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MGT 351 | Sec: 4, 5, 6 | Presentation Topics | Spring 2012 | FCy Topic 1: Contact the HR Manager of a local organization and

find out the following information: • How the HR Manager is working as a strategic partner to manage HRM activities, given the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. • Interview the HR Manager. Based on the interview identify the job responsibilities of the manager and identify HRM roles in building more competitive organizations. Topic 2: Under what conditions do you think the following constitute sexual harassment? • A female manager fires a male employee because he refuses her requests of having dinner together. • A male manager refers to his female subordinates as ‘sweetie’ or ‘baby’. • Two male employees are overheard by a female employee exchanging gender-oriented jokes. Assume you are the manager in a small restaurant; you are responsible for hiring employees, supervising them, and recommending them for promotion. Compile a list of potentially discriminatory management practices you should avoid. ! Topic 3: Select an organization and identify the following information about the organization: • Mission, vision, strategic goal • SWOT analysis • Diagram of the HR department • Michael Porter’s five forces model Topic 4: Download NSU Code of Conduct from <> and answer the following: • Describe the Code of Conduct in generalize terms as per your understanding. • To what extent do you think there is a formal process through which students can air grievances? • How much freedom do students have in issues like: establishing student forum / politics, raising voice about any issue? • Is it an effective process of managing the students’ problems and demands? • What modification would you recommend? Topic 5: Conduct job analysis and prepare position descriptions for the following positions. Show the position descriptions - how does it look like? • Lecturer of HRM, North South University • Specialist Doctor of Medicine, a hospital • Finance Manager, a bank Topic 6: • Prepare an interview with 10 questions that you will use to interview candidates for the job of Marketing Executive. Discuss those questions. • Prepare a presentation titled, “How to be effective as an employment interviewer?”. • Prepare a presentation titled, “How can you take preparation as an interviewee for a successful interview?’ Topic 7: Choose an organization of your choice which is operating in Bangladesh and do the following: • How do they measure their employee performance. Provide in detail information. • Identify the training and development programs offered by the organization for its employees. • What are the benefits of training and development program for that organization? Topic 8: Meet with three faculty members of your choice and identify the following information: • The faculty member promotion and training process in NSU. • What do you think about the processes? • What is your suggestion to improve those? Response the following as per your understanding of the job market of Bangladesh: • Which is the most demanding job for young graduates right now? Why? • Which job do you think will be most demanding to young graduates after 10 years? Why? • What is your career plan? Topic 9: Compile a list of 20 factors at your university which according to you can create health hazard. • Describe those factors. • How can you eliminate the hazardous factors which you have identified? • Compile a list of the factors in your university that create dysfunctional stress for you. • What methods will you use for dealing with the stress?