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MATERIALS TIMBER: is a natural material which continues to satisfy requirements for performance and cost in a wide range of use

as structural material.

PLASTIC: Is a organic material derived from petroleum and to a small extent from coal which at some stage in processing are plastic when heated.


PROPERTIES STRENGTH: It has a high strength, its general strength increases with the density particularly within a species. THERMAL INSULATOR: timber is good thermal insulator, its allows a good movement of heat around buildings. APPEARANCE: the appearance of timber can be promoted by the finishes provided on it. STRENGTH: Plastic is a tough material which means it has a good strength for it to resist insulation and can easily be moulded to shapes. MOISTURE MOVEMENT: Most plastic absorbs very little water, chief exception, cellulose acetate and certain types of nylon, well with moisture absorption. THERMAL INSULATION: The thermal conductivity of thee block varies mainly with density. Thus kvalue are 1.10175 for dense

LIFESPAN The life span of timber is synonymous with resistance to fungal attack. It is very crucial to realise that by no means all hardwoods are durable. The durability of timber can be increased by preservation treatment.

LIMITATIONS Timber is classified as hard and soft woods, light, attached by dry rot and water, need treatment.

Plastic do not rot or corrode and in general they have good resistance to the chemicals normally encounter in building work. The performance of plastic products varies widely with the type and grade of polymer and with any compound ingredients used, the control exercised in manufacture.

Durability of factory made concrete products is generally high. An open textured block is less likely to suffer from frost attack than smooth blocks which may develop micro attacks.

They might be weak in tension, can be attacked by sulphates

aggregates blocks, 0.21-0.27 for autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. SOUND INSULATION: concrete blocks are good insulator of sound more especially when of cavity wall and finishes on both faces with lightweight plaster. BRICKS


STRENGTH: Rock Rocks are the largest lasting is hard material building building material which means its strength is very high. THERMAL MOVEMENT: Rock is a hard to keep warm without using large amount of heating resources. BS6073 PRECAST CONCRETE MASONRY UNITS

Always available. A very dense material so it gives a lot of protection