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Dance Crew Competition Package 2012


Dance Crew Competition Package

Dear ISA Members and Executives,

Post-Secondary Games 2012: Identity is excited to reintroduce the Dance

Crew Competition into the tournament this year. The dance competition will be held in the evening on Saturday May 5th, following Jamati ceremonies. The ultimate goal of the Dance Crew Competition is to allow each school to express their identity through dance. Teams are invited to express what collectively makes them unique. This can be executed by presenting aspects of personality, struggles endured, goals, etc. This competition will allow schools to get creative and showcase aspects of their identity that may otherwise go unseen. Each school is invited to enter a team with a minimum number of four individuals to compete in the event. Dance style, music and costumes can be chosen at the free-will of the schools involved, so long as they are appropriate for the event. Details and dance-specific rules are included in the attached package, and teams are encouraged to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the package before creating their dance. Representatives from AKYSB will conduct the judging of the competition. The judges decisions are final. A rubric and set of guidelines have been provided in this package. We cant wait to see all of the schools talents. Best of luck to everyone!


PSG 2012 Exec


Administrative Rules
Personal and Team Conduct 1. Participants are required to represent themselves and their respective schools with respect and dignity. 2. Any team or individual involved in destructive or negative conduct at Post Secondary Games 2012 events or venues, will be ejected from the tournament at the discretion of the Advisory Committee. Spirit Deposits may also be forfeited. 3. The Advisory Committee reserves the right to disqualify any team based on the behaviour of any given team member of that particular team. Check-In Procedures 1. A representative from each team (captain) is required to checkin at the registration table prior to the start of the competition. Here they must fill out team roster sheets fully and accurately. 2. Each member of the team is required to hand in provided lanyards with their student card and Spirit Deposit Coupon to officials at the score table prior to the competition. An individual who fails to do so is defined as INELIGIBLE to participate. Failure to comply will result in a FORFEIT and the loss of half the Spirit Deposit ($10). Starting Time of Dances 1. All teams are required to be at the dance venue, fifteen minutes prior to the competition start time. (This will be specified at the time of registration.) 2. All dances will start on time. The dance competition will commence at 8pm on Saturday May 5th following Jamati ceremonies. Finalized schedules for the dance competition will be made available online following registration. 3. If a team fails to meet the minimum number of dancers (4) the team will be required to withdraw themselves from the competition. Withdrawal from the competition will result in the loss of half of the each team members spirit deposit.

PSG 2012: IDENTITY Captains and Judging 1. Each team must have a designated captain. This individual should be specified when the team roster is submitted. 2. Judges decisions are final. 3. Only captains may address any concerns to the organizing committee. The captain is expected to be courteous and respectful. Any verbal or physical abuse to a judge or Exec member will result in an ejection from the competition and may be subject to removal from the tournament. 4. Captains are expected to know the rules and abide by them. They must also ensure team members are aware of the rules and their consequences. Equipment 1. All teams are to provide their own costumes, props, make-up, etc. 2. Each team will be required to burn their music onto a CD containing only the music required for the performance, as one track. The team captain upon arrival to the tournament on Friday May 4th 2012 should submit the CD.

Event-Specific Rules
Number of Dancers 1. Each team is required to have a minimum of four (4) dancers on the stage at any point in time. 2. If the 4-dancer minimum is not met the team will be forced to withdraw from the competition. 3. Teams who withdraw from the competition will lose half of their Spirit Deposit ($10). 4. Each team will be allowed a maximum of twelve (12) dancers on the stage at ONE GIVEN TIME. Failure to do so will result in a severe deduction of points. Dance Composition-Specific Rules 1. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes for their composition during the competition.

PSG 2012: IDENTITY 2. The first minute must be used as an introduction to their piece (i.e. a brief explanation of the schools performance may be read by a team member before going on stage. There may not be any dance movement on stage during this first minute. 3. Each team should aim to express the unique characteristics of their respective schools community through dance. Incorporating their individual identity throughout their piece is important in earning points and reflecting the theme of the 2012 Post-Secondary Games. 4. Each team will be given a specific task to incorporate within their dance chosen by the PSG 2012 Exec at random. Points will be awarded according to how well this is done. Following registration, team captains will be emailed with this specific task. 5. Teams are encouraged to incorporate various sets into their four-minute dance for aesthetic appeal. Teams may incorporate this rule in any way they choose, ie: a. b. c. d. e. gender-specific and mixed sets; a number of dance-style-specific sets; theme-specific story sets; various song sets; etc.

6. Each team has the opportunity to select any style (or number of styles) of dance. However, all dance moves must be approved by the PSG 2012 Exec. Therefore a video of the dance must be submitted by Monday April 30th at NOON. 7. Each team also has the opportunity to select their music. However selections should be appropriate and free of any offensive language. 8. All costumes and props involved must be appropriate. A picture of the proposed costumes to be used must be submitted by Monday April 30th at noon, along with the dance video. Mandatory Rehearsal and Stage Details 1. The 2012 dance competition will be held in the newly renovated Mustang Lounge at Westerns University Community Centre. 2. All teams will be assigned a mandatory stage rehearsal time, to be released with the official PSG schedule. This rehearsal will be thirty (30) minutes in length, and teams will be given full access to the stage, A/V equipment, and facilities to adequately prepare for the dance competition.


3. Teams will not be allowed to tape the stage, as it may be distracting for other teams. Judging 1. Judging will be based primarily on the rubric given below. 2. The judging panel will consist of 3-4 third-party representatives from AKYSB. 3. A maximum of 16 points from each judge can be awarded to each team. 4. All decisions made by judges are final. 5. Only team captains may address concerns to the PSG 2012 Exec. Any verbal or physical abuse with a judge or Exec member will result in the respective teams ejection and will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee.


Dance Crew Competition Rubric

Dance represents aspects of identity that is being expressed Level of difficulty Uniqueness & originality Continuity between movements, theme and music

Level 1
Does not meet any of the criteria mentioned

Level 2
Schools Identity is slightly expressed but continuity is not present

Level 3
Schools identity is expressed, some level of difficulty evident and continuity present between music, theme and movements.

Level 4
Variety of dance combinations as appropriate to the theme of identity. Difficulty of dance movement is shown. Uniqueness or originality of dance movements. Continuity throughout performance. Complex patter, rhythm and timing present along with flow and continuity within movements. Stunt effectively and creatively executed. Excellent synchronization.

Basic pattern, rhythm and timing between movements and music Smoothness and flow of movements Synchronization present Specific tasks properly and effectively executed

Does not meet any of the criteria mentioned

Basic pattern and rhythm present but lacks flow between movements. Stunt is attempted but not fully executed

Basic pattern rhythm and timing present along with flow and continuity within movements. Stunt effectively executed. Relatively good synchronization

PSG 2012: IDENTITY Criteria

Artistic interpretation and choreograph y projected through dance movement as it relates to the selected music Attentiveness, enthusiasm, enjoyment of the dance, and teamwork present

Level 1

Level 2
Minimal enthusiasm and enjoyment of the dance, some artistic interpretation and choreography

Level 3
Choreography relates to selected music and theme. Enthusiasm, enjoyment of the dance and teamwork present

Level 4
Extensive creativity shown throughout choreography as it relates to schools identity and music choice. Great enjoyment shown by all participants and an overall enjoyable performance.

Does not meet any of the criteria mentioned

Audience Impact:
Performance thoroughly enjoyed by audience members Interest present among the audience

Does not meet any of the criteria mentioned

Some interest present among the audience

Performance enjoyed by the audience and interest present

Vigorous applause and extensive enjoyment present within the audience.