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499110483 Ina Chen Recently, professional baseball teams around the world are going to start a brand-new season

this year. For me, as a huge baseball fan, nothing can be more exciting than this. When I was only a child, I watched baseball games with my father and grandfather every night. We not only enjoyed every minute during the games but every minute we were together as well. Then gradually, this became the favorite activity that I enjoy the most and I strongly suggest everyone to try it. Though I dont remember the first baseball game I watched, I always keep the excitement and enjoyment of my first time watching a baseball game in mind. I enjoy watching every move of the ball, every play of the players and the strategies of each team during the games. Baseball games are so fascinating that whenever I concentrate on the game, I feel like I can get rid of all the worries and pressure. Sometimes when I feel upset or in a low spirit, the best thing that cheers me up is to focus on a baseball game and scream for the players, especially when my favorite players make new recordssuch as the game on March24th, 2004, Kan-Lin Huang made his 250th steal, which made him the fastest one to reach the goal in CPBL. At the moment of that steal, I shouted out loud; meanwhile, everything unhappy just melts away in the air and disappeared. Even watching the game on TV, I can still feel the passion from the field. In a MLB game on September 19th, 2009, which Mariano Rivera got his 602nd save, I screamed and high five with my friends with excitement. Till now, I can still vividly remember the joyfulness of that moment. For me, the best way to let off steam is definitely to watch an enjoyable baseball game. Baseball games play a pivotal part in my life. It not only brings me joyfulness but also strengthens the bond among me and my family and friends. In the past 10 years, I get a closer relationship with my friends and family just because we like to spend time watching baseball games together. Even when we get into a fight, we fix the problem during the joyful time of baseball games and become reconciled at the ninth inning. It always melts our unpleasant emotion while we yell and cheer for the players together.

It has become the best solution when we have an argument. A couple of years ago, my father and I had a huge fight and my brother just brought up an idea, go watching a baseball game. Having had enough of the awkwardness of getting a fight, we did it. In the beginning of the game, my father and I were totally silent in the exciting game, but after a while, we both noticed something interesting and started talking a little bit, our favorite player, Tai-San Chang had hit a double, a homerun, and a single in the past 6 innings, that is, he had only one triple left to hit for the cycle. Although we were in a fight, our negative emotions had been washed away by others yelling and cheering and at the top of 7th inning, we couldnt suppress our excitement anymore since Tai-San Chang hit a triple. We screamed, hit our cheering sticks with our whole strength, and we even hugged for the joyfulness. Naturally, we reconciled after he hit for the cycle and even became closer. Seeing this example of my father and me, those who havent try this way to settle their fights should really give it a shot. Apart from the benefits about watching baseball games mentioned above, the core reason why baseball attracts me so much is that it contains all the possibilities; in other words, baseball is theater. It makes people believe that any wonder or miracle may happen in a blink of an eye. Last year, May 26th, 2011 the day when the Phillies-Reds game in MLB ended at local time of 1:19 a.m. The Phillies won the game on a bases loaded sacrifice fly, and the wining pitcher, amazingly, was the second baseman, Wilson Valdez, who notched 3 outs on 10 pitchers in the top of 19th after the Phillies ran out of pitchers, becoming the first player to start in the field and win the same game on the mound since Babe Ruth did it 90 years ago. This kind of marvelous thing happens on baseball fields around the world. On May 15th, 2007, at the top of eighth, Chung-Yi Huang made himself a pinch hitter as a head coach of Sinon Bulls on the game against La New Bears while the score was 5 to 8, and whats more, he hit a grand slam! Besides, On May 23rd, 2009, a Taiwanese player in CPBL, Chen-Yu Chung, became the youngest player to hit for the cycle in the Bears-Bulls game and Im still so excited about the fact that I was really lucky to witness this record on the spot. Baseball has somehow become an imperative element in my life, and it brings a lot of benefits for me no matter on parent-child

relationship, interpersonal relationship or the entertainment of my life. If anyone has never tried this activity before, just go scream for a baseball game and enjoy it.