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Whats Going On......................................................................................... 2
What Makes a Good Game.................................................................. 4
This Issue What's Important: Graphics or Gameplay......................................5
Hey everyone. With the release of issue 8 here, we are Stopping Beginners Starting Out of their Depth..........................6
gradually getting closer to the release of issue 10. Issue Hot Debate: GMHV................................................................................... 7
10 will be a milestone for GM Tech that we intend to The Story of Stone Guardian................................................................ 8
celebrate even if we are not the first magazine to make User Opinion: Does GM's Speed Bother You?...........................10
it to this issue. Issue 8 is a great issue that I’m sure you 2. GMDEV
will enjoy reading just like all the previous issues. Game Maker Tips................................................................................... 12
3D Transformations: A Confusing Outlook..................................13
Issue 7 was a great issue that received some great Theory of Online Gaming..................................................................... 14
replies despite an error in a website link to the Game Importing Your Own Custom Colours into GM.......................... 15
Maker news site. It was very surprising to see how How to Create Simple A.I.................................................................... 16
excited our readers were to read issue 7. We are very Tut: Move Towards................................................................................ 17
happy that people really look forward to each and every Tut: Laser Beam..................................................................................... 17
issue that follows the previous ones. Unlike many of the Pixel Art Tutorial..................................................................................... 18
previous issues, issue 7 was released only 30 days after 3. GAMES & REVIEWS
issue 6, making it one of the fastest issues that we have Exclusive Preview: Raptor 2 Demo 3.............................................19
written and released. Preview: Senseless War..................................................................... 20
Preview: Zomster................................................................................... 21
Although submissions have been slow like issue 7, we Preview: Turret Defence..................................................................... 23
are powering ahead without slowdown from lack of Preview: Warzone................................................................................. 24
content. We have another 5 new staff members and Review: Mr. Pratt's Haunted Mansion.......................................... 25
starting from issue 8 we will have a few new features to 4. EXTRAS
the magazine, these include: Look At........................................................................................................ 26
WIP Look At.............................................................................................. 28
- Work In Progress Info: This will just be a paragraph or Interview With: Cactus......................................................................... 29
more about the progress on some projects that people Interview With: Radnom...................................................................... 30
can take a look at. This aims at supporting different Interview With: PugFugly..................................................................... 31
works in progress by making them known to other Comic........................................................................................................... 32
members. Find the Bug.............................................................................................. 32
Word Search........................................................................................... 33
- Find the bug: This will be a new activity that will go in Spot the Difference............................................................................... 33
with the comic. This activity will open the door to new Free Applications.................................................................................... 34
competitions in the magazine Adverts....................................................................................................... 35
Closing......................................................................................................... 36
- GMTECH Game Choice: This is a new feature for the
reviews section. GMT will award one high rated game Staff
with this. Gamez93.........GMTECH Owner gmjab........... Magazine Editor
Rup13.................Assistant Editor Alex..................................Advisor
- Redesigned advert pages: The advert pages need a Cubex DE.............................. Writer mememe........................Writer
new look as it was the ugliest part of the magazine. Keysle.................................... Writer TheMagnitude..............Writer
Aertcz.................................... Writer GeoS.................................Writer
We hope that with these new improvements you will Christian Sciberras..........Writer Polystyrene Man.........Writer
enjoy another great issue. Medieval..................... Researcher GMmarine...........Researcher
Bob–11500K........ Comic Artist the9thdude.............. Reviewer
gmjab trose7...............................Reviewer Hiyukantaro............ Tut writer



Whats Going On
GMT: Goals The Game Maker Race
Even though this wasn't a main goal, we are happy to You may have seen a few banners here and there about a
celebrate 100 members registered on our forums. On top of competition called 'The Game Maker Race'. If haven't
that we have recently broken the 2000 post mark. This is a bothered to have a look at what's all about then you are
good example that shows that many people enjoy reading the missing out. For building a 2D fire and ice related game in a
GM TECH magazine. month you could win a few prizes. For getting in the top 5 you
will get a free 1GB flash drive and if you win, you will also get to
GMT: A bit of downtime chose 2 games from a list to get for free. So what are you
Sometime late last month, you may have notice that the waiting for? Check out the website for more details at
website went down. Instead of loading the page it asked you to
download the start PHP page. This downtime was just due to
our host as the hosting website went down also. The good YoYo Games BETA II
news is we were back online by the next day. No, this isn't new news but if you are one of those people who
want nothing to do with YoYo Games and never visit the
GMT: We're on YoYo website than you should know that they have updated their
Everyone might remember how the Markup Magazine was on website with an all new ‘Instant Play’ feature. This allows you
the YoYo Games front page in Beta 1 of the YoYo Games to play games on the go. You will also notice the adverts on
website. Now we are also on the YoYo Games website with the side of the website. Whilst the adverts don't pose much of
Markup Magazine under the 'Make' page in Beta 2 of the a problem, I would have to say the website looked better
YoYo Games website. This link will benefit Game Maker users without them. Also some of the adverts may be slightly
as well as make the magazine more known amongst the inappropriate to the younger users, such as 'The love
community. calculator' that comes up every now and then.

GMT: New Site Game Maker: On the Move
Visited the GMTECH site lately? If so, you would have seen our Where is Game Maker going, you might say? Well it's going to
new website design. This design not only looks better but also the Mac. Yes, according to YoYo Games, they are making a
suites the magazine better. Be sure to check it out as well as new Game Maker version which works on a Mac and can
all the latest news. make Mac games. Currently there aren’t many Mac users
that use Game Maker (why would there be, Game Maker only
works on Windows properly). Once it is released, you may just
GMT: Farewell Cubex DE see new flocks of Mac users joining the communities. A
It's not something we enjoy seeing, but we would like to problem with this however is that games made by Mac users
celebrate Cubex's time and work while being a part of the GM might only create Mac versions of their games which will stop
TECH Magazine. You would have read Cubex's good work in Windows users from playing their games. But if Game Maker
the articles, reviews and Game Maker tips he provided. Some is made to export games to both Windows and Mac then
of the major articles he did were the “Planning a Game” article there shouldn't be a problem.
in Issue 6 and the “Developing a Game” article in Issue 7.
Cubex DE did very good work and never disappointed us. We
hope you get your dream job in the future. Thank you for being
Game Maker: The Runner is Evolving
a part of GM TECH and good luck. So what's changing? Well its the Game Maker runner. YoYo
Games is now making the Game Maker runner in C++. This is
a great answer to many of the users that wanted something
GMT: Killer Spam similar to this. This update may come out around February
Sadly, the spam lives on. After applying the new member only according to YoYo Games.
posting permissions to the ‘Advertisement’ forum, the spam
died for about a month. Sadly, it has returned, but in the 'Join
the Team' forum. However this spam has gone ugly where on
some occasions, it actually posted pornography images in
their posts. By doing this, the spambot has gone one step too
far. Unfortunately this means we are now considering
changing the complete 'Submit' section to registered users
only. This is something we never wanted to do, but we do not
want to endanger any users of our forum when the spambot
tries to post their adult content. We are very sorry for this
inconvenience and we hope you will understand.


Whats Going On - (Continued)

Shout Out:Website Maker - samscam to play games, what they’re like and what to expect (and what
Have you ever wanted to create your own website but didn't not to expect). We decided it was time to bring out a new era
know how to start with it? Well, then we've got the right of gaming on your personal computer, so we're going to do
solution for you. With our Website Maker, you can create just that.
your own professional looking website. Your website can be
previewed while editing it and you can add up to 50 links to We know how you guys think and we know what you guys
wherever you like. You can choose your own colours and want...or do we? Actually, I say we don't. So come tell us what
images, add a background sound or make it funny with some you want and we'll put it into the game as best we can and of
JavaScript. You can also set the title and copyright of your course, what else is better than an offline RPG and an online
page. If that's not enough, you can switch to an HTML editor in version of it where both versions are totally free and will
which you can just edit the code for your website to change or continue to be free with more brilliant entertainment services
add whatever you'd like to add. Download it now and enjoy the in the future? Nothing!
experience of website making!
So get downloading and get gaming (when we release it of
Click Here to Visit course) at and/or www.seventh- .
Shout Out: Seventh-Link Entertainment –
Night Flurry Game Sneak Peek:
Welcome To Seventh-Link Entertainment! We'd like to formally Shadow Zone developed By TheMagnitude
introduce you to our wonderful company. Here at Seventh-
Link Entertainment we aim to bring YOU guys entertainment
and the best there is of it!

Established over the internet in 2007, Seventh-Link
Entertainment is hoping to be a giant in interactive
entertainment available to millions worldwide. We grouped
ourselves together to first create our offline Role Playing
Game, ‘The Eclipse Effect’ which is soon to be online too. We
hope to redefine the way games and entertainment services
are both released and used worldwide.

‘The Eclipse Effect’ is actually still being made and will continue Shadow Zone is a new TDS in the making which currently
to be even when the first release of it becomes publicly features:
available. We want to hear your input! You tell us what you'd • 11 Weapons including AK-47, M16, bazooka,
like in the game and we'll do our best to implement it in grenades, desert eagle.
someway or another. It's the ultimate game ever! You choose • 3D graphics
what’s in and what’s out! Until then though, there's plenty to • TDS
tell us and for us to tell you, so have fun here! • Online (atm up to 8 players) (Maybe Reflect enabled)
We are a small group of game developers and entertainers • Map creator
with great experience in our fields of expertise and with that • Really hard AI bots
we want to totally redefine how games are released, played • Pre-rendered shadows
and how entertainment entertains people. We came together
on a forum and started to develop our game. Hopefully we'll Be sure to be on the lookout for this new game.
make more games in the future and expand on our small
empire of games software and entertainment we have

With our innovative group of staff, Seventh-Link Entertainment
looks to bring entertainment back to the world again like it
used to be, pure entertainment. We are a friendly group and
we ourselves are game players who have experienced various
MMORPGs and other games and so we know exactly how


What Makes a
Good Game By TheMagnitude
This can be a number of things, whether it is good multiplayer if instance_in_view(id,0,32) {
support, a gripping storyline, original concept, good replay draw_sprite(spr_airplane,0,x,y);
value, or just plain fun, fun, fun. I'm not going to list every single }
way a game can be good, I am however, going to give you /*32 is the maximum distance it can be
hints, tips, and techniques on how to make your game stand outside the view before it is draw,
however you could be more precise with
out. What you must first do is place yourself in the players
this and input sqrt(sqr(32)+sqr(32)). If
seat, what will the player of your game think and how will s/he
you don't understand I'm not explaining
react to the game. For you to understand how to make a good Pythagoras here there's Wikipedia for that
game you must first understand how to be one with the :)*/
player. You are the player. If you were playing the game what
would YOU think? However this may be difficult if you do not
like the genre or type of game you are making. Anyway here
Does it have good replay value?
This is key in any game really, if your game can only be played
are some key points to keep in mind when developing your
once then it doesn't take an idiot to figure out that it being
played several times would be better. A very good and widely
used technique for this is random maps. This makes it
Does it run fast and smoothly without errors? different for the player each time, unless in the highly irregular
Nobody wants to play a glitch filled game. If a player cannot occurrence of it being the same. If a player is faced with a new
get past a certain part without having error message(s) or challenge each time there can be no end to the fun. However,
s/he keeps getting stuck to the environment and all the sprite a good random map generator is necessary, sometimes
offsets are wrong s/he will soon get bored and perhaps placing objects in a random place can do the trick but in most
angry. Freezing can be avoided with clever scripts and cases it doesn't. Another good thing to consider is a map
sometimes unchecking/checking the solid checkbox on editor so if a player gets bored of a playing the same map over
objects can really show a difference. Glitches can be avoided and over, s/he can make their own map. A very, very
by either coding it correctly the first time (which I can tell you important issue in making your game replayable is multiplayer,
very rarely happens), or the more common option, spending a and by multiplayer I mean online multiplayer. Offline player vs.
decent amount of time finding out where a bug is and player hot seat can be fun but if you have no friends who can
squashing it. The more bugs you squash the more knowledge you play then? However if you make your game online, then
you will gain on how to avoid having to confront them again. A you can play anyone in the world (to a certain extent). Yes
room speed of no more than 60FPS is needed since our eyes inputting IP’s can be fun but a server list? Now that's just
see at about 60FPS which means any more frames will just really fun. There are some developers out there offering
be a waste and will only look about 60FPS when we look at it. server lists and stats such as Reflect Games but if you want
Another point to add is about FPS and it's how to keep that to have your own then I suggest you learn MySQL or
FPS high and not have it being slowed down by processes in something of the sort.
your game that can be avoided. This can include using tiles in
place of an object that remains stationary and has no events.
Your game does not also need to draw instances outside the
Is it original and gripping?
By original I mean something that hasn't been done before.
view with a given border which I made a little script for:
Yeah of course Mario remakes can be alright to play once in a
while, but if your game is original like the Rubix Cube, that guy
Script Name: instance_in_view(id,view,view_margin)
if argument0.x+argument2>view_xview[argument1] was a millionaire over night (I know it's not a computer game
and argument0.x-argument2< but the same gaming idea applies). Usually original games are
view_xview[argument1]+view_wview[argument1] incredibly simple and just require a decent thinking time. Also
and argument0.y+argument2> if your game does not grip the player with things such as a
view_yview[argument1] really good story line, or if the player doesn’t get rewarded
and argument0.y-argument2< when s/he accomplishes certain things in the game, then
view_yview[argument1]+view_hview[argument1] they may loose interest in the game and go and play one of
return 1; the thousands of other games out there.
else return 0;
Remember a good game requires careful planning, and a lot
A typical example of this would be to draw an airplane (size of dedication, so giving up is not an option. If you want to get
64x64, with a sprite offset of 32,32) only if it's in view like so: your name around, go ahead and shout it out!


What's Important:
Graphics Or Gameplay By Medieval
I have seen many people on the GMC say that gameplay is, by mememe
far, more important than the graphics. This might be true, but “I believe that good graphics don't make a game addictive, but
in fact there are so many points with which can be proved that does something else that gameplay can't”
both are on the same level of importance. As you read this
article you will find out why graphics are important, how it can Melee-Master
affect your gameplay, why you should have good graphics in
your game, and what other people think about it.
“It should be the perfect mix”

“People used to be totally addicted to space invaders, and I
wouldn't say those graphics are that great “

“Tetris is a bunch of falling, 1 colored blocks, and it's highly
addictive. So no. I think it's the idea behind the game that
makes it great, not how well the graphics are.”
Graphics really can affect the gameplay in your game. In my SolarGames
opinion, good graphical effects can make a good influence on
different aspects of the game. It’s essential if you want to give
“Take an awesome game. Now, pretend something is wrong
the player a specific mood whilst playing. How would you scare with your graphics card and all it manages to draw are ugly
a player if there is nothing to scare him? You could compare it different-colored boxes. BUT, the gameplay has not changed
with this; For a school project, you need to do some research at all. It's still an amazing game, it just looks terrible.
on the subject you have chosen. All the information that you
gather, is the code; The next school day when you have to Take a horrible, disgusting game. Now give it beautiful,
present it, the teacher gives you a lower grade since your extremely good graphics. Professional, even. So, you're playing
presentation paper looks all sloppy and not put together well the game, pretty much only noticing the graphics. By this, you
enough, or maybe your speech wasn’t good and looked don't realize that the game is crud.
So, I think graphics can lure people into playing crud, but
Although many people say that gameplay is by far more sooner or later they will probably realize that. After that, they'll
important, Not one person I have seen on the GMC would probably get mad, and so on and so on...”
download a game without seeing screenshots first. They post
“No screenshot, no download”, ignore the download link and These statements confirm an earlier statement in this article;
check out the next topic. you always need to keep graphics and gameplay on the same
level in order to keep people playing, or even getting your
When the author of the topic notices that he missed a sequel if you decide to release one. Let’s look back at the
download from someone, he posts a screenshot on his topic example that I showed you earlier. You have put together an
(If he knows how to). People now can’t complain about a amazing presentation about your subjects. Your teacher
missing screenshot. However, if the graphics of his game are becomes interested, and asks you to start when everyone in
ugly, the download link still gets ignored after a user has seen your class is listening. However, no matter how hard you try to
the screenshot. This, again, shows how important graphics get them interested, as soon as your teacher and classmates
really are, and how they are essential to attract a user to find out that the actual information collected is utter crap,
download your game. This is why you should always put the they will lose their interest for your project. This way you will
same amount of effort into both. If you can’t do graphics by still get a lower grade.
yourself, ask someone else to do it for you.
The conclusion of this is that you should always make both
I have collected a few quotes around the GMC, in which people aspects of the game amaze the player, so that he/she will
say which they think is more important, and if they make a stay interested and eventually be addicted to your game, and
game addictive; will keep playing it. I hope that this article has helped you.


Stopping Beginners Starting
Out Of Their Depth By GeoS
There seems to a big, well documented problem with programming, you should really be asking yourself if you can
beginners (lets not use the word 'newbies' here) deciding that really manage it.
they'll start their epic adventure into the mysteries of game
development with 'omg lik runescape but wid guns lol'. That So, let's add a question before BlaXun's: 'Can I really develop a
really isn't the way to go. Your favourite games are made by game, say, an RPG, on the scale of it's online cousin, a
professional teams of designers, artists and programmers MMORPG, never mind the additional complexity caused by
over a period of years. How one inexperienced person with no developing for online?'
budget is going to achieve this in less than their lifespan is
beyond me, and hopefully as you know, or will realise, beyond Planning out of your depth
you. If you plan too much, you'll just want to keep adding and adding
and adding until it gets into a ridiculous list of promises with
On that note, I've created a little list of what to avoid when no work for proof. Any look at the 'Game Design' forum in the
planning the scale and complexity of your first game. GMC will show you that. Make sure that every point you state,
especially to others, you are actually capable of achieving.
Starting a team
The last thing you need when working on your first game is
having the difficulty of managing your first team as well. It
seems easy, get everyone else to do the bits you’re stuck on,
but make sure to stick your name on it. You have to
remember that when money isn't involved, it's your vision, and
not many will fully join it voluntarily unless the truly understand
what you are trying to achieve. It'll seem fine for the first week,
designing, bringing ideas together, but inexperienced
managing will leave you all alone again, perhaps with some
half-written code you don't understand or some half-done art Not planning at all
you can't copy in terms of style. Good to join for experience It really does help you if you plan out what you’re doing before
after a first game, bad to start unless you truly can handle it. you do it. Think about how you are going to achieve things, and
if you can't achieve something, look it up in the amazing list of
resources you have on the wonderful internet. It might help
you to sketch out specific sprites and frames before doing
them in pixel.

Ok so sure, your thinking that's all well and fine, but what about
what you should do? Well I believe someone once put it that
what you can learn programming Tic-Tac-Toe is a mile ahead
of what you'll learn failing to make the next Quake. I'm not
3D games saying you should learn to make Tic-Tac-Toe, that's actually
One more dimension than you can probably handle. 3D brings quite boring and aiming a little low, but what I'm trying to say is
in new complexities, and anyone would probably tell you to that for your first effort, make sure to keep with what you
understand 2D fully before trying 3D. 3D modelling is also know, and then add on features your curious about learning.
particularly more difficult than 2D spriting, as is level design For example, if you were making a top down shooter, I'm sure
and programming. Stick with 2D, and also avoid 3D illusion you'd be interested in learning how to make the character look
techniques such as isometric. in the direction of the mouse.

Online games So, all in all, plan realistically, set yourself an aim every day
As BlaXun wrote in Issue 7, the first question you'll be asking during development, and I'm sure you'll be on your way to
yourself when making an online game is 'Do I have the success.
knowledge on how to make an online game?' If you do,
congratulations, your probably one up on me and can continue
making a Runescape clone. If you don't however understand
the key concepts of online game structure, never mind simple


Hot Debate: GMHV By Aertcz
The GM Video Fad speed determines how many steps are in a second.
It all started with the massive hype for GMTV which would be Therefore, if the room speed is 30 and the alarm is set to 60;
created by Danny. However, it seems a couple of people the alarm is activated every 2 seconds. Not a great job
wanted to join the bandwagon by creating their own Game Nateistoraw.
Maker videos themselves. The main competitor right now is
Nateistoraw's GMHV. Many people speculate that GMHV was The rest of the tutorial wasn't really teaching you anything. All
purposely rushed and released before GMTV, just so it did was show the user a bunch of D&D icons with
Nateistoraw could claim that he was the "original" creator of Nateistoraw reading off what they are. It could be useful to
the Game Maker video series. The controversy not only lies newbies, but just by reading what each of them is, isn’t going
before the members at GMC, but also before the people who to help the viewer remember what they do.
govern it.
Episode 2 - Motion Blur Tutorial
GMHV's Videos So after the first GMHV video, another video is released. This
As stated above, the main speculation of GMHV was to time it is based of Specter's motion blur example. He still has
compete directly with GMTV. Has this affected the quality of the pathetic annoying high-pitched screech upon listening to
the videos which would be made? What were the main this video; so once again, please turn down your speakers! I
objectives of this video service? suggest letting the video play for 2 minutes before looking at
the video. All the first 2 minutes really do, is show Nateistoraw
GMHV was created by Nateistoraw to help users understand talk about what he’s going to do and he even has the nerve to
Game Maker better. His videos are currently directed towards make us watch him download the editable!
complete newbies as he has stated. Nateistoraw tries to help
by showing his viewers content (editable examples) which are I can't really say much about the video, all Nateistoraw did was
made by other users in the GMC, and later explaining how show us some code and say "This is very basic". Then further
everything works. Let’s simply take a closer look in at these along in the video, Nateistoraw makes us wait an additional
Helper Videos: 10-20 seconds for the example to load on his computer. His
excuse? "He wanted us to view it in real time".
Episode 1- Fake Destructible Terrain Tutorial It is disappointing how Nateistoraw didn’t seem to explain
Destructible terrain has been a hot discussion in the Expert's much once again, I hoped that some massive improvements
section in the GMC. So why not have our trusty Nateistoraw were going to happen.
show us how to create some by showing us his first video on
it. Be careful when playing the video, you will first be greeted
by the high-pitch screech of Nateistoraw by screaming
Random GML code - Something which Nateistoraw
"TUTORIALS", so remember to lower the volume on your might have made
computer! Alas, this was a very depressing video as well. His so called
expertise still fascinates me. He starts off his video by
The tutorial which he interviews is made by Mega/Mecha teaching us the exact names of his sprites (which is very
Noob. I am not sure which one it is, because of the unclear useful for us to know). Then we get to the exciting part.
speech by our video host (Nateistoraw). The video tutorial is Nateistoraw teaches the newbie how to move his character
started by Nateistoraw showing us all the sprites which were by using simple code such as:
provided in the editable. He will later show you how to use the
image editor by colouring a blank circle in with blue. x+=3
Remember that these videos were aimed at a very beginner x-=3
He later goes on to show us his enemy which has a step event
As soon as he opens up the first object and tries to explain it, I that "Controls all". I guess I was wrong about the step event. I
realize how untrue his statements are. He shows an alarm thought the step event was an event that runs all its actions
D&D which is set to 60. This is what he had to say about it: "It continuously. Despite the fact of how Nateistoraw mixed up
has an alarm system an' everything on it. Yeah, so; they come his facts yet again, at least he showed a little bit of how the
out every 60 seconds or milliseconds." code works and tried to help the newbies.

Wow, what a big mistake! The number he looked at aren’t I was able to have an interview with Nateistoraw via MSN.
milliseconds or seconds, but the amount of steps. The room What you are about to read may shock you.


Hot Debate: GMHV (Continued)

Interview with Nateistoraw Aertcz: What do you have planned for the future of GMHV?
Aertcz: What is your stance on GMTV? Was your GMHV a Nateistoraw: “Well, this all depends on the GMC. I am all by
direct way to compete with GMTV? myself on the GMHV, and I’m looking for assistants and co-
Nateistoraw: “Well at first it was because I was constantly host to help give the videos good quality and get them
denied video creations to help the GMTV, I already had the released in a good schedule. I plan on launching more
GMH so I decided to launch GMHV as a way to show the programmes, but school is about to start, and I would be
GMHV who was boss, and then I created a thread and they limited to about 3 videos per month if I am alone. “
sent their goons out to purposely get the topic closed.”
Nateistoraw: “So now we are okay, being separate video
sources for Game Makers.” Aertcz: Is there anything you would like to add in addition to
this conversation?
Aertcz: The moderator FredFredrickson had replied in your Nateistoraw: “The purpose of the GMHV is to help Game
topic with "Please don't wear your join date as if it's some kind Makers by using videos. We will attempt to become extremely
of badge of honour... your contributions to this forum, which interactive with the GMC users, we hope that when we're
have amounted to your very high warn level, ought to be an finished better gm games are made, and many of them are
indication that your helpfulness to the forum is not reflected able to go commercial. The GMHV is there to help newbies,
very well by the date you joined." advanced users, and even the depressed programmer(s).
Aertcz: Has this effected your stance on making GMHV? Our goal is not to get back at others, but help them along the
Nateistoraw: “Not at all, I have forgotten about that way for a better tomorrow of PC GM games.”
conversation, also my warning levels are for multiple
accounts, breaking rules such as posting questions in the
advanced and tutorials boards that belonged STRICKLY IN
NOVICE, also I asked a member for a hacked key, and I was
reported. “

The Story Of Stone
Guardian Submitted By Zedman
The Story begins. Chapter 1.
Jared (otherwise known as SG), had recently recruited me, We continued working on the game over the months, we
Zedman. As far as I am aware I was the last member to join devoted our entire holidays creating what we thought would
the development team for StoneGuardian. Jared had already be amazing and then some. We were all working so rapidly
hired Cameron (also known as Camman) and Chris (also because of our small fan base pushing us and the numerous
known as CJA) to do both the programming and music. reward systems created by Jared to motivate us, such as the
badge system, where we were given tokens to exchange for
We set off on our journey, on October 20th 2006, a story monetary rewards at the end of development. This was just
began, a dream began, and StoneGuardian began. one of the many lies (while obvious now) in the begging that
was like a poison seed, growing in the development team
On this date, 4 people set off to create the greatest ever waiting to explode into its full colours….
looking Game Maker created 3D game. At this time, the idea
was comical; nobody believed that it would turn into anything We had released demo after demo after demo…. We were
good. Its developers: Jared, Cameron, Chris and me, Zedman, well on our way, but on our way to glory or demise?
on the other hand believed in it.
The beginning of the end and beginning again.
It started off using gm’s built in 3d functions, Jared handed Chapter 2.
down a base engine that he created to Cameron, Chris Jared, who had so far done nothing apart from creating the
steadily improved his music and sound creating skills, and I base engine, began taking things a bit too serious. The
undertook the biggest 3d modelling project of my life. I had arguments began, and the spirits of the developers were
created so many models for the game, that I, and the rest of diminishing. I slowed down my incredible work rates, Cameron
the team was so enthusiastic about, that I had 2 folders of started keeping things from Jared, and Chris worked hard to
game related media each 5 gigabytes big. keep things together. Over this time Cameron and I conferred
on everything, we grew a friendship; this friendship would lead
8 to bigger things in the long run.

The Story Of Stone Guardian (Continued)

Jared, the destroyer. Chapter 3. Actual excerpt:
By this time we had a well structured GMC topic, fans and ”zedman1000: Well, for instance, i found it abit hard to
decent engine (compared to most other Game Maker 3D believe that a company that doesnt make graphics cards gave
games). Our fans were oblivious to what was happening in the you a list of supplies needed/locations for graphics cards
background. zedman1000: see were im going with this
zedman1000: my concerns are well founded
The lack of a mission statement was SG’s downfall; Jared had zombie13333: nope not at all, because they help me because
begun his downward spiral and was taking StoneGuardian they make physX cards so they would know
with him. Arguments began about migrating to a new, more zedman1000: hmph
stable development system or to a more established Game zombie13333: and nothings impossible
Maker engine. Jared had refused to take all of Cameron’s late zedman1000: well, from this discussion i can tell we arnt
nights into consideration, would all his work go down the drain going to get very far
because of Jared’s greediness? zombie13333: w/e….”

A divide in the team began; Jared was forced to defend his Jared then took it too far, in his anger; he had gotten into my
stupid actions, while Cameron, Chris and I (Zedman) battled to Developers Account and read all my personal messages. He
keep the game’s development growing. had now read all the countless messages between me and
Cameron stating our well founded dislike of him, his actions
The Split. Chapter 4. and his leadership skills.
There was no forcing Jared off of his high chair, he wanted
what he couldn’t get from us, and that was to change At this time we decided to leave the matter alone and let
development tools. We ended up splitting; our decision was to Jared figure things out for himself. During this time we
let Jared create a C/C++ version of the game on his own and experimented with other engines and programs. We decided
let us finish the game as it was intended, using Game Maker. to use RealmCrafter (openly admitting we had failed). This idea
was quickly shot down and we returned to Game Maker for
We split up, Jared had gone one way and the remaining the final attempt at making what we thought would be another
musketeers had gone another, we formed Combustion entry into games that had crashed and burned.

Enough is Enough. Chapter 5. A new beginning. Chapter 6.
Jared had taken his deceit into a whole new level. The only bit The new team of 3, now minus Jared, had been created, with
of work that he had ever done for the project was giving a fresh start that made the entire team feel brand new and
Cameron the base engine/file to work off, but Jared had ready to go. We began with Xtreme 3d but its lack of
stolen it, claiming it was his own, when he had just ripped it off documentation forced us to go with the Ultimate engine.
a tutorial from the GMC.
After months of hard work down the drain from yet another
We couldn’t go any further; we had to start again because of failed attempt using Xtreme 3d, our energy was slowly
this devastating truth. The game had to be renamed. It was to dissipating, and Chris hadn’t been heard from for month. This
be called ‘The Warriors Path’. was our final try before we gave up. It was up to me and
He had now taken it too far; he had dreams that not even Cameron now.
‘n00bs’ had at the time. We had massive arguments that
went on for hours, the numerous lies, such as; he was to We couldn’t just let the project fail, two months went by of
begin producing ‘Graphics Cards’ for computers in his garage solid work between me and Cameron, and after so many
with help from Microsoft and Ageia. He also stated that he difficulties, so many bumps along the way, we finally done it.
was to begin creating ‘game consoles’ for the public. We had finally created a demo of something we were proud
of, something we could work on without frustration, and
something with pure class, ‘The Warriors Path’.

It is now September 2, 2007…


User Opinion:
Does GM's Speed Bother You?
Staff Opinion: rup13 zyrolasting
“Personally if I’m honest, Game Maker’s speed doesn’t really “Yes, it bothers me in a manner of speaking. The engine itself
bother me. This is mainly due to the fact I don’t develop huge is wonderful. However on this computer I use, if the project file
games that require a lot of instances. Instead I use it for quick exceeds 5-10 MB, it takes quite a while to save. Well the delay
prototyping and small examples. However when I play games in itself isn't horrible, but when you look at the majority of
developed by other people, which use a high amount of software everywhere, saving is almost always instantaneous.
instances, I start to see how the speed drops and that This also applies to loading the data. People are used to this,
destroys the flow of gameplay. I’ve read about people having to and can be a bit annoyed at long save times. I am obviously
limit 3D games due to Game Maker unable to handle too one of these people.
many polygons in models. Of course speed is limited to how
good the player’s computer is, but surely it shouldn’t have to If the save time gets too high, it can be an issue if many bugs
limit the developer, especially if he/she has the computer are in my game. This motivates me to save often, so I'm slowly
which should run. Overall, I think Game Maker’s speed doesn’t turning into a skeleton in my chair. If I could make a
bother me at the moment, but once I get into making games suggestion on this, it would be this:
again, I’m sure it’ll come and bother me like countless other
developers out there.” Perhaps the resources imported into the project could be
changed into reading it from a path. When you import files for
User's Opinions: use, this increases save time quickly. Now, there are pros and
cons to this:
“If you mean by the speed you can make games with game Reading files via paths
maker, then no, it doesn’t bother me. I enjoy taking some of
my time to make a game. It is a great hobby/business. It is an Pros:
enjoyable thing to do. I hope this answers your question; if not - Saving time will be instant, or close to instant.
just let me know what you mean please.” - Files could be kept in directories on your computer for the
engine to read and "import" without affecting save/load time.
nextmastermind - Game testing can be prepared quickly if the objects were
“Game Maker's speed? As in loading? Well yeah, that kind of created once on screen with the paths as a reference. This
gets long if you have quite a bit in your game but it's not that way, the "Saving Executable" phase may be a little faster, and
bad. If you’re talking about in game lag, then yes, I have seen that's what we want. The faster the better!
many games on the forum that would like to play but they lag a
lot. Also I have made RPGs but some are so big that when you Cons and how to combat them:
go into houses you wait like 20 seconds just while it loads. It's - If the actual file is deleted, Game Maker will also lose track of
not that bad, but if you make really big games then it becomes it. Maybe combat this by making the actual import of the file
bothersome. I hope I've helped.” optional? This will increase the variety of functions in the
software, making it more user-friendly as well. Besides, people
Hellblaze123 are smart enough to backup files in other ways.
“In my opinion, the speed does not really bother me. Sure, - Published games will have many directories included for
when I'm trying to do something like an RPG, it gets pretty game to run successfully. Counteract: Well, it doesn't HAVE to
slow, but that’s to be expected when a program is running a be that way. Maybe when the *.exe is being created, the
lot of stuff. So I don't see much problem with the speed.” actual import that is affecting save time will be fully functional
here. This may make the *.exe creation long and tedious, but
Aragon1029 many animators have to suffer through frame rendering at
“The frame rate doesn't normally bother me when i work with the end right? Besides, think of that creation as the ONE long
2D games. I can get in some nice particle effect before it drop "save time" you have to endure.
below 30 frames, on the other hand 3D games the frame
rate does bother me. A lot of times I will find myself having to Other than this save/load issue, I do not have a big problem
take out quality because of drops in frame rate, although I with engine functionality! I suggest this path feature as an
have found some techniques that help counter frame rate option. If anyone in the Game Maker development team hears
loss such as frame-skip. So the speed of Game Maker does me out and decides to add this feature, hear this:
not bother me normally.”
I suggest the path feature be completely optional! If some
people need the actual file import, allow them to make that
choice! People hate complete change. Look at Sonic the

User Opinion: Does GM's Speed Bother You? (Continued)

kbyoyoa users, being this their first contact with programming, handle
“OK, about Game Maker’s speed: it the wrong way. First of all, there are a lot of ways to speed
up a game (which I’m not going to list as there are already lots
Game Maker is actually much faster then many people think. of discussions about this in any Game Maker forum).
The only reason that many games in Game Maker lag is
because there are a lot of objects. What people don't know is Secondly, people think that using a super powerful machine to
that even if you don't put any code under an object, when develop their games is a good idea. This belief is totally wrong:
Game Maker compiles it, there will be like 100 lines of code when developing a game you have to focus on the audience,
just of internal stuff. So, say you have 100 instances in the the final users who will be playing the game. If they can’t
room, that’s 10,000 lines of code without you putting anything match your computer’s specification, your game with
in the object. With Game Maker, if you were to only use one incredible particle systems and surface effects will lag terribly
object, but have the same gameplay the game would run a lot for them. So it’s often a good idea to use an older machine to
faster. Now also people think that Game Maker can't make 3D develop or test your games. This also forces you to make an
games cause they would run too slow if you had more then a extra effort and develop speeding up methods. Also, most
500 poly model on the screen. This is not true. If you only had commercial games are full of configuration options; by playing
1 object on the screen that say for example, draws the with them you can make the game run faster. However, this is
ground and some low poly scenery you could probably get in something rarely seen in Game Maker games. For example,
like five to ten 10,000 poly models on the screen without it giving the player the chance to disable particles can result in a
lagging at all on a regular computer. huge increment in speed. In conclusion, by using a super
machine the game will lag for other people, thus spreading the
So in short I blame people for using too many objects. If you belief that Game Maker games are slow.
just used a few more drawing functions and arrays, your
games would run faster. Thirdly, Game Maker 6 and Game Maker 7 games need more
requirements to run smoothly than Game Maker 5 games.
That’s my opinion on Game Maker’s speed.” Game Maker 6/7´s new graphic core is the main responsible
for this: it allows you to create astonishing graphic effects but
xot like everything in life, this has a price to pay. So if your game
“The speed of Game Maker doesn't really bother me. I grew up isn’t going to use any of these advanced features you should
programming 8-bit computers so I'm perfectly thrilled by what use Game Maker 5 instead. Some years ago I started
can be accomplished on today's machines. Sure, it would be creating a 3D game using Game Maker 5 and the GMIrrlicht
great if the interpreter was faster, but for most things it is dll. The results were awesome, really spectacular, however
perfectly adequate. When I do run into trouble it is almost lots of people couldn’t play it (or it lagged a lot for them)
always because I'm trying to work around gaps in Game because of the high requirements. Coincidentally, the specs
Maker's feature set, such as omissions in the Direct3D required were almost the same as to run Game Maker 6 or
library. With that said, artificial intelligence is an area that Game Maker 6 made games. Now almost no one has
suffers purely because of the speed of the interpreter. As long problems to do this, but it should be understood this way: the
as you are realistic about the kinds of games you try to make requirements needed for Game Maker 6 are the same as to
with Game Maker, and you concentrate on making your run a 3D game which used Quake levels (so it wasn’t just a
program work smarter rather than harder, speed should crappy, simple 3D game). So before you start to develop your
rarely be a problem.” next game in Game Maker 6/7 think first if you’re really going
to need that potential, or if you can create the game with
-Twister- Game Maker 5 so it will reach more people.
“While the speed that the games run at generally doesn't
bother me for games with smaller rooms, the speed with So, does Game Maker’s speed bother me? Not at all.”
large rooms with many objects gets on my nerves sometimes.
A deactivation script can help for that, though. My main JakeX
problem is the time that it takes for games to load on startup. “Game Maker's speed is, well, it's not great. It's fine if your
If a game has many different object types and rooms, then it games aren't too complex, but slow down with games is often
can take quite a while unless you use external resources caused by inefficient coding rather than Game Maker itself. Of
(which are a pain to me). I also am not one of the developers course, it does impose some limitations when you're trying to
who use d3d, as I work in 2D, but I can see Game Maker's do something rather fancy, just ask anyone trying to create a
speed getting on the nerves of those who do use it.” bullet hell game, or a 3D game for that matter.

correojon I think Game Maker has some bigger issues. *cough* terrible
“I think that Game Maker is fast, but a lot of Game Maker security *cough*.”


Game Maker Tips
Commitment of everything. It is also helpful to back up your data to a USB
Most of the truly excellent games didn't take a week. Most flash drive or some other form of backup hardware just in
would have been developed for months, perhaps years. If your case you loose all your data one day if you have a hard-drive
not dedicated enough to finish a game you’ll get nowhere fast. failure.
Most great games start off simple and to a certain extent,
poor. It takes a lot of time and commitment to get through to Q&A: Fading Text ( Topic Link )
the end where you've finished with a top game. This also goes This user wanted to know how to fade the text in his game out
when coding programs and other things. Errors are every and in. GMT provided a easy solution to his question. To fade
programmer’s nightmare, but it's better than getting it right text out follow the code below.
first time. Errors are good because they identify the faults in
your coding skills, rather than you look for them yourself. Every [ CREATE EVENT ]
time you correct an error you take another step in the big TXTALPHA=1;
(very big) staircase of GML. This is because every time you
correct an error you learn how to avoid making the same [ STEP EVENT ]
mistake again, which makes you a better coder. if TXTALPHA > 0
No one will get anywhere without dedication. Give a reason for TXTALPHA -= .02;
people to remember you, make something great! }

Files and Folders [ DRAW EVENT ]
A very useful thing to do is to organise everything Game draw_set_alpha(TXTALPHA);
Maker related in appropriate files and folders on your hard draw_text(5,5,"This is my text");
disk. This way you can easily and quickly navigate through
them when looking for specific material such as old versions, If you wanted to fade you text in you will need to reverse the
screenshots or whatever. Here’s how I recommend you step event. The user also wanted to know how to fade the text
organise your Game Maker folders: in and out constantly. To do this we will only need to change
the Create and step event.
>Game Maker
--->Examples [ CREATE EVENT ]
------>My Examples TXTALPHA=1;
--------->Downloaded Examples
if !FADE && TXTALPHA > 0
--->Models {
TXTALPHA -= .02;
------>My Games
--------->Game name {
------------>v0.1 FADE=1;
--------------->Screenshots }
------------------>game files(includes all download files) }
--->Downloaded Games else if (FADE) && TXTALPHA < 1
--------->My Programs
TXTALPHA += .02;
------------>Downloaded Programs
--->Useful Apps if TXTALPHA>=1
--->Tutorials {
--->DLL's FADE=0;
Of course you could have no folder for the screenshots or you }
could divide models into sub-folders it's however you want the
above is just an example, but I highly recommend organising
your files and folders in a sensible way so you can keep track


3D Transformations:
A Confusing Outlook By Rup13
One thing I’ve encountered which is difficult to get the hang of Now my ellipsoid is stored in my variable appropriately called
is 3D transformations. Yes these are things such as ball. Now all I do is add my script to the Draw event, calling
rotations, translations and scales. To rotate a simple cube, upon the ball variable as one of the arguments:
you have to understand a lot more than just knowing what
function to use. You have to set the identity, translate the d3d_add_rotation:
cube to where you want the object’s origin to be, add your d3d_transform_set_identity();
rotation and then draw what you want to rotate, and end it all d3d_transform_add_rotation_axis(argument4,
by setting the identity again. Confused? I certainly was at first. argument5,argument6,argument7);

Draw event:

One thing I couldn’t understand is why Game Maker couldn’t There you go, simple rotations using only one script. The
handle transformations different, specifically with few format of the d3d_add_rotation() script is as followed:
functions. Take a look at my example for rotating a ball
forwards: d3d_add_rotation(xorigin,yorigin,zorigin,objvar,xaxis,yaxis,zaxis,
We at GM Tech understand that this is only one way to
simplify transformations, so for the next issue we are looking
for anyone who can contact us with their examples and
d3d_transform_add_translation(x,y,0); suggestions to making Game Maker’s transformations easier
d3d_draw_ellipsoid(-4,-4,-4,4,4,4, in 3D. Especially if they can be so easy, a total beginner would
background_get_texture(tex_cube) be able to start learning 3D much quicker. When you look at
,1,1,64); ThatGamesGuy’s tutorial on the rolling ball, you’ll notice that if
d3d_transform_set_identity(); you move in one direction, then change direction, instead of
the ball rotating from the position it was in, it switches back to
The following example rotates the ball by adding i to the angle the original angle and starts again. My script also does the
each step. Even though once you’ve learn how to do this, it can same, especially if you are rotating it forwards and backwards,
get very confusing when adding in multiple rotations. Game and then wish to rotate it left and right. So contact us now
Maker won’t let you have this code anywhere other than with your suggestions, and we’ll add them to the next issue so
around where the function is for drawing the rotated object. we can conquer 3D transformations in Game Maker together.
This means if your object is planned to have multiple rotations,
you must plan a system out for enabling and disabling

rotations to make sure that the right one is shown according
to your actions in the game. To overcome this, I wrote a script
which is fairly simple to try and bypass some of these
problems. My system works that you use variables for your
objects, so in the Create event my ball variable consisted of

Create event:


Theory Of
Online Gaming By TheMagnitude
In this article I am going to explore with you the theory of receives information it will send the relevant information to
online multiplayer gaming and teach you the concepts so you everyone else on the network to synchronise everyone’s
can start programming your online games with ease. I'm game.
going to try and explain it in the easiest ways possible for I had
vast amounts of problems when first programming my online Client: This is simply any computer connected to the host
codes. When I mention snippets of code it will be using a dll computer. It gets sent information about all the other players
called 39dll v2 by 39ster which is a very nice extension. So if in the game and in return sends its own information about the
you want go to his topic, a simple search at the Game Maker player on that computer.
Community ( should do the trick, and
integrate the scripts into your online game then it will work. Socket: This is a connection between two computers that
messages are sent down.
First I'm going to list some online connectivity jargon which you
should familiarise yourself with: Okay don't worry if you don't get all that at first because later
on in the article I'm going to show you some GML. Another
Server: This is basically any computer connected to the important thing to point out in online games is the use of
internet. puppets, if your blowing someone’s brains out playing online
on Counter-Strike your actually blowing out the brains of a
Internet Protocol Address: Also known as an IP Address or puppet and here’s how it works:
simply an IP, this is the unique identifier for each computer
connected to the internet. This is basically the same as a The player (the one who’s brains your blowing out), lets say
telephone number; you must dial the number to connect. s/he’s a client, sends a message through a socket to the
host, telling the host who’s blowing his/her brains out and
Port: This is a gateway, if you like, into the computer where that the player is dead, then the host, lets say he’s the only
messages are sent to and from a port where appropriate. other player so there’s no need to forward this message to
HTTP Internet browsers use port 80 and the reason that any other players, reads the message and applies appropriate
there are different ports is so that all the data doesn't get action to the puppet (this is the object on the hosts screen
mixed up, When you phone someone there might be several mimicking the other player) which would be to destroy the
people who could pick up the phone, you say which person you object and draw text in the screen saying that "You killed
want to speak to and then exchange messages with them him/her". That's basically how it works.
which leads into the next part.
Here’s a healthy dose of code for 39dll v2. The host opens a
Packet(s): Or sometimes known as messages are pieces of port and listens for incoming connections:
data travelling down internet wires. These are how two
computers exchange data with each other. So if a web global.listen=tcplisten(10101, 8, 1); //
browser requested a webpage the web browser would send a 10101 is the port to open, 8 is the
message to a server requesting a webpage and then the maximum amount of incoming connections,
server would send messages back which contain the don't worry about the 1.
webpage. if global.listen<=0 show_message("Failed
to listen for connections on port 10101.
Buffer: This is a place where data is temporary written to or
Go to to help solve
read from. If a computer received a message it would be
this problem.") /* Port forward is
written to a buffer where the computer can then read the
information. When a computer wants to send data it must actually a really good website you should
first write it to the buffer then send the information in the visit if you get this error*/
buffer to the other computer.
Then in the hosts step event s/he checks for incoming
Host: This is the name given to the computer which is the connections from clients:
main link for all internet data transaction within a star sock=tcpaccept(global.listen,1); // waits
network. This is how most online games are programmed. for incoming connections and then accepts
The host computer will be connected to everyone but itself in them
the network (network being everyone playing the online game if (sock) then global.client_sock=sock; /*
which is usually about 8 or 16 max); and when the host stores the connection id or sock in a
variable global.client_sock, if there are
more than 2 players I'd suggest you use

14 arrays to store the sock info.*/

Theory Of Online Gaming (Continued)

The clients code to connect to an IP is: The code to receive a message from a socket is:
global.host_sock = tcpconnect("", size=recievemessage(global.client(or
10101, 1); // "" is the IP your host)_sock);
connecting to i.e. the server IP if size<=0 exit; // if this occurs it
if (!global.host_sock) then means the other player(s) haven’t sent any
show_message("Unable to connect to messages
server"); x=readbyte(); // reading the values from
the buffer
The code to send a message to a socket is: y=readbyte();
clearbuffer(); string=readstring("hello");
writebyte(x); // writing the value of x to
the buffer I strongly recommend that you do check out some 39dll
writebyte(y); // writing the value of y to tutorials before diving into this stuff because it can get quite
the buffer after the x complicated.
writestring("hello"); /* writing the
string "hello" after the y value (you must So that concludes my article on the theory of online gaming, I
read these values in the same order on the hope this has been useful and that you have come out of it
receiving computer)*/ with a more improved knowledge of the subject. Thanks for
sendmessage(global.client(or host)_sock);
/* please don't literally write
global.client(or host)_sock here what I
merely mean is you type global.host_sock
if your the client, or global.client_sock
if your the host*/

Importing Your Own Custom
Colors Into GM By Christian Sciberras
Game Maker Supports a basic set of colors, but you might mode (F6) and in the Debug/Watch Window add the following
want or need to add your own. Doing this is not at all difficult. text/code: make_color_rgb(red,green,blue) but
But people that don’t use any good graphical editors wouldn't don't forget to replace red, green and blue with the
know about these tricks. corresponding values we found above. Next, write down the
resulting value (the text in the 2nd column) as you did before.
First, it is important to note that all colors in computers are
composed of three primary colors; red, green and blue. These Lastly, open your GM project that you want to add c_orange
three values could be added up (with a special algorithm) to to and go to the Global Game Settings. Then, go to the
make a single color value. Constants tab and click on the first cell in the first column and
write c_orange In the 2nd column cell write the last value
Anyway, a color which Game Maker lacks (and which is a
we found above.
favourite of my own) is orange. Let’s import it into GM as the
constant c_orange. We'll start by using Game Maker's
To test this out, create a new project and add c_orange as
internal graphical editor. So create a new sprite (or edit an
existing one - don't worry we won't change the sprite). Next we did above. Then create a new room and go to the Settings
edit its first image and select the preferred color (orange) by tab and click 'Creation Code', in the code editor, write
first double-clicking the color square beneath 'left'. Next you background_color=c_orange Note that c_orange
may need to click 'Define Custom Colors >>' if the button isn’t should be colored just like GM's constants. Running the
disabled. After selecting the color in the dialog, get a piece of program will show an empty, orange room.
paper (or run Notepad) and write the numeric values in the
boxes after 'Red:', 'Green:' and 'Blue'. Make sure you recognize
the numbers afterwards. Next, run Game Maker in debug


How To Create
Simple A.I By TheMagnitude
This is a topic on which many game makers have queried If this is what you want to happen change the "Alarm 0 Event"
about in the past. Having AI or bots in games can really spice code to:
up the gameplay and make it more fun, and challenging.
Games that are too easy can be over quickly, or can just get Alarm 0 Event:
boring. Games that aren't fun, well I don't have to go into that if point_distance(x,y,xstart,ystart)>100
one. So I guess I should get to the point now, your either then direction=point_direction(x,y,xstart,
reading this article to gain knowledge on how to create some ystart);
nice AI, or you’re reading for interest; well I'll try to be as else direction=random(360);
interesting as I can throughout and hopefully you’ll learn how speed=1+random(2);
to code your own AI anyway. alarm[0]=30+ceil(random(30));

Okay, first things first I'll assume that you have a computer, Okay, so now we have a moving enemy. Now we need to make
have Game Maker installed and all the rest of it. I'm also him shoot or he's pretty useless. What we need to make the
assuming that you are relatively familiar with basic GML. I'm enemy do is check whether he can shoot at the player, and
going to teach you how to create simple AI for top down whether there are any objects in the way. To do this we should
shooters, simply because that's probably the most popular use the collision_line(x1,y1,x2,y2,obj,prec,notme) function. This
game type around these days that demands clever AI in my function returns a negative number if there is no collision. And
general opinion. In your game let’s say you have one object, this is how we are going to use it:
which the player controls, and one object which is an enemy.
Now if the enemy just sits there and does nothing he's toast Create Event:
(unless the player is comically bad at top down shooters). Ok alarm[0]=30+ceil(random(30));
so we have to establish a way for the enemy to move around alarm[1]=30;
and shoot.
mode=0; can_shoot=1;
First of all is making the enemy move. There are various ways
Alarm 1 Event:
to do this but the one I'm going to show you is simple random
if collision_line(x,y,obj_player.x,
movement. Set the room speed to 60, and put the player
obj_player.y,obj_solid,0,0)<0 then mode=1;
object, solid object and the enemy object in the room. All code
is for the enemy object unless stated otherwise. Now input else mode=0; alarm[1]=30; // The enemy
this code (I won't comment parts that I consider basic GML will check every half a second whether
which was one of my assumptions that you knew basic GML): he can shoot the player.

Create Event: Alarm 2 Event:
alarm[0]=30+ceil(random(30)); can_shoot=1;

Alarm 0 Event: Step Event:
direction=random(360); var n; // This is initiating variable n.
speed=1+random(2); if mode=1 and can_shoot=1
alarm[0]=30+ceil(random(30)); {
/* This creates a loop, which basically n=instance_create(x,y,obj_bullet);
means that every so often the enemy will n.speed=10;
most likely start to move in a different n.direction=point_direction(x,y,obj_player
direction, at a different speed every .x,obj_player.y);
event of Alarm 0.*/ can_shoot=0;
Now if you run your game you should see that enemy is quite }
happily moving around pretty randomly, but since this process
can make the enemy move quite far away possibly in a totally "obj_bullet" refers to a bullet object; "obj_solid" refers to an
different spot to the original. To avoid this we can use the object blocking bullets; "obj_player" refers to the player object.
objects initial x and y co-ordinates to check how far away the
object is from its initial spot. This AI is only very simple but will still do the trick in most
games. You can experiment more by trying to make the
enemy pick up objects or hide behind solid objects. That
concludes my article on AI thanks for reading.

TUT: Move Towards By Calle Ekdahl
A lot of people at GMC doesn’t seem to know how to make an That’ll work very well. It doesn’t matter if you use the function
object move towards a specified point, that’s why I am writing several times or only one time, because the object will still
this article. I will show you two ways, both does exactly the keep the same speed and direction, but I myself prefer to
same thing but one is shorter than the other, the longer is the always only execute functions like this once. I do this because
better according to me. Well, you will see. I am going to use it is unnecessary to do the same calculation a lot of times,
the mouse position as position however, but you can change when once is enough. It just slow down the game, I will now
this yourself. Most people who asks wants to use the mouse show what calculation I mean:
position for their RTS or RPG or whatever it might be.
direction = point_direction(x,y,xp,yp);
First of all I’ll save the position to the variables xp and yp, like speed = speed;
This is identical to the function move_towards_point; it is the
xp = mouse_x; definition itself. You may use it just for the sake of it. Study it
yp = mouse_y; and you may all so gain some insight into how Game Maker
works, and how to move objects. You simply set the direction
Then it’s time to get the object moving. This is the *tricky* and you set the speed.
part, a lot of people seems to believe, but in fact it’s only one
function. And it is easy to find in the manual. I hope this article helped you at least a little. You may ask
anything you like, go ahead.

TUT: Laser Beam By Calle Ekdahl
The physical finesse with a laser beam is that it always goes There are two situations. Case one is when collision line
absolutely straight. It can’t cut through everything though, and return a positive number. That means it hit something. The
finally it must come to stop, against other objects. This is how function will then return the ID of what it hit and that ID can be
to draw a line that should imitate a laser beam and stop when used when addressing different variables. You should actually
it hit something. not draw between your x and y and both of the walls position,
since the beam should always be straight. Which direction to
draw_set_color(c_red); stick to depends upon from where the beam is coming.
//This is for horizontal laser beam -
reverse for vertical Case two is when no line is hit, and the line should be fully
if (collision_line(x,y,room_width,y,all, drawn what is fully drawn you decide in the draw line function.
false,true)>0) {
inst = (collision_line(x,y+sprite_height/2 Your welcome to ask anything by commenting, as usual.
,room_width,y+sprite_height/2,all,false, Finally, here is the url for the example: ( Link )
else {


Pixel Art Tutorial By HiyuKantaro
Isometric Building 3. Make a concrete roof. Make sure the two lines align (See
Hi all, and welcome back to another pixel art tutorial. Today I reference picture).
will be teaching you how to pixel isometric objects and you will
learn to create your own building. Remember, it’s best to only
use the example as a reference, as you will learn more if you
do it yourself, and you will be more satisfied with your result.

There are some rules in isometric pixel art; learn them by
heart so that your isometric pixel art pieces won’t mess up!
4. Make a shadow below the roof.
Isometric for beginners:
Isometric pixel art is a way of creating 3-dimensional images
using an angled perspective. This perspective is always the
same; the lines that are not vertical or horizontal, should
ALWAYS go in the same angle; two pixels to the side and one
up or down. Failure to follow this rule might cause you to
screw up your isometric pixel art piece. The proper way to do
it is like this: 5. Draw windows and a door that look similar to the reference

Wrong: 6. Colour them in, make the windows shine and shade the

Ok, this is enough to start making the building. When making
the building you will learn a lot more though.
7. Now for the finishing touch, add some noise to the roof so
1.Start off with drawing a box-like shape. Remember the rule! that it looks more like concrete (You can apply this to the walls
too, if you want to.

2. Colour it; the lightest colour on the top, the darkest on the
right, and the colour in between goes on the left.
Well Done! You’ve completed your own isometric building. I
hope you enjoyed this lesson, see you next time!


Exclusive Preview
Raptor: Demo 3 (Sixty-five Million & One Bc)
Created By: Snailfox

Reviewed By: gmjab
When I first heard the game ‘Raptor’, I thought it would be a
really cheap 2D platformer game with non-animated sprites
and horrible gameplay. After seeing the game for the first
time I regret making such a statement. Raptor is more then
just any platformer, it’s a platform game that everyone should
look at, to see what they can accomplish with Game Maker.
With Raptor’s amazingly smooth animated graphics and all
the attention to detail, I’m sure that this game might become
a staff choice.

There is one word that describes the game graphics, that is,
‘Amazing’. For a game that uses an organic character that is
a dinosaur, you would think that the animation wouldn’t be
smooth. However, that is completely wrong. The character
animations were very smooth and they looked realistic. The
attention to detail is amazing in this game. There are many
effects including: fire, smoke, lightning, rain, water, and dust,
as well as scrape effects and effects when fighting. In
particular I found the water the most noticeable effect. I don’t
know if Snailfox is using physics in the game, but the water
effect such as the splashing looks amazing! I noticed even
when moving your Raptor over a hole blowing steam that the
steam almost stopped. There are many small great details to
this game like: flies, bugs and other little animals and the
clouds even move. One final thing I would like to bring out is its
cut scenes. There are hardly any Game Maker games that
have them and this game has great, funny, cut scenes in it. I
could keep going on and on about the graphics, but I’ll move

This is the place where many fail, audio. But, not for this game!
The sound is almost as good as the graphics. The game has
very fitting music and it also has background sound effects of
birds and leaves rustling in the wind. The game also has many
sound effects for all the different features in the game.

The gameplay is excellent. It is very smooth; it doesn’t lag and
is almost flawless apart from a bug which caused the first
boss to get stuck on a tree. Also the controls may take a little
while to get used to. This is because there are quite a few
things you can do with your Raptor such as: jump, crawl, drink
water, back flip, super stomp, climb, tail hit and bite. The levels
are set out great and unlike many other Game Maker
platformers, I actually feel like I am playing a proper platform

Raptor is a game I will remember and if it was a shareware
game, I would buy it. If you haven’t played Raptor I suggest you
download it before you waste anymore time downloading
games that were not worth the download.


Senseless War
Created By: Coffee

Reviewed By: The9thdude
Every now and then, a real time strategy (RTS) game will pop
up which is made with Game Maker. However, Senseless War
shines in a way that not even a big corporation developer can
achieve. There are downfalls to this such as low quality sprites
and no music, but it is still in the beta stages of development
so that leaves room for improvement.

First up are graphics; which are stale in some places,
primarily in the buildings and that the moon is very “cut and
paste”. Although with that said, there are some nice things
about the graphics in Senseless War. One thing that got my
attention was the time settings; day would turn into night and
night into day, with all of the proper colors. Then there are the
particles effects, which make the game, truly stand out
without much slowdown; which I have to point out that the fire
is simply amazing. Now I’m sure you’ve seen the screenshots
and thought “how can I get a decent frame rate with that
many units onscreen?” To my surprise, it ran near a
consistent twenty to thirty frames per second, with slowdown
only occurring when you have about 250-300 units onscreen
at once (this is a complete estimate).

Next is the audio, which is nice but needs much improvement
in the music department and needs volume adjustment. Most
of the game is played with people screaming in pain, gunshots,
and explosions that are not relentless on the ears.

Finally I come to how it plays. The game plays out well from a
side view RTS but has a steep learning curve when it comes to
use units and how exactly to do so; but with that aside, it plays
like a dream. All unit building is done with a click of a button
and is automatically made, all of which takes some MONEY,
which is acquired by killing enemy units. Another portion of the
game includes God Powers, which are nice to use in a pinch
but require SOULS, which may be obtained by killing your own
units, or enemy units.

There are three game modes: Arcade, a “live as long as you
can” mode; Capture the Flag, the “get the flag from the enemy
base” mode; and Conquest, which the player has to destroy
the enemy base to win. Arcade is the best, with the map being
the correct size to have a good war in. However, that is where
the other two game modes fail. The map is too small for two
bases as well as having good gameplay and can be frustrating
at times.

Senseless War is an excellent game with a few things to be
changed. This game has a chance to become one of the best
GM games next to Hover Tank 3D and others.


Created By: Talha

Reviewed By: Trose7
Zomster is a 2D top down shooter. The storyline, in brief, is
that there is an alien invasion that you, a space traveler, must
stop. The aliens have a substance that turns humans into
zombies and other creatures of death, and they attempt to
stop you from saving both your life and your friend’s life. Oddly
enough, you don’t see your friend too often after the beginning
as he tends to trail behind you and show up unexpectedly after
you have killed the aliens. The storyline was somewhat
clichéd, but is made a little more original when the game
explains that the reason the aliens are coming is because we
stole water from them. Overall, the premises of the game
wasn’t great, but was greatly enhanced by a very entertaining
game play.

Zomster was probably one of the most addicting and
entertaining Game Maker games I have ever played. I really
don’t understand why, maybe it was the diverse variety of
enemies that were introduced slowly into the game, making
your gaming taste buds dance for joy. Perhaps it was the
different weapons and upgrades that were randomly thrown
into the game to spice it up. Or maybe it was the quest to
save humanity. Yet another possibility is that I wished to find
all 11 hidden crystals. Quite frankly, I believe it was the
combination of all these that made it good. The enemies had
to be there, but having 4 different types of weapons with
different upgrades caught me a bit off guard. Sure, I love
when games have them, but many Game Maker games tend
to leave out little details like this to save production time. The
quest to save the humans made you want to keep playing, to
see how the story ended. The hidden crystals were an extra
bonus, like when you get an onion ring in your fry basket at a
restaurant. It was so unexpected, yet so satisfying to get. The
enemies all had many different abilities, which I liked. What’s
worse than facing the same enemy level after level after level?
One enemy, which was the basic one, moved at a quite normal
speed, slower then you, and did moderate damage when it
came into contact with you. Another enemy, which moved
only slightly slower then you, also did moderate damage. One
of my most feared enemies was one I named quite literally,
‘The Bug’. I named it so because it was designed like a bug
and moved very quickly and seemed to do the same amount of
damage as the other enemies. Actually, now that I think about
it, they probably all did the same amount of damage. Anyway,
there was also a very hard to kill zombie that moved quite slow
but took a long time to destroy. It might seem as easy as run,
shoot, run, shoot, and so on, but it’s not when you have 20 on
each side of you. To run right through them would be a quick
death, and since they took so long to kill you were dead no
matter what. You had to carefully strategize where you ran.
There was one enemy that I disliked. It was a snake type thing


Preview: Zomster (Continued)

that shot back at me. They were on a level in which they What stunned me was the option to play in two different
surrounded me causing me to have certain death. It wasn’t a languages, English or Turkish. Sure, it doesn’t matter to me,
bad enemy to have in the game; it was just a more frustrating but it shows he put some effort into making a well rounded
one, as it also showed the creator didn’t just do a quick job, game. The in-game graphics were a bit rough but pleasing to
something like that would take some programming. the eye. There was nothing shiny or flashy, just nice. The
characters had their own top down style but that’s kind of
The next thing was the solid amount of weapons you had hard to explain. I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself. I
available. You could use your generic laser, with an upgrade, was overjoyed that the messages that popped up were not
to shoot two lasers at once, or three with a second upgrade. the Game Maker built in default ones, but red ones that fitted
The laser wasn’t a good weapon even with both upgrades, but the style of the game. But there nothing I loved more than the
it never ran out of ammo so it was an ideal weapon for picking blood. No I’m not a vampire, I just liked the way it splattered to
off single enemies without using up your stocks of ammo. The the ground and stained the ground. I loved the extra spurt
next was a net to catch the enemies with. I only found this when you struck the final blow. The enemies would fall to the
useful on the speedy bugs, and only if they were alone since ground at death, and sometimes start piling up when I had my
after catching them you had to switch weapons and kill them machine gun out. Oh, and the blood came in all different
before they escaped. The third was a bazooka, good for colors too! Overall the title screen only had one flaw which
knocking down walls and taking out large mobs of enemies. was the game name and creator was written in blood making
The upgrades for this allowed bigger splashes when you hit them hard to see which I mentioned above. Other than that,
something making it key for large amounts of enemies. the graphics were very impressive.
Ammo for this was found in almost every area. The next gun,
which was my favorite, was the machine gun. Ammo for this The game Zomster also had some nice sound tracks that
was rare but the gun was quick and powerful. Don’t waste the would change to fit each level. I found myself killing to the beat
ammo! Its upgrades allowed for it to be much stronger, with them. The sound effects were also quite nicely
resulting in an almost unfair advantage over the enemies. To implemented into the game.
take out mobs at a time with this gun was one of the reasons I
continued playing. Overall, Zomster was at least one of the most addicting and
enjoyable games I’ve ever played that were made in Game
Another thing that kept me playing was the storyline. I wanted Maker, if not the most enjoyable. Give a round of applause to
to know if humanity would survive, or fall to the marauding such a fantastic game. I definitely recommend a download.
invaders. The little side quest to get the crystals was a nice
little break to help keep you going. The game also did a good
job of continuously shaking things up so that whenever it
began to feel like the same old thing something new
happened. For example, in one level you got a giant machine
gun to slaughter about one hundred oncoming zombies. In
one there was a motorcycle you had to ride on to escape a
bomb. In some levels you were positioned behind a wall with
tons of ammo and health packs with zombies up against the
wall waiting for you to blow through it. In others you were
placed in a normal area with different pathways to take the
teleport exit thing. I always loved the one’s that started you
with a horde of enemies and tons of ammo to slaughter them.
Of course, enemies were continuously introduced too. Overall,
I can’t say there was anything that was wrong with the game
play besides the fact that the storyline was a bit clichéd.

Yes, Zomster was very enjoyable, but did it present itself as
well as it performed? The answer quite frankly, is yes. The
game had a nice title screen (besides having the title and
creator of the game written in hard-to-read blood), but that’s
not what my focus was on when I loaded the title screen.


Turret Defense
Created By: Blazed

Reviewed By: Trose7
To start off, I’m a big fan of tower defense games. Turret
Defense was somewhat like a tower defense game, except it
added a new twist. The twist was that you built on the road,
not on the sides of it. I actually found I enjoy this type of game
over building on the sides of the road.

The idea of the game, like I said, was taking an overused idea
and making it seem new. It worked, but there were some
definite issues in the game play. The first one was that when
you were out of money and attempted to build a turret an
annoying message popped up telling you that. This interrupted
game play quite a bit. There were also two glitches I found.
The first affected the game completely. Sometimes, it didn’t
let you earn money as you hit the enemies making some levels
impossible to beat. This was usually solved after the first time
you got beat, but in other cases you had to restart the game
to remedy the problem. The other one was that when the
turret detected an incoming enemy it fired once before it
turned to start hitting the enemies. It didn’t matter much in
the long run; it just made it seem unprofessional. These
issues were all trivial compared to this next one. It was the
level design. I found the enemies to be both fun and
challenging, along with some bosses, but the difficulty curve
was out of whack.

I had no complaints on the graphics for Turret Defense. You
could tell all the sprites were done in the same style, simple
yet effective. They weren’t flashy or bright. The little blue
particle explosions were thickly done, with many particles
instead of the usual three or four. The animations brought a
yummy treat to the table with their fluency. The sprites all fit
together to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The title
screen did not let down either. It was original, like the game

The sound in this game might be its best aspect. Not that it
was without competition. I loved the little laser type sounds
from a light tank, the deep explosion sounds and the clicking
noise the game made when you chose to play. I must point
out that that there was no music, but there were two plus
sides to that. The first is that it would get in the way of the
abundant sound affects. The second was that it kept the file
size down to a meager 2.07. In summary, all the sounds fit
together nicely to draw you in, while the never got annoying.

Overall I must say this game performed well. The sounds and
graphics helped to blot out some annoyances in the game
play, while a new type of tower defense game was brought to
the table, maybe inspiring more of these to peak up into the
gaming world.


Created By: Masterjj

Reviewed By: Trose7
Shooting games usually appeal to the general public. Kids like
to play them as an escape from school, teens like them to be
rebellious and take their everyday anger out on them and
adults like them for the challenge and skill it takes to win.
Now, when I think of a shooter I think of a 3D commercial
game like Halo. Not many Game Maker shooters come to
mind. Warzone, which definitely needs a lot improvement, just
might be the next good Game Maker game.

The first and biggest problem was that there was no goal.
You just shoot at some enemies who in turn, shoot back at
you. Once you killed them all you just do is stand there until
you choose a new level. There was no, ‘Yah you win!’
message, no cut scene, nothing. This brings me to the next
issue. There was no title screen. The only thing was the
game information that popped up at the beginning telling you
how to change levels. All you did was press certain buttons on
the keyboard. Once you exited the information you
immediately began the game. Very annoying and
unprofessional. It should’ve started you on a title screen with
nice polished buttons with the different levels on them. When
you died or won, you should’ve found yourself on the title
screen but alas, the creator did not put time into that aspect
of the demo.

The next flaw of the game was the AI. The AI just ran up to
you and shot at you continuously. This made it so that there
was no strategy involved. Just evade and shoot. This took all
the fun out of the game and took it from the mediocre game it
was to the piece of junk at the dump.

Now that you’ve had your fill of the review on the game’s
gameplay, let me divulge into the graphics of this game. In
some areas I was impressed, in others the game dismally
failed. The first thing I liked was the characters. They looked…
war like. They just seemed to fit well. However most of the
other graphics I didn’t like, e.g. take the first level’s
background (well not the first since there was no order but
the one that it started you on). It was just a blue blob really; it
didn’t look like a floor. There used to be a better background
and character sprites but for some reason the creator
changed it. On other levels there were some nicer
backgrounds though, like a cave one and a grassy tree type
one. The graphics really didn’t impress with all the downsides
to them.

Overall, I have to say this was a great idea but lacked enough
effort. With a lot of hard work and programming this could be
the next Seiklus.


Mr. Pratt’s Haunted Mansion
Created By: Gareth Tilt

Reviewed By: The9thdude
It’s rare for a platformer of Mr. Pratt’s Haunted Mansion
quality to come around in a while. Mr. Pratt is a more of a run
and gun platformer but does a good job at doing it. The
graphics seem to fit well and can run a steady frame rate no
matter how many enemies are on screen. Audio is superb,
and the gameplay only has some minor issues.

Mr. Pratt’s graphics are good and fitting, with the option to
set your frame rate up to 100 fps, at which, it runs smoothly.
Overall, it some very high quality graphics with good effects
such as high particles and 30 to 100 frames per second.

Next is sound, where Mr. Pratt does well in the sound effects
area, as well as in the music area. So far, there are about 8-
10 songs in total, a good number for a Game Maker game.
Both are well-done and fit the game exceedingly.

Finally onto the gameplay, Mr. Pratt does everything a
platform shooter does well. A good number of weapons and
the controls work well. However, there is no option to aim up
or down, but past that and the occasional lack of ammo in
stages, the game is superb.


Look At: Extensions
Game Appearance Extension - ( Link ) MREG – ( Link )
Want to spice up your program? Well, this is the perfect Well, you’ve got your flashy window and your GUI, now all you
extension for you. It is simple, well documented, and easy for need is a registration system to top it off. That is what this
beginners! Not only that, but Blijbol did a good job of adding extension does for you. "The MReg System program allows
comments and making a decent manual and example. you to create registration keys for users in your program or
game. Each user can have an unlimited number of registration
Features: keys. Each key also has options, like the amount of times it can
- Activate game window be used, and IP's to ban from it."
- Flash taskbar button
- Roll in/out Some Features:
- Slide in/out - Store each users registration key information easily.
- Blend in/out - Easily copy one users information to another user.
- Minimize/Maximize window - Generate different keys with different levels of security.
- And many more! - Ban specific keys if they are being given out to other people.
- Send email internally
Documentation/Example: 5/5 - Send mass emails to all (or selected) users in a program
Functionality: 4/5 - Remember login details
Usability: 4/5
Implementation: 4/5 Documentation/Example: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5 Functionality: 5/5
Level: Beginner Usability: 4/5
Implementation: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5
Level: Intermediate

Look At: Scripts
Verlet Physics Engine V1.1 - ( Link ) Gwindows – ( Link )
Want to add some physics to your game? Well, if you want You have the extension above which makes your window flash,
them then this is an excellent script which achieves what you but there is something missing. It is the GUI. No modern
want. It has close to realistic physics (good enough for me) program (that I know of) can function with out a GUI, and that
and a nice example that demonstrates its few, yet good is where GWindows comes in. It has a relatively basic
features. appearance, in a sense that it looks very familiar with the
Windows 95 style. But, if you look close enough, you can see
Although its physics are quite realistic I personally found it that it does have support for a Windows XP style.
quite confusing on how to implement it. It certainly would've
helped if the download came with a manual on how to use the No extension is perfect, and this is no exception, it came with
scripts. But its relatively difficult way to implement it lowers its no documentation i.e. a manual, and the code is pretty lengthy
overall score a bit. which is not good for beginners. The creator also isn't very
serious in some spots, if you try it you'll see why.
Functionality: 3.5/5 Some Controls: child windows, right click menus, full menu
Usability: 4/5 bar, buttons, radio boxes, checkboxes and textboxes.
Implementation: 2/5
Overall: 3/5 Documentation/Example: 3/5
Level: Advanced Functionality: 3/5
Usability: 4/5
Implementation: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Level: Intermediate


Look At: DLL's
7 New Dialog Boxes - ( Link ) 3D collision DLL – ( Link )
Oh no, you start to test your game but it sits at a black screen This DLL's purpose is to, you guessed it; add precise 3D
for 30 seconds until it resumes, what to do? Well, with this collision to your game. It does a good job of it too!
DLL you can create a nifty little loading bar that you can
implement into that 30 second window of nothing. It has 7 Features it has:
dialog boxes, they’re pretty self-explanatory, and here they are:
- Load model
- Wait box - Check collision
- Terms of Use box - Simple example
- Quick Help box - Supports loading of 3 formats:
- Calendar box - GM model format
- List Items box - GML (must be formatted correctly). Made to work with
- Authorization box export from marzipan.
- Track Bar box - Separated format. Made to work with export from
My comments would be that there is the lack of a detailed
readme file. These are all essential for any extension for GM, However it doesn't support objects with high-polys. Its
and that is what this DLL has got. I found the comments quite collisions are good, but the physics are bad. For example,
helpful but the readme file has limited info, however it includes when your object (the ball) is 3/4 off of another object it stays
way to contact the creator. on, it only falls off once you’re completely off the object.

Documentation/Example: 4/5 Documentation/Example: 4/5
Functionality: 4.5/5 Functionality: 3.5/5
Usability: 4/5 Usability: 3/5
Implementation: 4/5 Implementation: 2/5
Overall: 4/5 Overall: 3/5
Level: Intermediate Level: Intermediate

Look At: Libraries
Basic 3D - ( Link ) Mplay – ( Link )
You've just downloaded your copy of Game Maker, and Alright, so you have you want to create a short multilayer
somehow ended up reading this section of the magazine. game because you have 5 minutes left until the bus comes.
You’re eager to make a 3D game, but have no clue where to Well look no further, with this library you can have a multilayer
start. Your brain has been fried from school homework and tank game going in minutes! It provides 14 powerful yet
you are unable to learn 3D programming in mere seconds. simple actions for the construction of a multilayer game, and
What to do? Download this library! Easy, and the icons are quite simply, that is all you need for a basic multiplayer game.
pretty! No one likes ugly icons. Aside from that, it is quite It also comes with a colorful, neatly organize manual!
powerful as it already has the coding done for you. If you want
to save hours on programming, download this! Basic features:
- Connect Automatically
Features: - Send/Receive a variable from one computer to the other
- Draw Block, Cone, Ellipse, Floor - Execute code on certain machine
- Collisions - And all the other basic functions you need!
- Draw Light
- Transformation A great library none the less, but the example needs to be
- Projection Ortho commented in some places. While in others it should use
- And much more! D&D actions.

Documentation/Example: 4/5 Documentation/Example: 4/5
Functionality: 4/5 Functionality: 4/5
Usability: 4.5/5 Usability: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5 Overall: 4.5/5
Level: Beginner Level: Beginner


WIP Look At
Hunahpu: The Memory of the Sun by correojon a lot of different obstacles, levels where the gravity is inverted
I wanted to create a simple game, so I thought of doing and pulls you towards the ceiling, underwater levels where you
something like YoMamasMama´s StickMan Escape (in case have to be fast not to drown, electric timed barriers, conveyor
you haven’t tried it, go for it, it’s a great game) or something belts, water whirlwinds, rotating spikes, springs in the floors,
like a small Metroid game that happens completely in one walls, ceilings or on moving platforms, and even puzzles to
enormous level. So I started creating the game engine which solve by pushing blocks and changing gravity! The game can
grew in complexity as I added more and more powers. After be anything but repetitive. I’m trying hard to add as many
more than 1 month, the engine was finally completed. But I different obstacles as possible and the gameplay can
thought that after having spent so much time just for the drastically change from an intense pure-platform level to a
engine, I should create a bigger game. So first I had to think more relaxed, brain crushing puzzle in a moment. You’ll never
about a good storyline for it, as this will set the whole know how the next stage will look like! Special mention for the
ambience of the game. Playing Metroid: Zero Mission on GBA, inverted gravity levels, something that I haven´t seen in any
I discovered a great level that looked some old ruins. Also, the game before, and there will be more original obstacles, like
storyline suggested that Samus´ suit and power’s origin was switches to rotate levels or change the water height, night
more mystical than technological and I loved this idea. So I levels, wind that pushes you and much more.
decided to give the game this same feeling that of an ancient
legend mixed with high-tech stuff. I started doing an intense Progress
research on Pre-Hispanic legends in South America and finally Current version is 4.c. It features 65 levels and 6 powers:
I decided to focus the game on the ancient Mayan legend of power jump, run, shrink, high jump, push and wall jump. There
the book of creation and the Mayan Hero Twins: Hunahpu and is also a map to find and 4 different sceneries (not counting
Ixbalanque. With this in mind, I started creating the storyline the ones seen in flashbacks): the complex, the temple (with
and the main graphics. All is strongly based in Mayan culture, cool fire and light effects), the cave (dark, with shiny rocks)
even the game backgrounds. For example, the tiles in the and the lake (with an incredible water effect). The people who
temple were inspired by photographs of real Mayan temples have beaten the demo needed almost 3 hours to get through
and even in the complex (game’s first level) you can read all the levels!
hidden messages in ancient Maya language in the tiles. The
storyline is huge, very complicated and full of unexpected The final release date is somewhere in next year or so. The
turns and it will show the transformation of the main game is still under 50% through the development process
character from a semi-deity who is too full on himself into a and it was started sometime around November 2006. Just
warrior that will fight for his people, putting his life into it. so you get an idea, the final release will feature around 20
There are lots of emotive moments that I hope will make you powers and more than 200 levels, divided in more than 8
drop a tear or two :). But that’s not all, the story is told sceneries! The sceneries will surely feature an ice tower, a
through flashbacks, short episodes where you can see volcano, a city on flames, the clouds in the sky, so you see, in
Hunahpu before he lost his memory and they are playable order to escape the complex Hunahpu will have to travel a lot.
chapters that are told in no particular order but that converge I want to make it as good as possible, so I’m using a lot of time
in the end. This is something like what Quentin Tarantino does in adjusting the levels to match people’s suggestions and
in some of his movies like Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. balance out difficulty. Every time I release a new demo I take a
There is even a hidden plot that will show you the real origin of little break from the project and use this time to play other
Hunahpu and it will only be accessed by finding the 4 secret games, as this helps me get perspective and come up with
powerups. new ideas i.e. by playing Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of
Time I’ve thought of some cool things that you will see in demo
In conclusion, I’ve put a lot of work into something that is #5.
usually ignored in GM games and tried to embed it into the
gameplay, and by the reactions so far, it seems people love it Final words
:). Well, I’d just like to thank gamez93 for offering me the chance
to talk about the game on his magazine :) and of course
Design: everyone who has tested the game and helped me by
There are plenty of platform games out there, so what makes reporting bugs or providing feedback, specially Zccc,
Hunahpu different? Well, the flashback/powerup system is a random(x, y), Carnivac (formerly Wolverine on GMC) and all
really original idea and testers have said they love it. The level the guys at the Helix Community (Cookinater, Nick_the_b,
design has a lot of work behind it (don’t think that you will just Badwolf, Quakster, Ogmozero, Edmunn, Vidimir Rayne,
have to go right and press the jump key every once in a while) PaperClipGames, Dragon Reborn, Dilbertguy. Yes, lots of
you’ll have to explore the levels to continue advancing. But people, the topic there is 8 pages long already, a big THANK
even without the exploration feature, the game introduces YOU to all of you guys!

Links: GMC Topic | YoYo Games


Interview With: Cactus
GMT: The games that you have released all have retro kill a game, and I'm hoping that it won't do so in this case. With
graphics, music and gameplay. Why do you prefer making each successive game I've completed, I've felt that my
your games like that? discipline and my abilities have grown. The games I produce
CTS: “It's mostly a matter of speed. It's one of the reasons that may not always be outstanding, but I learn from everything I
I can make games so fast. I have a track record of over twenty do, and the next time I do something I'll have a greater chance
finished games and it's still rising. I also get a lot of praise for at getting to where I want with it.”
the way they look, so there are really no bad aspects of me
keeping things simple. Making games that look retro is not GMT: Would you expect it to become better than any game
just efficiency though, but the simplicity in itself can also be that you have previously made?
attractive for a lot of people. I personally think that it's good to CTS: “Yes. I mean, I haven't created any really good games yet.
have games that look like games, as there are way too many I know I have the potential to do so, but it's a matter of
people who seem to only focus on trying to mimic reality.” motivation. It's easy to finish small and interesting
experiments like some of the ones I've made previously, but
GMT: Which one of your completed games do you consider doing more than that is really hard. I don't think ‘Akuchizoku’
the best you have ever made? will be anywhere close to what I could do if I really did my best,
CTS: “That's a hard one. I think ‘Burn the Trash’ is the game but I don't think fans of my previous games will be
that I was most surprised with at how good it became disappointed.”
considering how little time I spent on it. Ultimately I'm pretty
happy with most of my recent games. Clean Asia has been the GMT: You have never made a side-scrolling SHMUP before.
game that people have seemed to enjoy the most, and that Why did you decide that this would be one?
also means that I've gotten a lot out of it. Much like anyone CTS: “Partially for that reason, because I have never made a
else, I love being praised for what I do. But I spent enough time side scrolling SHMUP before. There are also some things you
with it to grow tired of playing it. I haven't even beaten it can't do in vertical shooters that I wanted to try. The bad
myself, really. It's a hard game.” aspect of making a horizontal SHMUP is that it's really hard to
make it symmetrical and clean because of the profile view.
GMT: As I understand, you are currently in the process of However, in vertical shooters you can't really take advantage
making a new SHMUP called "Akuchizoku". Can you tell us a bit of a ceiling or a floor. In ‘Akuchizoku’ explosions and debris are
about it? more physically interesting than in my previous efforts. Parts
CTS: “‘Akuchizoku’ is a bit different from my other shoot 'em of enemies rain down on the ground when you blow them up,
ups, being a horizontal scrolling shooter, as opposed to the and many of the enemies' projectiles are affected by gravity.
vertical ones I've previously made. It will also be very plot It's also interesting to be able to draw faces, wheels and legs
based, and have cut scenes in between levels. The game on the in-game graphics for once.”
starts out in 1964 and the main character of the story is
Sergeant Frank Stone, a helicopter pilot locked away in a GMT: Do you think many people will buy your game?
mental institute. He claims that he knows the future, in which CTS: “Yes. I think that people many people who play the demo
a terrorist organization will emerge from Japan to eradicate will be interested in seeing more of the game. I've already had
mankind. You get to follow him through his story as he tries to over forty pre-orders already, just from publishing a few
save the day. However, things get all the more complicated screenshots and an early gameplay video. Besides, the game
when time travel comes into play, and Frank soon finds out doesn't cost much and it has had a lot of exposure
that there are many things in this world that he never would've considering that it hasn't even been released yet. So I'm pretty
believed existed.” optimistic about it.”

GMT: How do you think it will turn out?
CTS: “I think it will turn out to be one of my better games. It's
the first time I've tried to make money from something I've
created, so I'm feeling kind of pressured to keep it at a high
level of quality. I'm also getting a custom soundtrack for once,
made by the very talented John Marwin, who has provided me
with songs for many of my earlier games.

The game itself started out as a bit of a joke. I wanted to see if
people would pay for something that was easy for me to make.
But then I came to the stage that I always seem to get to,
where I really want to make it special. Ambitions like that can
Game Website:
Cactus's Website:


Interview With: Radnom
GMT: Tell us a bit about you, the creator behind GunLimb? GMT: We hear about so many clone games, and you have
RDM: “I'm Sean Flannigan, more known as 'Radnom' on the created something original, tells us about your thoughts?
internet. Radnom is not a typo by the way, pronounced "rad - RDM: “I think originality is a very important aspect of video
gnomm". I live in New Zealand, I'm 17 years old, and enjoy games. Clone games are a product of the uninspired.
making games in my spare time, and during school hours. This Remakes are okay, but only if they add something new to the
is okay though, because I'm going to a game programming original.
Originality for the sake of originality is not always a good thing.
I started making computer games at the age of 11, and No-one wants to play a 'watering the grass' simulator, no
started using Game Maker at 12. I left High School at 17 to matter how original it is. If you're going to put originality in your
get into Media Design School. game, make sure it will add to the fun of the game. I'm being a
little hypocritical here, though, because GunLimb's control
I made GunLimb for a 'B-Game' contest held on The scheme actually made it harder to control than basic platform
Independent Gaming Source ( Voting's not shooters.
over until October 16, so sign up and vote for your favourite
(hint hint) B-Game! ( Link ) I always try to make original games - or at least, put a spin on
the games that are already there! GunLimb is a mouse look
I entered the contest late, so GunLimb was very rushed. While platform shooter, nothing original about that. Its originality
making it I was also working on a Connect 4 project for school comes from its control method, the way you move, and the
(which was an incredibly important school project) and I only storyline.”
had about two weeks to make it. As you can see, the last half
of the game was badly rushed, because it was made late at GMT: As a developer I am sure you are always looking to learn
night before the contest ended. new techniques, while developing Gun Limb, what have you
There are a lot of things I'd like to fix in GunLimb, such as the RDM: “I've learned a lot of really small things, through
absence of sound. I've started on voice acting for the cut experimentation. I had a short timeframe to make the game,
scenes, and hopefully I'll get around to making a Redux version so fortunately everything worked as planned (or better) first
of the game.” time through!”

GMT: Do you see GM as a limited tool and are thinking about GMT: Are there any members you look at and see yourself
moving to other tools? being like them in a few years time?
RDM: “Actually I am doing a large course dedicated to RDM: “Oh, I hope not! I'd much rather be my own person.”
programming games in C++. This will hopefully get me a good
job doing what I love! I'll still probably use Game Maker for GMT: If you could come up with something that WILL be in
game prototypes, and smaller projects (like GunLimb). I'm still GM8 what would it be and why?
not sure if I'd rather work for a large company, or working as RDM: “I'm not totally sure I understand the question - I don't
an independent developer. Being independent means I will know what will be in GM8. What would I like to be in GM8? I'm
always have full creative control over all my projects, and not sure about that, either - I've got everything I need back in
that's definitely a good thing! If I was working for a company, GM6! I guess all I'd really like is for Game Maker to process
they'd have to be a fun and creative company, like Free Radical everything faster. Perhaps faster 3D functionality.
Design or Insomniac.
Oh, and onion skinning in the sprite editor would be lovely,
Game Maker is definitely limited, but it's still a great tool. along with an 'add new frame' button in the actual spriting
Limitations can actually enhance creativity, because there will window.”
always be people trying to push them to their extent.”
GMT: Your username, is it a typo or just how you want it?
GMT: Do you hate YoYo or love them, and why? RDM: “It's not a typo! I've been using the name since I was 13,
RDM: “I don't hate nor love them - they're definitely doing some but I could spell back then as well. It just happens to be
amazing things for Game Maker, such as hopefully porting it somewhat like 'random' which is kind of the point. It's like a
to the Mac platform, but I don't particularly like their GM7 randomly mixed up version of random. It's unique.”
EULA. I do hope they stick with Game Maker though, because
it has incredible potential as a game design tool. They had a GMT: Are you working on any exclusive projects that you may
rough start, but they're overall a good thing for Game Maker.” want to share some screenshots about or so?
RDM: “Actually I'm right in-between projects, so nope, sorry!
I've already had another two ideas just this morning, but no
code or sprites.”


Interview With: Pug Fugly
Return To Sector 9
GMT: So when you started R2S9, what were you planning on GMT: What was the biggest obstacle in this game that you
programming? (Just start of with some basics and let the had to overcome?
game grow gradually or did you have everything planned out PFG: “Keeping my enthusiasm up. Since I started the game
from the start?) more than 2 years ago, I've taken part in several contests
PFG: “Originally R2S9 was going to be pretty much the same (with Horace and Pyramid) and taken breaks for other
as ambush but with more enemies and power ups. I started reasons. The hardest thing is going back to a large project I
the game in Game Maker 5.3 and had a decent enough haven't touched for months.”
version going.
GMT: What are you most proud of in this game?
However, once Game Maker 6 came out, I started again. PFG: “I'm just happy with the way the whole thing turned out. It
Pretty much from the start of this project I wanted several looks good, plays well, and there is plenty to do. People seem
game modes. I didn't design anything at the start though - I to enjoy it.”
just began the development and took it from there. I tend to
do that with all my games - start development while the game GMT: What do you think you could have sharpened or worked
is little more than an idea.” on?
PFG: “Some of the game modes could have done with a little
GMT: Do you find that to be a more effective way of game more variety I think, and the enemies in the main gameplay
development? mode could possibly do with a few more movement styles. The
PFG: “Works for me. I don't really get enough spare time main criticisms I get are that the enemies are a bit replicated
these days to plan games. It's a hobby, it has to be fun, and in the main game mode. Also the controls, but they're as
for me spending weeks drawing up design documents is not intended. Can't believe people still suggest mouse aiming.”
fun. I prefer to let the games develop organically.”
GMT: As a game programmer, who do you think is your main
GMT: Do you think it could be effective in a business line of competition?
game development? PFG: “Well to be honest I don't see it as competition. I'm good
PFG: “Nah. With today's commercial games, good planning is friends with some of the biggest names in the GM world, and
essential I imagine.” want them to do well.”

GMT:I also noticed the different enemies and their different GMT: It was said that you used help from others along way of
tactics on destroying the player. How did you come up with the the development of this game, are these people managers of
ideas for these enemies? their services and resources or are they solely working for
PFG: “Well to be honest I don't think there is that much variety. you, with you or under you?
All enemies use the same basic AI - even the enemies in PFG: “I accepted a lot of contributions. As well as the GMG
squadrons revert to individual behaviour. There are a few ship contest, which resulted in 3 ships for the game (1 player,
different movement patterns, like the jellyfish sort of 2 enemies), I asked the EO for contributions. This resulted in
swimming, but the core AI is the same. most of the player ships being designed by various EO
members, along with a couple of music tracks and a few
The bosses have variety. For each boss I tried to make them in ideas.
some way related to the enemies of that stage. So basically
the bosses grew from the normal enemies of each stage. I like to work that way. If people want to make a contribution, I'll
take it if it's good enough. If nobody wants to contribute I'll do
It's getting quite plain to see - I basically make everything up as everything myself.”
I go with no plan.”
Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Pug Fugly.
GMT: What was the hardest thing to program?
PFG: “To be honest there wasn't much in the game that gave
me much trouble to program. I suppose the enemy AI was
slightly difficult to get working how I wanted, but even that was
reasonably straightforward.”



Find The Bug By Medieval
Hello readers, in this new section we will showcase the weirdest, sloppiest and buggiest GML code snippets for you to solve in
your free time, just like newspaper crosswords. Iron out ANYTHING that might be wrong – no hints given – so that you can feel
satisfied when you solve it.

if ((hspeed == 0){if(random(3)<1 && plac_free(x-4,y))){hspeed=-4 && vspeed=0;}
if -random(3)<1&&place_free(x+4,y)){speed=4;speed=0;}}else{
if +random(3)<1&&place_free(x,y-4))){(vspeed=0;hspeed=-4;)}

It’s up to you to find out if this is easy or not, this code has been disorganized and made as messy as possible – enjoy solving
this one. We will have a new ‘Find the Bug’ puzzle in the next issue.


Word Search
Do you have the eye of a warrior, if not it doesn’t really matter, because you can still take part in the Word Search. Completing
it will earn you nothing, but it’s still a nice time passer. Answers will be posted in Issue 9 of GM Tech Magazine.


Words to Find Magazine
Community Mark
Game Maker Overmars
GM Tech Sandy
Issue Eight Smarty
KC LC YoYo Games

Spot The Difference
Can you spot the differences between these two images? The image is from the well-known game Gunlimb by Radnom, You can
find the game here as well as an interview with him on page 30.

As always there are five differences to find.


Free Applications
Ever been bothered that Microsoft Word could not save a
document as a *.PDF file? I was, but found this after some
searching. It allows you to convert any printable page to a PDF
file, which means that it works with many other applications as
well. This way you can more easily create a good looking
documentation for your game, program, tutorial or anything
that you might need it for. The ease of use is incredible. When
you install the program, there will be a printer added to the list
called ‘PDFCreator’ which, if you select it and click ‘Print’,
brings you to a menu where you can set your document name,
author, and much more. The interface of the application itself
is not important. This program also supports other file types.

If you want to make 3D graphics for your games, you wouldn’t
want to pay a lot of money for a professional program, right?
What about Blender then? Too hard to use? Anim8or is what
you should use then! It’s very easy to make a 3D graphics with
it after completing a few very easy tutorials, which are
available on the site. Some features of this program are:
• Pre-built primitives for you to place in your sandbox.
• Render images of your model.
• Scripting Language.
• Texture support.
• Exporting to *.3DS, *.OBJ and others.
• Plus many more...

This is to just give you an impression what this program
contains. Enjoy creating!

Nvu is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
HTML/CSS website editor, allowing you to do anything that
you could do with plain HTML and CSS. Any modification you
make is immediately shown in the preview of your site, making
it easier for you to check if it fits your preference. Although
this program is limited to only (x)HTML and CSS, it does its job
good and the websites that are created with it, if only the
WYSIWYG editor is used, are fully valid. However, if you edit
the HTML source code, you can validate it and even clean it up
automatically. This program is great for people who need a
website for their game, but don’t want to pay a small fortune
to buy Dreamweaver, or any other commercial website editing
program. The reason we picked this application above other
programs that do support more scripting languages, is
because this is easier for the regular user, and still does the
job perfectly. Enjoy!


Take A Look


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