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INSURANCE: It is nothing but the risk cover in part of monitory to your family if any uncertainty happens.

KINDS OF INSURANCE:1. LIFE INSURANCE 2. NON-LIFE INSURANCE LIFE ASSURED:The person whose life is assured by the company. POLICY:The policy is an agreement or a document, which consists of the contract between the life assured and the company. SUM ASSURED:It is the amount, which is assured to the family in case life assured. TERM:It is the period for which the company takes the risk of life. AGE:It is the age of life assured at the time of buying a policy. PREMIUM:It is the contribution paid by the assured for the sum assured. It also depends on age & gender.

DEATH BENEFIT:It is a benefit paid if the life assured died during the term. MATURITY BENEFIT:The life assured services the benefit is paid on the cover term. SURVIVAL BENEFIT:It is the benefit one gets on survival. TERM PLAN:In this there are no maturity benefits but there is only death benefit. So person can buy high sum assured at every low premium. ENDOWNMENT PLAN:It this we give both death benefit and maturity benefit. Most popular of Life Insurance. ANTICIPATED ENDOWNMENT PLAN:In this, it is an endowment plan where the additional feature is extended life cover, where the life assured gets a 5 years extension where half of the death benefit is given in case of the death of the life assured, no premium has to be paid. RIDDERS:These are the extra benefits which are optional and which can be opt by paying extra premium. 1. CRITICAL ILLNESS BENEFIT RIDDER [C.I.B.R.] 2. MAJOR SURGICAL ASSISTANCE RIDDER [M.S.A.R.] 3. ACCIDENTAL “N” DISABILITY RIDDER [A.D.B.R.] 4. ACCIDENT BENEFIT RIDDER [A.B.R.] 5. WAVER OF PREMIUM [W.O.P.]

6. UNIQUE PROSPECTIVE [UPS]: . PITCH: Pitch is the script given to the sales consultant. 3. .B. Every client is unique with different likes “N” dislikes. Always remember higher the noise the more the sales. 2. it’s various activities and plans. family backgrounds “N” family status. 4.Whenever your Up’s comes with queries over any objection you have to call your T.O.The noise created in the venue during the wave. CANNED PITCH: Builds confidence and shows professionalism. PITCH ROOM: KISS: The section of the office where the presentation is given. 6.O. TOUR: tour. BUZZ: . WAVE: walking on.R. The consultant Tour is the presentation it consists of information about the The Time at which the presentation starts and the people start company. PITCH MATERIAL: -The printed material used during the presentation. Manager till maximum times. Manager so he will takeover your table and handle back to you table after queries are solved so call the T. 8.] TERMINOLOGY 1. But one thing is common that all are prospective buyers called as Up’s. 9. 7. INCOME BENEFIT RIDDER [I. 5.Every person walking in here is called as clients. 10. It stands for keep it simple and stupid. TAKE OVER MANAGER: . and you are acting as guide in that uses the pitch everyday to get sale.

the trial close. are {name.} It is given to make realize the clients indirectly. The ingredients of a F.} contains the facts. of T.S. place and time and trial close.. Negative ended trial close – to get a positive answer 2. It is nothing but a verbal thermometer to check whether the Up’s are listening us or not (After putting trial close we have to wait for response because the person who speaks Ist he is a looser.TOOLS OF THE TRADE 1. Open ended trial close – to get a normal answer b. Place………………………………………………. of T.TRIALCLOSE:A Trial close is a statement converted into a question. Close ended trial close – to get a right answer c.P.S.S.P.B.) There are three types of trial close – a.P.S.S. is directly proportional to volume of deal.P. The ingredients of T.]: It is very big tool “n” important one. THIRD PARTY STORY [T. reason. Use more no. the benefits. {More no. are: A) B) C) Name………………………………………………. the real advantage. Time………………………………………………… It .

the benefit. Understand their mood.Actions speak louder than words.You are the most important person and 80% in the sale.D) E) Reason……………………………………………. YOU: . It’s contains the facts. FACT BENEFITS SELLING [F. You are the king here. BODY LANGUAGE: . 5. Use your brains. 6. SIZZLE: Be like soda bottles remember. After all who doesn’t love their family? 12. ENTHUSIASUM: 8. “So What Syndrome”. 9. THINKING ON THE FEET: Always follow your canned pitch but applying the art is your skill. Trial Close………………………………………. You should always have a relaxed body language. You should always have a relaxed body language. .. GRABBERS of Up’s. are: A) B) C) D) 4.]: - real advantage and trial close. Always It is always followed by a grabber and is used to create The Fact is………………………………………………………… The Benefit is…………………………………………………… The Real Benefit is…………………………………………… Trial Close………………………………………………………… It is used to create curiosity in the mind remember this is “YOUR” office. TAKE AWAY: exclusivity. 10.P. Create a desire by making them understand their mood. FAMILY: Wife and children are your best tools.S.B. CONTROL: It is the most important thing for getting a sale.S. 11. the 3. 7. Utilize their emotional bonds. The ingredients of a T.


………………………. 13.Good Morning. I represent India Info Line Ltd. I shall be taking care of you as this evening. MEET AND GREET: .. so please come with me. Mr.. 15. MARKETING POLICY 11. 14. 2. CHALK BOARD PITCH CORPORATE SERVICE PACKAGE ISOLATES AND COMMITMENT HANDOVER DEAL {TRUST – EXCLUSIVITY – YOU COMPANY PLANS DESIRE URGENCY} 12.10.. CORPORATE 1. & Mrs. SEATING ARRANGEMENT: - YOU KIDS OTHERS UP’S . Today.

A. The name of my company is India Info Line Insurance Services Ltd. It helps to create a friendly environment and helps break the eye between you the ups.Join the smile and compliment club. Use F. h. [Insurance Regulatory Development Authority] approved insurance broker and we are the part of India Info Line . Go on to build trust (Try doing it by sharing a secret) f. Smile a lot. giving compliments. create trust between you and the ups. Founded in 1995 which is an I.O. When you give them a compliment they would know if it is genuine or not and they would thank you for it and they would feel obliged to listen to you with an open mind. You can ask them information about their FAMILY. Try to come on a common ground with him (Something that is common between both of you) e.D. Observe them and give them genuine compliments. Learn 10 good jokes. Cracking jokes. sharing secrets are few of the things which make you.Warm up is done to make the client comfortable. d. Make them feel good about themselves. Warm-up should last as long as it takes. LAUGHTER: . When you make people laugh you can take them do things they normally wouldn’t do things they normally wouldn’t do.M. when they feel good about themselves they will feel good g.Let me tell you are something about my company. You have to share information with them so that the warm-up doesn’t sound like interrogation.R. To make him feel at ease b. a. OCCUPATION and RECREATION AND MOTIVATION.3.Laughter is the best tranquilizer. 4.R. Once you feel that he is at ease you can now start to build rapport with him c. It is the best way to relax people. WARM –UP: . COMPANY CREDIBILTY: . COMPLIMENTS: .

One role is really to understand yours needs. reliable and efficient provider of financial services. General We are the members of both NSE & BSE of India.Group. Nirmal Jain to treat the money of our clients as money of our retired parents and whatever advice we give to them should be of the same standards as we would give to our closest of family members. I. Mutual Funds.D.O. F. Nirmal Jain in the year 1995 and since then we have been leaders in the field of Financial Advisory Services. Do you have any questions about the company? . provide an unbiased advice and prompt services to fulfill those financial needs.indiainfoline. The company has a network of 1250 business locations (Branches and sub-brokers) spread across 500 cities and towns. Bonds.’s.P.5paisa. We have been instructed by Mr. We offer products of like Life Insurance. Pension Schemes. Our mission is to help you protect and grow your wealth and to secure you and families future. Our commitment is to guide you towards a better future for yourself and your family. The single focus of our organization is to be the most useful. Our group was formed by our Chairman which was chosen by the famous Forbes magazines as the Asia’s best website under investment category. It is our continuous Endeavour to be a trustworthy advisor to our clients. Home Loans & Post Office schemes which will help you achieve your life’s financial goals all under one roof. Our internationally acclaimed website is www. helping them achieves their financial goals. Our well trained professional team of expert searches the market to find the best investment for you and you can be doubly sure that the advice we give to you.’s. We have more than 12 Lake Customers. We offer E-broking (buying and selling of shares) services through some of the investor’s points & online through some of the investor’s points & online through some of the investor’s points & online through www.

……………………. What . RULES OF THE GAME: - Rules of the Game / Pre-marketing Mr. Looking at your profile we definitely have plans to minimize the risk in achieving your goals that you have just mentioned. We an insurance specialist and an exclusive license of I.So Mr. All this information will be completely confidential. 6. & Mrs.…………………. BRIDGE OUT OF CLIENT PROFILE: - Thank you for patiently answering these questions.R. My Sales manager would be the best person to help us achieve this goal. I shall ask you what you have understood the plans we have discussed tonight. But this system is not meant for everyone. & Mrs. So before I start with the system I would like to discuss with you a few things which would help us give you a better solution to plan your family’s future.D.. & Mrs. If you like any of these plans we will discuss the premium. It is meant for only those people who give importance to the security of their family’s future.A. at the end of this presentation. BRIDGE INTO CLIENT PROFILE: Mr. 8. Try not a make it sound like an 7. Is that fair enough? impartment is it for a deal with a reputed organization with a long history fulfilling customers need? 5. I shall hand you over the accident policy that was promised to you on the phone.…………………………. Do a mini Warm-up. He would go through your profile and suggest solutions that would be personalized for you so let me invite him over here.…………………………………. every person would like to secure the future of themselves and their family. Today I am going to show you can secure your family’s future in a better way. & Mrs. If the premium suits your budget you can insure yourself or else we shall call it a day. now I shall be explaining the two plan of insurance and also show how you can secure your family. CLIENT PROFILE: interrogation.

compulsory saving does take place. The third model is where the people save a certain amount from their income. The first model is where people spend from whatever income they get and save the remaining amount. & Mrs.) Well. Wouldn’t it? Which way of financial planning would you like to follow Mr. PENCIL PITCH: - Mr. Mr. And invest that saved amount. If the answer on all this questioning is yes. That is the reason people might find it difficult to save money. Isn’t it? In the third model. would this way increase the value of savings? This means the value of savings would decrease due to inflation isn’t it? This would lead to financial you think that this plan is worth while for your family’s future? Whatever the premium suits your budget. But would this take care of sudden unexpected expense coming up / (wait for response) also. Wouldn’t you agree with me Mr. Customer? (Come back to the X-Y sheet of pry presenter) Mr. due to investment the value of savings will increase and it would take care of inflation. We have done a survey of the public in general and have found that these ways of financial planning can be broadly classified in three distinct models. This makes it a better model. Customer.………………………. 9. In the first model the people are not assured of any savings since the expenses would be increasing and the might not increase at the same rate. Customer in this journey from X to Y do you see any obstacles coming in the path of achieving these goals? (Wait for response. So it looks the best option and would give financial independence to the family. let me show you how you can secure your future today. The second model is where the people set aside a certain amount from their income and save it. We have done a survey of general public and have asked the same question. They manage their regular expenses from the remaining amount. Customer? This kind of financial planning would end up in financial failure. Each individual has his or her own planning to achieve these goals. According to this survey of general public and have asked the same question. write down the obstacles that he mentions. According to this survey we have listed down the general goals that people set for them and the obstacles that they think would come in . Isn’t it? In the second model. I shall ask you to insure your family with us today itself.

Isn’t it? (Go to next Slide. (Go to the next slide AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION) Mr. The wealth creation is its foundation. (Go on to he next slide LIFE STYLE CHANGES) So. Untimely death of the breadwinner or living too long can make he pillars of this house weak. How do we do it? We have certain areas of specialization.P. Customer? You are right this is a house. which I shall now discuss with you. Stress on those points. Customer this is the picture of your family. Wouldn’t you like to have a similar happy picture of your family when you reach the retirement age? Our role is to help you in this by smoothing out the changes in the lifestyle of a family. Customer what can you see in this picture? (Wait for Response). if you were to give an order to them from 1 to 5 how would you rank them? (Give them the slide to rank) {Come back to the pencil pitch} Mr.e. (Go to the next slide PREMATURE DEATH) {Discuss the next five slides with them using T. If the breadwinner were to be affected by one of these calamities . The Education and marriage of children forms the roof and the whole family might get disturbed emotionally and financially if the and the whole family might get disturbed emotionally and financially if the breadwinner becomes permanently disabled or critically ill. Customer of these obstacles that we have discussed till now. Let us discuss these possibilities and my company’s role in it. Isn’t it? I am sure that you would like to keep them happy throughouti. which he had mentioned as the obstacles in the X-Y ROLE. they are totally dependent upon the income i. MY ROLE) Mr.} {Come to the slide PRIORITIES} Mr. Customer if you would have a look at these panning models. This picture is of a happy family where the earning member has reached the retirement age. We don’t criminate the risks that you and your family might get exposed to.their path. and Mrs. and Mrs. as you see from this picture any person would be going through these lifestyle changes. Isn’t it? (Refer to the house). but we minimize the damage. What do you see here Mr.S when ever appropriate. the incomeearning member.

You have to pay a certain amount every year during the term in order to receive the sum assured. (End of Part 2) We have two insurance plans with us. Explain the plan after both the plans is explained turnaround the pencil pitch. (Raise your hand and call the Manager. But along with that you also get something extra which is the bonus.A. which could not only prove as an effective way of achieving your goals. it gives you certain additional benefits. retirement etc. Along with this. Customer have you understood both the plans that I have explained to you. Both these plans have different functions and help to achieve different financial goals. Some people require both the plans and others think one of them suits their requirement. (For e. To tell you more about the bonus I shall call my Manager. This amount is your contribution and it is called Premium. This Plan helps you to plan for a long-term financial goal. In these circumstances do you think any of these ways that we have discussed. Customer? (END OF PART 3) . It is brought to you by MAX NEWYORK LIFE INSURANCE.g.) You have to decide a period and how much amount you would require at the end of that period. Insurance helps you creating wealth by creating returns on your investment. Let us see how this is possible. house. At the end of the term you get the S. The first plan is called save and protect. but could also provide your family the necessary protection in case of the unforeseen situations. the fastest growing Life Insurance Company in India.) Move on to the next plans (either SMARTKID OR CASH BAK. the income would stop. It also gives security to your family in case of unforeseen circumstances. wouldn’t you like to have a look at it? {End of the First part of the pencil pitch} This way is none but Life Insurance.that we discussed. can give the protection to the family? If there were a way.) Mr. The amount decided is called Sum Assured and the period is called the term. which would suit your requirement. What do you think Mr.

the company immediately pays the entire S.P. India is said to be the country having bypass surgeries in the world. So our company is has decided to give additional protection to the family incase of accidental death. Our company has also provided certain additional protection to such unfortunate people. which are exclusive to the plan. S. All these optional benefits are called Riders.A. But that is not the reason why every 3 minutes one person in India is buying Insurance plan from MAX LIFE INSURANCE. Also whatever returns you . In case of the untimely death of the person insured.A. Smart kid. you would get tax rebate under section 88 of Income Tax Act 1961. Do you know Mr. Manager will explain these. is the critical illness of the breadwinner. Don’t you think this could assure that your family would maintain their Lifestyle whether you are there or not there? Mr. (Explain Up’s – Loan Facility.A. Today. These additional benefits are at a nominal additional premium and are optional. We have given additional protection to the family in such case. Cash back – 120%.This is the way_______Plan would help you achieve your financial goals. and the VB accrued till that time to the family. Another major incident. Whatever premium you pay. We give your family protection in case of tragic events happening. The worst hit people in the accident are those who get permanently disabled. which is optional. This again is optional. It is like living death. during the term. Survival benefits even after the death benefits. over here of how the Death benefit paid helped the family service.S. (You can give a T. along with the G. Waiver of premium. (Call the manager) Other than these Riders every plan gives certain additional benefits. This can help the family recover from the financial loss although we can’t recover the financial loss. with the increasing population of the vehicles on the roads.) This is called the Death Benefit. which can devastate a family. This can help the family recover from the financial loss till that time to the family. Customer how much would be cost to perform a bypass operation? We provide additional cover for major surgeries.. don’t you think that the risk of accidents has increased? Every Day we read in the newspaper about the accident or the other. Customer. Income benefits rider) All the plans also give tax benefits.

you can have 100% Peace of Mind.would get from insurance plans would be tax exempted under sec. now don’t you think that with your family secured even in the worst possibility.) So. (Again open the represented and show we are here and my Commitment. (Go to your priorities now) After looking at this plan do you think any of these priorities are not covered? {End of the Pencil Pitch} . 10(10) D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

com] Approved by I. Met Life Bhartiya AXA Financial Products Financial Advices Bonds Planning General Insurance Planning Life Insurance Tax Planning Mutual Funds Savings Planning House Education Marriage Vehicle Retirement Retirement Children Savings Investment .O.D.R. .I. [Insurance Regulatory Development Authority] Tata Birla L.INDIA INFOLINE INSURANCE BROKING LIMITED Financial advisory 1995 leaders Services Mr.Mumbai [Goregaon] S. Nirmal Jain H. Reliance Kotak Plan Max N. Indiainfoline. – Lucknow [Gomati Nagar] 1250 Branches in All over India 8 Lake Customers in 350 cities One Stop Shop [www.A.C.O.Y.

9K SPEND – 6.Every successful company has a marketing policy. We also have a marketing policy.9K SPEND – 9K Accident Job loss Handicap Death B FAMILY INCOM .5K Financial Dependent SAVINGS C FAMILY INCOM – 9K SPEND – 5K SAVE – 2K INVEST – 2K Financial In Dependent SAVE – NOTHING Financial Failure LIQUIDIT Y PLAN 1 INDIA INFOLINE FAMILY SECURITY GROWTH PLAN 2 10.Illness Medicals A FAMILY INCOM . What . That is the reason we can see you only once.5K SAVE – 2. We are committed to give maximum benefits at the same cost. MARKETING POLICY: .

First is the ordinary insurance plan which I have explained to you which you can take through us or any other agent any time other than today i. ………………. Can you tiiell me what that is? Let me tell you Mr. Then we cannot give you extra benefits. next week. if you join today. which has got certain exclusive benefits available to only the list of our yesterday corporate service members. Today we are offering you 2 purchase programs. That is the reason we can see you only once.would happen if we see you more than once? Naturally the marketing overheads will shoot up. CHALK BOARD PITCH: .. next month or anytime other than today. They have chosen different plans for different premiums and had different reasons to join the plan. day after.e.This is the list of all the corporate service members who joined us yesterday. 11. and Mrs. tomorrow. They have secured their family’s future. Today we are offering you corporate service package. However. They attended the same presentation yesterday and decided to join us yesterday itself. But there was on thing common to all of them. and Mrs. you shall get more benefits at the same premium. Mr.…………………don’t you think they have taken a wise decision? If the premium suits your budget wouldn’t you like to make a similar decision and secure yours family’s tomorrow today itself? .? They have made sure that their family will maintain its lifestyle whether in the good times or even in bad times.

Fine. …………………. & Mrs. & Mrs. …………………….12. What they are saying is that they like the _________plan and they would like to join us today if the premium is comfortable.have you understood the plans that we have discussed for your family? Do you think it is a worth wide investment for your family’s future? Other than money is there anything that stops you from taking the plan today? So what you are trying to say that other than money there is nothing else that can stop you from taking the plan today itself? Isn’t that right Mr. & Mrs.. He will discuss the premium with you. I shall my Manager and tell him what you have told me. DEAL:- . Aren’t that right Mr. (Call the Manager) Sir. & Mrs. HANDOVER: ... You have already met Mr. Customer? 14. …………………………? 15. ISOLATORS / COMMITMENT:- Mr. CORPORATE SERVICE PACKAGE:- 13.

M.HAPPY SELLING This Script made by (Amit khurana B. .) for India Info Line Broking Ltd.

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