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Intermediate Level 1

Formal LETTERs or EMAILs Asking for information
Beginning (greetings). Start with Dear Ms, or Dear Mr, (you know who to address; end with Yours sincerely) or start with Dear Sir/Madam, (you don't know who to address; end with Yours faithfully).

First paragraph: start by saying WHY YOU'RE WRITING.

Useful language: I am writing to enquire/ask about/ because I am interested in...

Second paragraph: Asking for information. You can repeat

this paragraph many times. Useful language: I would be grateful if you could send me...

Closing comments: Extra request (asking for a brochure if

it's possible, …) and additional information that you thing the person who will receive the letter could be interested in.

Ending: Yours sincerely( when you kno the person’s name)

or Yours faithfully (when you don’t.) Useful Language • • • • • I am writing in response to your advertisement in July 1st edition of The Time concerning possible work with/in ... I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of your summer brochure. I am writing to enquire whether you could let me have some information about your apartments. I would like to know more about the type of accommodation that you can provide. Thanks in advance

so I am about to get a B1 level. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully. / Yours sincerely. Are there places to rent? Are they expensive? Could I share a flat with other students? I would be grateful if you could send me this information to my email address or to my home address below. However. Thanks in advance. I am especially interested in a four-week intensive course. Linda REMEMBER If it is a letter: • write your address on the top right corner (not your name) . I have looked at your website but there is no detailed information about dates and prices for your intensive summer courses. preferably with non-Spanish-speaking students. Linda Santana. I have been studying English for three years at an Official Language School in Las Palmas. I would like to improve my oral skill because I have always found this really difficult.• I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am writing to ask for information about your language courses. Finally. I would like to find accomodation near your school. Sample letter/ email in about 180 words Dear Sir/Madam. / Dear Mr Jones. I think I am really good at writing and reading and I always manage to understand when I listen to people speaking English. Which are the courses you offer in July and August? I would also like to know if you have multi-cultural groups.

© Dulce Rosales .• • write the date below your address write the addressee’s name and address on the top left corner.

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