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SPECIFICATIONS OF VCB WITH ACCESSORIES Nomenclature: Brand New Vacuum Circuit Breaker of different rating (Complete in all respect

), Equipment should be included in WAPDA approved list. 17 x 400/630 Amps VCBs HT Switchgear with VCB:1. Following specifications are required: a. 11KVA switchgear with vacuum circuit breakers adjustable through double wound CT ratio shall have the following specifications and accessories:Max Voltage …12000 volt Service voltage …11000 volt Current …400/630 A Breaking Capacity …350mva Short Circuit Current Rating 3 Sec …20KA/25 KA Supply system …3 Phase 4 wire with solidly earthed neutral b. The HT switchgear panel shall be of steel sheets 3 mm thick with anti corrosive finished Siemens Make Germany or equivalent totally enclosed indoor floor mounting cubical type and shall have the accessories such as KWH Meter, MDI, KVARH Meter, CT’s and PT’s all other standard accessories with VCB. It should be possible to move the VCB Trolley in and out of the fixed position with full complement of interlocks and should be motor operated with provision to over ride with manual operation in case the motor operation fails. c. The direct acting release coils, one direct acting earth fault release coil to work in conjunction either triple pole inverse time projecting pattern over current and earth fault relay

2. The VCB will have the following components:a. Bus Bar: 1 x set 3 phase, high density high capacity (H.D.H.C) PVC insulated copper bus bars of appropriate rating according to load. b. Safety Shutter for Bus Bar & Cable. 2 x sets of automatic safety shutters marked “ BUS BAR S & CABLES” respectively. c. Circuit Breaker Capacity: Vacuum Circuit Breakers, 11KV, 400/630A, TP, Short Circuit Current rating 20/25 KA, draw out type. (Manual/Motorized), duly certified and fitted with all necessary accessories (German Siemens)/equivalent. d. Current Transformer: 3 x CT’s Double wound Ratio (As required 5/5A according to load on HT) e. Potential Transformer: 3 x Measuring PTs according to load of VCB f. Ammeter: 1 x Digital Ammeter g. Ampere Phase Selector Switch: 1 x Ampere Phase Selector Switch, 3 Ways & Off h. Voltmeter: 1 x Digital Voltmeter Scale 0-11KV i. Volt Selector Switch:` 1 x Volt Phase Selector Switch , 3 way & Of j. Relay;  Over Current Relay  Earth Fault Relay

m. n. o. l.k. size as required Fault Tripping relays should be operated independently through DC batteries Vacuum Bottles _____________________________________________________________________________________ .  Short Circuit Relay Energy Meter:  Digital Energy Meter  Digital MDI Meter  Digital KVARH Meter MCCB for control circuit: 1 x Set of MCCB’s for control circuits Cable Glands: 1 x set of brass glands for incoming & outgoing cables.