. el'ld.!t sup..pi.g bO<f!y .economies subverted.o'si1ioJlilonrue Axi~s.~he Axi~s wages a war o~Ieiroans m .ltJathln.aJIld companies.advaoced .weapons.PElwpowers to. .ct.KaJi'a. U take.!Slleciw. thiey htave :secf'etly cons1wcted sev.powers . The'.All ancs! U Spanningth. In glen eral.ailn deserts alild p~.lreadly danglercllJ. . braak (althoughl~etlcls betw. Axis members Ilaveacoess 10 advanesd ground and air weapons.halve :spent ~mdirngg. po~ijc\y cd never strikitngl civilian targets.p.Kargan Q!J'\I'.rgalili:!l:alions. The ME.liml:lyBll1Idclan 1)es.s.r1l'!lItSt. dead Kargan ~Ongl term i!rn:. bases.SiIld h'ay€: conoe:ntra.ptlOrt. 'leaders. tec1rlno·gypsies movefmm island to lsland.onies~aIlGw.~"roo:st o~ which :hav.pol1ers ml'illloo1i1tlU1B Elaran aiild .everyone slse wanls. as weU as 'provid~ng n mited eo:mmunicatiions and ml tltaryc su.r:l!'" -A eenstaru tho.Ax'is The Axi sisa spru ntl9.t~ll'Ie pow.a~o:l"" ~i':Ie AlI"Chlpe:lagan . govemmerM:s o~ Iha .s i~s me'~er-shi~. ~. s ~h A::ds.ne main military S!J.tfue I~mpel:'ium te nels ~.oncivmafland millal1y~arg. and safe!.ov.

. a ~\ten member lbody of th'El' eldes~ and wl.scovered iln the de.epe. 0 r 'U nles! the' iO_on. the Ffeelancer'sGuiildli~ a company of mecM-jocksrorbire'.eelan. WhiM= d'le inUuel'lloo of tne Brollemood is Ipre&ent hi aU areas of Murian life" this ~nf.• health care.Jy hQ.a:gireoo u!IJOI'll.1i1:S and mectla fispalll' . IHi:story. b(mu~es.e' been created oot as a defense' arm o~tll'EI Theocr.a.Q!.rdak PrcVilllCe.t is rumored that_hey ae~'as otlservers f. The many IProverbs and Ilessons.1'J'l. Psionics. ~Ile fsl'1II'IOUS un'ft 'whicih defea1ed ll(argan units at the BaUl'! 01 Kandar'. hand once .s of Atlikan (Physics" BiosciellCie. 0' The liemp'slr' Knlgtds: AUh:ough 1:he Mil)uioos are a rela(ivel~ peacefid society it woutf be a serious mistake to.l m~1:alY en li:IIisfa1ll1er's cifders.rsonaJI glory and combat has learned him a f. uni~s wh.r.current Kargan or Elaran moohs. Meeha: Scimitar A legendary mmtIuy commander. tiilave been SpoRed aUI .She Elarans.at[on llIe Nea. fo:rr1l1i'dabla weapo:ns~e<:h'nD~09!Yo~ the.vancoo kri1ow1:edge c~~1fle Old Imper'i'als" tMse anaem metal' warri'ors.ge cunningl.gh.arda'k: Ci~li.he optiorn cd re.ai. though never against another .d'Bll'lc. .di Elaran mooh'i.8']00$' the lMurian P.nsib:ie 'for the defense of the southwestern coast of Elara.Axis.eleader of occasionailly d.gEl':.s1 1iJ.23 Rank: Attack Commander Ref: 7 Int:6 eool:5. MEKTONU The Nearside Feder. and serve 10 enforce 'Ihe peaoe they . 00 mbat .• The I'ast time the Ka'Fgans Imed" the GlJi'ld Ile'v. !but. once '~lI1er.any .cause' Is rlghm.er.gOllermentaJl.lech::3 Luck:4.e:I~ladtwo bases te the gro:lJnd. long lost Empjire.field.!'-eriihe ipla.s. and mountingl weaponSi equal to 'that am most space baUleships~ These Imighty lTIla.Aft:7 MA:A:verage. faced wi~h 1OD. league. H .a ex:~lFreela!rncers who.. ~1'aI a dIspute between IiIle IKargans am EI'ar:ans .lil1g nnen.phiilosoph~oal! . iHl. ad.illingnessmo d!es~ro'r the Impo.oolncecratedlo the.nges ti'lOOps.as.~heli pre!Jide salama. F.agaIn lin 'tM il!J~UiM of AlgoL fA center of learning and knowledge! Ule Theocracy is :somew'hat like liIl'e 'ldea'~(Z\edA~lIhens o~ longl ago Earth. sides.oO'for ~efl bloody dB(ys untill re'enforcements. the Theocracy a 15. " Anotl1erllhoo. lin turn.acy and~rained' to be it's.:10 Techl:6..aCiy to 1Ill'p:~'~. a:g!ai 5t the w'orl'd.fsiidlo' IFecterafion is a s!mall secret league of the fo LJ!rurnarcities.eaes" Templa.epUitatiorn for sava.s:searCh for pe.i~:a~'1 odds" the ~eat1~ess. Ps. wen! di.y aM ArI:s). !Halo.:Strong """. Kargarn E~r.en Way. .col1lsider them unarmed.conlUot by' dedadng~:heir tndepe..eill"glass.rulillllg ttl a1 is reqLdred lis carried QuE by the Callinan of Mages.Jiltd is absolutely newr.COol . The' Gl.!" Genol1l .0'maintains a standing army of i~'s own mec1ha. The E'laran Federat..al They wiill tight 'for an)!one' who oH.lans over.r.Gui:tdunit. IDesigned IlS~ng the incred~bl. They llIever break a c:orntfact 'oooe .ioilnedl mhJ.1I'Ji flat wJlli:re TemplarS Yll'itllnever take.dedy.Jknow.ne~. Kamif Is '~h. could arlliive.of the wrecked s~al':shliP koow.-nobody . i Ou:rledllrom the' planet~s fine. His habit of IgnQ.of the! BI'O~he'l"hodd---' walirior priests Who. are plal'llning to tal~Je.acy.tler Winl Uil recent "eafS . .rs.. this .or ~ile Th eocracy. . Now ISaute leader. surviv..pula1ion.shas earned him a 'someW:h iU isss favo.have carved! OU~Gf this. TlleTr mission is. IRealiZing that a. 'Whim' '~i"le' . Kaciann Is respc.edera1ion malntains a Uny.defel1ders. The Gui~d sets ·contraots.e'so. til air maIn defense' comes from ~he tacit .e.and llileir w.rable' r.IKa. at birth. domed" underground environments. rue .oJthe MEKTON Wars.f: 8 Ilnt:7 .e:1dthe Kargall1s .am by society and: their place' within that con:text.€I" Whi:le'~he INearstde' 9lJ - - .elTIlious.e h. d Iresult most know 'what is e'.examp!te ('0 the IMUrl1Ul iPO.nas me Bi~aokn:nNe. secm~ .a:ny' of 1IIh.ps.t by .are truly titans.l1ure iiilvasion by Ile anc&eli1t Aggel'ldi W'alTior'S. EI'odly: Very Strong Mocha:.ctlines are piloted b.ell::6 All :7' MIA:'F:ast IIDd. Many of '~ihe Halo teague:'s membem ar. 'Ganon M[rw IQ'.tuem:::e is a . D!lfer.V the mys.24th Guard h.1.e nellJ~ralily and finallv chose' ill :sid'e.or's bene.rg~anriZ8Uon': 1123rc:1Kargan Mecharuzed' force (lille l1tans) Homle: K. the MuriEiM have recently d6(:1ded to take a.alm slmtegy. taugh. i'emptdr Knights .!u'IlilTI. b~1 ins~teadstandi re. chiao!. tile IN'earsiders. Besides n having access ~o 'the. !lLlI.e' A. I~is 'well.s .yc:ho!ogy" PhUCu..ej:ilutaUCIiIwUh the' Kat~:af'l igh COO'll'OO!lld:. s1andlngl tWioe tM size of ."oung oollk.n.k1s 'th at the l"emplar:s hlav.s the bes&.Ich.Nobody me'sses wit'll the Guild.rather thalil ..moving themselve.alild the taste of blood. cou'Iij'IiI't starnd~h.. and p.r aUadk Qluid easily l devastate . The iF. ~uT.e'lhe fOund 'he enjo¥ed theth rilll o.lol::II'Q.oer's (lund will Cast & Characte'rs Il<aml:r I!('adann OrganiU1ion: 24th Light MechaniiZed IGuard IHome: Arcadia In Emmlms Prownoo.tlra:ctes' aHempts~o doublecross \ile m.AUibn act: as guideline aru:ll.Mauler A ho1I:i1ea.st holdls .dof the. .s'est masters sach of the' Se:v.J(ipected of th.I'.ed ro'ngdoms Ag!e: 211 Ran'k: Ba:l1i!:eLeaoor lRe. unknown.ring orde. Theocr.rntirelll' from tile .lit their own IBa:se s!ho.rtant Lunar dties rather ttlan let them be taken.army of reconstructed Kal'g. ma]o.efend a besieged ciijror Redian because' '''1fIeir . 11Ie Kaligans.

liIilas1:er o.Whern iller lover aJ101ts. The Halo League: Hom". The .e~pIBss l1Iations .avels.lns. Dion~ NeareTda Fr&:!1eIiaUoflll Ke rJa·rn Azlray Orga:nl'zaIion.8 AH:.hrone.M'A:Avella§le Body~A\I'erage .swfped out . .O\er 'Oamiollil was.K:erion's.e'&1:abi~s~ed l"!epuitatio'l1Il for Mr.~ she unki1'lown skU~1 nd tactical! ability a ." among heir barbaric comrades.sm. Age~:20 Oceupa. a.The .and Meche.3 l!UCl!l:i4 Att::iliD MA:n. un :8.sUron irn Defen!.an.np.8 .g~l1iallJ:y joined the A>:_ijis as an act ·of m:belliion. TerllOrist ~ Ref: a Ilnt:7 Cool'~6 10011:4 liL!lc](:4 M!A::FaSi Body:.• Rolarndl is.llIon.lnerc.8 IGrol.e.pie .libe. she changed from spoiUed .otable eve.n OrgalillztttiIO.respect Oif her 1:ough ex~mrner '. Exca. parIJT:aJmalfy in Ole ll'ec8m1Kalian 03mpa.Weak daughter .: ~pe. M01i1ar. CompaJI'Y Home: KOl':l(lur.badked insu rrecticm.seU aIT'IQng~he a IFfe. Det'ellSe . IIea1itJeroiadi mall'l ~noltiflg a huge" Arnciem IEmpire mecha.A 1M ElKTON wmior of I~egeooa!uy' slkill.Rank:: Knight effithe.!a· Leader .Att:1g Tmined Iby ~lhe Pllriest'Sof ~hBT.r:giilirilWl~[tln. - - -- .! on a peiJSonaJ ql[Jes~..po. Ardi1pe~agoi Age :2.e~lancEi compal1lfes.Ref: 10 ~m~B COOl: 1D . IFearless iin oomba:l. IAa~:andU.ck lleader Ref:.n:: TlilaAxJs Ag:D: 22 Ooou:pa1~o. Karg!i1IlI1:-i..Rapier Oro9 PriOO9 al1ld heir to' tile .: Aeroli{Jh.9iechl..see:king .10 Ilnt:S! Cool.VelfY Fasl Bodly~ Very SilrOIilQl Mecflla:.tfN'· Her husbandl wounded wJi1ih1l' .oou r.5 .Hltstar moc!y:Average Ka:Uicar 1H~l1le:Tlr:lei'H1.Stro~HJ Med1a.uflln Theocracy Age:31 . lfIe has. Aola.r~ wa.at DaughIer' of the leach~ir t 1~e Wolves.~I!J.of the Arehr~elagQ.1'iI Mecha.f ooth mBctla !corrtbru amd of tl1Le ~wel1'llJrn mentall dllSctp:l!ftrn:es.[OUsry lhat has w·on her~:hs Organilzat~o:n:.Stack IWolveS...tce .)iO am:! two children U1P Hamel oohind amd took up her lhusbancfis.4 l-Uo1i:.KaNan T.m:er Oitr from 3JI1 ~is atta0kjAsfi~~ len. MEKfQNl _ Mecli1la: Vemall Pafi. I:smamd of 'Ko.o~aln Old IGuard Home: None . fb'st Tle:mph:!' iRef:: iI 0 Iln~~g! COOI:1 liec!1iI:6! lrocik ~1 AU.M!l.ntI rist ce!l~lea. companions.l1Iobi'eto vengeooce-olb$essed de.«11.: lPa.tron:nu~tln[cian. I'IQJ t>ecJEi . killed in a Halo League rardl.in a.j!. IKa~an N:oble" Kara ori.: ljeutenan~ 'COmmaIlCteli' and ·S1t1J'.l'lld Duell 'O. The l"emp1ar I!(jlilrghltso~the Ordeorlot Flid: 6.ou~ii1.e Kalian i~S!h!s. sllle is alSioI~m'rwnl. ICOob6 Tech. With heir excepl:ional skms . Kalia Cr:ty.? (II IMA. 1111 U18 prQOBSs. (ilevoted his life todefeooJllilg ~he h.M&ell1a.de~~~ingl Cr.lot the M:u rilians....a nk. she lFIas: .or a'Viciousne:ss n.. Kara C:ha.4 R. Algo..andlmirning.S1..G:uan::l Leader ASlri:a~ Kiitniifi Organlzati'On: Nearside IFederatron Home Dafense Holilne~ 'Crate r City. entire fam. a Freeranoe.hohiipe:lago Age:: 25 IFlank. Mhi Flig.Ltlck.r The beauti'lul amd] willfull nghlil1lg:wrol1Lgl.8 AH:i8 MIt: Very Fast eQdy. Mltti was bom~o a oombat. A clad(.g~e otAUwk.na dUSCOV'E!r·ecll a pr'Bv. Th.

eh:aJr:aot'.youac1ed out vanous.I.1'2" ~/2~2 "Roll11 D6-W !! 1~-'I·~1 Diyts~o:n& Other COmplex Cal'cuilaUons In the !mlB1i:Jd~ System. roie.ore eiusitve 10 s~tled ciJ[e which ean be' 10undin 1'iIlO.t~hat longl ag:o. we use two types . it automa~h:.01 dice:~fue commoll1. The truth is. IFioleipl~.. t2.elelnT:!ined! by Une rull'es. Crngetlfo:u thrown out of'you.S'"lhem are a.il. A ool11l'lal 6 sld'ed die wou~d be known lasl a t'D.. R!o~eplaylng is "Preteli1dlll1lg"j with rules" .as iromnga . &.. Appendix #2: ..kav •. I'O"Ol-R ~ -.bS'tow zero.Mj. and the reac~iol'l of th ey a~ill usually have iI'iI common are dice.itector of thewhoIEl:th:~ng.heo:tlThSirhaltOf thteUme~ he'dl ye:[~. etc" J'ust mile any smalll kid. OO~ 30 ailld even 101l sides.fyenillilg.8".ers.s all diner {this is why we have a~~1 . wavsto IJse d'fc.g wh. of your roleplaying game.pred. about '9000Ume.rsonactintJ ~lIthe ad'w'I'ituJi''e.YO'~ C knew e. cru~ed a.5928.aHth. fe.. the th'~l1. o~ Wen..'. if yOUi Wle . really fast Where referred~o as .R:oll.nmaster.ot this wad new Qlame I W'anna pl'a¥?".(1 .aJl.p g!!Jnsis~hratshoo~i:ng cap guns at 3 a. are sold .argu m:ent.!the Ref.r'.. In. apartment.e. mcK:Ille!F". Fo. On the other stdrare a bllJneh IfunatiGS scll).gotten o. you w]naJLI~Cl:matioally round' fie ''oI'atu8 dowl ~o_'the neare'sl whole l'lIUiftler l(s!lJolilas :2:.ootiri' iro:1iI at the very mentTo. Depending 0.nWilJl came~tle ploWnesi! !S!~Q'ry elemeillts ~nd SUppo. a Parl'l. name like The' 'c)u.e with 4. wijhl been watch~ng all this ~Dmepilayin. Dice aJl1e lusually taibie.s si~lJIaUo.beoo:mh~ 2}.errn tog'ether a rad adding the re's~~ts. me rul'es so' fhat.They Vorl!: "0.:J '"""'""_ '~R!O11 " 0.m.einCOU'l1lter.AppendIx #1: B'asie Roleplaying :90 stuR RT'G's arrJ.3.eprdat~D:n1.rule. Of mlUil~ two ten sided dTce~og~thef. ar:td·~~e eth Birkl mark the cne'.!1 tM pal1 .of Bl1Iotl1le!r :perscHlil.6. havt:l ru:le's. as a small child •. .!) w1fh a deCiimal v. l~nd~. .atA:rten Ii Sided Dice I' . I~II Vou'n!!~i:'Ie last baslio..al theilf charac~er:s slee and hear.s for YOtumsellfHJfaVe k.aJn hi:em.ffa herse. So this 'we1ek.l1darn~e bed?"). O 1~1'iI As R!ej'eree.ady te wh~p 'Olll~ yoursh.o.gl lrave 'l".I.ru ng . lusing cfile to maJrk the ~:ens ~lace.rry'! -I g.aboUJt . No.s~ ht:lbtry stofes. this number ooukl be ano~her pl'a¥er'S ro~Jlor a value .sterii.fes. f¥ When you lpointed your capg~un at~. Wh8!t H-~bes]des. and be re.where' yourve. n~mber of .abwt~heir ~12C11hl:evel Wha1:ctlimacamt" Jirl mortal combat wilh m.(lmmon Diree ImtilJstill"iUcu:n-. playing.and ttn. Basic Re.. 6" 8" 11 . and amiU:ate. fairy princess. ("O.he side af your mouth.. hu r1I:c~tl aroUll1l!d like YOlIJ'djust .feresing If the plaYier is lh.bad< "Am Rol:epla~~nggames.. more.r.aming .~ I StooolWOOpe!ffi '~mlTil Mars have talilieln over the ..er!ee ~s:~ihe' D..e pe. ~f a moo!fied value 1('S:UCh as ~1D6-4)1 comes cu~ .ef vall18 .o'er f·allowed by the number 'sf sides bf the di·OB.Roreplayll1gl.yingl is exactly nkeUlat~you ac~ 'O!i. percstnage value.ou$ wo~td:oifRo!epla.5 !place to g9ta.yingi Games.~nglto gat a ~Olll higher {or ~'owelr)thllal'il some specified nlJlmber. hide U. Ther. On ollila srela of the Ra:I:ep~afing 'Games.!ilskedto dMde so.2 0iJr 3) D6" r::-:iI . you fird th. Mast of tlwe! rules invollve fOmng dice of various types and~ty.ar no.edGuide to . are your ''w~rd~ lIelr ac1ior~:s:. usually call@d by some obscure.e. WHh our PaJten~.e~ such . t:heRliJlles OomnB' lin would faU down with a !tot ..I'U bathe ol'ile who sets. th iii' only rS:3sontihat ro~'eplayefS sU at tab~es and use! pe:ncHs instead of ca.1fI of trouble. • FOllllr C. 92 I __ . 6craamingalfld bad acUng. The' Referee" or The Arm~~.ne o~iher IkId and said "Ba"g! You're deac:l. Yiouli~~ Pc~ay alll~hechaJl'ac!~ers the pJ!avers. e\i!'e~'a.n of hope fOT '~he [Free World'.Rolep:raying" you too win soon master 1M my.111 th egarn.'IM)Jl.a!1 li'Oun.ns thattfle 0:1'hef' playersUnd ~hemselJ.melJt1ing andoome 'l1I.onsetsrs" No wond:er you're mUmidlaled. deschibe to them (frorn you r rrmagrl1l!ation) th ese COMpanies malijng tilhe dallied thi ngs) . right? Your'd tallil:out c~~.". t oreates th. Im'!ght mce' Whiife . to several types of df:oe in use for wo~~playing: som.group 'of U'll.ds up to 1. LJ!Pthe garOO {"Hey" Wal..~!:om your imagioot[o. .srl~ ~ iSystam (of wh:1C:!n this game is.c:i~y. time the ~TcI nrot!" and keep.x:aoUy how a~ou:glh oowpo:ke' wou:ld act. 8u~ ~.ys!l:x: sided diicsfOlund in most boaro and Or. To avoTici thfs sort of .e m.a. ro~~ng one ow mere and adcl[ngaoon~. ".:.Ps games. Or no moneybadk. The First Fact.ng/.~ig'ht'r tough oC)i'!N!boy. there's this guy. everyo:ne has a fillrtill yOU! going to do.

apply to your new Skms. andl mu.o. w~\lIe '~aken pains to make sure ths.lrUle. divided b:v 2). OOn'llertin.ame :s.ieree. e~cepr iPilOt.po:rtant thatyoUi use a.""lies.pe youl'n ernior.' kI place TtHtI!tter P. Where TOfma. lin adCiiUon.rom IUS by simply sending! a SAS!E to OOir address.and weapons remain the same.ets. The remainder 'Will give y.of DU r games andl t'lBn ~er' the'm to. Example.en and MEKTONS afe now integ:ra. here IS h. lin (his. roun:ling values.allll ba:S!ic Construc1ioll'l .anime-Slyle' pros as Be'R (Ma:ll18zil1'e. Round values . the p.lrng: you won't: fHid in MEKTON ~I is an inoompatabili~ywith M EKTONI t A:~'l:hOlJl:glhl M EKTON II is liIe 'Urst Q:ame in OUf l. editIon .erpretillgl the rules.hich ~oumbe abl'e~o.lion 11 Ch. mJmbers . . per sp·ace) into areas.2.g Qiile91i.eVielY MEK has. you're g.frel!!' f. In .9.V8 this many poi'nls to . like to OOrl¥srt your enUre character Sklllil base..en llocations.nlerlod< multiple g. and a lot..em that allows you to shoot down a 50 ton M IEII<.yst. EdU.g MEIICl"ON. we.r Reflelie5.. In this.e~ers '~o Co.ga. Do 1his f. .p. .0U"l1l 'ind MEK:TDN' 1111. syS1.firm.gather UlP yaurhiE!'I'1ld/s" and g.ou. .or all Ski[~..s from any ..11lre).oll'l"ert~nIQIY'DlUlr IMEKiI"'ON 1) In :general.panima1ion iff)botglenr.all cat@gories. teajpl oul o~ U"I8 cockpit and draw down 0111*he enemy pilot--all ifn om!' combat seque. pf\E!' not cOI..such .4 and Ibe'low. tak.const'n. allowing lOILl ~o beuer spill: your Flight Sy'S.t:el{slfq down to 4.category.ed into. Mike Eben & Jason Wa~rrip (MEKTON.W to Refe.s. modicum of evenhaoo'ednessand fai'r play in inHupretaUo n.pUed to' each skillill. The new v.a. . as. Because' :'li9 dec~1 vaiUe is below . Round values . :2} DivkJe aM of your Chamde. 1 . M. 44 di'lk'Jed by 10 equals 4. ~3. io Page" of fhe· Gameoooki fee~ of '~he Afterwards Why g'ld we' do it? Why' did we take! the' be sf roleplaying Simulation ..e character.. senaers.fOllJn'lstions. pans.8 section on how ~o . This new value liSyou. Tile' -onl.1ayer's .t'al Skill of 44. Dynamo Jce & SCou.e wo'l'kIliIgwn~.adstr. Arldl LaS1i~y_:Be !Fair! ~~tlil1l!:f ~s moJtl·~rustltatingl than playing a character lreally hard and ~hen fi nellng the' Heferee ws unfah1y int. one seam:I:l!Iss comba~. So glrab your dice. Oivide' by 110 using roundfng rul'es in Step 2. edition . to 0'1-0' based.er gear ill1to 1ll:ie' droso. _MEKTONIJ in 'founding up.4.armor and oth. up).eY'9s . You IiIOW ha. game" we've takell1 speciiaJl pains to tel'l you OO.O'Jn~:s.and iiO allow you faiter air movement A few milnor changes wnvolve the.nvenflng Y'OU'f Character 1) Averag.u.em (in W'.p back.!eplaV.l1'.ik6f & The Advaoooo COmbat SISt8R1 wl II !contai:n erra1ila sheBlfis (wnicl1i can also be picked up.l.aUI. Hydraulics..Si mple: we wanted to' make it even better. ability to pla08' mc:re ttilian 01:18 :SS'MOil" er AlIGt Gl'lafrf' I n a M:E'i<" some' bettell" dellnitioins. of j... lof wih. WhUe 'every FiieferEl'IJ· will eillCOunter things oot cov:e"'ed in 1i1he' wriUelll ruteu5" its 'im.l major .land ina blaze.Add!all of lIe89 points [oge. and Climbing· Skilll:S. Pi bt. Itt ·lfoU do rrt !know wllat U~IB .. ne~ llowest numbe r. 5~ Trans:f. All' we Ihave dons' iis tev.ruin 4) H )IOu 'would. U1e I'lUmber .AII In . tog:9ther. _ - 93 .th1n'k . M:EKTONi U ap.I: weajXIns can be plaoed in which :spaoesl.of U"Ie S$cllls in that .olngto ha.Wld . is O1e sl1ift from ~Single' Flight sysle..ems betwe.c.t betn editions.et niilady to jum..Fteadthe IRtll:es! .of pOints 'you ap.of the' Ja. ani' ful!l. .er yeur weapons" .thrgugh St&p2 to.5 and aboVe -up to the next Ihiglr'leslwlhole number.'). .of M EKTON.We:'ve incll. en~oyed wrHill1.j'ed even iiiI10re backg roulld! :lnfcrmatio. 'following editions of F/o. We hO.ar.mted as .rislics by 10.lIlpUed b" 2' '~.ms to~iIle abUltl. now it 'is ·decid'ed on .s3fG'. Tracks and Fight S:ystems. anolh ell"g.noe .ow to diJ it First. and wr:ileJapalllimatIon-si~yle adventures.oge't (~O. convert your ·Ctlara:cteristic:s. and rewl1ite' all over it? It's . (:Anlmag ).ree~ advell~ures andJ QNB 'Ilem '~lI1eauthentic we've eve·n im:luded some' sections em how to wr~1e g~nre y.a basic WetQiht ai' all parts. 3) A~erage )lolJr Leaping" Throwing!. them. .).l1IStruction IPOints. and John Roadsttikel' ). and a Jew rules d!:triftcatiolilS.ge was cah::ulatedl last (from .t.e.)!iollJ'll fiind even liliOii"e 1Itl.at' '~l)Ulr UI1U:.s. lit asmrL!lchl a9 W.compatable.. l~rauUesi Sensors. your playe·rs wi:l:~ probably get U~e drop on YOIIJ aooyour game will faU apart .1:her..etse tile o:lfdeli iin WhiChr!fO\J .ear. .aIue is your AI hleUcs Skill.5~ round your conv6'rted Chat:ac.change. down to the.As Re.have a Techn. Sub1ractthe original CharadBri~tic Base Il1um'OOr from 1iIhe l!XIint value .'U'r. You . Ilull'lrlll.I mUQh mmprllwd andl mora' exciting edi1:loD' 01 our already popular MEKTON Une. of rutty new artwork by' .ve! to know wh:at"s going on--because you're the one who acts. your Meciha IQ::U11IIbat &: PersonaE COm'bEd: tog:ether (Add oo1ti" then dlvide by 2.ing to 'Work with.a.

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