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1 Incident Details
Incident Title: Incident Reference Number Time Logged (dd/mm/yy hh:mm) Time @ ‘High’ (dd/mm/yy hh:mm) Time @ ‘Critical’ (dd/mm/yy hh:mm) Latency while accessing MyTTB website Target Availability: (e.g.
24x7 or 08:00-18:00)


System(s) Affected Time Resolved
(dd/mm/yy hh:mm)

My TTB Website 05/03/2012

24*7 2:32

5/3/2012 11:35
na 05/03/2012 13:52

NA 1 Hour

Total Duration of Incident :

‘High’ Duration ‘Critical’ Duration



2 Synopsis
Summary of Incident Users were experiencing latency while accessing My Talk Talk business ( website and sometimes page is not returning any data. No of Users Affected: All Stoke Mandeville

Business Area(s) Affected: Location(s) Affected: Business Impact – (Operational)


The main problem is that the site is running extremely slowly rather than failing however the site is also failing to retrieve subscription details. This affecting all TalkTalk Business customers who have a MyTTB account setup. This affecting all TalkTalk Business customers who have a MyTTB account setup.

Customer Impact:

Customers cannot self serve – make ADSL password changes, update account contact details, update DNS records, manage web and e-mail hosting or log support tickets. Technical Prime IT Incident Manager / MI Manager

Syed Haseebuddin Comms Prime Syed Haseebuddin Servicedesk Extended MI Team Members Off-Shore co-ordinator

Date Incident Report Raised:



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doc 3 Key Actions Taken to Fix the Incident Date (DD. Mailed to Ade Allenby. There was disk usage was high on opalesb server. Disk space was increased. Advised us to escalate it to Infra team 12:57 Infra team escalated to ESB team for investigation 13:02 Ryan Male Narayana rao swamy 13:30 Mean while issue was raised as P1 and initial comms was sent out Service desk / Incident Manager Uma mahesh 14:07 ESB team identified that issue has occurred due to space issue on opalesb server.MM. Team has moved unwanted folders to S drive. Stephen Allock .89279495. Issue was resolved Received users confirmation 14:19 Service desk 4 Fix Summary This information must be replicated in the Solutions tab on the Remedy ticket under ‘Solution Details’. team has moved unwanted folders to S drive which resolved the issue 5 Root Cause of Incident This information must be replicated in the Solutions tab on the Remedy ticket under ‘Root Cause’. Ryan Male for further investigation Ryan male updated there may be some intermittency on the major ‘account lookup’ web services. The current disk space on opalesb server is 5GB now. Page 2 of 4 .YY) 05/03/2012 Time (HH:MM) 11:43 12:14 12:23 Actions Incident was sent to BPM team for investigation with the details sent by the requester BPM team advised to escalate this to WEBSTUDIO Taken by Service desk BPM Service Desk team.

Other inputs to this section are associated Problem.YY) 06/03/2012 Approval of this report signifies the acceptance of.YY) (DD.Information required for the business report (if applicable) is complete 8 Follow up Action tracking Actions transferred from Section 6 of this document and those identified during the Post Incident Review are to be tracked in the section below. but actions are still required to restore service completely. 7 RCA & Incident Report Approval IT Problem Manager: IT Incident Manager: Syed Haseebuddin Date: Date: (DD.MM.89279495. This can be performed after a useable service has been restored to the business.MM. . Request or Known Error records being raised and details of any RFC’s raised directly related to closing Actions.doc 6 Further Actions required arising from this Incident ACTION No CAP or SIP DESCRIPTION OWNER PRIORIT Y TARGET DATE / STATUS - No CAP/SIP for this issue CAP – Corrective Action Plan Actions required for restoration of service to the last known good state.YY) 05/03/2012 IT Service Manager: Arvind Narasimhamurthy/Siva goli Date: (DD. Page 3 of 4 .All actions have realistic timescales . * The identified owner of each action remains responsible for its closure unless agreed otherwise by Problem Management.The root cause explanation .MM.All action owners are correctly identified . SIP – Service Improvement Plan Opportunities identified to improve the service such that the root cause is addressed (for future prevention) or processes are hardened to enhance the handling of similar incidents should the root cause re-occur. * All open actions at the time of the Post Incident review will be transferred onto the Problem register for onward tracking by Problem Management.All actions are appropriate .