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Office of Dr Jonathan Merlin In London, he is liaison inspector between EU + British Govt. Dr Merlin we shall show has a way to make those around Creative using their own perception and so buildings on firm rocks of good sense what appears to work He is from the European Board in fact but he is there with an anonymous background International Conference on Educational Project, held in London. Chairman: In the name of her Majestys government and the special commission on world education may I welcome you all.. My name is Jonathan Merlin, chief coordinator of this international cultural and educational project. Perhaps you would kindly introduce yourselves in alphabetical order, which means we begin with Dr. Rudolph Albrecht from Cologne Germany representing the European Commissions educational authority, I believe. Indeed, that is zo. Ladies and gentlemen I am here to represent the European commission on the very urgent matters before us. Professor Chow Lee Wong from Hong Kong representing the Peoples Republic of China. I am velly pleased to be here to plesent my governments position on the questions before us. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Husseini from Egypt but supported by Dubai Education Ministry. I look forward to our discussion of a most important matter Ahalan wa sa ahalan.. Madame Indira Sarma

I am greatly delighted to meet you all while feeling daunted in

no small degree by the veritable enormity of the issues facing us. Monsignor Alfonso Vicenti from the Vatican. I wish a to confirma that the Holy Father lends hisa full support to thisa internationale effort towards stability and peace. Mr. Samuel Wolffson from Washington DC .represents the United States government. Pleased to meet you all. My friends just call me Sam but for now Ill be British and formal as best I can. We sure got a bunch of issues to deal with. Professor Merlin: Thank you . Taken together we represent a very large portion of humanity with its diversity of cultures, histories, religions and political orientations and yet we are here to make common cause by demonstrating solidarity among the worlds nations and peoples in the face of what is emerging as the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression or so we are to believe. This time the worlds government will not repeat the mistakes of the thirties when nations regarded only their own narrow economic interests at the expense of the world as a whole. In line with resolutions passed by the United Nations, the main political and economic blocs have committed themselves to joint efforts to establish global prosperity by a massive investment in education, meaning the building, expansion and development of schools, polytechnics and universities. We here are specialists in the field of university education and will pursue the aim of expanding and revitalizing university institutions by collaborating in a number of pilot schemes. I know that in certain cases your recommendations will loosen the purse strings of ministries and sovereign funding in furtherance of our common aims. First we will zero in on a number of promising university campuses and examine their present standards and facilities before considering ways of enhancing their excellence, effectiveness and productivity with special regard to their contribution to global communications and financial as well as general well-being. In England the government has chosen the University of Camford in the west of England near the ancient site of Glastonbury. We will be inspecting Camford next month to assess its performance and potential. Chou: What methods will we use? Shall we enter the lecture halls and tutorial rooms in person? In view of the shortage of time and other matters we shall survey teaching sessions with the aid of video cameras.

Albrecht: Isnt that somewhat inhibiting or impersonal, even suggestive of prisons and Orwellian snooping. Chou. Lenin say: Confidence good, control better.. Only joking. I can assure you that both staff and students will be well aware of the use to be made of video cameras and students will be free not to attend classes on the days in question if they so wish. I shall be visiting the campus in a few days to see how preparations are progressing. Now here is a short film on the campus and its main features plus a opening review of possible new educational combinations: Film Slide show images - symbols USE Mini DVD of the University Campus based on the Prospectus earlier seen with Joe + Leon. Here there is an interview between two prospective students (can be Joe + Leon) USE JEH SACRED SYMBOL Picture Book. We are mixing the ideas of the participants with those of the University with the ideas of the Symbols and the new Intellectuality As we see in the ancient traditions of the East we need to understand how the mind works and that its form and its positioned structure mirrors deeper energies of the universal. These ancient traditions have mimicked the inner and outer connections of the finest energies including that of body movement to created the very movement that brings rings of intent naturally between the so called energy level, the physical and the connection to the three Souls of existence; creativity, a home feeling and the sensing of the horizon and travelling to these horizons naturally We take the symbols that the Indian and Arab Traditions have supported for generations; that of the stars and planets etc and we place them in spatial surroundings that are sacred, the temple + church. They model themselves in fact o be that of the Universal Presentation itself These are therefore natural on energy and material level just as Einstein showed us that material and energy come together when the Universal time tunnels link nature something we go through naturally when thinking and perceiving. We have to have a circle of influence in each shared process and so the necessity to realise the reason for sound and vibration Are we really doing that? These travel over what feels like so called empty spaces and when we feel empty we find ourselves within Quantum false vacuums which should turn into reality so as to go places..

this is like a covenant or a sacrament. We do this automatically even though we have no belief.. Instead we are born with each a different ring of confidence whose teaching should show up .. These are on various meridian levels, remember with their real working how we are going to share.. with Self Confidence or with only an Egoistic intent or just to Be there with others! Show the Universal Pyramid.. and show the connection o the Yogas and to Chinese Tradition We shall show that this goes for space itself so that it holds that very model that holds life together so long as our spaces and so buildings have the same spatial ratio as that commencing level.. Create here a DVD with the sacred symbols that mimic each value, showing its place and showing how this mirrors our brain, the symbols in our churches and temples and how just by being in our right place we can gain control of these powers The connection to the Holy Grail and the Gnostic is important through the symbolism and its meaning.

Scene 2 Dr Merlin: As you can see we have given the reason why we wish important decisions to be made and a Universal approach because we see how the traditions have been struggling for generations to find consensus. We have to mix the symbols again in such a way that the old hate and struggle and even possessive love can be understood so the old diverging of ways become open and we have a basic ground structure and language which can now be experimented with I have the backing of the British and European Governments who are willing to give financial support to such a path.. I am considering that the project can start with a sum of 500.000.000 Euros in the coming 5 years. It is hoped that several other of you will be involved to bring back this sense of being involved with an education that is socially orientated but is classical that it supports key aspects of society. We should know what can be had from education based on open knowledge but work with an approach that realises the consequence of each approach. May I remind you that this openness goes together with the way the Internet has developed like the various open source areas, Wikopedia which allow an openness to knowledge never before dreamt of but it still needs to be grouped into cultural and personal use particularly through artistic appreciation. Various nods of approval are given by the representatives of USA, Egypt-Dubai, China the rest state the necessity to speak to their government ministers ..

Merlin: Can we decide to hold a video conference in 4 weeks time after all have spoken to their ministries back home ? There are informal group meetings now where various sums in the millions are spoken about to support the project We may join in with various of the groups and listen in to the arguments.