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Sentence Statement by Theo Fleury and Todd Holt I stand here today, on behalf of not only myself &

my cousin Theoren Fleury, but as a voice for Everyman. For all the young boys, the old men & the ones that go t stuck somewhere in between because of the most devastating type of abuse; sexu al abuse inflicted on us by someone in a position of trust & authority. Theo and I were two of those who got stuck in that middle place between boy & man; we ma de some terrible choices & watched the life we were meant to lead spiral down th e drain. No longer. Theo and I speak to men all over and we tell them: YOU, like us, are not alone; the effects are far-reaching & sometimes feel never ending, but there IS a place & time for healing. It is NOW. I stand here today, a Victor over sexual abuse & I along with Theo, offer you our voice. This sentence today is nothing short of a national travesty because we know that childhood sexual abuse has reached epidemic proportions in our country. Graham James once again perpetrated his crime and spread his sickness right through the courts of Canada. He conned the judge with his poor me and I regret statements. His lawyer defended the indefensible, and hes been rewarded for doing so and Graham James is laughing all the way back to the life hes always led knowing that justic e for him is but a blip on the radar. Today as we speak there is a boy out there going about his life, dreaming his dr eams and hoping his hopesuntilGraham James crosses his path. And cross his path he will, because thats what he does; he preys upon the unsuspecting all the while k nowing not much will happen to stop him. The courts of Canada have guaranteed th at. The saddest part is that there are MANY Graham James; different names, in di fferent towns & cities, in your own communities & yes, possibly even in your own families. Yes, I said it. They are everywhere. It is time that the predators kn ow that they need to take notice and be scared ~ there is no place for you to hi de; we are shedding light in those dark corners where you cower. Theo and I call upon all Canadians, those who have suffered, and those who stand with the suffering, to demand that our government change the laws and empower j ustice to be all that it could be, and to do all that it should. We are calling out to our politicians to stand up for the 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys who will be sexually abused before the age of 18 in our country. We are standing up agai nst a weak justice system and demanding change now. Theoren & I are calling out to YOU, the people of Canada & the World to take this issue NOW, to our politici ans, & DEMAND change. Ask for, & receive answers, for CHANGE & REAL JUSTICE, or simply refuse to cast your vote for that constituent. My name is Todd Holt and I stand today, with Theoren Fleury, & with ALL those wh o have suffered or are suffering, as a Victor over sexual abuse and an Advocate for change.