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Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance Summit USA, 2012 Welcoming over 300 attendees in 2012 – learn more

at April 25th-27th, 2012 | Dallas, Texas | The Marriott City Center Hotel WORKSHOP HOST LEAD FOUNDATION SPONSOR GEARING SOLUTIONS SPONSOR 4th Annual Grayling Vander Velde - Duke Energy North America’s #1 B2B Wind O&M conference Fresh conference format designed specifically for North American wind O&M EXHIBITOR More wind energy owner/operators on site than any other event • CASE STUDY DRIVEN – from real life wind projects in operation • Simultaneous sessions on operations AND maintenance/engineering for all • your team Industry first workshop on improving wind farm ROI through upgrades • hours of networking time: scheduled: 1-2-1 meeting areas, round table +20 • discussions, evening entertainment ...and much more Get the blueprint for smart, cost-efective end of warranty decisions whether it's re-entering warranty, using an ISP or performing self service Understand the various types of technology available today that can be implemented or applied to your wind operations to maximize generation ,Hear the latest R&D on failure or damage reduction to your rotor, blade generator, gearboxes, foundations, and tower Understand how the environment for operations is changing and how to ,successfully integrate your wind fleet into the already congested grid avoiding curtailment Government/Federal ISP/Specialists Consultants Operators & OEMs :GRID INTEGRATION & CURTAILMENT OPTIMIZING PERFORMANCE, RETROFIT TECHNOLOGY & REPOWER :(NAVIGATE END OF WARRANTY OPTIONS (EOW OPERATORS FOCUS ON O&M SURGES .Wind in North America continues to dominate As of the end of the third quarter of 2011, the U.S’s total installed wind power capacity stands at around 43,641 MW with a further 8,400 megawatts (MW) under construction. In addition, at the end of 2011 it's expected that Canada installed MW of new wind capacity – remarkable 1,338 growth considering only 690 MW of capacity was installed in 2010 – leading to a total installed .wind power capacity of 5,177 MW That’s just shy of 50,000 MW of North American wind power in operation – an absolutely vast amount of turbines to maintain. Its crucial that :operators now ensure they Get the most out of their O&M dollars • Maximize generation • Ensure the safety of their employees and contractors on site • With the long-term future of the growth of North American wind power less clear due to the termination of the Section 603 Treasury grant programme and the uncertainty surrounding of the extension of Production Tax Credit (PTC) at the end of 2012, it is vital that 2012 sees you – as asset :owners - turn your attention to the assets already in your portfolios, and that you are Choosing the right O&M strategy for your business – new and established players alike • • Transitioning to post warranty operation in the most cost effective way for your needs • Correctly using the most appropriate predictive vs. preventative technologies for your assets Minimizing O&M cost and maximizing generation • Many operators have invested in wind is because if their projects are suitably developed, operated, and maintained they will have a comparatively short payback period with a long future of profit generation. However, with so many options for

this market leading event has been optimized to provide the only forum for the owners/operators of wind portfolios.the 4th Annual Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance Summit USA – and you’ll hear the major players discuss and debatenot only their O&M successes but also thedownfalls and lessons they learnt Building on the sell-out success of the previous 3 annual O&M Summits. See what you need to get your project’s costs down and power :production up by joining our tailored sessions on (End of warranty options (eow .difference to the bottom line of a wind portfolio However. retrofitting. Here are just some of :the companies confirmed Iberdrola Renewables • Duke Energy • EDP Renewables • Infigen Energy • Edison Mission • TransAlta • Wind Capital Group • enXco • GE • Acciona • NERC • NREL • Sandia National Laboratories • . result orientated case studies and real life experience. with wind farm ROI believed to be minus 21%. With commitment from 8 of North America’s largest wind owner/operators and an annual attendance of over 300 participants.your major challenges Our focussed multiple conference tracks provide you with more detailed.2 Advanced monitoring technologies . turbine manufacturers and service providers to collaborate. upgrading . upgrading & repair .7 WORLD CLASS INDUSTRY LEADING SPEAKERS The exceptionally high calibre of speakers for our 4th Annual Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance Summit USA makes this the most significant wind energy event to date! Our current speaker line up reads like the who’s of who of the wind industry.2 operation and maintenance both inside and outside warranty. learn and discuss the key issues relating to reducing the OPEX of wind farm O&M to achieve maximum power generation .or repowering It has been proven that just a 1% improvement in operations and maintenance can make a huge .possible This event will cater for EVERYONE in the wind O&M sector – relevant to all employees and job titles – with dedicated conference tracks and plenary sessions outlining critical solutions to .3 Life extension of critical components .6 Balance of plants .1 Retrofit technology & repowering . it is becoming imperative to identify the .4 Major part failure. operators need to weigh up what services are correct for their individual wind farms needs – from End of Warranty.5 Grid integration & curtailment .where the savings can be made GET CRITICAL O&M INFORMATION FROM REAL PROJECT EXPERIENCE Attend the largest and most significant event in your 2012 calendar . predictive & preventative maintenance. this event will focus on providing a crucial forum for operators.

And only the best service providers and tier and 3 component suppliers will be able to get 2 .This event will give you at least a year of meeting time . Check out the full agenda over the page to see more about what’s going to be discussed. Directors Operations teams .conferences provide a really valuable three days check out testimonials on the penultimate pages from just a few of the happy attendees.4 Technical / Engineering teams . Regional’ll be hearing it from This summit has already generated a huge amount of interest and if last year is anything to go by. giving you new.Corporate management teams: CEOs. and exactly who .1 General Managers.3 Field Service teams .2 Project Managers / Site Managers . unscheduled ”” maintenance is di_cult to predict and can result in a substantial portion—some 30-60 percent—of the total O&M Consultant Below are the major job functions you will meet from the :wind O&M sector . Wind farm operators and asset managers will come away with only the best and most cost e_ective maintenance strategies to reduce costs and boost power production.3 Foundation Engineering • David Brown and many more • NEW TO THE INDUSTRY? ESTABLISHED PLAYER? PROVIDE A SERVICE? SUPPLY PARTS? THIS EVENT IS PERFECT FOR YOU ALL We guarantee to deliver wind O&M strategies that will have a real and lasting impact on your business.years So you’ll see that this market leading wind event will provide you with the chance to really boost success of your O&M strategy.exposure for their provisions and products Build your contact book.and beyond While parts related to operations and scheduled maintenance can be estimated. So make sure you secure your place today to give your company the best chance of O&M success through 2012 . VPs . get exposure for your business. COOs. So you don’t have to just take our word for it that our .5 Check out the website to review who will attend our 2012 event – and how you can make the most of your conference experience pre. OEMs will get the chance to rise up and make a stand in front of their target audience in a situation unlike any other. big or small. You’ll be hearing from the best industry minds with workable solutions to all your daily challenges. speakers and sponsors from the O&M conferences we have run in the US and Europe over the past three . during and after the event & UNRIVALLED INDUSTRY NETWORKING KNOWLEDGE SHARING . it will sell out fast.beyond In the past 12 months our wind events have been attended by over 2000 leading wind executives from every corner of the globe. and put yourself in the best possible position to meet the people that you need to cement your business’ profitability for 2012 and . innovative and fresh ideas for the next 5 years.1 .

This ensures that our delegates get the most value from the event and that our limited exhibitors and sponsors really get the attention and the business they seek.this will be open for 6 weeks around . and the organization of the event has improved every year. sponsors and delegates as partners or . emerging technologies and techniques to address these issues. we are organizing orientated .ext 7218 to discuss your best options . You can spend as much time as you want networking and sharing ideas with the right people to build those long lasting. mutually .beneficial business relationships Pre-Event Networking – Get access to an interactive delegate list” where you can personally ” and directly make contact with all conference attendees . and network with industry leaders.I gave me a wonderful ERGY O&M SUMMIT'S XHIBITION ZONE: Get your products seen by the right people Do you o_er a product. Upgrading & Repair • Grid Integration Curtailment • Success and failure case studies from the field • Health.Performance Composites .The O&M summit was a rewarding experience on many di_erent levels The amount of information shared will provide strong value in future endeavours within the market John Plantier . brainstorm.. service or expertise for the wind O&M community? If you need our speakers.the event to help you plan meetings in advance network during the event and follow up after the !conference has finished Private 1-2-1 Meeting Areas – Use this as a chance to network and walk away with the !business cards you want Working Group Discussion Sessions – To ensure interaction and open discussion on operations and maintenance.greet and interact with them in person We have learned that selecting the right sponsors and exhibitors is really important! That is why as a potential exhibitor and/or sponsor you will need to pass a relevance test.guaranteed to extending your networking reach . safety.4 crammed into the space of 3 days.clients. training and staffing These intimate Working Group Discussion sessions are .GES-USA I was very pleased with the conference. I hope to attend for years to come Hans Royal . this is a big opportunity for you to meet . Every sponsor and exhibit campaign will be customized to meet your specific objectives so call Tim Lovatt today on +44 (0) 207 375 7218 / 1800 814 3459 .roundtable discussions with educated moderators :talking through real scenarios including End of warranty best practice • Optimizing wind turbine • • performance • Retrofit technology & Repowering Advanced Monitoring Technologies and data analysis explored • Life extension of critical components • Major & Part Failure.. The presentations were terrific.encourage brainstorming and the share ideas Extending your networking reach. share ideas and work directly with your fellow conference attendees …with our engaging networking facilities !Book your conference ticket today 2 3 1 The Wind Energy Update's O&M Summit is an excellent opportunity to learn about pressing issues in maintenance of wind turbines.

We can tailor make a sponsorship package to suite your needs meaning you can speak. move companies through your pipeline and ultimately make deals.Wood Group Unlike many other industry trade shows. PPM Energy Judah Moseson Director of Technical Services Infigen Energy James Snelson Senior Project Engineer Infigen Energy Grant Qualley Manager .Director of Operations .Limited spaces available – for more information :contact Tim Lovatt Head of Business Development Wind Energy Update T: +44 (0) 207 375 7218 | 1-800-814-3459 ext E: tim@windenergyupdate.Wind Edison Mission O&M Darren McCrank . It provides " a unique opportunity to gain information and solutions concerning prevalent wind industry issues and a forum to meet and interact with key "industry players Ted Kowalski .tidal energy industry If your company is looking to be one of the leaders in the wind O&M space then call today for more information on exactly how we can help .5 Sponsoring or exhibiting with us is one of the best . National Control Center Iberdrola Renewables(Director (Wind O&M. exhibitions and .com 7218 This is a highly valuable . build your brand and organise meetings with the leading figures in the .and most cost e_ective ways to prospect generate interest. Thompson Director O&M .Performance Analytics Infigen Energy Ross Newlin Director Center Technical Excellence .“conferences our packages are not standard “one-size-fits-all !You tell us what you want and we build it for you… simple Take 3 simple steps to build your very own package today and we !will build it whatever your budget Jason Allen – Senior Vice President Renewables Operations and Engineering Duke Energy Eddie Perez Vice President of Operations Wind Capital Group Tim Hertel Director of Technology EDPR Blaine Sundwall Director.enXco Corp Herbert R.

Senior Engineer & Wind Innovation Reliability Group NREL Sal DellaVilla CEO Strategic Power Systems Peter Wells CEO .Jon Keller. Karl Steingroever Sr. Reliability Assessment NERC Alistair Ogilvie Wind Reliability Data Lead Sandia National Laboratories Valerie Peters Wind Reliability Lead Analyst Sandia National Laboratories . Principal Engineer Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services GmbH Chris Cioni Senior Vice President Technical Services and Claims GCube John Kolak President .6 Wind TransAlta Corporation Grayling Vander Velde EHS Professional. Post Sales Service Acciona Martin Winter VP Engineering Solutions / Partner Foundation Engineering LLC John Moura Manager.D . Ph.UpWind Solutions Inc Bart McManus Transmission Technical Operations Bonneville Power Administration Dr. Ing. EHS Field Support Duke Energy Jeff Wiener Commercial Director GE Scott Shapiro CM&U Product Line Leader GE John McGuiness Senior Programs Manager GE Brad Rogers Southern Region Sales Manager GE Wind Services Ruben Segura-Coto Director.

how they have worked.7 Praxis Corporation Cathy Syme . Ashley Crowther VP Engineering .deliver greater annual energy production Installed base micro-siting: Discover how GE • is using its suite of tools and operational data to identify opportunities to get more from A half day workshop designed to help the improvement of wind farm return on investment (ROI) through production upgrades Hear GE. present CASE STUDY information on what systems have been implemented.units operating in lower wind speed regimes :Performance upgrades case studies • Examination of several relevant upgrades and operational enhancements that have delivered favorable ROI to owners .Senior Manager Operational Services GL Garrad Hassan Dan Shreve Director MAKE Consulting Dr.operators & Sponsored by GE Wind Services ?take place Provides unique opportunity to learn about • & production-related upgrades from OEM owner The speakers are people that have been • . discussion topics and timings visit the website . alongside their customers. and what results have been seen Fleet performance metrics for GE’s on and • off warranty North America fleet Insights for operating units in a post-PTC • environment Operations case study: Aligning service • provider and owner metrics to .US Wind Technical Center Romax Technology Tom Marek Business Unit Leader Windserve North America David Brown North America Erik Smith Regional Manager Moventas North America Gary Kanaby Director of Sales for Wind Energy MFG Todd Karasek Vice President .Environment Health & Safety Suzlon Dan Bernadett Chief Engineer AWS Truepower ALL NEW FOR 2012 PRE CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Improving Wind Farm ROI through Production Upgrades :Topics For more information and updates on this workshop’s speakers.

all delegates are invited to join GE. ISP and asset owners Gain insight into how service offerings are • evolving as cost concerns weigh on asset owners Understand the interplay of advanced • monitoring solutions and other technologies impacting performance and service Identify where supply bottlenecks exist for • advanced services Dan Shreve. QAQC Engineering and Performance Analytics Covering the responsibilities. their customers.of wind turbines The cost of attending this workshop is included in the passes found at the . Further details to follow . Director of Technical Services.and ongoing activities of these groups understand the depth of technical understanding that is required post warranty Judah Moseson PE CEM. accomplishments • . MAKE Consulting & End of Warranty: Options Strategies Explored AN OPERATORS APPROACH TO POST WARRANTY LIFE FROM A TECHNICAL SERVICES VIEW Get a more encompassing look at what is • required beyond the state of technicians to ensure operational success Examine Infigen’s four part Technical Services • .once your ticket has been purchased Industry Led Agenda Tailored for Wind O&M Success How Wind O&M is Changing CHANGING O&M MARKET TRENDS AND PROJECTIONS FOR THE FUTURE Hear how the bursting of the 2012 demand • bubble and policy uncertainty impacts turbine vendors. After the workshop. Further details to follow once . and Wind Energy Update for an informal drink. Director.Group covering High Voltage.8 immediately involved in the upgrades. hear from those with experience Learn what new technologies GE is • investing in for optimizing and extending life .conference tickets ½ The workshop will last for approximately a day and will take place in the afternoon on April 25th 2012. Infigen Energy OEMS BUSINESS MODELFAVORABLE ?TERMS OR NOT Discuss how the OEMs propose to • reduce the overall scope of service agreement Find out whether the OEMs business model • operates on a yield based guarantees and what that means for the operators Debate whether overall costs could be reduced • by reducing the scope of works for individual .back of this brochure There is no extra cost for delegates who have already purchased their .your ticket has been purchased The workshop will take place in the Marriott City Center Hotel – the same location as the following Summit.

LLC Grid Integration & Curtailment NERC’S GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS FOR WIND OPERATORS Examine guidelines and standards for • integration into the grid Understand the latest on grid code and • interconnection requirements so to ensure successful operations Examine how more wind can integrate into the • .Ruben Segura-Coto.evaluated all alternatives to OEM warranty including new third party warranty products Understand how to analyse wind turbine • warranty exposures and the strategies employed to understand and manage risks Explore the non OEM warranty options: Balance • sheet finance. Vice President of Operations. Director.9 and independent sites around North America Cathy Syme. Director O&M – Wind Edison Mission O&M / Martin Winter. VP Engineering Solutions . Wind Capital Group . Senior Vice President Technical Services and Claims. Rely on property insurance or Purchase a third party insurance warranty Peter Wells. enXco Corp :NON OEM WARRANTY OTHER PROTECTIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR FLEET Debate how to identify and carefully • . LLC Other panellists TBC BUILDING AN IN-HOUSE ENGINEERING “CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGICAL “EXCELLENCE Explore how enXco’s CTE operates to ensure • performance optimization. GL Harrad Hassan .Excellence. Director of the Center Technical . Director. understand • how to benefit from a service provider’s experience while remaining cost effective Eddie Perez.Partner Foundation Engineering LLC . evaluation of new technology and equipment upgrades Discover the analysis and projection of Major • Component Repair costs that the CTE has collected over recent years MCZR” (Major Component Reserve) – See how” • and why this is a critical factor in project budgeting and economic performance Ross Newlin.Herbert R. Post Sales Service ACCIONA Windpower North America. Upwind Solutions Chris Cioni.Ruben Segura-Coto. G-Cube Insurance Other panelists TBC WORK SCOPES FOR SERVICE CONTRACTS Find out how independent service • providers and other contractors will impact on owner / operators as O&M costs rise Debate how to evaluate service providers • according to their experience with varying wind turbine models and spare parts management In the contract management stage. Post Sales Service ACCIONA Windpower North America. Senior Manager. CEO. Thompson.

National Control Center.Darren McCrank.Explore the results: outage management • curtailment management. Contact jon@windenergyupdate. Director. Transmission Technical Operations. debate and review EoW Best Practice • Wind Farm Optimization • Retrofit Technology • Major Part Failure Prevention • Grid Integration & Curtailment • If there are subjects that are not covered in this agenda that you feel are important to discuss then let Jon Harman know and we'll incorporate them into the discussions. Director of Operations. automated curtailment management for regions such as MISO with DIR and ERCOT NODAL. Manager. COMPLYING WITH RAPIDLY CHANGING GRID CODE REQUIREMENTS Discover what lessons have been learnt through • . Bonneville Power Administration GRID INTEGRATION AND COMPLIANCE: ENSURING 24X7 OPERATION Explore Iberdrola’s primary tool – the • National Control Center – and discuss its compliance requirements. Iberdrola Renewables Get Unique Insight from Leading Wind Energy Companies WORKING GROUP DISCUSSIONS During these intimate discussions. you'll be able to interact with the speakers and fellow conference attendees in a round table format to discuss. Wind TransAlta Corporation GRID OPERATIONS: MANAGING STABILITY OF THE GRID Understand the effect overstepping the • load-resource balance' on a wind operator ' Discover how to manage the stability of the grid • relative to reserve margins in any one region Examine how the BPA have implemented a • program for wind fleets to self-supply reserve needs that will help avoid curtailment Bart McManus.John N.10 grid on a transmission short grid . and discuss why . and voltage management Explore Iberdrola’s CSGI whereby it can balance • its own wind portfolio with resources such as thermal and hydro Blaine Sundwall. and the need for 24x7 operations .With a congested North American grid • understand how TransAlta continues to integrate more energy successfully and effciently . NERC and market rules to both be in compliance and reduce curtailments Discover what operational strategies TransAlta • have employed that have proven to show higher yields. Reliability Assessment North American Electric Reliability Corporation :GRID INTEGRATION OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES FOR HIGHER YIELD Understand how TransAlta has worked • to meet technical.

Southern Region Sales Manager. find out how to most • effectively implement an AFHA John Kolak. Duke Energy OPTIMIZING PROJECT PERFORMANCE: PRE.and • Post-Construction Energy Expectations Dan Bernadett. find out what steps you can take to maximize yield Jason Allen. GL Garrad Hassan MAXIMIZING YIELD FROM A WIND FACILITY Understand why renewable sites • should not be operated as a traditional power generation asset and what this means for the business See why utility O&M standards generally don’t • translate to wind and how they can make an asset significantly underperform With examples from work that Duke has • undertaken. Praxis Corporation THOROUGH SPILL PREVENTION CONTROL AND COUNTERMEASURE SPCC) PLANNING ) Understand what measures should be implemented to prevent oil discharges at any of your operational sites • . Medium-speed Sites Assessing Underperformance: Anomalies versus • Pre-Construction Estimate Issues Closing the Gap Between Pre. GE Customer TBC Operations and Performance Optimization O&M STRATEGY: HOW DOES YOUR ?WIND FARM COMPARE Find out how to choose the O&M strategy and • approach to unscheduled maintenance most suited to your farm’s needs Understand how to control your cost of • operations while maintaining optimum performance Using real operational benchmark data. ASW True Power Electrics and Environmental Health & Safety ARC FLASH HAZARD ANALYSIS Discover the purpose and content of an Arc • Flash Hazard Analysis. see • how cost effective various O&M strategies can be and get insight into current methods for maximizing project performance Cathy Syme.11 dealing with the evolving grid code requirements. compliance in the ERCOT ISO region and how these lessons learnt can apply to other areas in North America Examine the analysis performed by NRG around • GE’s Frequency Response software that was recently installed at NRG’s Langford wind farm in Texas and Brad Rogers. and why this is important information to know Get a breakdown of unique Arc Flash hazards • that are associated with wind farms and explore how to avoid injury With real life examples.AND POST-CONSTRUCTION STRATEGIES Examine Wind Resource and Energy • Assessments for Low. Senior Vice President – Renewables Operations and Engineering. Chief Engineer. Senior Manager.

EDP Renewables Scott Shapiro. EHS Field Support. ice and insects and find out what measures you can take to maximize turbine . Suzlon Other panellists TBC Repair. President. comparing with historical and current problems in Europe Understand the root causes of foundation • failure and cost implication to the owner Explore repair methods and prevention • measures that will ensure you lose no unnecessary O&M ollars / Martin Winter. CM&U Product Line Leader. leading edge erosion. Praxis Corporation . material. GE Wind BLADE REPAIR CHALLENGES . and use this as a guide on facility inspections. Foundation Engineering LLC IMPROVING AN ALREADY INSTALLED MACHINE – A WINDBOOST EXPERIENCE Examine the post installation design • methodology and site specific analysis that GE implemented to enhance performance at EDPR’s wind farm using new technology Discover EDPR’s evaluation criteria .12 and timely manner to mitigate the impacts of an oil discharge from your facility Communicate practices on preventing and • responding to discharges to people on your site. and a resource during emergency response Grayling Vander Velde. trailing edge damage. EHS Professional. and use this as a guide on facility inspections. Duke Energy :SAFE O&M OPERATIONS & HAZARD RECOGNITION INJURY MITIGATION Understand what measures should be • implemented to prevent oil discharges at any of your operational sites . EHS Field Support. Duke Energy John Kolak. plus surface erosion from rain. VP Engineering Solutions Partner. effective • .Todd Karasek.Find out ways to respond in a safe. Director of Technology. hail. and a resource during emergency response Grayling Vander Velde. discover how to avoid major rotor blade maintenance issues . permitting • review. Upgrades and Retrofitting WIND TURBINE FOUNDATION ISSUES FACING O&M OPERATORS Examine current problems the US faces (grout • bed/loose FMP). effective • and timely manner to mitigate the impacts of an oil discharge from your facility Communicate practices on preventing and • responding to discharges to people on your site. ISO integration and AEP results on this project and find out what benefits were seen as a result Tim Hertel.Uncover the damage caused by bird strikes • lightning strikes.With a growing variety of blades now in service • some approaching EoW.Find out ways to respond in a safe. Vice President Environment Health & Safety. EHS Professional.

Gary Kanaby.starting with safety and quality Up-tower repair – The best means of access for • . Director of Sales for Wind Moulded Fibre Glass Companies LEADING EDGE BLADE TREATMENTS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON PERFORMANCE Find out how the erosion of rotor blade leading • edges can a_ect wind turbine energy generation e_ciency Discover what three different products Infigen • have applied to a large number of blades and how they are evaluating their performance Understand how the products correct • aerodynamic effciency and. MFG Other panellists TBC THE GEARBOX RELIABILITY COLLABORATIVE: AN OVERVIEW Get the latest from the Gearbox Reliability • . Manager of Performance Analytics Technical Services Group.Collaborative (GRC) and lessons learned to date including current activities and future plans Gain insight on the results seen from the recent • gearbox testing. Manager of Performance Analytics Technical Services Group. and condition monitoring Examine real life gearbox failure database • software and statistics Jonathan Keller.13 productivity Discover how to prevent costly repairs with • preventative maintenance measures and rotor optimization by "tuning up" your rotor with aero and dynamic balancing . Ph. Senior Project Engineer. modeling.Grant Qualley. Infigen Energy . Sky platforms anchored to the turbine vs. National Wind Technology Center. what results they have seen in their power production James Snelson. Rope access James Snelson. Director of Sales for Wind.Grant Qualley. control costs and maximize production Going beyond OE specs – up engineering for • your main transmission and yaw drives CMaS – condition monitoring as a value added • . Technical Services Group.more effcient repair: Ground repair vs Crane-hoisted baskets vs. Infigen Energy . Technical Services Group.D. Infigen Energy BEST PRACTICE BLADE REPAIR PROTECTION AND MAINTENANCE Protection – avoid minimizing WTG • productivity through pitting of your blade and debate the best forms of protection available Safety – Drawing the line when planning for • inspections and repairs . as a result. Infigen Energy Gary Kanaby. Senior Project Engineer.need shop repair at least once in the asset life explore they ways to plan maintenance. NREL PROTECTION FOR YOUR TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS AND YAW DRIVES Wind turbine transmission and yaw systems will • .

Karl Steingroever. Sr. Germanischer Lloyd SCADA FOCUS: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES CAUSED BY USING A CENTRALISED SCADA SYSTEM APPROACH Understand and eliminate the widespread • challenges of using a centralised SCADA system across your portfolio See how you can combine multiple turbine • types with multiple data systems and understand the information processed Discover what methodologies are being used in • the wind industry to capitalize on data capture Alistair Ogilvie. Ing. Romax Technology Tom Marek. David Brown Windserve . Sandia National Laboratories ORAP: TRANSFERABLE DATA COLLECTION.. based on vibration measuring Future CMS – examine additional types of • monitoring as well as the interaction between the CMS and the operating and safety system Discuss how to estimate the remaining life time • on the basis of accumulated measuring values . or Scheduled :RELIABILITY DATABASE BENCHMARK A US O&M EXPERIENCE Examine how the US fleet performance based • was analyzed on aggregated reliability data for a sample of wind plants Hear the results of the reliability benchmark • metrics for the US wind fleet and analysis of the systems and components that contribute most to unavailability Identify industry-wide data challenges and • potential solutions for operations data collection and analysis processes .Valerie Peters. Business Unit Leader .Wind.Windserve North America.Erik Smith. VP Engineering . Regional Manager. Wind Reliability Lead Analyst Sandia National Laboratories CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEMS FOR WIND TURBINES: PRESENT STATUS AND FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Explore a variance of CMS. Business Unit Leader . ANALYSIS AND .14 substitute for post repair dyno testing Tom Marek. Moventas Inc GEARBOX RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENT Examine the root cause analysis of gearbox • failures and discover what the latest trends are for failure Understand how to customize a gearbox design • according to the analysis that are returned Discuss the main causes behind gearbox • failures and what measures you can take to help improve the product moving forwards Dr.Technologies: Predictive Preventative. Reliability Database Lead. Principal Engineer Group Machinery Components. and see how their • quality depends on the interpretation of the measured data. US Wind Technical Center.Windserve North America. Ashley Crowther.Dr. David Brown Gear Systems Ltd Other panellists TBC Advanced Monitoring .

. and how to use • data gathered by both the operators and OEMs to maximize production Paredo analysis of Faults and Downtime. CEO.impact on MWhr production Strategies and concerns related to increasing • . Periodic Executive reviews Analysis of SCADA & CMS data. Anytime I will join it “again Carsten Lind Andersen.installed base production.with key decision makers that will make a di_erence to your business Check out the companies who came to our 2011 events hand Corporation @ Aero Energy Services AES Wind Generation Airstreams Alltite Almetek Industries Alstom Wind North America Amayo American Electric Technologies Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Availon AVANTI Wind Systems B9 Energy Barnhart Crane Barr Field Services BASF . and the • .I gave me a wonderful opportunity to catch up with existing and new customers.15 REPORTING TECHNIQUES Understand what data is available to major • stakeholders in the thermal generation industry and how this data facilitates their decision making See how Sandia use data to analyze and provide • results to the wind Je_ Weiner. DOE and to the industry partners that are piloting ORAP for Wind Why you’ll benefit from incorporating data • collection. Reliability Database Lead.. Strategic Power Systems Alistair Ogilvie. the nature of ” the subject and the presence of competitors makes it di_cult to present real problems and real “facts Roy Douglas I was very pleased with the ” conference. Commercial Director. GE Wind DISCUSSION Always interesting. analysis and reporting as a standard part of your business strategies Sal DellaVilla. impact on life integration with System Operators and permit . Danish Wind Power Academy The ONLY North American event where you are guaranteed to meet and network . Sandia National Laboratories ALIGNING OPERATOR AND OEM METRICS FOR HIGHER POWER GENERATION Establishing reports and scorecards to • understand wind farm performance.

16 BMT Designers and Planners Bosch Rexroth BP Wind North America Broadwind Energy Brookfield power Brower Insurance Brüel & Kjær Vibro Canadian Consulate Capital Power Castrol Chartis Insurance Chevron China Resources Cielo Wind Services ClearView Monitoring Solutions Clyde Blowers Complete Wind Composites One Cone Drive Traverse City Constellation Energy Cooke Electrical Contracting COT-Puritech Wind Crump Insurance Services Cummings Electrical Danish Wind Power Academy David Brown Defense Holdings DHi-HiPercon Dialight Corporation DNV Renewables Dow Corning Duke Energy DuPont E.Global Wind Network Goldwind Hansen Transmissions International Hartford Steam Boiler Hayes Mechanical Henkel Corporation Hitachi Chemical Honeywell Horizon Wind Energy Iberdrola Renewables IBM Impact Technologies .ON Climate & Renewables Edision International Edison Mission Energy Enbridge enXco everpower Exelon Wind Exxaro Resources ExxonMobil First Capital Strategies First Wind Flanders Electric Flash Technology Foundation Engineering Frontier Pro Services Gamesa Garrad Hassan America GasTOPS GCube Insurance Services GDF SUEZ GDF Suez Energy GE Energy GLWN .

17 Infigen Energy INGETEAM InStep Software Intertek Invenergy ITW Wind Group J P Kenny Renewables Jamaica Public Service Company Juhl Wind Kaydon Bearings Kinectrics KR Wind Limited LM Glasfiber Lucintel Ludeca LWG Consulting M4 Wind Services MAKE Consulting Manufacturas Electricas Marsh USA & Mechanical Dynamics Analysis Mersen USA MESA MFG / TX Michels Corporation Midwest Engineering Consultants MobileCal Molded Fiber Glass Companies Moog Components Group Morgan AM & T MPSA NAES Corporatioin National Switchgear NCAR NextEra Energy NFESC Nordex NORESCO Northwind Solutions NREL NRG Systems Oak Creek Energy Systems Oasis Services Oklahoma Dept of Commerce Orion Renewable Energy Group OSHA Ownenergy .S.P.T PA Consulting Group Pattern Energy Group Performance Composites Phoenix Services PLARAD Bolting Technology Power Climber Wind Praxis Corporation Projetech QinetiQ Rev1 Renewables Romax Technology Rope Partner Run Energy S&C Electric Company .I.

18 Samsung Wind Sandia National Laboratories SBC Global SCADA Solutions Schae_er Group Schenck-Trebel Schunk Graphite Technology Scientech Services Shell Lubricants Shermco Industries Siemens Energy SKF Sky Climber Wind Solutions Skylotec SmartSignal Corporation Sorian Southern California Edison Southwest Research Institute Spider Standardaero Strategic Power Systems Suzlon System One Tech Safety Lines The Minster Machine Company The Timken Corporation Third Planet Windpower Trans Canada TransAlta Trelleborg Sealing Solutions TSK Turn Energy Maintenance Turner Bros Turningpoint Unison/DXP UpWind Solutions Vaisala VAWT Manufacturing Vestas Virgin Electric Wanzek O&M Sevices Wartsila We Energies WECS Electric Supply Wesco Distribution Westar Energy Western Turbine Incorporated Wind Access Engineering Wind Composite Services Wind Drives Windera power Systems WindIngen Wood Group X-Ray Industries ZF Services North America .