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25 to 1000 MHz


For Measuring Service Area

Custom-made product

The ML524B has a full range of features and functions plus demodulation functions for various signals. The compact, lightweight construction makes it suitable for a variety of measurement applications. The GPIB interface option allows easy configuration of an automatic test system controlled by a personal computer.

• Direct readout of field strength • High precision level display (indication in 0.1 dB steps) Applications
For field strength measurement • Investigation to determine service areas • Radio wave propagation test • Measurement of spurious radiation from transmitter For other than field strength measurement • Radio monitoring • Measuring receiver • High-sensitivity signal demodulation

Features • Very compact and lightweight • High frequency stability (A synthesizer local is used. Its reference
oscillator has a high frequency stability of ±1 x 10–6.)

• Wide dynamic range (80 dB without switching) • Automatic gain calibration Specifications
RF input Range Display Frequency Resolution Setting Memory Reference frequency stability Minimum value Voltage measurement (E.M.F.) Maximum value Setting Accuracy (digital display) Comparison oscillator Minimum value Field strength measurement Maximum value Setting Type of antenna Selectivity Image ratio Residual spurious Detection system 6 dB bandwidth Detuning characteristics

Nominal impedance 50 Ω, N-type connector 25.0000 to 999.9999 MHz Liquid crystal display, 6 digits Minimum digit: 1 kHz (0.5 kHz is displayed using a symbol of 12.5 kHz (120 kHz bandwidth), 1 kHz (15 kHz bandwidth) Keyboard and FINE dial Up to 100 frequencies can be stored and recalled. ±1 x 10–6 5 dBµV (25 to 300 MHz), 5 dBµV (300 to 999.999 MHz) 100 dBµV (25 to 999.999 MHz) C/N: ≥6 dB (at minimum value), Bandwidth: 15 kHz ±2 dB (≥minimum value +6 dB) Pulse generator –5 to 19 dBµV/m (25 to 300 MHz), 19 to 32 dBµV/m (300 to 999.999 MHz) 0 to 114 dBµV/m (25 to 300 MHz), 114 to 120 dBµV/m (300 to 999.999 MHz) C/N: ≥6 dB (at minimum value), Bandwidth: 15 kHz Half-wave dipole 15 ±2 kHz (15 kHz bandwidth), 120 ±20 kHz (120 kHz bandwidth) 15 kHz bandwidth ≥50 dB (±20 kHz off center) ≥60 dB (at 25.000 to 299.999 MHz), ≥45 dB (at 300 to 999.999 MHz) ≤10 dBµV (typical near 50, 130, 600, 1000 MHz) Average value Continued on next page .)


5ø plug · – · alligator clips). MP612A MP613A A0004 MZ110B MZ115B MZ114A MP635A MZ137A MB19A J0006 J0007 J0008 J0009 MP663A MP651B MP18A MB9A MP520B MP520D Name Optional accessories RF Fuse Holder RF Fuse Element (5 pcs/set) Headphone Battery Pack (with six Ni-Cd batteries) Battery Charger AC Power Pack Log-periodic Antenna Battery Pack Tripod (for MP635A) GPIB cable. • Permits GPIB operation • Two MZ110B can be charged simultaneously. 4 m Dipole Antenna (with pole and tripod) Dipole Antenna Pole (for MP651B) Tripod (for MP651B) CM Directional Coupler (25 to 1000 MHz. NC-type connector) CM Directional Coupler (100 to 1700 367 . 2 m GPIB cable. –20 to +60˚C (storage) 12 Vdc: <1 A 100 Vac. Ordering information Please specify model/order number.5 m: Earphone: AC Power Pack: Carrying case: ML524A/B/C operation manual: Options GPIB Terminated voltage indication Name Model/Order No. and operating temperature. Impedance: ≤150 Ω. dBµV/m (on digital display) AM and FM can be heard from a loudspeaker.5 kHz. 50/60 Hz.5 m GPIB cable.1 dB (on digital display). chargeable 200 to 300 times • Fits inside the receiver • Does not permit GPIB operation • DC power is fed to the EXT +12 V terminal of the receiver.5ø jack 0 to +50˚C (operate).MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS MEASURING INSTRUMENTS Measured level indication Monitor output IF output Discriminator output Output for recorder Ambient temperature Power Dimensions and mass Display: Liquid crystal display.anritsu. safety • One DC power cord is supplied. with calibration performed once only (more calibrations reduce the operating time). • Permits GPIB operation • EMC. 75 Ω. safety External DC supply Battery charger – MZ115B Battery Charger • Sold separately ∗1: For continuous reception after power on. 1. ML524B Main frame Measuring Receiver Standard accessories Connecting cord for recorder (3. Connector: 3. name. Connector: BNC-type Level: 1 V ±20% (modulation frequency: 2 kHz. ≤4 kg Power supply selection guide Type of power supply Model MZ137A Battery Pack Dry cell When used with ML524B Remarks 4 • Operates1 continuously for about 2. 50 Ω.5 to ∗ • 5 hours Sold separately • Twelve alkaline dry cells (LR20) • Does not permit GPIB operation MZ110B Battery Pack Ni-Cd battery • Operates continuously for about 30 to ∗1 • MZ114A AC Power Pack 60 minutes Sold separately • Six Ni-Cd batteries with the same dimensions as R14 battery. 4 digits. 0. into 100 kΩ load). 1. N-type connector) J0231 J0144 A0002 MZ114A B0259 W0285AE 1 pc 1 1 1 1 1 pc pc pc pc copy ML524B-01 ML524B-05 http://www. Up to 80 dB (on analog display) Unit: dBµV. into 100 kHz load) Impedance: ≤150 Ω Connector: BNC-type Level: 1 V ±10% (at 80 dB on digital display. frequency deviation: 3. • EMC. 1 m GPIB cable. Minimum digit 0. and earphone output terminal is also provided. ≤35 VA (using MZ114A AC Power Pack supplied) Ni-Cd battery (optional MZ110B Battery Pack) 210 (W) x 60 (H) x 175 (D) mm. Impedance: 50 Ω (nominal). Level: ≥85 dBµV at 80 dBµV input.5 m: DC power cord (RM12BPG-5S · 2CC7 · arrow tips). and quantity when ordering. Operating is also affected by how the battery has been stored. Model/Order No. AC supply • Permits operation at 100/220 Vac • One of accessories supplied • The receiver can be operated directly from an external 12 Vdc supply.