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. Since 1990, the OTR team has built an ever-growing archive, to be eventually donated to the Museum of Urban Art, a project presently in development as part of the Campus of Urban Culture, in support of its focus on Hip Hop and graffiti culture. With every title, we digitize and preserve original material from various key artists, and bring their story to the public. All this, in keeping with our motto: KNOW YOUR HISTORY.




LOGAN has established his reputation as one of aerosol art’s worldwide heavyweights, specializing in murals, characters and illustrations. Having bridged the gap between spray cans and tattoo machines, Logan has become a master in graffiti influenced tattooing. Check out this Sevillan’s resume as he takes the world by storm! The book comes with a ton of exclusive texts and pictures.

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His emotions are laid out in his art. 1977. he became aware of graffiti and began to experiment with spray cans. himself. in the Andalusian capital city of Seville. leaving certain details open to interpretation. Spain. he brought his art from the street to the walls of art galleries and exhibitions. ever striving for improvement. the young Andalusian began early on to express himself through art. the challenge to master.. Naturally. His inability or unwillingness to verbalize his motives could hardly be compensated for by the publisher.. examples of his talent first surfaced in these books. to advertisement. it is a lifestyle and an overriding feeling. Under the influence of his father. Growing up with limited resources forced Logan to be inventive. Meanwhile. he remains very active in diverse artistic directions. But it was the end of the 80s that marked a turning point for Logan. he could not afford proper sketchbooks. It was to become an important outlet for his artistic talent. more than just art. and took to using cheap notebooks to carry out his ideas instead. whose love of drawing and comic books cultivated a colorful and creative environment. as opposed to in his words. I satisfy it. over time.. his first sketches revolved around sea life and fauna in general… Only a few torn-out pages from these notebooks remain. 4 As his works became increasingly complex. his own unique style shone through. alongside his dedication to tattoo art. he paints of his greatest conflict. which was one day to become his profession. staying true to his individual and easily recognized style.. “Drawing is a necessity which has been part of my everyday life for as long as I can remember. international firms began to take notice as his profile grew.” Logan describes drawing as something that words cannot do justice: more than just a body movement. popular culture. nurtured by various influences: from comic books and tattoo art. and he explored album and clothes design. As Logan is an introvert and a man of few words. As soon as I get that hunger to express myself. Burning through a new notebook every few days.InTRoDUCTIon Logan was born on September 24. everyday situations and other artists’ work. 5 . These days. he prefers to let his artwork speak for itself.

Spain / 2003 Joe. the writers simply waited out their departure. 10 11 . logan Seville. logan Seville. Srg. and returned to finish the piece. Spain / 2005 aFTer having been chased away from an unfinished wall by police. When the police turned up there as well ordering them to stop painting or face arrest.Joe. Logan and his co-writers decided to paint a new mural in his neighborhood.

Sok. SatUrno. San. Spain / 2005 26 27 .toaSt. logan girona. ome. SagÜe.

His murals have a meaning. Qualitywise he is on top. This guy’s art is highly addictive! inCa (eDS) / alicante.San. Logan creates evolutionary stages in an unconscious way. he is original and diverse. SagÜe. Spain ” 28 29 . Spain / 2005 style must be he is true ” His character style has oftenrespected because could acall legend. difficult to leave. tell a story. His world is a very particular one. logan girona. You him the reference in Spain as he is respected by all graffiti writers. Logan’s been copied. easy to enter.

eDzUmba. a wall said “Logan”. I walked around the city and saw some roller shutters bombed with throw-ups. Cm) / Frankfurt. logan Seville. I drove through Seville. as far as I can remember. I guess Seville’s beauty and isolation on the Hip Hop map made Logan the artist he is today. germany ” 32 33 . The hot ” aboutSahara years thought the city was too beautifulclimate was(Ed. zorin (nm.San. This is something special because today he hardly bombs. Arriving at the city limits. I finally discovered something interesting: highly legible. in big letters. Spain / 2005 seven ago. nothing special. like the and I for graffiti note: Seville’s one of the oldest and best preserved cities in Europe).

incredible technique and a funky spirit in his characters.. he replied. In one word: KING. lbn) / lyons. tSH. A year later. his spirit! These days. Spain / 2006 CRoSSIng THE BRIDgE ogre (PornoStarS. but the visit was too short to get to know him. Having no money to buy any cans. and those walls he painted were part of him. I again met this silent guy and it turned out to be Logan. You can imagine my surprise. I am proud to have him not only as a crew mate. greetings-Crew. Once. Logan always combines style. but as a loyal friend and inspiration. he is one of the most patient writers I have ever met. lCF. but the entire neighborhood and high school 36 walls were covered with his artwork. France i used to travel to Spain a lot to meet my crew.. body shape and composition. never left. well balanced and always have a very elegant touch to them. And so. I met a quiet guy hanging out at my friend Sune‘s flat. it is cool to see his innovative mind at work. our walls look suave. to discover all this at once: his walls. In Barrio B. To sum this man up: his hands and his heart are gold. and have been meeting him ever since. living in fact only a bridge-crossing from his hood. defining my part in the project. I made my first trip over. his characters. whose name still didn‘t say anything to me. he is the leader. the whole barrio was a part of him.Joe. I politely declined. eDzUmba. His caricatures always come off as the most realistic to me. He takes his time with details where most of us race to finish the walls as soon as possible. on a short trip to Barcelona. which in itself was pretty impressive. He invited me to paint in his barrio (his neighborhood).. always looking for the small. as I was visiting Seleka in Seville. To top it off. not only a few walls. QmJ. Pornostars. ogre. To me. but he still leaves me a lot of freedom. “Don‘t worry about that”. since he had grown up there. bonim. logan / Seville. when we paint together. funny details. 37 .. It’s obvious he studies of color.

In the end. logan / Seville. The temperature was 40º F) in the take part “ I had to convince LoganCelsius (104ºin this competition. Spain / 2007 45 44 . Spain ” Joe. I didn’t feel like painting while Logan could not be stopped. That taught me what an orderly person he is when painting graffiti. Joe (SPl) / Seville. we won.

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Spain / 2008 left: Seville. Spain / 2005 60 61 .Seville.

him “ I sawtime. am) / toulouse. SP. Spain / 2006 magnitude before. VmD. DSk. lCF. Spain / 2006 right: elephant on wood / Seville. Spain / 2005 rePreSenta exhibition / San Sebastian. he’s the number one character painter in the graffiti world! reSo (Ckt. painting a canvas during a jamIin Belgium inin this record with a realness and originality hadn’t seen XPreSart exhibition / girona. Spain / 2004 logan / Valencia. France ” 76 77 . He sold the piece before it was finished! To me. The only medium he uses is spray paint.

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VmD. “ His tattoo artwork amazing graffiti-inspiredput the which is terrific! It’s how he is able same amount of detail into his tattoos as he does into his murals! reSo (Ckt. France ” 88 89 . SP. am) / toulouse. lCF. really and precise.

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friendship reasons. illustrates. creates. For some 20 years now. makes tattoos. writes. he has been in the streets. paints. Spain ” 98 99 . Logan decorates. showing an elaborate style that could not be captured in just one book. designs. he A versatile artist. he is master of a great number of techniques and making things easy. inCa (eDS) / alicante. labels.Although groups like QMJ “and EDS forLogan belongs to someis an individualist.

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he is a typical Andalusian character: when he is in his own area it’s smiles and jokes everyday because he is always surrounded by people from his hood. one of guys. He has his own style and keeps evolving. Obviously. In his heart. his style is rich with other influences and those are what makes someone big. Spain ” 118 119 . I have always known him to be a very reserved guy. Sok (FWC) / girona.can absorb “ I appreciate the writers most whoand Logan is fashionthose tendencies without having to copy. He doesn’t speak too much.