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David Cameron on the economy, tackling the
debt crisis and protecting front-line services
Robert Halfon
working hard
for Harlow
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ob was born with a walking
disability, but managed to
overcome it with the help
of loving parents. His father -
thankfully - refused to believe
doctors who told him that it would
be hard to lead a normal life.
These experiences growing up
have given him an understanding
of the difficulties people face
together with a strong sense of
determination and a passionate
desire not to give in or accept that
things can't be changed for the
Rob came into local politics to
make a difference. That is why
he wants to serve as Harlows MP.
Whenever he speak to residents
they say the same thing again and
again: We have paid our taxes so
why are there no police on the
streets? Why is our local NHS
under threat? Why does Gordon
Brown take away 13 million of our
communitys housing money every
year? Why is our countryside and
green belt threatened by
overdevelopment? Why is our
immigration system in chaos?
Why can't we have better discipline
in our schools.?
No wonder people are fed up
with politics. They are fed up
with repeated promises and grand
announcements that don't amount
to very much.
That's why if you decide to elect
Rob as your MP, he says he won't
promise that he can change things
overnight. Rob does guarantee one
thing: Ill work hard for the values
all of us share: decency, integrity,
duty, compassion for those in need,
and doing the right thing. Let's
give people a fair deal.
Who is
Robert Halfon?
2 Robert Halfons campaign
We catch up with our local Conservative
3 Living and campaigning locally
Juggling everyday life and standing for
3 60 seconds with Robert
The change we need after 13 years of
4 Improving our NHS for everyone
David Cameron will cut the deficit, not
the NHS
6 Local news
7 Exclusive interview with
David Cameron
The man with a plan for change
8 Working for you
A record of action in our community
Four ways to contact
Robert Halfon
Useful numbers
Harlow Police (non-emergency):
01279 641212
Princess Alexandra Hospital:
01279 444 555
Harlow Council:
01279 446 655
Buses: 0870 608 2603
Advice Centre
01279 446 622:
(0800) 555111
NHS Direct: (0845) 4647
NHS Walk in Centre:
01279 694 775
Gas Leaks: 0800 111 999
Three Valleys Water
0845 782 3333
phone: 01279 429 251
post: Harlow Conservatives,
Latton Bush Centre, Harlow,
CM18 7BL
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How would you solve the traffic
problems in Harlow?
If elected Harlow's MP, Id do
everything I can to get an extra
bypass on the M11 - a 'Junction
7A'. Traffic in Harlow has
reached a standstill. Labour
has done nothing in Government
to make it happen. We need
another entrance and exit for
the town. See:
How can we improve Harlow's
Harlow Housing Money for
Harlow people. Make sure Harlow
Housing Money goes to Harlow
residents. Stop Gordon Brown
taking over 13 million of our
housing money to be spent
What should we do about
education and skills in Harlow?
Under Labour, 19% of all
adults in Harlow are without
functional numeracy, with 12%
without functional literacy.
Vocational education and
apprenticeships are the answer.
Locally, Essex County Council
Conservatives are offering 1,000
extra training places and David
Cameron has pledged 100,000
extra places nationally.
What do you like most about
Harlow is a great place to live.
We have everything here. A
history and heritage, great shops
and restaurants and countryside
all around us. Parndon Mill is
not only picturesque but is also
one of the most romantic
places in Essex .
seconds on
the change
we need
Rob, living and
campaigning locally
Rob was brought up in North
London and loves living in
Harlow Town. His cousin
owned the Harlow 'John Walton
Clothes Shop' that was opened
by Arthur Askey in the 1950s.
Like many residents, Rob loves
football and goes to Harlow F.C.
occasionally, although he's a
staunch Chelsea supporter.
His Grandad took him to C.F.C.
when he was a child.
Rob collects watches. He often
goes to Eversden family shop in
the Harvey Centre!
He can't resist a good curry - Harlow
has plenty of great curry houses.
He likes books & adores the
Rob enjoys travel and recently
went to Rwanda to teach English
- a moving experience.
Collecti ng for
Ki ngsmoor Scouts, Christ mas 07
Robs diet with
Harlow Mi nd
Rob with Vanda at Chelsea
Rob i n cl assroom i n Rwanda
Rob with Shaun,
Landlord, Dri nker Moth

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A Conservative Government would increase spending on the NHS and
make sure the money reaches the front line where its needed most.
ur National Health Service is a
fantastic institution there for
all of us when we need it,
regardless of our background or our
ability to pay. Thats why the
Conservative Party has made the NHS
its number one priority and promised
to improve it for everyone.
But there are huge challenges facing
the NHS in the years ahead, say the
Tories. Britains population is growing
and getting older, and new advances in
treatment often prove expensive.
Thats why, even as the country
struggles to pay down Gordon Browns
debts, the Conservatives have promised
to protect the NHS with real terms
increases in spending a promise
Labour have refused to match.
Too much waste
But its not just a question of throwing
more money at the Health Service the
last 12 years have shown thats not
enough. Reform is needed too. Since
they came to power in 1997, Labour
have almost tripled spending on the
NHS. Yet much of the additional
funding has been eaten
up in waste and
bureaucracy and
patient care has not
improved as it should
have done.
Much of the waste
has occurred because
Labour have been
obsessed with
micromanaging our health
service, says the Conservative
Shadow Health Secretary, Andrew
Lansley. Instead of trusting doctors
and nurses to do what they do best,
Labour have made it more difficult for
them to do their job as a result of their
box-ticking and paperwork.
This has meant the NHS has not
been able to focus on what really
matters providing world-class
healthcare to every patient in this
To achieve that goal and close the
gap between the UK and other
countries on things like cancer survival
rates, says Lansley, taxpayers money
has to get where its needed most: to our
doctors and nurses on the front line.
And patients should have more say
over the treatment they receive a
Conservative Government would let
them choose their GP, their hospital and
even the consultant responsible for their
Only the Conservatives have the
reform programme that the NHS
needs, he says. By trusting
professionals and putting patient choice
at the heart of the NHS, we will deliver
the change we need.
Find out more online at
Helping people
in care keep their
family home
The Conservative com
ent to the NHS
David Cam
erons party has prom
ised to:

make sure the NHS focuses on the results of your treatment,

not box-ticking and targets.

put patients in the driving seat you will have the right to
choose your GP, your hospital and even the consultant
responsible for your care.

stop the spread of hospital infections and end the scandal of

mixed-sex wards by building 45,000 more single rooms
in the NHS.

give you the option of paying a flat fee on retirement so

all your costs will be covered if you have to go into a care
home in the future.

reform the way the NHS pays pharmaceutical

companies for drugs so that all effective new
drugs and treatments are available on the NHS.

restore access to an NHS dentist to a million people and reintroduce dental

checks for school children.
Each year, around
45,000 elderly people
are forced to sell their
home to pay for
residential care fees.
Conservatives would
give people the option of
paying a one-off fee on
retirement, in return for
which all their fees would
be waived for life.
People already over 65
would also be able to
take advantage of the
Robert Halfon is campaigning for
action to improve Harlow's literacy
and numeracy standards.
The campaign follows an investigation
which showed that 19 per cent of all
adults in Harlow are without functional
numeracy with 12 per cent without
functional literacy.
Rob is combining forces with Essex
County Council leader, Lord
Hanningfield, expressing his
concerns that there is a skills
deficit in Harlows successful town
which has been caused by Labours
failure in education.
Rob is calling for change that would
open up vocational training and
apprenticeships, targeting younger
people looking for work, and older
people looking to retrain.
Popltlkl B
and Skills
in Harlow
Rob at Construction Industry Trai ni ng Partnership
Campaigning for an
extra bypass on the M11
Prospective Harlow Conservative
MP Robert Halfon has stepped up
the campaign for action on a
northern relief road, having
secured the promise of support
from Essex County Council.
Rob says: Ive been campaigning
for a northern relief road for
many years (see my website:,
but the situation is reaching breaking
point. We've waited 13 years for
Labour, but they are all talk.
I'm very pleased to have secured a
pledge from Lord Hanningfield, Leader
of Essex County Council, to underwrite
a comprehensive feasibility study for
delivering the road. He has also
recently stepped up the pressure on
the government, by asking questions
in Parliament about the scheme on
my behalf.
Rob has also secured the backing of
Harlow Council Leader, Andrew
Johnson and hes fighting for
extra investment into highways
monitoring to make a strong case
to the government.
Rob and Senior
Conservative Transport
Theresa Villiers.
Everyones talking about the
debt crisis. What are you going
to do about it?
Lets be clear. This country is sitting on a
mountain of debt and we cannot ignore it. If
we do, well be left with higher taxes and
higher interest rates and could easily slip
back into recession. Thats why the
Conservative Party has been honest about
the need
for spending cuts. The real question is
where those cuts should come. There
are some easy choices here like
getting rid of ID cards but there are
more difficult choices to make too, and
weve started to set them out. So, for
example, we will freeze public sector
pay for all but the one million lowestpaid
public sector workers for one year
to help protect jobs.
Does that mean youll cut
frontline services?
No. Were making these cuts now
to government waste, bureaucracy and
those luxuries we cannot afford so
that we can protect frontline services
now and for the future. In fact we have
made a commitment to ring-fencing
spending on the NHS because we
believe nothing is more important.
Were all in this together and bringing
down our debt must not mean pushing
down the poor and vulnerable who
depend on these services. Were all in this
together and bringing
down our debt must not mean pushing
down the poor and vulnerable who
depend on these services.
Boris has made real progress
for Londoners in tackling
crime on public transport. How
would a Conservative
Government help to tackle the
worrying issue of crime and
anti-social behaviour?
Boris has shown the difference that
new leadership can make. From the
very start of a Conservative
Government we will send out the
strongest signals that if someone
commits a crime, they will get caught
and theyll be punished properly. They
will get caught because were going to
free the police from all those targets
that waste their time so they can get
out on the streets. And they will be
punished properly because we will
overhaul sentencing so that offenders
serve their full time in prison. But we
also understand that well only ever get
to grips with crime if we confront its
causes too. That means strengthening
families, reforming schools and getting
people back into work.
With the economic crisis
dominating the political
agenda will you be putting
environmental issues on the
Absolutely not. I dont see it as a
choice between green issues or
economic growth its about both. If
we ignore the planet now, well pay
later. Floods will bring devastation
which well have to repair at great
expense. With the age of cheap oil
coming to an end, unless we cleaner
sources of energy well all be paying a
high price at the petrol pumps for years
to come. And above all, there will be a
multi-trillion pound global market for
green goods in the years to come. To
get a slice of that pie and the jobs that
come with it then Britain has to start
investing in new green technologies
and industries today, not tomorrow.
Absolutely not. I dont see it as a
choice between green issues or
economic growth its about both. If
we ignore the planet now, well pay
later. Floods will bring devastation
The next general election will be the most important one for a generation. The
country is crying out for change change that DAVID CAMERON says the
Conservative Party can deliver.
Talking honestly about
the change we need
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Rob at Raytheon
left Rob with Emma Hi nes
on the new St John's
Ambulance i n Old Harlow
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cup to Downs School
Rob with Harlow CreditSave
Rob with pensi oner Vera after the Berecroft F i re