Manisha Chaudhry Ketan Raut

Original Story in 'The Jungle School' by Madhav Chavan and Meera Tendolkar Remixed Story: 'The Funny Math Test' by Manisha Chaudhry

Illustrations: Ketan Raut

Original publication by Pratham Books

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Typesetting and Layout by Pratham Books, New Delhi

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Written by

Manisha Chaudhry
Illustrated by

Ketan Raut

This story was remixed as a part of the 'Retell, Remix and Rejoice Contest' conduct by Pratham Books.

Someone had thrown a piece of chalk at Ssarakta Snake but he had ducked! It had landed near Shera Sir while he was writing on the board. What would he do now? Nobody wanted to guess.

He turned around and roared, "Maths Test tomorrow!"

This was terrible! Tomorrow they were to go to the Tedha Tree House for a picnic but now Shera Sir was in such a bad mood.

They had to think of something. The Tedha Tree House was a most exciting place and they had looked forward to this for weeks.

rry, r. Plea the picnic tomorrow. We'll take two Maths Tests next week." Shera Sir looked at them long and hard. "If only you all would pay attention in class...Tomorrow, you will have your Maths test ... at the Tedha Tree House!" They had to bring different things and Shera Sir would give them a sum each.A pencil, a horse shoe, a slate ...this was going to be a fun Maths Test.

The next day,they did their sums easily and then had the best picnic ever! Shera Sir could be scary but he was a real sport too.

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