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NYU Parliamentary Debate

All welfare recipients or those looking to receive future benefits must voluntarily comply and fund a mandatory drug test. If the potential welfare beneficiary passes the test they will be allowed to receive benefits. If they fail they must wait 1 year to reapply for welfare


1. Stop drug abuse among welfare recipients a. The potential for lost benefits is problematic for recipients: will drive results i. Failure is a distinct possibility ii. Even the threat is enough to stop people from applying b. This helps clean up the system and make it better for the population as a whole c. This is NOT a punishment. This is a way for the government to stay more accountable to its people and the resources that it has been entrusted with. 2. Saved resources a. This policy will save state resources i. Monetary resources ii. Human resources b. These resources can be used for legitimate purposes c. The state has the responsibility to provide for those who have a legitimate need-we want to support this admirable goal d. Especially with the amount of people who are in need and the fiscal problems of the government 3. Politically powerful policy a. Will prove candidates willingness to work for the people b. With upcoming elections important to gather political will c. This is in line with the movement across the country i. States are responsibly from stopping benefits being used at liquor stores, casinos, and strip clubs ii. Federal government allows for testing of government and state employees-equitable situation: both being paid by the government

Nathaniel White NYU White Meerkat

Additionally those not on welfare using drugs are doing it on their own dime and not on the states dime Nathaniel White NYU White Meerkat . There is no reason for people to be afraid if they are not abusing the system. Dignity does not factor in (weak response) Stigmatizes poor: trying to reverse the stigmatization by cleaning up the system and making welfare what it is supposed to be: a support system for those who have fallen on hard times and not a money pool for drug users. Illegal drugs are illegal. We force legal state employees and truck drivers to submit to drug tests. Additionally we are proving that not all recipients are drug abusers and hence reducing the stigmatization even more. Only if people are submitting to public assistance. Pass tips in favor of pass: but many decline the test pointing to a de facto admission of guilt 2 Its just weed…give a guy a break: if someone is taking advantage of public resources they need to also be accountable for their actions in the public sphere.NYU Parliamentary Debate Responses: Legality: This is not required of everyone. why not welfare recipients But…The CHILDREN!!!-Children can continue to receive benefits from a family member who has not tested positive for abuse The Cost is excessive: Arizona save hundreds of thousands through this policy Failure v. Welfare recipients use drugs in proportion to the rest of the population: Even if they do the point of this policy is that there are still drug abusers on welfare and it is inappropriate for the government to support them. Loss of dignity: these people are putting themselves on the state doll.