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Lorena P. Hernandez ENG 125.065 Essay 2, “Word History and Analysis” K. E.

Allen October 7, 2010 Something I Need To Find Passion is a word that we learn early on in life. The problem is we never get the chance to learn the true meaning behind it. After many different experiences, I have learned that the meaning of words are shaped by the geographic space, the culture of the people using them, the story behind the word, and the people that are trying to define it. I have discovered that no word has only one meaning, and every meaning has its own importance. Passion is the perfect example. A word that I knew a long time ago, but that for strange reasons it is now that I acknowledge its importance. A couple of weeks ago I was in a medical school seminar for undergraduate students. The purpose of the seminar was to answer questions about acceptance into medical school. In this seminar, the Dean of Admissions from the medical school, here in the University of Michigan, talked about the requisites for admission to this respectable graduate school. After mentioning the minimal academic requirements: GPA, required classes, shadowing experiences, etc, he talked about, qualities that they like to see in their applicants. He said, “I want you to have a passion and to follow it. I want you to do something you love; don’t do a major just to get into medical school. Do something that you wake up at five in the morning and feel excited to do.” I sat confused for a while, as questions started popping in my mind. What kind of passion is he talking about? I have never felt excited about waking up at five in the morning to do anything. Where and when am I going to find a passion? I felt like I knew what he meant, but at the same time, it felt like it was almost impossible. A couple of days passed, and while dealing with all the homework and classes I had to take, there was always a point where I kept going back to the Dean’s unusual advice. I did not have a passion that I knew of, and I felt like I had to find one really soon. The word kept haunting me,

love most be present. Passion is a feeling that comes with a very intense. I still do not understand why does a medical student need passion in his or her lives. in which the last two mentioned are also an important part of the etymology of the word. including the feeling of love. passion is a combination of love. Later. The word passion comes from the Latin “passiō” that meant sinful desire. It is said that in order for this feeling to be possible. is a common social meaning.and I started to feel that I was missing something in my life. Even though what we learn when we are children does not reflect reality. I feel will give me guidance for my future. desire. sex. telling us that passion is the combination of both love and desire. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the word passion. it sets a base for a strong and magical definition for the word passion. and the natural human need for pleasure. Society knows very well this meaning. I decided to write this paper about passion. Understanding the true meaning of the word passion. A more specific and realistic definition is “a combination of the irrational feeling of love and the desire for pleasure that comes with it” (World English Dictionary). Still it is hard to connect this back with what the Dean of Admissions said. This means that passion is a combination of very strong feelings towards that person. We see the prince and princess passionate about each other. from direct Spanish translation “passion”. Every definition that the word passion brings up has a strong meaning. Based on this. emotional relationship ( . these things relate to each other. I want to know what it is about this word that seems to be taking control over my life. There was a part of me that felt incomplete. a word that apparently might decide my fate of getting into medical school. between the craziness of classes and extracurricular activities. we learn it when we are children watching Disney movies. As we can see. for what at the time was considered a taboo in society. willing to risk anything to save each other from harm.

Red can symbolize love. there is always a point where that deep emotion is brought up. but it can also symbolize blood. This is better referred to now as the passion of Christ. This tells us that part of passion is the willingness to take the risk to pursue that happiness. passion was the suffering Jesus went through. to be loved and desired by someone else. What can give us the greatest happiness could also destroy us. Passion is able to project the thin line between what we consider heaven and hell. for example. incarnated by only one man in this world. before and during the crucifixion. can be related to both them. The intense color red. In that time. and the other is the literal meaning of suffering. there is a completely different meaning for the word passion. The only reason that Jesus had to suffer through crucifixion was the deep and eternal love he had for humanity. suffering and death. there is still a deep feeling of love and emotion. In this context a complete opposite meaning is revealed. There is another way of connecting these two meanings of passion. there seems to be an emotion that connects this two meanings. a phrase used to specify the meaning of passion in this context (Oxford Dictionary). Even between different contexts of the word. one is the feeling that everyone wants to experience at least once in their lives. one that is related to what people want to avoid. as the Bible says. This is why many people are scared of being passionate. and lust. pain. Pursuing a passion can bring up vulnerability or hurt you immensely.In the Bible. Even though. It is a personal decision whether to take the risk to pursue happiness. Also. This line is so thin that it makes us realize how easily we can end up in either side. from the Old French and Medieval Latin the word was defined as physical suffering or martyrdom. knowing that it might have negative consequences. and suffering. A meaning related to the agony and excruciating pain that Christ went through for humans. Only a truly passionate heart is willing to take risks. I realize the importance . Even in this context.

Society considers this aspect of passion to be. good or bad. When it comes to the broader aspect that we talked about before. There is another definition that opens up even more the meaning of passion. body and soul into something as is possible” (The Urban Dictionary). for something or someone. but it still involves that willingness. This is the basis for a medical career. A doctor has to be passionate about what they do. . and it brings emotion to anything that I am doing. and therefore in a medical student. we can include things we like or enjoy. as contrasted with action (World English Dictionary). or physical suffering. We can take from these definitions that passion means a huge or exaggerated amount of feeling. etc. A career. The perfect example of this is music. passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart. This might or might not involve love. and strangely in this case they do not contradict themselves. It makes me feel better.” This definition is not only very confusing but also so broad that makes. mind. any small feeling or emotion of our everyday life related to passion. any activity or thing that can fascinate or attract a person’s attention can be considered a passion. desire. such as perception. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement. one that combines irrational feelings with reason. This tells us that passion can be brought up by anything that calls our attention. or cause a reaction in us. “any state of the mind in which it is affected by something external. and has to be willing to take risks. that can change the way we live for good. things that have called our attention and that we seem to not be able to avoid. things we are interested about. a hobby. “when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. In my personal experience. In philosophy the word is defined as. So passion is related to the things can make us happy. a game. that emotion that we have for something.of this characteristic in a doctor. listening to a song can bring so much emotion and excitement that can affect the way I experience a regular day. risk.

2010.” Dictionary. the interest and need of becoming a better person in every thing I do. emotionless place. Web. 4 Oct 2010 Hebbel. Sept 2010. activity or person. Web. Web.“Passion. Works to Cited Dockspy. A passion is something that you follow. Web. Writing this essay made me realize the many passions that I have. which brings a strong emotion that you just feel. 2009. Passion is something. and the willingness to take high risks to achieve my goals.” World English Dictionary. something that makes sense to you even though it might not make sense to anybody else. 4 Oct 2010 . “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion (Hebbel). and the reason for recruiting passionate students. Christian. 5 Oct 2010 “ anything that can bring you the pleasure of living life. 4 Oct 2010 “Passion. something that can make you feel fulfilled. something that might bring lots or little suffering but still then. 4 Oct 2010 “Passion. Think Exist”. 17 Jan 2006. and that you are willing to take risks for. the world would be an just like the passion of Christ.” Oxford English Dictionary. and it is the reason for the creativity and originality of the human being. If passion did not exist. A German poet once said. dictionaryreference. Thinkexist. your feelings do not change. A passion is something that you love. n.” The Urban Dictionary.I finally understood what the Dean of Admissions of the Medical School was trying to say. an 2010.” Passion is the origin of everything you can feel. “Passion Quotes. dictionaryreference.