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The Priestly Writings Exodus 25-Numbers 10:10 Exodus 2540: Israel's response - holiness in space (Tabernacle) and people (priests


Holy of Holy Place Holies

Leviticus: God's callfor holiness in worship and life
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Sacrifices Priests ordained and first sacrifices



Lalvs of Ritual Purity Lau, for the Day of Atonement
Laws for Holy Living (H = Holiness Code


a. YHWH alone is the source of all holiness (people Ex 19:5, priests Ex29:44; Lev 8-9, Tabernacle Ex 40) b. The main idea is that which is devoted or belonging to God in a special way (e.g. nearness to God)

c. Two types of holiness i. General holiness: the holiness of Israel overagainstthe nations Ex 19:6; Lev 11:44-46;19

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Separation is a secondary implication of holiness, which is a positive not a negative concept. The opposite of holiness is impurity, which is often associated with death and disorder.

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Found in Dt, H (the Holiness Code, Lev 77-26),the prophetic writing, NT, low church

Often implies a moral commitment ('holy and righteous,; Lev. 19) Develops in a moral direction, but never completely

ii. Particular and graded holiness: within Israel: the holiness associated with the sanctuary and God's service . holy here is a status achieved by ritual means (the priest as holyl)
the stress of P (cf. high church) this holiness is graded: very holy - holy - not holy

Purity and impurity Lev 11-15
You are to distinguish between the holy and the common, and between the unclean and the clean. Lev Purity is the necessary precondition for lrcliness Impurit_t is absoltdely incompatible with holiness


Purity/impurity is frequently misunderstood by moderns . physical cleanliness - the materialist fallacy cf . blood cleanses ' hygienic precaution - "medical materialism" (Douglas) e.g. Lev l3 is not about quarantine ' rnoral sinfulness - although sin is sometimes linked with impurity e.g. Miriam Nu l2 ' disorder/ cosmic faultlines - impurity indicates a radical and comprehensive disorder in the world (see the non-physical use of terms such as 'impure' 'defilement' 'pollution' 'unclean'today) . association with death . mortality - possibly the most important facto

b. Purity/Impurity is a concept at home in traditional 'unequal' societies bormdaries and order and hierarchy are clear and important e.g. male/femal e, inside/outside camp, holy/impure, pri est/non-pri est purity/impurity concepts function to bring together into one system diverse aspects of





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non-communicable to others. The Puriftcatiort Offerins on the Day of Atorlement Lev 16 I l-16a 16b 18. but understood by none' (GLover) a flexible symbol with many different kinds of meanings no one theory is adequate (gift. needs sacrifice moral/cultic impurity/sins atonemenr possible Nu l5:30-31) 2. 01 10212012 .no atonement possible Lev 18:20-30 Sacrifice: Lev 1. Impurity (and holiness) is a graded concept There is a spectrum from very holy ('holy of holies') to very impure very holy holy clean unclean very unclean minor impurity . sex. Maintaining Sacrifice: Maintains and strengthens the relation between God and Israel/lsraelites e. ransom) several interpretations are already to be found in the Pentateuch the ritual details highlights the particular purpose cf.g.g.16 " . disease. society. communion.19 I Offender high priest/ congresation Animal bull goat (m) II Bull Goat (m) III Bull + goat (m) mixed Blood manipulation (total x49) Food for Sprinkle on front of cover x1 No one Sprinkle before cover x7 [Sprinkle in front of the curtain x7 Put on horns of the incense altar x4l Put on horns of a]tar x4 Sprinkle on altar x7 Pentateuclt Philip Jenson. birth. Restorative Sacrifice: Restores a state of affairs disturbed by some fault a. death.. . easily purified major impurity . food. The primary atoning sacrifices are the purification offering and the reparation offering sin (inadvertent) purification offering Lev 4 impurity purification offering Lev 4 fraud reparation offering (Lev 5: monetary compensation plus a fifth) (NB sin with a high hand . cult analogies between different orders of being: Israel animals Clean animals Tabernacle Camp Sacrificial Priests Gentiles Unclean animals Outside camp c. ram of ordination enables the priests to be consecrated (Lev 8-9) The system of Purification Offerings a.g. e. the 'blood of the covenant' initiates the covenant (Ex l9) e. the peace offering Lev 3 (NB the shelamim does not atone) 3 . Transitiorrul Sacrifice: Effects a transition from one state to another e.-7. ' 'Sacrifice is a language used by all. foreground/background Three Goals of Sacrifice I . atonement.communicable to others by touch or nearness. Iife force.e Lev 4 3-12 t3-21 year Zone Offender anointed priest congregatlon leader anyone anyone Animal bull bull goat (m) Blood manipulation Sprinkle in front of the curtain x7 Put on horns of the incense altar x4 Put on horns of altar of Burnt Food for (Lev 6:17ff) II No one No one Priests Priests Priests 22-26 27-31 III goat (f) sheep Offering x4 32-35 (fl b. 'hr th.