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Collin Andrew Riddle
He is here! Collin Andrew Riddle was born on April 6, 2011 at 12:47 PM. He weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. He came right on his due date, which for me, the over achiever planner, was perfect! It has been such a delight to have this new addition in our family. Collin has achieved many things in his first 8 months of life. He has been a good sleeper and eater from day one. He has gained a roommate (big brother Isaac) and seems to like the new crib better than his small bassinet in mom and dad’s room. He began rolling and crawling at about 6 months and has been on the move since. He recently discovered his voice and has been experimenting with lots of sounds and volumes. He enjoys long strolls outside and rides in his car seat, as well as, spending time with his family and friends. In general, you can find Collin with a smile on his face, his fingers in his mouth, or a little of both. He now weighs just shy of 16 pounds and is 2’ 3” tall.

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One Down, One to Go!
It happened! Aaron received his Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Woodbury University in July 2011. As the first Riddle to complete an undergraduate degree, Aaron’s family could not be more proud. His hard work and long nights have proven a great prerequisite for his new academic venture. On Saturday, April 2, we received an acceptance letter to the Master of Real Estate Development program at Woodbury University. This was a highly anticipated letter as many of Aaron’s peers tried to talk him out of this program for fear it would be too hard for someone with no experience. Well, while he may not have experience, he does have an amazing family that believes in his lifelong dream of being an architect. The program has been tough, but we have been tougher! Aaron will finish the program next summer. We can not wait!

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Being a Brother is Better Than Being a Super Hero!
have multiple kids, Isaac has risen to the challenge and now LOVES being a big brother! When Collin was just a few weeks old sitting in his swing, I often caught Isaac running back and forth to the toy bin and the swing and saying, “This is a car Baby Connie, this is a dinosaur, this is a dragon….” and before I knew it, Collin’s face was lost in the mist of all of Isaac’s toys. And yes, you read that right. Originally, Isaac could not pronounce the “ll” in Collin’s name and lovingly referred to him as Baby Connie. He has since learned to say Collin, but I kind of liked Connie too. Today, Isaac continues to teach Collin all he knows and we have even caught them laughing at each other at bedtime after mom turns out the lights. In the end, we think they will be best buds for life!

While the first 2 weeks were a bit rough, and I was not sure how or why people

Isaac, Future Dinosaur Hunter
This year has been the year of the dinosaurs. Isaac expressed an interest in dinosaurs before he turned two and it has stuck ever since! This year we took a family field trip to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History to see one of the world’s best dinosaur exhibits. Isaac perused the exhibit with great care and was able to name almost all of the dinosaurs on display. He can now correctly identify and pronounce the names of more than ten dinosaurs by picture, skeleton, and description. He loves to roar like a dinosaur (see photo to the right), eat meat like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and watch dinosaur documentaries. He often asks to go to the museum to see dinosaur fossils from millions of years ago and most books he reads feature dinosaurs. Perhaps he is destined to be a Paleontologist from as young as he can remember.

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Aaron’s 2011 Highlights
Since Aaron is still in school, his highlights have not changed much from last year. What has changed is that he is now 30, which he feels makes him officially “old”. So, as a part of getting old, Aaron has done his own makeover. This year he got his braces off and grew his first full beard (see his graduation picture). He has taken on more jobs as a part of growing up and has helped remodel the school library, been a teacher’s assistant for an old professor, and continues to work nights at Roy’s. That combined with full time student and full time dad equals that amazing man I can’t get enough of because I only get him for 10 minutes a day! As sad as that may sound, we love the opportunities Aaron has embraced and also know that we can endure just about anything for a year (when his program finishes). So when Aaron’s not working hard at one of these jobs, he’s spending time with his wicked awesome family!

“Govern a family as you would cook a small fish– very gently” Chinese Proverb

Isaac’s 2011 Highlights
Most of the time, I think Isaac is just as busy as Aaron! He’s almost 3 years old and boy does this kid have places to go! He is now 2’ 11” tall and weighs 29 pounds. His favorite things to do include going to the children’s gym, going to the zoo and museums, playing with family and friends, being outside, reading books, and anything to do with dinosaurs. He has also taken an interest in helping mommy bake cookies and bread which I just love! His vocabulary has skyrocketed in the last year and he is very outspoken and opinionated (probably gets it from me). He loves to be a helper and most times, he actually does help. Overall, Isaac is an energetic kid and we just love him to pieces!

Jennie’s 2011 Highlights
Well, this is an odd numbered year, so I had a baby and have no running achievements to mention other than I still like doing it and wish I did it more often! I continue to work for a military respiratory
Riddle Report

disease lab and feel that if I have to work, this is the place to be! On my days off I soak up my family like a sponge. Outings and crafting are my favorite, as well as, baking and cooking. I continue

to serve with the children at church and can honestly say, it’s the BEST place to serve! I think it has been a great year! I am so blessed and can not wait to see what 2012 brings the Riddles!

The First Christmas Story
Retold from Luke 2:1-20; Matthew 2:9-12
Our story begins in old Nazareth, where a young maiden, Mary, was to marry Joseph. But one day the angel Gabriel appeared, saying to Mary, “There is nothing to be feared. You have been chosen to bear God’s son. His name will be Jesus. He will save everyone.” Mary was worried. What would Joseph say if she was with child on their wedding day? But Gabriel gave Joseph the wondrous news that she bore God’s son, the King of the Jews. So Mary and Joseph were happily married, and awaited the child that sweet Mary carried. Then one day a messenger came to declare they should go to their birthplace to pay taxes there. Mary rode her donkey while Joseph led them on the long winding road toward Bethlehem. They journeyed on, all day until night, when, finally, Bethlehem came into sight. As they entered the town, it soon became clear that they needed to rest, for the baby was near. But wherever they went, they were told the same thing: “Sorry, we’re full. There’s no room at the inn.” “I have a small stable,” one innkeeper said. “It’s warm and it’s dry, with clean straw for a bed.” So that very night, before break of dawn, the animals watched as Jesus was born. They all rejoiced as they saw where he lay, God’s only son, in a manger of hay. They did not know that the baby so small would one day grow up to save us all. High over the hills, on that joyous night, some shepherds were roused by a dazzling light. “Do not be afraid,” an angel said, “I’ve come with good tidings God wants you to spread. Born on this night is a baby boy who’ll bring peace on Earth, goodwill, and joy.” When darkness returned and the shepherds were able, they left their sheep flocks and went to the stable. They knelt before Jesus and began to sing, “Praise be to God for our Savior, the King.” Then they told Mary all they had heard, before they departed to spread the good word. In a land to the east, over hills afar, three wise men saw a bright new star. The wise men knew that the star foretold the birth of a King, for it was written of old. And so they journeyed night after night, following the star that shone so bright. At last they arrived in Jerusalem town, where King Herod sat on the throne in his crown. They asked him, “Have you seen the new Jewish King? We’ve followed the star in search of him.” Herod was angry, for he was no fool; He knew that a new king would threaten his rule. He said, “When you find the King of the Jews, return by my palace to pass on the news.” So, bearing rich gifts, they went on to find the little Lord Jesus, so gentle and kind. Kneeling before him, they started to sing, “With these precious gifts, we praise the new King.” But that silent night, as the wise men dreamed, God told them that Herod was not what he seemed. “King Herod is filled with jealousy, and he means to have Jesus killed heartlessly. So listen well to this warning I say, and journey home by another way.” Then an angel appeared to Joseph one night, to tell him his family should also take flight. “Hark,” sang the angel, “pack up and flee to the land of Egypt till God calls unto thee.” So Jesus was saved to teach of God’s glory, and that is the end of the first Christmas story.
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