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Case Study

Delicina / Good appetite, good night!

Visual identity
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Package design

Scandia Food had been working on an innovative product range together with the well-known nutritionist Alin Popescu long before its management team approached BrandTailors for a branding program that would compliment such a well-designed marketing endeavor. The product range that was to be marketed under the Delicina brand name was portion-sized to fit a light, but nourishing dinner. Consisting of lighter meat, such as poultry or beef, in delicious sauces, the Delicina canned ready meals only need a side dish to make a perfect dinner for two.


From the very beginning, we appreciated the consumer-oriented approach of Scandia Foods marketing team and the strategic decision to cover a specific consumption moment and need state within the category. Moreover, the new brand would beautifully fit in the companys brand portfolio architecture.

The brand platform solution was founded on the consumer insight according to which women needed to choose between dinner satiety and a good nights sleep, Delicina being able to offer both a delicious meal and the best premises for night rest.

Andreea Florea Brand Strategy Coordinator 1/2

The brands visual identity displays a photo-realistic frying pan, comprising a symbol of the recommended consumption moment within the wordmark. When the product concept is so well developed, the visual identity solution comes naturally and the brand is as distinctive as it can be.

The brand enjoys an endorsement from Dr. Alin Popescu nutrition specialist that goes beyond advertising recommendation into the brands DNA, as the product recipes are the perfect combination between nutritional balance and the taste attributes considered mandatory for the ready meals category.

Ovidiu Pop Group Creative Director

Following Alin Popescus recommendations, we associated a sidedish to every product in the Delicina range, generously displayed in a beauty shot at the core of the packaging graphics. The design concept is atmosphere-based, so as to further leverage on the brands main association dinner time whereas the warm yellow used as brand blocking color helps generate both a strong contrast with the color coding chromatics and a solar and optimistic brand visual tone-of-voice.

As an almost complete novelty for Romanian-developed FMCG brands, the back label tells a story by itself. Informative and enjoyable both visually and verbally the back label was designed to significantly contribute to a pleasant consumer experience with the brand.

Melania Moisi Group Creative Director

Brand strategy and rhetoric - Andreea Florea Logo design - Ovidiu Pop Package design - Melania Moisi Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea Project management - Alina Crang, Cristina Ionescu
Project implementation started in March 2012. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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