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Jeremy Myslinski <jmyslinski@ivytech.

edu>IVY TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE CINS 113 / Logic, Design & Programming / Internet Course Lab #2: Your First Visual Basic Program (Zak Chapter 4) Student’s name: Moriah McKiernan-Allen
INTRODUCTION: In the Resources section of Blackboard, there are links for installing Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, and for downloading the data files you need for this course. Do those two things first before starting on this lab assignment. (Note: you can also use Visual Basic 2008 from Visual Studio 2008 for these assignments, although the interface might be slightly different.) You will be creating and saving your first Visual Basic project. When you finish it and run it, you will create a “screen shot” and paste it at the end of this Word document. Finally, you will submit this document with the screen shot pasted in it, using the View/Complete Assignment link in Blackboard, attaching this Word document and clicking Submit. ASSIGNMENT: 1) Work through Chapter 4 of the lab textbook, “Clearly Visual Basic”. Create the project named My Wizard Project as instructed. If you downloaded the data files, you should have a folder named CINS 113\ClearlyVB\Chap04 to create the project in, on page 47. Note the following: a. If a dialog box appears that says “This project location is not trusted”, click OK to ignore it and continue. b. Make the following change to the project: On page 58, add your first and last name to the Text properties Wizard 1 (in step 1) and Wizard 2 (in step 3). In other words, if your name is Jane Doe, your labels should have the Text properties Wizard 1 Jane Doe and Wizard 2 Jane Doe. 2) On page 65, when you run the application and see the form displayed on the screen, take a “screen shot” of your form. Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard, and press the PRINT-SCREEN key once. (The key may have a name like PRINT-SCRN, PRNT-SCRN, etc.) 3) In Word, with this document open, move the cursor to the end of this document by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the END key. 4) Paste the screen shot at the end of this document by clicking Edit / Paste from the Word menu, or holding down the CTRL key and pressing the letter V. The screen shot should appear. 5) At the top of this page, replace the line after “Student’s name” with your name. 6) Click the Office Button, Prepare, and Properties, and type your name as the Author, and CINS 113 as the Subject. Close the Document Properties area by clicking the X at the right end of the yellow bar. 7) Save thisWord document. Close the document. 8) In Blackboard, go to the Lab #2 assignment, click on the View/Complete Assignment link. 9) Attach this file (CINS 113 VB Lab 02.doc) and click Submit. NOTES: 1) Any time you make changes to your Visual Basic program, you should use File / Save All to save all files associated with your program. Then use Build / Rebuild Solution to compile the program so that it can be run again. 2) In Blackboard, you can check to see if your file was submitted correctly. Go to My Grades, and in the column for this Lab, there should be a white exclamation mark on a green background. Click on the exclamation mark, and open up the submission page. Right-click on the link for your file, and see if it opens correctly. If not, contact your instructor immediately and ask for your attempt to be cleared. CHECKLIST FOR SUBMITTING THE ASSIGNMENT: • You have entered your name at the top of this document after “Student’s name” • In the Properties area, you have entered your name as the Author, and CINS 113 as the Subject • The screen shot of the Wizard Application form should be pasted at the end of this document • You have attached this file, CINS 113 VB Lab 02.doc, using the Blackboard View/Complete Assignment link

• • You are ready to click Submit Check your file submission using the instructions in the Note section above .