A Journey Into Florida Railroad History

A Review
Dano Champagne History of Florida Professor Moody 10.23.11

Gregg M. which has its roots in Harvard Business School. by Gregg M. First. as well as the information it contains.11 A Journey Into Florida Railroad History In this essay I will be discussing the book A Journey Into Florida Railroad History. Turner. I will discuss the author’s background. specifically those of Florida and Connecticut. I hope to provide the reader with a better understanding of Turner’s book.Dano Champagne Professor Moody History of Florida 10.23. Turner is an author and historian currently residing in Fort Myers. Florida. show the authors opinions. The list of books he has written as of present includes Connecticut Railroads: An . Turner is also the former national director of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society. I will introduce the author. Turner’s area of interest is the railway and locomotive industry. summarize the book. During the course of this essay. and present my own opinions about the issues and facts discussed within the book.

The railroad once was the new path. But just as in the story of Dorothy. and he is considered an expert in his aforementioned field of interest. A Short History of Florida Railroads. he discusses the social and economic state of Florida before. and Railroads of Southwest Florida. Turner is a well respected and knowledgeable author and historian. Florida railroad history. . they are but a phase in history. We find problems with railways that can be solved by other industries. But there is always room in America for progress. Now that I have introduced the author. A Journey Into Florida Railroad History is about.” or a path to socio-economic enlightenment as well as personal wealth. In this book.Illustrated History. quite simply. the set path isn’t exactly what it was described to be. I will do the same for his book. it will help me in backing up my points later on. and after the railway boom led by men such as Henry Flagler. during. The book paints a picture for the reader of the railway industry being a metaphorical “yellow brick road. among others. and we leave the path to forge a new road to the future. While this list may seem somewhat long-winded. While the path works for a while. Connecticut Railroads: An Illustrated History One Hundred Fifty Years of Railroad History.

the exponential expansion of the 1880s. perhaps thousands. who used the faster shipping time to provide higher quality tobacco to workers who would roll it into cigars. Florida would not be what it is today. of companies and industries across Florida with the expansion of the railway and locomotive industry. it appeared to me that the book’s intended audience was history aficionados or people studying the financial development of Florida. The railway and locomotive industry was the driving force behind the massive economic expansion that happened in Florida in the 1800s. and the settlement into a prosperous rhythm in the 1920s.Turner’s book discusses the time when railways were the answer as well as when railways declined in prosperity. Turner gives particular emphasis to the seeds of the industry in the 1830’s. Now that I have given a brief . This could not be truer. This same principle applied to hundred. Throughout my reading. This increase in quality led to an increase in sales. prosperity. Turner states time and time again that without railroads. This was capitalized on by industries such as the tobacco supply industry in southern Florida. which in turn both helped keep perishable goods fresh and also increased customer satisfaction and the company’s ability to provide their services. Railways provided the opportunity to ships goods faster. and by affiliation.

Florida would not be what it is today. Florida railways helped shape industry and development in Florida. Turner’s main opinion in this book is that without the help of the railway and locomotion industry. I agree wholeheartedly with the author and what he has written. The railway and locomotive industry helped a developing Florida blossom into fairly wealthy harbor and center of trade. In an hour and a half. I will discuss the opinions within and pertaining to Turner’s book. Now that I have discussed the nature of the book. If the reader doesn’t want to open the book. the book came across as both bland and uncreative. I would not recommend . how can they appreciate what’s written inside? So from a literary perspective. As I have previously stated. I will give my opinion on the book itself. While I agree with the message of the book and I do not doubt the credibility of the facts and information presented therein. Frankly. the author’s bland way of wrapping the information was the functional equivalent of serving prime rib in the cardboard box from a Burger King Whopper. Turner’s book was boring.summary of what the book is about. With that being said. I managed only to press through the introduction and first chapter.

I would not read this book unless you found its subject remarkably appealing. I found myself dozing off after every second page. I do not recommend this book. . While intelligently written and highly informative. I have summarized the book’s message. I have discussed Gregg M. Turner’s book. unless said student was highly interested in either railways or sleep aids. that train has left the station. Once again. and given my review of the book as a whole. During the course of this essay. Though at one time I was interested in reading Turner’s supposedly enthralling work.this book to another student. explained the author’s opinion. In conclusion. A Journey Into Florida Railroad History.

. Gainesville: University of Florida. A Journey into Florida Railroad History. Print. 2008.Works Cited Turner. Gregg M.

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