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Rizal at 27 years old he was a Physician and recognized man of letters After six months of stay in Calamba, Rizal

l went to Hong Kong, he stayed at Victoria Hotel, he was welcomed by Filipino residents: Jose Maria Basa Balbino Mauricio Manuel Yriarte (son of Francisco Yriarte, alcalde mayor of Laguna) Jose Sainz de Varanda a former secretary of Governor General Terrero, he was assigned by the Spanish authorities to spy Rizal in Hong Kong Visit to Macao Rizal and Basa boarded the ferry steamer Kiu-Kang, they stayed at the home of Don Juan Francisco Lecaros (a Filipino gentleman married to a Portuguese lady) Macao small, low and gloomy Grotto of Camoens Portugals national poet Experiences in Hong Kong: Noisy celebration of Chinese New Year Boisterous Chinese theatre, with noisy audience and noisier music Marathon Lauriat party Dominican order richest religious order in Hong Kong Hong Kong Cemeteries Departure from Hong Kong Rizal boarded the Oceanic, an American steamer, going to Japan Japan Land of the Cherry Blossom (also Land of the Rising Sun ehe..) Tokyo Rizal said that it is more expensive than Paris Juan Perez Caballero secretary of the Spanish Legation who invited Rizal to live at the Spanish Legation Rizal accepted Caballeros invitation because: He could economize his living expenses by staying at the legation He had nothing to hide from the prying eyes of the Spanish authorities Rizals impression of Japan: The beauty of the country The cleanliness, politeness and industry of the Japanese people The picturesque dress and simple charm of the Japanese women Very few thieves Beggars are rarely seen in the city streets Not so good impression of Rizal of Japan the mode of transportation, Rickshaws, the men are pulling the carts like a horse

O-Sei-San Rizal met her in Japan, real name Seiko Usui, a samurais daughter of 23 years old, after her romance with Rizal, she married Alfred Charlton Tetcho Suehiro a fighting Japanese, journalist, novelist, and champion of human rights and was also forced by Japanese to leave the country whom Rizal met on board Belgic going to United States Market Street best street in San Francisco, wrote Rizal in his diary Leland Stanford a millionaire senator representing California in the US Senate, founder and benefactor of Stanford University Dupont Street in Chinatown, now the Grant Avenue Grover Cleveland the President at the time when Rizal stayed in California Reno, Nevada The Biggest Little City in the World New York Rizal called it Big Town Rizals impression of America: Material progress of the country Drive energy of the American people Natural beauty of the land High standard of living Opportunities for better life offered to poor immigrants Not so good impression of America lack of racial equality After visiting the United States, he went to London Rizal chose London because: He wants to improve his knowledge of English Language To study and annotate Morgas Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, a rare cop of which he heard to be available in the British Museum London was a safe place for him to carry on his fight against Spanish tyranny yo-yo a small wooden disc attached to a string from the finger, Rizal showed his marvelous skill to Americans and Europeans how to used it as a weapon Dr. Antonio Regidor practicing lawyer in London and the owner of the guest home where Rizal stayed when he was in London No. 37 Chalot Crescent Primrose Hill a boarding place where Rizal boarded with the Beckett Family Getrude Beckett Rizal had a romance with her, a buxom English girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks, Rizal called her Gettie or Pettie

Good and Bad news from home: Persecution of the Filipino patriots Persecution of the Calamba tenants Furious attacks on Rizal by Senator Salamanca and Vida in the Spanish Cortes and by Desenganos (Wenceslao E. Retana) and Quioquiap (Pablo Feced) Rizals brother-in-law and husband of Saturnina , Manuel T. Hidalgo, was exiled by Governor General Weyler to Bohol without due process law A friend of Rizal, Laureano Viado, a medical student at the University of Santo Tomas, was arrested and jailed in Bilibid Prison because copies of Noli Me Tangere were foun in his house (good news) Rev. Vicente Garcia defended the Noli against the attacks of the friars Asociacion La Solidaridad (Solidaridad Association) a society inaugurated on December 31, 1888, Rizal was chosen as the Honorary President Officers: Galicno Apacible president Graciano Lopez Jaena vice president Manuel Santa Maria secretary Mariano Ponce treasurer Jose Ma. Panganiban accountant La Solidaridad the patriotic newspaper founded by Graciano Lopez Jaena in Barcelona, it served as the organ of Propaganda Movement Los Agricultores Filipinos (The Filipino Farmers) first article of the La Solidaridad Dimas Alang nom de plume of Rizal in his pamphlet La Vision del Fray Rodriguez (The Vision of Fray Rodriguez) Chapter 11 Stop over in Amoy, Rizal did not get off the ship because: He was not feeling well It was raining hard He heard that the city is dirty February 8 he arrived in Hong Kong Hong Kong a small city but very clean, there are many: Portuguese, Hindus, English, Chinese and Jews While boarding in Kiu-Kang with Basa, he saw Sainz de Varanda Macao Portuguese Colony near Hong Kong (there are many junks, sampans, but few steamer In the evening of Feb 19 he saw a Catholic procession, devotees are wearing blue and purple dresses and carrying unlighted candles

Rizal noticed in Theatre (Hong Kong) A man astride a stick means a man riding on horseback An actor raising his leg means he is entering a house A red dresses indicates a wedding A girl about to be married coyly covers her face with fan A man rising a whip means he is about to ride a horse Dominican order owned more than 700 houses for rent Honkong Cemeteries belonging to the: Portuguses(most beautiful), Catholics(most pompous), and Muslims(simplest) Rizals cabinmate in Oceanic a British Protestant missionary (Rizal called him a good man)

Chapter 12 Tokyo walls built in cyclopean manner Kabuki Japanese drama Judo Japanese art of self-defense Rizal studied in Japan: Japanese language Kabuki Arts Music Judo Rizal and the Tokyo musician he heard them palying classical work of Strauss, then he was amazed when he heard them talking in Tagalog Japanese Gardener sa garderner na to nakilala ni Rizal si Oseisan Mga binista nina Rizal at Oseisan (kung saan sila nagdate ahaha) Imperial Art Gallery Imperial Library Japanese Universities Shokubutsu-en (Botanical Garden) Hibiya Park Nagustuhan ni Rizal kay Oseisan Beauty Charm Modesty Intelligence

Nagustuhan ni Oseisan kay Rizal Gallantry Dignity Courtesy Versatility Nippongo Japanese language Alfred Charlton ang nagging asawa ni Oseisan after nila maghiwalay ni Rizal Semi-Filipino family na nakilala ni Rizal Reinaldo Turner and Emma Jackson Nankai-no Daihara (Storm over the South Sea) a political novel of Suehiro which resembles Rizals Noli me Tangere O-unabara (The Big Ocean) novel of Suehiro similar to El Filibusterismo

Chapter 13 and 14 Palace Hotel where Rizal stayed when he was in San Francisco, he paid $4 a day City of Rome second largest ship in the world, the steamer where Rizal boarded going to Liverpool Great Eastern largest ship in the world Jose Alejandro roommate ni Rizal, he is studying Engineering in Belgium Dr. Reinaldo Rost librarian of the Ministry if Foreign Affairs and an authority on Malayan languages and customs A pearl of man (una perla de hombre) tawag ni Dr. Rost kay Rizal Cricket a popular English game na nilalaro ni Rizal Greatest achievement of Rizal in London annotating Morgas book Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (writers: Fr. Chirino, Fr. Colin, Fr. Argensola, Fr. Plasencia, and Dr. Morga) Andres (nickname Luling) son of Juan Luna and Paz Pardo de Tavera Two titans of Propaganda Movement Marcelo H. del Pilar Mariano Ponce

Bust of Emperor Augustus Christmas gift of Rizal kay Blumentritt Bust of Julius Ceasar Christmas gift ni Rizal kay Dr. Calos Czepelak The Life and Adventure of Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist Christmas gift ni Mrs. Beckett kay Rizal, isa yang book Aims of La Solidaridad To work peacefully for political and social reforms To portray the deplorable conditions of the Philippines To oppose the evil forces of reaction and medievalism To advocate liberal ideas and progress To champion the legitimate aspirations of Filipino people Rizals four sculpture in London 1. Prometheus Bound 2. The Triumph of Death over Life 3. The Triumph of Science over Death 4. a composite carving of the heads of the Beckett sisters

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