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10 APRIL- 23 AUGUST 2010


PRESS RELEASE 2. ROUTE OF THE EXHIBITION 5.Direction de la communication 75191 Paris cedex 04 director Françoise Pams telephone www. PRACTICAL INFORMATION KAWAMATA CARTON WORKSHOP 10 APRIL. PARTNERS 6.23 AUGUST 2010 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 PAGE 8 PAGE 9 PAGE 10 PAGE 12 GALERIE DES ENFANTS / FORUM / MEZZANINE PRESS KIT PAGE 13 PAGE 3 .fr 1.centrepompidou. EXHIBITION ITINERARY AND MAP 4. BIOGRAPHY SOMMAIRE 3. PUBLICATION 7. PRESS VISUALS curator Nadine Combet Head of young public projects 00 33 (0)1 44 78 49 08 press attaché Céline Janvier telephone 00 33 (0)1 44 78 49 87 fax 00 33 (0)1 44 78 13 40 e-mail celine.

The exhibition / Based on his analysis of the architecture of the Centre Pompidou and the way following the rules the artist has conceived for the game.janvier@centrepompidou. Tadashi Kawamata is undertaking PRESS RELEASE KAWAMATA CARTON WORKSHOP 10 APRIL-23 AUGUST 2010 materials such as cardboard and yard Direction de la communication 75191 Paris cedex 04 director 4 march 2010 designed by the artist. Like most of his projects. his previous creations. Through the acts of sculptor and architect that characterise his approach. Kawamata proposes . one can view the documentary films made by Gilles Coudert. GALERIE DES ENFANTS / FORUM / MEZZANINE of an immense assemblage. Inside these “cabinets”.fr curator Nadine Combet Head of young public projects www. among other objects and an exceptional intervention at the Centre Pompidou and in the Galerie des enfants. the artist has imagined a space it is a “ work in progress ”. begun by the students and teams of the Centre Pompidou.3 Françoise Pams telephone 00 33 (0)1 44 78 49 08 press attaché Céline Janvier telephone 00 33 (0)1 44 78 49 87 fax 00 33 (0)1 44 78 13 40 e-mail celine. each of which houses the documents that describe documents. to the Tower of Babal. will be completed by visiting parents and children workshop in the Galerie des enfants also proposes six “ cabinet projects ” in the Galerie des enfants in six consecutive chapters: from the mountain covered in cardboard for the Galerie des enfants. From 10 April until August 23 2010. which become elements the unifying thread of nature and the city to frame the activities space the Japanese artist intervenes in environments and buildings utilising basic it fits into the surrounding urban fabric. The project. by way of the landscape of the maze.

With the support of the Galerie Kamel Mennour For the first time. These little ephemeral constructions invite us to see the building and its environment in a fresh and amazed way. . He has nestled his wood “huts” in the building’s metallic and of the building that encourages us to rediscover the architecture of the Centre Pompidou. They offer a new and unusual reading of the Centre Pompidou. Tadashi Kawamata is also intervening on the façade and in the Forum technical framework.4 Exhibition mounted in partnership with the OTOR Company who has been filming the artists work for many years.

He also participates in International Biennial of São Paulo this same year. 2005 Tadashi Kawamata is appointed art director of the second Triennial of Yokohama. he creates a footbridge between contemporary art museum and the city’s historic centre. in Paderborn. he creates an impressive sculpture of trays. The artist designs a small hut in wood coiled round a pylon that stands in front of the highly urbanised spaces of the fair. 1981 Tadashi Kawamata graduates from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts. until 2005. 1987 During the Documenta VIII in Kassel. he intervenes on a ruined church dating from World War II. 2. where he creates a spiralling structure of chairs and church pews that rises towards the chapel’s cupola and gives building a totally different look. Germany . at the age of 28. 1999 He is becomes professor at the University of Fine Arts of Tokyo. Gandamaison. 1953 Born on the island of Hokkaido. . 1982 Participates in the Venice Biennale where he is. 2008 In Versailles. Japan. That invades the Maréchalerie like a giant unfurling wave. Norway and at Lavau-surLoire for the Nantes-Saint-Nazaire Estuary. 1996 In Barcelona. he develops the installation concept for his Tree Huts. and thereby restores it to the inhabitants. Japan. BIOGRAPHY 1997 He intervenes on the Saint-Louis Chapel of the Salpêtrière. 1993 Tadashi Kawamata participates in the Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon and shows his work at the Meguro Museum of Art in Tokyo. He creates View Point Terrace. Tadashi Kawamata has realised over 300 personal exhibitions round the globe. Tree huts in Trondheim. at the architecture school.5 2010 He is currently professor at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris. the youngest Japanese candidate. 2007 During Art Basel. He is already presenting monumental installations linked with the sites he takes possession of.

Évreux (2000).ACTIVITIES SPACE . he has documented fifteen installations by Tadashi project in Saint-Thélo. Sur la voie.s production 2006 Tadashi Kawamata.p. sketches. a film by Gilles Coudert and provides an overview of the many workshops lead by Kawamata.e.apres-production. the changes to the decor of the Galerie des enfants will lead families from a craggy mountain landscape in cardboard to a Tower of Babel.e.p. ten of his films are gathered on the DVD Works & Process Tadashi Kawamata.PROJECT CABINETS 3. Since duration : 30’ © a. a film by Gilles Coudert et Damien Faure Gilles Coudert is an author-director and producer of documentary filsm. and thus to question notions of nature.s production 1997 Kawamata. Through these workshops.s production / www.s production 2000 duration : 60’ © a. Tadashi Kawamata. architecture. Each step will be filmed and projected onto one of the walls of the exhibition space.6 Tadashi Kawamata designed the “ project cabinets ” or memory cabinets.r.e. a film by Gilles Coudert duration : 30’ © a.p.r. Transfert.e. Mémoire en demeure. coordinated many pojects and collaborated on various international exhibitions and projects of the artist. Four stools enable the public to sit and view the film presented on the video screen and to consult all the documents related to the creation of the project. A book-DVD traces the Mémoire en demeure Every month.e. Sur la voie.r. The films presented in Tadashi Kawamata’s “ cabinets project ” : Transfert (1994).p.e. Mémoire en demeure (2006) and Gandamaison (2008) produced and directed by Gilles Coudert.r. Évreux. to further develop his proposals. everyone can get an in-depth understanding of the project contained in each cabinet.e. each of which houses documents concerning a project he has done.p.s production 2008 (1998).r.p. a film by Gilles Coudert Tadashi Kawamata.e. a film by Gilles Coudert duration : 26’ © a. letters. plans etc… Thus.r. These are metallic armoires supporting shelves and including a long tablet resting on a leg that serves as a reading table.r.p.s production 1998 duration : 26’ © a. Les chaises de traverse Tadashi Kawamata. Tadashi Kawamata. Le passage des chaises (1997). in April : the landscape in May : the city in June : thee village in July : the maze in August : monument – Tower of Babel B . EXHIBITION ITINERARY AND MAP A . Month by month. © a. Tadashi Kawamata recreates a thematic staging with students and children.s. a young public is offered the opportunity to work with the same materials as the sculptor. urbanism and society. Gandamaison.s production 1994 duration : 14’30 © a. Le passage des chaises.r. Les chaises de traverse.p. Britanny and the book-DVD Workshop evokes the Gandamaison project at the Maréchalerie Art Centre in Versailles From éditions a. a film by Gilles Coudert Tadashi Kawamata.

7 A B .

FI’ART Saturday 19 June Galerie des enfants / Forum / Piazza Events organised round the cardboard in the Galerie des enfants. ROUTE OF THE EXHIBITION For this 4th edition of the International Festival Art in the family. Petite salle For children aged 6 and above with their parents Free Two screenings of Japanese animated films chosen and presented by Tadashi Kawamata. 4. CINÉMA Sunday 11 April. all in cardboard. with the assistance of children and Fine Arts students.8 WORKSHOP IN THE GALERIE DES ENFANTS Wednesdays. and every day during school holidays (zone C) Sessions at 2 pm. Saturdays and Sundays. 2:30 pm and 4 pm. Tadashi Kawamata stages a new theme. . in the Galerie des enfants. the Forum and on the Piazza In the presence of the artist NUIT DES MUSÉES Saturday 15 May from 8 pm to 11:30 pm Two guides will accompany families as they undertake a “ work in progress ” on the theme of the city proposed by the artist for the month of May. workshops and group performances that offer numerous opportunities for creative. The cardboard packaging will enable children with their families to experiment with the possibilities of transforming this material to build urban dwellings. poetic and playful discovery. artists and performers will take possession of the Centre and propos show. 3:30 pm and 5 pm Every day during summer holidays (3 July.23 August) Sessions at 2:30 and 3:30 Every month.

in the Tuileries Gardens and at the Centre Pompidou (Paris) . Realised between 2008 and 2010 at Madison Square Park (New York). These contributions.5 cm price : 12 ¤ 5 colour illustrations. earlier interventions by the artist. in Miami. At the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin). This offers a playful and creative way to become familiar with their universe.Direction des Éditions press contact Évelyne Poret telephone + 33 (0)1 44 78 15 98 e-mail evelyne. architects.5 x 38. forms and words. with other. born in 1953 on the island of Hokkaido. Jonathan Watkins publisher : kamel mennour bilingual French / English format : 21 x 27 cm illustrations colour and black & white Collection Comme à l’atelier : The Childrens’ workshop invites creators (visual artists. offer a broader point of view on the Tadashi Kawamata’s work and enable the reader to have a clearer grasp of his approach. cut out and built.they are put into perspective. Guy Tortosa. This monograph (bilingual Fr/Eng) brings together the artist’s various “ Tree hut ” projects Japanese Tadashi Kawamata. .fr 9 forthcoming : April 2010 16 pages format 27. Tadashi Kawamata. 6 huts to be built and placed on the promontories of the Centre Pompidou ISBN : 978-28465-7 book available in the online boutique of the Centre Pompidou Tadashi Kawamata « Tree huts » 5. designers. at the kamel mennour gallery. PUBLICATION Comme à l’atelier de Tadashi Kawamata forthcoming : May 2010 authors : Martin Friedman. in addition to the interview conducted by Guy Tortosa. through observation and through building elements based on their vocabulary of colours. choreographers and illustrators) to design books based on their approach that can be manipulated.poret@ centrepompidou. through essays and critical texts by Martin Friedman and Jonathan Watkins. at the Donjon de Vez (Vez).

10 3 Cabinets Project © Tadashi Kawamata Centre Pompidou. 2010 . PRESS VISUALS 1 Tadashi Kawamata © Hervé Véronèse Centre Pompidou. 2010 6. 2010 2 Model of an outdoor Hut © Hervé Véronèse Centre Pompidou.

11 © Tadashi Kawamata Centre Pompidou. 2010 4 Sketch for the Galerie des enfants .

Otor is a dynamic company on the cutting edge of technology. Otor is an industial group specialised in manufacturing recycled corrugated board packaging. Beyond these borders. He will find the opportunity to develop his artistic sensitivities for the utilisation of our materials. It has a turnover of 363. rue Mazarine . November 2007 : Opening of the New Space at 47. rue Saint-André des Arts . A forerunner in many domains and recognised as a major innovator in its sector. 7. which are perfectly aligned with the environmental expectations of younger generations.500 people located on 15 sites in France. PARTNERS GALERIE KAMEL MENNOUR . cardboard is without a doubt the material of the future.12 Through its patronage of the Centre Pompidou. It delivers to customers all over France and in neighbouring European countries. Integrated upstream and downstream of cardboard production. or the equivalent of 750 million m² of corrugated board. Entirely recycled and recyclable.8 million euros with a headcount of 1. The six factories of the Group produce 1. Otor is present on every continent via its network of licensed partners. which utilise Otor’s patented products and technological know-how to develop their own markets.7 billion packages per year.75006 Paris. OTOR 1999 : the Gallery opens at 60. Otor is proud to support the exhibition of Tadashi Kawamata for his pedagogical contribution to learning designed for the young public. composed of natural fibres from renewable sources. Otor also possesses paper mills and a specific site for the construction of packaging and processing machines.75006 Paris.

children and adults in their discovery Hours daily. from 11 am to 7 pm the Laissez . except Tuesdays. Rambuteau 13 8. PRACTICAL INFORMATION Information enfants 01 44 78 49 13 www.passer card Free access for those under the age of 26 and holders of depending on the period 12 euros Concessions : 10 euros Tickets PRACTICAL INFORMATION SARKIS ERRÓ 1O FEBRUARY – 21 JUNE 2010 15 FEBRUARY – 24 MAY 2010 15 FEBRUARY – 24 MAY 2010 Press attaché Press attaché Press attaché Sébastien Gravier 01 44 78 48 56 01 44 78 40 69 Press attaché Press attaché Press attaché LUCIAN FREUD 01 44 78 48 56 DREAMLANDS Céline Janvier 01 44 78 49 87 01 44 78 46 60 01 44 78 40 69 Sébastien Gravier VALÉRIE JOUVE 10 MARCH – 19 JULY 2010 Anne-Marie Pereira Aurélie Hartmann ETIENNE-MARTIN 14 APRIL – 19 JULY 2010 5 MAY – 9 AUGUST 2010 Anne-Marie Pereira 01 44 78 46 60 Press attaché Aurélie Hartmann Press attaché Aurélie Hartmann 01 44 78 46 60 PATRICK JOUIN AU MÊME MOMENT AU CENTRE Curator Nadine Combet Head of young public projects COMMISSARIAT LES PROMESSES DU PASSÉ 23 JUNE – 13 SEPTEMBER 2010 23 JUNE – 13 SEPTEMBER 2010 . 2 guide accompany Sundays and during shool telephone metro 00 33 (0)1 44 78 12 33 Centre Pompidou 75191 Paris cedex 04 Wednesdays. Saturdays. and Hôtel de Ville.