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ConTenTs Introduction: Moving Veggies to the Center of the Plate • 6 10 Chapter 2: Hearty Soups • 30 Chapter 3: Veggie Pasta Sauces • 56 Chapter 4: Eggs (+ Veggies) for Dinner • 80 Chapter 5: Gratins. Tians & Galettes • 96 Chapter 6: Savory Rustic Tarts • 114 Chapter 7: Veggie Sautés & Ragoûts • 128 Chapter 8: Grains (+ Veggies) for One-Dish Dinners • Chapter 9: Pizza for Dinner • Chapter 10: Chapter 1: Main-Dish Salads • 144 162 Mastering the Basics • 188 214 Index • 216 Acknowledgments • .

5-cm-long and 3⁄8 -in-/1-cmwide sticks 1 lb/455 g yuKOn GOlD POTaTOES. pointy ends trimmed. but a side order of grilled or roasted sausages wouldn’t be amiss 7. until the “fries” are nicely browned and tender. Toss well. and cut into 2. Make the vinaigrette ahead. combine the sweet potato sticks. but not as crisp. if you like) after 20 minutes of cooking. Roast. cut into {Winter Salads} Who doesn’t like fries. wide mixing bowl.5-cm-long and 3⁄8 -in-/1-cm-wide sticks 1 lb/455 g PaRSniPS. A tasty warm shallot vinaigrette brings everything together. The low-moisture parsnips get very crisp. and cut into 3-in-/ 5. the potato sticks. the salad has a variety of textures. about 35 minutes. Let cool for a couple of minutes on the baking sheets and then combine the potatoes. either. and radicchio. unpeeled. and parsnips in a mixing bowl.Warm Winter Salad of Roasted Root “Fries” with Shallot & Sherry-Maple Vinaigrette FoR THe veGeTABLeS 1 lb/455 g SWEET POTaTOES. In a large. keep them in a stainless-steel bowl in the fridge. The potatoes turn a lovely golden color and get crisp in places. while the high-moisture sweet potatoes get very sweet. Line two large rimmed heavy-duty baking sheets with parchment. peeled. and spread in a single layer. So.” of course. too. and the parsnip sticks with the olive oil and 11/2 tsp salt. If you want to prep the greens ahead. potatoes. and parsnips piled high on frisée.5-cm-long and 3⁄8 -in-/ 1-cm-wide sticks OliVE Oil 1 ⁄3 cup/75 ml ExTRa-ViRGin KOSHER SalT OliVE Oil FoR THe WARM vInAIGReTTe 1 ⁄3 cup/75 ml ExTRa-ViRGin 1 large SHallOT (about 11 ⁄2 oz/40 g).to 7. rotating the baking sheets once from front to back and between upper and lower oven racks (and flipping the veggies with a spatula. The “ 3-in-/5. and oh how virtuous you can feel eat- ing them with salad! Not only is this warm winter salad delicious. divide evenly between the prepared baking 7. covered with a damp cloth. in the end. arugula. 3-in-/5. and gently reheat it over medium-low heat in a skillet before using. 2 tbsp SHERRy VinEGaR 1 tbsp pure MaPlE SyRuP 1 tsp DijOn MuSTaRD 1 tsp coarsely chopped FRESH THyME lEaVES FRESHly GROunD PEPPER 23 . unpeeled. finely chopped (1 ⁄3 cup) KOSHER SalT 4 1 To cook the vegetables: Preheat the oven to 450°F/230°C/gas 8. This generous salad is a meal-in-one for veggie lovers. if you like. sweet potatoes. are not deepfried but oven-roasted. but it also looks like an autumn colors extravaganza with the sweet potatoes. SER V E S 2.

CHaPTER 1: main-dish salads .