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This is a longtime-consuming process and very much prone to errors. ballot boxes.etc. User is allotted 15 seconds to enter his password & choice.Federal Institute of Science and Technology 1. The aim of our project is to design & develop a mobile based voting machine. In India all earlier elections a voter used to cast his vote by using ballot paper. and maintain. INTRODUCTION India is world’s largest democracy. Fundamental right to vote or simply voting in elections forms the basis of Indian democracy. It completely rules out the chance of invalid votes. Once the user is connected to the voting machine he can enter his password & choice of vote. candidates' expenditure. FISAT Page number . This situation continued till election scene was completely changed by electronic voting machine. law and order. store. resulting in fewer problems in electoral preparations.etc. It is easy to transport. Its use results reduction of polling time. stamping. No more ballot paper.all this condensed into a simple box called ballot unit of the electronic voting machine. A total key is provided to display the result Department of ECE. A reset button is provided for resetting the system. Cell phone based voting machine is capable of saving considerable printing stationery and transport of large volumes of electoral material. For invalid password/choice long beep will be generated. In this project user can dial the specific number from any land line or mobile phone to cast his vote. If he has entered a valid choice & password his vote will be caste with two short duration beeps. and easy and accurate counting without any mischief at the counting centre.

FISAT Page number . Block Diagram Department of ECE.Federal Institute of Science and Technology (18 bold Italics – Right alignment) (Heading of Chapter) 2.

FISAT Page number . BLOCK DIAGRAM POWER SUPPLY P I C M I C R O C O N T R O L L E R 16x2 LCD MODULE KEY SWITCHES GSM MODEM MOBILE PHONE Department of ECE.Federal Institute of Science and Technology 2.

Block Diagram Explanation Department of ECE.Federal Institute of Science and Technology 3. FISAT Page number .

Key switches. Uart Max 232. Power supply. FISAT Page number . 3. BLOCK DIAGRAM DESCRIPTION Block diagram consist of Pic microcontroller 16F877.1 Pic Microcontroller 16F877 Department of ECE. Gsm Modem. 16x2 Lcd Module. Mobile Phone.Federal Institute of Science and Technology 3.

A 16x2 LCD display is very basic module and is very commonly used in various devices and circuits.2 Lcd Module LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is an electronic display module and find a wide range of applications. This LCD has two registers. The reasons being: LCDs are economical. Department of ECE. A 16x2 LCD means it can display 16 characters per line and there are 2 such lines. These modules are preferred over seven segments and other multi segment LEDs. easily programmable. Command and Data. animations and so on.Federal Institute of Science and Technology Features • Includes Powerful Microchip PIC16F877 Microcontroller with 8kb Operating Speed at 10MHz Direct In-Circuit Programming for Easy Program Updates Up to 28 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers RS232 Connection with MAX232 Internal EEPROM 8 Channel 10-bit A/D Converter One 16-bit Timer with Two 8-bit Timers Power and Programming LED Reset Button Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems Internal Flash Program Memory • • • • • • • • • • 3. namely. FISAT Page number . In this LCD each character is displayed in 5x7 pixel matrix. have no limitation of displaying special & even custom characters (unlike in seven segments).

2 VDC approximate.4" W jumper settings • • • Weight: 0. The data register stores the data to be displayed on the LCD. clearing its screen. 4 mA Size: 3. setting the cursor position.1 lbs Department of ECE. A command is an instruction given to LCD to do a predefined task like initializing it. The data is the ASCII value of the character to be displayed on the LCD. controlling display etc.8 . Features: • • • • • 16 characters x 2 lines High-contrast super twist display LED Backlight Standard HD44780 operation Self-testing mode (pictured below) to check proper function and Power Requirement: 4.1" L x 1.Federal Institute of Science and Technology The command register stores the command instructions given to the LCD. FISAT Page number .5.

Federal Institute of Science and Technology Department of ECE. FISAT Page number .

Ding and B. TITLE OF CHAPTER (bold capital 14) 2.2 etc All the figures. The figure number and caption should appear below the figure.12-20. “Rate control of MPEG video coding and recording by rate quantization modeling”.1 Enter the sub divisions as 2.1.on circuits and systems for video technology. IEEE trans. FISAT Page number . programs. tables. tables etc must be numbered.vol.6. Department of ECE.pp. photographs etc if any) Place a title page before every chapter.1(12) 2.Liu.. The report shall be made with good quality bond paper. Chapter 3 etc Chapter N -1 (Results if any) Chapter N CONCLUSION References (In IEEE Format) [1] W.1.1996 [2] -------------All references to the above should be indicated as ( eg) According to Ding[1] (Please refer IEEE transactions in the Library) Appendix (Includes Data sheet.1 2.2 2. Note: The format of the inner pages is attached….Feb.1.Federal Institute of Science and Technology 2. The table number and caption should appear above the table.1 2.

Equations All equations should be clearly set and numbered. Do not set them in bold or italics type.3).1.1. bold 12 pt.Federal Institute of Science and Technology Matter (12 Times New Roman) with line spacing of 1. (1. etc. Department of ECE. Sentence case. Ensure that subscripts and superscripts are clearly legible. When referring to the equations in the text.1 Third level headings Preparation of sketches should be done neatly with proper headings and details. Care should be taken to see that SI units only are used in the illustrations. Thus for example. The first number represents the chapter number. bold 12 pt. FISAT Page number . Font sizes and styles must be as given below 1 1. UPPER CASE. 1 cm indentation shall be given at the beginning of each paragraph except the first paragraph of any section or chapter Headings should be numbered and aligned left. (1. Use equation editor as far as possible and set the fond size to 12 points (which is the default fond size).’ Or ‘Eqs’ and place the number within brackets. Eq.1 CHAPTER HEADINGS (0 LEVEL) Main Headings (first level) 14pt.2). italics 1.1 Second level headings 1.1). (1. Equations should be numbered as (1. The numbers should appear at the extreme right end of the line. preface the number with the word ‘Eq. Sentence case. Title case.1). bold 12 pt. top and bottom Paragraph alignment shall be left and right justified 6 pt spacing shall be given after headings and paragraphs.5 Margin left – 4 cm and 2 cm each at right.1.

Doyle. “Rate control of MPEG video coding and recording by rate quantization modeling”. Leave 12 points above and below each figure/illustration. Department of ECE. References (In IEEE Format) {[1] W. INTERMAG Conf.12-20. Thus for example . (diagrams and/or illustrations )should be set text size and centered below the figure. etc. “Magnetization reversal in films with biaxial anisotropy. Figure 1. have good contrast. Smaller fond sizes may be used to enable the table to fit the space. pp. These should be neat and clear.2-1–2.pp. i. Thus for example. letters. Illustrations. Maps.Ding and B. Try to avoid boxing text between two illustrations on a page as this can sometimes make reading more difficult.vol. If the caption runs in to more than one line . reading up. Leave 12 pt space above and below tables.e.Liu. They should be positioned centrally on the width of the page and close to their text reference.1: Input data”. References A list of references must be included with every report and placed at the end. Photographs If you decide to include photographs use prints which are clear. All figures must be numbered sequentially starting with the number 1.Feb. Diagrams. The caption should be kept above the table and centered. They should not appear on the opening page (first page) and must fit within the page text size.on circuits and systems for video technology. symbols and captions) confirm to their usage in the text. All tables must have a caption. glossy.1996 [2] W.” in 1987 Proc.1: Thermocouple circuit.Federal Institute of Science and Technology Tables Tables must be set as the part of the text. 2. IEEE trans. keep it justified at both ends.2-6. sideways on the page. Figures . FISAT Page number . Caption should be numbered sequentially starting with number 1. Paste them at appropriate positions.. Captions to figures.6. Ensure that all spelling and annotations (numbers. D. “ Table 1. Large tables may be set in landscape .

tables. photographs etc if any) Department of ECE. programs. FISAT Page number .Federal Institute of Science and Technology All references to the above should be indicated as ( eg) According to Ding[1] (Please refer IEEE transactions in the Library)} Appendix (Includes Data sheet.

FISAT number Page .Federal Institute of Science and Technology Department of ECE.