Integration project methods

Mechanistic modeling - Lagrange equations and mass balances Based on the given values of physical elements

General procedure
Understand behaviour of system, control objectives Model the system, simplify the model Analyze model, determine properties Determine controlled outputs Decide on measurements and actuators Select the control configuration Decide on type of controller Decide on performance specifications Design controller Analyze controller, modify specifications of controller Simulate controlled system Choose hardware, software, implement Test/validate control system, tune on-line

Derive mathematical model Implementation of a model in Simulink Create Simulink diagram of mathematical model System identification and/or parameter estimation What parameters need to be identified? How to do experiments to estimate parameters? Consider disturbances, measurement errors, use Kalman filter Linearization and discretization of the model

Control system design steps

What is the nonlinearity of the system? Linearize by Simulink Design of a linear observer of state estimation Do we have enough sensors for all states?

Modeling procedure
Define objectives Prepare information Formulate model Determine solution Analyze results Validate model

If not, decide what kind of observer to be used Linear control design at least two different methods PID Fuzzy PD LQG optimal Read papers to see different methods have been tested Evaluation and comparison of performance System identification in closed loop improve the accuracy of the model

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