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Tell me about ur self 1> i am a hardworking,ampitious,confident and more determinent in my work...........

2> i appreciate serious and hard working people.i enjoy working and learnig frm thm. 3> thn say abt ur school name its enough 4> thn say few words abt ur college life and ur staff collge life is a color and so 5> few words abt ur family 6> i have few but wonderful friends........i love to spend my free time with thm....... strenghts My Strengths are i can adopt easily in any type of environment. I am hard worker, self motivator and have good leadership skills to manage a team. I am a good listener and quick learner. And I have dedication to work and positive attitude.honest,intelligent,hardwork

is the sure way to success" is my principle."live like king size " is my motto.
Why Should We Employ You? For this question, your answer should list out strengths that you feel are relevant to the job. Given below are some answers which could help you with your answers. However, structure them to suit your requirements. • I have good co-ordination skills • Good analytical skills • I can persuade people to see my point of view, and get the work done • My greatest asset is my ability to motivate people • Even during emergencies, I do not loose my cool • I have good entrepreneurial skills • e relevant to this job (Here, give appropriate details and examples) Do u hav any questions for me?
First of all thank you for giving me this opportunity. I would like to know my weakness which you found in me during this short span of interview so that I can concentrate more on that which will help me more to build my career in good way. Because I always like to learn from my mistake.

Why should I hire u
Sir you should hire me because I am passionate about my work and also I strongly believe that a person can accomplish any task if he/she posses three things i.e. passion, determination and confidence and this all three I have.

If you still want me to rate you I eventually rate you 9 to 10. 20. Salary expectation As i am fresher i want to improve my knowledge and gain experience in our company. I am sure I am not in a position to rate you.Always try to learn from my mistakes 6.Hard working Weakness: 1. leaving little time for myself. What are your goals First of all sir I want to become good human being & second I want become good employer so company can proudly says that he is our employer. It was a pleasant interview and I got to learn many things out of this experience. I am also working on improving my public speaking skills.I Believe people blindly at first sight 2. 10 being maximum just because of the experience I had from this interview. What are your weaknesses? I tend to try to do too many things.Strengths and weakness Strengths: 1.Can't tolerate the disturbance during work time On a scale of one to ten. To have a very long and successful carrier with the same organization it's necessary / imperative to understand the work culture and functions of the organization in different locations.Eager to learn new things 5.positive thinking 3.I am optimistic person and can easily adoptable to work under any situation 2. . So i expect my salary as per the company norms as well as qualification. rate me as an interviewer. Because I want to build my career so I will give importance to my work rather than location n full-fill my company requirements. I have worked on balancing myselffor the last several months. Are you willing to relocate or travel? Yes sir definitely.self confidence 4.