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A TTENDANCE L INE : 403 844-4213

Pioneer School students received their Second Progress Report Cards on Friday, MARCH 16th, 2012. PARENT/TEACHER INTERVIEWS will take place on: *the evening of Wed., March 21, 2012 from 4:30 - 8:30 p.m. Please note: Mrs. Schweder & Ms. Briner are only available Monday, March 19, 2012 from 4:00 - 8:00 pm.

We have now completed two-thirds of our school year. As such, report cards came home on Friday. Please watch for them. Also, parent teacher interviews will be held on Wednesday, March 21 from 4:30 - 8:30. With the interim report cards having gone out in February, we are now looking forward to your feedback. Please email me at to provide us with your thoughts. Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to do so. We would like to thank the parents and staff who so generously donate their time to our breakfast program. The program is available to all students in the school. We are happy to be able to offer a nutritional breakfast to our students on a daily basis. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Miss Chisholm as she coordinates our helpers. As you head into Spring Break, we'd like to wish you a very safe and relaxing time with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you back on April 2 when classes resume. Mrs. Bobbie-Jo Douglas Principal

There are a large number of items in our Lost & Found box. Please take a moment the next time you are in the school to check it for missing items. It is located near the gym. During Parent Teacher Conferences we will have the lost & found items on tables in the Student Gathering Area.

Come GrowWith Us!

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A huge thank you goes to the Grade 8 Leadership team for a job well done at our February Pep Rally. M ARCH 16. Our next Academic Assembly will be held on April 3 at 10:15 am. Not only did these two students capture the essence of each of these icons. This month we will be celebrating with 209 students at the Arena and Swimming Pool. impersonated by Connor Frizzley and Lane Larsen.I.B. were a site to see. Tim Hortons Wild Rose Public Schools C. 2012 Renaissance News The ending of February saw another celebration for our Renaissance program.C January Renaissance Awards Co-op Students of the Month A. We had many other star athletes. Strawberry Aspen Gobert Kelsey Moorey Emma Chamberlain Roman Chabot Jerene Holt Julia Kim Avery Paro Colton Ironside Kirsten Lund Arianna Mamer Jessie Koples Keeley Watts Clay Wheeler Jasper Kolson-Velichka Brennon Lee . Spoor Construction Ltd. Dairy Queen/Orange Julius Kal Tire McDonald's Parent Advisory Council Rocky Mountain House CO-OP Rocky Mountain House Swimming Pool Scribbles & Giggles Scrap'n Adventures Inc. Our hosts.J.R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY . We celebrated in athletic style. we will be celebrating our second Powerful Panther Party. Our continued thanks is extended to all of our Sponsors for their generosity in helping make our program a great success! Alpine Drugs Canadian Parents for French Chatty's Welding Ltd. come out to celebrate with and present our monthly awards. they entertained our students greatly. Don Cherry and Ron McLean. our February Sports Pep Rally. in Mardi Gras style. On Wednesday March 14. We will celebrate our students’ successes. Congratulations to those students who have risen to the challenge and consistently met our standards. We look forward to seeing you in attendance. With report cards having come out you can expect another Academic Celebration.

M ARCH 16. 2012 January Renaissance Awards Cont… Tim Hortons Inspirational Scholar Megan Matchett Devon Daly Kayla Donner Hope Carrier Julie Patenaude Taylor Lund Tyler Freeman Autumn Bandravala Ryan Jeffery Will Johnston Lexie Mofford Jordyn Koples Kentin Chamberlain Aaron Greenwood Kiana Uhlmann Tessa Taylor Canadian Parents for French Awards Brianna Sigouin Taylor Woitas McDonalds Complementary Class Award Leather Tooling Jessica Hoggarth Corbin Saulteaux Art Jordan Auld Zachary Land Braydon McLaughin Carson Sansome Elliott Speight Evyr Mason Alice Ma Drama Maryanne Sevigny Crafts Morgan Overgaard Tia Frisky Quilting Shyla Lund Jordyn Koples Jaylyn Hewitt Ceramics Quinn Hawkey Paulina Pelltier Breanna Crookedlegs Byron Ginter Trista Oler Orange Julius Athletes Brook Bates Tori LaPierre Kyler Jacklin Seth Matagora Isaicc Pike Shannon Numan Josh Valstar Cole Carty Axee Anger Anders Eklund Holly McVae Taylor Johannesson Kolton Muyres Sienna Sadek .R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY .

R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY . 2012 January Renaissance Awards Cont… Dance Tessa Taylor Band Darian Kristoff Matthew Burnell Averyanna vanTol Braydon McLaughlin Kenny Bertagnolli Zane Wigley Jordan Adams Attendance Sponsored by Town of Rocky Mountain House Swimming Pool Perfect Attendance Angelina B-Gideon Braiden Ferris Cody Cartier January Attendance Kurt Wirda Harrison Curtis-Warner Hailey Freeman Birthday Sponsored by Spoor Construction Ltd. Tyler Stewart Literacy – Sponsored by Parent Advisory Council Arianna Mamer February Renaissance Awards Rocky Co-op Students of the Month Alice Ma Cody McCuaig Shane Stewart Juli Yu Alaina Sulek Gabe Godin Hunter Roberts Amanda Simpson Ryan Jeffery Brendan Buss Catherine Pelletier ZiQing Ma Shelby Wozniczka Mary Lou Parks Saige Manford Ashley Zuberbier Tim Hortons Inspirational Scholars Dee Van Zyl Jae Won Lee Jordan Salteaux Kellie Evans Joe Pelletier Nick Mason Jean Auger Trista Oler Courtney Smith Mitchell Anderson Shannon Magnus Dakota Sullivan Hayley Ames Kianna Mora Game Kordell Smallboy Clayton Obdam . M ARCH 16.

R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY . M ARCH 16. 2012 February Renaissance Awards Cont… Canadian Parents for French Awards Isaiicc Pike Ethan Matkovich Orange Julius Athletes Mike Lougheed Zane Wigley Shaelyn Clark Payton Baltzer Joshua Young Lauryl Dwyer Julia Kim Emma Forsyth Jessica Hoggarth Shaye Kristoff Gabriel Gillis Tyja Kostynuk Darien Parker Christopher Rosdal Taite OpdenDries Elana Kabatoff Sevren Chomaluk McDonald’s Complementary Class Award Drawing Rebecca Sevigny Crafts Devin Willert Laurissa Herold Jasper Kolson-Velichka Jessie Koples Dance Raeshanda Whitford Band Summer Goldsbury Alex Merklin Rylan Lacey Carson Sansome Hannah Trautmann Taylor Woitas Maryanne Sevigny Taylor Smith Drama Micheal Steele Mike Lougheed Alex Merklin Parker Stewart Kooper Bagstad Art Julie Patenaude Hannah Trautmann Leather Tooling Chance Vanberg Joe Crowley Attendance Sponsored by Town of Rocky Mountain House Swimming Pool Perfect Attendance Elliott Speight Kenny Bertagnolli Braiden Ferris Shaye Kristoff ZiQing Ma Kevin Shin Brandon Simmelink Zara Chambers .

Brayden Friesen (Brass) .R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY . and instruments are here. M ARCH 16. **Please be sure that music Gold during that week.** Kiwanis Festival .April 23rd-April 27th A detailed newsletter will be handed out before spring break with all performance date and times. Below is a list of dates that Brayden and Shelby will be at Pioneer at 3:30 for solo practice: BAND NEWS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PIONEER GRADE 8 CONCERT BAND The Pioneer Grade 8 Concert Band  March 13 travelled to the Alberta International  March 20 Band Festival on Thursday. There were fore meeting with the pianist. All soloists over 70 Grade 8 and 9 bands must attend the run through recital. April 2nd (right after spring break . FESTIVAL SOLO’S All students who are using the school pianists .are asked to please have the $35 piano fees in ASAP. Braydn Adams Jakob Gamblin Literacy Sponsored by Parent Advisory Council Daman Spencer-Bott As per the permission form. participating in the festival that week.Lacey Siemens (Woodwinds) . All recitals will run from 3:45 . Please mark your calendars. February  April 3 23rd to perform at the University of  April 16 Calgary. March 21st  Monday. 2012 February Renaissance Awards Cont… Birthday Sponsored by Spoor Construction Ltd.  Wednesday. They had an excellent performance and received a superior Choose two dates that work for you and be rating from both adjudicators.m except solos. Grade Six Honour Band Rehearsals Congratulations also go out to the Below is a list of remaining Honour Band reWCHS Grade 9 Band for receiving hearsal dates. SOLOS (all) Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 April 19th April 16th April 18th April 19th 6 p.5:00 p. They sure that you are familiar with your solo bewere awarded a GOLD.m. Only a few bands were awarded a GOLD for attaining the Superior rating. students participating are expected to be present at the Run Through Recital for their grade.

South. Hastings with any questions regarding this activity... Any parents wishing to come to Clinics on Campus should indicate this on the Chaperones must be in place by March 22nd at the latest. April 18th Grade Six Honour Band CLINICS ON CAMPUS . Look forward to seeing you there! . 2012 BAND NEWS Cont. we welcome you to come along!! JAZZ EVENING WCHS Gym .APRIL 17th The Clinics On Campus package was handed out to students in Honour Band this week. Money and forms must be in to the office by Thursday. The deadline is Thursday. SCHOOL COUNCIL NEWS… Next School Council meeting is Monday. Band Pizza Sale Schedule 2012 The band program will continue to sell pizza on every Tuesday. If there is room on the bus. Congratulations to the following students: Gabriel Gillis McKayla Wade Catherine Pelletier Carter Friesen GRADE 7 CAMP CAROLINE: APRIL 3RD APRIL 5TH The Grade 7 Camp Caroline packages went home this week with fundraising totals.jazz bands from Grade 7 through 12 will be featured. Alberta Junior High Honour Band North Students from Pioneer Middle School were chosen to participate in the 2010 Alberta Junior High Honour Band . April 16th at 12 noon in the school Library. M ARCH 16. DON'T MISS IT!! Postponed to May date to be announced. March 22nd at the latest. Fees and Forms are to be handed in to the office as soon as possible.R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY .. April 12th. Parents interested in chaperoning should email Ms Hastings at khastings@wrsd. Grade Six Honour Band Rehearsals Cont…  Wednesday. They rehearsed in Edmonton during the Edmonton Teacher's Convention.. Please contact Ms..

..2nd ...... Apr.......... 26th – Fri. 30th ..... and choosing your parenting strategy.. Please contact Marilyn Rees. Mar... Apr.. 23rd ........... understanding your beliefs and feelings... Family Wellness Worker... 1st School Day back Mon... at 403-844-4765 or email at marilyn.. Mar. safe and fun Spring Break.. Apr............. please contact Kim Hastings at (403) 845-2468....rees@wrsd..... 14th . It is called Systematic Training for Effective Parenting for parents of children aged 6 to 12...... 7 ... As we transition to the end of the year.. Apr. 2012 Message from the Staff It is incredible to see how quickly this year is passing. Systematic Training for Effective Parenting Course There will be a seven week Parenting Course offered beginning in April... listening and talking to your child. No School in Lieu of Parent /Teacher Interviews Mon.. Spring break is quickly drawing close which means the weather will be finally warming up and our students will be spending more time outside. 3rd .. encouraging your child and yourself.. 4:30 .. Mar. Apr..8:30 pm Friday....R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY ... Please pre-register by April 4th.. Mar...... Mar..... Dates are yet to be determined but times will be during a weekday between 3:30 and 5:00.... We have much staff support for this event but require a coordinator to bring it all together and make it happen....... If you are interested in helping with this project in the capacity of “coordinator”. helping children cooperate... ........ 2nd Progress Reports went home Wednesday..... COMING UP: Friday.... London Band Trip Pioneer Middle School is planning a Fine Arts night in May to showcase art projects created by students from drawing to ceramics.. Gr.......... 21st .. We wish you a very happy. discipline that makes sense...... Parent Teacher Interviews. M ARCH 16. Spring Break Monday..... 7 Camp Caroline Sat... 5th .Thur.... Topics include understanding yourself and your child...... we ask for your assistance with a couple of things: Please make sure your child has appropriate outside gear  Please verify that your child has enough school supplies to last the remainder of the year  Thank you for your continued support...................

Discuss what the child feels are his/her successes. likes and dislikes about school. school activities that might interest your child. they can make an unbeatable team. attitudes about school and aspirations. Talk with your child about strategies for improvement in academic areas and about other topics such as discipline issues. After the conference Discuss with your child what was said during the conference. 2012 Preparing for a Parent-Teacher Conference Research shows convincingly that parent involvement has a critical effect on children’s learning. Ask the teacher for her/his views on needed improvements. etc. What goes on at home affects how well a child does in school. Be sure to let the teacher know about such key events as a separation or divorce. It is not necessary to share all your personal business. Stay in touch with the teacher. work habits. Be sure to emphasize any positive comments the teacher made. loss of a beloved pet. At the conference Talk about your child’s interests and any special information that he/she wanted discussed. Before the conference Write down questions you want to discuss. Ask if there are any problems you should discuss with the teacher. an activity or just for helping you prepare for the conference) and to demonstrate interest in your child’s life. Be prepared to talk and listen during the conference. Ask the teacher to explain anything you do not understand. but it will help your child’s teachers to know about important events that may affect your child’s performance. Ask the child if he/she has any concerns. Follow up on any plan of action agreed to by you and your child’s teacher. When parents and teachers work together. Summarize your understanding of your child’s progress and your child’s teacher’s comments to make sure you and the teacher are in agreement. family illness. getting along with classmates—whatever topics were discussed during the conference. M ARCH 16. new baby. Talk with your child about the fact that you have a meeting with his or her teacher. Parent-teacher conferences help build that team.R EGULAR N EWSLETTER F RIDAY . death in the family. Use this a chance to praise your child (for a project. .