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Happy 80th AFE!

day S

What was life like in New Zealand for animals fifty years ago? Take a look at some of the victories, accomplishments and successes that have been achieved, many thanks to SAFE and its supporters — you!


✤ New Zealand branch of the British

Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) founded.


✤ Despite war and a depression, a

Cruel sow crates commonly used. Now: Banned! Consumers oppose pig cruelty.

small group committed to animals pioneer the first anti-vivisection group.
✤ Branches established in Auckland,



Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Distributes overseas literature and hold regular stalls by the 1950s.

Launched campaign in 1990. Now: 20,000 less shooters. Public outraged at killings.

✤ The group changes name to
Highly popular during 1980-90s. Now: Public condemns captive marine animals.

Ridgeway Circus has chimp family. Now: SAFE rescues chimps to Africa!

No public support. Now: 8-10 consumers oppose battery hen cages.

Protested first live sheep shipment. Now: Sheep shipments halted.

become autonomous from the UK branch. In 1978 Save Animals From Experiments (SAFE) was born.
✤ Stages the largest anti-vivisection

protest with over 500 people marching down Queen Street in 1982.
✤ In 1987 the group broadens to

incorporate other cruel practices. Name amended to ‘Exploitation’.
Rodeos & running sheep events common. Now: Auckland bans rodeos & sheep runs.

Staged regular circus protests. Now: No more exotic animals in circuses!

New Zealand top whaling nation. Now: Given legal protection.

Most products tested on animals. Now: 500+ crueltyfree companies.

Mulesing sheep widespread. Now: Greatly reduced. Company boycotts.

1990s - present day
✤ Commence using the Internet.

Revolutionise communications with over 500,000 hits month!
✤ Vigorously defend animals from

being used for GE experiments at the Royal Commission.
Only cage eggs in 1985. Now: Every supermarket stocks free range.
Laws inadequate. Few prosecutions. Now: Prison terms given. Taken seriously.
Public didn’t care or want to know. Now: Animal issues a major concern.
Publicly marginalised and ignored. Now: Highly respected and valued.
Run by volunteers. No offices or funds. Now: 3 offices. Shop. Employs 12+ staff.

✤ Stage high-profile, prestigious

events gaining huge public respect.
✤ Rescue and release circus chimps. ✤ Recruit Mike King. Mount one of

the largest media stories on national television on factory farming of pigs.
✤ Enlist support from over 250

celebrities, artists and personalities.

the consumer campaign aims to empower shoppers by enabling them to vote with their wallets. its volunteers. and intensive farming is now recognised as the most important animal welfare issue in New Zealand. of course. SAFE has become one of the strongest voices for animals in New Zealand. I returned to SAFE in 2004 to work as campaign continues to be the first priority. aiming to ban battery cages and stop the phase-in of the colony cage system. live exports for slaughter are indefinitely suspended and we have seen a massive increase in the number of vegetarians and vegans in our society. SAFE director Hans Kriek has been involved with the organisation for 25 years. your ongoing support will ensure that SAFE in the years ahead will remain a strong and effective voice for all animals in New Zealand. Marineland has closed down. white tigers and goldfish. This year will see more refreshing campaign initiatives and positive stories – watch this space! Especially after an at-times unsteady 2011. SAFE would not have survived the last 80 years without its members and supporters. director AMBITIOUS FOR 2012 SAFE LOGOS THE LOOK OVER TIME While it is always hard to predict the future. SAFE enabled me to get active for all animals. We decided to make factory farming our leading campaign and stick to it until meaningful improvements were achieved for the millions of suffering pigs and chickens. The media takes animal issues seriously and the public is starting to use their consumer power to effect change for animals. I feel part of a group that has been steadily achieving real advances in animal rights and welfare. Back in those days. After the 2011 focus on the political process of the Code reviews. and takes a look back. By hiring (initially subsidised) staff. SAFE had only just changed its name from ‘Save Animals From Experiments’ to ‘Save Animals From Exploitation’. SAFE is looking ahead and lining up an ambitious year for animal activism. I feel privileged to be part of the wonderful SAFE team that has achieved so much for animals. SAFE was able to deliver the animal rights message on a more consistent basis and public support increased as a result. vivisectionists and factory farmers started to feel the heat. After decades of campaigning there are no more exotic animals in circuses. . Smart. Of course we still have a long road ahead of us but I have a sense that the pendulum has swung our way and that more positive change is on the horizon. politicians are taking notice. AUGUST: Comprehensive public survey confirming 80 per cent of Kiwis want cages banned within five years. It enables those who care about animals to shop without harming them. During this period SAFE grew stronger every year. with a new website and resources. and most of all. eye-catching. TOP 10 ACHIEVEMENTS OF 2011 JULY: Gala event featuring international guests and politicians at Auckland Town Hall as part of the national Animal Rights conference. campaign director A QUICK OVERVIEW FEBRUARY: Animal Aid project to help animals after Christchurch earthquake. SAFE will address the various factory farming issues this year in the more comprehensive Stop Factory Farming campaign and connect the dots between them. To all of you I say thank you. sow stalls are being phased out after the huge publicity surrounding our pig campaign. At the time I was working for the SPCA as an animal caregiver and I attended a meeting in Auckland where I met the famous animal rights philosopher Peter Singer. Also at the meeting were some wonderful people from SAFE. I found that under Anthony’s leadership the organisation had blossomed and had managed to mainstream its animal rights message. Already SAFE has been in action and featured in the media on issues as diverse as rodeos. an organisation I had not heard of before. Around the same time Anthony Terry got involved with the SAFE group in Christchurch and it was he who started SAFE on its journey to where the organisation is today. Eliot Pryor. A few likeminded people and I opened a new SAFE branch in Hamilton and started to work on vivisection and factory farming issues. The factory farming campaign has been hugely successful: thousands of people stopped buying factory farmed eggs and pork. NOVEMBER: An ongoing and prominent presence in national media on range of animal welfare issues. Discovering SAFE was a huge delight for me as here was an organisation that held the same beliefs as me! As a newly immigrated animal rights-focused vegetarian. SAFE was a small voluntary organisation represented only in some of the main centres.You can keep the pressure on the Minister of Primary Industries David Carter and remind him the nation is watching – join thousands of other concerned Kiwis and send a message to him directly today with an e-card at nocages. APRIL: Coordinated nationwide actions including the ‘Man in a Cage’ Carl Scott. is overdue to announce the revised Code of Welfare for Layer Hens and is expected to agree to the industry demand for more cages. I started my involvement with SAFE in 1987. and chickens that are speed-bred in industrial sheds for their meat. NOVEMBER: Launch the SAFE Shopper website to provide a guide to products not tested on animals. Join us in bringing about real and positive change for the animals. often controversial campaigns became a SAFE trademark and circus owners. Hans Kriek.80 YEARS defending animals TAKING ACTION SAFE is proud to celebrate its 80th birthday this year! Established in 1932 as a branch of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.” BETTINA BROWN 30 year SAFE member and former treasurer TAKE ACTION FOR HENS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SEND A MESSAGE DIRECTLY TO THE MINISTER The decision on battery cages and colony cages for layer hens is to be announced by the government very shortly. bull fighting. reflecting its broader approach to animal rights issues. I accepted a position at Wellington SPCA. for example the Sunday show exposé of illegal battery cages still in use. where I worked for the next ten years. “I have seen SAFE develop from a group of a dozen volunteers to a national organisation. The pressure on him must be maintained! The future facing caged layer hens is the same bleak future that faces pigs trapped in farrowing crates and fattening pens. now the Minister for Primary Industries. and the election. OCTOBER: Political Party for the Animals to promote animal concerns launched in the lead-up to the election. SEPTEMBER: Joint press conference with RNZSPCA and Green Party to condemn the colony cage system. SAFE is looking forward to an exciting year ahead. duck shooters. with the Christchurch earthquakes. little was being done at the time to address the suffering of animals in the farming and entertainment sector and SAFE decided to fill that and don’t forget to encourage your friends to do the same. In 2011 SAFE launched its new SAFE Shopper guide that features products not tested on animals. I became the first paid employee for SAFE and worked as national coordinator. While vivisection was being strongly campaigned on by a number of organisations. The NoCages campaign. This wider campaign will have a consumer focus in terms of inviting the public to take action – mobilising ordinary people to create change for animals through simply changing shopping habits. SAFE has also been central to a number of other significant victories for animals. David Carter. but continued working with Anthony and SAFE where possible. MARCH: Thousands of public submissions collected against cages for hens. NOVEMBER: Confirmation beagle testing facility had closed down and an undercover exposé in the media.

It’s very distressing to see this wee bird’s suffering in person. I honestly think that if everyone got to see this little hen. SAFE held a noisy protest outside the Egg Producers Federation conference. With the help of Government subsidies. calling for these farms to be closed immediately. and you have to wonder how many unsuspecting consumers are eating eggs that have been laid on top of rotting carcasses!” large. No place for anything with a beating heart. and then. SAFE believes the public will be shocked at the sight of the colony battery cages. I’m going to keep you like this as long as you’re useful. showing for the first time the overcrowded and barren conditions the hens are consigned to. At the time of writing SAFE is preparing to expose these images to the public. ✤ Ask your supermarket or It’s wrong that most hens are cooped up in small cages for all of their lives. they’d never buy cage eggs again.. what with all the excitement of everything. This was a torture house.. Hans Kriek stated. The results showed almost a third said they would feel worse about the company. Search: XFhXQvrDWyA WATCH SAFE director Hans Search: qVOeUvo_mE0 Kriek speak against colony cages. SAFE supporters did not relent and made sure their message was heard with the help of captivating music and TAKE ACTION ✤ Don’t buy cage eggs. and animal welfare is a high priority. the treatment of those SAFE says many of the birds had had their beaks crudely cut off. when you inevitably become disease-ridden from all of the shit around you all day long – did I mention that? – there will be lots of shit – I will send you to the slaughterhouse and make you into cat food. Here are some of their reactions: When I was a kid I remember visiting family friends. HETTY TAKES ON THE EGG INDUSTRY Days after the exposé of illegal battery cages on on TV One’s Sunday programme.. so you can’t bite your friends next door. A veterinary report described six birds rescued from one of the farms as being in “an appallingly poor medical condition”. she’s going to have a lovely life. ✤ Avoid products that may contain cage eggs. and they would prefer the company stopped using caged eggs. Even though Hetty had been refused entry to the conference the previous day. man! Let’s lose the chicken coop and bring back the chicken run! Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra café to stop selling cage eggs. SAFE campaign director Eliot Pryor says the new research shows that if a retailer were connected to farms that used cruel intensive farming practices the consequences could be significant. and the Code review process now presents an opportunity to take a leading international position by banning all cages. Cage farming is barbaric and medieval. and that. their views of products would change if they learned the companies were using eggs from caged hens. with Hetty taking up her usual cramped spot in the cage to demonstrate how little room battery hens have. I learnt that day what happens before the egg hits your plate. who lived in a house that was next door to a poultry farm. It is just unfathomable. SAFE director Hans Kriek says that despite more than twenty years of campaigning on this issue. With that knowledge there can be no turning back. move forward! If we don’t we’ll continue to live in the dark ages. with over 30 people joining the protest to demand cage systems be banned.” MICHELLE LANGSTONE. Food safety standards are also clearly breached.” WATCH the Natural History of Chickens on YouTube. Respondents were surveyed on well-known brands to ask in what way. “These types of cages have now been banned for nearly four years and yet here we have thousands of animals still suffering in them. Go to SAFE’s website for the latest updates as they come to hand! UNITED AGAINST COLONY CAGES Last October. Mainland Poultry is running a colony cage trial by housing 47. “My brother and I explored the old windowless sheds and what we discovered inside changed me forever. We must change. tiny prisons stacked high in all directions. leading Hans to ask why. If that stresses you out. protests and media FREEDOM FOR HENS “I currently volunteer at Bird Rescue where we are nurturing an ex-battery hen. PETER SALMON. They need to be engaged with customer concerns. BATTERY CAGES BANNED IN THE EU In January this year the European Union ban on standard battery cages came into effect. These conditions were below the legal standard required. although countries such as Austria and Switzerland have banned all were CELEBRITIES SAY NOCAGES! High-profile New Zealanders are getting behind SAFE’s NoCages campaign to show their support. They have refused media all access as they do not want New Zealanders to see these cruel modified battery hen as always. nocages campaign gains momentum RT S ALE NEW people will be outraged that hens will continue to suffer. the SAFE protest was a peaceful demonstration. Search: AlcocVRQAaI WATCH TV1’s Sunday’s Bad Eggs look at the egg industry.nocages. Unfortunately colony cage systems are presently the new standard for hen farming in the European Union. if any. SAFE has obtained images from inside this system.” says Director Hans Kriek. eye-catching banners..000 hens in these cages. Stretched out in the dark: hundreds of small wire cages barely the size of a hen. eat it. and what she’s been through. Conducted by professional pollsters Horizon. “It is up to the retailer to provide their customers with a guarantee that the products they sell. well. supplied by animal activists. NEGLECTED AND DYING CAGED HENS EXPOSED In November thousands of layer hens were found living in appalling conditions on farms that use illegal cages. or maybe a pie. Then I will go to the dairy. Dead. However. as well as higher expectations from consumers”. award-winning filmmaker and director I am going to come to your house and lock you in a cage just big enough for your body. I’m going to cut off your lips.. A three-month investigation by animal activists sparked a shocking exposé of a number of battery hen farms using cage systems that were banned in 2008.” . The new colony cages are barely an improvement on the current welfare requirements and Sue Kedgley made a pledge on behalf of the Green Party to ban all cages. the survey revealed that companies face significant risks if they are perceived to have cruelty in their supply chains. who will be able to see for the first time the intended future of egg farming. ✤ Take your message out! Buy a Let the Chickens Out! reusable shopping bag at choosecrueltyfree. “The egg industry will have to get used to ongoing pressure from undercover filming. My brother and I explored the old windowless sheds and what we discovered inside changed me forever. Thankfully. that’s just plain depressing. “I believe that New Zealand has been lagging behind Europe for decades. Footage given to SAFE showed thousands of birds suffering in severely overcrowded cages and in poor physical condition. The revised cage system known as the colony cage has been kept secret from the public. Hens have feelings too. actor underweight and were suffering from severe feather loss.) I’m also going to keep you in the semidark so you don’t get too worked up. are not associated with cruelty. I might break your teeth too. and when you are sitting. SAFE made an official complaint to the Ministry of Agriculture.. buy that pie. (Nobody likes a biter. ✤ Encourage your household to never buy cage eggs. dying and decomposing birds were a common sight. It is believed the eggs from these farms are being supplied to retailers nationwide. actor AGAINST COLONY CAGES CRUEL COLONY CAGES REVEALED In the last campaign report you will have read about the proposed colony cages. They were there to discuss the negative impact the proposed colony cages will have on battery hen welfare. warm in my belly I will ask you: Can you afford to buy the free-range option yet? CHELSIE PRESTON CRAYFORD. and their supply chain. and her feathers are growing back at last. evolve. SAFE’s Hans Kriek was joined by Sue Kedgley (former Green Party MP) and Robyn Kippenberger (RNZSPCA) for a special press conference in support of the NoCages campaign. Why is the media denied access to this secret facility at Mainland Poultry? What does it have to hide? Meanwhile the Egg Producers Federation is asking for a phaseout of twenty years for the battery cage – yeah right! BRANDS AT RISK BY USING CAGE EGGS The National Business Review recently commented on results from SAFE’s survey of attitudes towards cage eggs. he is outraged by the abhorrent conditions discovered. which are basically redesigned battery cages.

guinea pigs and other animals are still commonly used in laboratories worldwide to test shampoos. and that earthquake-affected Christchurch had few collection spots and fewer collectors. and as ever. While there was an element of humour in the campaign. • making Codes of Welfare enforceable so that breaches of the codes must be prosecuted. It can be very effective to send a message on animal issues to your local MP. Since the launch SAFE has had a fantastic response to the new guide. and problems that need to be raised. the way the legislation works presently is to safeguard the use of animals rather than the best welfare of now! DOWNLOAD your free ANIMAL WELFARE ACT REVIEW LEGISLATING MORE ANIMAL USE Back in December 2010. Lisa Chappell and Elizabeth McMenamin. downloadable booklet.CARING CELEBS SUPPORT SAFE BUNNY POWER! SAFE SHOPPER LAUNCHED PRODUCTS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS SAFE recently launched SAFE Shopper. the SAFE team is very pleased with the result. this review is expected to produce simply more and ‘better’ use of animals. Some consumers may be surprised at how many of the products and product ingredients available in New Zealand have been tested on animals. banded together to protest the ugly side of the beauty industry. The retirement of Sue Kedgley from parliament means that one of the strongest voices for animal issues has to arrange a box placement. SAFE has serious misgivings about the process of this review. healthfood shop or similar. mice. “I look forward to the day the last hen is released from her cage in New Zealand. • disallowing factory farming practices such as battery cages and farrowing crates that do not comply with the obligations of the Act.” SAFE applauds this honest policy statement in the House of Representatives. This will then inform any changes of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.” NIFTY LITTLE MONEY MAKERS HELP FUND RAISE IN YOUR AREA Donation boxes are a great and easy way to raise much-needed funds for SAFE all year round. In her maiden speech. supermarket. each animal candidate represented real issues facing animals. with the new composition of MPs there is the chance that a new level of accountability will be found in current areas such as factory farming. At the launch in November three Kiwi actors. and focused attention on the existing parties’ animal welfare policies. PARTY FOR THE ANIMALS DOES THE NEW PARLIAMENT STACK UP? During last year’s election period the Party for the Animals took hold of people’s imaginations and a number of supporters used the eye-catching election hoardings on their fences around the country. Green MP Mojo Mathers stated. an article in the New Zealand Herald and hundreds of downloads and posts to Facebook and other social media. your voice is key. SAFE will be looking to keep developing relationships with all the political parties and individual MPs. • creating transparency of the ethics committees that allow experiments on animals. the Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) initiated the development of a national animal welfare strategy for New Zealand. Angela Bloomfield. an exciting new online consumer initiative that lists products not tested on animals – available both as a searchable list online and in a handy The results for our 2011 appeal are in and we have once again been showered with success! The appeal has raised just over $300. The advisory board set up to oversee this process is weighted towards animal use: it includes representatives from the meat and dairy industries and vet associations. or lack of them. especially as animal testing of cosmetics is now so widely condemned. . Thousands of veternarian clinic. While there are good intentions written into the Act. Needless to say. which. The caring trio gave out information cards and free products on Queen Street and spoke to the public about SAFE Shopper. Do you know of a local café. We really appreciate everyone who assisted behind the scenes or shook a bucket on the street in their area and of course those that donated. lipsticks and household cleaners. For example neither the National or Labour parties have a stated position on battery cages. and SAFE will take part in this process and invite supporters and the public to speak up too. SAFE 2011 APPEAL SUCCESS UNDER DIFFICULT TIMES! The week prior to Christmas the SAFE team and all its supporters again mobilised to fundraise for animals of New Zealand. and the ability to display natural behaviours.000! National appeals coordinator Sacha Dowell says. “Considering the bad weather in many places. Some key issues SAFE will raise will be: • the creation of an objective role within the government separate from the Minister for Primary Production. In all likelihood the review aims to preserve this function. SAFE believes most New Zealanders want to live in a country that allows animals simple rights such as the freedom of movement. that truly advocates for animal welfare. after a decade. Lotto counter. Fabulous effort all round. There is just a single animal welfare advocate (a representative from WSPA). not less use. People have responded to say what a valuable resource it is and within hours of the launch SAFE had requests from several more companies eager to sign up! With SAFE Shopper you can be sure neither ingredients nor finished products have been tested on animals. It’s as easy as that! Please contact Annelies on 03 379 9711 or email her at: annelies@safe. guide at safeshopper. According to MAF this is intended to “develop a shared ‘New Zealand Inc’ view of animal welfare across all sectors. organisations and people”. However. There are many gaping holes in the Act. in the same month that the phase-out of sow stalls was announced. is overdue for review. thanks so much for your continued support. who would be willing to support SAFE? All they need to do is agree to have a little donation box on their counter. Many people said they wished that it was a real party! And who knows. maybe at the next election there will be a real party with animal welfare as its platform. While there are supportive MPs there are a multitude of competing issues and the animals desperately need real representatives. aiming to show how easy it is to avoid products tested on animals. with a feature in a major women’s magazine.

nz. NOTE: At this stage orders for Issues 1-3 of Animals & Us are on hold due to inability to get to stock. after a flurry of SAFE followers expressed their dismay against the prize via Facebook and a concerned volunteer wrote in to the New Zealand Herald. most of the store of Issues 1-3 of Animals & Us remains trapped in the building. while raising awareness about SAFE’s advocacy work and current Say No to Cages campaign. This happened in Christchurch last year and the 2011 deadline was derailed by the events of the February 22nd earthquake and its consequences. Y! ICTOR V NOVELTY FISH TANK REMOVED FROM SALE SAFE succeeded in getting a 1-Day novelty fish tank removed from its listing. However. Oamaru and Dunedin. emailing 1-Day to ask for the item to be removed. addressed the crowd. After several months spent responding to the events of February (and then June 13th) and focusing on the SAFE speaker programme. The topic for this issue is animal experimentation. The International Rodeo is the largest rodeo in the country and includes loud music. stress and anxiety caused by loud noises and bright lights. (computers and vital resources). The celebrities drew in crowds of attention who were all treated to great giveaways and crueltyfree samples while being informed of the ugly side that comes with some beauty products. RY! VICTO THE POWER OF FACEBOOK! NO MORE BULL FOR PEPSI! HAMILTON COUNCIL CONSIDERS RODEO BAN SAFE were present at the ever growing Big Gay Out festival in Auckland during February. BIG GAY OUT Celebrity launch of SAFE’s cool new website The SAFE Shopper.SPEAKERS AT SCHOOLS In the last 18 months the SAFE speaker programme has steadily developed and grown. while volunteers handed out GoVeg flyers and informed people of the importance of adopting a vegetarian lifestyle to help protect the environment as well as the animals. Dressed in bright animal costumes the SAFE team offered free hugs to members of the public. SAFE’s campaign manager. GIVING CAGE HENS A LIFE SAFE supporter Arthur signed the e-card to David Carter and afterwards told SAFE of his own experience with rescued layer hens. In support of Animal Week committed volunteers and professional dancers dressed in animal costumes performed a wellrehearsed dance routine while handing out SAFE flyers in order to raise awareness for the animals. The presentations are pitched for young adults but are suitable for older groups as well.. that found people gathering to make their ‘Wish for the Animals’. hit Queen Street to launch and promote New Zealand’s first-ever caring consumer shopping guide. We hope that it will be ready for publication in July this year.govt. events at Claudelands and in response the council is presently reviewing policy for future events involving animals. Auckland volunteers surprised the public when they broke out in dance at the Viaduct. Fantastic result! . The Auckland SAFE team and volunteers took part in the colourful 350 March up Queen Street adding their support to the global stand against climate change. Initially. is one carefree. 3 Here is what Patricia has to say about their new addition.. live in was less than a quarter of an A4 piece of paper. Palmerston North. Materials can be downloaded at: animalsandus. Rotorua. happy and very independent young lady! She loves it here and has her freedom as she’s not a sheep chaser.” Auckland volunteers held a stall at the last ever Big Day Out in January. so along with the usual torment. it took just 24 hours for the to remove the aquarium off their she just watches them!” These free talks encourage debate and discussion about issues and practices that directly affect animals in New Zealand. both physically and mentally. Pepsi! Pepsi was offering a prize to run with the bulls in Spain as part of their ‘Bromitment’ competition. Three gorgeous Kiwi actresses Angela Bloomfield. SAFE volunteers did a great job selling T-shirts and giving out SAFE tattoos. they must also contend with fear. Speakers are available to speak at schools and community groups. There are times when life hits a road-bump that throws you off course. Each talk lasts for about 50 minutes.. She is now part of a loving family that included a rabbit. However she brought home her fair share of rabbits until she brought in a very young baby which was still alive and that we nursed back to full strength. Mandy Carter. and yesterday they all laid eggs with solid shells from their dirt pecking activities (not the flimsy paper shells they first laid) and have now formed bonds with our other hens and are part of a flock for the first time in their lives (the little buggers!).nz.” says SAFE campaign manager Mandy Carter. Nelson. TAKE ACTION SAFE SHOPPER LAUNCH SAFE FLASH MOB! THE CRUEL EFFECT OF BATTERY CAGES BIG DAY OUT ANIMALS & US TEACHING HUMANE EDUCATION PROGRAMME The fourth issue of Animals & Us is currently underway. The Christchurch SAFE office remains inside the CBD cordon and. raising awareness and smiles all around while showing how fun vegetarianism can be! Order a Tshirt at SAFE’s Cruelty Free Shop. Pepsi quickly gave in to consumer pressure and withdrew the prize.. She now ignores the rabbits around us. although we have managed to retrieve some essential and he saw them come alive after the deprivation they had experienced. Christchurch. now there’s a site dedicated to products available in New Zealand where you can find out! The SAFE shopper includes nearly 100 companies that do not test on animals: check it out and download your free shopping guide now at safeshopper. SAFE has created a series of thought-provoking presentations suitable for adults and children on a variety of topical animal issues: NoCages: Freedom for hens LovePigs: Factory farming Life in the Lab: Animal experiments Talking Animal Rights: Attitudes towards animals Animal Rights and Social Action: A case study SAFE SPEAKER PROGRAMME UPDATE SAFE IN ACTION DEFENDING ANIMALS. I guess she thinks they might somehow be related to Hokey Pokey! (They slept in an ice cream box until they were old enough to live wild The tiny combined desk aquarium and alarm clock was advertised as a great deal on the 1-Day website caused concern as the tiny space the fish had to Last year saw the International rodeo move to Hamilton after the Christchurch earthquakes. Animals & Us Issue 4 is back on the agenda. The marchers gathered afterwards in Albert Park which was filled with entertainment and stalls celebrating Moving Planet day. SAFE took to the streets once again for Hug a Vegetarian day. Email the Mayor at: julie. Lisa Chappell and Elizabeth McMenamin. SAFE has asked the Hamilton City Council not to hold rodeo One of the first achievements (and fastest campaigns!) of 2012 was SAFE taking on one of the largest brand names. That is as long as Mother Nature doesn’t intervene. the SAFE for Chicks tattoos proved a hit and lots of NoCages postcards were signed! It was a successful day made possible by eager volunteers. and it is a joy to watch them learn the skills of how to be a hen from our other ladies.They all by instinct knew to take soil baths to heal their physical wounds. The stall drew lots of attention with the debut of its brightly coloured wish “Ziggy. fireworks and pyrotechnics. When SAFE supporters took “We have just adopted three battery hens that came to us in an appalling condition. Here’s hoping! For more information about the programmes or to book a speaker please contact: SAFE education officer. and neglected. Currently SAFE has volunteer speakers available in seven centres around the country : Auckland.Their psychological wounds are taking longer but they are definitely getting there. goading and brutal treatment animals endure. SAFE volunteers in Christchurch also donned bunny costumes to promote the shopping guide and hand out SAFE Shopper cards. admitting they had made a mistake in supporting such a cruel event. Please write to the Mayor of Hamilton asking the council to ban rodeos. Waikato Times and YahooNZ. speaking about the importance of vegetarianism in the fight to combat climate change and global warming. Hokey Pokey. it was planned that this issue would be published in mid-2011. Radio Live. He was amazed by the rehabilitation process.) She had been an avid rabbit chaser. Nichola Kriek at nichola@safe.EVERYWHERE! SAFE JOINS 350 TOUR HUG A VEGETARIAN DAY ZIGGY RESCUED FROM TRADEME HOKEY POKEY! Puppy Ziggy had been bred from at a young age. “Rodeos torment and scare animals who don’t know it’s ‘just for fun’. SAFE campaigners demonstrated outside the Hamilton Claudelands Arena highlighting the plight of animals in rodeo events with coverage of the protest by One News. Newstalk ZB. If you’ve ever wondered if your products have been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients.

org. Great Big Gay Out and a whole heap more! TAKE ACTION SAFE centres are all around the country and need your help! Meetings. over 800 dogs were used for experiments in New Zealand. support of the SAFE Auckland team. Campbell Live screened an investigation into what has happened to the beagles since it was closed down. Fat Pig Winery. Dunedin. not by people who have financial interests in these animals and cannot be trusted to put their welfare first. . Our Oamaru team even made the local newspaper! STAFF PICKS A very cute clip of baby sloths this will make you smile! Search: bath time sloths Relationships come in all shapes and forms: check out this rat’s slight obsession with a very tolerant cat! Search: rat loves cat You may remember last year’s story of the freed laboratory beagles – here’s a reminder of their first steps in the big. In response to a letter to the editor from a SAFE supporter. outdoor world. SAFE teams in Christchurch. ✤ Our wonderful SAFE centres World Egg-Free Day for SAFE when Auckland. Lions Fair. Aside from the captivity issue. which provided animals for research. organised a protest against the International Rodeo held at Claudelands Arena. Seven-year-old Holly O’Connor held a vegetarian stall selling homemade sweet treats and giving out info at her Wellington school. keeping alive an age-old tradition. Attendees sampled delicious dairy-free treats including cheeses.GOOD WORK. Auckland and Whangarei held information stalls at their local Vegetarian Expo or on the street. SAFE is very pleased that VARC has finally closed down. attended a variety of events such as the Waitangi Day Festival. SAFE has stepped forward to comment to media on the welfare of the big cats. ✤ SAFE held NoCages campaign stalls at the Pet Expo in both Christchurch and Wellington and gained hundreds of signatures for the Say No to Factory Farming supermarket Bay of Islands show. GREAT PEOPLE FLOCKING TOGETHER FOR ANIMALS SAFE relies on a team of fantastic volunteers around the country to donate some of their spare time to campaigning for SAFE. To start to regularly give your donation to SAFE please visit our website or call Annelies at SAFE to discuss how: 03 379 9711. SHOCKING BEAGLE EXPERIMENTS EXPOSED New Zealanders have been horrified by the news reports of beagles being given away from a closed-down testing facility. ✤ Hamilton volunteers. Visit safe. Email to join the team: safe@safe. BIG CATS AT RISK AMID HUMAN DRAMAS Amid all the human dramas of the ongoing Zion Wildlife Gardens saga. Auckland and Oamaru and have been receiving excellent feedback from their audiences. Trash n Treasure Fair. BUDDY up with us! ✤ SAFE team members around the country donned chicken costumes to take part in the Round the Bays fun runs in both Wellington and Auckland. Newtown Festival. Oamaru and Kerikeri were not without a SAFE presence when animalcostumed volunteers walked or biked in their local parade. with the ✤ SAFE entertained supporters THE POWER OF THE PEN! YOUR LETTERS WORK! Letters to the editor can be a great way to stand up for animals and make your voice heard. ✤ Christmas Parades in Christchurch. The editorial discussed how “One could argue that it’s a demonstration of skill. According to 2009 figures. Natural Health Expo. Healthy Living Festival. and the Wellington Vegetarian Festival. Body Mind Spirit OFFER VALID UNTIL 5PM. in which he encounters a superfriendly kitten. this park WATCH Campbell Live has been involved in a number of deplorable reveal shocking evidence of management practices such as the demismanagement at the zoo. The best interests of the animals themselves have become secondary to the legal and financial soap opera that is presently playing out. supermarkets to phase out battery eggs is going well with thousands of signatures obtained. This revenue provides the means to strategically plan and execute campaigns and education programmes well in advance to ensure successful outcomes. Egg-free baking recipes were handed out to a receptive public. Search: cop duck highway Caution: Contains cat cussing! Search: cat vs printer volunteers in the last six months have sold hundreds of sausages at numerous events such as Homegrown. Search: campbell varc beagles Become a regular SAFE giver and be our buddy! Regular giving plays a vital role in ensuring SAFE can rely on a stable source of revenue. who just won’t let him sleep! Search: simon cat catnap Some lucky ducks get roadside assistance from an extremely caring cop. But when was the last time you went to watch a whale-harpooning demonstration? Or had to lasso your calf on horseback to get it into a paddock or pen?” SAFE has a special Animal Writes network for writing letters and internet activism . stalls. Search: beagle freedom project Another hilarious clip of Simon’s Cat’s life. 6 APRIL 2012 Every new donor receives a FREE eco shopping bag! ✤ Volunteers have been taking word of SAFE to the public around the country at dozens of stalls on the streets. guys! ✤ Kerikeri’s now annual Two Gardens and a Winery fundraising event was another success this year thanks to the support of local gardens. Nice one. Hamilton and gained national media attention. Here’s what some of our animal champions have been up to. to gain support for the NoCages campaign. Dunedin. The Dunedin SAFE team is especially dedicated. Gap Filler Fun Fair. SAFE is opposed to keeping wild animals in captivity and will be happy to see Zion Wildlife Gardens closed down. non-dairy milk and desserts. Any decisions about their future should be made by independent behaviour and wildlife experts. Wellington and Christchurch volunteers protested against the Egg Guy and his cronies promoting (battery) and other businesses.if you’re keen to get involved please email your interest to safe@safe. Petone Carnival. Out in the Square.Valley Animal Research Centre (VARC). social events and campaign activities are held regularly. the Northern Advocate in January looked at how rodeos are decidedly unfair. Thanks to Alice at Angel Foods for donating samples. ✤ World Egg Day became with movie screenings of “Got the Facts about Milk” in Christchurch and Auckland. The animals ideally will be relocated to suitable sanctuaries. Newtown Festival. A massive 40 SAFE volunteers took part making for an eye-catching spectacle! Eight Wellingtonians also bravely went ice skating in chicken costumes! ✤ Sausage-sizzle mad! Wellington ✤ During World Vegetarian Week. Big Day Out. at markets and at universities. without spending valuable time and money on administration. and also conducted invasive experiments on the premises.Visit SAFE’s campaigns webpage for more info. hitting the streets regularly to gather signatures. Holly! ✤ SAFE’s petition to ✤ SAFE’s trained speakers have been out and about in schools and at community events in Christchurch. WATCH Campbell Live’s investigation in the Valley Animal Research Sustainable Business Network Showcase. SAFE led a campaign against the facility in question. clawing of some of the cats and the reported Search: lion man reckless killing of unwanted cubs.

nz th birthday!! to celebrate our 80 and help \ the animals! LIKE US on Facebook Repost our messages and encourage your friends to become fans! Regular financial support is crucial to offer us stability and safe. eco-friendly DOWNLOAD the SAFE shopper at you Thank your support! for SAFE. DONATE MONTHLY to become a special supporter CHOOSE cruelty free! Visit choosecrueltyfree. PO Box Shop online for all your animal-free. Check us out! Are you buying products tested on animals? Find out the ones to Christchurch 8141 Phone/fax: 03 379 9711 Email: .5 things you can do SIGN UP a friend to be a SAFE member Use the form enclosed or sign up at safe.