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Creative Writing: Eng.

(357) 2011
Class Expectations and Course Overview Fall 2011 Mrs. Jegerlehner
Classroom: C130 Office Hours: 7-7:30a.m. and 9:30-10:00a.m. Phone: 552-5246 email: Course Description This semester-long course is open to juniors and seniors. This course will give students the opportunity to work with many forms of writing, such as poetry, drama, narration, and personal writing. While the course is oriented toward creative expression, importance will also be placed on proofreading and revision, word choice, clarity, organization, style, and appropriateness of the writing. Topics covered include story/poem structures, dialogue, building character, establishing setting, voice, conflict, and nonfiction forms of creative writing, Students will share their writing orally, through peer evaluations, through on-line publication, and in class publication. This course does not meet the writing requirement for graduation. Semester Grade Your grade will be awarded based on the total points you earn on homework, participation, preparation for class, projects, quizzes, writing assignments, presentations, and the semester final. All components will be assigned a point value. The percentage of possible points you earn will determine your grade.
Grading Scale


93-100% 90-92% 87-89% 83-86% 80-82% 77-79% 73-76% 70-72% 67-69% 63-66% 60-62% 0-59%

Be nice. Forgetting to bring your materials makes it difficult. Class Absences/Make-up Work If you are absent. are allowed in class unless I give permission Behavior and Responsibility This classroom MUST be a place conducive to learning. orange. We will follow the school rules as outlined in the student planner. Late Work and Assignment Guidelines I do not accept late homework. etc. I will be happy to help you catch up. Students who are absent three or more days should see me to discuss due dates for missing assignments. Students who miss one day have one day to make up missed work. green. your teacher. Attendance Hempstead High School has implemented a strict attendance policy as outlined in the student handbook. Students are expected to work hard on all regular class assignments. • Be respectful. Ask me or ask another student about missed work. and your materials at all times. so make sure you have all necessary materials and homework with you. Hand it in on time. • No cell phones. Writing assignments/papers/projects drop a letter grade each day they are late. You are expected to be respectful of yourself. yellow) • loose-leaf paper • three-ring binder Frequently coming to class without the necessary materials sends me the message that you are not serious about learning and working and/or do not care about this class. I will address behavior problems with students as they . earphones. your classmates. I Pods. you are old enough to know what might hurt someone else's feelings. light blue. Students will be expected to follow those guidelines. • You are welcome to bring water to class with you. Rules • Come to class on time. Students who miss two days have two days to make up missed work. you are responsible for finding out what you missed and completing it promptly. • Stay here. Think before you speak or act. do not bring other beverages or food to class. but don't rely on me to remember that you were absent. however. Materials Please bring these items to class with you every day: • a writer's journal • post-it notes • dark blue or black pen (no pink. Use the restroom and drinking fountain during passing time.Extra Credit I do not give extra credit. they are worth nothing. by the fourth day. if not impossible to complete class work. Part of your grade is based on preparation.

discipline may include the loss of credit and failing grade. Cheating by looking at another student's schoolwork. using a key phrase from another text without using quotation marks) will be decided by the classroom teacher. outlined in the student agenda. Attendance issues may also cause a student to be sent to the AP. and composition classes. calling parents when necessary. The Hempstead Policy on cheating. which <http://www. the English department will institute the following specific consequences: Creative Writing 1 occurrence: 0% on piece with no possibility of revision 2 : student risks “loss of class credit and failing grade” for both quarter and semester st nd . copying from other sources or similar cheating is not tolerated. Continued behavior problems will result in putting the student on a behavior plan through the AP office. In the event that a student chooses to blatantly plagiarize (i.e.especially through specific instruction in English 1-2." The English department is committed to educating our students about plagiarism and helping them come to understand what plagiarism is .dictionary. cutting and pasting entire documents or significant portions of documents).occur. the availability of information has exploded into a whole new and exciting realm for our students.e. The accessibility of documents has also brought with it an increasing concern regarding> www. taking someone's work or ideas as if they were your own. We aim to teach students how to rightfully quote and document sources as well as how to effectively convert researched information into their own words.. English 3-4. states: "students are expected to do their own schoolwork. In addition to the discipline outlined in this planner." In English defines as "a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work. the consequences for incidental plagiarism (i.. Plagiarism Guidelines With the advent of the Internet. copying others' work.dictionary.