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Research Review

Management of service supply chains with a service -oriented reference model: the case of management consulting Mihalis Giannakis
Operations Management Group, Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, Coventry, UK Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Karachi Pakistan ( (

By Waqas Ali Tunio

This paper has attempted to develop a framework is mapped for SCOR consultancy. A balancing for SCM in Service industry. Literature review technique is integrated as sub processes for each showed that established models are not applicable main process (Plan, Source, Develop, Operate and for service industries which are in practice in Recover) have been incorporated. It adds value to manufacturing and lack consensus in performance the framework and widens its horizon. measures for services. SCOR model is also limited A further validation activity was carried with a to manufacturing as Make, Deliver and Return service industry (Rail) which needs a vast physical Processes are irrelevant in business services. It structure which was streamlined for said service. tells SCOR performance model is not practical for Finally, to adapt SCORs physically biased metrics services industry. Author has developed a services into service context, detailed analysis for cost, SCM reference model by analyzing a management time, inventory forecast, quality and finance was consultancy which is viewed as manufacturing carried out. This framework comes handy in of service package for customers. Interviews were designing and managing service operations. It has conducted at the firm to understand its planning, exploited imperfections in traditional SCOR when operations, service creation, client engagement; applied to services in general and migration of its documents were reviewed and activities were processes in particular. Author advocates that as observed. this new framework is in its evolutionary stages, its

SCOR is revisited and validated for services in its better that it must used only as a supporting entirety. Conceptualization of SCOR processes is framework and leaves managers to decide for final adapted into a framework which is more relevant metrics and practices which are best fit for this to management consulting service context and is model with respect to their service and such a configured according to SCM requirements at implementation would allow subsequent and more various levels (planning, sourcing, making, deliver practical versions of this model. and return levels) and then a consolidated process