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What rules the world?

Once upon a time there were two brothers who quarreled on who rules the world. Is it the just or the unjust? The younger brother believed that the just rules the world, but his older brother insisted that the unjust does. Every day and on different occasions they fought, so they decided to go ask the Bishop who would certainly know. - If I am right and the just rules the world, then I will take your eyes off and blind you said the younger brother, but if the unjust rules the world then you will take off mine I guess. What he meant was that people take their enemys eyes off for no reason and get blind by hatred, but his older brother took it literally! On their way to the Bishop they meet an old man who seemed to be wise enough to know about life and the older brother asks him: Do you think the just or the unjust rule the world? - I know the unjust does! replied the old man. - See? said the older to the younger brother, I won the bet, I am going to take your eyes off! - No, no, no, responded the younger, that was not the Bishop, that was only an old man, he does not count! Some days later they arrived at the city where the Bishop lived and they went to his home and asked him the same question. - Unfortunately the unjust rules the world replied the Bishop and that is the truth. - Now I really won said the older brother, and you have to honor the bet! I am going to take your eyes off and blind you! The younger brother could do nothing to change the situation, he lost the bet and he realized that he trapped himself with his stupid words.

- Then please do it under the big tree by the fountain in the middle of the square he begged his older brother. At least there will be leaves and fruit I will be able to cut and eat to survive. The heartless older brother blinded his younger brother, left him under the tree and left for their village The first day the younger brother believed it was all a bad dream. He cried and cried, he was in pain and hopeless and then he fell asleep under the tree. The second day he cried, he was in pain, he was hopeless, he knew his future was to live (if he survived) being a blind beggar. He had some water from the fountain and fell asleep under the tree. The third day he cried less, he was in less pain, he had some water from the fountain and felt very hungry, so he climbed up on the tree to eat some fruit. The younger blind brother stayed on the tree all day long, there were people coming to ask him about his blindness when he was under the tree and he thought it would be better if they could not see him as he could not see them. It was midnight when the velzevoulides (devils, evil spirits that make humans do nasty things) came to drink water and talk about their evil deeds. The blind younger brother was on the tree and the velzevoulides could not see him. - So, what did you do this week to make me proud of you? asked the older velzevoulis his sons? - Oh! replied the first velzevoulis, I enchanted two brothers to fight and hurt each other. Their fight was about the just and unjust and which of the two rules. I managed to make them fight so bad that the older brother took the eyes of the younger and left him blind to beg!

- I am so proud of you my son replied the older velzevoulis, well done! - I enchanted two other brothers that lived loving each other up to now said the second velzevoulis to fight over a tree that belongs to both of them because it is on dirt that divides their fields which are one next to the other! I stole the saw that they use to cut trees and each one of them will believe that the other stole it. They will start a fight and hopefully one kills the other! - I am so proud of you my son replied the older velzevoulis, well done! - I turned the child that the queen is going to give birth tomorrow upside down. I hope she and the baby die tomorrow giving birth to the heir of the throne! - I am so proud of you my son replied the older velzevoulis, well done! The fourth velzevoulis was silent. He was not mean, his heart was pure and he never hurt any human. - So? asked the father-vlezevoulis. Have you made me proud? Have you done something bad to any human? - No replied the fourth velzevoulis, I am not able to hurt people or animals or trees - Then you are not my son screamed his father, you are a disgrace and I will punish you! Said that the father and his three brothers attacked him and kicked him bad and hit him and hurt him and left him unconscious and almost dead They were so upset that the second velzevoulis left the saw he stole from the two brother who claimed the same tree under the tree. When the fourth velzevoulis who could not hurt people animals and trees woke up he felt that somebody was trying to assist him and give

him some water to drink. It was the blind younger brother who had seen what happened and felt pity for the poor velzevoulis. - I wish I could find this younger brother who got blinded by the older brother the hurting velzevoulis said. I would give him this potion to put on his eyes and grow eyes again. I wish I could find the two brother that are fighting for the tree to give them the saw to cut it and stop fighting. I wish I could meet the queen and give her drink from the same potion to turn the baby on her belly back so nobody dies! And that is exactly what happened. The blind younger brother used some of the potion the velzevoulis gave him from his flask and he grew new eyes and could see again. He took the saw to the fighting brothers and told them that they were under a spell and that if they cut the tree together the spell would not work and they would be happy together again. The two brothers cut the tree and gave him a horse to go to the castle of the king because the queen was giving birth to her child and they were dying The younger brother who believed that the just rules the world arrived just in time. He explained to the king what had happened to him and what he heard when he was blind on the tree and showed him the potion. The king ordered the maids to give some to the queen to drink and the queen gave birth to a healthy boy the heir of the throne. Nobody died that day in the castle The king was so happy that gave the young man who believed that the just rules the world ten sacks full of gold coins to pay him for his good deeds. When the young man who believed that the just rules the world arrived at his village he went to see his parents. They could not believe

he was alive because his older brother told them that thieves had stopped them on their way to the city and killed the younger brother. When the older brother came later from the fields where we was taking care of the sheep and saw his younger brother alive and seeing he got so scared that fell on his knees crying and begging for forgiveness.

The younger brother who always believed that the just rules the world forgave his older brother and he proved that the just does rule the world