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Kevin Brennan, Brennan
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VP, Professional Development
• IIBA® Standards (BABOK® Guide and Extensions) • EEP™ Program • IIBA Community Network • Career Centre • Delivering PD Opportunities to IIBA® Members

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• Joined IIBA in 2003 • Led development of BABOK® Guide • 12 years BA experience
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2 Angela Wick Product Manager and Chair of the Competency Model Committee Angela is a Consultant Mentor and Trainer Consultant. and a Business Analysis Instructor at the University of Minnesota. Angela helps organizations g p g assess and build BA communities. Mentor. © International Institute of Business Analysis . Trainer. competencies and best practices. She is the Business Analysis Practice Leader for Genesis10 Consulting.

A l i i Analysis and Stakeholders © International Institute of Business Analysis . SME. and Enterprise BA Writing “The Dangerous Question”.3 Julian Sammy ® IIBA Head of New Media Host of the IIBA® Webinar Series Head of the IIBA® New Media Group Experienced Project BA. COE Manager. a The Question synthesis of BA practice and theory Taught BA courses in Pl T ht i Planning.

4 IIBA Competency Model Description: p Overview of the Competency Model and Q&A Desired Outcomes: Discover the Competency Model Learn about Future Plans for the Competency Model Ask Your Questions © International Institute of Business Analysis .

Desired Outcomes About the IIBA® Mission.5 Agenda Welcome and Introduction Description. Vision and Goals 12:00 IIBA Competency Model Competenc Vision of the Model Overview of the Model Future Plans for the Model 12:05 12 05 Q&A © International Institute of Business Analysis 12:40 .

© International Institute of Business Analysis .6 Vision and Mission Vision Vi i The world s leading association for world's Business Analysis professionals Develop and maintain standards for the practice of business analysis and for the certification of its practitioners Mission IIBA® is an international not-for-profit professional association for business analysts.

7 ® IIBA Goals Create and develop awareness and recognition of the value and contribution of the role of the Business Analysis Professional Define the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) Publicly recognize qualified practitioners through an internationally acknowledged certification program Provide forums for knowledge sharing Advance the practices of business analysis within organizations Define a roadmap for professional growth and development © International Institute of Business Analysis .

our storefront to the local t f t t th l l community Methodology Agnostic © International Institute of Business Analysis Helping business do business better Adaptability over stability t bilit Transparency in our operations ti Progress over perfection f ti Collaboration Win-Win .8 Guiding Principles Members First Give what you can so you can get what you need d Think globally. act locally l ll Chapters.

mp/57JU4K After the webinar Question box Start your question with “MIC” or “NO MIC” “Callers” will be answered first Don’t spend a lot of time explaining your question – keep it to 30 50 words! 30-50 ords! Twitter Include the hashtag #IIBAWebinar I l d th h ht #IIBAW bi © International Institute of Business Analysis .9 Comments and Questions: How? We will answer as many as we can. The webinar forum: http://j.

including factors intrinsic motivation. skills. the work environment. abilities and other personal characteristics required for a person to be successful in a job and to perform that job effectively. It encompasses a combination of k bi i f knowledge. or the practices and procedures in place in an organization. More generally.10 What is a Competency Model? What is a Competency Model? Competency models describe the knowledge. competency Competency on its own is not a guarantee of success in a role. having the ability to t perform a specific role. Competence is a standardized requirement for an individual to properly perform a specific role. skills l d kill and behavior utilized to improve performance. For business analysis. the BABOK® Guide addresses the knowledge component of competency. organization Competent individuals are still capable of failure. f ifi l Knowledge Skills & Experience Behaviors © International Institute of Business Analysis . Job performance can be influenced by many other factors. competence is the state or quality of being adequately or well qualified.

11 IIBA Vision of Competency Model A Global Industry Standard y Aligned to BABOK Grow the Profession Use Industry R U I d t Research and E t h d Extensive E i Experience i Behavioral Focus Robust view of BA effectiveness from perspective of BA. Manager and the Organization g g © International Institute of Business Analysis .

12 Overview of Competency Model IIBA Competency Model has Performance Competencies 53 Performance Competencies By KA with Behavioral Indicators p Performance Competencies mapped to Underlying Competencies Performance Competencies mapped to Techniques Performance Competencies mapped to Tasks Knowledge Areas Tasks Techniques Underlying Competencies 12 © International Institute of Business Analysis .

13 Uses For The Competency Model Business Analysts Self Assess Self Manage Career Give Peer Feedback Mentor Other BAs Managers of Business Analysts g y Manage BA Performance Assess BA Skills Assess Training Needs Mentor and Coach Team Organizations That Employ Business Analysts 13 Assess Role Alignment Educate on BA Role Assess Training Gaps Recruit/Interview/Select © International Institute of Business Analysis .

Not for distribution.14 Accessing the Competency Model FREE for Members $25 Non-Members Read only. digital transmission. stay tuned! 14 © International Institute of Business Analysis . transmission resale or reproduction in whole or in part. More licensing options in progress.

and dependencies Indicators I di t Evaluates based on the big picture view of the project outside of just the IT domain. j vendor domain. . assumptions. or just the business unit domain Proactively gathers information from project team members Resets t th big picture R t to the bi i t when needed BABOK U d l i Underlying Competencies: Decision Making Learning Systems Thinking Business Principles and Practices Industry Knowledge Organizational Knowledge Solution Knowledge BABOKTechniques: BABOKT h i Decision Analysis BABOK KA Tasks: Plan Business Analysis Approach © International Institute of Business Analysis .2 Evaluates project complexity. constraints.15 Sample Competency BABOK Knowledge Area: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring Performance Competency: 1.1.

16 Future of the Competency Model March 2010 2010 Major Release – Mid Year Another 2010 Major Release – Later • BA Self Assessment Template • Additional Licensing Options • Level of BAs Defined • Specialty BAs Defined • 53 Performance Competencies Defined/Mapped for Levels & Specialties • More Tools and Templates for BAs and Managers • Career Planning •D Development/Training Pl l t/T i i Plans • Recruit/Interview • BA Goal Setting • 360 F db k Feedback © International Institute of Business Analysis .

org | community.org http://www.org Professional Development Business Analysis Competency Model http://j.17 www. Competency Model C C t M d l Committee itt angela.theiiba.theiiba.org | info@theiiba.org Angela Wick Product Manager and Chair.mp/bAE35N (direct link) © International Institute of Business Analysis .wick@theiiba.theiiba.

Registration – Soon! © International Institute of Business Analysis . 24x7 we are starting a webinar series to interview those authors about their work. 10:0010:30AM EST Kathleen B K thl Barret will di t ill discuss current IIBA activities. 2010 As IIBA® makes hundreds of BA books available to members through Books 24x7. 2010. This is an opportunity for members to pose questions directly to the CEO to better understand the initiatives of the association.18 Coming Up Next Screen Side Chat Tue Mar 2. Books and Conversations Date: Starting March.mp/bKprYg ABC: Authors. Register Now: http://j.

Register Now: http://j. 2010. strategic work. managing teams of BAs.ly/cLbKsQ © International Institute of Business Analysis . with 25 years experience working in different roles at all levels including i l di project b i j t business analysis.com.mp/9UFQmh Technical Excellence Tom Karasmanis IIBA® Chief Architect Tue Mar 30. Register Now: http://bit. Sh is also a practicing G She i l ti i BA consultant. 12:00-1:00PM Laura is the author of the eBook How to Start a BA Career and an active blogger at Bridging-theGap.19 Coming Up Next Being A BA – Call In Advice Shows g Your Career Laura Brandenberg g Career Center Product Manager Tue Mar 9. 12:00-1:00PM EST Tom is a very experienced BA.

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