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Be The Change’s

Unity Day

BTC Team 1/1/2012

” – Henry Ford Purpose of Unity Day Relationship skills. Indeed. Microphones. For acceptance. accepting of others. communication skills. Working together is success. Be The Change leaders. Keeping together is progress. concerned citizens can change the world. blank paper. may repeat) Timing (Make a schedule) Posters/Materials (Includes cards. To bond. self-esteem improvement. Wednesday. loved and celebrated from now on. Cross The Line. pens. Location: Indoor location. Timing: 6 hours. or around the beginning of April. decision making. problem solving. ‘Unity Day’ sign. markers. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful. etc) Official Script . Chairs. Event Planning: Trip forms handed out & signed by all participants (Handed out in GLS classes) Gather all Equipment (Speakers. change of attitude. Hugging. tape. Loneliness Reduction. nametags. Letters. April 2nd. Bullying Reduction. etc. teamwork. Henry Academy. ‘If You Really Knew Me’. Tables. Dancing. it is the only thing that ever has. Participants: All Grade 9 students of George S. April 4th. Support: Teachers & Leaders of Be The Change.” – Margaret Mead “Coming together is a beginning.Our vision is to have every student participating in today’s Unity Day to feel safe. Goal To break down barriers that has been separating students. to express emotional feelings. Trash Cans etc) Music (For 6 hours. Respect & Safety. tissue boxes etc) Organize Activities (Ice-breakers. Overview Date: Monday. 9:00AM to 3:00PM (Including lunch). and staff.

States the purpose: Today is all about forgetting old labels. 2 rows. go back to back and lock arms. This time we crowd around the speaker dancing. having close encounter with enemies. 4th Activity: Icebreaker Everyone takes a seat. as soon as the music starts. their names are recorded and name tags are given to them. today we will bond. *Reminder: Students will only be as excited as we are! Introduction: .) 1st Activity: Welcoming Tunnel As they settle in. or my favourite colour is green. (All name tags have numbers 1 through 20 for family groupings. 2nd Activity: Getting Comfortable Everyone in the room will get up. Chairs in a semi circle. this activity is like ‘Fruit Basket’. At the front the rest of the materials/equipment are placed. Today. and have one person standing in the middle of the circle. The last person sitting is the one in the middle for the next round. Be The Change members make the Appreciation Tunnel along with the staff/administrators. We take a chair away. (Examples: I like to play soccer. Today is the opportunity to be accepted as who you are today. The person makes a statement that relates to him/her and that can also relate to anyone else in the room. . We cheer as they walk down the tunnel. A song start’s playing and we dance to it for 10 seconds. Today.Ms.Belfry/Be The Change member introduces our speaker(s). we will be accepting of others. Students enter and take their seats for introduction. when the music stops. we find a new seat and sit with someone who we’ve never spoken to before (1-2 minutes of hugging) 3rd Activity: Getting Comfortable Everyone gets up on their feet again. so we meet 3/4 new friends. (Examples: What is one thing you like to do in your free time? What do you want to be when you grow up? Etc) We do this 3 to 4 times. when the music stops we find a partner.Unity Day: Beginning/Morning Preparing: Be The Change members meet early to set up at our location. Today we will express every feeling we ever had. As students come in. Speaker. Today.) If the statement describes you. you get up and move to a different seat. introduce with name and an answer to a question the speaker asks. we will be accepted. We face each other. we give and get as many hugs as we can from everyone in the room. we will be united.

Everything said in your family. Everyone takes a seat.) At the end take a vote of which statement was easier to complete. These are people who you’ll trust. .) After his/her turn. (5-6 members per family) * Reminder: Clarify the number of participants.are wearing black pants. and the speaker gives statements such as ‘move # seats to your left/right if you.” (Same procedure as above.. the first person to open up (Peer Leader) states their name and grade and completes the sentence... (It will most likely be ‘things people want to change about themselves’. -Why is it so much harder to think of things you like? . “Some things I wish I can change about myself is.5th Activity: Icebreaker This ice breaker is similar to the previous one. “If you really knew me.. To start off this activity. (There is a 30 second warning at the end of every member’s turn. 6th Activity: Families Every teacher/adult holds up a number from 1 through 20 that’s written on a blank sheet of paper.” Every member of the family gets 3 minutes to talk.) “Some things I like about myself is... or have brown hair etc) This ice breaker can be done for 5-10 minutes..” (Same procedure as above. (Ex.. the person who spoke hugs every person in his/her family and it’s continued/repeated with a different member in your family. stays in your family...

Team of 2. parent. 8th Activity: Game A game of volleyball with the big beach volleyball. if it applies to you. For the purposes of this discussion. being cool. stoner. walk around. We hide most of ourselves.. cheerleader. We fall into groups or cliques and learn to label ourselves and other people in ways that seem to define how we should act and what we should let people see—jock. The speaker goes over the guidelines. geek. We're so afraid of being rejected we often even hide who we really are from the people closest to us. and largely submerged. celebration and acceptance you deserve. they could never love or accept us.." Like a typical iceberg we show only about 10 percent of ourselves. Then we want you to breathe. At the front there will be chart paper. but they have to stay in the same area at all times. We will begin. “The way this activity works is the speaker is going to call out different groupings. you’ll cross the line to the other side of the room. members take turns answering the questions “One thing I’ve changed or plan on doing differently or am especially proud of since Unity Day is. The only way you can experience authentic intimacy and connection with others is to risk exposing your true self. or what we like to call "the waterline. Then. use the washrooms.” (Every member gets 3 minutes to talk. or maybe even pretending we don't care about anything at all. being a jokester.” and “Something I might be afraid for you to know about me is.” Back in the families.Unity Day: Ending/Afternoon 7th Activity: Lunch Hand out food/drinks. secret places. can sometimes be abused physically or emotionally simply for being who they are. Many of us get stuck trying to live up to an image we believe will be acceptable to others. the part above the water. aligned with the tape.. notice how it feels to cross the line. We often feel so ashamed or embarrassed that we are afraid if anyone really knew us. You’ll step into a group with less privilege. Allow them to talk. and especially our most tender.) 10th Activity: Cross The Line Every person in the room stands on one side of the room. gangster. where the speaker tells us his/her story. Lunch is 45minutes to 1 hour long. keeping secrets. executive. If you never take the risk of dropping the waterline and letting people see who you really are. let's call this 10 percent our image. 9th Activity: Waterline Everyone gathers at the front of the room. far below the surface. coach. we need all of you to remain silent and remember whatever is said or done in this room. less power. loser. socialite. etc. this looks like acting hard or tough. the waterline is explained: “Many of us live our lives as if we are icebergs floating aimlessly in the sea of life. "Dropping the waterline" and getting real means facing most peoples' biggest fear—rejection. For some. you can never feel all the love. On the chart paper. stays in the room.. the speaker will draw an iceberg and a waterline.” Speaker reads aloud these statements: . For this activity. everyone takes a seat on the ground and we toss it around for around 5 minutes.

Cross the line if you've ever been made fun of. Cross the line if you had a childhood. Cross the line if you've ever felt safer outside than when you were at home. Cross the line if you or someone you know has been to jail. cross the line if you've ever been called a bitch. Thanks again to everyone for participating. Cross the line if someone in your family is an alcoholic. Cross the line if you've ever had people turn on you or ditch you. a stroke or any sickness. a queer or a fag. stupid or unimportant because of what someone said or done to you. or touching another person because of how it might look. hugging. cross the line if you know someone who has died from cancer. cross the line if you've ever worried that you didn't look good enough for someone. Cross the line if you've ever been teased or hurt because someone thought you were fat or too big. a heart attack.” . or laughed at. Cross the line if you've ever felt alone cross the line if you've ever felt you weren't good enough. Cross the line if you've ever lost someone close to you. cross the line if you've ever been physically injured by another person and were forced to hide the pain or keep it to yourself. even if it was a joke. or for the appearance of your body. a hearing aid. cross the line if you've ever been hit by an older man or woman. Please cross the line if you've ever been hurt or teased for wearing glasses. you thought about suicide. a whore or a similar name. Cross the line if you've ever felt like you were alone. we want you to see. Cross the line if you know someone who committed suicide. cross the line if you live independently.o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Cross the line if you ever felt hurt or judged because of the colour of your skin. scared. braces. for the ways you talked. cross the line if you've ever been hit so you'd stop crying. . cross the line if you've ever been told not to cry and to act like a man. or for the shape. Cross the line if you didn't like these jokes. for the clothes that you wore. cross the line if your an only child. Cross the line if you've ever felt uncomfortable. cross the line if you've ever stopped yourself from showing affection. you can now go back to your families. cross the line if you've ever felt lonely. cross the line if you've ever been called a wimp. Cross the line if at some point in your life. but you didn't do anything to stop them. size. “Today. cross the line if your parents are divorced or separated. Cross the line if you or someone you know has ever participated in racial. sexual or cultural jokes.Where did we learn to judge people’s bodies? Where did we learn to be so mean? Why is it a habit to make fun of each other? Please cross the line if you've ever been humiliated in a classroom by a teacher or a student. Cross the line if you've ever witnessed someone being brutally beaten. you’re never really alone. Cross the line if a loved one has ever died in a car accident. Cross the line if you or someone you know has been harassed or sexually assaulted. a slut.

This is the time for anyone to make apologies. . We hug until we have to go back to school . or even to someone new they met today. we face each other and begin a big group discussion. We take turns on the microphone apologizing or thanking anyone in the room or anyone you appreciate or are grateful for..Cross the line discussions in families begin. It can be someone they miss.. someone they want to apologize to.” OR “One thing I didn’t expect from this activity is. Every member completes the sentence “One thing that surprised me about this activity is.” 11th Activity: Coming Together/ Amends and Apologies Sitting in the families. thank. we give our letters to people (if they are in the room) and we give hugs. make some changes in friendships/relationships. 13th Activity: End To end off the day... We hug as many people as we can and build new friendships with our peers. someone they appreciate.  LE FIN. someone they want to thank. or anything anyone wants to share with the whole group of people. Be The Change Team helps clean up and pack up and we all return to school. 12th Activity: Appreciation Letters or Cards Everyone in the room takes the time to write a small letter to someone who they want to write to.