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25W-500W Scalable Output Power Class D Audio Power Amplifier Reference Design Using the IRS2092 Protected Digital Audio Driver
By Jun Honda, Manuel Rodríguez, Wenduo Liu

CAUTION: International Rectifier suggests the following guidelines for safe operation and handling of IRAUDAMP7D Demo Board: • Always wear safety glasses whenever operating Demo Board • Avoid personal contact with exposed metal surfaces when operating Demo Board • Turn off Demo Board when placing or removing measurement probes


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Table of Contents Introduction of scalable design ………………………………………………….. Power table values for each power model……………………………………… Specifications……………………………………………………………………… Connection setup…………………………………………………………………. Test procedure…………………………………………………………………..… Performance and test graphs………………………………………………….… Clipping characteristics…………………………………………………………… Efficiency…………………………………………………………………………… Thermal considerations……………………………………………...…………… PSRR, half bridge, full bridge……………………………………………………. Short circuit response…………………………………………………………….. IRAUDAMP7D Overview……………………………………………………….… Functions Descriptions…………………………………………………………… Selectable dead Time…………………………………..………………………… Protection Features……………………………………………..………………… Click and pop noise control………………………………………….…………… Bus pumping…………………………………………………….………………… Bridged configuration……………………………………….……..……………… Input signal and Gain……………………………………….……………………. Gain settings………………………………………………………………………. Schematics………………………………………………………………………… Bill of Materials………………………………………………………………..…… IRAUDAMP7D models differential table………………………………………... Hardware…………………………………………………………………………… PCB specifications………………………………………………………………… Assembly Drawings………………………………………………………….…… Revision changes descriptions…………………………………………………..

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The IRAUDAMP7D reference design is a two-channel Class D audio power amplifier that features output power scalability. The IRAUDAMP7D offers selectable half-bridge (stereo) and full-bridge (bridged) modes. This reference design demonstrates how to use the IRS2092 Class D audio driver IC, along with IR’s digital audio dual MOSFETs, such as IRFI4024H-117P, IRFI4019H-117P, IRFI4212H-117P and IRFI4020H-117P, on a single layer PCB. The design shows how to implement peripheral circuits on an optimum PCB layout using a single sided board. The resulting design requires a small heatsink for normal operation (one-eighth of continuous rated power). The reference design provides all the required housekeeping power supplies and protections. Unless otherwise noted, this user’s manual is based on 150V model, IRAUDAMP7D-150,. Other output power versions can be configured by replacing components given in the component selection of Table 5 on page 36 Applications • • • • • • • AV receivers Home theater systems Mini component stereos Powered speakers Sub-woofers Musical Instrument amplifiers Automotive after market amplifiers

Features Output Power: Residual Noise: Distortion: Efficiency: Multiple Protection Features: Scalable output power from 25W- 500W (see Table 1) 200 μV, IHF-A weighted, AES-17 filter 0.05 % THD+N @ 60W, 4 Ω 90 % @ 120W, 4 Ω, Class D stage Over-current protection (OCP), high side and low side MOSFET Over-voltage protection (OVP), Under-voltage protection (UVP), high side and low side MOSFET DC-protection (DCP), Over-temperature protection (OTP) Self-oscillating PWM, half-bridge or full-bridge topologies selectable

PWM topology:


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Table 1 IRAUDAMP7D Specification Table Series
Item IR Power FET1A, MOSFET FET1B 8Ω Half Bridge 4Ω Full Bridge 8Ω Nominal +B, -B Supply Voltage Min/Max +B, -B Supply Voltage Voltage Gv Gain Notes: • • All the power ratings are at clipping power (THD+N = 1 %). To estimate power ratings at THD+N=10%, multiply them by 1.33 See Table 5 on page 36 for the complete listing of components table. AMP7D-55 IRFI4024H-117P 25W x 2 50W x 2 100W x 1 ±25V ±20V ~ ±28V 20 Model Name AMP7D-100 AMP7D-150 IRFI4212H-117P 60W x 2 120W x 2 240W x 1 ±35V ±28V ~ ±45V 30 IRFI4019H-117P 125W x 2 250W x 2 500W x 1 ±50V ±45V ~ ±60V 36 AMP7D-200 IRFI4020H-117P 250W x 2 Not Supported Not Supported ±70V ±60V ~ ±80V 40

General Test Conditions for IRAUDAMP7D-150 (unless otherwise noted) Power Supply Voltages ± 50V Load Impedance 4Ω Self-Oscillating Frequency 400kHz Voltage Gain 36 Notes / Conditions

Typical Notes / Conditions IRS2092, Protected digital audio driver IRFI4024H-117P, IRFI4019H-117P, IRFI4212H-117P, IRFI4020H117P Digital audio MOSFETs PWM Modulator Self-oscillating, second order sigma-delta modulation, analog input Power Supply Range ± 45V to ± 60V Or see table 1 above Output Power CH1-2: (1 % THD+N) 300W 1kHz Output Power CH1-2: (10 % THD+N) 400W 1kHz Rated Load Impedance 8-4Ω Resistive load Standby Supply Current +50 mA/-80 mA No input signal Total Idle Power Consumption 7W No input signal Channel Efficiency 90 % Single-channel driven, 120W IR Devices Used .

Electrical Data


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com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. Single-channel driven A-weighted. Single-channel operation 22 Hz – 20kHz.250kgm Test Setup www. 1W THD+N.08 % 100 dB 200 μV 2000 95 dB 85 dB 75 dB 20 Hz-35kHz Class D Output 0.Audio Performance THD+N.irf. 60W THD+N.10 % 100 dB 200 μV 170 90 dB 80 dB 65 dB ±3 dB Notes / Conditions 1kHz. 4 Ω – 8 Ω Load Thermal Performance (TA=25 °C) Condition Idling 2 ch x 15W (1/8 rated power) 2 ch x 120W (Rated power) Typical TC =30 °C TPCB=37 °C TC =54 °C TPCB=67 °C TC =80 °C TPCB=106 °C Notes / Conditions No signal input OTP shutdown after 150 s Physical Specifications Dimensions Weight 6”(L) x 4”(W) x 1.1 % 0.03 % 0.25”(H) 150 mm (L) x 100 mm (W) x 35 mm(H) 0.05 % 0.04 % 0.03 % 0.8 Page 5 of 42 . AES17 filter Self-oscillating frequency 400kHz 1kHz. AES-17 filter. 100W Dynamic Range Residual Noise Damping Factor Channel Separation Frequency Response : 20 Hz20kHz Before Demodulator 0. 10W THD+N.09 % 0. relative to 4 Ω load 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz 1W.

5A DC supply 4 Ohm G CNN1 4 Ohm SPK1A SPK1B LED1 A LED2 A S1 RCA1A LED1 B LED2 B S300 RCA1B Audio Signal Fig 1 Typical Test Setup Connector Description CH1 IN CH2 IN SUPPLY CH1 OUT CH2 OUT RCA1A RCA1B CNN1 SPK1A SPK1B Analog input for CH1 Analog input for CH2 Positive and negative supply (+B / -B) Output for CH1 Output for CH2 Switches Descriptions S1 S300 Shutdown PWM Half bridge / Full bridge select Indicator Description LED1A. 5A DC supply -B.B PWM (presence of low side gate signal) Protection IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.+B. B LED2A.irf.8 Page 6 of 42 .

17. Note: The self-oscillating switching frequency is pre-calibrated to 400kHz by the value of R11. Set the signal generator to 1kHz. Monitor the output signals at SPK1A/B with an oscilloscope. capacitor CP3 10. 2. The ±B supplies must be applied and removed at the same time. Slide S1 to ON position. the negative supply current must be less than 80 mA. Connect audio signal generators to RCA1A and RCA1B. On the unit under test (UUT). Connect the dual power supply to CNN1. Blue LEDs stay OFF. The two blue LEDs indicate that PWM oscillation is present. This transition delay time is controlled by CSD pin of IRS2092. The ratio. Audio Functionality Tests: 12. 13. set switch S1 to OFF and S300 to Stereo positions. the two blue LEDs turn ON and the red LEDs turns off.Test Procedures Test Setup: 1. Turn ON the dual power supply. 20 mVRMS output. change the resistances of R11A and R11B for CH1 and CH2 respectively. 7. 16. Observe that voltage gain doubles. R8/(R7+R2). IRS2092 is in shutdown mode. Connect 4 Ω-200 W dummy loads to output connectors. www. 14. Quiescent current for the positive and negative supplies must be less than 10mA. Waveform must be a non distorted sinusoidal signal. 3. Set switch S300 to Bridged position. Sweep the audio signal voltage from 15 mVRMS to 1 VRMS. as shown in Fig 1. monitor switching waveform at test points VS1 of VS2 and L1B of CH2. 18. Turn OFF the dual power supply before connecting to UUT. Power up: 6. 5.8 Page 7 of 42 .irf. Set up a dual power supply ±50V with 5A current limit 4. 15. Observe 1 VRMS input generates output voltage of 36 VRMS. 8. while S1 is in OFF position. Switching Frequency Test: 11. determines the voltage gain of IRAUDAMP7D. SPKR1A and SPKR1B. Self oscillating frequency must be 400kHz ± 25kHz. quiescent current for the positive supply must be less than 50 mA. Under the normal operating condition with no input signal applied. after one second delay. To change switching frequency. as shown on Fig 1. Under this IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. 9. The red LEDs (Protections) turn ON immediately and stay on as long as S1 is in OFF position. With an oscilloscope.

Use balanced inputs taken across output terminals.irf.1 0. Use signal voltage sweep range from 15 mVRMS to 1 VRMS. 4 Ω Resistive Load Fig 2 IRAUDAMP7D-55.005 0. Use unbalance-floating signal generator outputs.8 Page 8 of 42 . 24. 4 Ω .Test Setup using Audio Precision (Ap): 19.01 0. 21.05 0.Fig 13 below. Stereo. THD+N versus Power. 23.02 0.002 0.5 IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. Place AES-17 filter for all the testing except frequency response.2 % 0.001 100m 200m 500m 1 2 W 5 10 20 50 100 Blue = CH1. Connect Ap frame ground to GND in terminal CNN1. Red = CH2 ±B Supply = ±25V. 20. www. Test Results 10 5 2 1 0. SPKR1A and SPKR1B. 22. Run Ap test programs for all subsequent tests as shown in Fig 2.

05 0.02 0.002 0. Stereo.5 0.2 % 0.1 0. Bridged.irf. THD+N versus Power. Pink = CH2 ±B Supply = ±35V. THD+N versus Power.2 % IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. 8 Ω www.002 0.001 100m 200m 500m 1 2 5 W 10 20 50 100 200 Blue = CH1.001 100m 200m 500m 1 2 5 W 10 20 50 100 200 500 ±B Supply = ±35V. 8 Ω Resistive Load. 4 Ω Resistive Load Fig 3 IRAUDAMP7D-100. 10 5 2 1 0. Bridged Fig 4 IRAUDAMP7D-100. 4 Ω .5 0.8 Page 9 of 42 .02 0.005 0.01 0.1 0.005 0.05 0.10 5 2 1 0.01 0.

irf.005 0. www. 10 5 2 1 0. 10 5 2 1 0.01 0.002 0.02 0.002 0.01 0.1 0. Bridged 8 Ω . THD+N versus Power.001 100m 200m 500m 1 2 5 10 W 20 50 100 200 800 ±B Supply = ±50V.2 % 0. Stereo.2 % 0.5 0. 4 Ω Resistive Load Fig 5 IRAUDAMP7D-150. 4 Ω . 8 Ω Resistive Load Fig 6 IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. Pink = CH2 ±B Supply = ±50V.5 0. THD+N versus Power.001 100m 200m 500m 1 2 5 W 10 20 50 100 200 500 Blue = CH1..005 0.05 0.1 0.8 Page 10 of 42 .02 0.05 0.

8 Page 11 of 42 . 2 V Output referenced Fig 8 Frequency Response (All Models) .irf.02 0.05 0.2 % 0.001 100m 200m 500m 1 2 5 W 10 20 50 100 200 500 Blue = CH1. Stereo 8 Ω .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. www. 2 V Output referenced CH1 .1 0. Red = CH2 ±B Supply = ±70V.10 5 2 1 0. +4 +3 +2 +1 -0 -1 d B r A -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 20 50 100 200 500 1k 2k Hz 5k 10k 20k 50k 100k 200k Red Blue CH1 .005 0.002 0. THD+N versus Power.5 0.4 Ω.01 0. 8 Ω Resistive Load Fig 7 IRAUDAMP7D-200.8 Ω.

01 0.1 0.8 Page 12 of 42 .5 % 0.02 0.100 50 10 1 0. +0 -10 -20 -30 -40 d B V -50 -60 -70 -80 -90 -100 -110 20 50 100 200 500 Hz 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k 1V Output Fig 10 IRAUDAMP7D-150. 10W Output CH1. 50W Output Fig 9 IRAUDAMP7D-150.001 0. Stereo .irf.05 IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.0001 20 50 100 200 500 Hz 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k Blue Pink CH1. 4Ω . THD+N versus Frequency. 1 kHz – 1 V Output Spectrum. www.

8 Page 13 of 42 .ACD. Bridged .irf. +20 +0 -20 -40 d B V -60 -80 -100 -120 -140 10 20 50 100 200 500 Hz 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k Red Blue CH1 . No IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. Self Oscillator @ 400kHz CH2 .+0 -10 -20 -30 -40 d B V -50 -60 -70 -80 -90 -100 -110 20 50 100 200 500 Hz 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k 1V Output Fig 11 IRAUDAMP7D-150. No signal. www.ACD. Self Oscillator @ 400kHz Fig 12 IRAUDAMP7D-150 Noise Floor .1V Output Spectrum. 1 kHz .

THD+N = 0. 1 kHz..8 Page 14 of 42 . 4 Ω. avoiding cross-conduction 100% 90% 80% Efficiency (%) 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 25V-4ohms Output power (W) ±B Supply = ±25 V Fig 14 Efficiency versus Output Power.irf. IRAUDAMP7D-55. Red Trace: Total Distortion + Noise Voltage Gold Trace: Output Voltage 60 W / 4 Ω.02 % 174 W / 4 Ω. Efficiency Figs 14-19 show efficiency characteristics of the IRAUDAMP7D. 1 kHz. The high efficiency is achieved by following major factors: 1) Low conduction loss due to the dual FETs offering low RDS(ON) 2) Low switching loss due to the dual FETs offering low input capacitance for fast rise and fall times 3) Secure dead-time provided by the IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. THD+N = 10 % Measured Output and Distortion Waveforms Fig 13 Clipping Characteristics . Stereo www.

4 Ω. 4 Ω. 90% 80% Efficiency (%) 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 50V-4ohms Output power (W) ±B Supply = ±50V Fig 17 Efficiency versus Output Power.irf.. 8 Ω. Bridged . Stereo .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. 100% 90% 80% Efficiency (%) 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 35V-4ohms Output power (W) ±B Supply = ±35 V Fig 15 Efficiency versus Output Power. IRAUDAMP7D-100.8 Page 15 of 42 . 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 Efficiency (%) 35V-8ohms-Full bridge Output power (W) ±B Supply = ±35V Fig 16 Efficiency versus Output Power. Stereo www. IRAUDAMP7D-100. IRAUDAMP7D-150.

IRAUDAMP7D-200. IRAUDAMP7D-150. Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) The IRAUDAMP7D obtains good power supply rejection ratio of -65 dB at 1kHz shown in Fig 20. 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 Efficiency (%) 70V-8ohms Output power (W) ±B supply = ±70V Fig 19 Efficiency versus Output Power. the IRAUDAMP7D design can handle one-eighth of the continuous rated power. With this high PSRR. 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 Efficiency (%) 50V-8ohms-Full bridge Output power (W) ±B Supply = ±50V Fig 18 Efficiency versus Output Power. 8 Ω. 8 Ω.irf. IRAUDAMP7D accepts any power supply topology as far as the supply voltages fit in the min and max range.. Stereo Thermal Considerations With this high efficiency. without additional heatsink or forced IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. which is generally considered to be a normal operating condition for safety standards. www. Bridged .8 Page 16 of 42 .

If the short circuit persists. the IRS2092 tries to resume the PWM. After one second. it shuts down PWM. As soon as the IRS2092 detects over current condition. www. the IRS2092 repeats try and fail sequences until the short circuit is removed.8 Page 17 of 42 .irf. Short Circuit in Positive and Negative Load Current CSD pin CSD pin VS pin Positive OCP VS pin Load current Load current Negative OCP Fig 21 Positive and Negative OCP Waveforms .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. Fig 20 IRAUDAMP7D Power Supply Rejection Ratio Short Circuit Protection Response Figs 21-23 show over current protection reaction time of the IRAUDAMP7D in a short circuit event.Cyan: VAA & VSS are fed by +/-B bus Green: VAA & VSS are fed by external +/-5 V regulated power supplies.

Actual Reaction Time OCP Waveforms Showing actual reaction time . highest performance and robust design.OCP Waveforms Showing CSD Trip and Hiccup CSD pin VS pin Load current Load current VS pin CSD pin . IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. This topology represents an analog version of a second-order sigma-delta modulation having a Class D switching stage inside the loop. Fig 22 OCP Response with Continuous Short Circuit . The www. 23 High and Low Side OCP current waveform reaction time IRAUDAMP7D Overview The IRAUDAMP7D features a self-oscillating type PWM modulator for the lowest component count.8 Page 18 of 42 .irf.

• Front-end integrator • PWM comparator • Level shifters • Gate drivers and MOSFETs • Output LPF Integrator Referring to Fig 24 below. is that all the error in the audible frequency range is shifted to the inaudible upper-frequency range by nature of its operation. The IRS2092 drives two MOSFETs. C4. The high-side levelshifter shifts up the high-side gate drive signal out of the dead-time block. C6. the input operational amplifier of the IRS2092 forms a front-end secondorder integrator with R7. The integrator that receives a rectangular feedback signal from the PWM output via R8 and audio input signal via R7 generates quadratic carrier signal in COMP pin. Output LPF www.8 Page 19 of 42 . PWM Comparator The carrier signal in COMP pin is converted to PWM signal by an internal comparator that has threshold at middle point between VAA and VSS. The IRAUDAMP7D self-oscillating topology consists of following essential functional blocks. in the power stage providing the amplified PWM waveform. in comparison to the carrier-signal based modulation. The analog input signal shifts the average value of the quadratic waveform such that the duty cycle varies according to the instantaneous voltage of the analog input signal.benefit of the sigma-delta modulation. and IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.irf.and low-sides. Level Shifters The internal input level-shifter transfers the PWM signal down to the low-side gate driver section. Gate Drivers and MOSFETs The received PWM signal is sent to the dead-time generation block where a programmable amount of dead time is added into the PWM signal between the two gate output signals of LO and HO to prevent potential cross conduction across the output power MOSFETs. The comparator has no hysteresis in its input threshold. sigma-delta modulation allows a designer to apply a sufficient amount of error correction. The gate driver section has another level-shifter that level shifts up the high-side gate signal to the high-side gate driver section. Also. high.

R8 R117 +B CP4 0V C4 R11 C6 +VAA VB IRS2092 HO CP6 R24 +B 0V -B LP Filter FET1 IRFI4024H-117P IRFI4212H-117P IRFI4019H-117P IRFI4020H-117P D3 L1 C12 COMP C7 0V R7 INPUT INGND 0V + . The IRS2092 integrates bidirectional over current protection for both high-side and low-side MOSFETs. R26 and R27 as shown on Fig 25 below. A single stage output filter can be used with switching frequencies of 400 kHz and greater. minimizing deadtime while preventing IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. Modulator and Shift level Integrator VS VCC LO . Demodulation LC low-pass filter (LPF) formed by L1 and C12. The IRS2092 offers the following functions. a design with a lower switching frequency may require an additional stage of LPF.8 Page 20 of 42 . These functions include OCP and UVP. . a high-voltage (up to 200 V). The dead-time can be selected for optimized performance according to the size of the MOSFET. R25 CP2 CP5 -VSS COM +VCC -B R118 .irf. • PWM modulator www. there is no gate-timing adjustment required externally. high-speed power MOSFET driver with internal dead-time and protection functions specifically designed for Class D audio amplifier applications. Selectable dead-time through the DT pin voltage is an easy and reliable function which requires only two external resistors.The amplified PWM output is reconstructed back to analog signal by the output LC LPF. Fig 24 Simplified Block Diagram of IRAUDAMP7D Class D Amplifier Functional Descriptions IRS2092 Gate Driver IC The IRAUDAMP7D uses IRS2092. filters out the Class D switching carrier signal leaving the audio output at the speaker load. As a result.

1uF.1uF CP7 470uF. the propagation delay of the IRS2092.• • • • Dead-time insertion Over current protection Under voltage protection Level shifters Refer to IRS2092 datasheet and AN-1138 for more details.7R 20R R25 LED1 Blue C14 0. The PWM switching frequency in this type of self-oscillating switching scheme greatly impacts the audio performance. It drops as duty cycle varies away from 50%. C6. Variations in +B and –B supply voltages also affect the self-oscillating frequency. C7).6k R19 10k CP6 5 D4 C11 0.7k OCSET IRS2092S DIP DT 9 R26 10k R27 10k CP5 22uF VCC 7 VSS VREF LO COM 11 -B 10 R21 10R R23 4. Adjustments of Self-Oscillating Frequency Use R7 to set different self-oscillating frequencies.3k 1w R13 10k 8 R12 8.3k 1nF 1nF C6 5 10uF 6 CP2 22uF R118 3.irf. 400V R30 R31 10.100V 1 2 -B C13 0. 400V C7 1nF 3 4 INCOMP HO VS 14 VS1 13 22uF 2 GND VB 15 22uF 20R R24 3 C12 0.1uF. 1W 2. C4.47uF. the MOSFETs switching speed.8 Page 21 of 42 . R31.7K CSD VCC 12 D3 R20 IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. R117 3.3k 1w R17 R22 10K U1 CP4 1 R8 100k R11 270R R2 3. R8. the time-constant of front-end integrator (R7.2k 4 VAA CSH 16 75k R18 9. both in absolute www.100V +B RCA1 CP1 10uF L1 22uH CH_OUT SPKR1 1 2 R3 SD D1 100R CP3 C4 + CH1 - -B Fig 25 System-level View of IRAUDAMP7D Self-Oscillating Frequency Self-oscillating frequency is determined by the total delay time along the control loop of the system. The self-oscillating frequency changes with the duty ratio.100V FET1 CP8 470uF. The frequency is highest at idling.

The rest of the protections.frequency and frequency relative to the other channels. speaker DC offset www. interference between channels is most significant if the relative frequency difference is within the audible range. Under the normal operating condition with no audio input signal. the switching-frequency is set around 400kHz in the IRAUDAMP7D. Fig 26 lists the suggested component value for each programmable dead-time between 25 and 105 ns.46 x Vcc 0. Dead-time Mode DT1 DT2 DT3 DT4 R1 <10k 5.2kΩ Open R2 Open 4.time IRS2092(S) 25nS 45nS >0. or have them separated by at least 25kHz.3kΩ <10k DT/SD Voltage Vcc 0. Normally. such as over-voltage protection (OVP). In relative terms. under-voltage protection (UVP). In the absolute IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. at higher frequencies distortion due to switching-time becomes significant. when adjusting the self-oscillating frequency of the different channels. it is suggested to either match the frequencies accurately.irf.5mA Vcc R1 75nS 105nS VDT DT R2 0.29 x Vcc COM Recommended Resistor Values for Dead Time Selection Dead.7kΩ 3.8 Page 22 of 42 .6kΩ 8. while at lower frequencies.36xVcc 0. All the IRAUDAMP7D models use DT2 (45ns) dead-time. the bandwidth of the amplifier suffers.57xVcc Vcc COM Fig 26 Dead-time Settings vs.23xVcc 0. Selectable Dead-time The dead-time of the IRS2092 is set based on the voltage applied to the DT pin. VDT Voltage Protection System Overview The IRS2092 integrates over current protection (OCP) inside the IC.

Once the fault is cleared.1uF Q104 2N3904 R113 10k -VSS1 -VSS1 Fig 27 DCP.2V +VAA FET2 PROT VB HO FET1 LP Filter CSD VS CSD VCC OCSET LO BLUE .1V OCREF R13 R12 LED1 -B OCSET COM Fig 28 Simplified Functional Diagram of OCP and Associated LED Indicators www.7k Q101 330uF. are realized externally to the IRS2092 (Fig 27). the protection circuit stays in shutdown until the fault is removed. OTP. TH100 is thermally connected with Heat sink DCP Q102 2N3906 R108 CH1_OUT 100k R109 CH2_OUT 100k R110 100k CP100 OTP R103 715R TH100 2. and turning off blue LEDs (Fig 28). In the event that any of these external fault conditions are detected.8 Page 23 of 42 .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. 10V -VSS1 1 S1 2 3 4 5 +B +B Z100 *68V R111 10k Z101 *39V OVP -VSS1 SD R102 10k Q100 2N3904 6 SW DPDT R105 10k R106 10k R107 10k JW3 R112 47K C100 0. .irf. the blue LEDs turn on and red LEDs turn off. If the fault condition persists. the external shutdown circuit will disable the output by pulling down CSD pins. turning on red LEDs. UVP and OVP Protection Circuits . -VSS CP3 OCREF (DCP) and over temperature protection (OTP).2k 2N3906 R101 4. R17 CSH R18 R19 D4 BAV19 + 1. RED UVP +B .7k Q103 2N3906 R104 4.

7K 23A 6. OCP shuts down the switching operation if the drain-to-source voltage exceeds a preset trip level. By subtracting a forward voltage drop of 0. The threshold is determined by a Zener diode Z100. When the VS voltage during low-side conduction gets higher than the OCSET voltage.6V across the drain-to-source. An external reverse blocking diode D4 is required to block high voltage feeding into the CSH pin during low-side conduction. OVP www.2V.3K Amp7-100 3. The voltage setting on the OCSET pin programs the threshold for low-side over-current sensing. R18 and R17 are used to program a threshold as shown in Fig 26.7A Amp7-150 7. OCP shuts down the switching operation if the drain-to-source voltage exceeds a preset trip level. OVP shuts down the amplifier if the bus voltage between GND and +B exceeds 75V.8 Page 24 of 42 .9K 23A 0. which is the source of the high-side MOSFET.Over-Current Protection (OCP) Low-Side Current Sensing The low-side current sensing feature protects the low side MOSFET from an overload condition in negative load current by measuring drain-to-source voltage across RDS(ON) during its on state.6V at D4. In contrast to the low-side current sensing. Table 2 Actual OCP table setting thresholds Device R12A R12B Tested OCP current 25oC CSH R18A R18B Tested OCP current 25oC Peak load current at rated power Function OCSET Amp7-55 1.2K 23A 8. High-Side Current Sensing The high-side current sensing protects the high side MOSFET from an overload condition in positive load current by measuring drain-to-source voltage across RDS(ON) during its on state. An external resistive divider R19.2K 23A 8. the minimum threshold which can be set for the high-side is IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. the IRS2092 turns off outputs and pulls CSD down to -VSS.5K 30A 9. High-side over-current sensing monitors drain-to-source voltage of the high-side MOSFET while it is in the on state through the CSH and VS pins.0A 8. the threshold of CSH pin to trigger OC protection is internally fixed at 1.2A Amp7-200 5.0 4.9A Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) OVP is provided externally to the IRS2092. The CSH pin detects the drain voltage with reference to the VS pin.6K 29A 12.irf.

protects the board from harmful excessive supply voltages. is placed in close proximity to two dual MOSFETs on a heatsink to monitor heatsink temperature. Output DC offset greater than ±4V triggers DCP. such as due to bus pumping at very low frequency continuous output in stereo mode. OTP recovers once the temperature has cooled down.irf. DC offset detection detects abnormal DC offset and shuts down PWM. Speaker DC-Voltage Protection (DCP) DCP protects speakers against DC output current feeding to its voice IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. During the shutdown mode the output MOSFETs are kept off. If this abnormal condition is caused by a MOSFET failure because one of the high-side or low-side MOSFETs short circuited and remained in the on state. Under-Voltage Protection (UVP) UVP is provided externally to the IRS2092. UVP shuts down the amplifier if the bus voltage between GND and +B falls below a voltage set by Zener diode Z101.8 Page 25 of 42 . the OTP shuts down both channels by pulling down CSD pins of the IRS2092. If the heatsink temperature rises above 100 °C. ON-OFF Switch OFF position of S1 forces the IRAUDAMP7D to stay in shutdown mode by pulling down the CSD pin. www. UVP prevents unwanted audible noise output from unstable PWM operation during power up and down. the power supply needs to be cut off in order to protect the speakers. TH100 in Fig 25. IRAUDAMP7D does not use any additional components for this function. DC offsets are tested to be less than ±20 mV. Click and POP Noise Reduction Thanks to the click and pop elimination function built into the IRS2092. Offset Null (DC Offset) Adjustment The IRAUDAMP7D requires no output-offset adjustment. Over-Temperature Protection (OTP) A NTC resistor.

Usually. Power supply voltage depends on the model and is shown in the power selection in Table 1. Bus Pumping When the IRAUDAMP7D is running in the stereo mode. and +12V supply (VCC) referred to negative supply rail -B for MOSFET gate drive.Power Supply Requirements For convenience. There is no bus pumping effect in full bridge mode. Lower output frequencies (bus-pumping duration is longer per half cycle) 2. Following conditions make bus pumping worse: 1. The VAA and VSS supplying floating input section are fed from +B and -B power stage bus supplies via R117 and R118. Bus voltage detection monitors only +B IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. D3 and CP6 form a bootstrap floating supply for the HO gate driver.8 Page 26 of 42 . Consequently the bus voltage is pumped up. www. Higher power output voltage and/or lower load impedance (more energy transfers between supplies) 3. Smaller bus capacitance (the same energy will cause a larger voltage increase) The OVP protects IRAUDAMP7D from failure in case of excessive bus pumping. respectively.irf. Since the energy flowing in the Class D switching stage is bi-directional. assuming the bus pumping on the supplies is symmetric in +B and -B supplies. the power supply has no way to absorb the energy coming back from the load. the IRAUDAMP7D has all the necessary housekeeping power supplies onboard and only requires a pair of symmetric power supplies. creating bus voltage fluctuations. The majority of the energy flowing back to the supply is from the energy stored in the inductor in the output LPF. The VCC is referenced to –B (negative power supply). Gate driver section of IRS2092 uses VCC to drive gates of MOSFETs.6V for analog signal processing. there is a period where the Class D amplifier feeds energy back to the power supply. One of the easiest counter measures of bus pumping is to drive both of the channels in a stereo configuration out-of-phase so that one channel consumes the energy flow from the other and does not return it to the power supply. House Keeping Power Supply The internally-generated housekeeping power supplies include ±5. bus pumping effect takes place with low frequency high output.

Full bridge operation is achieved by feeding out-of-phase audio input signals to the two input channels as shown in the Fig 30 below. also known as bridge-tied-load.8 Page 27 of 42 .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.1uF Fig 30 Bridged Configuration (BTL) www.irf. Green: Speaker Output. IRAUDAMP7D receives audio input signal from channel A only.Cyan: Positive Rail voltage (+B). (See power table in Table 1) . nominal load impedance is 8 Ω.1uF 1 2 6 3 5 4 C301 5 6 SW DPDT 100 8 U300 TL072CP Bridged CP1B+ S300 1 2 3 4 From Ch B RCA2 From Ch A RCA1 JW8 R300 22k Steereo R303 -VSS 100 0. or BTL configuration. C300 R301 22k R302 +VAA 7 0. the IRAUDAMP7D realizes full bridge mode. The speaker output must be connected between (+) of Channel A and (+) of Channel B in bridged mode. In bridged mode. The on-board inverter feed out-of-phase signal to Channel B. Pink: Negative Rail voltage (-B) Fig 29 Bus Pumping in Half Bridge Mode Bridged Configuration By selecting S300 to Bridged position. In bridged mode.

it is necessary to understand what characteristics are preferable when designing the output filter. Fig 31 demonstrates THD performance difference with various inductors. 2) The linearity of the output inductor and capacitor should be high with output current and voltage.01 0. the control loop has no ability to compensate performance deterioration caused by the output filter.0001 100m 200m 500m 1 2 5 W 10 20 50 100 200 Fig 31 THD+N vs. 1) The DC resistance of the inductor should be minimized to 20 mΩ or less.1 0.irf.001 0. Output Filter Selection Since the output filter is not included in the control loop of the IRAUDAMP7D.8 Page 28 of 42 .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. Output Power with Different kind of Output Inductors www. T 100 T 10 1 % 0. Therefore.Load Impedance Each channel is optimized for a 4 Ω speaker load in half bridge and 8 Ω load in full bridge.

The IRAUDAMP7D has an RC network called Zobel network (R30 and C13) to damp the resonance and prevent peaking frequency response with light loading impedance. and the LC resonance can activate OCP. LP Filter .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. . Input signal with frequencies from 30kHz to 60kHz may cause LC resonance in the output LPF. These supersonic input frequencies can be filtered out by adding R2 and C2 as shown on main schematic Fig 33 and Fig 34.8 Page 29 of 42 . especially with greater than 8 Ω load impedances. This RC filter works also as an input RF filter to prevent potential radio frequency interferences. 0V L1 C12 0V . To change the voltage gain. change the input resistor term R2. The IRAUDAMP7D has no on board volume control. (Fig 32) The Zobel network is not thermally rated to handle continuous supersonic frequencies above 20kHz. Fig 32 Output Low Pass Filter and Zobel Network Gain Setting The ratio of resistors R8/R2 in Fig 23 sets voltage gain. C13 R30 . causing a large reactive current flowing through the switching stage. www.irf.Input Signal and Gain Setting A proper input signal is an analog signal ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz with up to 3 VRMS amplitude with a source impedance of no more than 600 Ω. Changing R8 affects PWM control loop design and may result poor audio performance.

8 Page 30 of 42 . 100V R13A 10k C13A 0. +B. OUT CH1_OUT D5A SPKR1A 1 2 R30A 10.-B are +/-70Vwith FET1 as IRFI4020H-117P IRAUDAMP7 Rev 2.1uF.1uF.250V 4 R22A R117A *3.100V CP7A -B * IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.7k BS250P Prot A 3 FET2A 1 Red LED R3A SD D1A 100R -VSS1 Z104A 5.47uF.01k 1% C2A 1nF +VAA1 1 CP4A 22uF R11A *300R 3 R14A 4.-B are +/-50Vwith FET1 as IRFI4019H-117P IRAUDAMP7-200. 400V C8A Heat sink Q105A Z102A 15V 22uF CP101A -B Note: Com ponents values m arked on red or * are according to power table IRAUDAMP7-55.1uF. 400V + CHA - 10R C14A 0.6V R2A 330 R7A *3.7R 20R R25A JW2A 1 R23A 10k LED1A Blue LED 2 R114A *1k 1w TIP31C R115A 1 *15k 2 2 VAA GND CSH VB 16 15 22uF 20R R24A 3 150pF. 1W -B D6A R31A 2.2 Fig 33 Amplifier Schematic.3k 1w CP3A 10uF CP2A 22uF 2 C4A C6A 5 6 7 8 R12A *7. Channel 1 .2k R28A C12A 0. 400V C11A 0.3k 1w R17A +B +B +B D4A FET1A *IRFI4019H-117P 5 HS1 C9A open C10A 0.Feedback R8A *120k 1% RCA1A RCA1 CP1A 22uF R1A 100k Z103A 5.-B are +/-35Vwith FET1 as IRFI4212H-117P IRAUDAMP7-150.6V R118A *3. 100V +B 1 2 3 -B CONN1 JW1A CHA U1A 10k *47k R18A *9. +B.5k CSD VSS VREF OCSET IRS2092PbF VCC LO COM DT 12 11 -B 10 R21A 9 R26A 10k R27A 10k CP5A 22uF VCC1 10R 3 1nF 1nF C7A 1nF 4 INCOMP HO VS 14 Z1A 13 15V D3A R20A 4. +B.1uF. www. +B.-B are +/-25V with FET1 as IRFI4024H-117P IRAUDAMP7-100.1k R19A 10k CP6A R29A +B VS1 L1A 22uH open CHA.irf.100V CP8A *470uF.

-B are +/-50Vwith FET1 as IRFI4019H-117P IRAUDAMP7-200. www. 100V JW1B CHB U1B R22B 10k *47k R18B *9. OUT CH2_OUT D5B SPKR1B 1 2 R30B 10.-B are +/-35Vwith FET1 as IRFI4212H-117P IRAUDAMP7-150.6V R118B *3.1uF. +B.47uF.3k 1w CP3B 10uF CP2B 22uF 6 7 8 R12B *7.3k 1w R17B +B +B +B D4B FET1B *IRFI4019H-117P R29B open 5 C10B 0.-B are +/-70Vwith FET1 as IRFI4020H-117P IRAUDAMP7 Rev 2.6V R2B 330 R7B *3. 1W -B C13B 0.2k BS250P R3B 2 C4B C6B R28B C12B 0. Channel 2 .1k R19B 10k CP6B +B L1B 22uH CHB. +B.100V C14B + CHB - SD D1B 100R R13B 10k C8B 10R CP7B -B *470uF.100V CP8B *470uF. +B.1uF.irf.Feedback R8B *120k 1% RCA1B RCA1 CP1B 22uF R1B 100k Z103B 5.1uF. +B.8 Page 31 of 42 . 400V D6B R31B 2.7R 20R R25B JW2B 1 R23B 10k LED1B Blue LED 2 R114B *1k 1w TIP31C R115B 1 *15k 2 2 VAA GND CSH VB 16 15 22uF 20R R24B 3 150pF.5k INCOMP CSD VSS VREF OCSET IRS2092PbF HO VS VCC LO COM DT 14 Z1B 13 12 11 -B 10 R21A 9 R26B 10R 10k R27B 10k CP5B 22uF VCC2 3 15V D3B R20B 4. 400V C11B IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. 100V Heat sink Q105B Z102B 15V 22uF CP101B -B Note: Com ponents values m arked on red or * are according to power table IRAUDAMP7-55.-B are +/-25V with FET1 as IRFI4024H-117P IRAUDAMP7-100.2 Fig 34 Amplifier Schematic.250V 4 open C9B VS2 R117B *3.1uF.01k 1% C2B 1nF +VAA2 1 CP4B 22uF R11B *300R 3 R14B 4. 400V 0.7k Prot B Red LED 3 FET2B 1 1nF 1nF C7B 1nF 4 5 -VSS2 Z104B 5.

irf. Bridged 2 3 4 6 FromCH2.1uF 1 2 R300 22k R303 -VSS2 100 0. 10V -VSS1 1 S1 2 3 4 5 +B Z100 *68V R111 10k +B Z101 *39V -VSS1 SD R102 10k Q100 2N3904 OVP JW3 C100 IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.VCC1 VCC2 SD +B -B JW21 JW20 JW5 JW6 JW7 VCC2 VCC2 SD +B -B TH100 is thermally connected with Heat sink DCP R108 CH1_OUT 100k R109 CH2_OUT 100k R110 100k CP100 OTP R103 715R TH100 2.1uF Q104 2N3904 UVP S300 6 SW DPDT R105 10k R106 10k R107 10k R112 47K R113 10k -VSS1 -VSS1 Note: Com ponents values m arked on red or * are according to power table Fig 35 Protection Schematic .2k 2N3906 R101 4.7k Q103 2N3906 R104 4.8 Page 32 of 42 .1uF Fig 36 Bridge Preamp Schematic www. RCA input RCA2 CP1B+ 1 SW DPDT 5 C300 R301 22k R302 100 8 6 3 5 C301 4 U300 TL071CP 7 JW9 Steereo +VAA2 FromCHA. RCA input RCA1 JW8 0.7k Q101 Q102 2N3906 330uF.

C301 CONN1 CP1A.1uF 100V 0.300" Wire 1. C6A. D6B FET1A. C7B C8A.0 OHM AXIAL JUMPER RES 0. CP4B. C14B C12A. D4B D5A. C13B C11A.1uF.800" 22uH.400" Wire 0.0BACT-ND Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom 'Sagami 7G17A- www. C6B.800" Wire 1. CP101A. FET2B HS1 JW1A. JW2A. CP8B CP100 D1A. C11B. D1B D3A. C4A. FET1B FET2A. 16V 470uF/100V 330uF. D4A. C14A.47uF. C7A. CP5A.0BACT-ND P0. CP4A. CP7B. 13A P966-ND 493-1985-ND P5125-ND 1N4148T-73CT-ND MUR120RLGOSCT -ND 1N4003FSCT-ND IR's Part No.200" Wire 0. CP2A. JW2B JW3 JW5 JW6. CP101B CP3A. 50V 150 pF. D5B. C300. C8B C9A. CP3B CP7A. C4B. Dual MOSFET TO-220-5 MOSFET P-CH 45V 230MA TO-92 Aluminum heat spreader AXIAL JUMPER RES 0. C2B. CP5B.47UF 400V METAL POLYPROPYLANE CAP .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. C9B C10A. CP6B.8 Page 33 of 42 . JW7 JW8 JW9 JW20. 12 22uF 493-1058-ND 2 4 1 2 4 4 2 2 1 4 1 1 2 1 1 2 2 10uF. 22UH Designator C2A. CP1B. 10V 1N4148T-73 MUR120RLG 1N4003 *IRFI4019H117P BS250P Heat sink Wire 0. D3B.1uF 100V ED365/3 Description CAP 1nF 50V POLYESTER 5% CERAMIC CAP 150PF 250 VAC CERAMIC 10 % CERAMIC CAP 150PF 250 VAC CERAMIC 10% CAP . CP6A.irf.50MM 3POS PCB CAP 22UF 25V ELECT VR RADIAL CAP ELECT 10UF 16V KS RADIAL CAP 470UF 100V ELECT PW RADIAL CAP 330UF 10V ALUM LYTIC RADIAL DIODE SWITCH 100V 150MA DO-35 DIODE ULTRA FAST 1A 200V AXIAL DO-41 DIODE GEN PURPOSE 200V 1A DO41 IRFI4019H-117P.240" Wire 1.10UF 400V METAL POLYPROPYLANE CAP .IRAUDAMP7D-150 Fabrication Materials Table 3 IRAUDAMP7D-150 Electrical Bill of Materials Quantit y 8 2 2 4 4 2 3 1 Value 1nF. BS250P-ND Drawing IRHS_Amp1 P0. C10B. CP8A. D6A.0 OHM Wire Jumper #20 AWG insulated Wire Jumper #20 AWG insulated Wire Jumper #20 AWG insulated Wire Jumper #20 AWG insulated Wire Jumper #20 AWG insulated Class D Inductor. 250V Open 0.10UF 100V METAL POLYESTER TERMINAL BLOCK 7. 400V 0.10UF 100V METAL POLYESTER CAP .640" Wire 1. JW1B. CP2B. L1B Digikey P/N P4551-ND P11413TB-ND P11413TB-ND 495-1311-ND 495-1147-ND 495-1315-ND 495-1147-ND ED2355-ND Vendor Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG EPCOS Inc EPCOS Inc EPCOS Inc EPCOS Inc On Shore Technology Nichicon Panasonic ECG Nichicon Panasonic ECG Rohm ON Semiconducto r Fairchild Semiconducto r International Rectifier Zetex Inc Custom made Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom 'Inductors. 400V 0. C12B C100. JW21 L1A. C13A.

R108. R28A. Q103 Q105A.0XCT-ND PPC20. or ICE Components.2k 1W P4.1k 4. Fairchild Semiconducto r Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG P300BACTND Yageo 2 2 2 3 2 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 Blue LED Red LED 2N3904-AP 2N3906-AP TIP31C 100k 330 100 Ohms 3k 1% 120k 1% 300 Ohms 7. R12B R13A.5k LED 3MM DUAL FLANGE BLUE CLEAR LED 3MM HI-EFF RED TRANSPARENT TRANSISTOR NPN GP 40V TO92 TRANSISTOR PNP GP 40V TO92 TRANS NPN EPITAX 100V 3A TO-220 RES 100K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 330 OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 100 OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES METAL FILM 3. R8B R11A. LITE-ON INC LITE-ON INC Micro Commercial Co.00KCACT-ND P120KCACT-ND P300BACT-ND P7. R110 R2A. Micro Commercial Co. R19B.7K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 47K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 9. R20B R21A.irf.5KBACT-ND 18 10k P10KBACT-ND Panasonic ECG 4 2 2 2 3 4 2 2 4.0 OHM 1/2W 1% AXIAL RES 10 OHM 1W 5% METAL OXIDE LED1A. R23A. Inc. R2B R3A. IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. R106. R19A. R101. R18B R20A. R29B R30A. R26B. R11B R12A.7 OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES METAL FILM 10.1K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 4.0XCT-ND PPC10.0 OHM 1/2W 1% AXIAL RES METAL FILM 20. R13B. R102.0XCT-ND 10W-1-ND Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Vishay/BC Components Vishay/BC Components Vishay/BC Components Yageo www. R111. R7B R8A.8 Page 34 of 42 .7KBACT-ND P47KBACT-ND P9. R24B.5K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 10k OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 4. R28B R24A. LED1B Prot A. R17B R18A. R3B R7A. R22A. R23B. Q102. R14B. R107.7k 47k 9.7BACT-ND PPC10. R22B.7 Ohms 10 Ohms 20R open 2. R27A. R1B. R26A. R25A. Q105B R1A. R104 R17A. Prot B Q100.0 OHM 1/2W 1% AXIAL RES METAL FILM 10.13A 220M-R or IN09063 Inc.1KBACT-ND P4. R25B R29A. R105. R30B 160-1600-ND 160-1140-ND 2N3904-APCT-ND 2N3906-APCT-ND TIP31CFS-ND P100KBACT-ND P330BACT-ND P100BACT-ND P3. Q104 Q101. R113 R14A.00K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL RES METAL FILM 120K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL RES 300 OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 7.

U1B U300 Z1A. Lock washer 2. Z103B.2K OHM 1W 5% METAL OXIDE AXIAL RES 715 OHM 1% 50PPM 1/4W RES 100K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 47K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 1.50MM 2POS PCB THERMISTOR NTC 2. SPKR1B TH100 U1A.2K OHM LEADED Class D Controller.2k at 25C IRS2092PbF TL071CP 15V 68V 39V 5.6V DO35 R31A.3k 1W 22k 100 Ohms RCJ-013 (White CH2) RCJ-012 (Red CH1) EG2209A ED365/2 2.2KW-1-ND CMF715QFCT-ND P100KBACT-ND P47KBACT-ND 1.2 1 1 1 2 2 4 2 2 1 1 2 2 1 2 1 4 1 1 4 2.6V AXIAL RES 2. Z102B Z100 Z101 Z103A. R118B R300. Lock washer 4.irf. R118A. Note all ½ W and 1W resistors are flame proof part numbers Table 4 IRAUDAMP7D Mechanical Bill of Materials Quantit y 1 5 1 Value 16-DIP Socket Washer #4 SS PCB Description 16 PIN SOLDER TAIL DIP SOCKET WASHER LOCK INTERNAL #4 SS Print Circuit Board IRAUDAMP7D_Rev Designator IC Socket 1 Lock washer 1. R117B. S300 SPKR1A. R115B R117A. R301 R302. Z104A.8 Page 35 of 42 .2k 1W 715 1% 100k 47k 1k 1W 15k 3.1A L=4 TERMINAL BLOCK 7.0K OHM 1W 5% METAL OXIDE AXIAL RES 15k OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 3. Z1B. R114B R115A. R31B R103 R109 R112 R114A. IRS2092PbF DIP-16. Z102A. Micro Commercial Co. Micro Commercial Co. Lock washer 5 PCB 1 Digikey P/N A402AE -ND H729ND Vendor Aries Electronics Building Fasteners Custom www.0KW-1-ND P15KBACT-ND 3. IRS2092PbFDIP-16 IC LN JFET-IN GP OP AMP 8-DIP DIODE Zener 500MW 15V DO35 DIODE Zener 500MW 68V DO35 DIODE Zener 500MW 39V DO35 DIODE Zener 500MW 5. R303 RCA1A RCA1B S1.3KW-1-ND P22KBACT-ND P100BACT-ND CP-1402-ND (White) CP-1401-ND (Red) EG1908-ND ED2354-ND BC2304-ND IR's P/N 296-7186-5-ND 1N5245B-TPCTND 1N5266B-TPCTND 1N5259BDICT-ND 1N5232B-TPCTND Yageo Vishay/Dale Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG Yageo Panasonic ECG Yageo Panasonic ECG Panasonic ECG CUI Inc CUI Inc E-Switch On Shore Technology Vishay/BC Components International Rectifier Texas Instruments Micro Commercial Co.3K OHM 1W 5% METAL OXIDE AXIAL RES 22K OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% AXIAL RES 100 OHM CARBON FILM 1/4W 5% CONN RCA JACK METAL R/A WHT PCB CONN RCA JACK METAL R/A WHT PCB SWITCH SLIDE DPDT 12V . Micro Commercial Co. Z104B 2. Class D Controller. Lock washer IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.

Screw 9.500" ALUM.PCB 12 Screw 440X5/16 Stand off 0. Screw 4.irf.2 k. www. Screw 6.7 k (23A) 270 33 k 47 V 1N5261BDICTND 30 V 1N5256BDICTND IN4002 AMP7D-150 IRFI4019H-117P 125 W x 2 250 W x 2 500 W x 1 ±50 V ±8 V 36 120k 3.2 k (23 A) 8. Screw 12 Stand Off 1. Screw IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.8 Page 36 of 42 .3 k.2 k.2. 1 W 1 k. Chassis GND Thermalloy TO-220 mounting kit with screw Screw 1. and flame proof type. 1 W 100.5 k (30 A) 9.1 k.1 k.2 . 1 W 5.9 k (23 A) 4. Screw 7. Screw 10. Stand Off 4 Stand Off 5 H343ND 1893KND 8401KND Newuar k 82K609 6 Building Fasteners Keystone Electronics Keystone Electronics Thermalloy 4 1 1 AAVID 4880G TO-220 mounting kit 1 Table 5 IRAUDAMP7D Models Differential Table Model Name Item IR Power MOSFETS Half Bridge Output Full Bridge Output Power Supply Audio Gain Feedback +VAA -VSS FET1 8Ω 4Ω 8Ω +B. 1 W 3. 1 W 1 k.5" SCREW MACHINE PHILLIPS 4-40X5/16 STANDOFF HEX 440THR .3 k (20 A) 0. ¼ w. 1 W 2.7 k 1.5" Stand off 0.2 k (23 A) 360 75 91 V 1N5270BTPCT-ND 51 V 1N5262BTPCT-ND N/A Zener Digikey P/N Zener Digikey P/N (Trip level) (Trip level) 400kHz Notes Stereo Stereo Bridged VCC OCSET CSH Oscillation Frequency VB OVP UVP Clamping Diode * Marked components are axial. -B ±B Voltage Range Gain R8A.1 k (29A) 300 47 k 68 V 1N5266B-TPCTND 39 V 1N5259BDICTND IN4002 AMP7D-200 IRFI4020H117P 250 W x 2 N/A N/A ±70 V ±10 V 40 130 k 5. 1 W 2. Screw 5. 1 W 10 k 3.1 W 4. 1 W 15 k 7. Stand Off 2.R8B R117A* R117B* R118A* R118B* R114A* R114B* R115A R115B R12A R12B R18A R18B R11A R11B R17A R17B Z100 Z101 D5A D5B D6A D6B AMP7D-55 IRFI4024H-117P 25 W x 2 50 W x 2 100 W x 1 ±25 V ±3 V 20 68k 1 k. ±5 %.500"L ALUM STANDOFF HEX M/F 440 . Stand Off 3. Screw 11.3 k. Screw 2. 1 W 220.0 (20A) 270 20 k 24 V 1N5252BDICTND 12 V 1N5242B-TPCTND IN4002 AMP7D-100 IRFI4212H-117P 60 W x 2 120 W x 2 240 W x 1 ±35 V ±5 V 30 100k 2. Screw 3.2 k 1 W 20 k 5.

8 Page 37 of 42 .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.IRAUDAMP7D Hardware Heat sink Put silicone grease between the heat spreader and TO-220-5 Heatsink threaded Screw Lock washer Flat Washer #4 Dual FET TO-220-5 Heatsink threaded PCB Lock washer Screws H343-ND Screw Lock washers H729-ND Fig 37 Dual MOSFET Mounting Heat Sink TO-220 Pad insulator Shoulder Washer Heatsink threaded Screw Lock washer Flat Washer #4 TO-220 Heatsink threaded PCB Lock washer Lock washers H729-ND Screws H343-ND Screw Fig 38 +VCC Regulator TO-220 Mounting www.irf.

8 Page 38 of 42 . Screw H343-ND Lock washer incert thermistor into this hole and put silicone grease Screw H343-ND Lock washer Screw H343-ND Lock washer Stand Off 3 1893K-ND Screw H343-ND Lock washer Lock washer Stand Off 2 1893K-ND Lock washer Screw Stand Off 4 1893K-ND Lock washers H729-ND Screws H343-ND GND Standoff Screw Stand Off 5 8401K-ND Stand Off 1 1893K-ND Fig 40 Hardware Assemblies www.irf.Fig 39 Heat Spreader .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.

Single Layers SMT PCB with through holes 1/16 thickness 2/0 OZ Cu FR4 material 10 mil lines and spaces Solder Mask two sides to be Green enamel EMP110 DBG (CARAPACE) or Enthone Endplate DSR-3241or equivalent. 12.sch 14.010 –0.txt . 9. Mechanical Drill Drawing Drill locations CNC data Apertures data Additional files for assembly that may not be related with Gerber files: 10. .pcb 11.gd1 . .bak 17.irf. PCB acceptance criteria as defined for class II PCB’S standards. 3. Gerber Files Apertures Description: All Gerber files stored in the attached CD-ROM were generated from Protel Altium Designer Altium Designer 6. 4. Each file name extension means the following: 1. 5.8 Page 39 of 42 . 7.003” 11. Tolerance of PCB size shall be 0. . IRAUDAMP7D REV 2. bottom side Top silk screen Bottom Solder Mask Keep Out. 4.000 + 0. 3. . 5.gbl . 6.gto . 9.gko .000 inches 16. 8. All exposed copper must finished with TIN-LEAD Sn 60 or 63 for 100u inches thick. .lib PCB file Bill of materials Components locations Schematic Pick and Place Components Net List Back up files PCB libraries www. Tolerance of all Holes is -.apr Bottom copper.cpl 13.csv 15.IRAUDAMP7D PCB Specifications PCB: 1. . . 6. 7.gg1 . .gm1 . . Top Silk Screen to be white epoxy non conductive per IPC–RB 276 Standard.gbs . 2. IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.Fig 41 IRAUDAMP7D PCB Top Overlay (Top View) Fig 42 IRAUDAMP7D PCB Bottom Layer (Top View) www.8 Page 40 of 42 .

com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2.irf. 26 2008 October 22. 2009 www.Revision changes descriptions Revision Rev 2. 2009 October 28.8 Page 41 of 42 .9 Changes description Released Deleted Author and e-mail on schematics BOM updated :Ice Components as a second vender of the inductor Date August.8 Rev 2.7 Rev 2.

California 90245 Tel: (310) 252-7105 Data and specifications subject to change without notice.WORLD HEADQUARTERS: 233 Kansas St. El Segundo.8 Page 42 of 42 .com IRAUDAMP7D REV 2..irf. 08/26/2008 www.