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In the Beginning...


because a new beginning begins with God
by Pamela Jones

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dances over His own welcoming them to join Him as one. In knowing Him. His people. “In the beginning God. Beginnings 3 .In the Beginning... God.” The bible is the record of the revelation of God. As we look into the many aspects of the Almighty. God will surely reveal Himself. He delights in His own. Man cannot fully know God unless the Spirit of God reveals this truth. we open a world of inspiration and delight acknowledging the very presence of a majestic Creator desiring fellowship with mere man. we must first be willing to acknowledge that we need Him. God promises to reveal Himself if we search for Him with all our heart. (Jeremiah 29:13) If our heart is desperate to know him. Revelation is formed in the light of humility.God The bible opens with a statement of first truths. acknowledging God reflected in you. in return. And man cannot receive revelation unless he pursues the Passsionate One. called out according to His purpose.

meaning God Almighty. El. God makes Himself known. meaning Lord. meaning God and Jehovah. 4 . Two such beings would limit and exclude each other discounting the possibility of a being called God. The use of Jehovah pictures God in light of His chosen people.There are two names used throughout the Old Testament depicting God. in the Holy scriptures as. Father. yet. Son and Holy Spirit. There cannot be more than one God for eternity or infinity. in the word. Son and Holy Spirit are one God yet seperate in character. Elohim. signifies strength as in the name El-Shaddai. known as the Three in One or Triune Godhead. Elohim. Beginnings Father. The use of Elohim pictures God as the Creator. rulership of man and nature. The bible reveals God to us as the one and only God. Let it be known that all three beings have seperate personalities.

God’s Son. (John 17) Throughout the gospels. will know the character of the Father.The Father is honored in the scriptures as an authority figure. 30) As we come to know Jesus. Jesus behaved in a manner pleasing to the Father always acknowledging the Father’s will. referred to the Father as an authority figure. we too. for the Father and Son are as One. we see the Son acknowledging the Father’s guidance. Beginnings 5 . This characterization is a revelatory mystery. Jesus. (John 10: 29.

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