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Letter from Robert H alfon, Prospective M Dear Rea P

When I am out "why on earth d and about knocking on doors, for?" Well, over o you want to be a politician, w some people ask me: th h the chance to se e next few weeks in the run up at is it that you stand Harlow's next M t out to you why it would be to the election, I want P a privilege to se . rve as Those who will ha ve met me, will kn managed to overc ow that I have o - refused to believeme it with the help of loving parentsa walking disability, but to lead a normal some doctors who told him that it . My father - thankfully Ormond Street H life. I was actually very lucky that would be hard for me child, that enabled ospital, gave me the first of a num a Consultant at Great ber of operations me to lead a norm al life. as a But my experienc es have given me face. I came into an public life to mak understanding of the difficulties peo villages, but I want to help make our e a difference. I love Harlow an ple d the area an even bette Whenever I speak r place to live. to residents they sa so why aren't ther y the same thin Gordon Brown ta e police on the streets? Why is our g: We've paid our taxes countryside and grke away 13 million of our social ho local NHS under threat? Why does ee on our our immigra n belt threatened by over-develo using money every year? Why is our pmen tion system ? Why can't we have bette t? Why can't we get a grip If you elect me to r discipline in our sc hools? for the things th serve Harlow and the surroun at really matter ding villages, I w to local people: ill fight 1. Harlow Hou sing Money for taking Gordon Bro Harlow people. Harlow's housing m wn takes 13.5 million of our hoStopping Gordon Brown could do if it was oney should be for Harlow people using money every year. . Just imagine what spent in our comm 13.5m unity. 2. Fed up with Harlow Traffic. W and extra byp e desperat the time for action. ass to the M11. Labour have done ely need a new northern relief road no Go to www.fedup withharlowtraffic.cthing in 14 years. Now is 3. Protecting ou om an excellent servic r NHS. Princess Alexandra Hospit maternity services e. I am fighting against Gordon Browal and our local GPs provide n' which will put pre ssure on our NHS s cuts to regional A&E and 4. Improving Ed in Harlow. ucation and Skil ls. Improving Harlo standards. New w's literac 200,000 extra app Educational and vocational trainin y and numeracy and 100,000 extrarenticeships over 2 years (1,000 extrg opportunities. places at Further E a in Essex alone) ducation. 5. Restoring Ha rl High debt, High sp ow's economy after Gordon Bro the hallmark of Labending, high taxes, high unemploym wn's recession. en our. We need to cu economy. t the debt and mo t have become ve to a low tax, I can't promise yo wouldn't believe m u to change these things overnig hard for the valuese anyway. But I will guarantee yo ht, if I did, you u one th all o those in need, and doing the right thinf us share: decency, integrity, duty, ing. I will work you will work with g. me to make a differ Let's give people a fair deal. I hop compassion for e very much that ence. P . If you woul .S d like further det www.roberthalfon. ails, please see: w com ww.roberthalfon.b or


Robert H working hard for Ha alfon, rlow, Nazeing, Roydon an Hastingwood, d Sheering

promoted by Russell Perrin on behalf of Harlow Conservatives, Latton Bush Centre.