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Best Village Industry Institution - 2003

14 Mar,2003

At the National Convention on "Rural Industrialisation", held by Khadi & Village Industries Commission along with Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries at New Delhi on 14th March 2003, Institution recevied the "Best Village Industry Institution" award from Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Atal

The Beginin g

It all began on 15th march 1959, which was a warm summer day with the sun shining brightly in the cloudless sky. A majority of the women inhabitants of an old residential building in Girgaum (a thickly populated area of South Bombay), were busy attending their usual domestic chores.

A few of them, seven to be exact, gathered on the terrace of the building and started a small inconspicuous function. The function ended shortly, the result - production of 4 packets of Papads and a firm resolve to continue production. This pioneer batch of 7 ladies had set the ball rolling.

As the days went by, the additions to this initial group of 7 was ever-increasing. The institution began to grow.

The early days were not easy. The institution has its trials and tribulation. The faith and patience of the members were put to test on several occasion - they had no money and started on a borrowed sum of Rs. 80/-.

Self-reliance was the policy and no monetary help was to be sought (not even voluntarily

Abou t Us Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is a Women's organisation manufacturing various products from Papad. With quality consciousness as the principle that guided production. Appalam. The success of the organisation stems from the efforts of it's member sisters who have withstood several hardships with unshakable belief in 'the strength of a woman'. The organisation is wide-spread. So work started on commercial footing.000 sisters throughout India. Masala. The Institution will always and ever be grateful to "Pitamaha" Late Shri Dattanibapa (Shri Purshottam Damodar Dattani) for his contributions towards the Institution who showed the correct path and guided the Institution till his last breath. with it's Central Office at Mumbai and it's 79 Branches and 27 Divisions in different states all over India. SASA Detergent Powder. . SASA Liquid Detergent.offered donations). SASA Detergent Cake (Tikia). Gehu Atta. Lijjat grew to be the flourishing and successful organisation that it is today. Membership has also expanded from an initial number of 7 sisters from one building to over 43. Chapati.

Punjabi Chole Masala etc. Wadala. Pav Bhaji Masala. Manageme . Coriander and ready mix masala and like Garam Masala. A Detergent Powder and Cakes manufacturing unit at Pune (Sanaswadi) . Tea Masala. are prepared and packed in consumer packs.  Lijjat Advertising Division at Bandra (Mumbai)  Chapati Divisions at Bandra. Mulund & Kandivali   A Polypropylene set-up at Kashi-Mira Road.Diversificati on Shri Mahila Griha Udyog has diversified its various activities. Besides it's world famous papads it also currently has -  A Flour Division at Vashi (Mumbai) where flour is milled from Udad Dal and Moong Dal.  A Masala Division at Cottongreen (alongwith a Quality Control Laboratory) at the same place where different kinds of spice powders like Turmeric.  A Printing Division also at the same place. Chillies.

Koyande. Smt. Pratibha E. Sawant. Smt. Smt.Treasurer 6.Secretary 4. Sheetal S. Sharda D.nt Current Office . Redkar. Paradkar . Smt. Paradkar) 3.Bearers 1.Vice-President President (Smt.Secretary 5. Sakpal. Smt. Smt. Swati R.Treasurer . Priyanka G. Namita N.President 2. Kubal. Swati R.

concern and trust. Besides the concept of business. On the contrary. a peculiar Lijjat way of thinking has developed therein. the member sisters donate collectively for good causes from time to time according to their capacity. donation. the institution along with all it's member sisters have adopted the concept of mutual family affection. The institution has adopted the concept of business from the very beginning. . accept any charity. gift or grant from any quarter. All its dealings are carried out on a sound and pragmatic footing . namely (1) The concept of Business (2) The concept of family (3) The concept of Devotion All these concept are completely and uniformly followed in this institution. As a result of this synthesis. All affairs of the institution are dealt in a manner similar to that of a family carrying out its own daily household chores.Core Valu e Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is synthesis of three different concepts.Production of quality goods and at reasonable prices. It has never and nor will it in the future.

In this institution work is worship. employees and well wishers. .It is a place of worship to devote one's energy not for his or her own benefits but for the benefit of all. Lijjat Papad has been chosen as a Power Brand 2010-2011 by the Indian Consumer and received the Award on 4th February 2011 in New Delhi by our President Smt. Paradkar . Mileston e The Institution has received many Awards over the years but the few to remember.But the most important concept adopted by the institution is the concept of devotion. The institution is open for everybody who has faith in its basis concepts. For the member sisters. Swati R. the institution is never merely a place to earn one's livelihood .

held by Khadi & Village Industries Commission along with Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries at New Delhi on .The Economic Times Award given to the Institution for Corporate Excellence "Business Woman Of the Year" on 6th September 2002 At the National Convention on "Rural Industrialisation".

by the women and for the women. A. Recevied "Brand Equity Award" at the hands of Hon'ble President of India Dr. 80/.J Abdul Kalam at Vigyan Girgaum in Mumbai. .P. Institution recevied the "Best Village Industry Institution" award from Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.14th March 2003. New Delhi Brief Informatio n Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad (Recognised by Khadi & Village Industries Commission) Our's is a women's organisation of the women. It was started in 1959 with 7 lady members with a borrowed sum of Rs.

000 sister members all over India. The objective of the Institution is to provide employment to the ladies to enable them to earn decent and dignified livelihood. which consist of 21 members out of. Hongkong. 2 (Two) Secretaries and 2 (Two) Treasurers. President. Middle East Countries.e. The credit for rapid progress goes to the constant vigilance on the part of sister members maintaining the quality of Lijjat Papad with their hard work. Besides Lijjat Papad the Institution has other products like Masala. Any women who can render physical work in this Institution without distinction of caste. 1860 and got recognition from Khadi & Village Industries Commission as a village industry.President. Our exports are made through Merchant Exporters to countries like UK. 'Lijjat' provides scholarships to the children of the papad roller sister members who pass out in 10th and 12th standard every year so as to enable the Lady Members to .The turning point of our Institution was in 1966 when it was registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and also registered under Societies Registration Act.e. Singapore. Australia and other Countries. Every branch is headed by a Sanchalika to see the production of the branch. All the branches are autonomous units and the income or loss as the case may be of such unit is borne by the owner sister members of that branch by increasing or decreasing their rolling charges accordingly. creed and colour and agrees to abide by the objective of the Institution can become a member of the Institution from the date on which she starts working. Papad production work starts at early hours in the morning i.30 a.m. We have a Central Managing Committee. Chapaties. Japan. USA. which we have 6 (Six) elected Office Bearers i. 4. We have mini bus which picks the members from the closest point of residence to the branch and back home. Vice .. At present it has 79 Branches & 27 Divisions and gives selfemployment to about 43. Thailand. Detergent Powder & Detergent Cakes. Holland.

Khambatta Lifetime Achievement Award for 2010 was conferred on Smt.P. Government of India on 16th December 2011 at New Delhi. Channels. Swati R. Paradkar. over the years.encourage their children for education.A. On 6th September 2002 our Institution has received the Economic Times Award of "Businesswomen of the Year 2001-02 for Corporate Excellence". The Award was presented by Shri Harish Rawat. Abdul Kalam being presented by PHDCCI at Vigyan Bhavan. On 21st December 2005 our institution has received the 'Brand Equity Award' at the hands of Hon'ble President of India. which include BBC World in the programme "Business Bizarre". President of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad by All India Food Processor's Association.J. What' s New . Lijjat was featured in various T. Lijjat Papad has been chosen as a Power Brand 2010-2011 by the Indian Consumer and reveived the Award on 4th February 2011 in New Delhi. New Delhi. Hon'ble Minister of State for Agriculture & Food Processing Industries. The Institution has received an award from Khadi & Village Industries Commission as a "Best Village Industry" for the period 1998-1999 to 2000-2001. Dr.V. The Institution. In January 2003 we received the award for 'Best Village Industries' at the hands of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee at New Delhi. New Delhi. has paved the way for women to become self-reliant and self-confident. Lijjat has provided them the right platform to improve their status in society.

. Fake Lijjat Papad have no Mumbai Head Office Address and that is sure proof of they are being fake. & other countries are hereby cautioned that fake Lijjat Papad packets are being circulated in the Market. U. Genuine Lijjat Papad packets are being solely manufactured by its 79 authorised Branches all over India which has Mumbai Head Office Address.eating papad alongwith Bunny Rabbit with papad in hand' before buying to get value for your money. Hence people are cautioned to ask for only genuine Lijjat Papad packets and check the original Lijjat Trademark and photograph of a boy 'Babla .Beware of fake Lijjat Papad Our valued Customers particularly from USA.K.

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