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ELGI is today, the market leader and Asia's largest manufacturer of air compressors and automobile service station


ELGI's products are used in a wide range of applications in areas ranging from mining, transport, pharmaceuticals, power, oil, railways, chemicals, textiles, printing to ship building, paper, electronics, telecommunications, medical, food & beverages and plastics.
In fact, starting from the paint on your wall to the car you drive, from the medicines you take to the leather bag you carry, ELGI's products have been used either in their production, maintenance or usage Elgi is the technologically innovative company with 5 decades of expertise in the manufacture of air compressors. An ISO 9001:2008 company, Elgi employs best in class practices and provides total in-house capabilities to decide and manufacture products. The company focuses on adding value into everything it does from concept to design, development to manufacturing, marketing, delivery, services and knowledge sharing. Please click on the individual product lines to learn more about our products.

Elgi was established in 1960 as a service station equipment and reciprocating compressor manufacturing company. Over the years ELGI has become a multi-product, multi-market company manufacturing technically superior products. The ELGI product lines today, broadly comprise, Rotary Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors Centrifugal Compressors, Automotive Equipment, Diesel Engines and Manufacturing and engineering services. ELGI has two manufacturing locations in Coimbatore, India, with 22 acres of land and 352,000 sq ft of built up factory area. With a vast network of sales & service outlets manned by well-trained, highly qualified and motivated engineers and marketers, ELGI aims to conquer the domestic market and be a meaningful global player in its core products.

ELGI's core competencies are serviced by five major Divisions:

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Rotary Compressor Division Reciprocating, Railways and Original Equipment Division

Division Rotary Compressor Division (ROCD)

Core Competencies Design, development and manufacture of electric and diesel powered screw air compressors. Design, development and manufacture of single and two stage reciprocating compressors, railway compressors and a variety of compressor solutions for railway applications. Our competence also lies in customized packages for

Reciprocating Compressors, Railway Compressors and Original Equipment Division (RCD)

8 cfm (cubic feet per minute) to 80000 cfm.250kW) . ELGI's marketing strategy has always been to partner with a customer and provide total air solutions to industries that require compressed air for their operations.Global Series (E11-E22 kW) .free compressor  Centrifugal Air Compressor . AC recovery units.Tank Mounted Screw Air Compressor . development and manufacture of electric and diesel powered screw air compressors. paint booths. While selling individual products can meet the objectives of a customer's requirement. Compressor Technology at ELGI is classified into reciprocating compressors.75HP to 1500HP for volumes from 1. Most of the modern garages are fitted with ELGI's garage equipment.Single -Stage Compressors ( 90kW . two-wheeler and fourwheeler hoists. crash repair systems. reducing wastage of resources Rotary Screw Air Compressors The Rotary Compressor Division is involved with the design. screw compressors. The following are the range of compressors developed at the Rotary Compressor Division.  Electric Powered Screw Air Compressors (EPSAC) .ELGI Micro Rotary  Oil-free Screw Air Compressor . today our customers have increased their speed of analyzing faults.Centrifugal compressor  Portable Screw Air Compressor .Oil.Axis Series . centrifugal compressors and oil-free compressors. The Automotive Service Equipment Division manufactures lubrication equipment. wheel balancers and various other diagnostic equipment.Two. ELGI manufactures all these types of compressors covering a range from 0.applications like circuit breakers.Electric Powered Screw Air Compressor .Single Stage Compressors ( 11-75 kW ) .Elegant Series  The Worlds Smallest Screw Air Compressor .160kW)  Airends .Stage Energy Efficient Tandem Compressor (75 kW . As a result. engine starting etc.

Portable Single-Stage High Pressure Compressor . development and manufacture of single and two stage reciprocating compressors.Trolley / Skid Mounted Diesel Powered Compressor Reciprocating Air Compressors The Reciprocating Compressor Division is involved with the design. The following are the range of compressors developed at the Reciprocating Compressor Division.  Horizon Series Reciprocating Air Compressors .Single Stage (SS) / Two Stage (TS) Horizon Series  Borewell Compressors  ELGIPET Air Power Systems  High Pressure / Volume Reciprocating Air compressors  High Volume Tank Mounted Compressors  High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressor  LG Series Reciprocating Air Compressors ..

CRC 150 . engine starting etc.TRC 2507  Expressors .TRC 1000 B . The broad categories of railway products include -  Electrical locomotives .RR66101W .TRC 1000 ACM .Railway Compressors and OE ELGI manufactures Railway Compressors and a variety of compressor solutions for railway applications.LG 3CDB .EX 6000 .TRC 1000MN .CLW .TRC 306 x 460 (6CD 3UC)  Auxillary Compressors .TRC 2000  Diesel Locomotives .ICRC 150 .RR 20 100 .SLEX 7000  Wind Screen Wipers .ICRC 150 .EX 4500 .WA .AC .TRC 155 x 615 (6CD 4UC) .TRC 1000 DCM .TRC 155 x 615 (6CD 4UC) .WRA-DC  Exhausters .WA . Our competence also lies in customized packages for applications like circuit breakers.WRA .Water cooled compressor .DLW .

ELGI also has a reputation of taking up challenges to offer custom engineered products to meet specialized requirements. this partnering is a key differentiating factor and the reason why customers actively choose ELGI over competition.JH  Water Raising Apparatus . ELGI's success in the international market is further evidenced by the fact that a large portion of our international business comes from repeat sales to established customers. backed by a large manufacturing base. ELGI's products around the world are available through highly experienced distributors with the necessary expertise to support and educate the end user on the effective use and maintenance of the product. provides our Original Equipment customers (of Bare Reciprocating Compressor Pumps and Rotary Screw Airends) a definite competitive advantage. ELGI's commitment to contribute substantially to the community has led to the undertaking of projects in the fields of education.. community health and advancement. LRG Naidu's legacy of giving back to the community. Middle East.WA .ICF Social Responsibility ELGI Equipments continues founder Mr. This is accomplished through the dedicated activities of the following trusts established by the ELGI family members: • • • • • The Elgi Public Welfare Trust The Ellargi Trust The Silver Jubilee Trust The LRG Naidu Educational Trust Sri Ramaswamy Naidu Vidyalayam International Business ELGI's global presence has been a result of international customers recognizing ELGI as a purveyor of technologically superior products. West Asia and the Far East. North America. ELGI consistently partners with customers domestically and internationally to understand the need of the customer and provide solutions tailor-made to their specific requirement. In fact. Australia. Our expertise in compressed air technology. Today ELGI has a presence in all the major markets across the world covering Europe. . South East Asia. Latin America. Africa.WA . vocational training.