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the organic road map 2012

The Organic Road Map is an organic sector directory, compiled by Organic Alberta, which lists companies and organizations that provide products and services to those involved in the Organic Sector. For example, producers may use this document as a Road Map to find inputs such as seed and feed; services such as processing and certification; and buyers such as brokers, restaurants and retailers. Alternatively retailers may use this document to find processed and packaged products to sell, or processors may search

for organic ingredients or places to sell their product. To find a listing of all the organic producers and their products in Alberta, you can use our Online Organic Producers Directory at The Organic Road Map will be available in PDF format for free on Organic Albertas website at and as a paper document for a small fee. To order a printed copy please contact 780-271-1116 or

organic road map 2012 Editor:Vanessa Hanel Researcher: Kate Haddow Publisher: Organic Alberta Designer: Woodward Design

T: 780-271-1116

organic alberta Organic Alberta is a membership driven non-profit association. We represent organics in Alberta and strengthen the organic community through leadership, networking, education, communication and advocacy. We are a collaboration of all stakeholders - from consumers to producers and all those in between.

We encourage all businesses involved in organics in Alberta to become a member of Organic Alberta. Not only will you stay connected with news, events, resources and business opportunities, but you will support the growth of the overall industry by allowing Organic Alberta to provide even more services and programs. To become a member go to or call 780-271-1116.

F: 780-434-1616 E: W:

Want to be listed in the organic road map? We are already preparing for the 2013 Organic Road Map. If you want to be included, want to advertise, or simply want to upgrade your listing, please go to organic-road-map or contact us

DISCLAIMER: A listing in this directory does not guarantee the product or service provider is certified organic or approved for use in organic systems in Canada. Discuss any potential change in an organic production plan and acceptability of a product with your certifying body prior to purchase and use. If purchasing a product to sell as organic, please ask to see a certified organic certificate.

at or 780-271-1116.

the organic road map

table of contents
AssociAtions Brokers, Buyers, trAders certifiers distriButors feed food ingredients grAnts & ProgrAms inPuts Processor: ABAttoir, cut & WrAP Processor: cereAls, Pulses & oilseeds Processor: consumer reAdy PAckAged Products Processor: seed & grAin cleAner retAilers Who PurchAse orgAnic Products restAurAnts Who PurchAse orgAnic Products suPPlies & services seed other communicAtion & extension livestock finisher educAtion soil lABorAtory 21 22 22 22 4 4 7 8 9 9 10 10 11 12 14 17 19 20 21 21

ALbERTA ORgANIC PRODuCERS ASSOCIATION kathy Petterson rr1 morinville, AB t8r 1P4 P: 780-939-5808 f: 780-939-6738 e: W: See full listing in Certifiers.

brokers, buyers, traders

ARTESIAN ACRES INC. Brian smillie rr3 lacombe, AB t4l 2n3 P: 403 782-5075 f: 403-782-5334 e: W: Artesian Acres has been marketing organic grain since 1990. bAuML SEEDS dave Bauml Box 213 lake lenore, sk s0k 2J0 P: 306-682-3043 Processors and brokers for organic cereals, pulses and oilseeds. bIO-NEuTRA 9413A 20 Ave edmonton, AB t6n 1e5 P: 780-466-1481 f: 780-801-0036 W: buyers of local agriculture cereal crops.

CAN-OAT MILLINg Janet Wilson Box 4615 manola community Barrhead, AB t7n 1A5 P: 780-674-3960 e: W: buyer of organic oats. C.b. CONSTANTINI LTD. mike costantini 730 - 1508 West Broadway Ave vancouver, Bc v6J 1W8 P: 604-669-1212 e: W: Organic agri-feed/food ingredient dealers. Canada/USA certified. CgF bROKERAgE AND CONSuLTINg merv Berscheid 717 - 43 st e saskatoon, sk s7k 0v7 P: 800-667-6378 f: 306-244-8565 e: W: Grain brokerage, dedicated to finding a buyer that suits you. DOMINION FARMS LTD.

ORgANIC ALbERTA Becky lipton 4709 44 Ave stony Plain, AB t7Z 1n4 P: 780-271-1116 f: 780-434-1616 e: W: Organic Alberta is a membership driven nonprofit association. We represent organics in Alberta and strengthen the organic community through leadership, networking, education, communication and advocacy. We are a collaboration of all stakeholders - from consumers to producers and all those in between.

CANADIAN WHEAT bOARD donna youngdahl 423 main street Winnipeg, mB r3c 2P5 P: 204-983-5799 f: 204-983-3841 e: W: The CWb buys and sells organic wheat and durum.

dayton funk rr1 richard, sk s0m 2P0 P: 306-246-4666 f: 306-246-4912 e: W: Dominion Farms Ltd. provides procurement of organic products and services.

the organic road map

HIgHWOOD CROSSINg FOODS LTD. tony marshall 810 centre st se high river, AB t1v 1e8 P: 403-652-1910 f: 403-652-7511 e: W: buy cereals, pulses & oilseeds for processing. INFRAREADy PRODuCTS LTD. mark Pickard 1438 fletcher road saskatoon, sk s7m 5t2 P: 306-242-4950 f: 306-242-4213 e: W: Sourcing cereal grains, oilseeds, pulses, ancient grains and blends.

gROWERS INTERNATIONAL ORgANIC SALES INC. (61051) FW CObS John Brooks st. Albans Bay, vermont P: 888-531-4888 ext. 2 f: 306-644-4888 e: W: FW Cobs is an international organic commodities buyer of feed grains. Products include barley, peas, oats, wheat and organic screenings.We are proud to serve the organic feed industries with top quality feed ingredients. For more information or if you have product to sell please call or email us.Visit us on our website. mark gimby or lorne lix 309 11 st e saskatoon, sk s7n 0e5 P: 306-652-4529 e:, W: growers International Organic Sales Inc (61051) is a merchant, not a broker, and is licensed and bonded by the Canadian grain Commission.We provide dedicated certified organic facilities for delivery at Lang,Wolseley, and bracker, Saskatchewan, as well as loaded railcar options for some grains. Please contact Mark or Lorne at (306) 652-4529 or (306) 653-5512.

gATTuSO INC. - bIObIO CHEESE Pierre gattuso 200, 154 laurier Ave W montreal, Qc h2t 2n7 P: 514-875-2222 f: 514-875-8848 e: W: See full listing in Distributors. gRAIN MILLERS INC. terry tyson Box 5040, 1 grain millers dr yorkton, sk s3n 3Z4 P: 306-783-2931 f: 306-786-6733 e: W: Organic Oat, Flax, Wheat, barley, Lentil Processors & Traders.

MARKET PLACE COMMODITIES LTD 3875 9 Ave n lethbridge, AB t1h 6g8 P: 403-394-1711 e: W: Provides marketing services to the agriculture and processing industries. MuMMS SPROuTINg SEEDS maggie mumm Box 80 Parkside, sk s0J 2A0 P: 306-747-2935 f: 306-747-3618 e: Were looking for alfalfa seed, peas, lentils, oilseeds, wheat & grains.

NEWCO gRAIN LTD. Box 717 coaldale, AB t1m 1m6 P: 403-345-3335 f: 403-345-2040 e: W: Informative Ag Marketing got grain? Need Help Marketing? Call us. PRAIRIE HERITAgE SEEDS ORgANICS INC. Alex galarneau Box 457 radville, sk s0c 2g0 P: 306-869-2926 f: 306-869-2750 e: W: Serving farmers since 1981. Purchasing grains, pulses and oilseeds. R.W. ORgANIC LTD.

INTERLAKE FORAgE SEEDS LTD. Paul gregory or dwight nahuliak Box 328 fisher Branch, mB r0c 0Z0 P: 800-990-1390 f: 204-372-6635 e: W: IFS is an industry leader in certified organic forage seed marketing and contracting with over 10 years experience shipping organic seeds internationally.We strive to know our growers operations so they can diversify, improve their soil health and their bottom line.We offer free consulting utilizing a professional agrologist with over 25 years of experience.

KEySTONE gRAIN LTD. roger rivest Box 1236 Winkler, mB r6W 4B3 P: 519-687-3522 f: 519-687-3745 e: W: Special crops - buyer/processor/ exporter - flax, wheat, soybeans, spelt. LACKAWANNA PRODuCTS CORPORATION Bill hajt 8545 main st. calrence, ny usA 14031 P: 716-633-1940 f: 716-633-1490 e: Traders of all organic grains and organic by-products.

NEW CENTuRy PRODuCE, INC. - gRAIN DIV dennis kontos Box 123 - 3785 schubert rd Armstrong, Bc v0e 1B4 P: 250 546 0499 f: 250 546 2880 e: W: New Century Produce Inc. is a dynamic company trading domestically and internationally in the multifaceted organic industry. Our grain division takes pride in the expertise of over 30 years combined experience.We source, transport and deliver from small lots to containerized and bulk quantities. Our commitment is to equitable and open business practices by working in partnership with suppliers and buyers.

teresa farr Box 222 mossbank, sk s0h 3g0 P: 306-354-2660 f: 306-354-2661 e: W: Licensed and bonded, currently buying spring wheat and other grains. SHAMROCK SEEDS LTD. 1502 17 st West saskatoon, sk s7m 4A4 P: 306-249-4151 f: 306-249-4155 Specialize in procurement, processing and trading of all organic commodities.

the organic road map

THE ORgANIC bOx danny & miranda turner 3620 - 98 st edmonton, AB t6e 6B4 P: 780-469-1900 f: 780-469-1971 e: W: See full listing in Retailers who purchase organic products.


CENTRE FOR SySTEMS INTEgRATION roy vanWyk 200 - 240 catherine st ottowa, on k2P 2g8 P: 613-236-6451 f: 613-236-7000 e: W: CSI, Centre for Systems Integration, is a Canadian-based organic certification body providing producers and processors with access to the Canadian, uS, Eu and Japanese markets. ECOCERT CANADA 71 st. onesime levis, Qc g6v 5Z4 P: 418-838-6941 f: 418-838-9823 E: W: Your certification body for sustainable development. gLObAL ORgANIC ALLIANCE Betty kananen Box 530, 3185 township road 179 Bellefontaine, oh usA P: 937-593-1232 f: 937-593-9507 e: W: Accredited to certify the following programs: NOP, COR, JAS & Eu. INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION SERVICES INC. 301 5 Ave se medina north dakota 58467, usA P: 701-486-3578 f: 701-486-3580 e: W: ICS certify producers/non-producers to COR, NOP & additional programs.

ALbERTA ORgANIC PRODuCERS ASSOCIATION kathy Petterson rr1 morinville, AB t8r 1P4 P: 780-939-5808 f: 780-939-6738 e: W: Alberta Organic Producers Association is a non-profit organization.We offer: organic certification by OCIA International which is member owned; mentorship, workshops, field days, annual general meetings, newsletters; opportunity to be involved in the organic food industry from production to consumer; unequaled membership support.

SuNRISE FOODS INTERNATIONAL INC. Jake neufeld 2162 Airport dr saskatoon, sk s7l 6m6 P: 306-931-4576 f: 306-931-6770 e: W: Sunrise Foods International Inc. has been providing exemplary organic grain trading and marketing services to Western Canada for 15 years.They handle all cereals, feed products, lentils, soybeans, flax, screenings, and other specialty products. Please contact for current pricing information and to discuss future contracting options.

TRADEx COMMODITy gROuP INC. sean Bursaw 100 - 715 saskatchewan cres W saskatoon, sk s7m 5v7 P: 306-975-7066 f: 306-975-7067 e: W: bulk commodity distributor for end users, feed manufacturers, and export.

OCIA INTERNATIONAL 1340 north cotner Blvd lincoln, ne usA P: 402-477-2323 f: 402-477-4325 Organic certification agency. ORgANIC PRODuCERS ASSOCIATIONS OF MANITObA (OPAM) tiffany Priestley 123 north railway Ave miniota, mB r0m 1m0 P: 204-567-3745 f: 204-567-3749 e: W: Member-owned co-operative dedicated to certifying organic producers and processors. PACIFIC AgRICuLTuRAL CERTIFICATION SOCIETy (PACS) roz cripps 3402 32 Ave vernon, Bc v1t 2n1 P: 250-558-7927 f: 250-558-7947 E: W: Provides internationally recognized certification services to the agriculture & food sector.

PRO-CERT ORgANIC SySTEMS LTD. cody sander Box 100A, rr3, 475 valley road saskatoon, sk s7k 3J6 P: 306-382-1299 f: 306-382-0683 e: W: National certifier of organic food products. QMI ORgANICS INC. daniela sosnowski Box 36002, 10991 no. one road richmond, Bc v7e 1s0 P: 800-268-7321 f: 778-297-1694 e: W: orgcert/ Accredited organic certifying body.

gATTuSO INC. - bIObIO CHEESE Pierre gattuso 200, 154 laurier Ave W montreal, Qc h2t 2n7 P: 514-875-2222 f: 514-875-8848 e: W: Organic Cheese: Cheddar (mild to 5 years of aging), gouda, Light Feta, 7% Low Fat, Parmesan, Swiss, Parmigiano Reggiano (18 & 24 months). Packaging: 200 gr, 2.27 kg blocks. gENERATIONS PACKAgINg & DISTRIbuTION randy schroeder Box 878 onoway, sk t0e 1v0 780-967-6868 e: W: Full service contract and custom private label manufacturing company. KROWN PRODuCE INC. ermin Arnautovic 4923 - 47 st se calgary, AB t2B 3s5 P: 403-720-3001 e: Fruit and vegetable wholesalers.

bELAND ORgANIC FOODS (WESTERN OFFICE) 792 W 66 Ave vancouver, Bc v6P 2r5 P: 604-216-1104 f: 604-732-9444 W: brokerage services to organic manufacturers and suppliers; wholesaler.

the organic road map

PRO ORgANICS John Benedetti 4535 still creek Ave Burnaby, Bc v5c 5W1 P: 604-253-6549 f: 604-253-0439 e: W: Canadas organic fresh food leader. THE ORgANIC bOx danny & miranda turner 3620 - 98 st edmonton, AB t6e 6B4 P: 780-469-1900 f: 780-469-1971 e: W: See full listing in Retailers who purchase organic products.

TAuRuS NATuRAL INC. Barton leavitt Box 298, 1098 1 Ave West cardston, AB t0k 0k0 P: 403-653-4495 f: 403-653-4490 e: W: Manufacturer of mineral supplements for livestock, quality ingredients, custom formulating. VANTEN FARMS LTD. Julie & herb ten hove rr3 lacombe, AB t4l 2n3 P: 403-782-5710 f: 403-782-4071 e: grinding and mixing feed mill. WESTERN ALFALFA MILLINg CO. LTD. Box 568 norquay, sk s0A 2v0 P: 306-594-2362 W: Producer of Certified Organic dehydrated alfalfa pellets for use in feed.

WETASKIWIN CO-OP ASSN. LTD. nancy fischer 4707 - 40 Ave Wetaskiwin, AB t9A 2B8 P: 780-352-9155 f: 780-352-9114 E: W: Wetaskiwin Co-op is a full line feed mill certified to manufacture and sell organic livestock feeds. We currently stock organic poultry and dairy feeds and premixes in bags and bulk.We have pelleted feeds, crumbled feeds and textured rations for organic livestock farms.We also purchase locally grown organic grains and commodities for use in our feeds.

DISCLAIMER: A listing in this directory does not guarantee the product or service provider is certified organic or approved for use in organic systems in Canada. Discuss any potential change in an organic production plan and acceptability of a product with your certifying body prior to purchase and use.

food ingredients
DISCLAIMER: A listing in this directory does not guarantee the product or service provider is certified organic or approved for use in organic systems in Canada. Discuss any potential change in an organic production plan and acceptability of a product with your certifying body prior to purchase and use.

EMERALD SEED PRODuCTS LTD. Blaine sudom 101 Wood mountain tr e Avonlea, sk s0h 0c0 P: 306-868-2030 f: 306-868-2032 e: W: Premium natural feed additive which improves animal health, production, marketability.

CANMAR gRAIN PRODuCTS LTD. cecil Werner 2480 sandra schmirler Way regina, sk s4W 1B7 P: 306-721-1375 f: 306-721-1378 e: W: Organic golden roasted flax. Certified by Ecocert & uSDA.


NuTRASuN FOODS LTD. cory Whyte Box 30059 regina, sk s4n 4n0 P: 306-751-2040 f: 306-751-2047 e: W: NutraSun Foods mills organic flours and produces many baking products.

DISCLAIMER: A listing in this directory does not guarantee the product or service provider is certified organic or approved for use in organic systems in Canada. Discuss any potential change in an organic production plan and acceptability of a product with your certifying body prior to purchase and use.

gRAINWORKS INC. dwayne smith Box 30 vulcan, AB t0l 2B0 P: 800-563-3756 f: 403-485-6459 e: W: We are tillers and millers of certified organic grains and oilseeds grown on the prairies. Our grains include hard red, soft white, polish, hard white, durum wheats, barley, rye, triticale, brown flax.We supply flours, beans, mixes, flakes and other grains not grown in Western Canada.We carry 100+ certified organic items.We ship directly from our facility at Vulcan.

grants & programs

AgRICuLTuRE AND FOOD COuNCIL John connolly 2532 ellwood dr sW edmonton, AB t6x 0A9 P: 780-469-3714 f: 780-469-3488 e: W: Membership-driven organization that manages Agriculture and Agri-food Canadas Canadian Agriculture Adaptation Program in Alberta, and is respected as a convenor of policy discussions and outcomes on issues affecting the sector. gROWINg FORWARD P: 310-fArm (3276) e: W: Various grants available for businesses and associations FARM LEADERSHIP COuNCIL (FLC) don ross P: 306-522-3193 E: W: A producer-led organization that provides professional development opportunities for producers. 3xR INC. ken haggerty 1701 flint road downsview, on m3J 2W8 P: 866-590-7768 f: 416-850-5323 e: W: gro-FloTM is a liquid ammonium solution composed of citric acid and absorbed ammonia gas that is obtained by evaporative extraction of NH3(g) from digested organic waste at high temperature using 3CRs proprietary AmRHExTM Technology. gro-FloTM 6-0-0 liquid ammonium citrate is currently waiting CFIA approval. Organic certification will be sought thereafter.

MuSTARD CAPITAL INC. tom halpenny Box 1110 gravelbourg, sk s0h 1x0 P: 306-648-2799 f: 306-648-2791 e: W: Dry mustard mill providing milled products from yellow, oriental, brown mustard.

Ag WEST ed howell 112 - 276 midpark Way se calgary, AB t2x 1J6 P: 877-924-9378 f: 403-873-9587 e: W: Myke Pro, Diatomeceous Earth, wasp and fly traps. OMRI Approved.

the organic road map


ALbERTA ORgANIC gARDEN LTD. Peter dowd 148 mission Ave st. Albert, AB t8n 2c6 P: 780-203-7210 e: W: Seed and Sea Organic Fertilizer for home gardeners (low footprint). NATuRAL INSECTO PRODuCTS INC. Jim huber 221 sherwood Place costa mesa, california 92627 P: 800-332-2002 f: 949-548-4576 e: W: Insecto Natural insecticide for stored grains, PLP 22489 PENERgETIC CANADA P: 888-737-0907 e: W: Penergetic Canada provides OMRIlisted inputs for sustainable agriculture, from Switzerland, covering a range of agricultural uses: crop protection, composting and soil, feed additives, manure management, water rehabilitation and revitalization. SuSTAINAbLE SOIL SOLuTIONS CANADA INC. Bob West 285 service road, Box 420 vulcan, AB t0l 2B0 P: 403-485-6400 f: 403-485-6410 e: W: Sustainable soil enhancing products and educational opportunities.

HEART VALLEy PROCESSORS stan and reita sparks rr1 Wanham, AB t0h 3P0 P: 780-694-2276 f: 780-694-2775 e: Custom slaughter, cut and wrap. KASTELEN SAuSAgE & FINE MEATS John kastelen 21339 - tWP rd 524 Ardrossan, AB t8g 2g2 P: 780-922-5322 f: 780-922-5329 Slaughter organic, cut and wrap. LAKELAND POuLTRy PROCESSORS Janna Parenteau 4309 - 49 st st. Paul, AB t0A 3A0 P: 780-645-4799 f: 780-645-5908 e: W: Custom poultry processing, packaging & hauling since 1981. NOSSACK FINE MEATS LTD. 100 - 7240 Johnstone drive red deer, AB t4P 3y6 P: 403-346-5006 f: 403-343-8066 e: W: Processor of organic meats and deli meats.

TIgER-SuL PRODuCTS todd morrison 6444 - 42 st se calgary, AB t2c 2v1 P: 877-299-3399 f: 403-236-9049 e: W: Tiger-Sul Products has developed a line of organic products for todays organic farmer.With the worldwide demand growing for organic foods,Tiger-Sul recognizes the challenges todays growers are facing.We produce OMRI registered products for the Canadian market, Tiger 90CR, Tiger Micronutrients 18% Zinc with 65% sulphur and Tiger Micronutrients 12 % Copper with 72% sulphur.

processor: abattoir, cut & Wrap

CANADIAN PREMIuM MEATS INC. Werner siegrist 3401 53 Ave lacombe, AB t4l 2l6 P: 403-782-9366 f: 403-782-7163 e: W: Custom slaughter, cutting, packaging & storage of certified organic meat cuts.


SANDy VIEW FARMS Brent gitzel 155 south Ave spruce grove, AB t7x 3A7 P: 780-962-0067 f: 780-962-1803 101 riel drive st. Albert, AB t8n 3x4 P: 780-651-7363 e: W: Custom deli & food service shop. Meat cutting, packaging, processing. SANguDO CuSTOM MEAT PACKERS Jeff senger or kevin meier Box 208 sangudo, AB t0e 2A0 P: 780-785-3353 f: 780-785-3111 W: Wholesale/retail slaughter and processing of beef/lamb/pork & bison. THE buTCHER SHOP (1995) Bob geib Box 698 Beaverlodge, AB t0h 0c0 P/f: 780-354-8600 e: Individual custom processing guaranteed, wholesale and retail meats and sausages. VALLEy CuSTOM MEATS Box 623 fort macleod, AB t0l 2Z0 P: 403-553-4958 Custom cutting, wrapping & freezing.

yb QuALITy MEATS rr4 red deer, AB t4n 5e4 P: 403-886-2503 f: 403-886-2545 e: W: Abattoir that serves the livestock, retail, wholesale, and co-packing markets.

gROWERS INTERNATIONAL ORgANIC SALES INC. (61051) mark gimby or lorne lix 309 11 st e saskatoon, sk s7n 0e5 P: 306-652-4529 e:, W: See full listing in brokers, buyers, Traders. HAMbLINS ORgANIC FARM gordon hamblin Box 135 QuAppelle, sk s0g 4A0 P/f: 306-699-2402 e: Flour mill, whole grain cereal, bagged whole grains. HuSbANDS FOODS John or carol husband Box 32 Wawota, sk s0g 5A0 P: 306-739-2900 f: 306-739-2900 grow and process organic food, including sainfoin and its seed. LEPPS SEEDS LTD. murray neufeld Box 310 hepburn, sk s0k 1Z0 P: 306-254-4243 f: 306-254-4417 e: Toll processing/conditioning of bulk grain, oilseed, pulses for export.

processor: cereals, pulses & oilseeds

AgNEW ORgANICS Bill or Julie Agnew Box 268 hartney, mB r0m 0x0 P: 204-858-2547 f: 204-858-2547 Certified organic cereal grains and oil seed. bIORIgINAL FOOD & SCIENCE CORP. 102 melville st saskatoon, sk s7J 0r1 P: 306-975-1166 e: W: Supplies Essential Fatty Acids: flax, evening primrose, borage, black currant. DAybREAK MILL raymond Aspinall Box 431 estevan, sk s4A 2A4 P: 306-927-2695 f: 306-927-2100 e: W: Certified organic farmers, processors of flour, grains, cereals. Saskatchewan grown.

the organic road map


LILy & ROSE SEED PROCESSORS chuck or marion leniczek Box 279 lemberg, sk s0A 2B0 P: 306-335-2280 f: 306-335-2281 e: Certified organic processor of flax and other grains, 25kg bagged or bulk. Working within the industry for 11 years. Organic farmers since 1995. Call us for assistance. NATuRALLy NuTRITIOuS FOODS INC. eric & Betty leicht Box 39 spalding, sk s0k 2c0 P: 306-287-3954 f: 306-287-3972 e: Processors/exporters of certified organic grains, pulses, oilseeds, milled/whole. NATuRES NuTRACEuTICALS John & sandra day Box 1907 Brooks, AB t1r 1c6 P: 403-362-7507 f: 403-362-7510 e: W: Cold pressed seed processor - flax, flaxseed, hemp oil, hemp nut. NORTHERN NuTRACEuTICALS INC. kevin Johnson Box 40 spalding, sk s0k 4c0 P: 306-872-4820 f: 306-872-4822 e: W: We process organic seed oils including hemp, flax, and borage.

NORTHERN QuINOA CORPORATION Joe dutcheshen Box 519 kamsack, sk s0A 1s0 P: 306-542-3949 f: 306-542-3951 e: W: Processing of specialty grains and food products. REID HILL FARMS Allan graff Box 876 vulcan, AB t0l 2B0 P: 403-485-6493 e: Organic grains, pulses and oilseeds, cleaning and milling. R & J MILLINg Bob Balfour Box 81 riceton, sk s0g 4e0 P: 306-738-4713 f: 306-738-4756 e: Supply milled flour and pulses. ROWLAND SEEDS margie Brewin Box 4776 taber, AB t1g 2e1 P: 403-223-8164 e: W: Organic grain, seed and cereal crops and custom processing services.

SCHMIDT FLOuR INC. Arnold schmidt Box 99 maple creek, sk s0n 1n0 P: 306-666-4800 f: 306-666-4838 E: W: Organic grains and flour milling. SuNORA FOODS LTD. steve Bank 205, 4616 valliant dr. nW calgary, AB t3A 0x9 P: 403-247-8300 f: 403-247-8340 e: W: Packaged and bulk organic canola oil. SuN PRAIRIE ORgANIC neall coulson Box 705 nanton, AB t0l 1r0 P: 403-646-5752 f: 403-646-5992 e: W: Custom milling and mixing is done on demand.


processor: consumer ready packaged products

DISCLAIMER: A listing in this directory does not guarantee the product or service provider is certified organic. If purchasing a product to sell as organic, please ask to see a certified organic certificate.

CANyON CREEK FOOD COMPANy LTD. 8704 53 Avenue edmonton, AB t6e 5g2 P: 780-463-2991 f: 780-463-5511 W: Food manufacturing for retailers, restaurant chains, and other food service institutions. CLOVER LEAF CHEESE LTD. Jane cordingley 1202 45 Ave ne calgary, AB t2e 2P2 P: 403-250-3780 f: 888-835-0127 e: Storing, aging, cutting, wrapping and distributing Earths Choice organic cheeses. COCHRANE COFFEE TRADERS LTD. Box 977 cochrane, AB t4c 1B1 P: 403-932-4395 f: 403-932-4470 e: Provider of Coffee-Retail products/services. CRuST CRAFT INC.

FAIRWINDS FARM LTD. Ben oudshoorn Box 953 fort macleod, AB t0l 0Z0 P: 403-553-0127 f: 403-553-0126 e: W: Fairwinds Farm has been producing quality goat milk products since 1999. Available Fairwinds Farm products include: yogurt (natural, vanilla, saskatoon, black currant, strawberry, raspberry, apricot mango; cheeses including chevre (natural, peppercorn, chive, herbes de provence, and red pepper, onion & garlic), feta in brine, and various aged varieties (gouda, montery jack). All available in retail or bulk.

bIg MOuNTAIN COFFEE ROASTERS Wade semograd k - 1155 44 Ave se calgary, AB t2g 4x4 P: 403-244-6864 e: W: Wholesale roaster of an organic coffee brand, private label available. bIRDS & bEES ORgANIC WINERy AND MEADERy elizabeth, tonia or xina chrapko Box 110 Brosseau, AB t0B 0P0 P: 780-657-2275 f: 780-657-2410 e: W: Albertas only organic winery. Tastings by appointment. Farmers markets, liquor stores. bRAuNS FLOuR susan Braun Box 97 la crete, AB t0h 2n0 P: 780-928-2621 f: 780-928-2621 Milled flour for pet industry.

FOOD PROCESSINg DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (AgRICuLTuRE AND RuRAL DEVELOPMENT) elizabeth melnichuk 6309 - 45 street leduc, ABt9e 7c5 P: 780-986-4793 f: 780-986-5138 e: W:$department/ deptdocs.nsf/all/fpdc5012 Modern, fully equipped pilot plant and product development laboratory facility.

liqing (lee) sun 13211-146 st edmonton, AB t5l 4s8 P: 780-466-1333 ext. 30 f: 780-466-1347 e: W: Pizza crust, White Flour, Pizza Crust, Whole Wheat.

the organic road map


FOOTHILLS CREAMERy LTD. cathy sanders 4207 16 st se calgary, AB t2g 3s2 P: 403-263-7725 f: 403-237-5051 e: W: Manufacturers of organic butter.

JOFFEES COFFEE Jeff farris 7954 - 51 st se calgary, AB t2c 4r2 P: 403-720-2282 f: 403-720-2908 e: Coffee bagging, coffee roasting. NEW LIFE ORgANIC FOODS LuCERNE FOODS (CALgARy) david & valerie Witzaney Box 75 denzil, sk s0l 0s0 P/f: 306-358-4248 e: W: The Witzaney family farm (homesteaded -1911) operates a certified organic grain mill. This corresponds with our dedication to growing organic foods and value-adding to home grown products. We recently certified our pasture raised livestock, including chickens, eggs, pork and beef. Our goal is to provide quality organic products to local families and businesses and support other small family farms.

gOLDEN ACRES HONEy PRODuCTS LTD. Jason Pringle Box 42, 1101 6 Ave n three hills, AB t0m 2A0 P: 403-443-7705 f: 403-443-7910 e: W: Suppliers and packers of the finest Canadian clover / alfalfa honey. gOLD TOP ORgANICS John oppermann 16831 - 110 Ave edmonton, AB t5P 1g8 P/f: 780-483-1504 W: Major supplier/distributor of flax and hemp based food products. HONEy buNNy gilbert Wolfe Box 289 guy, AB t0h 1y0 P: 780-925-2282 f: 780-925-2943 e: W: Various products from state-of-the-art honey harvesting and food packaging facility.

Joe del grosso 201 42nd Ave se calgary, AB t2g 1y3 P: 403-287-4080 e: LuCERNE FOODS (TAbER) tricia mitchell 5115 57 st taber, AB t1g 1x1 P: 403-223-3566 e: LITTLE POTATO COMPANy diana ciungan Box 33166 edmonton, AB t5P 4v8 P: 780-414-6075 f: 780-960-2020 e: W: Packaged potatoes. NATuRES PATH FOODS dag falck 9100 van horne Way richmond, Bc v6x 1W3 e: W: Certified organic breakfast cereals, bars and snacks.

NORTHERN LIgHTS FOODS L.P. terry or Jerry helary Box 1740, 120 la ronge Ave la ronge, sk s0J 1l0 P: 306-425-3434 f: 306-425-4100 e: Produces consumer ready wild rice and distributes other wild rice.


OMEgA gRAINS INC. marilyn sochatsky Box 79003 sherwood Park, AB t8A 2g1 P: 780-468-5544 e: W: Whole grain cereals.

PRECAMbRIAN WILD RICE laurel Pollon 905 mosher rd denare Beach, sk s0P 0B0 P: 306-362-2002 f: 306-362-2002 Wild rice processing and sales. PROgRESSIVE FOODS

TEA AFFAIR 207, 2835 23 st ne calgary, AB t2e 7A4 P: 403-228-3655 f: 403-228-0112 e: W: Manufacture and wholesale Teas

PEACE COuNTRy MILLINg & gRAIN roy toews rr2, site 4, Box5 sexsmith, AB t0h 3c0 P: 780-568-4069 f: 780-568-4769 e: Organic whole wheat kernels, whole grain wheat flour. P & H MILLINg gROuP Arun lekhi 1301 - 2nd Ave s lethbridge, AB t1J 3Z1 P: 403-328-6622 f: 403-327-3772 e: W: Whole wheat flour, bread flour, patent flour, enriched flour, etc. PRAIRIE HARVEST CANADA LTD. 12538 126 st edmonton, AB t5l 0x3 P: 780-454-4004 f: 780-452-7238 e: W: Canadas Top Selling Organic Pasta.

marvin nakonechny 210 - 8711A 50 st edmonton, AB t6B 1e7 P: 780-466-8651 e: W: We have developed a barley product that is quick cooking. SASKATCHEWAN FOOD INDuSTRy DEVELOPMENT CENTRE INC. carmen ly 117 - 105 north rd saskatoon, sk s7n 4l5 P: 306-933-7555 f: 306-933-7208 e: W: Interim processing, food development, food safety training/education, extrusion technology. SuNNybOy FOODS nicole suteau 250, 9411 63 Ave edmonton, AB t6e 0g2 P: 780-414-1496 f: 780-414-1497 e: Whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, hot cereal, whole wheat pancake.

TROPHy FOODS INC. 6210 44 st se calgary, AB t2c 4l3 P: 403-571-6887 W: Processes and packages a variety of nuts, dried fruit etc. VASTu CHAI INC. Avni soma canmore, AB t1W 1s8 P: 403-707-9666 e: W: Processor of teas and spices. VITAL gREEN FARMS Joe or caroline mans Box 936 Picture Butte, AB t0k 1v0 P/f: 403-824-3072 e: Organic non-homogenized farm fresh dairy products.

the organic road map


WILLOW CREEK ORgANIC gRAIN CO. INC. george choboter 313 main st nW Watson, sk s0k 4v0 P: 306-287-3388 f: 877-287-6090 e: Organic retail and bulk packaged while grains, cereals and oils.

CHIN RIDgE SEEDS LTD. don hubble Box 4222 taber, AB t1g 2c7 P: 403-223-3900 f: 403-223-1900 e: W: Organic seed cleaning. Pedigreed seed. CORONATION SEED CLEANINg CO-OP LTD. glen hartel Box 178 coronation, AB t0c 1c0 P: 403-578-3810 f: 403-578-3041 W: Seed cleaning, bagging and storage -cereals, pulses, oilseeds. DARTMORE FARMS LTD. Box 1000 Aylsham, sk s0e 0c0 P: 306-862-5015 f: 306-862-3075 Cleaning/bagging of most grains, pulses, sprouting seeds, cereals & oilseeds. DICK SEEDS Wayne dick Box 88 guernsey, sk s0k 1W0 P: 306-365-4742 f: 306-365-4707 e: Cleaning/bagging of bulk organic seeds of cereals, pulses & oilseeds.

DyNAMIC SEEDS LTD. rob lyons Box 813 fairview, AB t0h 1l0 P: 780-835-5435 f: 780-835-3064 e: Seed cleaning, mainly forage grasses and legumes. EHNES ORgANIC SEED CLEANINg LTD. Bernie ehnes rr1 etzikom, AB t0k 0W0 P: 403-666-2047 f: 403-666-2014 e: e: We can clean and ship for domestic or overseas markets. gERVAIS SEEDS LTD. roger gervais Box 126 elie, mB r0h 0h0 P: 204-353-2152 f: 204-353-2926 e: Dehulling and processing oats and spelt. gM SEED CLEANINg LTD. gert & marianne schwickart rr1 roblin, mB r0l 1P0 P: 204-937-2739 f: 204-937-2399 e: W: Seed cleaning. brokers. Feed grain sales. Feed pellets. Seed sale.

processor: seed and grain cleaner

ACADIA SEED PROCESSINg CO-OP LTD. todd enslen Box 243 oyen, AB t0J 2J0 P: 403-664-3642 f: 403-664-2866 Organic grain/seed cleaning. ANDERSON FARMS oliver or edith Anderson Box 168 rochester, AB t0g 1Z0 P: 780-698-3971 f: 780-698-3974 e: grain cleaner, mainly cereal grains. bOyLE SEED CLEANINg CO-OP LTD. george mackenzie Box 120 Boyle, AB t0A 0m0 P: 780-689-3941 f: 780-689-3091 Seed cleaning and bagging, grass seed sales.


gOLDEN ACRE SEEDS heather kerschbaumer Box 1090 fairview, AB t0h 1l0 P: 780-835-4508 f: 780-835-4595 e: Organic processor of alfalfa, clovers, timothy and other grasses. LAKESIDE ORgANICS dave montgomery Box 123 morse, sk s0h 3c0 P: 306-629-3378 f: 306-629-3897 e: Seed cleaning, processing, destoning; products shipped: bulk, tote bags. LARSEN SEEDS lyle larsen Box 39 Aylsham, sk s0e 0c0 P: 306-862-7333 f: 306-862-9552 e: OCIA Organic Certified Plant, Hemp Certification, Secan member, CSI Certification. LITTLE RED HEN MILLS steven snider rr2 new norway, AB t0B 3l0 P: 780-855-2164 f: 780-855-2569 e: Cleaning of cereals, oilseeds, legumes, and buckwheat. Flour mill.

MANITOu CuSTOM SEED CLEANINg ross murray Box 161 young, sk s0k 4y0 P: 306-259-2055 e: Custom cleaning and processing of organic seeds. MORINVILLE SEED PLANT Joanne Borle 9407 - 100 st morinville, AB t8r 1r2 P: 780-939-4021 f: 403-939-2605 e: We clean, upgrade and bag organic products. NASH FAMILy FARMS nathan nash Box 173 eyebrow, sk s0h 1l0 P: 306-759-7710 f: 306-759-2673 e: Certified organic processor, flax, wheat. Parabasing flax, feed flax, screenings. NEPTuNE SEEDS terry martin Box 515 radville, sk s0c 2g0 P: 306-869-2871 f: 306-869-2920 e: Commercial seed cleaning plant.

NODRICKS NORSACKS SEEDS LTD. tanya deforest Box 2169 tisdale, sk s0e 1t0 P: 306-873-2345 f: 306-873-4740 e: Specialize in cleaning alfalfa and clovers, marketing and custom cleaning. POPLAR VALLEy ORgANIC FARMS INC. Box 216 Zenon Park, sk s0e 1W0 P: 306-767-2640 f: 306-767-2625 e: W: Custom cleaning. STONy PLAIN SEED CLEANINg ASSOC. Blair Peregrym Box 2044 stony Plain, AB t7Z 1x6 P: 780-963-2581 f: 780-963-7259 e: W: Custom grain/seed cleaning and bagging, certified seed for sale. THREE HILL HARVEST Jerry koustrup 2 larch Ave drumheller, AB t0J 0y1 P: 403-823-4080 e: Cleaning and bagging of seed & grain.

the organic road map


retailers Who purchase organic products

AMARANTH WHOLE FOODS MARKET Enjoy Centre christine naidu 101 riel drive st. Albert, AB t8n 3x4 P: 780-651-7370 f: 780-459-4673 e: W: Arbour Lake 7 Arbour lake dr nW calgary, AB t3g 5g8 P: 403-547-6333 f: 403-547-6332 e: W: Locally owned whole foods market offering produce, grocery & supplements. bLuSH LANE ORgANICS Calgary Farmers Market 5120 77 Ave se calgary, AB blush Lane Organic Market 3000 - 10 Aspen stone Blvd. sW calgary, AB t3h 0k3 P: 403-210-1247 e: W: We purchase from bC and Alberta Organic farms and orchards. COMMuNITy NATuRAL FOODS LTD. Frank Sarro, Head Office 6120 - 1A st sW calgary, AB t2h 0g3 P: 403-2984-9893 ext. 9240 f: 403-252-0890 e: W: Community Natural Foods is one of Canadas longest serving Organic and Health food retailers. 2012 represents our 35th year of business. We have been recognized regionally and nationally for good standing in business and ethics. We currently have three retail locations and a web store. We prefer farm direct purchasing to best represent our local producers.

HOMEgROWN FOODS LTD. James schoepp 10 - 19 granite drive stony Plain, AB t7Z 1v8 P: 780-963-5305 f: 780-963-6312 e: W: year round farm direct, organic, full line, food store. PLANET ORgANIC VARIOuS LOCATIONS W: Calgary North 4625 varsity dr nW P: 403-288-6700 Calgary South 10233 elbow drive sW P: 403-252-2404 Edmonton North 12120 Jasper Ave P: 780-452-4921 Edmonton South 7917 104 st P: 780-433-6807 multiple retail products. PRAIRIE MILL bREAD CO. CALgARy John Juurlink 129 - 4890 northland dr nW calgary, AB t2l 2l4 P: 403-282-6455 e: W: bakers and millers of premium wheat. PRAIRIE MILL bREAD CO. EDMONTON owen Petersen 142 53 - 23 Ave edmonton, AB t6r 3e7 P: 780-436-0920 f: 780-436-0970 e: W: bakers and millers of premium wheat.

EARTHS gENERAL STORE michael kalmanovitch 9605 - 82 Ave edmonton, AB t6c 0Z9 P: 780-439-8725 e: W: Purchaser of organic products. HERbAL HEALINg INC. Jo-Anne Wilson 2205 20 st nanton, AB t0l 1r0 P: 403-646-2930 f: 403-646-2928 e: W: We carry organic products. Also available at Kingsland Farmers Market.


SPuD.CA (SuSTAINAbLE PRODuCE uRbAN DELIVERy) kevin Burbank 3 - 3200 14 Ave ne calgary, AB t2A 6J4 P: 403-615-3663 f: 403-453-0855 e: W: Online retailer selling produce, meat, groceries to Calgary & surrounding area.

CHEZ FRANOIS sylvie or francois gregoire 1604 2 Ave (Bow valley trail) canmore, AB t1W 1m8 P: 403-678-6111 f: 403-678-0425 e: W: THE ORgANIC bOx danny & miranda turner 3620 - 98 st edmonton, AB t6e 6B4 P: 780-469-1900 f: 780-469-1971 e: W: The Organic box provides weekly deliveries of local and non-local seasonal organic produce, brought in direct from local organic farmers and Canadian distributors. Each box contains fresh organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your home or work in the greater Edmonton area. Our mission is to support organic farming and promote a healthy, sustainable and vibrant food community. We use fresh ingredients and seasonal, organic vegetables and fruit. CuLINA HIgHLANDS 6509 112 Ave edmonton, AB t5W 4k3 P: 780-477-2422 e: W: CuLINA MILL CREEK 9912 89 Ave edmonton, AB t6e 3v4 P: 780-437-5588 e: W: DLISH uRbAN KITCHEN & WINE bAR Amanda Babichuk 10418 124 st edmonton, AB t5n 1r6 P: 780-482-2242 f: 780-482-3342 e: W: Always looking for new organic producers/products to work with. FARM RESTAuRANT 1006 17 Avenue sW calgary , AB t2t 0A5 P: 403-245-2276 e: W:

SuNNySIDE NATuRAL MARKET Patrick guyn 10, 338 - 10 st nW, AB calgary, AB t2n 1v8 P: 403-270-7477 f: 403-270-8613 e: W: Sunnyside Natural Market is committed to supporting local family farms. We recognize and value the importance of the family farm and will deal directly with farmers and producers whenever possible.This provides the freshest, most delicious and nutritious products for our customers, ensures a fair price for the farmer, and decreases the food miles associated with the food we eat.

restaurants Who purchase organic products

AbSOLuTELy EDIbLES Brenda dutton & Bjorn cochran 9567 118 Ave edmonton, AB t6g 0P1 780-424-6823 f: 780-477-2971 e: W: When buying products we always source local first.

the organic road map


PRAIRIE bISTRO 101 riel drive st. Albert, AB t8n 3x4 P: 780-651-7360 f: 780-459-4653 e: W: THE bLuE PEAR Jessie radies 10643 123 st edmonton, AB t5n 1P3 P: 780-482-7178 e: W: We purchase organic ingredients. THE COuP VEgETARIAN RESTAuRANT dalia kohen 924B 17 Ave sW calgary, AB t2t 0A2 P: 403-541-1041 e: W: A vegetarian restaurant which supports local, whole & organic foods.

CRg bIO-POTS carol maier 52043 rr231 sherwood Park, AB t8B 1A2 P: 877-474-5784 f: 780-449-5576 e: W: biodegradable pots and soil come as one unit. No minimums. FRONTLINK INC. henry scholten rr4, 1492 Windham road 12 simcoe, on n3y 4k3 P: 519-428-9812 f: 519-428-2640 e: W: Front hitches/ PTOs for virtually every make/model of tractor. LEADINg bRANDS OF CANADA LTD. sinan AlZubaidi 4104 - 99 st edmonton, AB t6e 3n5 P: 780-435-2746 f: 780-435-4787 e: W: Certified organic, juice & healthy beverage bottler.

HORIZON HERbS, LLC richard cech Box 69 Williams, oregon usA P: 541-846-6704 f: 541-846-6233 e: W: Sellers of organically certified medicinal herb seeds and plants. MuMMS SPROuTINg SEEDS maggie mumm Box 80 Parkside, sk s0J 2A0 P: 306-747-2935 f: 306-747-3618 e: See full listing in brokers, buyers, Traders.

other communication & extension

bRENDA FRICK 933 east centre saskatoon, sk s7J 2Z9 P: 306-260-0663 f: 866-885-2152 e: Writing, consulting, research: interpreting science, helping tell your organic story.

supplies & services

3xR INC. ken haggerty 1701 flint road downsview, on m3J 2W8 P: 866-590-7768 f: 416-850-5323 e: W: See full listing in Inputs.

AMbROS SEEDS david Ambros Box 117 kerrobert, sk s0l 1r0 P: 306-834-2373 e: Organic grains and pedigreed organic seed, available in bulk & bagged.


livestock finisher

soil laboratory
SOIL FOODWEb CANADA LTD. nancy lee 285 service rd, Box 420 vulcan, AB t0l 2B0 P: 403-485-6981 f: 403-485-6410 e: W: Chemistry and biological testing and analysis soil, compost, compost tea.

HERITAgE FARM HOVEN FARMS ORgANIC bEEF tim hoven market: 7711 macleod tr sW calgary, AB farm: rr3 eckville, AB t0m 0x0 P: 403-217-2343 f: 403-770-8709 e: Hoven Farms is a century old, family run farm. We specialize in producing certified organic beef. All of our beef is free-range, raised without hormones or antibiotics. Animals are available in all sizes from whole carcasses to individual cuts, fresh and frozen. Order online or find us at Kingsland Farmers Market. We are planning for 2012/13 and are looking for suppliers. garth & Wendy Walter Box 126 Beaverlodge, AB t0h 0c0 P: 780-228-3748 e: W: Local food aggregator and heirloom nursery specializing in non-gMO organic seeds and plants hardy to northwestern Canada. Linking local producers and consumers with resources and education. Down to Earth workshops teaching holistic management practices, seed saving, soil amendment and northern growing tips for hobby and mixed farm businesses. Publisher of Rural Roots Magazine. Free heirloom seed catalog zone 2 hardy.

ALbERTA SuSTAINAbLE AgRICuLTuRE APPRENTICESHIP PROgRAM (ASAAP) a program of organic Alberta 4709 - 44 Ave stony Plain, AB t7Z 1n4 P: 780-271-1116 f: 780-434-1616 e: W: Providing onfarm experience and training through an apprenticeship style program.

MuLTICuLTuRAL HERITAgE CENTRE Judy kesanko Box 2188, 5411 - 51 st stony Plain, AB t7Z 1x7 P: 780-963-2777 f: 780-963-0233 e: W: The Organic Master gardener Program runs February November, every year.

Tools & Resources for Sustainable Small Farms

~ Zone 2 Heirloom Seeds & Plants ~ Local Food Classes & Workshops ~ Consulting for New & Small Producers ~ Holistic Management Practices ~ Promoting Local Food Processors & Producers ~ Publisher of Rural Roots Magazine ~ Subscriptions Available Online Down To Earth Workshop March 24, 2012 Lake Saskatoon Hall
15 min west of Grande Prairie, AB

local food, small farm & urban agriculture sessions

Workshops also available in Summer, Fall & Winter

Linking Local Producers and Consumers with Resources and Education

Rural Ro Rural Roots ots

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