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The Anne Sullivan School


P.S. 238
1633 East 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11223

December 2008
Vo l u m e 1 , I s s u e 2

5th Grade Newsletter
December Events
Writer’s Workshop
On Monday, December 1, the fifth grade will be going on a trip
to the Staten Island Museum to see an exhibit on geology called In December, the fifth grade will publish their
“Fire and Ice”. This trip correlates to what we have been studying realistic fiction stories and continue to use the
in science since November and what we will continue to be writing process to begin writing a Response to
learning more about this month. On Tuesday, December 16, 5-321 Literature. The students will learn strategies to
will be going on a trip to Historical Richmondtown in Staten engage the reader, advance a judgment that is
Island. There they will become historical detectives and examine interpretative, analytic, evaluative, or reflective;
primary documents that were important in the 1700 and 1800’s in
supports judgment through references to the text,
other works, authors, or personal knowledge; and
American history.
demonstrates an understanding of the literary
On Monday, December 22, P.S. 238 will have its annual
Winter/Talent Show. We hope all of you can attend this exciting
and fun night of dancing and singing! There will be no school from
Wednesday, December 24 to January 2, 2009. We would like to
wish everyone a happy holiday and new year! We will cover Unit 5 and Unit 6 of Everyday
Math. Unit 5 focuses on Fractions, Decimals
Please make sure your child is reading every night and and Percents. We will review fraction concepts
completing his/her reading homework in preparation for the ELA
such as exploring mixed numbers, comparing
Test in January. On day one, the students will be required to read
several passages and answer questions and respond to one short and ordering fractions, and finding equivalent
answer question. Day 2 consists of a listening passage followed by fractions; practice turning fractions into decimals
four questions and one short answer response as well as an and percents; and review the properties and
editing passage where the students will have to correct several
errors in capitalization, punctuation and grammar. construction of bar and circle graphs.

Reader’s Workshop Unit 6 focuses on Using Data and Adding
Our emphasis for December is on reading realistic fiction
books, survival and adventures stories. We will be exploring high and Subtracting Fractions. We will formulate
quality books through Literature Circles. The students will work conclusions and make predictions from graphs;
independently, with a small group of their peers and with their develop and explain an argument verbally,
teacher to examine these selected texts. The students will
numerically, and/or graphically; and use a
conduct discussions that facilitate comprehension and
accountable talk to complete written tasks which will variety of strategies to add and subtract fractions
demonstrate their comprehension skills. They will each be and mixed numbers. Use the Family Letter for
assigned a job in their literature circle. Unit 5 and 6 to help your child learn the math
During December, the fifth grade will continue to read for vocabulary and to review your child’s Study
stamina during independent reading. We will be focusing on Link HW.
important reading strategies and skills during Reader’s Workshop

Social Studies and Science
to increase the students’ literacy and fluency skills which they
will apply during guided reading and Literature Circles. We will
continue to prepare for the ELA State exam which will be on
This month in Social Studies, the fifth grade will
Tuesday, January 13 and January 14.
learn about the geography of Latin America with an
Encourage your child to read as many books/essays on emphasis on its landforms; its economics. its
these genres as possible that are on his/her “Just Right” people and key events that help shape this great
reading level. Ensure that your child reads for a minimum region. The fifth grade will also study the ancient
of 30 minutes and completes their Reading Log entry civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas.
every night. Your signature is required on the Reading
Log. Please make sure that your child is also responding
to what they are reading by using the 50 Sentence Leads This month in Science, the fifth grade will
for Reading Responses. Ms. Escowitz’ class is assigned continue to learn about Earth Science with an
two leads a night. Please encourage your child’s emphasis on the earth’s landforms and its
comprehension by asking him/her to restate, summarize, topography. The fifth grade will also learn about
and make connections to what he/she has read. the structure of the Earth, volcanoes and