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Study guide for Sacraments Test Review notes and handouts, including Catechism and Scripture references I.

Sacramental view of reality -What it is, why it’s important -2 Kings 5 - the “scandal” of the sacraments - NT miracles of healing (4 important points) -CCC 1145-48 II. Sacraments restore communion with God -What is the purpose of a sacrament when viewed in terms of relationship? -How is Christ the “sacrament” of the Father, the Church the “sacrament” of Christ, and the Sacraments a “sacrament” of the Paschal Mystery. - Explain the relationship between the Liturgy and the Sacraments (diamond ring analogy).

restoring us to God the Father? -What are the primary and secondary purposes of Sacraments? III.Include why this analogy is especially appropriate.What is the effect of Baptism? (Gives something and takes something away.What is Anamnesis? How do the sacraments relate time and eternity. IV. Also CCC 1210. and what still remains? . Sacraments chart from St. Sacraments of Initiation .know the analogy and which Sacraments correspond to which physical need. Thomas.) What does it heal.What is similar about baptism and confirmation? What is different? What analogy is used by the early church? . .

What is the Eucharist? Where in Scripture do we see this teaching? How is the Eucharist prefigured in the OT? ..What are several effects of receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist? V. -Why does God permit suffering? Why doesn’t he miraculously cure everyone? What is this mystery called? VI.Why do we confess sins to a priest? -What are the four elements of “our” part in Confession? What is “God’s” Part? -Why is frequent confession recommended by the Church? -What scripture do we point to as the establishment of the Sacrament of the Sick? -In the NT we that see healing and __________ are always connected. Sacraments at the service of Communion . Sacraments of Healing .

and episcopate (bishop).-Who administers the sacrament of matrimony? What four elements are necessary for a valid marriage? Why is marriage a sacrament? . seal) on the soul of the priest.The family is called the “domestic church.Sacrament of Holy Orders confers an indelible mark (character. . .Levites are priests who offer sacrifice to God on behalf of the people.3 degrees of Holy Orders-diaconate (deacon). presbyterate (priest). -Prefigured in the Old Testament.What are the two “ends” of marriage (2 purposes)? . “A priest forever…” Ordination causes a permanent change in the soul.” Why is this particularly fitting phrase to describe the family? .

and gave them authority to forgive sins and celebrate the mystery of the Eucharist. so that Christ may act in Him for the good of His people.” (St. -The priest is conformed to Christ. the one mediator between God and Man. Entrusting His mission to the Apostles. John Vianney) .Christ is the eternal High Priest.-Fulfilled in the New Testament. The priest. Jesus commanded them to go forth and baptize all nations. “The priest continues the work of redemption on earth… If we really understood the priest on earth we would die. in celebrating the Sacraments. not of fright but of love…the Priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus. act in persona Christi.